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Daughter and dad
There is something about the growth of children that simply changes your

perception and view of the kids. When Peter and Alexis were infants, they were

charming and perfect. Tiny hands and perfect little faces had my wife and I

crazy with love and adulation for our son and daughter. Our relationship

remained great with out kids, but as they grew the whole "perfect" perception

began to change.

Once Peter started to walk and talk, he became a bit of a

worry and a little pain in the ass. He was always taking off on you if you were

not watching him at all times, and the questions never stopped. "But how come,"

or "But why?" were his responses to any answer I would give him. I still had a

great amount of love for my son, but he did test my patience on more than one


Alexis eventually went through the same stages as her brother, but

not as extreme. She was curious, but she tended to remain close to her mother or

me, and her questions were not as forthcoming as with Peter. As Peter grew

older, he started rebelling a little bit, trying to establish his own little

world. It was the typical stuff that teens went through, hell I could even

remember being a pain in the ass to my parents, and my wife and I just let it go

as a stage of his development.

It was not as if we did not love our kids, we

did. It was just the frustration of dealing with the kids getting through the

rough middle years where they where so close to becoming an adult, but still

hanging on to the craziness of being a teen. Whereas Peter began to resemble my

looks, Alexis became a mirror image of her beautiful mother, with one small

change. Her body developed into a perfection of art.

Alex had long blonde

hair that hung straight down to her shoulders. She was tall at 5'8", and she was

very lean. She was not overly thin like some of her friends, who almost seemed

to be just skin and bones and her body developed these amazing curves that were

just not fair. I mean, how fair is it for a young girl to develop

"Playboy" like curves to her hips? I did not find it fair at all, and when Alex

discovered the power and domination that came with these looks, she began to use

it to her advantage.

I saw my cute, perfect girl turn into a hot

teenage slut right before my eyes! She would wear make-up that made her look

much older, and she wore clothes that appeared to be painted on. Her shirts

always seemed to press against her firm 34-C breasts and her nipples were

perpetually erect. I swear that you could hear the erections grow when she

sauntered through a room, her tight little ass swaying seductively back and

forth. God, she was a goddess and she was my own daughter.

She began to

flirt with everyone, even me, and it opened new doors for her. I noticed that

she began to hang out with "older" guys, and I would often wonder if my little

girl was still a virgin. She was a bundle of sexuality and she sure knew how to

use it. Whenever Peter would have a friend over, Alexis made sure that she would

walk right by, stealing the attention in whatever room she walked into. Even my

friends noticed it, giving me a hard time about the hot sexpot that I had in my

house. If they only knew.

The more provocative she became, the more that she

turned me on. I could not believe it, but my girl was actually turning me

on almost every time I saw her. I became one of the masses when she entered the

room, and my cock began to get erect every time I saw her erect nipples poking

through her shirt. The little tease knew it too, and I noticed that she became

more and more flirtatious with me. It was excruciating to see her prance around

in front of me in a tight little bra and panties, her youthful body begging for

release and touch, and I found myself pounding away on my cock on more than one

occasion while thinking of my daughter.

This is not to say that my sex life

was not satisfactory with my wife, but there was something about my hot slutty

daughter that had my balls boiling. I would fantasize that it was Alexis riding

my cock when my wife slammed down on me. With their similar looks it made the

fantasy all that easier to imagine, and my own fantasies fueled the desire. As

the summer approached, and more and more of her skin became visible, I knew that

I had to do something. Something had to be done soon or I was going to burst.

Alexis continued her teasing and flirting, always brushing her breasts

against my arm or my chest when she kissed me goodnight and "accidentally"

rubbing against me whenever she had the chance. I caught her checking the lump

in my pants on occasion, and I wondered if she had the same thoughts that I did.

I would run to my bathroom and pound my cock on every occasion that one of these

"touches" occurred, and she had me going nuts.

To my dismay, she filled out

a bikini even better than her underwear. She had bought a skimpy little string

outfit, complete with a thong and high straps on the legs. I thought I was going

to cum in my pants when she would prance around in the summer, always showing me

her firm ass cheeks. It was hell watching her slink around the house, her body

always seeming to touch mine when she walked on by.

