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This is a story around a mother, Sara and her daughter, Toni. Toni’s boyfriends were almost always black … and she wondered … was it because … no, big black cock is only a legend … has to be …

This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them.

This is an interracial sex story.

This is a story around a mother, Sara and her daughter, Toni. Sara is 43 and Patricia is 23, the only child. Both women have long blonde hair falling below their shoulders. Toni allows her hair to hang straight while Sara frequently adds a bit of wave to hers. Sara has D-cup breasts while Toni’s are C-cup. Their physical looks are unmistakably similar. Toni is a couple inches taller than her mom and longer bodied. Both are trim and firm bodied.

Sara has a sales job at a local boutique. The shop carries a wide range of clothes for women from lingerie to sporty to dress-up. With her employee discount, it is where she and Toni acquire most of their clothes and accessories. She had been raised in a strict family with conservative values regarding sex, dating, and marriage. The man her family approved of and would become her husband was of the same attitude and she found herself stifled and controlled. She found herself being a maid, cook, and servant to him rather than a partner in life. Sexually, he was different, though, once they were married. He frequently experimented sexually with different positions and activities, which evolved into not only vaginal but oral and anal. Although it was exciting to experience at first, she was being used only for his pleasure and felt little regard from him for hers. While Toni was young, he divorced her for a younger woman he had been having an affair with for years. The only upside to it was that he had been quite successful and the settlement left Toni and her comfortable in a nice home. That was 15 years ago and Sara vowed to not raise her daughter without the freedom to make her own choices in life.

Toni graduated from the state university with a degree in finance and was recruited by a mid-sized bank and financial institution downtown with branches scattered around the city. After only a couple years she was a supervisor and seemed in-line for a manager position in the future. Toni continued to live with her mom. The house was far too big for one person but Sara loved it: every room seemed filled with memories of Toni growing up and nothing about it evoked memories of her early marriage, any longer.

Sara knew Toni had several casual boyfriends and she knew she was sexually active with them. It was the one part of her life that was frustrating. Unlike her daughter, her sex life had been on hold for years. She found herself guiltily fantasizing … Toni’s boyfriends were almost always black … and she wondered … was it because … no, big black cock is only a legend … has to be …


“What do you think about my mom, Ty?”

That was a weird question to be asked, especially given the circumstance. Toni leaned down to kiss him on the lips after the question and could feel her pussy sliding along his cock still embedded in her after their mutual orgasms. She had been on top and she was now teasing him with squeezes from her pussy on his cock. She had the ability to keep him hard sometimes with her teasing and muscle control. This was proving to be one of those times and that question about her mom was adding to it.

“Your mom? Uhmmm …”

She kissed him and rode the length of his nine inch cock while looking into his eyes. She also knew the effect her teasing could have on him. And, she also wanted his honest answer. There was more than idle curiosity behind it. “Yes, my mom. I’m wondering if you think she still looks good.”

“Looks good? Are you kidding? Do you even know how much you two look like each other? Okay … first, you know I think your mom is awesome. She trusts you to live your life and she is accepting of your decisions. Me, for instance. You know how … concerned we were, at first. But she’s awesome, totally accepting.” They had been somewhat concerned. Ty is black and most of his friends are. In fact, now that they are together, most of her friends are black. Their relationship has always been exceedingly sexual from the start and it wasn’t long before their sexual comfort expanded to a few of his friends and their dates. The group has been something of a free-loving sexual revolution within their circle.

Toni encouraged him to continue, her pussy riding up and down more. She smiled. She could feel his cock hardening inside her. She knew getting him to think about her mom while he was penetrating her would be a stimulant.

“Okay … so … then, yes, you know I think your mom is hot. Very hot, in fact.” She continued to encourage him. “Okay … well … she has some of your looks, or you have hers, and her body is still … wow … like yours, too. And, her breasts …”

Toni was away of her mom’s breasts. She often wondered why hers stopped at a C-cup when her mom has a full D-cup. Ty questioned her back and she blurted out what was on her mind. “She needs a good fucking.”

Ty almost convulsed, his body flinched and drove deeper into Toni’s pussy. Toni felt it instantly become harder. She smiled at the response. Ty carefully weighed his next comment, then, “That really shouldn’t be a problem. I mean, she is truly a hot woman. A mature woman who looks like she does … she should be able to have guys lined up.”

“Even younger guys?” Ty nodded. “She’s been out of it for so long I don’t think she has it in her to do the dating scene. I don’t think she really wants a serious relationship. But … maybe if she started meeting more men …”

He said something else about hot matures and she sat up on his cock, driving it deep into her body. “Matures … what is it about matures with you guys?”

He shrugged and smiled, “Maybe it’s a mother-thing.” He shrugged, again. Then he rolled her over and fucked her, again.

* * * *

Ty was about as nervous as he had been in a long time. Once again, they were fucking but this time it was in Toni’s bedroom in Toni’s mom’s house. It was all part of Toni’s plan. It was all ripe for disaster as far as Ty was concerned. As it unfolded, though, the two were so wrapped up in their amorous activity they didn’t even hear Toni’s mom, Sara, arrive home.

