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This is based on an awkward conversation with a realtor I had several years ago. She mentioned how she never felt safe meeting buyers at remote homes. She followed up that it wasn't a real concern but the thought of being assaulted was always there. She was pretty weird but attractive in a soccer mom sort of way and he fear always got me a little hard.
Denna had cheated on Ben for the last time. She’d always worked odd hours as a real estate agent but he’d finally been able to prove she’d been going behind his back and he could divorce her cleanly. Ben felt some real hatred toward Denna but not enough to actually do anything about it. After the divorce papers were finalized he went out for a couple drinks. While at the bar he met a group of rough looking guys and decided to vent a little bit about his bitch ex-wife. As the night went on the conversation became darker and darker. Eventually one of the guys asked Ben if he wanted his ex to get raped. “Oh, god no. It wouldn’t surprise me if it happened though.”

Ben explained that Denna was trying to sell a couple of houses out in the country and although she brought a coworker with her on most showings, her go to work friend Sharon was infamous for showing up hungover or still drunk to Saturday showings. This meant that some properly motivated individuals could easily lure them out to a remote house and do whatever they wanted with them. Denna wasn’t really a catch; she had let herself go a bit in her mid-thirties and had never really recovered. She had a pretty face and an ample bosom, but her ass was pretty fat and she had a permanent muffin top. Of the two realtors Denna was the cute one, Sharon was pretty in her twenties but now that she had rounded fifty and had divorced her third husband she just looked run down. While Denna was thick Sharon was fat. This didn’t stop Sharon from spending most nights in bars trying to get laid, and she always went all out Friday and Saturday.

Ben chuckled to himself about the idea of these guys hurting his ex and then went on with his night. As soon as Ben got up from the table everyone else started putting together a plan. With the details Ben had given them it was easy to find Denna and her contact information, then while looking through her listings they found a house that had been on the market 200 days and was in a pretty remote area called Round Hill. Knowing she’d be eager to get rid of this property they decided that they might as well go through with getting some of this used-up realtor snatch.

Denna received a call on a Thursday from her office explaining that a man had called and that he and his wife would like to see a couple properties on Saturday morning. Upon hearing that they wanted to visit the Round Hill house Denna leapt at the opportunity and cleared her schedule. She called Sharon up and got her on board for a viewing first thing Saturday morning. Sharon made it clear though that Denna had to pick her up and that she’d be there physically but that was the only guarantee. Denna was all set and decided to head out to the property that afternoon; just to make sure it looked good for the weekend.

The house was in a wooded area and the driveway way ¼ mile long. When she pulled up to the place everything looked in order. The place had two stories and a basement, the above ground spaces were filled with staging furniture that had started to gather dust, and the basement was full of random stuff from the previous owner who had passed away. Figuring that cleaning the place would be too much work she decided to head out. The property would be good enough and she was hoping Saturday would be the last time she needed to come out to this place.

Saturday morning Denna pulled up to Sharon’s place. After several minutes of knocking Sharon finally came to the door. She was in leggings and a sweatshirt and looked like death. “You need to shower or something, I don’t think I even want you in my car like that…” Denna was always amazed at how low Sharon could sink, it made her feel a lot better about herself.

“I’ll shower, I’ll shower, but I’m still going to sleep in your car this whole trip.” Sharon turned into her house and left Denna at the doorstep. After a minute, Denna followed Sharon in. They both went to Sharon’s room and while Sharon started showering she tried to start up a conversation. “You really should come out with me one of these nights, now that you’re back on the market.”

“I really don’t think that I’d have as much fun as you do.”

“My fat ass got finger banged by a college kid behind the bar, if that’s not fun then I don’t know what is.” Sharon laughed to herself as she cleaned her pale and flabby body. Denna was disgusted by her crudity but was also a little curious what’d it be like to go after a young buck like that. Sharon finished up and dried off, just to return to a different pair of leggings and a sweatshirt.

“Aren’t you going to even put on a bra?” Denna really didn’t understand this woman.

“Who am I trying to impress? Let’s just get this over with so I can start getting ready for tonight!” Sharon pinched Denna’s fat ass as she exit the room.

Within five minutes of them driving Sharon was sound asleep. When Denna pulled up to the house she was relieved that the couple hadn’t arrived yet. She shook Sharon a little but decided it wasn’t worth having her around if she was going to look like such a hot mess. Unlocking the house she went to the kitchen and began dusting off the countertops and laying out the information she had on the house and property.

