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In this world, women rule
Rule of Woman

Chapter 3

Trades and Dollars

Sada’s heels clicked loudly on the waxed floors of one of the FDD’s Central Leadership Halls. The clicks echoed past plane white walls under bright lights. At the Northern Amazonian Hall, everything concerning decorum sat hidden from the public eye behind heavy doors.

Sada’s heels were just that. They didn’t lace up her legs and instead sat on her ankles. She wore a grey blazer, white blouse, stockings and a grey skirt. Many in the FDD would absolutely say she dressed to conservatively. What no one saw is the dual action dildo vibrating with a low hum shoved up her ass and cunt.

That toy combo would be praised. Albeit even that would be called modest, but for Sada, she wore it as a constant stimulation to her body’s ever attention stimulation. Like all woman in the FDD, that addiction plagued them, but Sada did her best to build that need on a small fire throughout the day. Doing so, let her move through her daily duties as the head of the newly created Economics Department.

No one would ever dare say Sada didn’t take her duties seriously. She made sure of that with her actions in building a viable economy in the northern province. The capital, a crumbling major city, needed money and material for the rebuilding of the infrastructure. After a year, Sada had made strides in that effort and was here to see the five officials charged with running the province.

The woman paused for a moment, letting an intense was of pleasure wash over herself. breathing deeply, she tried and failed to bring her racing heart beat down. That racing with a coupling of arousal and nervousness made it difficult to remain dignified. Sheer will power allowed Sada to continue through the halls.

Shaky legs bore her through the place. Aware that with a push of a button, the vibrating of the inserted toy could be brought up. But nothing would allow her to lose that sort of reservation. She couldn’t afford to lose face and if she did succumb to her body’s needs in the hall, the damage to her reputation would be irreparable. Ultimately the repercussions were worth waiting for sexual release for a few hours. No matter the pain it would bring.

Rounding a corner in the hall, Sada thankfully saw the giant doors for the room where the meeting would take place. Sada had been here before, so she knew that is where the expected meeting would be. Walking towards it, she tried not to cringe as the hallway opened up and became framed by wooden walls for security. Two female guards stepped out in blue military like dress uniforms. And they were dresses.

Both of them were seated when she walked up. They both snapped upright as she stopped in front of a wooden barrier. Each of them took what seemed like to Sada a designated position behind the wooded barrier in front.

“Name?” The short brunette on the right said. Her voice had a military like edge to it. This woman was all business.

“Sada Burhma,” she said with a smile.


“Here for a meeting as the head of the Economics Department.”

“I.d.?” The second guard asked. Her voice came out sweetly and the taller blonde smiled when her hand reached out.

Sada produced the required card. The effort had her shifting around documents in her hands and the extra movements moved the buzzing toys inside her. With a shaky hand, she handed over the requested I.D.

“Thank you,” the blonde said with a bigger smile.

As the two conferred over the I.D. and herself, Sada studied the uniforms of the Norther province.

Sada didn’t know who chose the uniform. The blazer, and skirt were blue. They also wore tall on the leg black boots and those went all the up to the back of the knee. The skirt hid at the point if any sock were worn. On the sharp shoulders, each had a silver rank present in lines. If Sada knew her designations, each woman was a low ranking officer.

Both didn’t even have ribbons on the left breast of the uniform, which spoke of their inexperience with the lack of campaigns or conquests. They probably were put here for some sort of political reason. Those sort of things did happen in the FDD and something Sada took offense to such things. Sure there did exist a class system, but even as a benefit of that system, Sada didn’t agree that women should actively work for that. Convincing others of this issue is what she actively worked for.

Eventually after a moments passed and well past her thoughts keeping her mind busy, Sada began feeling the growing insistence of her body seeking release. More deep breaths and eventually the brunette walked away from the table and disappeared somewhere.

“Here you go?” the blonde said after a moment handing the I.D. back.

“Thank you,” Sada replied with a smile, thankful not only for the moment of silence to be ended but that a distraction presented itself.

“You ever consider modeling as an option?”

“Sure, but this job provides me enough to afford a man.”

On the word man the brunette walked back up to the table.

“You shouldn’t be discussing such things,” the brunette said with venom evident in her voice.

“Nonsense,” the blonde smiled from Sada to her shorter comrade. “She’s a head of one of the departments. She could surely afford one.”

Sada could actually afford a man. A jizz producer on tap as it were. But the brunette did speak a truth here. Women in general shouldn’t talk about what they owned as a general rule. Crime and corruption ran rampant as the slutty women who made up the FDD vied for property and power all to satisfy the addiction of sexual needs.

All that many had, like the lady’s present, spent their time and efforts working to have enough to get fucked. Sada knew the benefits of the changes brought to the women of the FDD, but the price for it meant too much effort went to pursuing selfish needs. It was no wonder the current status of the FDD infrastructure fell into ruin in many places.

“You’re cleared,” the brunette said after lifting a hand to her ear. “You can go in. have a seat on the right and don’t address anyone until spoken to. They are finishing up with another department head.”

The wood in front of Sada opened up from some unseen mechanism. The Blonde had been standing at the other side a moment before, but now she stood to the side.

“Thank you,” Sada replied with a nod.

Walking forward, she began hearing muffled voices behind a heavy wooden door in front of her. With giant sexually ornate brass door handles, phallic in their look, she pulled one side and proceeded through.

Immediately, the speaking became louder as it echoed through a mostly empty chamber. Shaped like an amphitheater, Sada took a seat in the first row of steps and observed the proceedings below from there.

A single woman sat facing away from Sada behind a long table. The lights shown on this woman intently and the panel of women she face sat behind what looked like a single curved desk. Behind that seated in various ways were the leaders of the Northern FDD province. Sada listened in on the reply of the interviewed.

“Furthermore, in the Bio Engineering Branch we are currently focused on two main things,” the woman spoked.

Sada didn’t sit close enough to get many details, but the woman’s voice had a high pitch to hit.

“The first is the defenses of not only our province but the borders of the entirety of the FDD. To that effort, we have been developing and employing an active plant that not only captures passers but also restrains them with active nutritional standards for later harvesting. If you check the folders, there is an etymological break down of the plants.”

There was a pause and someone from the panel said something, but Sada couldn’t make it out.

“That is a concern with any defense like this. The issue is we have to answer the raiding that the rest of the world’s nations are employing on our shores. The best part of this, it allows the capture of males without any damage to them.”

“What about the temperatures of our region?”

“We are slowly addressing those, but the Northern Region’s arctic temperament is perfect for keeping a control on the plants. We have discussed using something else in the north as a different defense.”

“But the survival of males would be paramount?”


There was a murmur. Sada knew why too. The idea of capturing males from other countries in the world would help exponentially with one of the major problems the FDD faced. Male brith rates were already low, but the official story of the FDD presented to masses is that the rates where artificially deflated. That fact didn’t reflect the reality of the situation as men weren’t being born at rates higher.

As the woman droned on, Sada reflected on her fortune. Rich enough to afford her man, the fact that every woman here in this room had their own in all likelihood. One of Sada’s responsibilities included the proper running of the pleasure houses in the province. Right now in the northern provinces, the male ration sat around twelve percent. Far below the nation average of about twenty.

While Sada sat in contemplation, trying not to wiggle her ass deeper into the seat, the women began on the second part of her focus.

“The birth rates of males are hurting us nationally. One of my focuses has been to concentrate on finding a way of increasing the ratio. While all women are queens, far too many are suffering with the lack of access to males. This problem is even evident with the regressions becoming much more prevalent in our province.”

