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This is the second part of the story, and goes into a little more detail about the fairground and the rides Dave had installed. The individual rides will be explained in detail in there own chapters to follow.
Chapter 1 – The setup

The rest of that weekend comprised of Dave and Paul checking over the rides and the woodland and setting up the rides so that they were ready for the actual day for the lifting process. In between the site visits they had some fun with Jen and Steve. Jen was physically and mentally worn out at the end of Sunday. Dave accepted the fact that she had endured quite a weekend of abuse and gave her a few days to herself to recover, he had plenty to amuse himself with setting up the final touches to his performance tent and equipment for that. Dave had agreed with Paul that as soon as he could get his hands on a suitable helicopter then he would be ready for him.

A few weekends later and the time had come for Paul to arrive and the plan really could start to take shape with his ride’s setup in the wood. It was a very busy weekend and they had decided that Jen and Steve would need to help them rather than just provide the entertainment. The weekend was busy, but they managed to get everything into place, setup and connected where required to the power outlets Dave had installed.

They had created Dave’s dream fairground in the woods. They had in place:-

1. A ticket/registration booth – Jen would be installed suitably in this booth while in an uncomfortable position.

2. The main performance tent with a new glory hole feature added late.

3. The ducking stool.

4. The ferries wheel.

5. The paintball shooting range.

6. Waltzers.

7. Test of strength hammer game.

8. Carousel.

9. Tug of war.

10. The Gimp Maze.

11. Seesaw/hook a duck game.

12. Predicament House

13. Pony rides.

Dave and Paul were very happy with the weekends work and Paul attempted to get a sneak preview of some of the rides as a special favour for the help he had given that weekend, Dave although tempted declined the request and suggested that he would have much more fun at the opening event when more people would be in attendance. Paul although upset agreed and left Dave to his final preparations.

The following day Dave sat down in his special office chair (the chair was more of a frame for Jen, she was sat on a large inflatable dildo, arms tied behind her back and sat in a low kneeling position. Her head was fastened into the frame to always face Dave’s cock when he sat down. The inflatable dildo was a great bit of kit, as she pushed forward to suck Dave’s cock, she also initiated the inflating of the dildo, if she managed to deep throat Dave her forehead hit the release button to deflate the dildo) to sort out the invite list and to arrange with a company who could provide a few suitable stock slaves they held he had connections with for some of the rides.

With all his emails sent Dave sat back in the chair to enjoy Jen’s efforts for a while, It wasn’t long before his emails started getting the responses he had hoped for and his guest list was becoming complete. He also received a positive email back form the company regarding the stock slaves he had requested.

These stock slaves would mainly be used in the Gimp maze and predicament house and pony rides, with of course the opportunity for additional guests to join in at the request of the masters attending under invite. All the invited guests had been given a list of the rides and attractions with a simple brief on how they worked so they could in advance decide which attractions they might want to take part in using. This is where Jen came in at the ticket/booking booth, she would allocate guests a time slot for certain rides to enable a more efficient time management of some of the games and rides with restricted rider numbers, for example the seesaw/hook a duck game only had place for 4 riders at once.

It was Friday night and the weekend of the event had arrived, Dave sat down with Jen and explained her role in the ticket/booking booth and what was expected of her. She would be sat on a basic stool topped with a double ass and pussy dildo and sharp spikes. The dildo’s were very large in length and girth, she could take them but had only ever used them for short periods before, never extended like this, Her pierced pussy lips would have a string tied to her toes. If she stood up slightly, she would ease the pain of the dildo’s and spiked seat but would pull on her pussy lips, sitting of course eased the pain on her pussy lips but switched the pain to her butt on the spikes. So, neither option would be comfortable for her. She would have an attendee stamp attached to her left breast and an ink pad so that she could stamp the tickets with that breast. Her right breast would have an electrical contact attached, every time she used the ink pad it would press the button positioned under it and shock her right breast, the button would also for every 5 hits pump some much-needed lube from the dildos she was sat on. She had to stamp each guest into the fairground and then take the booking times they wanted for the rides, the booking times were all electronic and would appear on the rides screen. Jen was of course not overjoyed at the task but having seen the rides being setup and hearing Dave and Paul chatting more about them she was also quite happy that she would not have to be a part of some of them.

Saturday morning came far too quick tat night for Jen but nevertheless she got up, sorted Dave’s breakfast, and readied herself. The fairground would open at 1.15pm that day and the first people being the stock slaves would arrive at 8am. A large van pulled up to the gates and was buzzed in by Dave. He met the van in the carpark he had set up at the entrance to the woods, the driver opened the back and Dave looked over the slaves that had been sent, a mix of males and females as requested. 5 Males all dressed head to toe in latex suits with hard cocks for the Gimp Maze, 4 naked hooded females for the Predicament house, 3 full pony girls and 1 stud pony, and 5 more naked females and 2 naked males for the tent and glory hole area. Dave led them all into the woods and busied himself getting them set up.

The Tent performers first, 2 females and 1 male where setup in the glory hole area, this was basically a box into which they were placed bent double legs resting by there heads. An open end in which displayed their ass and pussy, and ass and cock, and an open end for there heads. All fitted with open mouth hoods and ring gags. Basic objective was to relieve the stresses of masters with 3 open holes for the females and 2 open holes for the males, masters could also sit a slave on there cocks too if desired.

The other for the tent for the time being were locked into display cages.

The gimp males were next as again it was simple, they were locked into sectioned rooms in the gimp house with a length of chain attached to collars around their necks to restrict movement to there areas only. The entire house was double sided there was an entertainment side in which slaves would go through and a viewing side for people to watch the entertainment.

The pony girls next, they were guided over to the pony carts and attached ready to carry their passengers. The Male stud was placed into his stall.

Finally, he took the remaining females over to the predicament house. This would take a little more setting up. Dave busied himself with the slaves ready to start later that day. (more info on this when we get to that chapter).

Once he had finished Dave went back to the house to fetch Jen so he could get her sorted in her booth. It was 11.30am when Jen was all sorted and ready and Dave hurried back to the house as his guests would be starting to arrive at 11.45. He had set it up that they would all arrive in 5-minute slots to allow them entry through the gates with the final guests arriving at 1pm, they had been instructed where to park and they could when in the carpark get out the cars and wait at the entrance to the woods but not to yet venture down the path.

When they had all arrived Dave met the congregated guests at the entrance to the woodland and greeted them all with a brief introduction, he explained that all the rides were self-usable and that full instructions were provided where needed. He wished them all an enjoyable day and gave them all tickets with a 15-minute timeslot to approach the ticket booth. He asked the last guests not to mention that nobody else followed them to Jen. He let them into the lube squirting process and said that Jen would have to work out herself that she would need to keep pressing the ink pad to add the much-needed lube to her dildos for the rest of the day.

The day had begun.

Writers Note – If your enjoying the story so far please leave a comment, all criticism will be greatly appreciated.


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