Sara saw both Toni and Ty’s cars in the driveway as she turned off the residential street and pressed the remote button attached to the visor to raise the garage door. There had been room in the garage for both cars but Toni seldom put her mountain bike or the lawnmower away properly to give it room. She liked Ty and heartily approved of him with her daughter. She hadn’t seen her daughter as happy and vibrant as she was since being with him. She knew the relationship was different than she might have expected, but it seemed to work for them. As she entered the house from the garage and pressed the button on the wall to close the double door of the garage, she was still musing about them. She sighed heavily as she dropped her large shoulder bag and purse on the kitchen table. If she were completely honest with herself, she was jealous of her daughter and the relationship she had with Ty. Sighing again, she didn’t know why she did this to herself, thinking about their relationship, what they had and compared it to what she didn’t have.

She took a glass from the cupboard and filling it with water and drank, her mind digging even deeper than she had a right to. She turned and saw her reflection in the microwave door above the stove. She was still attractive … she knew she was. She saw it in the looks she still got. So why couldn’t she act on it? Her life was absent of the things her daughter’s life was full of. Toni didn’t just have a wonderful man who filled her life, but he was sexy and … very sexual. Toni had confided to her just how sexual and it had made Sara jealous … jealous of her daughter. They didn’t just have an adventurous sex life, but they were apparently living out a sort of rebirth of the sexual revolution with his friends, both male and female.

It wasn’t until she reached the first steps of the stairway to the upstairs that she heard the sounds. At the same time, it hit her that her musing had hidden the fact that she hadn’t seen or heard the two of them. Her thoughts had … again … lit a low burning flame in her so the sounds from upstairs became too much for her to ignore. She had committed to treating Toni as an equal adult in the house and she received the desired companionship of an adult in return. Part of that commitment included not judging or intruding on Toni’s privacy and Toni had been good about not flaunting her intimacies in the house when Sara was likely to be home. So, if she was hearing the sounds correctly, they had lost track of time. She could easily have returned to the kitchen to give them some extra time and pretend. For whatever reason … this time … she couldn’t resist.

Sara continued up the stairs quietly, though her feet on the carpeted stairs didn’t make a sound, anyway. She eased down the hallway, the opposite direction of her master bedroom and toward the sounds from Toni’s bedroom. The door was ajar, opened about six inches. Guilt flooded her as she moved to the opening and looked inside. This wasn’t just invading privacy, something she swore she would not do, but it smacked of voyeurism, peeping, spying. Worst of all, she couldn’t see much of anything, so she pushed the door softly a little more.

Sara gasped at the sight. Unconsciously, her hand pushed the door open further as she took a step into the doorway. The sight of them in the act of making love wasn’t what elicited the gasp … she had long since known what was happening. Equally unconsciously, a moan escaped her mouth as she fixedly gazed at the sight … not of her white-skinned daughter lying on top of the dark-skinned man fucking him aggressively, but … his cock appearing and disappearing inside her.

Ty was the one who noticed the movement at the door. It was part of the plan but it was still terrifying for him to spot Toni’s mom in the doorway. They were both close to climaxing. They had deliberately tried to hold off to give the realistic appearance of their lovemaking. They had almost reached climax, unable to hold off any longer … but not quite. Ty’s hands went to Toni’s face and forced her to look at him. With a motion of his head, he indicated the doorway.

Sara stood frozen. She was a woman split by two demanding emotions and reactions. One part of her was saying, ‘leave, just turn around and leave’; the other part was saying, ‘Oh … my … God …’.

Neither won out ... it was Toni. “Mom …”

Sara shifted her gaze to her daughter’s glowing face. Sara muttered, “How …? How can you …” Sara’s eyes shifted from Toni’s face to Ty’s face to … my God, it’s huge. Sara caught the shift on Toni’s face from radiant glow to sullen, cloudy. Sara responded, “No … no, I didn’t mean … I mean …”

“Come here, mom.”

Toni was reaching out her hand to her while sitting on the … the biggest cock she ever imagined. She looked at Ty lying underneath. He had a smile on his face, too. He was nodding. Sara was shaking her head but her feet moved her forward in little, hesitant steps, until … somehow … she found her hand held by Toni’s and she was standing next to the two naked young lovers. God, what was she doing? She shouldn’t be here. She should be out the door. But instead, she was standing next to them and she tried to ask the question that burned in her mind.

“How … how can you … take that inside?”

Toni chuckled. “That’s what you were saying? This from the woman who gave birth? You’re worried about a big cock?”

Sara glanced nervously at Ty and blushed profusely when she found his eyes on her, then traveled down her clothed body. Toni shifted and rose up, lifting her right leg to get off Ty’s cock. Sara shook her head but then it was there … as Toni lifted off … it fell with a slap against his abdomen … oh God … it shined with … oh God … it shined with her daughter’s juices. Toni was kneeling on the opposite side of Ty and pulling Sara to the bed. The hand she was holding moved her hand to the slippery cock. She shook her head, again, but her hand opened and encompassed a mere portion of the black shaft. Sara stared in disbelief as her hand began to move on its own over the length of it.

Toni’s hands were around her waist. How did she get behind her? “How long has it been, mom?”

“A life time,” Sara responded. “At least, it feels like it.”

Sara shivered as Toni’s hands moved up and cupped her breasts, then began undoing the buttons. She looked from the cock in her hand to Ty’s face. She blushed deeper when she found his eyes looking at her hungrily. Her blouse opened and was being tugged off her shoulders and arms, forcing her to release the cock but only for a moment before she quickly took it back.