The women on the panel murmured amongst themselves for a moment. One spoke, but Dada couldn’t tell who.

“Why is the regression such an issue? Just give them some dick and the problem is solved.”

“That’s true for the most part, but in some of the prisons where we are able to run such experiments on the condition, we are finding that more often these women don’t fully recover from the withdrawal of men. In fact, we are finding these women are more predatory that normal and often seeking gratification at unhealthier levels than normal. When we took the serums, man foolishly didn’t research into the long term side-effects. While we all may be immortal and almost insatiable nymphomaniacs, we do have more research to conduct into the serum itself. We still struggle on why the birth rate of males is so low.”

More murmuring on the panel could be heard. Sada almost sighed in frustration with that.

“I can agree with that the issue is something to address quickly,” the woman in the single seat continued. “What is difficult is that the serum may have amazing benefits, but without the trifecta of semen, love and stimulation, it seems to have massive drawbacks.”

More murmuring and the woman stood up.

“Thank you Madams, I will be back next month with better news.”

The woman pivoted and walked away from the desk, paperwork in tow. Up the center aisle of the stairs and right past Sada. The woman didn’t even acknowledge Sada as she walked by, but Sada did pick up a heavy sent of salt as she did. No doubt that the woman be-lined to get some dick. Sada smiled at the though, thinking momentarily of how nice some cock sliding between her labia would hit the spot.

“Sada Burhma, you can approach.”

With her name called from an unknown source, she did look around for a second trying to figure out where the speaker resided. Not finding it, she stood up with a smile and moved down the stairs slowly to the desk. Each step down moved her stimulating dildo inside her. Not breaking down and having an orgasm in the middle of the stairs left her almost stumbling. Keeping her composure, she went to sit in the provided cushioned chair.

The salt scent wafter heavily off the chair. Looking down, she saw the gray smooth cushion soaked in an even darker gray spot. With a look of disgust on her face, she actually pushed the chair down and pulled out a chair next to it to sit. Something she couldn’t see from her vantage point before, but now thankfully took. Sitting down, she faced the five female leaders.

That gaze from each, let her know immediately that this meeting would be a grueling one. Sada locked eyes with each member, trying to now focus on the task at hand. The seemed to be waiting for her, and so she spoke.

“Greetings ladies,” she started, trying to keep her words from shaking as she spoke. “I am Sada Bruhma, head of the newly created Economics Department.”

“Welcome Ms. Sada,” the one in the center spoke. Sada noted that she had on dark shades. “The first meeting with your department is a welcome one for us. I know we haven’t been formally introduced to each other.”

Sada wanted to comment on that, but then, the erotic scene in front of her of the five women blew and worry of modesty out of the window. The woman who greeted Sada led the Northern Province. Each woman couldn’t have looked or been more different with the sexual situations they were in. Like Sada, they wouldn’t disgrace themselves with an orgasm in front of other women, but they also wouldn’t go without sexual stimulation.

Garia Leaves, sat on the far right of Sada. Famous for her seemingly natural bright red shimmering hair and her work in biology. As a testament to the latter, on the floor sat a potted plant. The plans green appendages were engineered to seek out moisture laced with feminine pheromones.

The desk the woman sat behind had no barrier of view. In fact, all of the five women sat with visible legs spread. Garia’s spread legs allowed those moisture seeking tentacles moving in and out of her pussy. The slick sounds could be imagines, but the woman’s green eyes bore on Sada giving no indication that she felt the efforts of the plant. Even as the tendrils spread all over the woman, she looked like a my

The second woman in line on the right, the legendary hucow of the FDD, sat Maria Delchona. Now, the recent development of animal gene splicing into the FDD augmenting formula at one point looked to be taboo. Woman may be women, but if they started incorporating this new process would these women still be such. Sada had followed the development intently for rebuilding the FDD economy.

Maria Delchona took to the splicing heavily and as one of the first success stories of it, modeled herself after a cow. With copper colored hair, two features shown identified her as a hucow. Two black horns curved upwards into sharp points on the top of her head. The second feature were the floppy modeled ears where in one aesthetic, a blue golden and jeweled encrusted tag hung on the right one.

Now, besides these to alien features, Maria also possessed one last attribute that sat on display. Breasts with enormous proportions sat on the table. The things must have each weight a ton, but only the aeroles could be seen on the front of them as the nipples sat capped with hoses. Tubes came off the cap and Sada knew that the woman also played the actual part of being a cow. The milk produced went for a lot in other countries, though such a thing didn’t make it out of the black market.

Sada’s gaze went over the woman in the middle. She was the leader and probably the one Sada would speak directly with the most. So instead, he gaze fell on the first woman on the left.

Thea Gulf sat as a nubile looking blonde. Naked with small breasts, not much else could be seen of her. Then again, Sada knew that Thea’s positional authority as the fifth member of the council fell relatively new. All Sada new about the woman is that her preferences and personality centered on unknown. Even now looking at her, Sada could say her direct boss needed better introduction.

The next woman sitting on the left, and the last, needed no introduction in contrast to Thea in the entirety of the FDD. Known by all as one of the First Women, Valerie Morgana sat. With long black french curls, perfect radiant ivory skin, and the eternal youth augment she possessed. At almost ninety-eight, she looked no older than her younger twenties. Naked and on display, up there, she wore a face of constant stimulation. As one of the originals Sada knew the woman’s sensitivity couldn’t handle clothes and even a slight breeze had been known to bring the woman to climax. That being said, Sada also knew the woman could have great moments of clarity. Sada’s eyes shifted back to the Northern Province’s leader.

Devinia Alcaeus sat with olive skin and soft features. The woman was known for her long legs, which currently sat concealed with another set of feet, under the desk. No doubt the leader had herself a male feasting on her concealed clam. Sada felt a twinge of jealousy as she normally never made it to such foreplay herself. With a deep breath, she spoke.

“Hello your graces,” Sada spoke with deliberate slowness and with all the muster of respect she could muster. “I hope all of you are fairing well.”

“Such manners,” Thea spoke in a voice barely louder than a whisper.

“But she dresses so professionally,” Garia spoke and Sada took her tone as disapproving.

“Not all of us can look like sluts,” Thea countered. Devinia’s gaze shifted over to her and Sada saw the nubile woman turn red. Her gaze returned to Sada and she smiled.

“Now sisters,” she said, her voice powerful with the words. “We aren’t here to discuss the dress of our associates. She is dressed as she should be while we have actually been negligent in such things.”

“With all due respect, the last one offered more than she did in embracing our culture,” Garia retorted.

“Be that as it may, we accept all women here.”

Silence at the raised voice. Devinia had laid down the law here and her word outweighed all on the council expect maybe for Valerie. Though Sada thought to herself that probably would never be seen who had more power.

“We are here at this extra meeting to discuss a dire situation within our country which affects all of us.”

“The economy right?” Maria asked.

“Yes, the economy and Sada here is the most qualified in our entire province for such a thing.”

Sada felt the heat rise in her cheeks at the compliment. Though she caught a queer look passing over Maria’s face.

“I thought I would be more qualified that her,” she said.

“You’re ability to run a black market in other countries does help us domestically,” Valerie spoke.

Everyone let the line of comments to drop at that. Devinia continued.

“Sada, please inform the rest of the council of our domestic issues.”

A deep breath and then another as her heart raced.

