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“Let’s do it like this: I’ll play with you the way I’d do to any other girl for the next half hour. For a moment, I’ll pretend I don’t care about you at all, like you say I don’t. You’ll have to endure anything I do to you for thirty minutes without asking me to stop or trying to run away. Do you think you can handle it?"
Hey, there.

Part 7 - “Thirty Minutes”

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This is a fictional dark fantasy story that contains romance and some vanilla parts to it, but mainly consists of blackmail, rape, violence, and it has extreme contents. I don't condone or partake in any of the actions portrayed here.



“Alissa, I love you. I want you to know that. I’ll take care of you now.”

The girl erupted in a heartfelt crying that didn’t seem to have an end.

For a moment I was really confused. I didn’t expect that reaction at all, and I had no clue of what was happening, until she spoke.

“Please, stop playing games with me! Please!” The girl begged while crying. “I a-am already here! Doing w-whatever you want me to do! Letting you do what y-you want to me!” She sobbed, her face red, tears running down her cheeks.

I still couldn't understand what was happening. I had opened myself to her. I had said that I loved her, even though I knew I shouldn’t. I said it, putting everything at stake. I said it because it was the way we had agreed on. I’d have my way with her, then I’d be nice to her. Why the hell was she so distressed?

“Why are you crying like this? I was just being honest!” I said while getting her face in my hands, while she sniffled and sobbed, disconsolate, looking down.

“You can’t do this! You can’t say you want me to feel pain, you can’t say you want to humiliate me, you can’t hurt me like you did, and then tell me you love me! You don’t! You keep playing games with me since the beginning!” Alissa went on a rant, always looking down, trying to avoid my eyes. “You have me! You won! Please, if you won’t stop fucking my body, at least stop fucking with my head! I can’t take it! I can’t…” And she cried even more, sadly, desperate…

And I finally understood what was happening. Or at least I thought so. She had feelings for me, and I was reciprocating… But I had tricked her before. More than once. So, my sudden change of heart sounded as a trick as well, which was understandable.

“Alissa, look at me,” I ordered, and she didn’t.

She just looked down, crying a lot, as if what just happened was worse than all the physical punishment had I put her through. I knew she was unstable. I knew she had issues, lots of them, and they were some of the things that made that girl so interesting in the first place. Low self-esteem, depression, suicidal thoughts… It seemed to be a mix of everything that had happened so far hitting her hard, all at the same time. She was falling into pieces right in front of me. All because I reciprocated to what I knew she felt.

“Alissa, look at me!” I shook her head with both my hands and made her look at me, and

she did, startled, scared. “I know it can be confusing to you, but what I feel for you right now is the closest definition of love I could get to in my entire life. This is how I love. This is how I relate. This is the only way I can have somebody with me, and I want this somebody to be you!”

“YOU HAVE ASHLEY TOO!” She screamed at my face in an indignant tone.

“I have Ashley to do to her the things I want, and that I can’t do to you!” I screamed back, in a tone more controlled than hers.

There was a pause, in which she just looked me in the eyes, still crying, but it was clear that she pondered what I had said, while still in pain.

Then, the young girl spoke in a soft, afraid tone, “D-Do it to me…”

“Sweetheart… You don’t know what you are asking for. I’m a monster. I told you that the

first time we met. I don’t want to ruin you like that because I care about you.”

“I c-can take it, whatever it is… I c-can’t stand the thought of s-sharing you with her…”

“Baby girl, you are not sharing me… She is like a pet; she is something to entertain me…”

“I’m begging you…” She said in a pleading tone, looking me in the eyes, “I have to know that I can do at least that… T-That somehow I am enough, at least for the person who is raping me… Who is enslaving me… I don’t care if it will destroy me. I-don’t-care,” she stressed the last sentence with determination. “I-I’m giving you everything I have… P-Please…”

I sighed, loudly. I would never imagine something like that, not even in my wildest dreams. While I thought of what to answer, while I tried to decide on the best way to make her give up on this, she said more…

“Lock me up,” Alissa sniffled, her tone full of fear, but also resolution, “Make me your

slave for real. Keep me here. Do whatever you want to me. I’ll comply, I promise.”

I was genuinely shocked.

“Are you saying you don’t want to go back home?” I asked.

“Y-Yes,” she looked down again.

“I don’t think you understand what you are suggesting. You’d be stuck here. You wouldn’t be able to leave, ever. You’d be living just to please me. You have to think this through.”

“I d-don’t care,” she instantly answered.

I looked at her, and even though I had her face in my hands, holding her face close to mine, she kept looking down.

