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Previously, two Vanguard heroes --the light and crystal powered Shard and the speedster Fastball-- had undertaken a covert mission to rescue their teammate, Flare, from their arch-nemesis, Doctor Daedalus. Unbeknownst to them though, a dark overlord from another realm has dispatched one of his lieutenants, Ceremant, to subdue the heroes. Separated, Shard faces Ceremant alone and is taken down and restrained. Now, Ceremant celebrates his victory, forcing his sexual desires upon her...
Three years ago...

“You throw like a girl, Lizzie,” Fastball scoffed.

“Oh, screw you, Nathan,” Shard clucked, sneering at her Vanguard teammate. “If anyone is to blame, it’s my throwing trainer. He sucks.”

“Hey, I’ll have you know, if I wasn’t so good being an All-Star shortstop, I could have been a Cy Young winning pitcher,” Fastball said.

“Yeah, like twenty years ago,” the silver-haired beauty sniffed. “Now you’re just old and slow.”

Fastball winced. “That’s kind of insulting considering my power is to run fast. I’m… hurt.”

They eyed each other suspiciously, then sputtered and laughed. After an hour of Fastball giving tips to Shard on how to better aim and throw her light spikes in the Vanguard’s training facility, they needed to push that pressure release button. Honestly, the young heroine really did appreciate the time the veteran Fastball put in helping her control and use her powers. Despite their age differences --18 years separating them-- they had an easy-going camaraderie and rapport which she truly valued.

“Now, come on, already,” she said, limbering up her arm, “let’s keep going.”

Fastball shrugged. “Sorry, Lizzie. I’ve got to meet Morgan for dinner in five minutes. I literally have to run home across town, get changed and meet her at the restaurant right now. ”

Smiling, Shard said, “Aw. A date with the wife. Old people can be so sweet.”

“Keep it up, ‘Glowstick’,” Fastball chuckled, “and I won’t tell you the secrets of my devastating curveball next time.”

As he turned to leave, Shard called to him, “Hey, Nathan… thanks.”

“Anytime, Lizzie,” he said with a salute. “I’ll always have your back.”

“Say hi to Morgan for me,” she added, but he was already gone in a blur.



Shard’s crystal blue eyes widened, her pupils fixed ahead as she gasped again in shock and piercing discomfort as her ass and snatch bore the repeated jolts and the undulating thrusts of the wriggling, pulsating tentacles emanating from her conquering foe, the dark ethereal shroud known to her as Ceremant. Her mouth engorged with another shaft of the alien’s dark matter, she pleaded in muffled silence for the agonizing ravishing of her body to stop.

It had seemed like hours since she had succumbed and was swallowed whole within the very being of the evil emissary. Yet, it really had only been a few minutes since he’d restrained her once and for all, broken through her defenses, stripped her and begun his deep probing of her inner flesh.

Shard couldn’t believe this was happening to her. While she initially despaired for her friend and comrade, Flare, thinking of how she must have felt when she endured her own sexual savaging by an enemy, now she could only think of her own predicament and how long this would last. As a member of the Vanguard, she had always been prepared to possibly face defeat, to have to retreat. But to be taken and used like this? The humiliation would be a weight she didn’t know she would ever be able to bear.

“Your inner light is to be savoured,” Ceremant said. He appeared before her only as enormous, shadowy eyes that gazed intently at her while his pulsing tendrils slid into her repeatedly, flexing and throbbing. “I have never felt this before, felt an urgency to take and to fill another being like this. I feel swollen and vibrant, and desire to claim you whole, yet my form is such that I’m unable to express the surge I feel flowing within me.”

Shard’s slender, silver brow pinched as she listened to his incessant words. Did he mean he was unable to orgasm?

As if he was succumbing to his physical frustration, Ceremant increased the speed of his thrusts, the intensity of the vibrations within each of his tentacles.

“UHHN! MM-UMPFF!” Shard gasped. Wincing and her face flushed and glowing, she rattled and bucked against the harsh pumps of the alien’s shafts in her mouth, pussy, and anus.

