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Alex kidnaps an amateur porn model and bring her to his private island where he can enjoy her night and day.
I walked into the dining room quietly enough that Lily didn’t hear me She was sitting at the table, drinking a glass of white wine. In front of her was an empty dinner plate. Seems she had enjoyed the meal. She had had on a little black dress and black heels and looked lost in thought. On her face, she wore thick-rimmed black glasses. In most of her pictures and videos, she didn’t have them, but I guess she had removed her contact lenses before dinner. I cleared my throat so she knew I was there.

“Oh…I didn’t realize you were there. How long have you been there.?”

“Not long. Did you enjoy the meal? I made sure they made your favorite.” I asked her.

“It was very good. Best I’ve ever had.” She put the wine down on the table. “But that doesn’t make up for what you did. You raped me. If you think some dinner and wine will make me forgive you, you are sorely mistaken.” She said waving her finger at me.

“You are right. I did rape you. And I will rape you again.” When she heard that, she leaned back in her chair in shock. I think she was still processing her situation. Trying to make sense of it. “I can tell you now, I will continue to rape you whenever I want. If you fight me, you will get hurt. If you don’t fight me, it will be much easier for you.”

She reached out, picked up her wine glass and finished it in one gulp. She then took the bottle and refilled her glass.

“You look nice. That dress really suits you.”

“Doesn’t really cover much. It’s also a bit…breezy.” Shaking her head.

“You mean the lack of panties? I don’t think you really need them.” I said, chuckling slightly. I walked next to the table. Her ample breasts were almost bursting out of the tight dress. I couldn’t stop staring at her. Lily noticed this, took her glass of wine and polished that off too. Taking the bottle again, she poured out the last of the bottle.

“Hey, chef! Can I get more wine!” She yelled out.

“There is nobody here right now. I told them I wanted some alone time with you. After that, you can have more wine.” I got up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. She was trembling now, despite the hot evening. She was trying to drink the wine, but her hand was shaking. I ran my hands down the front of her body until I was massaging her breasts through the tight dress. I could feel the outline of her small nipple rings I had seen earlier.

“Please mister. Don’t do this.” She murmured very quietly. “I…I…don’t even know your name.”

I ignored her comment and continued to grope her. My dick felt like it was going to burst out of my pants. I took my hand off of her and took a step back. “Stand up,” I said sternly. After a moment, she pushed the chair back and stood up, but continued to face the table. I looked her up and down, paying special attention to her shapely ass. Pushing the chair aside, I came up right behind her and placed my hands on her hips. She was still shaking. I pulled her to the side a bit to where the table was empty.

“Bend over. Face on the table.”

“What? I don’t understand. Please, take your hands off of me. I don’t want to do this.”

I took a fistful of her blond hair and used it to push her face down onto the wooden dining room table. “Now stay there. Do not move.” I took a step back. With her dress being so short and no panties, I could barely see her pussy lips poking out from underneath. I wanted to see more. Taking a grip of her dress, I hiked it up to the small of her back. Now I could see her naked ass in all it’s glory.

I ran my hands over her butt, kneading them like dough. My hand then ran lower until I was rubbing her pussy lips gently. Taking my index finger, I inserted it slowly into her, getting it wet with her juices. Moving up, I rubber her clit gently. If it was having any affect on her, it didn’t show. She lay her head on the table and stared into space. She really was a beautiful sight. I stopped playing with her, pulled my finger out of her pussy and used my damp finger to pushed some of her hair away from her face so I could see it better.

“Please,” she whimpered, “Please don’t do this.”

My answer to that was to undo my belt, unzip my pants and let them and my underwear fall to the floor. My cock was hard and ready for her. The sound of the belt hitting the floor startled her and she gripped the table tightly. I took my dickhead and rubbed it between her pussy lips, where my finger had just been. I could feel her wetness. I couldn’t hold back any more. I put one hand on her bare shoulder, the other on her ass and pushed myself into her, right to the bottom.

‘Oh god…no…no…no…” she moaned softly. I pulled out most of the way and then shoved myself back in. I held myself inside for a bit, as deep as I could, feeling her wet tightness. I started to fuck her slow and long, watching as my dick moved in and out of her.

I pushed myself inside and held it there again. Reaching back, I unzipped her dress from the top down to the middle of her back. I reached around with one hand, lifted her up a bit off the table and grabbed her tit. I started to fuck her again while playing with her nipple ring

“Mmm Lily. You are so wet. I can tell you love me fucking you.” She gave out a low moan, but I think it was more out of frustration than anything. Letting her fall back to the table, I took a firm hold of her hips and started to thrust into her faster. It hadn’t been that long since I last came in her on the couch, but I was still very horny. Fucking her harder, the plates and dishes were starting to rattle, but it didn’t bother me.

I pulled my dick out and looked at my beautiful prize up and down for a moment, soaking in her beauty. Taking aim again, I pushed myself back into her and started to fuck her again. Leaning over, I first wet my finger in my mouth and reached underneath her. I stopped fucking her and rubbed her clit gently while holding myself in her.

“Does that feel good? I can tell you are getting wet. I want you to cum for me.” I rubbed her clit harder, hoping to get a reaction. She closed her eyes, probably hoping it would be over soon. Never slowing down on her clit, I started to kiss her back gently, causing her to shudder. “Well slut, are you going to cum? No? Well, one of us is.” I stopped playing with her, stood straight up, pulled myself most of the way out and then shoved myself back in to the bottom, causing her to groan loudly and one of the wine glasses to fall over. She seemed much wetter now than before and it felt so good. I started to bang her as hard as I could, shaking the table noisily. She was holding the table for dear life now as the sound of my thighs slapping into her filled the room.

I could feel myself getting very close to coming. Then it hit me. I knew what I wanted to do. Pulling out of her, I took a firm grip on her hair, lifting her up off the table as she screamed in surprise. I turned her around. I took either side of her dress and pulled it down, showing me her amazing breasts.

“On your knees slut.” I pushed her down until she was on her knees in front of me, my dick staring her in the face. I took a firm grip of the back of her hair with my left hand, holding her in place. With my right, I began jerking myself off in front of her.

“Wait, please don’t…” her words were cut short by the first stream of cum that landed in her mouth mid sentence. That was followed by another across her cheeks and nose, then a third all over her tits. Once I was done, I let go of her hair and looked at my handywork.

“Oh god…so…so gross.” Spitting it out and trying to wipe the cum off of her face. Chuckling to myself, I casually pulled up my underwear and pants and got dressed, my eyes never leaving the half naked, cum covered woman. She tried to cover herself by pulling up the dress.

I walked over to the kitchen area and let myself in with my key card. I pulled out a bottle of white wine from the fridge and brought it back out to the dining area. Opening it, I poured out a glass for her.

“You can wash it down with this.” I said and then started to walk away. Looking back, I could see her getting unsteadily to her feet and pound back the glass I had just poured in one gulp.
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