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Remember people I am not a paid author and I do my best to write my fantasy for you to enjoy as much as I do. Uncle Tim would definitely been my favorite Uncle.
Our wedding was amazing. Luke is so sweet, he wanted me to have a dream wedding. Thanks to his parents we did. They understood that my mom was a single parent and could not afford to pay for our wedding so they offered to do it. Now I am not blind to see that the main reason they offered was to impress their friends and family but I loved being a princess for the day anyway. I thanked them many times to make sure they knew I wasn't taking it for granted. They may have been disappointed that their middle son didn't marry into a wealthy family like their oldest daughter did. They have talked about all the business deals they do with her In-Laws, so I am sure they are a bit disappointed with me. Oh well, I give Luke more sex than he can handle so that keeps him happy which is all that matters.

My mind keeps going to Luke's face when he took off my garter at the reception. He saw I was not wearing panties. He pulled my dress back down to my knees fast and his face went red. I wonder if anyone guessed why he became so flustered. I started giggling and then he started to laugh. "You are always surprising me, " he said as he helped me stand and gave me a hard kiss. I glanced over at my uncle and he winked at me as he tapped his pocket where my panties were placed. Uncle Tim stood with all the eligible bachelors preparing to catch my garter. I hoped he would not end up with it. Secretly, I didn't want to share him with a wife. It went to the far left of my favorite Uncle and he could tell I was relieved. He always could read my mind.

After we cut the cake, Uncle Tim steered me away from the group. He said he was leaving. As we hugged he whispered in my ear, "Don't forget me." I about cried right then. I held him close and begged him not to be upset. "I am not upset at all. I am happy for you. You go and live like a princess because Luke will give you everything." I smiled up at him and thanked him. Then in my shy voice I said, "I am only your princess and I am Lukes wife." Uncle Tim laughs and kisses me on my nose.

I remember when He first called me his princess. We had gone to a toy store and I found a crown. He told me that every Princess needs a crown. I told him I was not a princess and he bent over and whispered that I was his Princess, then kissed me on my nose. He bought me that crown and I wore if everyday for weeks letting everyone know I was my Uncle Tim's princess.

I always felt like a Princess when I was around Uncle TIm. Then once I was old enough to ride in the front seat of Uncle Tims car I felt more like his favorite girl. On some of the times he came to visit he woud take me shopping or to the movies. He always talked to me like an adult and always wanted to know my opinions. I remember his hand on my leg whenever he drove me places. His fingers would caress the my inner thigh and it made me so relaxed. One perticular time I remember I had on my loose gym shorts. His little finger kept gliding up to my panties and tickled my front area. I loved when he touched me there but this time it made me squirm and giggle because I could see people around. He laughed and took his hand away. I instantly missed his touch and wanted him to do it again and so I seperated my legs a little hoping he would. After a while I thought I blew it by giggling. Then we got on the freeway and his hand went back to my leg. I could feel myself exhale in relief, then told myself not to giggle again. As his hand went up my shorts again, I parted my legs more. He turned to look at me for a second and smiled as his finger touched my panties again. He slowly went along the edge of the material and my leg. When his finger slid underneith, he let it set still for a second. My heart was beating so fast I wanted him to go farther like he had done in the past. "Do you like when I do this?" I heard him ask me. I looked up at him and he glanced over as I shook my head yes. He winked at me and said you are my Princess and his finger glided along my slit. It felt so good as he moved his finger down to my hole and back up. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch. All the sudden, I felt the car turn, so I opened my eyes to see we were pulling into the movie theater.

To my disappointment must have shown on my face when he moved his hand to put it back onto the steering wheel. Uncle Tim laughed. I adjusted my shorts and straightened myself up, knowing we were getting out of the car soon. He cleared is voice before he tells me that if I didn't have my underwear on he could have done more. I looked at him with questioning look and he just winked at me then turned to get you of the car.

The whole movie I thought about what Uncle Tim said about no underwear. So after the movie ended I went into the theater bathroom and took my underwear off and put them in my pocket. It felt weird not having them on under my loose shorts. I felt a lot of air going up my shorts more then usual and couldn't determine if I liked it or not.