Whether this would go on for a few more minutes or a few more hours, it didn’t matter. She was broken and would have to endure it for how ever long the dark entity desired it.

The thick shaft in her mouth finally withdrew, saliva spilling past her lips. She gasped and coughed, then cried out, “Oh God! Fastball! Please!”

Ceremant raged even harder, pumping her ass and snatch with furious thrusts.

“Ahh! AHN!” she groaned, her head tossing. “Help me!”


Within seconds of zipping through the doors and into the long tunnel leading to the heart of Doctor Daedalus’ secret island facility, Fastball came upon a strange black mass enshrouding the corridor before him.

“What the hell is this?” he muttered aloud as he came to a sudden stop a couple of feet away from the billowing dark cloud.

As dense and as black as a starless night, he peered closely at it. He scanned it with his visor, but wasn’t able to determine what the substance was. It seemed almost alive, though, and when he touched it with his gloved hand, it pulsed against his palm. It may have been alien, but whatever it was, he suspected it was something to be wary of.

Then he heard someone cry out from within. “Fastball! Oh God, help me! Please!”

It was muffled and distorted, but he recognized the voice and the desperation of the plea sent his heart racing with panic. “Shard?! Is that you?” he yelled to his Vanguard teammate, “Hey! Are you in there? Lizzie!!! Answer me!”

He pushed against the cloud and then hit it with his fists, but despite its seemingly gaseous state, the thing was solid.

“Nathan!” Shard cried out in anguish from within the cloud again.

“I’m coming, Lizzie!” Fastball shouted. With a flash, he sped around the black mass, dotting it with a bundle of his sticky bombs. They exploded in sequence but the cloud didn’t flinch. He tried to create a vacuum around the entity, running at hyperspeeds in a steadily narrowing circle, squeezing it within the vortex he generated, but still he seemed to have no impact on the other-worldy thing imprisoning his teammate.

“Shit,” he grumbled. He stopped on a dime, and at the confounding, impregnable dark cloud for a moment. “Okay. Let’s try this.”

Placing his hands on the undulating mass, he began to vibrate his palms and fingers, gradually increasing the intensity by the second till he was a blur from his forearms to his fingertips. After almost thirty seconds of continuing to focus his powers on a single spot, he could see and feel the entity shift and adjust. A small area in the dense blackness before him began to thin, and then suddenly a window appeared, allowing him to see within the mass.

“Oh my God,” he gasped, his eyes widening as he spotted Shard, shackled and suspended, naked and being penetrated by some horrific-looking black tentacles. “Lizzie. NO!” he shouted with an anguished howl.

A determined, angry frown bearing down on his intense gaze, he redoubled his efforts, vibrating his hands at a blinding speed.


Ceremant loosed a grim rumble, his dark eyes narrowing with annoyance. He hadn’t expected anyone to be able to breach his being, yet he was aware now that his physical integrity was actually being compromised. As the speedster teammate of his captive continued to vibrate against his outer walls, he had to refocus his efforts on maintaining his density in that area. It was enough of a distraction that he needed to withdraw his probing tentacles from the heroine.

Shard gasped and her body slumped against Ceremant’s restraints as she felt his extended shafts retract and pull out from her. Her pussy and ass both ached, feeling raw and stretched, as she moaned and convulsed from the sudden relief. Breathing hard with her jaw slack and a dreamy look in her eyes, she raised her head and gazed at her teammate, Fastball, just on the other side of Ceremant’s grey walls.

“Thank God,” she thought to herself. “Nathan…”

“Impressive… but unnecessary,” Ceremant muttered, “If your comrade desires entry into my shroud, I welcome him.”

In an instant, a startled Fastball suddenly stumbled through the layer of black cloud encompassing Shard.

“Lizzie!” Fastball shouted and ran to her. He held her face gently, wishing he had something to cover up her exposed body. “I’m here. You’ll be okay.”

“Nathan! Thank God!” Shard cried, overwhelmed and fighting back tears as she watched him struggle with the murky lengths restraining her at the wrists and ankles and suspending her mid-air.

