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*spoiler*: A multi-part story that goes from rape, to consensual torture and slavery, with an happy ending.
When she woke up, it was already late night. The smell was horrible. It was completely dark. Her whole body ached. There was a burning pain in her ass. She knew the feeling. She knew immediately they fucked her ass, without much lube. At first she was too weak to get up. When she regained enough energy, she lifted the lid of the trash bin, and looked around the alley. Nobody was to be seen, so she crawled out of the bin, falling onto the ground. She laid there for a while, again gathering her strength.

She then got up, undressed from the filthy cloths, and packed them into a bag. She then pulled new cloths from a hidden backpack, and dressed. She then gathered her hidden video equipment. She walked home, very tired. She decided to edit the video the next day for Sam and Hank, as she didn't have strength to do it immediately.

She barely had strength to take a shower, before going to sleep.

When she finally brought the film to them the next day, she spent the the length of the video on her knees, sucking and jacking them off. She loved how the video turned them on, and how they enjoyed it. Hank came in her mouth, filling it. Sam lasted longer. She stroked his dick slowly as the second policeman raped her ass dry on the screen. She knew it was up his alley, and licked his balls as she stroked the length of his shaft. She then made him recline more, exposing his ass, and started to lick his ass, while still jacking him off. His ass crack was hairy, and not well kept, but he clearly enjoyed her licking him, and invading his ass with just the tip of her tongue.

When the third policemen, started to fuck her limp body on the screen, she got up and straddled his body. As he still watched her rape on the screen, she rubbed her soaking wet pussy on the length of his dick. And then to his surprise, she lifted herself, and directed the tip of his cock at her ass, not pussy. She slowly sat on it. When she felt it hit the spot, and got past her opening, she pushed herself on it strongly. She hissed from the discomfort of having his fat dick in her recently violated ass. He groaned in clear pleasure. Keeping her hands on his body, she started to fuck herself on his dick. He turned at her and caressed her breast. She straightened up, and placed her hands behind her head to expose her still underdeveloped tits.

--- "You like it up the ass, kid?" --- he asked fondling her.

--- "Hate it, sir." --- she said truthfully.

--- "Good" --- he said, pinching her nipple, and twisting it. --- "Why do you think they raped your ass, and not your pussy."

--- "Because that's the way, a worthless piece of meat like me, should be raped."

--- "Why do you think that is?"

--- "Because it's painful. It's degrading. It's debasing. Filthy sluts like me, don't deserve the pleasure from being raped up my cunt." --- she said, picking up the pace and moaning -- "And men like the taboo idea of anal. And I exist only to be used however they like."

When she felt him cum in her ass, she slowed down, and rotated her butt on his dick in seductive manner. Finally she got off him, and went on her knees on the floor to lick him clean. After that, she enjoyed cuddling to their legs, as they rested.

--- "Can your slave speak freely?"

--- "Yes." --- said Hank.

--- "I wanted to ask you both," --- she started --- "what are your biggest fantasies. Biggest turn-on-s?

--- "Why you're asking?"

--- "I would like to serve you best, sir."

--- "Mine is I think clear." --- said Sam

--- "You enjoy my pain." --- Lilly said smiling.

--- "Yes." --- said Sam turning to his side. Lilly looked at him, and moved a bit, to lick his dick clean after the ass fuck. --- "But the thing I most enjoy, is when a girl like you is giving into her torture. Helping even."

--- "Like the time I took and aimed the nail at my nipple for you to pierce, sir?" --- she asked stopping her licking for a second.

--- "OH, yes. That was hot."

--- "And you, sir?" --- she asked Hank, before taking Sam's limp dick into her mouth.

--- "I ..." --- Hank hesitated --- "I don't know. I basically like young girls, like you."

--- "No kink in particular?" --- asked Sam --- "I won't judge, you know."

--- "And I will learn to love it." --- she said, kissing Sam's dick for the final touch, and kneeling back before them.

--- "No, I think I'm good." --- said Hank.

--- "I beg of you, sir. It's a pleasure to serve you." --- she said stroking his hairy leg --- "Think. What do you search on PornHub first?"

--- "You think I watch porn, with a hot little minx like you available on demand?"

--- "Don't be a prude." --- said Sam --- "Just say it."

--- "OK. Lesbian sex." --- said Hank --- "Satisfied?"

--- "Oh. That is quite a common fetish I heard." --- she said smiling. --- "You can get me to lick some woman if you like. Any woman. Or bring her here, and let her torture me."

--- "No." --- said Hank. --- "I like to see two girls like you, making out."

--- "You are the Master. I am to serve, sir."

--- "I wanted to ask you something" --- said Sam after a brief pause

--- "You can ask me anything, sir."

--- "We were wondering how did you manage to hide your wounds. You know, one or two times a doctor had to get involved."

--- "Yes, sir. I visit a doctor a lot." --- she said --- "But ..."

--- "You don't want to tell us?" --- asked Sam

--- "I want. I will tell you everything you want, but ..." --- she said hesitating --- "I don't want the doctor to be ..."