“Leaders,” she began, trying to gain her composure back. Nails dug into the surface of the wood. The vibrations seemed to be more intense. With another breath she spoke once more. “Our great Northern Province is great in many ways. We have led the charge in biological research, defense measures and our women are some of the most paired in the nation.”

The women nodded in agreement to the statement.

“That being said, one of the major disadvantages of the serums administered to every woman is the unquenchable ned for the Trinity of feelings needed for our bodies to stay immortal and without decay.”

The five women still continued to nod.

“So that issue doesn’t seem to have answer and as such, we as a society have moved in the direction of ignoring it. issue with our societies lack of attention to this, our civilization has begin to break down.”

There was a gasp. Sada knew saying such a thing would be controversial. Though she didn’t know who gasped, she hoped that it wouldn’t be enough to dismiss the problem altogether. So she sat in silence, awaiting an answer.

“Continue sister,” Devinia spoke. There seemed to Sada now, an edge in her voice. A line drawn and Sada knew at that moment she walked it at her own peril.

“What I mean to say is that the infrastructure has suffered heavily. Throughout the FDD, our streets are failing, the power grid is faltering and the water purifiers are beginning to fail. In the past, these issues could be slightly averted with trade with the rest of the world. While our goal is to eventually turn this world into a female controlled utopia, but we seemed to have lost the utopia part.”

Eyebrows raised at the statement.

“We still get oil form reserved and while we will eventually try to ween off of this need, the point is, the FDD currently lacks the capability of becoming self-reliant. This issue is completely felt under the Economics Department and while I have stated issues, I do come with some solutions.”

“We need to decrease the price of male access immediately. Too much of our society is into the pursuit of sex alone. While men are confined to their roles in this pursuit, the biggest issue is that there isn’t enough bonding going on to quell their insistent need for rebellion.”

That last part sunk in hard for Sada and she hoped the women would be willing to listen.

“With the growing number of attacks, these men are unhappy with the plethora of unabated sexual women. Our major concern was ending war and these men are not getting it fucked out of them.”

“I like my plants,” Garia spoke. It was known they even the plants couldn’t help. Where the perverse nature of stimulating pursuits could help itch the sexual needs, it wasn’t enough to keep back the issue of not having sex with a man.

“The sex industry is powerful here, but even so, with the birth rate low and the even lower birth rate of men, we suffer as a people being so hedonistic.”

“What do you propose besides prices?”

“Well as supply and demand goes, the demand is high with supply low. We can’t allow that to continue for much longer. If we are worried about defense, our citizens wouldn’t try to capture men like they should if an invasion took place. Instead, I theorize that if an invasion did happen, our women would prostrate themselves to get the relief they are being deprived. Biologically, there is also more women experiencing the decay that comes with too long withdrawal.”

“Thea, she is yours, do you see much of this?” Maria asked.

“Sadly we all can see it. Just outside there, the street lights don’t work. At night, the corruption of the authorities and the like run rampant.”

“My other suggestion is that we concentrate on an inhibitor. While your graces can maintain control with the pleasure houses, the riots of over zealous horny women will overwhelm our police forces.”

“What about goods?” Devinia asked.

“We currently manufacture a plethora of sexual goods. Most women we have now can concentrate long enough on for field work, textiles, chemical manufacturing and shipping. Most of these goods are in danger of completely ceasing operations as our infrastructure lacks proper care.”

That last comment illicited a murmur of agreement in the council. With a sigh of relief, Sad prepared her biggest pitch.

“The economy will completely crash soon if we don’t work towards this endeavor. We can incentivize women with owned males to share in groups while we learn construction and rebuild the infrastructure.”

“The pleasure houses wouldn’t be pleased and how would we even address the women that will wait like predators?” Valerie asked.

“Well, that would be under police control. We would have to cycle men maybe through a barracks house?”

“A whole place of women serviced with a handful of men?” Garia inquired.

Sada hesitated to answer but thankfully her actual boss saved her.

“It’s brilliant. The amount of men needed would be less and the actual pleasure houses could get the men out. A slow start on the desires, but these women would get laid. We could even work them out if they get pregnant.”


“Well, we of course embrace the idea of a woman’s choice, but as you all know, a male birth means the mother is entitled to ownership of the male unless she births another.” Thea spoke.

“We already offer extra incentives for women who give birth once to a male to continue to birth,” Devinia added.

“It’s terrible the serum doesn’t allow for gender manipulation in the womb. We could solve this issue much faster.”

“What happens? That’s a great idea?”

“A female fetus that has had the gender changed in the womb doesn’t survive the pregnancy. We actually don’t know, but even trying to do the gender change at conception fails,” Garia spoke.

Sada got the impression by Devinia’s raised eyebrows that Thea should have known this issue already. Though, Sada sympathized a bit with her boss knowing such knowledge didn’t circulate public knowledge.

“So we are stuck at the moment on that. I know in the prisons they are trying various experiments to stave off the cravings and decay,” Maria offered.

“That is all fine and dandy, but when we embraced this serum, none of us knew the consequences of it or that the fertility rates would be a negative side-effect. The man that created it isn’t exactly reachable for help,” Valerie said. “All we know is that in our moments of despair, the male that created the serum only wanted a way to create his own ideal woman. His own ideals for the formula subjugated not just women, but men too.”

Complete silence.

“See, he found a way to take trouble making people and put them into a prison none could escape,” she continued while Sada noticed everyone in the room’s gaze now sat enthralled by the story. “Unfortunately with every case of over sexualization of a prisoner, the huge probability of breeding left the creator of us stuck on things.

Garia coughed.

“As such, whatever he did, left him unable to market the serum. Before long, the birth control measures were added in so that those deemed to suffer at the hands of sexual torment as slaves would be marketable. Unfortunately, the trial women used were not given inhibitors. Thus, society quickly fell to the whims of us sexualized women.”

Sada reeled herself at such a revelation. A man created the serum? That was news to her. As her gaze moved across the women on the council, all but Valerie wore an expression of shock.

“Sorry, I spoke out of turn. The clarity comes and goes.”

Valerie shuddered and her eyes rolled back. As an original, her orgasms weren’t looked down upon. In fact, no one would acknowledge it. Sada wondered briefly if that was the pinnacle of power in the FDD.

“So sisters,” Devinia spoke. “Sada here has come to us with dire news and harsh truths. While her opinions on fixes are harsh, I think I agree with them.”

“I second it,” Thea said, her eyes beaming proudly. Sada definitely felt good about that.

“Will this really help us in the long run?” Garia asked. “I mean, having a socialist ideal coming forth here.”

“The lack of men does need to be addressed,” the leader of the group said.

“We know that’s hard for us. Even recruiting fell off once the rest of the world cut us off from communicational forms. We lack even the ability to force ourselves past the embargo.”

“Then we need to grow our abilities from what we have here in our men. The harem idea is even better, but we will have to create an entire structure to support a system like that. And how will the men react?”

“We have drugs for such a thing. Things we can do to increase their sex drives. Our issue is that if these men are asked to teach, will they?”

“Many will want freedom over anything,” Garia spoke.

“Or we could offer luxury upgrades for them,” Thea offered.

“All in all, we will discuss this more tomorrow. All of us are beyond in need of a break.”

“A break or not, is this what we are deciding on?” Maria asked. Sada noticed that the woman seemed to be struggling badly. Now that the woman spoke, she noticed that the sound of the pumps no longer provided background noice. With Maria’s gourds, the pain must have been building fast. Why then would she delay.

“What does it matter you big-titted freak?” Garia said with an audible growl. Sada could have seconded the comment, but she remained silent. The insistent buzzing in her body growing now that a promise of ending pulled away.

