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University student Julia enters a competition to not get caught in a forest. The problem being that she has to compete in the nude.
The Hunt

by Vanessa Evans

Part 01

EARN £10,000 in one weekend

Adventurous girls wanted to compete in a survival game.

Only one girl can win the £10,000 but all contestants who haven’t been caught by the end of the first day will receive £5,000

Telephone xxxxx xxxxxx

That was the flyer that attracted my attention as I sat at a table in the university’s cafeteria with a coffee in one hand and my course notes in the other. I was there to do some last minute cramming before my last exam of the first year of my course.

The flyer was already on the table when I got there and it was the top line of it that caught my eye.

“I could just do with £10,000.” I thought, “pay off my debts and have a good holiday before the next year of my course.”

I picked up the flyer and stuffed it into my shoulder bag thinking that I’d read it later. Winning £10,000 wasn’t my priority at that moment, I had to do well in the exam I was about to take.

Exam over, I was back in my dorm room feeling relieved and happy that I’d thought that the exam had gone well. I decided to spend a few minutes tidying my room before getting ready to go out with my mates to celebrate the end of the exams when I came across the flyer again. I sat and read the flyer over and over, and dreaming of what I could do with the £10,000.

‘Adventurous girls wanted to compete in a survival game.’ Julia read.

“I’m adventurous,” I thought. “I was in the Scouts and went hiking, climbing and on obstacle courses. I must qualify for that part. As for the survival part, I’ve made and spent nights in bivouacs and it’s summer so it won’t be that cold and I keep myself fit with swimming and sessions in the university gym, and I go jogging. I’ve still got my 32A 24 33 figure that I had when I arrived at uni. Oh, by the way my name is Julia.”

The ‘haven’t been caught’ part puzzled me a bit but it didn’t worry me enough to stop me from phoning the number on the flyer.

The woman who answered told me that they were looking for a few girls to take part in a ‘girl hunt’. The girls would be taken to a 100 acre estate which is mainly covered in trees, be given a 1 hour start then groups of men would hunt them down. When Julia heard that last part she got a little apprehensive but the woman had anticipated that and continued to say that the men wouldn’t have any weapons, machines or dogs and once a girl was found she would be escorted back to the start to await the others then a big party would start.

“So basically I just have to hide for a couple of days.” I asked.

“Yes,” the woman replied. “each girl will be given a small backpack at the start which will contain food and water to last the 2 days. Are you still interested Julia?”

I told the woman that I was and was then told to meet her in a certain pub on the Friday evening where she would be given more details.

As I got ready to go out I thought about what the woman had said and she came to the opinion that it would be an easy £10,000.

Me and my friends were meeting at a pub for pre-club drinks then going to a club that all the girls had been to before and each one of us had woken up the next morning in a bed other than their own. Because they were going out to get laid, like most of her friends, we had decided to go out ready for action, i.e. without anything on under their short dresses.

I was hoping that I could get laid in the club then find another boy to spend the night with.

And that’s what happened, except that it was 2 boys in the club before another took me back to his place.


In the pub on the Friday evening I quickly found the young woman with a red rose in her hair and was taken to a table in a corner where 5 other girls were sat with a young man who introduced himself as Charles, a third year student at the same university.

I noted Charles’ posh accent but wasn’t really surprised as I thought that if he was involved in a survival game that gave thousands in prize money he must come from a rich family.

Another 2 girls arrived and the young woman went and got drinks for everyone. Once settled with our drinks, Charles went over what I had been told on the phone then added a few details that the woman on the phone had omitted to tell me. One thing that I hadn’t thought about that one girl asked was what if there were 2 girls not caught at the end of the game. I was ‘interested’ to hear that another challenge would be set to find the winner.

Another girl asked what was meant by ‘caught’. Charles laughed then replied saying that it meant found and escorted back to the start.

“What happens if one of us gets caught on the first day?” Another girl asked.

“The girl will be given £100 for each hour that she lasted up to 10 hours.” Charles answered.

