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MM Young boys have gay sex

Almost There


If anyone has figured, why things happen the way they happen especially when the sex is involved, Jabir would like to speak with him. When his mother left his father for another man and deciding better, Jabir’s father brought him to his elder sister who lived all alone with her son who was about Jabir’s age in the God’s land owning a small farm because her husband had found a better woman than her. Living in a small cottage type house with limited resources, Jabir had to sleep with his cousin Bashir in the same bed, which made them very actively having gay sex. They started with simple touching, then advancing to oral sex and then of course Bashir’s ass to be housing Jab’s monster cock in it almost daily to blow his load. For some stupid reason, Jabir thought that his aunt had not only heard them having sex but seen them too but being a wise lady she figured it a necessity and did not say a word. Honestly saying, they were both as horny and full of hormones as any other boy of that age. At that age they both did not know even the word ‘Bisexual’; forget about the meaning but they were both bisexuals. Why was Jabir sure; in spite of taking Jabir’s well-grown cock in his ass almost daily, at school Bashir had a very pretty girl as his girlfriend who he shafted every so often and though Jabir had not fucked a pussy so far but he would get very hard and very jealous whenever Bashir decided to go with her to her home to fuck her and not come to home with Jabir after school.

It was only once when Bashir agreed on compelling demand by Jabir and asked his girlfriend for a threesome but she did not only flatly refuse but told Bashir that she would leave him if he ever repeated the thought and sadly the pussy obeying Bashir also denied it to Jabir forever and Jabir had to be content with the perk of fucking his cousin. Time went on and the boys kept on having sex with each other. Jabir enjoyed to suck Bashir’s cock and get his cock sucked too before fucking Bashir. Jabir loved to get his cock sucked and having a 69 with Bashir. Jabir was so blessed with the size and nimble at the young age that he could suck himself and thought it was his way to make Bashir jealous for having a hard cock of only half the size than Jabir and it did not matter if Bashir had a girl to fuck her pussy on demand. Jabir was well contented to take Bashir’s ass and fill him with his young seed. This was truly a special time. Bashir had tried and practiced many times to suck himself like Jabir but he was unable to reach to suck himself because he was not built so long on his penis size plus he was also not very enthusiastic and happy to get sucked by Jabir and his girlfriend as well. On the other hand Jabir was able to do better each time he did the deed especially after figuring out that the trick was to back up his ass against a hard surface after being stiff and fully erect and then carefully using his hands to grip his thighs to pull himself down to where he could easily take his cock in his mouth. He was positively well versed now to take his full 8’’ in his mouth and polish his balls with the tongue.

One very hot afternoon, it happened again and he had come back alone from school to find nobody at home. He knew, his aunt will not be home till late in the evening. Bashir had stayed back to fuck his girlfriend silly and now Jabir was getting very horny, hard and jealous. Even though he knew that tonight he would be balls deep in Bashir and fucking him relentless he was feeling bad and burnt when he needed to go to the bathroom to pee. The bathroom next to the room for the boys was still not fixed and he went into his aunt’s bathroom instead. He been here before but today the things looked much different. Soon after peeing, he began masturbating thinking about Bashir’s girlfriend and her tight pussy. He was kind of angry for her not being willing to a threesome and also Bashir being such a pussy slave. He imagined sucking Bashir’s cock and licking his balls to completion and consuming his male fluids. Thinking of the consuming his sex juice, Jabir decided to suck himself. Aptly he leaned with his ass against the vanity and raised his legs with his arms under his thighs. Now his stiff, engorged cock was close to his mouth in front of his eyes with the drops of pre cum leaking to coat his cockhead.

His long drawn tongue began circling the wet dick slit. He wanted to moan but while licking himself, he could not do it. Jabir pulled his thighs down, jamming his lips little more around the fat shaft, pulling his face more onto his cock to suck himself and lick his balls. The feeling of wet tongue and wet mouth was incredible and Jabir felt his orgasm surging much faster. He wanted to linger on and in this attempt, he pulled his cockhead from his mouth to take a breath and there stood his aunt at the bathroom door. She had been there for a while and as a proof her skirt was laying on the floor and her one hand was stroking her clitoris and pussy flaps gently while the fingers of the other hand were twisting her already hard nipple. Utterly confused, Jabir froze for a split second and then wanted to get up when she yelled for him to stay and continue.

Totally out of his mind, Jabir got down again, taking his cock back in his mouth and began sucking and licking his cockhead nervously which had quickly lost the sensitivity. The hardness on Jabir’s shaft had also fizzled and he could almost cry when he heard the loud moaning from his aunt followed by the wet sound of her cunt while she got run over by the orgasm and her juices began flowing on her thighs. Jabir became rock solid in a hurry with the new enthusiasm and began sucking himself with fresh zeal and fervor. He was pulling his thighs as low and maneuvering his mouth all the way down to the thick cock base. He almost gagged remembering Bashir telling him about the sperm. He felt himself very close to shooting and just out of all senses, he simply announced, “Oh, I am about to sperm”. These words worked like magic and he saw his aunt fell to her knees with her mouth open over his chest under his cock tip to collect his sperm in her mouth and then with the speed of an electric current, she pulled away asking Jabir to cum in his mouth. “Cum baby, take it all, swallow it as you intended”. Fuck! Fuck! The elder sister of Jabir’s father was looking and exciting him to suck his cock and cum in his mouth for swallowing it all. “Cum sweetie, swallow it all”. She continued to prompt Jabir.

Totally mesmerized, Jabir moved his mouth furiously on his cock, swirling his tongue round and round at the dickhead. In less than a dozen thrusts he erupted as his balls got knotted and a huge flow of warm sperm filled his mouth. He could see his aunt close to climax by moaning very loud and fingering her labial folds and clitoris. She was also enjoying her orgasm, moaning and moaning, finger fuckin her pussy. Jabir thought, being under a very special watch, his orgasm ended much faster and as he lifted himself from his cock, his lips were heavily coated with his own slick sex fluid.

He was completely flabbergasted when his aunt gave him a kiss on his lips, licking his mouth, all smeared with his thick lava. Even their tongues tangled together for a split second and her hand slipped down to squeeze out the last drops from his balls onto her fingers which she licked quickly to clean her fingers. Then as if she never came closer to Jabir, she separated herself as her breathing also got normal swiftly.

“Jabir, pull your pants up and get the hell out of here, my bathroom”, Jabir heard her orders. He had no idea what to say but to pull his pants and creep out slowly past her. As he was leaving, he opened his mouth to say something but she stopped him abruptly, showing him the door. Very confused, Jabir dazed out to his room as she told him in no uncertain words, never to use her bathroom ever again. That night he sucked her son Bashir and fucked him very brutally thinking of her.

Jabir lived there in her household for the next almost 5 years but she never spoke of the happening to him or anybody else ever. The most confusing and upsetting thing for Jabir was that she never ever approached him in a sexual way. Finally, he got his chance to take a pussy but he thought of his aunt countless times and wondered what brought her so close to the moment of happening all, what held her back and how come she never got under another spell of the same feeling once again.

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