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This is a work of fiction with only some elements of truth. The names have been changed.
I was very surprised at the revelation Tina had just told me. All I could manage to ask was: “Was this the first time?” She just nodded while she continued to blush.

I started to push buttons on my camera, paging through the menus to look busy while we waited for Anita to come out of the bathroom. It wasn’t that long before we started to hear some soft moans coming through the door. Tina and I looked at each other, before she quickly stood up and stormed to the bathroom door. She threw the door open to find Anita leaning against the sink as she was rubbing her clitoris.

I started my camera recording again as Tina started to yell at her younger sister. I assumed she was too upset to realize that she was yelling in English. “ARE YOU SERIOUS? AFTER WHAT YOU DID TO ME, YOU THINK THAT YOU GET PRIVACY TO DO THIS ALONE?”

Tina stormed out of the bathroom, dragging her naked sister with her. I kept the video recording as I watched four huge breasts swinging toward me. Tina pulled Anita to the bench seat I was on and sat her down. She motioned for me to stand up. When I did, she started to give her sister orders in their native tongue again.

Anita reached up and started to open my pants. When she pulled them down, my hard cock sprang up, right in her face. Tina grabbed the back of her sister’s head and pushed it forward. She opened wide as Tina impaled her sisters face onto me. I struggled to keep the camera pointed at the action while I was twitching from the feeling of her throat stroking the head of my cock.

Tina saw me moving around in awkward positions to aim the camera, and she reached out for it. I handed it over to her, and she released her sister’s hair, backing away to record the action. I took a hold of her head and started to fuck her mouth. I was amazed at her ability to take me down into her throat without any gagging. She was obviously experienced, because she had no problem sucking me deep while sneaking in her breaths with no interruption to the rhythm.

I let go of her head and brought my hands down to cradle her big, soft breasts. I played with her nipples and squeezed the beautiful flesh as she continued to suck. Anita seemed happy to continue sucking all night, until Tina gave her more directions. She took a hold of Anita’s hair and pulled her head back, releasing my cock from that heavenly mouth. Tina pulled up on Anita’s hair, bringing her to her feet. She led her around to the side of the bed, laying her on her back with her legs hanging over.

I stood in front of Anita, who spread her legs and wrapped them around my body, as I assume Tina told her to. I laid my hard cock on top of her soft round belly and took a hold of those enormous breasts. I massaged them and pinched her nipples. She laid her head to the side, closed her eyes and moaned while Tina kept the camera pointed at her beautiful body. I leaned forward and put one of her large nipples in my mouth.

Anita moaned loudly for the camera as I put my teeth on her nipple. I continued to massage her breasts as I sucked on her nipples, back and forth. She grabbed a hold of my head to keep me pressed tightly against her breast. I know that if she held me there too tightly, she could easily suffocate me with her ample bosom.

Tina gave her a command, and Anita pushed my head away from her breast. I stood up, taking deep breaths to catch up on the air she had cut off from me. Tina moved in closer, holding the camera with one hand. She reached down with her other hand and took a hold of my cock. She stroked it a few times before pushing it down. It slid across her sisters soft belly before the tip came to rest in between the lips of her pussy. She moved it up and down in small movements, rubbing my hard head on her sister’s clit. She pushed my cock down a little lower, leaving the tip at the entrance of Anita’s pussy before letting go of my cock.

With her legs still wrapped around my back, Anita pulled me hard into her, burying my cock deep inside of her. I reached down to grab a hold of her hips, and started to thrust into her. I could feel the head of my cock rubbing past her washboard, across her cervix, and hitting the end of her canal. She continued to pull me into her with her legs, pushing my cock harder into the bottom, stretching her. She would moan as I thrust, and she would let out a little squeak each time I hit the end.

Tina moved toward the middle of the bed, putting her sister’s breast within reach of her free hand. She stuffed her hand down onto the huge breast. Her hands were definitely not large enough to grab a hold of her sister’s massive breast. It could only cover the nipple, allowing her to rub, and pinch, and twist.

Tina decided to test her sister’s ability to hold her breath this time. She moved further across the bed, bringing her leg around to the other side of Anita’s head. I watched as Anita’s face disappeared below the beautiful belly of her sister. Anita reached up to put her hands onto her sisters pussy, to help her lick on Tina’s clitoris.

I continued to thrust into Anita’s pussy while I reached forward to massage Tina’s breasts. I could hear Anita sneaking a breath every few seconds, while Tina was starting to scream from orgasm once again. I pumped harder and harder, bringing Anita to orgasm, causing her to bite on Tina’s clitoris while I pinched hard on both of Tina’s nipples at the same time. Tina screamed harder than she had before, hurting my ears. She was doing a good job of keeping the camera in the right direction until then. Her arms went weak and she finally dropped them.

I took the camera from her and turned it to capture the beautiful sight of this mature, curvy beauty riding on her sisters tongue. Tina put her hands down on her sister’s breasts to steady herself while she was grinding her pussy against Anita’s face. Tina’s eyes were shut tight while she quivered through another orgasm.

With weak knees, she finally collapsed onto the bed, freeing Anita to breath again. Tina started to roll off of the bed. She made it to her feet, standing next to the bed. I handed the camera back to her so I could finish my fun in her sister. Tina had other ideas. She set the camera on the nightstand, to let the video continue while she walked around behind me. She got down on her knees and put her hand in between my legs and reached up.

Tina started to massage my testicles, gently squeezing and rolling as I kept thrusting into her sister. I looked down at the quivering woman in front of me, and thought about how erotic and taboo the whole situation was that I had gotten myself into. Two beautiful women. Sisters, playing with each other. Mature. Curvy. Soft throat. Warm pussy. Small gentle hands massaging my balls.

Everything came to a climax, and Anita pulled me in tightly as I released my cum inside of her. She moaned with pleasure as she felt my seed washing her inside. I held onto her big soft hips until I had lost every last drop I had inside of that warm, wet pussy. Tina released her hold on my balls, and Anita released her legs from behind my back. I slowly backed away, pulling my wet cock out of Anita’s pussy.

Tina moved around my side. I turned to face her, and she quickly swallowed my cock. She greedily cleaned all of the juices from her sister off of my shaft before turning to Anita’s pussy. She pushed Anita’s legs apart, and spread her fat pussy lips open to reveal what she wanted. I grabbed the camera and brought it in close to capture Tina hungrily licking all of my cum that was dripping out of her sister.

Once Anita’s pussy was clean, Tina climbed up on the bed and collapsed next to her sister. They turned toward each other and held each other. The shared a long passionate kiss to finish off their first bisexual, incestuous, sexual encounter. It would definitely not be their last.


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Yeees! Nice story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls.. -


2021-03-06 03:10:33
Great story wish I could find two lovely women like this to take pictures of and enjoy.

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