“Sweetheart look at me,” I asked, and she finally did. “Let’s do it like this: I’ll play with you the way I’d do to any other girl for the next half hour. For a moment, I’ll pretend I don’t care about you at all, like you say I don’t. Keep in mind that, even so, I won’t do anything to damage your pussy, or do anything that could leave marks on your skin… So, while you’re going through it, remember: It could be way worse. You’ll have to endure anything I do to you for thirty minutes without asking me to stop or trying to run away. Do you think you can handle it? We can still forget we had this conversation, and you can accept things the way they are.”

“I’ll take it,” she said looking me in the eyes, trying to sound confident, but her lips trembled.

“Ok, if this is what you want…” I said, and I got up.

As before, I went to the hidden drawer. After I opened it, I stopped to think for a moment, deciding on what to do to her. Even though I would hurt her, I didn’t want to leave any marks, as I enjoyed admiring how perfect she looked, and I wouldn’t spoil that. Also, I wouldn’t do anything that could permanently damage her pussy in any way. However, her ass was fair game.

I started taking things out of the drawer and arranging them over the bed, in front of her, so she could see where this was headed. First, I placed two clover nipple clamps linked by a chain. No reaction from her, apart from the fact that she curiously looked at them. Second, I put a pot of capsaicin gel and a pair of gloves beside the clamps. Alissa looked attentively at it, trying to read the label, but there was nothing there but instructions on how to use it. She would

figure out soon enough how it felt to have something extracted from chili peppers on her sensitive skin. Third, I took one of the thickest butt plugs there, a black rubber one in a teardrop shape, The heavy thing was nine inches long and four and a half inches wide in its wider part, close to the base. I put it in display with the other things. Then, Alissa gasped, looking terrified.

“You still have time to change your mind,” I said.

“N-No…” She answered, not sounding very convincing.

“Ok,” I reached for my watch and I set up a timer. Thirty minutes.

Being honest, I was enjoying that. All of that. It was a win-win situation, it didn’t matter what happened. I always wanted to try more extreme things on her but didn’t want to push her too far. Now I had the chance and, if she broke, I would try to bring things back to “normal”. If she was able to endure it, somehow, there was a new multitude of things I could do to her from now on.

On top of all that, she had just given herself to me. The more my thoughts got into the

subject, more I liked the idea. It would be safer to keep this going if she didn’t have to go home every single night, and I had more than enough resources at that house to keep her there, unseen by any living soul apart from my most loyal employees.

I got the chromed nipple clamps in my hands, and I sat in front of her.

“Those are clover clamps,” I said already opening one and going for one of her bright pink and lovely nipples. Her breast shook, just as her whole body did. I took her beautiful breast in my hand, and I attached the clamp, closing tight on the nub, and making her wince soon as I put it there. “These ones tighten hard as you pull on them. They are my favorite ones to use because they are as vicious as I want them to be. Look at me, now,” I ordered, and soon as she did, her black eyes wide, apprehensive, and her brow already furrowed in pain, I tugged at the chain that connected it to the one I hadn’t attached on her yet.

Alissa winced beautifully and gasped. As I told her to, her eyes never left mine, even though I knew she wanted to look at her now stretched nipple. I stopped tugging and put the second one in place. She gritted her teeth as she felt the pinch, both her nipples now clamped tight, connected by an also chromed and thin chain.

“Now, look at your nipples,” I ordered, and when she did, already holding her breath, I pulled on the chain. Her reaction was changing according to how much I tugged. Alissa started with a resigned face, then she started breathing hard with her mouth open, then panting and wincing, and by the time I had her poor nipples fully stretched, pinched hard by the clamps, she let out a cried moan.

“AaaAAAuuughh…” The young girl wailed and started crying.

I kept pulling at it for a while, then easing a little to let her breath, and pulled at it again, stronger. She switched from little cries and panting, to little squeals and painful groans, depending on how much I pulled. Her slender body shook hard, but she kept her hands on the mattress, sitting on her feet with her legs slightly open. She never protested, just cried, with her face, especially her little nose, completely red. Beautiful.

“Good job, my love,” I said while letting go of the chain, and I caressed her cheek while she inhaled big gulps of air. “I’ll remove them after we are done, but I’ll pull at them harder before I do,” I warned her, and she just looked at me, terrified.

But not as terrified as she looked when she saw me get the big, black, wide, and teardrop shaped butt plug. I put it over the bed, standing on its wide base, right beside her. I opened the pot of lube that I had used before, and I smeared the thing with it, putting as much as I could. Then, from the side of the bed, I asked her to come to me. The plug was right in front of me, over the bed, and I made her kneel on top of it, her back towards me. I hugged her from behind, my arms around her thin waist, one of my hands caressing her flat belly, with the other I rubbed her perfect pussy in a circular motion. She was considerably wet, for a girl who had been terrified since I started raping her sorry ass almost an hour ago.