On the drive home I crossed my fingers that Uncle Tim would touch me there again. Thank goodness I didn't have to wait long for him to put his hand on my bare leg, but it felt like forever before his little finger found its way up my leg. I spread my legs as he was almost to my pussy lips and held my breath. When his finger touched my lips and no matterial he looked over at me in shock. I giggled and squirmed a bit, not sure what he would say. All he said was 'that is more like it.' and let his fingers explore. I brought my feet up and sat indian style to let him be able to touch my little hole better. And he did.... a lot. Whenever his finger glided around my hole I pushed into it. It felt so good that I closed my eyes again. I held on to his arm with my left hand for support and holding it so he would not pull away. I felt the car slow and pull over. I opened my eyes and saw that we were at the parking lot for Best buy which was near my house. "Do you like that Princess?" he asked as he watched my face and moved his finger over my hole again. I barely could speak when I said yes. He pulled his hand out and put it to his nose and smelled his finger. "Princess you smell is amazing." Adjusting myself in my seat, not trying to let him know that I was uncomfortable with him smelling his finger. Why did he do that? But his voice drew me out of my thoughts. "Where is your underware?" He asked. I giggled and pulled them out of my pocket. "Let me have them." he said and I handed them over to him. Uncle Tim put them in his pocket. He leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on my lips, then said "Thank you" as he sat up in his seat and started the car.

When we got to my house he turned in his seat with a serious face. "Remember Jinger when I make you feel good you should not tell anyone else about it. It is just between my Princess and me....OK?" I smiled at him and told him I know. He touched his finger to my nose and told me that is why he loves me because I am his amazing princess. I felt so proud to be his.

I love those memories when Uncle Tim was able to visit. I wish he had lived closer so we had more times like those. Thankfully Luke had got a job only a couple towns away from Uncle Tim which he wiil start in a couple of weeks. I am hoping to have more time together with Uncle Tim when Luke and I move there.

After I started dating Luke I figured out he did not have many girlfriends. Let me just say I have taught him a lot about how good sex can be. The only issur is he still is a little uncomfortable having sex other places than in bed. One night about 3 months into dating we were watching a movie in the afternoon at his house. It had some sex scenes that really turned me on and I started rubbing my hand over his shorts. His cock was hard from the movie and he seemed a little embarressed by it. I slid off the couch and went between his legs. Luke started to laugh uncomfortably. Ignoring him I started to undo his pants button and then the zipper. He started to protest which almost made me want to stop but as soon as my mouth was on his cock, his body knew it didn't want me to stop. I played with the tip of his cock for a few minutes at first. Then Slowly licking and twirling my tongue around it as It slid in and out of my warm wet mouth. His cock was amazing . Just the right length for my mouth. Taking his cock fully into my mouth I could feel it growing longer and harder. I love when a cock grows inside my mouth. His breathing short and faster. When I moaned with the head of his cock slightly down my throat his hips bucked at the sensation. His cock fit just enough into my throat and I didn't have to worry about it going deeper. His hand went to my head and grabbed my hair. I pulled half way off his cock and he pushed my head back down. It was so hot how he lost control and started fucking my mouth. Jamming just into my throat and out. He pushed into my mouth deep and held me there as he began cumming deep into my throat.

Once he was finished I pulled off to catch my breath and he instantly felt regret and appoligized. I laughed a little as I got up off the floor and straddled his lap. I kissed him hard and let him taste himself on my tongue. I pulled back and looked him straight in his eyes as I told him don't ever appoligize for letting go and fucking me. He laughed nervously and he still is uncomfortable when I start something outside the bedroom but it is better.

Luke is so different from Uncle Tim and I like it because no one can compare to Uncle Tim. He would make me feel good where ever we had a chance to be together. When we were sitting around a campfire at my grandparents camper, There was Mom and my grandparents and Uncle TIm didn't care. We had just finished eating smores and it was chilly so Uncle Tim got a blanket and had me sit on his lap to keep him warm. He put it up to our necks. After a while I felt his hands go under my shirt. He started playing with my boobs and I leaned my head back on to his shoulder. He circled my nipples and squeezed them. Moving so slow as he did it. He whispered in my ears. "They are growing so nice. I wish I could taste them again." His other hand was between my thighs. Even with my jeans on I could fell his fingers caressing my pussy. I started to squirm a little and he told me to sit I did. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling until my mom said that it was probably time for me to head to bed. Uncle TIm agreed and said I was falling asleep. I almost cried that he didn't want to touch me more. So I pouted and Uncle Tim said he would take me into the trailor since he had to go to the bathroom. Mom seemed happy to not have to move and get me ready. I still didn't want to go to bed but I wasn't going to complain to my favorite Uncle.