“It matters because even in our uncomfortable states here of all of us needing physical releases and even more pressing is that Sada’s interpretation of our economy presses into your sphere of biology. Have we all forgotten what happens when the sexual releases stop working? Like it or not, or region will bear the full frontal assault of the consequences if we don’t take proper action.”

“There are reports from one of the southern regions of such a shortage of men that they are having mass, well, we don’t have an official name for it,” Thea said.

“Sada,” Devinia spoke, her voice cutting through the air like a heavy hand. The whole room went silent. Even Valerie, who’s moans had begun to crescendo up to that point. “We will convene as a whole panel in three days. Our society is the next to have major issues. The Queens in the capital entrusted us to run this area. While we may make a move here that they will scoff at, we will need to do something to ensure our great nation doesn’t fall or continue to suffer. As women of virtue, we have to the beacon of change and foundation the world needs.”

Thea began clapping in earnest. Garia joined in the celebration. Valerie let a bloodcurdling scream as no doubt the pressure in her body. Devinia waved everyone out and without much in decorum, the four other women left, leaving Devinia still sitting in her seat.


“Sada,” Devinia hissed. “Stay.”


The woman stood up. Naked and held her arms open. Curls of black hair fell down past shoulder.

“You impress me Sada,” she said stepping up onto the desk. She then sat down with her legs hanging down the edge of the desk.

“I do?” Sada replied hesitating with each word.

Davinia spread her legs and a heat rose in Sada’s face. There, splayed out before her, the thick petals of a flower dripping nectar between its red swollen flesh. The labia spread out, all out on their own. A marvel of control Sada never new possible. The clitoris could be seen throbbing in a huge diameter. The hole, dripped copious amount of lubrication.

“Yes, and I liked your presentation. Everything augmented in us, leads back to this ender specific thing. Even the original women who preceded us in augmentation possessed the one thing that truly ruled the world. Its commodity lay splayed out before you Sada. Man created us, and thus man has become enslaved by us.”

Sada understood the mantra.

“Now watch me sister as man partakes of the fruits of my own labor.”

As if on cue, a man came out from underneath the panel wearing a black robe. He moved around slowly. Sada got the impression that each movement the man made looked deliberate. As he came around, he knelt before Devinia.

“Now lick and don’t stop until I was over you.”

The man’s head moved to between her legs, which began shaking almost immediately as the back of his head moved. Devinia’s moans quickly turned in groans as she let it be known how much she enjoyed the cunninlingus. Then the horror for Sada began.

Sure, the sexual sounds were enough to drive her own need for sex into overdrive. What stopped her from openly masturbating to the scene unfolding before her, even though social decorum would dictate that neither of them should be out in public doing this, is that a horrible alien scene unfolded before her.

Thick labia lips moved. Not that uncommon, but the movement of the labia shouldn’t have been possible. Engulfing the man’s head, she watched as Devinia’s pussy lips came around the man’s head. Sada decided she had enough of watching when the back of the man’s head disappeared. The lips met in wrinkled love and Sada turned away.

“Fuck,” Devinia cried out. Sada hear the sound of liquid dripping. That reinvigorated her interest and she looked back.

The male had stood up, facing Devinia but away from Sada. She could remark that Devinia’s still contracted as bits of liquid dripped out of her.

“Sada,” she spoke, sitting up. Sada hadn’t really noticed the leader lay with her back on the desk. Attention, instead, looked at the gaping whole of a cunt where labia splayed out in a grotesque spread like the bottom of a starfish.

“Please don’t judge me too harshly. I have to do this sort of warm-up before receiving him.”

Sada didn’t know what to say. They locked eyes and Devinia licked her lips.

“I’m ready go ahead.”

The robe fell off the man’s shoulders. The movement caught her eye and she gasped behind a hand as she saw the enormous trunk of the man between his legs. Thicker than the man’s calves. With a grunt, he bent slightly and lifted the member up. From there, she saw the grapefruit sized testicles framed with thick veins as they fell between his legs. Toned body or not, Sada couldn’t see how this man would be permitted to have such a thing. Her own anus twitched in jealousy when Devinia let out a guttural grown.

“That’s it baby, fuck me with that monster.”

The sounds of slick sounds of sex began in earnest.

“Oh too deep baby.”

Sada listened to the sounds of sex. The entire display of watching the man’s ass cheeks flex with each thrust, made Sada’s own sex overflow. Knowing her greedy cunt couldn’t possibly take the size allowed her to breath easier after a minute.

“Fuck me harder now, and a little deeper.”

Sada’s breath became labored as her nipples strained against the fabric of her bra. With little left in patience, she lifted her skirt up and pulled her panties off. Looking back to Devinia, she thanked the heavens the leader hadn’t seen her digression. While being invited to watch, Sada didn’t know the rules of acceptance. All she knew is that her overly heated cunt need some air flow.

The Devinia began to scream.

“Cum in me now,” she yelled out.

Sada couldn’t comment as the man gave a final thrust. The smell of cum filled the air as it overflowed in waves dripping to the floor. Now that Sada watched it drip a perverse want to lick it out of her leader’s snatch. The thought wasn’t bad, but such actions could be heavily punished. Feeling overwhelmed by the sight, Sada turned to leave the floor.

“If it’s alright, I need to take my leave.”

“Wait,” Devinia cried out. “I need you to watch him slide his cock back into me before you do.”

Sada didn’t understand the demand, but knew she couldn’t deny the leader. Turning back, her brow raised as she spied the not dripping pussy of Devinia, but the bare ass of the bull.

“More,” Devinia begged, her voice quivering in pitches. The bull actually grunted, giving Sada the impression that man struggled With his monstrous cock. Though, Sada quickly found that thought to be wrong. “That’s it. All the way up.”

Devinia let out a throaty groan.

His ass flexed more as he slammed himself back into the female leader. There were grunts from him mixed into the screams coming from Devinia. Legs up and shaking, Sada would have laughed at the comical scene if her own cunt didn’t suddenly flare up in fierce need. Now she couldn’t help but rub her pussy through the fabric of her skirt.

As sada rubbed, she but her own lip. Electricity shot through her body as nerves responded. Shaking now, a small gasp escaped her. Hands stopped moving hen she noticed the thrusts of the bull slow down.

“Don’t stop,” Devinia let out in a desperate plea.

The bull began thrusting in earnest once more. Flesh slapping together sounded like thunder as it reverberated off the walls. Then a yowl came and Sada took that as Devinia reaching and explosive peak. Legs fell down and the bull pulled back from Devinia.

Honestly, Sada thought the bull would saunter off with no issues. Instead, he turned slowly to look at her.

The cock hung enormously over a set of testicles that shouldn’t have been humanly possible. Size of softball and handing in a sack pulsing with thick veins. The cock itself looked enormous, and its surface of the shaft pulsed in diameter as she watched. The veins on it glistened in juices as thick globs of white cum dripped from the tip to the floor. She locked eyes with the bull.

“Want?” He grunted out at her. His voice powerful. Masculinity oozing off his form. Now she could see toned he was, if not seeming that all his muscle mass lay in one appendage. He cocked his head and lifted his cock up with a hand in offering.

Sada swallowed.

The cock would no doubt stretch out her wanting ass nicely. Not the biggest thing she’s ever taken, but still, she would enjoy it. Licking her lips, she stepped forward in want. The Devinia moaned and it broke Sada’s resolve.