“This is going to hurt. If you think me inside of your little butthole was terrible… This has at least four times my width at the widest part,” and she gasped again, absolutely scared, but she was still completely subservient, letting me slide down my hands through the sides of her body until I cupped her tight little ass, and spread her cheeks. “You will have only so much time, at the beginning, to ask me to stop. If you resist too long, I’ll put all of it inside of you, even if I have to crawl my way on top of you and push you down on it until nothing is left out. Do you understand?”

Alissa just swallowed, in between sobs, and nodded.

I wrapped one of my arms around her torso and kept the other one on her butt to be able to guide her down, then I forced her to sit on it. The thing slid out of place twice before the tip of it got inside of her already assaulted and reddened little hole, making her wince in pain.

“You want to prove you are enough for me? So, do it. Sit on it. Force it in,” I said close to her ear.

Alissa looked to the side, looking for my face. Our eyes met. She was openly crying now, desperate, while she put all her body weight down.

“AAAAAAAUGH!” The girl cried, desperately, while still looking at me, and she couldn’t see more than pleasure on my face. A good two inches had slid in, already stretching her abused little hole more than I had done while fucking her. Her slender body shook convulsively already, but, crying and grimacing, our eyes never lost contact.

“More. Come on. Up and down,” I encouraged, and I watch, astonished, while she tried to ease herself, but her legs trembled so much that she couldn’t do it. So, I hugged her again, and I helped her up. “Do you want me to push you down?” I asked her softly, my face beside hers.

She inhaled deeply, and then she nodded.

I bent forward and, using my weight, I pushed her down. It got to the place it was before, where her hole seemed to struggle already to let any more of it in and she groaned through gritted teeth, “NNNnnnnggghhh!!” Then, I could feel her sliding down the thing, forcing her sphincter to unnaturally stretch, swallowing at least two more inches. “AAAAAAAAAUUUUGHHHHHHH!!” She howled, throwing her head back. “AHHHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUHHH! AAAAAAAAUUUUUGHHHHHH!” Alissa screamed from the top of her lungs, desperately. “IT HURRRRTS! IT H-HUUUUUUURTS! I’M B-BREAKING! ITS BREAKING ME!!!” The young girl let the words out in a terrified shriek.

I just held her in place, forcing her down, while I felt my way down her body, to her ass, and I then I touched the plug to know how much of it was still out. She was around one inch away from its wider part.

It was already at least more than three inches wide at that point. It was a lot; it would be for any girl that didn’t train her holes. For a girl that was ass virgin forty minutes ago, this was medieval torture. But that’s what I wanted to do to her, it was. I was saving all of this for later, but she forced my hand. It was her fault, and she had to pay for it.

“Sweetheart… This is what I meant when I told you I was a monster. This is what I think you didn’t deserve, but I’ll do it to you anyway because you asked me to.” I held her tighter, and I mercilessly pushed her down, until one more inch struggled inside of her with a noise. A stretching noise. Alissa didn’t scream. She inhaled loudly, her head up and her mouth open. Her little hands contorted to her sides, her fingers making odd shapes, while she shuddered, spasmed. Then, her head fell forward, and I felt her body going limp.

Fuck! She had passed out!

I held her in my arms, while she fell to the left. I eased her carefully on the bed, her long brown hair splayed all over, the nipple clamps still in place, as was the enormous plug while blood dripped from her vandalized entrance.

My heart was beating fast. Fast as I couldn’t remember happening in a long, long time. I could have ripped her anus open for real. A movie went on in my head, where I would have to take her to a hospital, to have stitches. It would be over. That, or I would have to let a girl I just said I loved die. I would only know after I took that thing out of her and after she woke up, so I’d know if it was still bleeding.

I lay her unconscious body sideways and, if it wasn’t for the dire situation, I would enjoy how beautiful it looked. How frail, how vandalized… If her body was ok, how would be her mind? For the first time in my life, at least since my teenage years, I was really worried I had lost somebody.

I knelt beside her and, carefully, I started to remove the plug. I had to pull, as it was stuck firmly in place by the way it had stretched her poor little ass. With what sounded like a suction noise, the thing came out, and a pool of moist and blood made a pool under her hip. Her entrance was stretched, gaping, red. I got up quickly, and I ran to get a white towel soaked in hot water, then I came back and started cleaning her as best as I could. Alissa didn’t move, completely out, with her little mouth partially open. At that moment, that was for the best. I delicately turned her to on her back, and I removed the clover clamps. Her delicate rosy nipples had been flattened by the pressure of the clamps, and I imagined how sensitive they were.

Stepping on the balcony, I called a trusting friend of mine, a doctor. I partially explained the situation, saying I was with a girl in the middle of a rough scene of extreme sex, and that we had gone too far. I told him I didn’t want to take her to a hospital, for obvious reasons. He told me the names of analgesics and an anti-inflammatory I should give her, and to watch out for the bleeding. He told me there was a small chance that it would stop by itself if I were lucky, but he also said I shouldn’t take too long to decide. He also said he could stop by if I needed him, to which I thanked him. I called Brandon, and I asked him to check if we had those meds. If we didn’t, he should go get them as fast as possible and bring them to my room.