But the main detail that really interested me was that all the girls had to compete totally naked and be hairless below their necks.

There was deadly silence for a few seconds as Charles let those details sink in. Looking around I saw a couple of open mouths as the girls were deciding if they still wanted to take part. One girl just got to her feet and walked out, another asked Charles to repeat what he had just said.

I had already made the snap decision that for £10,000 I could happily spend a weekend naked in a forest somewhere, after all I would only be seen by a few people at the start and at the end then I’d get dressed, get the money and be on her way back to the university.

“I’m in.” I announced, followed by 3 other girls saying the same. Three other girls asked if they could think about it and let him know.

“Okay,” Charles said, “that’s 4 definitives and 3 maybes. Those numbers will work for us. Transport will leave outside the university main entrance at 6 a.m. in the morning. The minibus will leave at 6:05. If you are not in it by then you will have missed your chance to earn some easy money. Now girls, I suggest that you go back to our rooms and get some sleep, it will be a long weekend. And don’t forget to get busy with those razors.”

“What clothes do we need with us?” One girl asked.

“None.” Charles replied, then qualified it a little. “Well I guess that you’ll probably want to wear something to get to and from the uni and to travel in, but remember what I said about how you will compete.”

“Naked.” One girl said.

“Yes,” Charles replied, “I’m looking forward to seeing you all naked.”

As I walked back to my room I questioned myself. Could I really do it? People, men, would see me naked at the start and finish.

“For 10 grand, I sure as hell could do it.” I said to myself and smiled and walked faster.

I decided to get up early the next morning rather than showering and shaving that night, I didn’t want to have a 5 o’clock shadow on the Sunday. Not that there would be much of a shadow because I have never had much hair on my pubes, and what I have got matches my dirty blonde head hair.

I thought about my permanently protruding clit but decided I could live with a few unknown men seeing it for the 10 grand. I also thought about my small tits and hoped that the men wouldn’t be disappointed then thought that my big nipples would make up for my small tits.


I was up at 5 a.m. and went straight to the shower where I had a thorough shave, even using a mirror to make sure that I’d got rid of all hair around my butt hole. Satisfied that no one could find any hair below my neck I finished my shower then covered my body in sunblock. I didn’t know how much time I would spend out in the open. Then it was a summer dress and sandals with no underwear, working on the principle that if I wasn’t leaving any knickers anywhere no one could pinch them.

With just my room key and a small amount of money in my little clutch bag I set off walking and arrived at the uni main entrance at 5 minutes to 6. I was the second to arrive, a girl in jeans and T-shirt that recognised from the night before was there looking nervous.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m Julia, are you ready for this?”

“Mary. I think so.”

“Have you done anything like this before?” I asked.

“Fuck no, I’m not even sure that when it comes time to strip that I’ll be able to do it.”

“I haven’t either. I’ve never been naked outside of my bedroom or bathroom.”

“What do you think they’ll do to us if the find us?”

“Fuck us probably.” I suggested.

“That’s what I was thinking but if they’re loaded we might get a bit more money out of them.”

Just then 2 more girls arrived followed by 1 more. Just as that last one arrived a minibus pulled up beside us. Charles was driving.

“Morning girls, climb in.” Charles said.

We did, me climbing into the front next to Charles.

“All nice and bald girls, because if you’re not we’ll have to shave you ourselves.”

I turned to look at the other girls and saw a few raised eyebrows.

We waited for another couple of minutes then Charles drove off. When we were out of town Charles said,

“It will only take about half an hour to get there then the fun begins. I’ll take you to a room where you can strip off then I’ll give you some more details.

A short while later Charles said,

“Julia isn’t it?”


“You seemed a bit keen last night Julia, have you done anything like this before?”


“Just fancied running around the forest naked did you?”

“Not really, it had never crossed my mind until last night.”

“Well I’m sure that you’ll find it an exhilarating experience, you’ll be on heat all the time.”