As soon as Denna had closed the front door five guys in ski masks emerged from behind some bushes. After talking to each other two headed to the car and three headed to the house. The car doors were unlocked, so it was easy to open up the passenger door and slip a ball gag on her open mouth. By the time she had the wherewithal to know she was in danger, Sharon was gagged, and being pulled from the car. She screamed into the gag to no avail as she was pinned to the gravel. In less than a minute she was tied up and helpless. The three guys who went to the house had a tougher task. They had talked about how to do this so they’d get the jump on Denna but were still unsure of how’d it actually go. With a guy on either side of the door the third man knocked a couple times. They heard a greeting from inside the house and some rushed footsteps. As soon as the doorknob turned the guy in the middle kicked it as hard as he could. Denna caught the door in the chest and face and was knocked clear onto her ass. She was so dazed she didn’t react until she was being picked up by her arms and forced into one of the dining room chairs. By the time the pain hit, her ankles were zip tied to the chair legs and her arms were pulled behind the chair and zip tied together. She began yelling at the top of her lungs. As the guys finished tightening her bindings they just laughed at her. “You know better than anyone that nobody can hear you.” One of them explained as Sharon was dragged in by the other two. “String up that fat cow and let’s explore this place a little. Look for anything that might be fun for these ladies to play with.” With that Sharon had a rope tied around her wrists and she was hoisted up to her tiptoes on the stair’s banister. The guys had been sure to leave the two women in plain view of each other. Sharon was crying hysterically, and Denna just kept repeating how sorry she was.

After ten or so minutes the guys reconvened. The women were horrified with what they saw. Among the items that were brought back were glass bottles, an aluminum bat, a golf driver, two guys had brooms, a toilet brush, one of the guys from the basement returned with an armful of clamps and wooden vises, and probably the most unsettling of all was a 8 inch tall 3 inch wide dead cactus.

“Please, I have money, if you give me a chance I can make all of you very rich.” Denna begged as her assailants compared toys.

“Lady, you have us all wrong. We aren’t here for any regular criminal reason. We're here for your pussy. This fat cunt over here” He gestured to Sharon with the bat, “This bitch doesn’t even really matter to us. Anything we do to her is just to mess with you. I want you to understand that. Everything we do to her is because of you.” Denna was sobbing incoherently. The man with the bat walked over to Sharon who was trying to turn away as she cried into her gag. He placed the end of the bat against her neck and traced down he body to her cunt. He jabbed her a little when he got there. Pulling the bat back he took a quick swing at her tits. At impact the room filled with a dull thud as Denna and Sharon screamed out in unison. “Oh god, please don’t hurt her, please, do what you will with me, but don’t hurt her” Denna pleaded.

“Lady, you still don’t seem to get it” He swung again at her tits. “This is all for you” He jabbed the end of that bat at Sharon’s pussy. “I know how I can explain this better. Guys, tie this cow open so we can do some damage. Show us her tits too.” In seconds her sweatshirt was cut from her body, one leg was pulled over and tied to the banister and the other one was pulled and tied to a doorknob. Now she was only in leggings, in a near splits, with her feet well off the floor. Her hands almost immediately started to discolor. As soon as she was spread apart, the leader of the group switched out the bat for the driver. Lining up with Sharon’s pussy again, he brought the club up, and swung as hard as he could. As the club came down Denna screamed, and as it made contact Sharon’s eyes bulged and she started convulsing. The guy closest to her popped the gag out and Sharon threw up a little, and everyone could see she wet her leggings a bit. “Haha, now that’s what I’m looking for.” Sharon continued to stutter and dry heave.

“Boys, that poor woman’s hands don’t look too good, maybe there is another way to prop her up?” He had barely finished the sentence when one of the guys began wrapping Sharon’s fat tits with rope. Squeezing her fat jugs together they ran the rope up to the banister and pulled till her weight was off her hands. Since she had stopped dry heaving and instead had started to scream they slipped her gag back on. “Now she looks more comfortable, although, let’s see the damage.” Sharon’s leggings were cut from her body. Her waxed pussy had already started showing bruising from the club, but it was hard to make out since her stomach slouched over so much. “Is there anything we can do about all that lard?” Looking around one of the guys grabbed some of the alligator clips and began pulling back and pinning Sharon’s fat. It wasn’t pretty but soon everyone had a clear view of her fat, bald, cunt.