“No,” she said with a shuddering hiss. Turning abruptly, she left the bull standing there with a confused look on his face. Before she reached the top of the stairs, she heard the sounds of sex. Sada may have wanted that cock, but it wasn’t worth her life at the moment. Opening the door, she turned back for a second.

“Thank you for the show,” she let out with a squeak. The bull stopped and looked her way. A smile was on his face.

“Can I continue?”

He asked the question and Sada didn’t realize Devinia lay unmoving there. The woman probably overloaded on orgasmic pleasure. Knowing the leader, she knew what to say.

“I’m sure she would want you to continue.”

Without saying anything else, he went back to it. Sada then found a powerful arm grab her and pulling her through the door. The surprise of the action caused the plugging dildo in her ass to shoot out and land on the marble floor with a wet plop.

“What?” Sada cried out, feeling empty and confused.

“Intense isn’t it?”

Sada steadied herself against the door as her body convulsed.

“What was that?” she said with gasps, feeling her anus contract in its emptiness. The feeling made her shudder and she pushed up against the wall trying in vain to get something filling.

“Devinia has the effect on everyone.”

Sada’s eyes opened to see the smaller guard in front of her. The brunette stood there, locking eyes with Sada. Purple eyes that peered into Sada’s soul. Or at least that is how Sada felt under the gaze.

“Have you ever seen it?” Sada asked, voice quivering as she tried to catch her breath.

“Oh never,” the guard replied in her precise military talking.


“She does the same thing time and time again to whoever is the last on the docket. Probably for the thrill and show of power is my guess.”

Sada meant the question for why the guard never watched. Maybe had something to do with consequences of not being invited.

“But, whenever you’re ready, I will escort you home.”

“Part of the service?”

“Safety for the leaders actually. Devina is aware of her affections.”

Closing her eyes, she took. few deep breaths.

“When you’re ready, we can go.”

“Are you escorting me all the way home?”


Sada decided to keep the conversation going as a distraction from her pulsing anus. Stepping away from the door, she almost fell down as a wave of weakness washed over her. The brunette caught her.

“Thank you,” Sada said, hesitating for a moment.

“Teysa,” she the guard replied, seeming to read Sada’s mind.

“So Teysa, you can hear everything but never once got curious?” Sada asked as she stood up fully. Seeming to be recovered, the two of them began walking down the hall. Tesya stopped suddenly and picked up the wayward didlo on the floor.

“Do you want to carry this?”

“It’s slip right out. I don’t have the tool resent to keep it lodged in.”

Teysa’s cheeks reddened at the comment.

“I meant, nevermind.”

The two of them continued. Sada no longer held interest in the architecture of the building as they walked. Instead she wondered about her companion. Seems odd a woman wouldn’t want to see the leader of the region get fucked. It was an honor.

As they walked, Sada had to force a stop as a wave of nausea washed over her. Horror went through her at the sudden onset of symptoms. Sada didn’t realize how much time passed for the meeting. The withdrawal symptoms were setting in.

“Do you have a last name?” Sada asked feeling the waves dissipating.


They began walking again, though Sada steadied herself on the wall as they did. She chewed the name over.

“As in Alison Orvaz?”

“She’s my mother.”

Alison Orvaz authored many of the philosophies of the FDD. She created the creeds, the arguments, and everything pertaining to the just cause of the FDD. Famous and renowned, every person knew of the great strives the woman made for justifying the existence of the FDD.

“How is the daughter of such a great figure working here as a guard?”

“I wanted to be of service to the grand vision,” Teysa said with a dismissive laugh.

Silence between them again as they moved. Sada digested that there seemed to be some sarcasm in the previous comment from Teysa.

“Your mother didn’t object?”

“Of course she did, but she had her reasons. It’s almost a state secret that I am here.”

Their heels echoed with each step now as they got further down the lengthy hall.

“That’s admirable you chose such a path,” Sada commented. “Why this profession though?”

The thing was to Sada, such a woman could have wanted for nothing. Men at beck and call. There would be nothing to stop the woman from enjoying such a thing. Sada wouldn’t have given it up.

“I want to be in the leadership. My mother’s fame won’t get me there and service will.”

They took another pause while Sada steadied herself. The nausea, even though a small symptom, would get steadily worse. As they stood there, the silence melted away now as sounds of moans and grunts faintly filled the air. It did nothing to placate Sada’s own need.

“Little loud isn’t it?”

“Yeah, as you know, us women can’t go long without it,” Teysa replied.

“How do you manage listening to it all day?” Sada asked. “My own offices are sound proofed for this sort of thing.”

“I do my best too. I have a lot of disciplinary training,” she said. “Plus, we do get a break every hour to relieve ourselves. Many bring there men here, but I don’t have one.”

The revelation made Sada gasp in horror.


“As I said, on my own.”

Moving again, they continued now in total silence. Sada studied Teysa as they continued. The woman had a determined walk. Something given with military training no doubt. Also evident were the curves under the uniform. There did seem to be a backside under the pants. They reached the end of the hall and entered into the main hall of the capital building.

“So do you have a male?” Teysa asked

“Yes,” Sada replied not taken aback by the question. “Are you wanting to purchase one?”

“I don’t make enough currently to afford the male I would want.”

“So you use the pleasure houses?”

Sada was fascinated with the prospect. Only discussing the houses had been on her agenda. Meeting a user of such a place would be great research for reform.

“If I can avoid them, I try too.”

“Is that because of the quality of service?”

Teysa stopped to look at Sada.

“My mother augmented me pretty heavily and I don’t like exposing myself with it.”

Teysa absolutely confused Sada. A woman embarrassed with her body? How did such a thing exist?

“Men aren’t allowed to deny,” Sada said locking eyes with Teysa.

“The men don’t but the owners will and do when found out or they charge even more.”

“What augment would cause such a reaction.” Teysa turned away quickly.

“Not here,” she replied.

Sada was erotically curious about the situation, but right now she also was aware that her needs pushed her motivations.

The main hall of the building looked dull. Dust seemed to cover every surface as they moved through.

“The place is dirty,” Sada commented.

“What are the guards to do?”

As they went, Sada found the lack of a close wall a struggle as they walked through the main hall. Lifting a hand, she began to see the shaking beginning. Stage two of withdrawal. Next would be the sweats and the delirium id she didn’t get relief soon. Granted, nothing kept her from relieving herself, but the loss of control in public meant a loss of face.

The rest of the journey to the front left her shaking uncontrollably as cold shivers ran over her body. She almost breathed a sigh of relief as she saw the black limo idling through the doors of the building. She wanted to run to it, but stilled herself as they walked. Tesya opened not only the door for the building but the limo door.

Sada got into the limo. As she got comfy, she kept the door form being closed with her foot.

“Aren’t you escorting me home?”

Sada asked not only because an escort home is something she could insist on, but the brunette also presented a second reason. The woman had mystery and that’s what made Sada want her. She could masturbate and see whatever queer augment existed. They both would have an exchange neither would want their information out.

“I can if you insist.”

“I do.”

Teysa hesitated before making any move. Sada watched as the woman pulled some sort of device out and spoke lowly into it. She didn’t catch the words, but Teysa soon got into the back of the limo. As soon as the door closed, the vehicle began moving.

“Who’s driving?” Teysa asked as Sada studied her companion.

“I actually don’t know. The barrier doesn’t come down and it isn’t glass.”

Even though they sat across from each other, the back of the limo only provided enough room that their legs would touch the other side. While Sada sat against the driver, Teysa in front of the dark rear window.