I didn’t know what to say to that so I stayed silent.

“I bet that all of you girls will masturbate at least 3 times today and again tomorrow. That’s if we haven’t found you, and if we have, then you’ll loose count of your orgasms.”

Again Charles left me speechless. Could he really be right? I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t had my daily masturbation session before I got out of bed that morning and I felt my pussy tingle a little and get a bit wet.

“You’re thinking about that aren’t you Julia?”

“What makes you say that Charles?”

“Your nipples have gone hard.”

I blushed a little and replied,

“You should be keeping your eyes on the road Charles.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing your nipples when you get that dress off, they look to be a nice size and will be very chewable.”

Again I said nothing but all that talk about my nipples was making them as hard as rocks.

A short while later the minibus turned off the main road and onto a private road that led down to a huge house.

“Is that house yours Charles?”

“No, it’s daddy’s but my parents are in the Caribbean at the moment so we’re all on our own.”

“Hardly, there looks to be a dozen guys stood over there.”

“Those are the hunters, you girls will get to know them intimately before the weekend’s over.”

I looked over to them and saw that they all looked to be in their twenties and none of them were fat or ugly.

As we all got out of the minibus the woman who I’d spoken to on the phone came over to us.

“Good morning girls, all rearing to go? Come with me and I’ll show you where you can leave your clothes.”

We followed her into the house and into a big room.

“Leave your clothes anywhere, no one will come in here until tomorrow afternoon when the hunt is over. Come on out when you’re ready and we’ll get the show on the road. There’s some cute hunters out there so I can guarantee that you’ll have a good time whatever.”

There wasn’t much talk as all 5 girls started taking their clothes off. Minutes later all 5 totally naked girls walked out the front door, 3 of the girls, not me, holding their hands and arms over their tits and pussy. I felt a bit weird and a bit nervous, it was the first time that I’d been naked outside and it didn’t help that there were lots of guys there, all looking at us naked girls.

Charles came over to us and told us to follow him. I was at the front and Charles turned to me and said,

“I was right about your nipples Julia, and your clit looks as though I’ll enjoy chewing that as well.”

It was then that I realised that my pronounced clit was out and hard, looking for some action. What’s more, it was tingling a bit.

As we were walking I was looking all around, both close by and as far as I could see. I wanted to gain as much local knowledge as I could.

We walked through the hunters, who all had a good look at us, and to a gate into the woods. Just before the gate were 5 small backpacks.

“Girls, beyond that gate is over 100 acres of woodlands. Do not go beyond the woodland onto the road that surrounds it, If you do you will be disqualified. Tomorrow at 5 p.m. you will hear a siren that will signify the end of the hunt. If you haven’t been caught by then you are to make yourself visible and you will be escorted back here where you can shower, eat and party.

Before we start the hunt do any of you have any questions?”

One girl asked what the guys had in their backpacks.

“Nothing that will help them find you other than a flash-light but that’s mainly for their safety.”

“And we have an hours head start?” Another girl asked.

“Correct. I will briefly sound the siren to let you know when we are coming after you.”

No one could think of any more questions so Charles announced that the hunt had officially started.

All 5 girls picked up a backpack and started to run to the gate.


I wasn’t first to the gate and as I waited to get through I decided that it was stupid running as fast as I could which was what the girls in front of me were doing. I didn’t want to run out of energy too soon and I wanted to see what was around me. I had a bit of a plan and I wanted to see if it was possible.

Through the gate I started jogging and soon got passed by some of the girls who had been behind me.

We were soon out of sight of the gate and the waiting hunters, and the other girls were going down all the different paths that were there. Me, I wanted to keep close to the edge of the woods and I was soon off the path that I’d started to follow.

Remembering some things that I’d seen on television I made sure that I didn’t leave any footprints or broken branches. After about 30 minutes I stopped for a short rest and just stood there. I quickly realised that all that I could hear was the sounds of nature and all that I could see was natural, nothing man-made. I didn’t even have any nail polish on.