“So Denna, what should we try next on your friend? She seemed to be a big fan of the driver, maybe revisit that? Or do you see something on the table you want to have tested on her?” He already knew what he’d be doing next to Sharon, he’d always wanted to broom rape a bitch and today seemed like his lucky day. “Please, don’t hurt her anymore. Please” she was barely coherent. “You want me to shove a broom up her ass?” He told one of the guys to look in the kitchen for some sort of lube. “Oh, god no, please not that” The way that Sharon was hanging meant it was hard to see her ass hole but grabbing a bar stool and putting it under her they were able to situate her holes better. To almost everyone’s disappointment this meant her fat tits were getting a break. The guy came back from the kitchen with a bottle of vegetable oil, there wasn’t much in it but they really just needed enough to get started. “Ok Denna, per your request we’re going to fuck her up the ass with this broom. If you want though, you can take her place.” Denna went silent. You could almost hear the gears ticking away in her head. She didn’t want Sharon tortured but she’d only done anal once and she’d bled and vowed never to do it again. The idea of these men doing that to her with a broom was too terrible. She knew Sharon had taken plenty of dicks up her ass, the broom was probably smaller anyways. “Come on Denna, answer fast or I’ll fuck you both with brooms” He actually really liked that idea. “I’m so sorry Sharon” Denna started sobbing again. “We have our answer! You hear that piggy, your bitch friend would rather have us continue violating you than take one for the team. And all this is already her fault anyways.” The guys were laughing at this cute betrayal. “Denna, I’m feeling nice. You don’t need to watch this bit, but if you aren’t watching your friend get ripped open you need to be sucking cock. So once again, your future is in your hands.” Denna could see the pain in Sharon’s eyes and it was getting unbearable. Denna felt that maybe sucking a guy off would act as penance for what she had just condemned Sharon to. “I… I don’t want to watch” Everyone let out a little cheer. Denna was quickly fitted with a ring gag. “So we don’t need to worry about teeth” she was told. Her chair was swung around and the guys started to line up. “Ok, so I guess we’ll fuck Sharon with a broom until Denna here has sucked us all off.” Denna did the quick math of five guys and at least ten to fifteen minutes per cock meant Sharon would be getting fucked for over an hour.

With no more ceremony Sharon’s gag was removed and they began rubbing her asshole with a little olive oil. “You bitch! You fucking bitch! I hope they kill you!” Sharon’s anger exploded as Denna had the first cock forced down her throat. The first fifteen minutes were easy for Denna, the cock wasn’t too big and she could mostly zone out the noise. The broom took a lot of force to get into Sharon, ultimately one guy had to get a couple fingers into her ass while another guy pushed the broom in. Pretty soon though they were pumping six to eight inches of it in and out of her. As the second guy was going up to Denna, the leader decided to take over the brooming. Through the guy’s laughter Denna could hear Sharon’s whimpers and begs. Denna tried to tune them out. Her second cock wasn’t too bad either, especially now that her mouth was full of cum and saliva. She shuddered at the thought of all these dicks violating her mouth but was relieved she didn’t have to watch Sharon. Sharon was getting use to the eight or so inches of broom, she wished they’d found the lube she keeps in her purse but in the scheme of things this wasn’t too much worse that a couple bad nights she’d voluntarily been through. She was alarmed by the look in the leader’s eyes as he took the end of the broom. Before doing anything he leaned in close to Sharon, “Just some food for thought, at the end we’re going to vote on which one of you whores gets the cactus.” Before she could respond he pushed the broom into her as hard as he could. He got almost ten inches into her and she let out a yelp. Pulling the broom from her it was clear there wasn’t enough lube to really do her justice. He grabbed one of the guys and told him to look in the basement for any kind of lubricant, emphasizing any kind. He jabbed her a couple more times with the broom before the guy returned with a box of automotive stuff. He smiled as he pulled out the slightly bloodied broom handle and looked through the box. He grabbed a funnel what had a quarter inch flexible hose at the end and a bottle of motor oil. He dipped the end of the hose into the oil and fished it into Sharon’s ass. Denna couldn’t understand what Sharon was yelling about. Between her now hoarse voice and the nonsense she was saying about fluids. When fourteen inches of the hose were inside Sharon, the funnel was filled with more oil. A little drained into her but generally there wasn’t much movement. As the tube was slowly pulled out of her the oil drained and filled in her rectum. When the tube popped out much of the oil spilled onto the stool and floor but enough was left inside her. Taking the broom once more he slowly pushed it into her. He was almost at sixteen inches by the time he started to feel resistance. Pulling in almost all the way out he began fucking her with it. She was yelping a bit but the oil had almost worked too well. After just a few minutes of fucking her we was starting to get bored. He decided to up the ante.