Sara felt Toni’s fingers at the waist of her skirt. “You want it don’t you, mom? Don’t you want to feel it inside you? Not just any cock but a big cock?” Sara felt the skirt loosen and drop to her feet. She stepped out of her low heels without thinking about it.

Sara’s mind wasn’t reacting any longer. It couldn’t. She was too overloaded to think but her body was taking over. She knelt on the edge of the bed and as she moved closer to where Ty lay, she felt her panties being pulled over her hips and down her thighs. Still not thinking about what was happening or her part in it, she raised one knee, then the other for the removal of her panties.

“Get on top, mom. Ty wants you to.” Sara looked from the cock in her hand … still in her hand … to Ty’s face. Sara didn’t blush this time, her mind wasn’t involved. “I convinced Ty to do this. He was nervous. He didn’t want to offend you. He thinks you’re too special to offend. But … he thinks you’re hot, too.” Sara gave him a smile. Sara swung her leg over Ty’s mid-section, her pussy lightly touching the shaft resting on his abdomen. She sat upright, her hands moving to fondle her own breasts as she looked down at Ty … her daughter’s boyfriend … and her body was moving, sliding her already wet … dripping … pussy over the length of his cock. “Take him, mom. Let Ty do this for you.”

“Yes … OH, YES.” She rose up and reached underneath her, grasped his cock and held it up. She moved it and her hips so the cock head slid along her slit until it sank into her hole. “OH … GOD … YES!” She was stretched by the head. It has been soooooo long, she thought. Yes, her mind had caught up but without any objections or fighting. She was going to do this … she had to do this … she needed to know this, again. She sank down an inch on this wonderful cock, rose a fraction and settled down several inches more. Each movement was a filling experience. Yes, it has been too long, but she has never had something like this filling her. She forgot all about her daughter and who she was fucking. She was just fucking … experiencing … feeling … rising to delights she didn’t believe.

She felt the cock hit the top of her pussy before she had it all. She heard a whisper, “More … take more.” She did, too. She wiggled and pushed, rose and dropped until her butt was resting on black thighs. A long, guttural sound escaped her mouth with the air that seemed to have been pushed out of her when she was fully penetrated. And, at that moment, she orgasmed. She fell forward on her arms for support and shook as the orgasm rushed over her, the cock feeling like it filled her more as her pussy clenched and spasmed around it.

When she was finished, she collapsed onto Ty’s chest and he gently rolled them over so she was on her back and he was looking down at her. He was smiling as his hips began moving his cock in and out of her drenched pussy. She weakly smiled back and closed her eyes as his strokes became stronger. She raised her hips to meet his thrusts, her moans and gasps rising to another high as her body got ready to explode, again.

Ty felt and saw the signs of Sara’s imminent orgasm and increased his thrusts. He drove deep and strong into her clenching pussy. As he grunted with the final thrusts to achieve his own climax, Sara cried out. She pulled Ty tightly in her arms, holding on as if she might fly apart with the enormity of her orgasm. She continued to clutch him to her as she panted and gasped through her orgasm and reveling in the feeling of his inside her, actually feeling his cock twitch and spurt his cum deep into her body.

It was awkward after that. Ty made himself scarce by claiming an early meeting the next day. It was obvious but a smart move. It gave the women time to talk and talk they did, the rest of the night until bed forced them to stop. The next night at dinner, Sara lamented to Toni, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Toni gave her a look. Sara elaborated, “It’s like I’ve now had a taste that has awakened a desire for more of it but it’s like a hunger for more of it.” She blushed, “It wasn’t just the sex, either. God, Toni, he filled me up so much it was like nothing I have ever felt.” She looked at her daughter intently, “I feel so guilty to be so shallow but I want more of that … the sex, yes, but also the big cock. Am I awful?”

Toni laughed and reached over to her mom’s arm and squeezed it. “You aren’t awful or wicked or anything besides a woman who had a wonderfully satisfying experience and wants to experience it, again.” Toni giggled, “Now you know how I’ve feeling since I met Ty … then his friends.”

“His friends?”

Toni smiled, “Ty and I feel special about each other but we enjoy a casual sexual relationship with others, including some of his friends.” She leaned toward her mom as if to speak conspiratorially, “Some are almost as big or as big as Ty, too.”

Silence hung over them for moments. Sara struggled internally. She couldn’t possibly … they were too young for her … weren’t they? Well, they certainly aren’t any different than Ty and … no, that couldn’t possibly be appropriate. She wasn’t looking for a husband right now, though. She was looking for … damn, was she really? Was she really willing to meet just anyone for sex? Yes … yes, that’s the way she felt. She wanted the sex and big cock sex was amazing. She looked at Toni who was watching her as if she could somehow tell what was in her mind. It infuriated her that Toni was making this easier by … by what? What would she expect Toni to do? Her friends … Ty’s friends … isn’t that what she said? Maybe just Ty. She’s already been with him. Maybe again? When she was finally capable of verbalizing all that … confessing all that … to her daughter, Toni giggled and patted her hand with a simple, “I’ll take care of it.”

Friday night was when Toni was ‘taking care of it’. Sara was almost worthless at work the longer the day dragged on. Toni had said they would be going out to eat, something comfortable to start the evening. It sounded good at the time. The later the afternoon became, the more Sara felt on pins and needles. She had gone into the restroom several times for the only reason of applying paper towels to her dripping pussy. She couldn’t believe how she was reacting and almost called Toni several times to call the whole thing off. But she didn’t.