“Hold on. I’ll get you out of this,” he exclaimed, pulling at the alien tentacles. “Jesus. What the hell is this?”

“It is I,” Ceremant responded.

Fastball spun around, sticky bombs at the ready. He saw nothing except the smoky wall of air engulfing them.

“Nathan,” Shard gasped, still trying to regain her composure and breath, “be careful.”

“Where is he?” Fastball asked, still maintaining a cautious eye.

“Everywhere,” Ceremant replied and stabbed at him with his black shafts.

Fastball zigged and zagged in the blink of an eye. Ceremant’s strikes didn’t come close.

For a moment, Shard’s heart strengthened as she watched Fastball easily evade their foe. If he could continue, maybe they could figure a way out of this trap.

Normally when effortlessly dodging an enemy, Fastball would have tossed a few disparaging quips at his opponent. Not today. Grim and determined after seeing what the vile creature had done to Shard, he was set on saving her and, if possible, making this thing pay dearly.

“You are quick, ‘hero’,” Ceremant declared with a glint of admiration, “but only because you have room to run.”

Suddenly, the dark cloud that enshrouded them started to collapse from every direction, like a balloon losing air.

Fastball tried again to loosen Shard’s restraints.

“Nathan,” she urged, “you have to leave! Go find Flare and Daedalus!”

“Not going anywhere without you, Lizzie,” he growled.

Within a matter of seconds, Ceremant’s walls had closed in, surrounding Fastball in a tight grip.

The Vanguard hero felt a suffocating wall wrap against his body… and then the black mass seeped through his uniform and into his skin.

“Unngh!! What the…?!” Fastball exclaimed while watching the smoky mist leech into his body. He stumbled back, feeling a coldness run through his flesh. “What the hell?! Unn!!”

“Nathan! What’s happening?” Shard shouted in horror, struggling against her restraints. “NO!!!”

“Arrhh!!” Fastball groaned, doubling over as his gut churned. He felt like puking but nothing came forth, and as his mouth yawned open, Ceremant poured through. “Uhh-rrr! AHH!!!”

“You fucking bastard! What are you doing to him?!” Shard pleaded. “Nathan!”

Then Fastball fell silent. Still down on a bent knee, his head hanging low, he just froze for endless seconds.

“N-Nathan?” Shard gasped hesitantly, wetting her quivering lips. Her breaths sharpened from her nerves as she looked upon her unmoving teammate. “Wh-what…?”

“Mmm. Yes,” Fastball spoke, his face still hidden from Shard’s view. “This will do.”

“Nathan?” Shard whispered, anxiety gripping her.

Fastball raised his head and looked at her, smiling sharply. “Yes, this body, this vessel,” he said, his voice echoing with cold, dark intent of the ethereal being, “it will serve me well.”

Shard’s lip hung limp as she swayed with her heavy breaths and pounding heart. She stared in shock at her teammate who glared back at her, his once-green eyes completely engulfed with a swirling, black ink. “No…” she breathed.

Ceremant scanned his newly possessed form with admiration. “Strange. This shape,” he said, setting a lustful gaze back at the captive Shard, “not only does it contain my will and aura, but it somehow enhances my craving for you and your light... and your body.”

Shard shifted uneasily in her restraints, shaking her head slowly as she watched Nathan’s body approach her with menacing deliberateness.

Ceremant removed Fastball’s visor and pulled back his cowl. “It’s as if...” he began, then paused, searching within the mind of the possessed hero. His onyx eyes struck a devilish glare upon Shard. “Yes. It’s because this mind and body desires you. It always has.”

“No,” Shard whimpered.

Still steadily approaching her, Ceremant undid the zippers and buckles of Fastball’s uniform, pulling it down off his shoulders, exposing his sleek, tight upper torso. He nodded, “Yes. I feel it and know it. He has longed for you in secret, dreamt of taking your body for his own, using it with brutal intent, but never acting on these lusts.”

“Please… don’t…” she urged, knowing what that look on the carnal entity meant. “Don’t do this.”