Pulling the broom out of her ass he picked up the bat he’d used earlier and began working the handle into her ass. With how much abuse her rectum had already taken the handle went in with relative ease. Much to Sharon’s horror she was now being fucked by a baseball bat. Not wanting to waist a lubricated broom, he lined it up with her black and blue cunt and began fucking both her holes. Denna was well on her way with her third cock when she heard the cheers from the guys watching Sharon, she was quickly jolted back to the abuse she was receiving by a slap to her face. While the first two guys had been forceful this third guy seemed like he had a score to settle. He wasn’t holding her head and fucking her face like the last two guys. Instead he had grabbed her blonde hair near the scalp and was driving his cock down her throat till she’d choke. He repeated this over and over again at a slow but steady pace. Now that she was pretty sure he was close to cumming he’d begun slapping her. She’d never been so relieved at the feeling of seamen in her mouth as she was when this guy finally released. As soon as he pulled out though she received the hardest slap yet. She’d hoped somebody would have stopped the slapping but nobody seemed to care. He stopped slapping her on his own and stepped back. Denna could hear objects sloshing in and out of Sharon and her whimpers and cries. She was overcome with a weird feeling of relief that she was still fully clothed and was being raped in a bearable way. She was jarred back to reality by another cock pumping in and out of her mouth. Although this guy felt like he was trying to pull her hair out by the roots too at least he was letting her breath.

Sharon had been fucking many different ways by many different people. She’d shown off to guys that she could take a beer bottle in her pussy, and she’d been double teamed once in her youth, but nothing had prepared her for the depth of violation she was experiencing now. Once one broom proved to be easy for her cunt to take, the second broom handle was added into the mix. When her ass was stretched enough that even that handle of the bat was entering her with ease it was pulled from her and flipped around. She had screamed herself out of a voice and was mentally and physically settling in to her position. She enjoyed watching Denna get slapped around, she wished she could be the one doing it. If it weren’t for the fact that this needy bitch wanted company Sharon knew she’d probably still be in her bed sleeping off her hangover. As she relaxed into the fucking a bit more she felt something stirring in her gut. The more she focused on it and tried to suppress it the more intense it became. Soon she couldn’t deny to herself what was building up between her spread thighs. Even though she was sure they were bruising the inside of her pussy every time they bottomed out the brooms, it hit her that this was the most intense fucking she’d ever received. The first wave started to build as she watched one of the guys spasm and cum in Denna’s face and then wind up and slap her. The motor oil was producing a slight burning sensation along her colon and pussy but that just added to the sensations. As she watched the next guy grab Denna by her hair and proceed to pound his cock into her propped open mouth, Sharon let out a little moan, as the fucking continued she felt the next wave crashing. Between the shaking from getting both her holes ravaged and the noise of the guys enjoying themselves nobody noticed Sharon’s spasming or the wimpers she released as she orgasmed.

It was finally the leader’s turn with Denna, he handed off the bat and broom and situated himself in front of her. Taking a clump of her hair in each hand he drove his cock down her throat. After the fucking he had given Sharon he was rock hard and was so excited about what he was doing now. Keeping his cock in her throat he held it there till she started to panic. Her face started to change colors and she passed out. Pulling his cock out her woke her back up. “Hey, you little slut. I just wanted you to know how easy it’d be for me to kill you. If I’d wanted to I could have just held you on my cock a little longer.” The tears and fear in her eyes were the response he was hoping to get. With the he began to fuck her face again, mostly just holding her head in place and thrusting his cock in and out of her as hard as he could. In a couple minutes he was cumming. As soon as he had recovered he spun Denna back around and told the guys to stop fucking Sharon. Denna was sick to stomach when she saw Sharon spread apart, doused with motor oil, with a bat and two brooms sticking out of her.