I took some deep breaths and felt great, I felt totally at one with nature. Then I realised that my pussy was tingling. I remembered what Charles has said and wondered if he was right, that I’d be horny all the time and that I’d masturbate a few times before the game was over.

I touched my clit and gasped a little, it was hard and the touch made me tingle some more.

“No girl, not now.” I said to myself. “Other priorities.”

I started walking again, all the time my head was going from side to side looking for signs of other humans and for possible places to hide. My ears were also on high alert. I knew that I hadn’t heard the siren to tell me that the hunters were starting but I wasn’t that sure that I would hear it when it did sound, and also I wanted to get into observing mode as soon as possible.

On I walked, making sure that I could just make out the fields at the edge of the woods.

After a while I came across a little stream and remembered another movie where soldiers put dark stripes of makeup on they faces and arms to help them become less visible. I didn’t have camouflage clothing on but I thought that getting covered in mud might help me to be less visible.

I stepped into the stream, being careful not to leave any footprints, and walked along in the stream until I came to a muddy area and sat in the mud. The mud and water was cool but I ignored it and picked up hands full of the mud and plastered it all over me including my face. When I put the mud all over my little tits I tweaked my nipples causing me to moan.

Then I took my backpack off and lay back to get the mud all over my back. Whilst I was like that I gave my hard clit a little rub and moaned again.

Getting to my feet I splashed water all over the indentations that I had made in the mud to remove anything that looked unnatural then picked up my backpack and continued my trek.

Then I heard the siren.

“Eyes and ears into top gear.” I said to myself and slowly walked on.

I heard an unnatural sound and immediately ducked down. Looking around a saw a naked girl running in the distance. I watched her disappear then looked around to see if she was being followed. Seeing no one I got to my feet and started walking.

Two minutes later I heard a twig break behind me. I’d already spotted an area of bushes and I all but dived into them, shuffling around to find the most hidden place. Holding my muddy hands over my eyes I peeked out and saw one of the hunters walking not too far from me but I wasn’t in his line of walking.

I slowly curled into a ball with one hand between my thighs. I listened and after a minute or so I heard a squishy sound that I instantly recognised and I told my hand to leave my pussy alone.

I heard the hunter get closer then move away but I waited another few minutes before uncurling myself and peaking out. Seeing no one I crawled out and got to my feet. Again seeing no one my right hand went to my pussy and my left hand moved to cover my mouth.

I didn’t even think about the possibility of the hunter doubling back as my right hand furiously worked to give me my first orgasm of the day.

“Charles was right.” I said to myself as the waves receded.

I continued my journey paying even more attention to my surroundings and for the first time, the ground in front of me. I didn’t want to stand on a twig and break it making a noise that would draw some attention to me.

Then I saw the naked girl again, running in the distance, away and to my right.

“I need somewhere to hide for a bit.” I thought. “Hopefully she’ll go off into another part of the woods.”

I’d spotted some bushes but I’d also seen a huge old tree with lots of relatively low branches and tons of leaves. I’d seem movies where that good guys hide in a tree and then jump down on a passing bad guy and kill him. Well I wasn’t going to either jump down on a bad guy or kill him, just hide from him. I walked round the tree to assess the challenge and decided to give it a go. After another look around I started climbing. It was quite easy to climb and quite soon I was standing on branch about 10 or 12 metres above the ground.

With all the leaves I had trouble seeing the ground but I did manage to see that the naked girl was heading my way.

I moved one foot to another branch to get more comfortable because I realised that I would be there for a while. I watched as the girl came and stood at the foot of the tree looking all around then she ran off and out of my sight.

A minute later I saw one of the hunters heading my way. He too came to the foot of the tree and looked around. Then I realised that I was only hanging on to the tree with my left hand because my right hand had gone to my pussy and was idly drawing circles around my clit.