Toni and Sara had changed from work into comfortable clothes for a casual dinner. Toni elected a white buttoned blouse and full skirt that ended tantalizingly at mid-thigh. Sara went a more conservative route: a sleeveless dress with a full skirt ending just above the knees. They were in the living room waiting when they heard the front door open. Toni jumped up to meet Ty. Sara was just rising from her chair and dropping the magazine she had been absently paging through when she heard voices … too many voices.

She turned to the room opening to find Toni and Ty hand in hand with another young black man, Ron. Introductions were made and Sara gave Toni a look. Sara thought it was going to be the three of them. Toni smile responding to the look was full of mischief and delight at surprising her. Sara stood looking at Ron. Toni and Ty were talking but she wasn’t paying attention. She was looking. He was looking back. Ron was being polite, trying to be discrete but he was looking … up and down … and she knew when his eyes paused on her ample cleavage. The hell with it, she thought.

Sara marched across the space between them, took Ron by the hand as she was passing by him and led him out of the room to the staircase upstairs. She heard Toni call out to her. She turned on the third step and faced Ron. “They told you we were going to screw, right?” He nodded, embarrassment taking over him. She took another step, pulling him along behind her. She stopped abruptly and turned to him, again. “Screw or fuck? Which do you guys use these days?”

“Uhmmmm … it … doesn’t matter … Sara.”

She smiled. “That’s good. You call me Sara if we’re going to fuck.” She heard Toni calling out in confusion. Sara didn’t stop, just called out over her shoulder, “Dinner is postponed. How about pizza later?” She didn’t wait for the answer, though.

Once in her bedroom, Sara stopped and pulled her hair out of the way exposing the zipper of her dress. It took just a moment for Ron to catch on and lower the zipper. She turned, stepped up to him, wrapped an arm around his neck and the other around his waist and kissed him while pressing her body into his. After another stunned moment, his hands found her body, too. His hands slipped inside the open back and slid down her body. She whispered in his ear to open her bra as she began unbuttoning his shirt, their mouths still together kissing.

With her bra open, she stepped back enough to shuck both the dress and bra off her shoulders and pressed the dress down to her feet. She stood before him in panties while his eyes moved over her body. She was nervous, anxious while his eyes appraised her. She was a mature woman with a young man. She was old enough to be his mother.

“Wow …” His eyes moved quickly from her body to her face, “Sorry … it’s just …”

She put a finger on his lips to quiet him, then kissed him softly. “Wow is just fine. I’ll take wow.”

She dropped to her knees in front of him and began working on his belt and pants while he removed his shirt. When she dropped his pants and lowered his underwear, she smiled as she took his semi-hard cock in her fingers. It was big, maybe as big as Ty. She held the dark shaft in her fingers and looked up at him and while holding his eyes with hers, put out her tongue and began licking the underside of the growing shaft. After a few times, she pulled the hardening cock down to take the head between her lips. She sucked on the head, then took a little more into her mouth. She smiled around the cock. The smile was mostly meant for herself. She had little experience with sucking cock. A good wife wasn’t expected to do such things … that was why her former husband had another lover. So, this was new, too. She liked it. It was intimate, personal.

She stood up holding his now hard cock in her hand and kissed Ron, again. She then led him to the bed where she released his cock to pull the covers down and off. She climbed onto the bed and lay down on her back and opened her legs in invitation. He climbed on and moved between her legs. She sucked in a breath in anticipation of another young, black cock. Her breath came fast as he bent to kiss her breast and nibble at her nipples. His kisses moved down her body … further … further … until she gasped out. OH God … he was licking and kissing her already wet pussy! Another new thing! And he probably didn’t even know he was giving it to her …

She partially sat up and took his head in her hands to encourage him up. She was panting as she devoured his mouth with hers. She gasped into his mouth, “Oh … my … God … nobody ever … did that … to me.” He moved to return to her pussy but she stopped him. “Inside … me … please … inside … me.”

Her eyes were filled with lust and he smiled at her as he moved his cock head over the wetness of her slit until he found her hole. He watched her eyes open wider and her mouth open without a sound as the head opened her and sank in a couple inches. A long moan escaped her mouth as he pressed in a couple more inches. He waited there, a couple inches inside her.

She focused her eyes on his and smiled with lust filling her entire countenance. “Fuck me, Ron. Drive your pole into me. Fuck me how you want.”

In one strong thrust, he drove his entire cock into her and she cried out. She was beside herself in crazy, lust-filled pleasure. Was it just having a cock, again? Was it partly black cock? Was the mythology true? Was it having a big black cock? Nine inches driving into her … my God … how big do they get? Her mind was fixated on cock, on black cock, on young black cock. Now she understood Toni’s eagerness for multiple partners.

After being pummeled like that, he pulled out. She moaned in frustration but he told her to get on her hands and knees. She smiled with anticipation and excitement while she scrambled into position, spreading her knees wide and looking over her shoulder as he crawled up to her ass. She felt his cock head enter her pussy and imagined he found it gaping and ready for his re-entry. She gasped as his penetration was a strong thrust that buried his cock deep inside her. As he began fucking her, again, her head hung from her neck and she saw her breast swinging wildly underneath her. OH GOD, YES! It felt so wild … so primal … so consuming.

