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Michael had just returned from work, surprised to see her after their breakup. Little did he know what she had ready for him!
Michael had just returned from work that night to meet his door open. He wondered who had gotten in since he lived alone so he picked up a weapon from the kitchen as he advanced into his room. 

“Easy, it’s just me,” I said when the door opened and I saw Mike standing with a knife. 

“What are you doing here? I thought we broke up!” He questioned angrily.

“And I’m here to make things right. I'm sorry, we shouldn’t be having such fights” I responded, walking closer to Michael who was standing by the door to pull him in and shut the door closed.

Michael hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead, before slowly advancing to my lips. He pushed me to the bed and headed to the wardrobe. I saw him bring out a pair of cuffs and blindfold. 

I know he missed my body, it was one thing he could never resist no matter how hard he tried.

“You’re so crazy” I retorted 

“I know,” He said throwing the toys on the bed as he crawled into it slowly.

He lifted me, holding me by the waist and pulling me closer to himself. His palms caressed my hips softly, before grabbing my butt cheek aggressively and then he brought me to sit on his lap.

“Mmm...that energy!” I exclaimed. I started to remove his buttons slowly, to reveal his chest. I let my hands feel it when the buttons were all open. I could feel his dick rise with a boner under me as my hands continued to roam his chest.  He lifted me and pinned me to the bed swiftly, cuffing my hands above my head. The room became darker when he threw a blindfold over my eyes. This was going to be so exciting.

His soft, hot lips came unto mine, kissing me passionately. My senses were awakened by the mind-blowing feeling and I wanted him inside of me immediately. But he was taking his time to turn me on!

My lingerie was slowly getting soaked with my juice. Every kiss left me yearning for more of him. He pulled off the piece of clothing violently. I could feel my nipples harden when air fell on them. But it wasn’t the air, no, it was what he was doing to me and the thought of what he was going to do with my breasts as they fell out of it’s place. I felt his hands grab my breast tightly. 

“Mmmm baby” I whimpered lightly, drowning in the pleasure.

“They're so many things I want to do to you tonight. For tonight you'd be my slave” he mumbled obnoxiously massaging my breasts intensely.

He stopped using his hands and then brought his mouth there. He bit my nipples slightly 

“Awwww” I yelled. But he silenced me with his hands in my vagina. 

“Oh yes” I moaned

“I haven’t started with you yet crazy!” he whispered into my ear as his hands danced in my wet pussy.

His fingers brushed my clits in an upward and downward movement 

“Oh babby, please” I moaned as he continued to finger me. He pulled out his hand and massaged my vulva with his palm briefly. It wasn’t long before he dipped his fingers in again. This time throbbing two fingers in and out of my vagina. 

“Aargh” I screamed very loudly and in pain, wondering how this could be violently painful yet so pleasurable. He kissed me to cushion the scream, his tongue danced around the four corners of my mouth.

While his hand was still down there, his lips moved to my nipples. 

“Oh yeah! I'm going to suck on these like I’m your baby” he said, and in a second I could feel his cold lips on my nipple. He didn’t stop touching me as he sucked on my nipple aggressively.

“Fuck me baby, hard, I’m losing it” I really was losing it. I didn’t understand why he was still stalling with aggressive foreplay.

“You want some BDSM shit?” he said with his mouth leaving my nipple. He didn’t get a response because I was only interested in feeling his long dick inside of me. He took off my blindfold first, and then my cuffs but still held my hands tightly on the bed afterward with his masculine grip on my wrists. I was breathing fast in sexual excitement. He sucked and massage my nipple once again for some seconds.Wen he felt I was going to reach an orgasm, he stopped and went on to use his dick. He put his dick in between my breasts and held it together like a hotdog, then he began to fuck my breasts aggressively.

“Ohhh, more, more”  I watched him moan in pleasure.

He let go of one hand to guide his cock slowly into my wet hole and slapped his pelvis on me “Yesssss” he moaned as he made the first thrust. I whimpered in pain beneath him. The thrusting movements continued.  His hands left my wrists to my neck, he held me tightly as he kept tapping from my well.

When it felt like I couldn’t breathe I scratched his back with my fingers so he could let go. He returned to holding my wrist with one hand as the other hand fondled my breasts while he kept fucking me.

“Tell me how you like it” 

“Faster, harder, fuck me” I demanded and then he turned over, to place me on top.

“Sit on my face” he ordered and I obliged. By this time I was already dripping juice. I felt his tongue inside me, he moved it slowly and then began to go faster.

“You're killing me… you are…” I couldn’t stop moaning rubbing his head with one hand and fondling his balls with the other as he pleasured me. He started to moan when my touch became intense and then turned me over to lie under him again.

This time I could see his blood boil up violently. He held my hands above my head and thrusts into me again without any warning, harder this time without taking a break.

“You’re so sweet, I could fuck you forever”

“Ahh yess, uhhh, ohhh”

“Oh fuckkk...”

“Just a little bit more...”

“I’m there…..” He groaned releasing his hot fluid into me before kissing me again.

“That was great” he smiled to say when he rolled over.

“So are we back together now?” was all I responded with.

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