“A bit dark in here,” Teysa commented. Sada noticed the woman’s eyes glowed a bit. It unnerved here, so she flipped a switch on an arm rest and yellow ambient light flooded the compartment.

Sada’s eyes shot to the dildo sitting on the seat next to Teysa. For all her talkative nature, the woman brought no attention to it. Though looking at it reminded Sada how empty her bowels were. Shifting uncomfortably spread her cheeks out and made her feel worse.

“So you’ve never the driver?”

The question thankfully grabbed Sada’s attention.

“No, the state pays for the driving. Have you never been asked to escort before?”

“I try not to be around when the asking happens,” Teysa replied meekly.

“That and there probably aren’t many opportunities either,” Sada said, tilting her head towards the window.

“Yeah, most of the leadership lives in the city.”

“Oh I live in the city, but my home is along one of the main roads,” Sada said as the concrete building began whisking by. “It’s a shame that more roads aren’t maintained.”

“Why is that?”

“The northern region already struggles with a small growing season. Roads for us, would be a lifeline on economic trade. This city used to be a manufacturing hub of machines. Now, those factories sit empty.”

“But our sister’s in the South have a lot of farming.”

“True, but the regions do compete with each other. That competition in theory is supposed to drive the GDP. Currently our struggles with birth rates keep us back as a nation as too many of focus solely on that shortage and the issues arising from it.”

The sad truth of the matter is that while the northern most region did struggle with the lack of infrastructure, other regions that could concentrate on other tasks more easily struggles just as much. Farming didn’t excuse the needs a woman had.

“So here we are,” Sada spoke with a long stretch. A shudder went through here as her abs spasmed. The shakes were back. Thankfully, she lived less than an hour away and then she could get some well-deserved sex. But until then, there were ways to stave the shakes off.

“Mind if I ask why you thought you needed protection?” Teysa asked.

“Oh, that,” Sada replied with a giggle. “There was no need for any protection. My curiosity in why a pleasure house would deny a woman intrigued me to no end. Such a thing shouldn’t be permitted.”

Sada looked at Teysa like a hungry tigress. She hoped whatever the reason was, it would be something stimulating.

“I am not a science experiment to be examined on a whim,” Teysa protested.

“That is your decision of course, but I am awfully curious. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

A queer look passed across Teysa’s face and a silence took the place of conversation for a moment. Sada let that silence fester. She knew the other woman thought about the idea. Only time would tell if she would indulge Sada’s curiosity. Eventually, Teysa did break the silence.

“You’re a woman,” she stated. A fact that didn’t need any point to be made about. Still, Sada knew the comment held more meaning than an observation on gender.

“That being so, at my level, those types of restrictions are a lot more lax in enforcement.”

“Do you really want to see?” Tesya asked after another moment of silence.


“I just don’t know.”

“I’ll show you mine first,” Sada offered. Teysa didn’t reply, but Sada didn’t take her lack of an answer as a no. The other woman’s gaze seem to be fallen on her skirt. The leader shifted in her seat and began pulling her skirt up. More leg shown and eventually, sada got the skirt up enough to spread her legs wide. The cool air on her bare pussy made her shudder in excitement. “See, not so bad is it?”

“It’s gorgeous.”

Sada blushed a bit.

“Are you okay?”

“The shakes are getting bad,” Sada said. “But thank you for the compliment.”

Teysa let out a sigh.

“You’re really turned on huh?”

“Of course, aren’t women always?”

“You can relieve yourself, there is a toy.”

Sada grabbed the toy and held its girthiness heavy in her hand. Hefting it up and down, her anus puckered in shuddering pleasure. Shoving back inside her ass would be a stimulating experience, but she wanted to wait for relief. For no other reason than to make the orgasm much more powerful when it happened. Then again, once the shakes stopped, she would be ever closer to becoming feral.

“I have to wait.”

“How long have you waited?”

“Long enough and probably way too long with all the stimulating experienced today,” Sada replied with a laugh. That laugh was cut short as an angry wave of shakes hit her. These were powerfully ones and Sada knew she couldn’t keep herself steady any longer as they hit.

“Are you okay?”

“I need to have sex soon,” she replied leaning back in the seat.

“Me too, but if it will help, I will show.”

Attention garnered now, Sada recovered enough to look at Teysa.

“You do have to promise you tell no one.”

Sada smiled with a nod.

“Alright then, but please don’t freak out.”

Teysa lifted her butt of the seat of the limo and unbuckled her belt. Soon enough, the clasp jingled in freedom. With a large noise, the zipper sounded as it pulled down. Sada leaned forward in anticipation as Teysa shimmied the pants off. Before anything else happened, Teysa folded the pants and put them onto the seat. Noticing that the other woman hadn’t even opened her legs, Sada studies her paleness and noticed that she wore no panties also.

“I’m nervous,” Teysa said shifting around.

“Don’t be.”

Tesya let out a sigh.

“I can’t sit like this for long. The skin to skin contact causes it to painfully hurt when it stuck. I have a special pouch in my pants to tuck it into.”

“Well, don’t hurt yourself on my account. A woman’s sex is a gift to the world.”

“Yes, and my mother gifted me one hell of a thing for the world. Do you know much about her?”

“I know she wrote much of the philosophy for out country.”

“Yeah, but the books skip one major detail about her. She hates men and as such, used her own daughter as an experiment to offer a different vision of the FDD. One where men would be taken out of the picture altogether.”

Sada had never heard of such a thing. Sure, she could see whispering women talking about such things. Who wouldn’t want a world where they could have all the benefits without the associated addictions? But then, sex with a man had no comparison. Sada knew of the supplements that would slow down the cravings and even stifle the aggressiveness of women. There didn’t happen to be a replacement for the woman’s body for semen. Plus, access to such supplements were also heavily controlled.

“Alright. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” Teysa said taking a deep breath. “Here goes.”

The security officer’s legs spread apart slowly. As they spread, she let out a hiss which gave Sada the impression the woman hisses in pain as she tensed up. Leaning forward even more now, Sada watched in morbid fascination as the woman’s sex exposed itself.

Having no idea what to expect, Sada studied the sex. Bare plum pussy lips sat red and angry. They were spread apart by something Sada had a problem processing.

“Is that a cock?”


Sada couldn’t believe it. In smooth throbbing flesh, a phallic appendage sprang up. Thick and long, the head of it looked like the head of a cock. Throbbing with veins, and the whole shaft being red, Sada now could see why the woman struggled.

“It’s my clitoris.”

A clit the size of a huge cock. What was the woman’s mother thinking? No wonder the woman struggled in the pleasure houses. How did she sport such a thing and get a man inside of her? Sada couldn’t think of anything negative about it though. Counting it among the least surprising things she witnessed today.

“Does it work?”

“Like a cock? No. It is highly sensitive though.”

And it looked scrumptious to Sada. She couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight of it.

“You make the males do things besides fuck you don’t you?”

Tesya turned red with the question.

“It feels really good to be in something, though if I can, I like to take it. Most men freak at the sight and a few who gave it a shot only would do it under their conditions. Even then, most only last a few minutes.”

Teysa now looked down and put her face into her hands. Sada realized then this was torturing the poor girl. That made her feel bad. The woman probably had a ton f trauma associated with the augment. What was crazy is that Sada already knew that surgery to fix the augment was off the table. Woman’s parts where meant for pleasure and that thing provided that immensely if it operated normally. No doctor would touch it.

“What’s even worse, I can afford a male, but I am scared to find one.”

“A male is a male. If you own him, he couldn’t refuse.”