She orgasmed and he continued fucking her. Her body shook and her breath caught inside her as wave after wave of erotic sensation crashed through her body like storm waves crashing on the shore, retreating only to crash back, again. Her chest and head collapsed to the bed and he continued fucking her, holding her hips in position as he pummeled into her. Then he pulled out and he pleaded with him for his cock. She was wantonly desperate to have it inside her for more. Her body was still shaking with her subsiding orgasm as he lay on the bed. She knew immediately and straddled him, taking his cock and sitting down it hard. It filled her, driving deeper into her than before and the feeling was a relief … filled … God, yes, filled, again.

She orgasmed, again, as he thrust up into her, holding his hips off the bed as he filled her pussy with his cum. They both collapsed onto the bed and it was many minutes before either of them stirred. His cock was softened but still inside her. She squeezed like she was taught so many years ago for birthing Toni. He smiled up at her as she did it. She kissed him as she moved her hips carefully over his cock, not wanting to lose it even as it softened.

They did have delivered pizza and she went to the door in only a light, short robe loosely tied. She purposefully bent over for her purse to give the delivery man a good view of her hanging breasts. The exhibitionism excited her and she allowed her robe to gape in front of Ty and Ron as they ate. Later, they switched partners and she had Ty, again.

Over the next couple weeks, Ty brought several of his friends over and there was no pretense of eating. These evenings were only about sex. Each of the young men were black. Each had big cocks. Each brought her to multiple orgasms. She felt like a new woman. She was a new woman, certainly very different from the woman she had been. Oh, sure, she maintained the appearances of her old self at her job and around friends, but when one of the young men came over … yeah, she was a new woman. She didn’t look back, didn’t feel guilty about her new desires, didn’t question the decision she made to accept Toni’s friends as lovers. And, she didn’t feel any guilt about the infatuation that developed inside her for the big black cocks her daughter introduced her to. She loved the feeling of them inside her.

Toni had been more concerned about the transformation in Sara than Sara seemed to be. Sara convinced Toni that she had been suppressed for so long, it had become a compulsion for her to experience everything. So, with that confession, Toni and Ty began ramping up Sara’s involvement and Sara responded willingly. When Ty arrived with two of his friends, she and Toni smiled at the three men as they entered the house. They could only look back with some surprise at the sight before them. Both Sara and Toni approached the men with bottles of beer … naked. No pretense. They were going to fuck. Each young man took a bottle of beer and kissed each woman, free hands touching breasts, exposed body parts and pussy as each woman freely opened their legs to exploration.

Sara had previously been with both of the men Ty brought and she was dripping wet in anticipation. As they drank the beers, Toni announced something different.

“You guys all know my mom and have enjoyed her body before. But she wants to expand her experience more.” She looked at each of the guys who were flicking their attention between the two naked women standing in front of them. Sara was clearly blushing profusely. This was her idea but still hadn’t gotten to the point of being able to verbalize all of her desires. But she could act them out. “Mom, or rather Sara, wants to be initiated into anal.” The guys looked at each other, then broke out into huge smiles. Toni continued upon seeing the excited reaction. “So, tonight, it is all anal. She becomes a three-hole slut.”

Sara actually flinched at the term being applied to her by her daughter to her young friends. Three-hole slut. Wasn’t that demeaning? Wasn’t that debasing? Then why did her pussy start flowing like a faucet was turned on?

For days she had been playing with various sized dildos and anal toys to prepare for this moment. She had a butt-plug inside her ass for part of the afternoon at work to prepare for this. It was awkward to move around the store and talk to customers, hoping she didn’t move too awkwardly for someone to be curious. When she had assisted an attractive mature man to find a gift for his wife, she was so wet her panties were glued to her pussy when she used paper towels to attempt to dry herself. Even if all three of these guys were large, she was ready for it. Toni had talked about double penetrations and air-tight and she now wanted all of it. She was old enough to be the mother of all of her friends, but that seemed to be a turn-on for them as much as it turned out to be for her.

She was naked standing before these three young men who knew they were about to fuck her or her daughter. Any pretense of being the adult with the rules went out the window long ago. Maybe the term Toni had just uttered was closer to the truth than she might have considered. It was a crude term, at least to her ears, but maybe that’s what she was … a slut.

Whatever Toni had just said as she was musing caused the guys to put their empty bottles on the coffee table, stand, and begin undressing. Toni took the bottle out of Sara’s hand and Sara found herself standing, watching as the three men stripped quickly out of their clothes. When the underwear dropped, she was gazing at three big black cocks semi-hard pointing in her direction. After these several weeks of transformation, she no longer hesitated with uncertainty, she moved up to them and dropped to her knees, taking the center cock in her mouth and stroking the other two with her hands. A moment later, Toni was beside her and took the cock on her right and began mouthing it, leaving Sara with two to alternate between, which she didn’t hesitate to do. Her mouth moved down and up on one cock while stroking the other, then switched. She frequently looked up at the young men as she sucked and that action always seemed to elicit a moan or groan from them.

When all three cock were hard, the women sat back on their heels and smiled in anticipation. Two were nine inches with the other being a mere inch shorter. Toni stood and reached for something on the coffee table she had moved out of the way. It was a tube of lubrication. She handed it to the young man with the eight inch cock. It wasn’t much smaller but it might help.

Sara felt so obscene and wanton as she knelt on the living room floor rug in anticipation of her virgin ass being taken by a man for the first time. She shivered as she envisioned herself as she must have appeared to them: kneeling on the floor with her head on the rug, her hands spreading her ass cheeks to expose her asshole. Toni was rubbing lubrication over her puckered hole, then pressing some inside with one finger, then adding another to push more of the gel deeper inside. She heard murmurs behind her as the ***********ed young man was encouraged to open her up.