“Ok, looks like she’s had enough” the objects were pulled from Sharon’s holes, and the stool was pulled out from under her putting all her weight back into her tits and swinging her back into the wall. She cried out and was quickly gagged again. The guys removed the clips that was holding her fat back and let her relax as she hung from her jugs. Taking one of the brooms the leader returned to Denna, and put the tip in her mouth. “You seemed to handle all of us pretty well, I think we’re all curious how deep you can really go.” Before she could react, her head was yanked back and he pushed the broom down her throat. He had about two feet of it in her before he bottomed out. Using a pen he marked the distance on the broom and pulled it out. Denna threw up on herself. “Now now, look what you did to that nice blouse and pair of pants. They’re practically ruined.” Taking out a knife he cut the blouse away revealing her nice tits and little paunch of a stomach. Grabbing her belly by her bellybutton he squeezed hard and remarked “You know what, you ladies would get a lot more cock if you weren’t such fat pigs.” He didn’t actually mind it too much but he really wanted them to be as emotionally battered as they were physically. Moving down her body he began cutting away her pants, she struggled as best she could but it didn’t change anything. Soon she was sitting in the white lacie bra and panties, and there was nothing stopping them from continuing. “This chair just isn’t working, let’s get her on the table and see if she can do the splits.” Once more she was picked up by her arms, she had a guy at each leg and they cut her from the chair. She tried to kick at them but they had too good of a hold on her. She was place on the table facing up, with her arms still bound to each other. Her legs were pulled apart and rope was tied to her ankles. Wrapping the rope around the table legs at either end she was pulled wide open. She was glad she was flexible but this was still the closest she’d ever been to doing the splits. Once the guys were satisfied that she was open enough and in enough pain they tied off the ropes.

“So Ms. Sharon Purple Tits, what should we do to Denna next? I think we pretty much all want a piece of that snatch, but shoving a bottle up her ass might be a good first step, of course after the beating you’ve taken because she asked you to come along today, maybe you want us to beat her to a pulp?” Sharon’s gag was removed. “Beat that whore to death!” Everyone chuckled at the speed and hatred of the response. Even though Sharon had been orgasming a couple minutes before she was back in miserable pain and knew who’ fault it was. “We aren’t going to beat her to death, I for one don’t want to fuck a dead women, but we’ll give her a good go of it.” The guys huddled up and talked for a bit and came to an agreement. “So Purple Tits, if you want to watch us beat this poor defenseless woman you should probably be sitting. We will give you the stool back but you’ll have to be sitting on a wine bottle. My question to you is do you want a seat and if so which hole?” She nodded ‘yes’. One of the guys rubbed some motor oil on a wine bottle and approached her. He put the neck in her pussy and she nodded ‘no’. Her asshole was still gaping a little so it was easy to get the neck of the bottle in. Moving the stool over the bottle was wedged under her. She was surprised and worried with how much the bottle was stretching her and although she thought she’d be resting on the stool for now she was balanced on the bottle. It did relieve her tits a bit so she at least had that going for her. “Ok then, let’s hurt Denna.”

The five guys surrounded the table with the leader stationed in front of her cunt, a guy at either leg, and a guy over each of her shoulders. In near unison they all removed their belts. At first they were taking turns. It started with a belt coming done squarely on her pussy, the thin panties did little to protect her. Next was the inside of her right thigh, this tender place was not ready. Then her right tit was hit, it wasn’t a direct blow, the assailant wanted to avoid her bra since it looked padded. This continued around her till everyone had gotten a few licks in. Eventually the guy to her right chimed in “Her bra is bullshit. Do you see how much padding it has. Bitch can hardly feel a thing.” Everyone agreed and her bra was cut off of her. Welts and bruises had already started to appear on her and it was clear once the bra was removed that it had in fact been protecting her. They removed her panties and were relieved to see that she was still getting welts on her mound. “Damn, she’s got one hairy cunt. Like doesn’t that get in your way woman? Yo, pass me your lighter.” The guy on Denna’s right leg was given a lighter. “Lady this is for your own good now.” He flipped the lighter and brought it to her hairy holes. The hair caught pretty quickly and before they new it most of the hair had burned away. Smacking her cunt and mound they found what little hair remained and burned that off too. “You’re welcome bitch” He passed the lighter back. Sharon had finally reached the stool. She was pretty sure her asshole had ripped but at least she knew she wouldn’t be sliding any further. A part of her was sickened by the sight of Denna being spread, beaten, and now burned, part another part of her wanted it to continue. She was troubled by the desire to watch Denna to suffer more. Her stomach was upset but at the same time she felt satisfied when the guys resumed their beating. This time all of them were just going at their own speed, trying to inflict as much pain as possible. One by one they tired out, one of the guys came over to Sharon and roughly played with her fat clit. It was still sore from the driver but she welcomed the attention.