I was mowing the lawn on

a hot Saturday, the sweat pouring down my body, when Alexis came strolling out

of the house in her hot little bikini. I switched the mower to neutral when I

got near her, and she smiled at the sweaty mess I was.

"You should take a

break daddy," she told me in her hot voice, her ever-present nipples poking

straight out. "You are all hot and sweaty, ugggh!"

"I will in a second

Alex," I told her as I wiped my arm across my forehead. "I just want to finish

the front, than I am going to take a break. I do need to trim the bushes in back

later too."

"OK daddy, I am going to lay out in the back and get some sun,"

she told me with a quick peck on the check before she ran around to the back

yard. My cock came to life as her luscious ass swayed in front of my face, and I

wondered how many fathers actually lusted after their daughters. I wanted to

fuck Alexis unlike anything else that I ever wanted to do, and my cock throbbed

like a raging inferno in my pants. I was not sure how much more of this I could


I finished up in front and went in for a quick shower. Rinsing off, I

thew on a pair of shorts and then headed out back. I grabbed the hedge trimmers

as I walked around back, and I froze in my footsteps as I saw Alexis in the


She was sprawled out on a chaise lounge, her arms extended over

her head, and her perfect little body laid out behind her. Her bikini top was

untied and her back was bared for me to see. If I thought my cock was hard

before, it was like a piece of granite as I stared at her naked body. With the

tiny thong and her bikini undone, her entire backside was bared for me to look


Walking over to the bushes, I fired up the trimmer and started to work

on the bushes. It only took a couple minutes, and as I made my way over to the

other set, I could hear Alexis calling my name. I turned off the trimmer, and I

placed it on the ground as I walked over to my daughter.

"What do you need

honey?" I asked her as I came over to her body, my eyes glued to her perfect


"Daddy, my back is burning up," she told me with a pouty look that shot

sparks running through my cock. "Could you put some suntan lotion on me please?"

"Uh, yeah, sure....we would not want you to burn now, would we?" I told her,

kneeling down next to her and grabbing the bottle of lotion. I squirted a glob

of the lotion between her shoulder blades, and I began to rub the lotion into

her body. She began to moan a little, telling me how good it felt as my fingers

rubbed the lotion into her hot skin. I was lucky that she was on her stomach as

my cock was creating quite a presence in my pants.

It was sheer heaven as my

hands pushed the warm lotion into her firm skin. My hands massaged the lotion

into her back, and as my hands moved along either side of her back I noticed her

lift her body up slightly. Was she trying to get me to touch her breasts, I

thought, as there was certainly enough room now to grab her perfect mounds. I

pulled my hands onto her back as I was still afraid of touching her, however

much I wanted her. Alexis slumped back onto the lounge as my hands worked down

her back again.

The slope down to her ass was a perfect, gradual glide, and

my hands slid along the way. I clasped them around her tiny waist, and I could

hear another low moan escape her lips.

"That feels so good daddy," she told

me in a moan. "Thank you."

"No problem sweetie," I replied, my eyes still

fixed on her ass. "Almost done." She sucked in a sharp breath as my fingers

touched her bare ass, the subject of my deepest fantasies. I was mesmerized as I

watched my hand rub into her perfect ass, Alexis actually pushing back at me,

lifting her hips.

It was tough to do, but I did move my hands from her ass,

slowly working my way down to her knees. Did she emit a moan of dissatisfaction

as I left her ass, or was it only my imagination? My cock was drooling pre-cum

all over my boxer shorts and I could not wait to get inside to jerk off. I

quickly rubbed down her shapely legs, vigorously rubbing the lotion in. I

thought my cock was going to explode in orgasm all over my shorts as I closed

the bottle and told her I was done. I started to get up from the ground when

Alexis asked me to wait.

"But daddy, you only did the back," she said in the

most flirtatious voice I had ever heard. "You don't want my front to burn do

you?" She began to roll over onto her back, her bikini slipping out from

underneath her and exposing her incredible mounds to my eyes.

"Um, uh, uh,

ah can't you do that yourself?" I stammered out as I tried to turn away, but my

eyes would not move from her erect nipples. "I ..uh..ahh..really

should...uh..ahh..finish the should cover yourself


"Really dad," she said in a mocking voice. "It's not like you

haven't seen my breasts before. I mean, come on, I'm your daughter!"