“They do and if he did, what would I do? Let myself become a social joke?”

“That’s a good point,” Sada replied deep in thought. “Have you ever tried it on a woman?”


Teysa looked horrified as she looked up at Sada.

“Just a thought. Your mother could have kept you a virgin with a female lover.”

“Yeah, but she found explaining the reasoning as a public figure too difficult. After some backlash, she abandoned the project. Plus with how our society is, it’s wrong.”

“But not as unheard of as you’d think. Even though our society as a whole doesn’t enjoy the prospect of two women, it does happen often. I have the numbers and its something the state keeps an eye on.”

Mostly because the state did fear a scenario in which women no longer needed men. That control couldn’t be compromised.

“Sharing is caring too. Most of our women’s first sexual experiences are within the family involving a mother’s guidance.”

“What’s your point? My mother didn’t give me any guidance concerning this. All I want is a relationship and I am too afraid of rejection.”

“I don’t reject you,” Sada said. Another shudder hit her, but she ignored it. Nothing in this world would keep her at bay now as her carnal hunger took control. The darkness had begun swirling in her peripherals. She need dick and fast.

Teysa coughed.

“Sorry, I am progressing.”

“What stage?”

“Beginning of three.”

Teysa let out a gasp. Everyone knew the dangers of sex deprivation. First stage was the waves of nausea. Second stage involved the spasms and it generally got accepted that once one reached this stage, that the chances of getting laid now were the most pertinent. The third stage had two part. First was a dimming of vision. The second was unconsciousness. Once here, the mind did its best to stave off the needs. Upon wakening, the fourth stage began and it was accepted that once one reached here, there was no way to return to a normalcy here. The fourth stage steadily increased sensitivity. While one could get sex to stay in this stage, there was no regression back. If sex was off the table, the fifth stage cause a woman to fall into a feral state. In this state, the mind was completely gotten and a woman was nothing more than a ravenous cock sleeve that could never be saved.

“Why are you waiting?”

“The orgasms are mind blowing,” Sada replied. “Though, I fear I pushed it too far today.”

“We could stop?”

“That only helps me and not you. I have a different idea.”

At that, Sada pushed herself to the floor of the limo and crawled to Teysa.

“Besides, I owe you for the protection don’t I?”

Sada locked eyes with Teysa who said nothing as she snaked her way between the legs.

“May I?”

She nodded.

Sada didn’t know at first what to make of the clit. Throbbing away like a meaty club of a cock, she knew that the girth was as thick as her thin wrist. The head itself mimicked a cock and she could swear the damn thing was. With a tentative mindset, she kissed the base of the clit.

The guard let out a gasp as she did. The taste was salty and pleasant. There wasn’t any scent, but then, the woman probably never took to another augment after this one. No bother to Sada, she found a fun toy and tasty at that. A light lick up and the woman tensed up with a moan.

“Now make sure you get good and loud for me. I want to know how good this is.”

At that, Sada grabbed the clit at the base and opened her mouth to the tip of it. With hesitation a bit, she kissed the tip.

“Oh fuck,” Teysa cried out and Sada didn’t bother to answer verbally. Encouraged by the outburst, Sada kissed the hard flesh more. “What are doing?”

Slurping down the shaft, Sada let it slip down her throat. Thankfully the girth didn’t bother Sada. Deep throating was one of her skills and she went as far as she could. All the while, the security guard screamed in ecstasy.

Sada didn’t know how long she kept bobbing her head up and down, but when her jaw began hurting, she pulled off with a long slurp.

“God that is fun,” she said, drool stinging from the shaft to her mouth. She watched the string of drool droop and break.

“I have never had that before,” Teysa said. “I feel amazing.”

“If you thing that was good, why don’t you help me out and fuck me in the ass?”

“That’s why you gave me oral huh?” Teysa said with a laughing sigh.

“Well, my anus doesn’t lube up on its own,” Sada replied turning over on her hands and knees. Assuming a knee chest position, Sada put herself on full display.

“I’m ready when you are.”

“Your butthole is super thick.”

Sada blushed a bit at the comment.

“Never gotten a comment on it before,” she said with a laugh.

“It’s like a donut.”

“Cushy and highly sensitive. I keep it stretched out.”

“I almost want to lick it.”

“I would offer to let you, but right now, I want that thick things up my ass.”

There was a moment of silence.

“Is it clean?”

“You mean other than slimy pussy juices over it?” Sada asked almost offended by the question, but she could understand the hesitation. The woman probably never had the opportunity before. Plus, her own male actually refused to service her without it being clean. Though, she only allowed his refusal because she actually valued him. “Yes, it’s clean. I tend to only eat at nighttime after a long fucking.”

Another thought Sada had, but didn’t share with the woman is that she thoroughly enjoyed anal sex. It’s a reason why her anus looked the way it did. The donut shaped cushion of it was filled with highly sensitive nerves. Each ridge, each wrinkle of the flesh of her hole contained enough nerves to compared to that of a clitoris. That’s why she liked anal sex so much. An orgasm literally blew her mind.

“Yes, it’s perfectly cleaned.”

Sada heard the distinctive sound of skin moving across leather. She knew then, that Teysa grew in temptation.

“You wanted a hole to fill,” she said with a moan. “And my ass would love to know your appendage there.”

“I’m so wet thinking about it,” Teysa whined. “But it would be wrong.”

“Maybe. But fucking me with it will be a great start to an evening of wonderful fun for the both of us.”

Sada dug her nails into the carpet as her frustration grew. The need grew and she felt exposed with it. Thoughts swirled as she desperately tried to think of something that would get her fucked.

“Fuck it,” Teysa said, getting Sada’s attention with her whine. “It’s just too tempting.”

Teysa moved from the seat. Sada felt her presence behind her and bit her lip in anticipation.

“I’ve never had a woman present herself to me before.”

“It’s dreamy I bet.”

“And gorgeous.”

“Stop, you’ll make me blush more than I already am.”

Teysa let out a groan.

“The way you talk is so erotic.”

Sada made herself comfortable and reached back to pull her ass cheeks further apart.

“I’m not going for erotic at the moment. Stick that thing up my ass. If you wait much longer, I’ll have to re-lube it up.”

Another groan and then heat got close.

“I’ve never stuck it in before.”

“Doesn’t matter. Enjoy yourself.”

Sada felt the tip of the hard knob against her anus. Of course, it didn’t take long for both of them to moan in unison with just the tip. After a moment, Sada couldn’t wait any longer and shoved herself back.

“Oh wow,” Teysa moaned out. Sada bit her lip as she felt full with the psuedo-cock. “Let me savor this for a moment.”

Sada couldn’t deny the woman. Even though she wanted to. Nothing for the leader felt as hard to be impatient. This woman she had chosen as a lover wasn’t a male. She was an equal of gender. As such, Sada would never deal in her personal life by using her rank on an equal. So she sat, waiting for the woman now to make another move. Though, Sada couldn’t control how greedy her greasy asshole was as it pulsed around appendage.

“I can’t believe my clit is up another woman’s ass,” Teysa said with heavy breaths. Sada stole a glance and saw that the guard’s mouth hung agape with her eyes closed.

“Can you continue please,” Sada finally begged. Her body couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Sorry. This is a little much at the moment. I feel like I’ll be a gurgling mess if I move.”

Sada took a deep breath and concentrated on the rest of the moment. Her own sex dripped with desire, but she could also feel the drips of Tesya’s arousal as it dripped onto the skin of her legs. While Sada did have her legs together, she moved them apart slowly as to not agitate the guard. As soon as they were far enough apart for a hand to get through her thighs, it delved unmercifully into the fiery heat of her pussy.