--- "You don't have to tell us his name." --- said Hank.

--- "Thank you, sir. I appreciate it." --- she smiled --- "I go to the the same doctor, from childhood. To say the least, he's kind of a pervert. My mom always thought he's a nice kind older man, and was certain I was in the best care. But really he enjoyed undressing me, and inspecting. He even rubbed my slit a few times, and fondled my developing breasts more times I can count. Always pretending it's some kind of test. No matter what was my illness, I always ended up half naked in his office. When I started to develop, he had more problems in controlling himself, but quickly learned I was allowing for more. One time a replacement nurse was there, and said I can change into a hospital gown behind a screen. I looked at the doctor and said I don't need to, and undressed then and there."

--- "The nurse was probably surprised." --- said Hank.

--- "Not much, as she still considered me a child. The nurse which is normally there is his wife, and she knows all about his perversions."

--- "Kinky" --- he commented

--- "Oh, the stories I could tell you. One time, I had a small procedure, and she suggested a full anesthesia. I later learned that she wanted me asleep so the old pervert could fondle me freely after the operation. I know it only because I woke up very early after, and pretended to be asleep, while he rubbed my nipples and young pussy. He even slipped tip of his finger in my pussy, and also rubbed my clit, before he realized I was waking up. It was kind of my fault, cause I started to moan."

--- "You were slut even then." --- said Sam.

--- "I was born a slut, sir. I exist to be used. But only my masters made me realize it. Back then I didn't even know why he was doing it. But I liked him, so I allowed him. And somehow I knew it was naughty, so I didn't tell anyone. The first time I met you ..."

--- "The first time we raped you in the alley." --- cleared up Sam.

--- "Yes. The first time my body was used the way it was supposed to be used, something opened in me. All the things I heard and read connected, and I realized a lot of things. The rest I read on the internet. But one of the things I realized, was that my doctor was a total pedophile pervert. And that was an opportunity. So when I went to him with my wounds, I told him that I had this weird dream, and I was worried about it. When he asked what it was, I described the whole situation in the alley. He checked everything from my wounds to my aching jaw, as I told him the story. I'm sure he got a boner out of that. I made the whole story innocent, like I didn't know about sex much, and used childish words. And throughout it I pretended it was a dream. He ate it up like candy. The story clearly matched the bruises on my body, but I think he wasn't certain then that what I said really happened." --- she continued --- "This repeated again and again, and I'm sure that he caught on quite quickly. But he went with the game, pretending that I'm telling him my dreams, while he mended my pierced breasts, and attended to the burn from the brand. He and his wide seen my tattoos, and rivets. Never said a word about it. Apart from professional stuff."

--- "Like what?" --- asked Sam

--- "He taught me how to care for the burned flesh, so my scar would look good. He recommended some lotions. He helped me with getting vaccinated. He even performed small surgery on me."

--- "What it was?" --- inquired Sam, intrigued.

--- "He said, that if I'm punched a lot in my dreams, my appendix could burst. So, he decided to cut the appendix out. It's a simple procedure." --- she said --- "Of course, they made it in full narcosis, and when I woke up, I had semen all over my breasts." --- she smiled --- "Of course I scooped it up, and swallowed it all. Probably with them looking through a camera."

--- "What else he did for you?" --- he asked

--- "After I became ... available to dogs, he also helped me not to get flees. Or any animal-related diseases. He said he has a friend who is a veterinarian. I bet his friend is a perv too."

--- "Did he decided to go with his molestation any further?" --- asked Hank.

--- "No, sir. He never made a go at me. Even at my encouragement. I know my orders, and I would allow him. And he knows it. He read my tattoos. But I think the fantasy is more important for him. He only pokes me and fondles me, in the pretense of medically inspecting me. You would not believe how many times my rectum had to be checked recently. With a finger or two."

--- "And how is his wife with this arrangement?" --- he asked.

--- "Oh, she loves it. She's listening in on all our conversations."

--- "That make more sense now. We didn't know who is helping you with all the wounds." -- said Sam.

--- "OK, you can go now."

--- "You don't need me for anything more? My slutty holes are always horny for your magnificent dicks." --- she said lowering her eyes, and putting her hands behind her back.

--- "In fact" --- said Hank --- "I noticed how you licked Sam's ass ..."

--- "It's called a rim-job" --- said Sam.

--- "Yeah. I think I could use one."

--- "Of course, sir." --- she said massaging Hank's legs --- "I would love to lick your ass. I would just hate to get anything onto your masterful cock, so I recommend finishing in my pussy or ass."

--- "That's the only reason?"

--- "Of course not, sir. I would just love to feel you inside of me again. I'm a slut. I love it."

--- "OK. Enough talking." --- said Hank pulling her face between his spread legs. --- "Oh, and one more thing. We pimped you out to a football team from the local high school. You'll be an after-match entertainment."

--- "Thank you, sir" --- she said in between the licks. --- "I am honored to be whored out by you."

--- "You should be." --- he said laying back and relaxing --- "The attire is up to you, but you have to cover your face. And when you are there, you are to do whatever they tell you."
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