Then she heard Toni with the final instruction that sent another shiver through her. “All three of you fuck her ass good. Dump you loads into my slut mom’s ass. Then, after you can recover, two of you DP her. Then we know she’s ready.” Ready? Ready for what? But the question was lost when she felt the first man kneel behind her, pull one of her cheeks to the side, and place his cock head at her puckered opening. She gasped at the initial touch, then again as it started pressing at her, and moaned as her hole started opening to the pressure.

When the cock popped through her sphincter, she cried out and the man stopped, held sill just inside her as her ass adjusted. As she gasped and struggled to relax her hole, three things flashed through her mind: he has done this before; she was nakedly the center of attention to the small group; and, she was willingly turning into a casual sex-partner for this group of young people. She nearly orgasmed as it all sank fully into her realization. But it excited her even more and she pushed back against the cock just inside and plunged it several more inches. The man took the cue and pressed forward, pulled back, and pressed again. Soon, it felt like his cock was probing into her bowels. Her body quaked in response. Then there was a cock in front of her. She rose to her hands and opened her mouth, not even looking to see which of the young men this black cock belonged to. It didn’t matter to her.

As she was being fucked aggressively in the ass and now in the mouth, she felt one set of hands on her breasts and another snaking between her thighs to her empty pussy and engorged clit. One of those was her daughter and, in her lust-fogged mind, she vowed to add Toni to her experience, too.

The cock in her mouth pulled out and was replaced by the other one. The cock in her ass was joined by a seemingly continuous string of grunts and comments: tight; oh God, she’s tight; fuck, yes; I won’t … last too long; and on and on. She was feeling the same way. After the initial moment with the stretching and pain, the pain disappeared to be replaced by an entirely different stimulation, especially after the other hands joined in.

When the first young man came inside her, her orgasm joined his. She wasn’t given much chance for recovery, though. Another young man took position behind her and drove his cock into her. Clearly, her ass had to have been gaping open given the ease this cock entered her. The same thing happened and then repeated a third time. After all, three had fucked her ass, she collapsed on the floor. She knew there was movement and comments around her, but she was in some wonderful blissful place that her body and mind were very slowly coming back from.

She found Toni kneeling next to her, gently stroking her back. She struggled to her feet and stumbled with her daughter to the kitchen where the guys were standing around having another beer. She could hear a lot of low comments and they stopped when she and Toni entered the kitchen. For a moment, she wondered what they had been saying, wondering how much of a slut they thought she was, and suddenly began questioning what she was doing with these young people.

She stood naked in her brightly lit kitchen but this time everyone else was also naked. The three guys all with their long cocks hanging down from their bodies. Any concern she might have had, though, was quickly eliminated when one of the men opened the refrigerator and pulled out two more beers, handing one to Toni and walking up to Sara with the other. He put his beer on the counter, opened the new one, placed the cold bottle between Sara’s breasts and leaned into her with a kiss. He moved back a fraction of a step, sliding the wet, cold bottle down her front to her crotch. Her legs opened without thought and he slipped the cold bottle between them. She sighed as the wet, cold glass sent a chill through her body. He handed the bottle to her and kissed her, again.

“Sara, you’re an amazing woman.” Sara gave him a surprised and quizzical look. She saw Ty and Toni in each other’s arms while the third guy stepped up to her, too. “When Toni and Ty suggested bring you into the group, some of us thought it would be a curiosity, but it’s much more than that, now. You are an amazing woman.”

She blushed. “For an old woman, huh?”

They both stepped back and looked unabashedly up and down her body, which caused her to blush even deeper. “Okay … you’re Toni’s mom and you could be our mom by age, but … damn, woman! You are hot and I mean for any age.” She glanced toward Toni who was in Ty’s arms, one of his hands fondling her breast. Toni raised her bottle in a salute back to her and smiled.

Then, Ty spoke up. “If you’re ready for a new experience, it looks like they are.”

Sara looked at him confused but saw him point down with his bottle. She followed his point to find the two cock in front of her growing hard. She guzzled the rest of her beer and stepped up to the men boldly with new self-assuredness. “I was promised a DP and it looks like you two are ‘UP’ to it.”

They laughed and bumped fists. Guys. But that was what was so exciting about being with these young people, she reminded herself. They were unabashedly excited and confident. She felt her body being raised and she jumped up to assist, being caught by the one in front of her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and kissed him passionately as he took her back into the living room. When she was put back on the floor, she found the other guy on his back holding his cock up in the air. She slipped out of his arms to the floor and stepped over the young man on the rug and lowered herself over his mid-section. She took hold of his cock from him and moved her hips and the cock until they were both aligned and sank down over it, bring a satisfying sigh from her sounding as though the penetrating cock was pushing air out of her body.

Sara felt herself being gently pressed forward to the man underneath her and she comfortably lowered her mouth to his, taking his mouth hungrily with hers. At the same time, she felt the other man at her ass, spreading her ass cheeks, his cock head rubbing against her asshole. She knew she was well loosened from the three consecutive fucking she just experienced, but the combination of pussy and asshole would be different and she found herself craving that experience, too. She couldn’t believe how much she was changing in attitude with these young people but she was convinced it was owed her after her long sacrifice.