Eventually they were all done and needed a break. With all of them stepping back from Denna, Sharon finally had a clear view of the damage. Almost every inch of skin had welts or bruises on them. Her pussy and tits were each just one huge black and blue mess. Sharon had trouble picking out her nipples. It was a little eerie cause Denna’s face and neck were untouched almost making it look like she was wearing a weird body wrap. “You satisfied?” Sharon nodding ‘yes’. She hadn’t quite expected this. She felt like she was going to throw up again. Denna didn’t stir at all. At some point she had passed out and they had just kept going. While sitting around waiting for their strength to return the guys started going through the women’s purses. Denna’s was pretty standard but Sharon’s was loaded with condoms, lube, and a small vibrator. The guys laughed at the fact that she’d had lube the whole time.

Denna let out a shriek through the ring gag. “Guess, she’s back with us.” The leader walked over to her spasming body. He took his cock out and started fucking her bloody and bruised pussy. She continued to scream as he just pounded away. The guy playing with Sharon’s clit was developing a good rhythm and another guy had dipped his hand in some of the motor oil and was trying to fist her cunt. He was only three fingers deep and without any immediate application of pain Sharon felt another orgasm building in her pussy. This time she couldn’t hide it though. The two guys working on her got the attention of the others and they properly gagged Denna, and began massaging Sharon’s restricted breast. With the feeling of blood returning to her tits and all the attention to her pussy, pretty soon Sharon was softly moaning. It wasn’t too long after it started that she released a load grown into her gag that even Denna knew was an orgasm.

Denna couldn’t understand how or why her coworker could be enjoying what was happening. She was just beaten to within inches of her life and Sharon was feet away getting off. Not only that but Sharon was the one who wanted this to happen to her. She was in so much pain that she hardly even noticed that she was being fucked. She was still reeling from Sharon’s betrayal when the next guy stepped up. By the time all five guys had cum in her she still hadn’t really come out of shock.

“Hmm, so it doesn’t really seem like Denna is quite right after that beating. Her pussy was pretty good though. Not the best I’ve had, but for a women in her fifties pretty good. I think we all have places to be, so I guess we’ll vote on what to do with that old cactus.” Denna snapped back to reality. She’d forgotten about the cactus and after what she just went through was not sure what these people were capable of. “I think it should go in the blonde bitch, we can shove the toilet brush in the piggy’s cunt and be done with her.” Denna was screaming into her gag. She couldn’t think of a way that the cactus was physically possible. “So if we go with Blondie do we ruin her ass or cunt?” After a brief discussion it was decided that her ass would get it. The leader grabbed the toilet brush and walked over the Sharon. He took two of the smaller wooden vices and attached one to each of her pussy lips. Then with a bit of rope he pulled them taught and tied them off to her feet. With her cunt wide open he worked the toilet brush into her. Sharon was in pain from her pussy being pried open but the actual toilet brush was a new sensation. If it was used in a more intimate setting she could see it being pleasurable. As she was getting her insides brushed she watched as Denna was untied from the table and her legs were tied tight to her chest. She was then rolled over, exposing her ass hole. Denna was spun around so she was facing Sharon. The guys had the funnel and lube back out and were oiling Denna up. Despite her clenching, soon there were fingers inside her ass. The leader had taken Sharon’s vibrator and was teasing her clit with it. Sharon hadn’t come three times in a day in years. But the strange sensation in her pussy and the familiar clit stimulation built it up once again. She watched in awe and horror as the guys worked Denna’s asshole open. She never would have guessed Denna could be fisted after only a couple minutes. From Sharon’s angle though you couldn’t see that her ass had already ripped a little, and that blood had began pooling on the table. The cactus had been set next to Denna on the table.

Sharon was fighting the orgasm with all her might. She focused on the pain in her rectum, the pain in her breast, and the pain in her pinched pussy lips, but nothing seemed to be stemming the tide. Now two guys had their hands in Denna’s ass and she was flailing her head. Sharon wondered what it felt like to have two hands up to their wrists in her ass, how could Denna be taking all of this. Denna and Sharon both shuddered when one of the guys announced in a calm cool voice “I think the bitch is ready.” The first wave hit Sharon as the Cactus was passed back. The second wave hit as the guys pulled on either side of her rectum and the cactus was slid in. Sharon and Denna both let out cries as Sharon’s orgasm erupted as she ejaculated onto the floor, and Denna’s ass closed in around the large cactus causing waves of panic and pain to course throughout her.

Sharon was still recovering from her orgasm as the guys gathered up their belongings. Sharon watched in horror as Denna’s face and cunt were sprayed and wiped down with cleaning products. Her ball gag was even removed and they gave her a couple sprays in the mouth, and a couple in her cunt. They moved so fast to get out of there before she knew it the front door slammed shut and she was left with the sound of Denna’s weak whimpering.
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