Once we stepped in to the trailor he told me to go get my pajamas on and then shut the door. He followed me to the back of the trailor to grandmas bedroom where I get dressed at. He put his finger to his lips to tell me to be quiet and started to take off my shirt. I was excited and nervous at the same time. It had been a while since he saw my boobs. He smiled at me and told me to lay down on the bed. I did what he said not sure why he wants me to do it. As he leaned over me and put his tongue on my right nipple I understood. He sucked and licked them and then he started undoing my jeans. I felt his hand go down my pants and his fingers slide into my slit. I heard him moan as he touched my hole. He started sucking a little harder on my nipple and I felt his finger at my hole pushing. My mind was in a whirlwind. So many sensations. He lifted his head and kissed me on my mouth as his finger tip pushed inside of my hole. I squealed a little and tried to push him away but his weight was on me. His finger came out and circle my hole again slowly. He looked down at me and smiled. "You feel so good." He watched my face as his tip went in again. I pushed against his chest but he left his finger inside me.....just as still as can be. My insides started to clinch it wanting it to move I guess. I started to move my hips wanting his finger to move. Uncle Tim finally wiggle it a little and my hips bucked at the sensation. He smiled and kisssed me soft and long on my lips. His finger tip moved in and out a couple of times before pulling his finger came out again. He put his mouth onto my nipple agian and continued to play with my slit and circle my hole. I was waiting for him to go in again but he didn't until my body pushed against his finger wanting it in. His head lifted and he smiled. "You want it again?" he wispered. I nodded yes and he pushed the tip in again and kept it there as he wiggled it and watched me squirm. "I love you Princess." He whispered and winked at me. He slowly slid his finger out and up my slit and out of my jeans. As he put it to his nose again and smelled it he moaned and then put it in his mouth. "Oh wow, you taste even better that I thought. He then stood up and I saw him adjust his pants. His cock was bulging against his pants. Get dressed now and he walked to the bathroom. I heard him moan a little in the bathroom as I was getting my night shirt on. When he came out I was down by the couch sitting. We pulled the couch out to make it into a bed for mom and me. He tucked me in and brushed his hands over my boobs telling me they are beautiful and leaned over and kissed me softly on my lips. I liked him kissing me, it made me feel more like his.

Uncle Luke slept in a tent behind the camper since there was no room in the camper for him. In the morning, mom told me to go wake him up for breakfast in 30 min. So I eagerly ran outside to his tent. Mom was calling after me to get dessed first. I of course didn't listen to her. He woke up when I was unzipping his tent. He smiled when he saw me. I told him about breakfast and he told me to "Zip up the tent, we have a little while to wake up." So I did. Uncle Tim lifted up his blanket and instructed me to lay down with him. He snuggled up to me with my back against his bare chest and held me close. "Did you sleep well princess?" He asked me. I giggled and said yes. I felt his hand find the bottom of my night shirt and start going up it. He played with my boobs again and I loved it. Then slid his hand down to my panties and I spread my legs for him. He moaned in my ear. "Oh you did like it last night,,, " He said. "You are not sore here are you?" He asked as his finger touched my hole. "No," I said shyly. He took my right leg and lifted it up and back on top of his right leg so my legs were spread apart a lot. Then his fingers softly explored my pussy as he kissed the top of my head. His finger was able to slide between my butt cheeks and back up to my slit. That felt strange but I layed still so he would not stop and hoping I could put his finger inside me again. He kept exploring, teasing my hole over and over again. I began to push against his finger everytime he went over my eager hole.

Finally he pushed the tip of his finger into my tiny hole and kept it there. Uncle Tim would wiggled it slightly and push his hard cock against my lower back. I heard a moan and realized it was me. His finger started to move in and out of me slowly in very short strokes. My eyes felt like they were going in the back of my head as his finger kepted fucking my. He held me tighter against his chest with his other arm. I was breathing so fast while rocking my hips with his finger. I moaned 'More" when his finger slipped out and glided up my slit. "More... Uncle Tim....Please more" I begged as his finger tip finally went back into my hole. He was rocking against me as I was rocking against his finger.

Then I heard him groan then quickly removed his hand from out of my panties, Before I could express my disappointment he said come here. He laid on his back and positioned me onto his chest where I was laying on top of him. My legs straddled his sides and he slid me down until I felt something warm and hard against my panties.... I knew it was his cock. He kept pushing it until he moaned and then in a frustrated voice he told me to sit up. Moving my hips he helped me to sit onto his hard cock. I looked at his night pants and could see the outline of his rock hard cock. He moved my pussy back and forth on his cock. I had to put my hands on his chest to keep myself from falling. When he stopped moving and held me still I could feel his cock pumping under me. I looked at him and his eyes were closed. I looked at his chest and saw white goo next to my hand. I looked down farther and saw his round cock head for the first time sticking out of Uncle Tims night pants. I lifted my hand up quickly to get away from the white stuff and he opened his eyes. He looked strange and a little shocked at the white stuff also. There were socks next to him that he grabbed and used to wipe off the goo. "Fuck" He said softly and lifted me off him. "You ok?" he asked. I looked at him Confused. Why would I not be ok? He sat up and Looked me over. I remember him saying he was sorry that he didn't mean to do that with me on top of him.

I think of that moment often. That was the first time he started to loose control of his needs with me.

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