As the cock at the asshole began spreading her hole, she raised her head and gasped. A smile formed over her face despite her mouth being open. With the big cock in her pussy, the big cock entering her ass felt tighter than she had experienced moments before during her ass-fucking. It was delicious and she pushed back against the two cocks. When she looked down at the man under her, her vision was clouded with lust as her two holes were slowly but steadily filled with big black cock. When both cocks were fully inside her, they started moving, sometimes together, sometimes separate. The sensations were amazing, though. She had achieved orgasms previously with external stimulation of her clit, but this was different. The two cocks sliding inside her, separated by that thin membrane, seemed to be sending nerve impulses from one to side to the other as tiny nerve endings were in fact triggered by contact.

She felt her body clamp tightly around both cocks as her stimulation steady rose to an impending giant orgasm. In the process, the two cocks received increased stimulation as each hole tightened around them. When the one in her ass jerked and spurted cum into her well lubricated ass, the other one in her pussy began pounding into her furiously as his stimulation took over him. The cock in her ass remained in her as the one in her pussy strove for release and it didn’t take long. Her own orgasm took hold of her between the two and probably was an additional stimulus for the climax of the other.

Sara collapsed onto the man below her and the one above her onto her. They were a pile of gasping, sweating flesh tied together by their penetration of her. They laughed when, as a joined grouping, they rolled to the side, cocks being pulled from her ass and pussy, which caused Sara to once again gasp at the feeling, this time a feeling of sudden emptiness. She raised up onto her elbow and quickly kissed each of the young men, then saw movement at the sofa. Toni was astride Ty and facing them. She was bouncing up and down furiously on his big cock. They had been watching the threesome as they fucked and were just now reaching their own climaxes. Sara fell back to the floor with a satisfied smile on her face.

Sometime later, while Sara and Toni shared a dinner at home, Toni approached a subject she had purposely avoided for a long time, “Mom, have you thought about dating?”

Sara stopped and looked at her daughter, “Am I intruding with your friends? Is that what this is about?”

Toni reached over quickly, “Not at all, mom. Everybody loves you. I’ve shared the guys with other women before but it has never been as much fun as with you. I can’t really explain it … maybe I just like sharing with you … it’s so intimate. Besides, the guys all seem more excited by the whole ‘mother and daughter’ thing.” They both knowingly smiled at that. They had both seen what that fact seemed to do to the men. Then, what, Sara inquired? “You seem really happy, now. So much more at ease and confident than you have been for years … many years.” Toni searched Sara’s eyes, “Maybe it’s time for you to try, again.”

“I suppose you have a target in mind?”

Toni smiled, “It just so happens, I do.”

It was a blind date. Toni and Ty would only tell her that her date would be age appropriate and they thought compatible. Toni brought her to a unique blues/jazz club with casual dining and a bar on the first floor and formal dining and a stage on the second floor. Sara had heard of the place but had never had the chance before. She was looking forward to it. The club was known for finding and featuring up-and-coming groups and was generally really good. Even if the date didn’t work out, she thought the evening couldn’t be a complete bust.

Entering the club, they ascended to the second floor and quickly found Ty sitting at a table for four.

Toni asked, “Where’s Frank?”

Ty stood and kissed the cheeks of both women, figuring in public they should tone down their familiarity a little. “Oh … he’s around here somewhere.”

That seemed odd to Sara but decided to flow with the evening. Soon, Ty indicated a man approaching from downstairs. Sara appraised him without letting it seem like that was what she was doing. He was about her age. He was about 6 foot and in good shape, just a bit of grey in his short black hair. And, he was black. Ty stood and shook his hand, then introduced the women. “Frank is my uncle. Oh … and he owns this joint.”

Frank took exception as he greeted each woman, “Joint?” He looked at Sara and shook his head, “You try to expose the younger generation to some class and what do you get?” It made Sara smile. She was liking him already.

Sara had a wonderful time and exchanged phone numbers with him. Ultimately, the courtship turned into just that … a real courtship. Sara almost couldn’t believe such things could still happen in this age, but Frank seemed to be something of a throwback. He had lost his wife to an illness and by the time he might have recovered from the loss, he had buried himself into the club. It was only the incessant prodding and goading from Ty that made him finally give in to his idea of a blind date. He knew his girlfriend was white and since he was to meet her mother, she certainly would be white. That alone was something new for him, but Ty was so insistent.

Both Frank and Sara were immediately comfortable and not in any hurry. Both were wary of another relationship but were enjoying the company of the other too much not to continue. It was very platonic. Frank was very much the gentlemen with old values and respect for women. Sara, finding herself becoming intrigued by Frank’s company, cut all ties with the younger group. And it was several months of increasingly serious dating and her time spent at his club even if he was just working to have moments of contact with him. Finally, she screwed up her courage. He walked her to her door, something he had always done to be sure she was safely inside, and she turned to him on the front stoop.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Their passion had been increasing but both seemed awkward to do anything about it. She made the move.

“Frank … I hope you know I like you a lot.” He nodded. “I mean … a lot!” He smiled and said he felt the same way. “Frank … Toni is gone tonight … would you … ummmm … would you like to spend the night?”

The awkwardness melted away and she pulled him into the house. She hesitated inside, weighing what she should do … offer him a drink? … sit and talk? She mumbled, screw it. She pulled him by the hand up the stairs and straight into her bedroom.