"I know

honey, so much," I continued. "I really

think that cover yourself, and put the lotion on


"Do you not like my breasts daddy?" she asked me with a big frown

on her puckered lips. "It felt so good when you rubbed my back, I wanted you to

do it to my front. Please?" I could not believe it. My hot daughter, my little

fantasy girl, was begging me to massage her naked body. The cum was drooling out

of my cock as I gave in.

I took the lotion in my hands and began on her

shoulders, slowly massaging the lotion into her neck and shoulders, Alexis

making little moans and whimpers as I rubbed her body. My eyes were locked on

her magnificent breasts the entire time, her erect nipples standing up at me. I

had fantasized and cum so much over these little nubs, and I could not believe

that they were standing in front of me. I was very tempted to grab them right

there, but I still fought to maintain a shred of decency, and I forced my

fantasies out of my mind.

I moved my hands to her stomach, slowly rubbing

the lotion into her flat stomach and over her flared hips. It was a moment of

indecision as my fingers grazed over the bottom of her breasts. Both of us

groaned as I finally made contact with the bottoms, and I quickly pulled my

hands away.

"Daddy, would you please put lotion on my breasts," she asked in

a cute little voice. "I do not want to burn them. Please?" I groaned as my hands

went to her breasts, coating them in the suntan lotion. She arched her back,

pushing her chest up towards me, and she took my breath away.

Her breasts

were beyond perfection, blowing away any fantasy image that I had held. My hands

cupped the globes, rubbing the lotion in as I took in their beauty. They were

full and round, both with a slight up-tilt that pushed her nipples skyward.

There was not a hint of sag, and they both remained firm and upright as I began

to cover them with suntan lotion. Alexis began to moan out as my fingers pressed

into her, moving all around her breast while avoiding her nipples. I purposely

stayed away from her nipples. I was worried that if I touched them that my cock

would explode in my pants. Alexis solved that problem for me.

"Daddy, please

do my nipples too," she asked me in a whisper, her eyes closed. "I can't have

them burn. Please." I groaned with her as my fingers squeezed her nipples,

lightly tugging on them as I pushed the lotion over her. She was squirming in

the seat as I touched her, her nipples extremely erect in my fingers.

Reluctantly, I pulled them away. I could not get carried away in the back

yard with my daughter. I was still unsure of the game that she was trying to

play, and I was still worried of the consequences. She let loose with a deep

sigh as I moved my hands back to her legs. She squirmed a bit as I touched her

thighs, and I thought I noticed a damp spot being on her bikini bottoms, but I

was afraid that my imagination got too much of me. As I finished, I quickly put

the bottle down and tried to get up.

"Daddy, come here," Alexis told me as

she wrapped her arms around my neck. "I want to thank you for doing that." She

kissed my cheek, and I could not help but groan out loud as her bare breasts dug

into my chest, her nipples sliding against my sweaty skin. I had to get out of

there, and I almost ran into the house.

"What about the other bush?" she

asked me as she remained on the lounge, her naked breasts still open for my


"Umm, err..yeah..I almost forgot," I told her as I grabbed the trimmer

and moved over to the other set of bushes, relieved to get my attention away

from daughter's incredible body. I fought to keep my attention on the bushes,

but her body was like a magnet that was calling my name over and over. I was

finishing the bushes when I felt her hands on my shoulders.

"Relax daddy,"

she purred into my ear, her fingers massaging into my shoulders. "Your shoulders

are getting very red. I want to put some lotion on you so that you do not burn.

Turn off the trimmer for a second."

I nodded my head and turned the machine

off as she rubbed the lotion into my shoulders. I held my breath as she leaned

into me, her breasts pressing against my back as her hands massaged my neck and

shoulders. Her hands slipped down to my back and then turned me around.


this time, my cock was spurting cum all over my shorts, and I was worried about

her reaction. Any concerns were eliminated by the view in front of me. My little

girl was looking up at my face, her perfect breasts standing out off of her

chest. I could feel her erect nipples brush against my sweaty skin, and neither

of us said a word.

"Ohhhh, dadd!" she squealed out, snapping my attention

back to reality. "Are you ok? Are you bleeding?" She was staring at my cock, and

the rapidly spreading wet spot on my shorts. Before I could say a word she had

my shorts down at my ankles, my painful erection standing up in front of her

eyes. "Oh wow, is that all for me?"