Sada manipulated her swollen clit. The pressure on it unrelenting as she worked it over hard. Her intention wasn’t to bring a mind boggling orgasm, but to relieve some pressure on the situation. Accidentally moving and stimulating her anus as a result, sent Sada over the edge.

“You came,” Tesya said after Sada’s trembling died down.

“Yeah,” she replied feeling a warmth spread in her. The darkness on the edge of her vision faded away. She knew one orgasm and a lack of sperm wouldn’t be enough to stave of the need for long. “I need more.”

A statement that set the tone for what Sada intended. More in itself, fell into an understatement. Right now, Sada could take on a whole car full of men and may not even be satisfied after. Reaching back, Sada grabbed the security guard’s ankles.

“What are you doing?”

Sada’s answer to the question mean gripping the ankles hard and shoving herself back. Before long, Teysa no longer offered protest but joined Sada in moaning. When Teysa placed her hands on her hips, Sada let go of her ankles and allowed the woman to guide the pace. Sadly, it didn’t take long for either of them to explode into orgasmic bliss.

Sada’s orgasm lasted wonderfully long, but as they all do, it tapered off. How she wish that she could stay in the pleasure. A chore to work for, but she assumed that any orgasm was a taste of heaven. The pungent smell of pussy hung heavy in the air, getting Sada’s attention.

She rolled around and saw Teysa splayed out on the seat. The huge clit still looked hard and she could see it moving as it throbbed now. With a sudden startle, Teysa snorted herself awake.

“Did I pass out?”

“That mind-blowing of an orgasm huh?” Sada replied with a laugh.


“And you’re everywhere too.”

“So are you.”

They both laughed.

“God I feel so good,” Teysa said with a huge sigh.

Sada moved about and somewhere while doing that, Teysa asked her an interesting question.

“Does your asshole always pulse like that?”

“It like to be filled. When it’s not, it lets me know.”

Sada went back to her own seat and sat in it. Looking out the window, she saw that they were driving on the highway. The going would have been faster, but strewn about and abandoned vehicles. Most probably only needed a battery to run, but here they sat instead. She wondered for a second if that would be an answer to some of the problems. There did exist a ton of material about.

A concrete wall rose up for an off-ramp and the lack of attention shown as vines of plants grew down. On these drives, Sada realized juts how far the city crumpled from neglect. Women of the city congregated mostly in the downtown districts. There was plenty of space, venues and most of all, living areas.

When the FDD took over this particular region, much of the outlying homes and businesses no longer existed. The war to take over wasn’t fought by the women, but the men who fought back, did try a scorched earth approach. Thankfully, there was enough still standing to keep much of the actual city livable.

Those of them who joined the ranks of the FDD as births included both Sada and Teysa. Pregnancy was already a rare affair. Of course, men being born even rarer. No one knew why and about everyone didn’t care. They needed the next orgasm, the next male, the next fix.

“I’m sticky,” Teysa said breaking Sada’s thoughts.

“I know what you mean.”

“But we didn’t have sex for long”

“Apparently our pussies just need to blow out their excitement.”

Sada looked at her hand and saw them shaking. Of course, they probably hadn’t stopped, but the nausea hit at that moment. With only minutes left of the drive, she knew the wait for cock would soon be over. Looking for another distraction, she kept the conversation going.

“You sound disappointed,” she said.

“I am,” Teysa said. “I could never have imagined how much fun using my clit would be.”

The security guard looked down.

“It’s too bad it’s gonna end.”

“It doesn’t have to.”

“Would you even take me as a lover?”

There it was. Out on the table. The actual question of what to do now. Sada knew what she wanted, which was to take the woman on as a lover for sure. An obscene request in other company.

“Aren’t you being a bit bold?” Sada said with a laugh. Not that she really thought so.

“I’m not trying to be.”

“Don’t look so dejected. If I had no intention of taking you as lover, we wouldn’t have done this at all.”

“It’s exciting isn’t it?”

“Well, different. Lesbianism is frowned upon in the FDD.”

“True enough, but sex is gonna be sex at the end.”

But Sada knew that if they were found out at all by any of the people, they would be fraught with problems. That’s also granting if the leadership didn’t rally against anyone found out. Lesbianism in itself offered a way to stave off the hungers for a while at least. A prospect that may mean a loss of control.


“It’s a yes Teysa. I will take you as a lover and even allow you to share my male too. He won’t deny you.”

And for Sada that in itself would be important. While she wouldn’t ask, the fact that Tesya seemed to lack symptoms of with drawl really meant the woman had never been seeded by a male. As such, once she was, even though Teysa claimed to be able to afford a male, she would be under the spell. That’s how it always worked in the FDD. Women could stave off the issues with virginity, but the need for sex did increase.

The car slowed down. That garnered her attention. Looking at the view, she say her home come into view.

“That’s huge?”

“Yeah, the place used to be an affluent neighborhood.”

“How do you keep it clean?”

“I managed to get my male to mow the front lawn and the place is a lot more disconnected. Who ever owned it before me had it rely on well water and it has its own power source. Though if you asked me how either worked, I would be at a lost.”

“Bumpy though.”

“Yeah that’s the one thing I can’t fix easily. The road is crumbling away under the weather. My male has no idea on roads and the lack of information is difficult.”

They sat in silence as the car finished the path. Pulling up to the front of the house, the car stopped. As if on cue the door opened.

“I need your escort to the door.”

Sada got out of the car.

“Especially if you’re staying.”

She stretched slowly, enjoying the warmth of the sun. Taking off her belt, she let the skirt fall to the ground. She took a few step towards the house and wondered when Teysa would join her. The invitation had been put out. All the guard had to do is seize upon it. Much to her surprise, she soon found herself shoved up against the wooden door.

“Finally,” Sada said.

“I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I am all in now.”

“Not yet you’re not,” Sada said shuddering.

“I’m gonna fuck you right here,” Teysa said hotly in her ear. Sada felt a wonderful chill in her.

“Please, don’t,” she offered up in mock protest.

Ass pulled apart, her sphincter greedily drank in the length of the appendage.

“God I love this ass.”

“Me too. Please don’t stop thrusting.”

The door suddenly opened and Sada fell forward into her surprised man.

“What the fuck?”

He almost backed away but Sada grabbed his shoulders, digging he nails it. After he tensed up and realized he wasn’t going anywhere. While shirtless, Sada cupped his face in her hands and pulled him into a kiss. Her tongue wasted no time in going in.

A suction applied to her tongue and really got her into the moment. Thankfully he had been trained well to her needs and his hands went to her breasts. While not as sensitive as they could be, she moaned into him as his thumbs rubbed over her nipples.

While everything was going on, Sada had enough strength to reach down to her man. She felt belly as her fingers pulled the elastic on his shorts. They fell quickly to the grounds and Sada broke the kiss.

“Lift me up and stick your cock in me.”

Now Sada’s man was not what most women in this day and age would call desirable. He wasn’t skinny, he was fit. Not an adonis fit either. While she could afford to get that look, she preferred someone she could cuddle up to and be comfortable with. He obeyed her though and that’s what mattered.

Tesya hadn’t slowed down and as he grabbed her ass to pull her up, her cheeks spread and Teysa slid up more. With a grunt, he lifted her and fished his cock into her sopping pussy. Legs wrapped around him, Sada enjoyed being a play thing as each fucked her into oblivion.
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