I went back inside the room, and she was still out. That started to worry me. I’ve heard of people passing out from pain, it wasn’t uncommon, but she had been out for minutes now. I took her in my arms, and she looked more delicate then ever, her face wet from tears and now drooling, her hair stuck to her forehead by sweat, her little nose still had a faint blushing, but her lips were pale, just like the rest of her face.

I brought her to my room, twice the size of hers, and stylized in black décor, the opposite of hers. I laid her down in the center of my massive bed, easing her head gently over a big pillow, and I covered her with a thick and dark brown faux fur blanket. I kissed her forehead, and I just looked at her for a second. For a weird moment of consciousness, not mattering if I had lost her or not, I just wanted her to be ok.

Brandon, always clever, quietly called me to the door, not entering, and not disturbing her. Luckily, we had everything we needed at the house. I thanked him, and asked him to stay put because there was a chance we would have to rush with her to a hospital. His face didn’t change, didn’t give anything away, but I could see him checking on her from over my shoulder. He worried about her too, I knew that.

What were the chances of that? A lovely girl spends her whole life being mistreated by people who we supposed to love her, both family and friends, and now, she had two guys that were supposed to be the bad guys, genuinely caring for her. I know it is hypocritical of me to say that, since I was the one who had done that to her, but the way I felt at that moment, even if I had enjoyed every second of her distress while it happened… I almost regretted all of it.

I could have just accepted her terms. I could have simply said that Ashley was no more, but I had to be right, I had to have it all. We could have gotten to this same point in the future, where I’d be doing extreme things to her, soon as she was ready for it. It didn’t need to be like this. Now there was a big chance I had ruined her for real, traumatized her, lost her. Again, I didn’t regret it. That was the most extreme thing I had ever done, considering to whom I had done it. But I was undoubtedly divided.

By the time I was bringing the meds and a glass of water to the bed, my clock started beeping. The timer. Thirty minutes. For some reason, its beeping made her wake up.

She opened her eyes slowly, blinking, lost. I put the things I had in hand over the nightstand, and I sat next to her.

“W-What…?” She mumbled, and then as soon as she moved, she winced.

“Try not to move, sweetheart.” I said in a soothing tone.

For a second, she looked me in the eyes, and then I saw tears forming.

“It’s ok… You’ll be alright,” I tried to comfort her.

“I… I’m sorry… I’m s-sorry…” She erupted in heartfelt crying.


“My love, everything is ok, you just passed out,” I scooched closer to her, and I pulled her closer, letting her face rest on my shoulder.

“No, it is not. I’m not good enough for you. I couldn’t e-endure it…” She explained herself, sobbing.

I couldn’t believe that was happening. There was no limit for her submissiveness, for her lack of self-esteem… I felt exhilarated. That perfect girl was still mine, even after all of that!

“You are, sweetheart. You are. You did way better than anybody else, as young, as unexperienced as you, or as sensitive to pain as you would do. You got it. Just you and me from now on, I promise.”

She looked up, to me, to my eyes, and I saw incredulity in her eyes, then, peace. I felt her shoulders relax, and she just let her face rest on my shoulder, exhausted.

I kissed her forehead. My heart beating fast again. “You are my slave now. You know what that means, right?”

Alissa nodded, slowly, her eyes closed.

“That I’m yours…”

“Mine, every single second. To do whatever I want.”

She nodded again, her breathing steady, relaxed.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“Yes…” She almost whispered, as if she were about to fall asleep.

“We need to pay attention to how you feel now, to know if I’ll have to take you to a hospital.” I included, as I was still unsure of how bad it was.

“Ok…” She answered softly, as if it didn’t matter at all that she could be as damaged as to need medical attention.

I gave her the medicine, and I made her go to the bathroom to check on the bleeding. I ended up going with her, as she was exhausted, drowsy, and it was good to see with my own eyes that the bleeding had stopped. I gave her a shower and helped her clean up as best as we could without making her suffer unnecessarily, then I almost carried my baby girl to bed, where we spent the night together. She slept almost instantly. I picked up my phone.


“Yes, boss.”

“She is ok,” I said, and I gave him a second, indicating that he could answer to that.

“That’s good news, sir. I’m relieved.”

“Me too. Listen, we are not bringing her back. She’ll stay here, indefinitely. Are you sure nobody saw her getting into the car? Are we clear?”

He took a second to think, to let the information sink in, then he answered, “We are clear. Nobody knows she is here. But, boss?”


“The redhead, Ashley… She knows too much.”

“You are right. We will deal with her. She’ll be yours, from now on.”


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