I watched as the man decided to have a rest and he sat on the ground leaning his back on the tree trunk directly below me. My tension rose and so did my arousal. My fingers got busier and I just hoped that my pussy wasn’t dripping juices down onto the man.

Fortunately, the man got up and walked away before I orgasmed because I wasn’t sure if I could survive having an orgasm stood as I was. As he disappeared I managed to get more stable just before the orgasm hit me. I hung on to the tree for dear life as the waves rolled over me. I have no idea how I managed to stay quiet.

As I got my wits about me again I realised that it would be a good idea to stay in the tree for a while and I manoeuvred myself so that I was sat astride a branch with my back against the trunk of the tree and my left arm over another branch. Not the most comfortable position to be in but the thought of the £10,000 made it bearable.

I wasn’t sat up straight, I was leaning back a bit and I looked down at my pussy where the branch was coming out from between my legs. My clit was resting on the branch and it looked hard and big. All the mud that I’d plastered on my pussy was gone and I wondered if I’d been producing enough juices to wash it away.

I pressed on my clit and gasped, It felt so nice, but I knew that I couldn’t make myself cum again because I needed to be alert. It was a good job that I had resisted the temptation because a couple of minutes later I saw the hunter coming back towards the tree. I held my breath and was pleased when the guy wandered off.

I stayed sat on that branch for a good half hour before climbing down and continuing my journey to nowhere, but within visual distance of the edge of the woods.

About an hour later, I dropped into a ditch to hide when I saw 2 hunters walking along a path. Thankfully they were talking and not paying too much attention to their surroundings.

When they were out of sight I turned over and opened my backpack. Inside was a couple of small bottles of water and various snacks. Not a lot but I guessed that it would be enough to survive on for 36 hours. I ate a little and drank a little.

I was just getting to my feet to continue when I heard 3 shrill blasts on a whistle. Being the curious girl that I am I decided to go and investigate, but carefully. I slowly crept towards where I thought the whistle had been blown and after about 10 minutes I saw movement and heard a girl shouting,

“Put me down, let me go.”

I quickly hid in some bushes and watches as the girl, and presumably a hunter, got closer to me.

I soon saw that it was 2 hunters and 1 naked girl. The thing was she was being carried on a thick branch, her wrists and ankles tied to the branch, just like I’d seen in a movie about a lost tribe in South America carrying their captive to the boiling pot.

I wondered what was going to happen to the girl and thought, “that’s an interesting way of being ‘escorted’ back to the house.”

I wondered what would happen to the girl when they got back to the house. I smiled as I had a vision of her standing in a big pot of water on an open fire, her shouting for help as the water got hotter and hotter.

“Well that’s 2 hunters out of the way for a while.” I thought.

At a safe distance I followed the trio but quickly lost them as I was walking a lot slower, but I kept going in the same direction and actually managed to get close to the original starting point. As I looked through the bushes I saw the 2 hunters stood by the cars. They were talking and looking down at the naked girl who was on her back with her wrists and ankles still tied. She was quiet but didn’t look too happy.

After a while one of the hunters squat beside her and groped one of her tits then stuck his hand between her legs. I noted that the girl wasn’t struggling to try to get away from him, in fact I saw her open her knees to give him easier access to her pussy.

That sight prompted my right hand to go to my pussy and start idly rubbing my clit.

I watched as the girl just let the hunter finger her and rub her clit until her body went rigid for a few seconds then started jerking.

A couple of minutes later that hunter stood up and the other squat down beside her. Unfortunately he was between me and the girl so I couldn’t see what he was doing to her but a few minutes later I saw that her body was jerking again.

When the hunter stood up he pulled the girl to her feet then put her over his shoulder and carried her, ankles and wrists still tied, into the house.

I had visions of her staying tied until the game was over and maybe her being raped over and over by the hunters. Then I realised that it wouldn’t be rape because she had voluntarily stripped naked and couldn’t possibly be naive enough to not have expected to be fucked after being caught.