“It’s not just what I want, daughter of light,” Ceremant declared, letting Fastball’s uniform drop to the floor and stepping out of it, “It is what we both want.”

He stood before her.

Shard trembled, her breaths erratic, as her blue eyes slowly scanned down Fastball’s lanky, muscular body. She flinched, her trim silver brows contorting as she witnessed his cock fully erect and hard, pointing at her impatiently with harsh intent.

“Oh, God. Nathan,” she whispered.

Ceremant strode up to her and immediately initiated the proceedings with a brazen grasp of her crotch.

“Uhh! No!” Shard cringed and turned her head away as she felt Fastball’s fingers and palm grope and push against her pussy with forceful sweeps. Then she felt her teammate’s lips and tongue scope her soft, gleaming breasts before inhaling them into his mouth for firm sucks upon each pert nipple. “No! Ahh-UHN!”

“Hmm, the sensation is so different. Touching you with the flesh of this body, I feel the tingle of excitement,” Ceremant mused with a lascivious grin. Abruptly, he shoved a finger upward into her warm, damp snatch and wiggled it in deep. As her hips twisted aside in vain, he probed her with drilling thrust of the digit. “Yes, quite pleasing.”

“Guh! Uhn!” Shard continued to moan aloud until her mouth was suddenly engulfed by his lips. Ceremant’s brash kiss shoved her head back. She struggled against his tongue as it muscled its way into her mouth, slathering her with his spit. The saliva she couldn’t gulp down spilt over her lips, dripping onto her breasts.

Ceremant withdrew from the violent kiss and eyed her. “I possess this body but it’s as if its will moves me. I abide by the vessel’s hunger and his purpose.”

Shard squeezed her eyes and mouth shut, shaking her head. She couldn’t believe this was what Nathan would want, would ever dream of doing to her. He would rather be dead. When she felt his tongue lap against the tender folds of her pussy, she opened her eyes and screamed, “NO!!!”

“Mmm, yes,” Ceremant’s husky voice cooed, slurping his spit back before applying vicious lashes of his tongue on her quivering lips. “Delicious.”

“D-don’t… stop… uhn!” Shard groaned, her hips twitching and bucking against the lurid sampling. The wet sounds of slurps and licks filled her head.

Carried by the sexual will of the man he possessed, Ceremant trapped the hood of her clit with his lip and flicked his tongue upon it with verve.

Shard’s thighs were damp and burning, the pearl skin of her face glowing and red. She was struggling hard, fighting the intensity of the lustful machinations manipulating her flesh below. It felt like a corkscrew tightening within her, twisting and twisting. All the while, her flesh quivered and trembled, sending signals of electricity from her brain to her core.

“Uhh! Ahh! Unnn!” she groaned, biting down on her lower lip. Her body froze for a second, then she suddenly threw her head back and screamed, “AHHH-UUHH!”

“Mmm,” Ceremant grumbled hungrily as he sucked on her snatch, drinking in the wetness that poured forth from the heroine. He breathed huskily as he clenched her ass, painting her dripping petals with his tongue.

Once again, Shard’s suspended body went slack, hanging from the dark restraints. She gazed down at the floor, blinking but with a blankness in her blue eyes. What had happened? How could this have happened? As she watched the body of her friend rise before her, the brutal and wanton coldness in his once tender eyes fixing upon her, she despaired like never before.

Ceremant pinched the heroine’s chin in his fingers and raised her head up to lock their eyes upon each other. “Now, daughter of light,” he said, seething with lust, “I will finally have you.”

“No,” she breathed, her throat already raw and dry, as he moved into position. She repeated the meek protest again as the restraints around her ankles disappeared, only for Ceremant to seize her legs and raise them around his waist. She wriggled and twisted helplessly as he cinched her in close and felt the drag of his hard cock upon her flesh. “Stop it,” she protested. “Stop!”

For a sudden moment, Ceremant stood still. Still gripping Shard’s body against his, the tip of the solid cock prodding her quivering opening, he looked her in the eyes.