I could not take it any more, and I

grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her to her feet. We wrapped our arms

around each other, our lips coming together as our bodies pressed into each

other. Her incredible breasts squashed against my chest as our tongues raced

into each other's mouth. It was my fantasy come true, and I grabbed her by her

ass, lifting her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist. She clung tight to

me as we kissed, and I eventually put her back down.

"Are you OK honey?" I

asked her, a note of concern in my voice. "We shouldn't be doing this, this is

wrong." She looked at me and shook her head.

"Daddy, you make me feel so

good," she told me in a sexy whisper. "I have wanted you so bad. Why do you

think I wear those outfits around the house? I thought that you did not like

me." Her lips stuck out in a killer pout as I grabbed her and pulled her into

the house. We ran to the bathroom, stripping off our remaining clothes and

quickly jumping in the shower. Although we were both dying to touch each other,

we used the shower to quickly rinse the sweat and lotion off of ourselves.

Turning the water off, we both stepped out.

Our wet bodies pressed together

as we kissed, my hands flying to her breasts. She was moaning loudly as I rubbed

and tugged on her nipples, my lips kissing a trail down her neck. She grabbed a

towel and started to dry me off, rubbing my back as I sucked her nipple into my


"Ahhh, yeah...mmm..oh nice," she cried out as I attacked

her nipples. "So good..yes, yes, yes, yes!" She threw her head back,

arching her chest into my face as I devoured her breasts. My hands held her by

her tiny waist as I licked and sucked her.

"Mmmm, that is good...ahh," she

told me in short gasps. "Let me dry you off first, then we can play."

Reluctantly, I moved away from her chest, and I let her rub my body down with

the towel. My cock was straining up, and I cried out as she rubbed my shaft with

the towel, her eyes locked on mine the entire time. As she dropped the towel, I

picked her up in my arms, her arms locking around my neck. We locked in a deep

passionate kiss as I carried her to my room.

"No daddy, not here," she told

me as we neared my bedroom. "Make love to me in my bed. Make love to me in my

room." I swelled with unbridled lust as I carried her down to her room, pushing

the door shut as we entered the room. I carried her over to her bed, lying her

down before me.

It was my dream come true, my fantasy turning into reality

as I looked at my sexy daughter. Her body was splayed out on her bed before me,

ripe for my touch, and I ached for her. She reached her hands up to me, pulling

me down to her on the bed. Our bodies wrapped together as we kissed, our hands

exploring each other.

Her skin was amazingly soft, and my hands slid all

over her, taking time to rub all the right areas. She was a first class tease,

and she ran her hands all over my body, touching me everywhere except for my

cock. Her nails traced lines over my thighs and across the top of my stomach,

but never quite touching my stomach. She moaned into my mouth as I toyed with

her breasts, her hands running through my hair as I bit and sucked on her


"Nnnn, nice..oh daddy, that feels so good," she moaned to

me. "It feels so good, so nice."

"Baby, you are incredible," I told her in

my own groan, my tongue flying over her firm mounds. "We are going to feel so

good together."

I started kissing between her breasts, slowly licking down

to her flat stomach. She squealed as I kissed and licked her stomach, my hands

holding her by her tiny waist.

"Yes dad, oh yeah..that feels so

nice..yes," she moaned out as my hands slipped under her ass. I held her

perfect, tight ass in my hands as I moved my mouth over to her pussy. I could

feel the heat rising with the sweet odor from her mound, and my cock continued

to drool cum against her bed.

I kissed her pussy tenderly, my lips touching

her steaming pussy lips. I flicked my tongue out to taste her, and Alex shrieked

out at the touch. I attacked her with my lips and tongue, sucking and licking

her lips into my mouth. She kept her mound completely shaven, obviously due to

the tiny G-string that she wore, and I loved the smooth feel of her hot skin.

"Yeah, oh yeah, suck me daddy, lick me," she purred out, her hips bucking up

and pressing against my mouth. "That is so hot..lick me." She had moved her

hands to her breasts, and I moaned as I looked up at her, her hands cupping her

perfect mounds. I could not have dreamt of a more perfect situation, and I lost

myself in the wonders of her pussy.