I struggled to contain the orgasm that my fingers gave me as I watched the naked girl disappear into the house.

Then I backed away into the forest and decided to stay close to the house thinking that the hunters would be expecting the girls to try to disappear deep into the forest.

My theory appeared to be right because later I saw the 2 hunters come out of the house and head off into the forest. I could hear them talking and laughing, apparently about the fun they were going to have at the party the following afternoon. It sounded interesting and I too was looking forward to it.

The good thing from my point of view was that the 3 hunters were more interested in their conversation than looking around for other naked girls.

When everything went quiet and I couldn’t see anyone I decided to try to improve the cover that I had, I searched for broken branches, preferably with green leaves still attached. I found a few that would have to do and dragged them to my hide then crawled in and pulled the branches and other foliage over me.

Satisfied that anyone would have to really stare at where I was to see me I relaxed and before I knew it I was asleep.


I woke to the sounds of 2 hunters, one of them Charles, talking and walking towards the house. I also realised that the light was fading and it would soon be dark. Soon, more hunters were coming out of the woods and heading towards the house. I guessed that they were returning for a meal and maybe a little fun the girl that had already been caught. I wondered if she was still tied up then had visions of her being tied to different things and gang-banged by all the hunters.

As it got darker the air temperature dropped. I’d already decided that I’d stay where I was for the night so I emptied the backpack and spread it beneath me. It wasn’t very big but at least it would provide a little insulation as the ground got cooler. I curled up into a ball, ate most of the food and had a drink of water.

Then I put my right hand between my legs, my hand cupping my pussy, and tried to go to sleep.

Maybe an hour or 2 later I woke to the sounds of talking and saw flash-light beams dancing around the trees. Slowly moving my head to see what was going on I saw what was probably all the hunters walking into the woods and guessed that the girls wouldn’t get much rest, but if the hunters had their flash-lights on the girls would get plenty of warning of approaching hunters, unless they had managed to get some sleep.

I suspected that some of them would try to keep moving all night to keep warm. I looked up into the sky and saw a nearly full moon and just a few small clouds.

I was again pleased that none of the hunters had thought that any of us girls would think to hide right near the gate into the woods.

“I’ll have to go for a walk sometime.” I thought a few minutes later, “exercise my arms and legs, warm up a bit and have a pee.”

I waited for maybe an hour then backed out of my hide. After looking around for any signs of life and finding none, I went to another bush and squat for a much needed pee.

There wasn’t the usual sound when I was peeing because the urine was hitting the dead leaves and twigs, and I was in full flow when I remembered what Charles had said about not going out of the woods onto the road at the other side. He hadn’t said anything about going out of the woods on the house side of the woods.

Feeling a little brave, I listened and looked for any sign of life then made my way to the gate. Going through it I headed for the parked cars wondering if anyone had left their car unlocked. One by one I tried all the doors to no avail so I headed over to the house. Instead of trying to go inside which might result in me getting trapped, I walked down the side looking in windows as I went.

In one I saw the room where I’d left my clothes. In another I saw the girl who had been caught, She was laying spread-eagled on a table and looked to be tied to the table. She was till naked.

Round the back there was a lot of light coming out of the house. I looked into the first window and saw a swimming pool with a woman doing lengths. As she swam towards the end where I was looking in I saw that it was the girl from the pub, the girl I’d spoken to on the phone. I’d never been introduced to her so I called her Red Rose.

Red Rose got out of the pool and I saw that she was even more naked than I was, at least I had some dried mud on me.

From there I went over to the outbuildings. One was a stable but I couldn’t see a horse in it. What I did see was some bales of hay. I thought for a second then went in. Grateful for the moonlight I looked at the bales and decided that I might be able to make an enclosed space where I could get a few hours sleep.

It didn’t take long to make a tunnel that I could slide in then pull some loose hay in the end to make it nearly completely enclosed.

My breath soon warmed up the air in there and I quickly fell asleep, again with my hand on my pussy but I didn’t play with it.

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