She turned and crushed herself into him. Then, “Oh, Frank … I’ve wanted to do this so bad. I feel so connected to you.”

He kissed her back and gasped, “Me, too … I’ve just … I didn’t know how …”

“Shhhh … we can talk after.” He chuckled and nodded.

She moved to the bed and stripped the covers back, then reached behind her to lower the zipper on her dress. She turned to him as she shimmied out of it, standing in her bra and little panties as he removed his shirt and loosened his belt. He stopped and looked at her. “My God, Sara. You’re more beautiful than … wow.”

She blushed as she reached back and undid her bra, letting it fall from her breasts. She quickly pushed her panties down and stood before him. She blushed again when he hesitated to look at her more. When he pushed his boxers down, though, it was Sara’s turn.

“Oh … my … God, Frank.” He looked at her nervously. She stepped up to him and pressed her body against his, kissing him deeply and passionately. She looked him in the eyes, “Wow.” She reached down between their bodies and took hold of his cock in her hand. She pushed him to the bed and he sat down when his legs hit the edge. She sank to her knees still looking into his eyes and continued to as her mouth opened next to his cock and her tongue licked up the hardening shaft. Only then did she tear her eyes away to really consider what she had in her hands … the biggest black cock she had ever seen. It had to be a good two or three inches bigger than Ty. She took the head into her mouth only by spreading her mouth extra wide. She sucked and licked on the marvelous shaft for many minutes until she had to feel it inside her. She could feel her juices running down her thighs in anticipation. Her pussy was drooling for it.

She let the cock plop out of her mouth. “It’s time Frank.”

They were both crawling into the center of the bed, but Frank offered, “But … what about you, Sara?”

She smiled, “Thanks, Frank, but another time. I couldn’t be more ready.” He looked at the bed, then at her. She pushed him onto his back. “Let me ride you the first time. You’re so big, Frank. It might take a while …”

He started to say something but she quieted him with another kiss, then straddled him. She had to raise up high just to get her pussy above the pole he had for a cock. As she felt the bulbous head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy, her mouth opened as she slowly settled down over it, her hole stretching around the head as she let her body move down in micro-inches until the head finally stretched her and popped inside.

“OH … MY … GOD!” Sara leaned forward with only the head inside her pussy and kissed Frank passionately.

When she pulled back slightly, he saw her eyes sparkling with a lusty wildness. “Are you okay, Sara?” She nodded enthusiastically as she pressed back onto his cock another inch, then pulled back to just the head inside, then back down another inch. “The few women I wanted to be with … they … they didn’t want … when they saw …”

She shushed him, again, with a kiss. She pushed back and took four or five inches up her pussy. She moaned and gasped. Every inch of penetration filled her and stretched her in a way she had never before experienced … or imagined. She arched her back, lowered her head, and checked between her legs. My God, she thought, still four or five inches to go and she was already feeling completely stuffed. She closed her eyes, trying to focus on relaxing, less on the stretching happening and more on the … the wonderful feelings of his cock tightly sliding along her gripping pussy. She rose and slowly descended, up and down, over and over. She didn’t know how long it took her until she was finally sitting on his thighs and not holding herself above him. Her head was flung back as gasps and moans escaped her mouth as she slowly began moving on his cock. At first, it was mere inches of movement, then more and more until she rose so only the bulbous head was inside and she plunged her body down over the shaft.

“OH … FUCK … OH … MY … GOD!” She exploded in orgasm. She collapsed onto his chest, her body shaking, her pussy spasming around the pole deep inside her. After … she didn’t know how many minutes … she struggled back up to sitting on him. She blushed, the flow of blood rushing over her mixed with the glow of her orgasm. She looked down at him and shyly said, “Sorry … I couldn’t … help …”

This time he raised a finger to her lips to quiet her. “Why would you apologize for what looked like an amazing orgasm? I am so happy I could bring it to you.”

Sara smiled, “Oh, you definitely did. Now, let’s see about yours.” He smiled, now taking her waist in his hands to offer assistance.

Sara was lying half on him, half off after they shared a mutual orgasm. Sara became serious and he noticed but wisely held back any comment to let her bring her thoughts out as she was comfortable. She told him how much she liked him … really like him. He said he could tell. She went on to say that her husband’s secrets had ruined their marriage and she was committed to not keep secrets from anyone she might become serious with. She kissed him nervously indicating he was that to her. So, in full disclosure, she admitted to having become sexually active but wanting to take it slow with a serious dating situation … it felt different and special meeting him. She went on to explain the experiences given to her by Toni and Ty and the young people. She watched his reaction closely. She was nervous about the confession but didn’t want to start a real relationship with secrets. He asked if she found she really enjoyed multiple partners. She nervously admitted that she did but she would commit herself only to him, that she had stopped any association with the younger group, and she felt their relationship would be worth it.

He smiled at her, rolled her over onto her back and moved between her legs. He eased his giant cock into her gaping pussy with a smile. Sara gasped. Even after just fucking that pole, it stretched her all over again. He was halfway in when he stopped and she opened her eyes to look at him.

He smiled down at her, lust refilling her eyes. He said, “I think we have something special here, too, Sara. I want to make this work and I don’t want you to sacrifice anything you desire just for it to happen.” He thrust the rest of his cock into her and exclaimed, “I have … single friends … and couples … like … that, too.”

Her eyes shot open wide and almost orgasmed. YES … this was perfect.


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