I moved my mouth up to her clit, closing

my lips around it and sucking it into my mouth. Alex jumped up from the bed as I

made contact with her clit, and the juice streamed out of her pussy. She was

moaning loudly now, and I brought my hand to her pussy, shoving a finger into

her tight hole. I had found heaven, and it was her body.

"Ahhhh, yeah, oh

yes, I am going to..ahh..I am gonna..ahhhh...yeah," she mumbled to me as my

finger filled her and my lips teased her clit. "Yes, yes, yes, so good, so good,

so good....aahhhhhhhhhhh!" Her body exploded in climax, coating my fingers as

they filled her pussy. I felt her pussy squeeze around my finger as I sucked on

her clit, the juice pumping out around me.

"Mmmm, baby, you taste so taste so hot," I told her as I looked up at her. "Mmmm, so good, I

love you Alexis." She rolled me over, kissing my face and then working her body

down along mine, her magnificent breasts pressing against me the whole way. It

was sheer bliss as she reached my swollen, drooling cock.

Alex got between

my legs and took my cock in her hands. She clasped her firm breasts around my

cock, and she slowly rocked back and forth, teasing my cock with her wonderful

breasts. It was my turn to moan.

Ohh honey, so fucking good," I groaned to

her. "Fuck, you are going to make me cum. Your hot body feels so good on my

cock." She squealed at my words, continuing to move her body against my cock.

"I like that daddy, talk to dirty to me," she begged as she took her breasts

away from my cock. I shrieked out as her lips kissed my cock, little kisses all

over the head. Her tongue flicked out to lick the pre-cum that was spread all

over the head of my cock. It was an incredible sight as I watched my daughter

look up at me, her tongue flicking out and bathing my cock in her hot saliva.

"Honey, you are so fucking hot, you are going to make my cock explode," I

told her, Alexis whimpering back at my words. "Oh Christ honey, you are so

fucking hot."

Her mouth closed on my cock, her mouth sliding down over my

engorged shaft. I could not believe the sensations that were racing through my

body as my little girl sucked on my cock. Her mouth was like a wet tube, her

lips forming a perfect circle around my thick shaft. I continued to moan to her,

knowing full well that my climax was only inches from the surface.


honey, your mouth is so fucking good, so fucking hot on my cock," I cried out,

my words exciting her. "Yeah, eat my cock, suck my cock baby." I began to pump

my hips into her face, my hand going to her head. "Yeah, I am going to fuck your

face, I am going to cum all over you baby!"

She whimpered back at my words,

her mouth bobbing faster and faster on my cock, her tongue sliding back and

forth across my shaft. I could hold back no longer, and my cock erupted like a

fountain in my little girl's mouth, taking her by surprise.

I think she was

ready for me to cum, but she could not have been prepared for the onslaught of

cum that was launched into her mouth. She tried her best to swallow it all, but

my cock unleashed months of fantasies, and endless hours of my dreams into her

body. The cum came out of my body in tremendous spurts, blasting against the

back of her throat with the force of a cannon blast.

Alexis choked on my

cum, the white sticky spunk bubbling up on her lips and across her face. Looking

down at her my cock shot off again, the sight of my beautiful daughter on my

cock sending wild thrills racing through my body. She looked up at me, her lips

and face covered in my spunk, and I held her to me, my cock beginning to deflate

in her mouth.

"So fucking hot, Alexis," I told her, her face smiling back at

me in a cum covered look. "God, that was intense. I want to fuck you. I am going

to fuck you until you explode."

"Oh god daddy, that is so hot when you talk

like that," she cried back at me, her perfect breasts pressing into my body

again. "You get me crazy when you talk like that. Tell me what you are going to

do to me." Her hands fell to my cock as my fingers ran to her wet pussy. We

began to pet each other as I told her what I was going to do.

"I am going to

take my hard cock and rub it against your pussy," I told her, Alexis grunting

with each word, her hands squeezing my cock. "Once you are nice and hot, I am

going to shove my hard cock into your tight little pussy and fuck you until you

cum all over my cock." She groaned out at my words, my fingers teasing her hot

little pussy at the same time.

By this time my cock was fully erect again,

and I moved between her legs. She was moaning to me, almost purring out loud, as

I began to rub my cock against her pussy lips and clit. She started to climax in

a string of mini orgasms as my cock rubbed against her hot opening, her pussy

lips swollen and large against my cock. The juice was pouring out of her body,

coating my cock as I held it against her.

"Come on dad, fuck me. Stop

teasing me and fuck me," she begged, saying exactly the words that every father

wants to hear. "Put it in and fuck me. Give me what I want." I leaned in and

kissed her, our lips locked together as I began my entrance to her hot body.

I pushed the head of my cock between her swollen, wet lips, and the feeling

was indescribable. Words can not do justice to the incredible feelings that ran

through my body as her cunt opened up to my cock. I think Alexis phrased it

right when she let loose with a string of words and groans.


long groan. Her body was extremely tight around my cock, but all the juice eased

the way. I pushed forward, and Alexis continued to mumble words to me. Once

inside her body, I began speaking to her.

"Fuck honey, your pussy is so

fucking tight," I groaned between clenched teeth, her pussy clamping down on my

cock with each word. "Christ, I am going to explode again. You are so fucking

hot Alex"

I began to drive my cock into her body, Alexis responding by

pushing back at me, driving her pussy up against my body. This caused her clit

to rub against me, and she started to shake and shiver. Her body let loose with

a blast of juice all over my and we groaned together.

"I love you daddy, you

feel so good," she told me, her hands wrapping around my neck and kissing me.

"Mmmm, your cock feels so good..fuck me!"

I kissed her and held her to me,

her body swelling around my cock as I began to drive into her. I held onto her

ass with my hands, lifting her up and driving into her, our bodies coming

together in a wet embrace. I began to pump away, hard and fast into her, and

Alexis called out to me.

"Oh yes, do it like that, oh god that is so good,"

she moaned to me, her head thrown back in pleasure. "Fuck me hard and fast like

that....oh it daddy." I grabbed her by the hips and began to pummel

her body with my rock hard cock, her pussy grabbing at my cock. Her pussy lips

stuck to my cock like glue, and they withdrew and contracted with each motion of

my cock, the thick shaft pushing deeper and deeper with each thrust. Alex was

grunting out with each thrust, and I could feel that amazing sensation start

deep within my balls again.

"Oh fuck honey, you are so fucking good," I

moaned to her, Alex clawing at me with her nails as I pounded her fast and hard.

"Your pussy is so fucking good, fuck, you are going to make me explode!"

"Yeah..ungh..ahh..uhh..yes..cum..cum..cum for me," she grunted to me, her

words coming out on each thrust. I slammed faster into her, my body flying like

a well-oiled piston as she screeched to me. "DDAADDDYYY!!!!!! I AM

CUMMMMMINGGGG!!!!!!" came shrieking from her lungs, her body shaking all over my


I wanted to hold her and let her enjoy it, but I was too far-gone with

my own desire. I kept my grip on her hips, and I continued my assault on her

pussy, my cock piercing her deeper and deeper with each bang. My onrushing

climax hit me like a freight train, and I unleashed another tremendous amount of

cum into her hot body.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh Christ I am cumming," I moaned

to her, her pussy in convulsions all over my cock as it spurted deep inside her.

My blasts hit her insides in a fiery wash, and they set her off on another

string of orgasms.

"Oh daddy, I can feel it, yeah, I can feel you cumming

inside me," she purred out to me, her face clenched. "God, I am cumming again,

again, again!!"

We held to each other, my cock spurting and her pussy

flowing, our juice and sweat mingling with each other. Our lips attacked each

other in a hungry kiss, our tongues flying madly against each other. Our arms

held us tight as we came and came, emptying our bodies into each other.


love you daddy, I love you so much," she told me between kisses.

"Honey, I

love you too," I replied. "I have wanted you for so long."

"That was

incredible, I never knew it could be so good," she purred as she kissed me, her

drenched pussy lips squeezing against my limp cock. "You can put suntan lotion

on me anytime, daddy."

And so it became our weekly ritual. Whenever we were

alone at the house on a weekend, I would do yard work, and Alexis would lay out

in the back yard. She would always ask me to help her with the lotion, and she

would always put some on my back. It as a great relationship and Alexis really

was my hot daughter.


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