Her breaths stuttering, Shard gazed back at the face of Fastball. She gasped when she saw a tear roll down from the edge of his eyes and for a fleeting second, she swore she could see Nathan’s light green pupils fix upon her. She swallowed and whispered, “N-Nathan?”

Fastball’s brows pinched upward, with desperation and anguish in his trembling gaze. “Lizzie…” he gasped, “I’m so sorry.”

He clenched her tightly.

“No. Natha-AHHN!” Once more, Shard cried out and tossed back her mane of silky silver hair as she took the first, demanding thrust.

His eyes black as night and possessed with evil desire once more, Ceremant greedily drove in the full length with his initial stroke, slamming his crotch against her. “Yes,” he growled, before pulling his hips back then jamming them forth again, then again, and again. “Yes!”

“Uhn! Uhn! Ahh!” Her wrists still bound by the alien straps, Shard dangled and shook as she took the unimpeded thrusts of her enemy. She cried out and groaned at the jarring pumps of hard cock as it drove into her over and over. She tried to close her eyes, turn her head away, unable to look upon the face of Fastball again as his possessed shell fucked her hard and recklessly.

Ceremant reached around and grabbed a clutch of her silver, silky hair and yanked it back. When she yelped in pain, he took advantage with another harsh, deep kiss, all the while cranking his hips with zealous thrusts. “I feel you clutching against this body’s rigid phallus,” he goaded her. “Your struggles enhance the sensation. The tightness drives me for more.”

Like a child with a new toy, the dark alien seemed overwhelmed by the experience of his new body and plaything. He pulled out from her raw snatch and turned her around, commanding the restraints to bend her over before him.

Feeling him scope his hand around her buttocks and prod apart her cheeks, Shard gasped, “No! No! N-AHHN!”

Again, with a firm grip of her waist, Ceremant surged forth with an unforgiving thrust of his stiff cock, burying its full length into Shard’s clenched hole. He growled with delight, listing his head back, delirious with the feel of her warm flesh swaddling him.

Shard’s hair fell across her face, sticking to her perspiring skin as she was brutally shaken from behind. The vulgar smack of his crotch against butt mingled with her sharp gasps and yelps of discomfort and humiliation. She felt every inch of the throbbing cock as it pressed and probed within her as he dug his fingers into her smooth skin and pumped her back and forth with abandon.

Ceremant wondered how he could ever surrender Fastball’s body after experiencing this new sensation. The physicality, the intimacy of human flesh upon flesh was exhilarating, stirring the core of his being. For a master of darkness, this was the only way to truly take and dominate a daughter of light.

The restraints dropped Shard down and on her back on the cold, metallic floor. Gasping and her body hitching from the relentless ravishing, she didn’t have time to catch her breath as Ceremant was upon her again, pressing the backs of her legs against his shoulders, folding her in half before guiding the shaft of his cock into her puffed pussy once more.

While the restraints stretched her arms to her sides, he leaned hard over her, pressing down until her knees were almost touching the floor under her armpits, testing her dancer’s flexibility. Spread wide and exposed, she took the full force of each thrust, surging into her unimpeded, unabated. All the while she was forced to stare upwards at the leering black eyes of the Ceremant as he expressed his delight in fucking her with a vile countenance. She anguished over how she could ever look upon the face of her friend, Nathan, the same way again.

Ceremant drew upon Fastball’s speed, propelling his hips with increasingly rapid, sharp snaps. The stamina of the vessel was also amazing, and it seemingly could go on forever. Yet, something gripped him from within. He frowned as he continued his vicious thrusts. He felt a swell growing inside this body, twisting and tightening at the gut. The lean muscles began to spasm. He felt a delicious pain and pang erupt within him, straining in his neck and face.

Shard’s eyes widened, her dry lips gasping. She could see the veins rippling on his neck, his face flushed red and tight. Oh God, he was going to reach his climax. He was going to cum in her. “No. Don’t,” she gasped, her throat raw. “Get off me…”

Ceremant shuddered and bucked, throwing his hips forward and pressing his heated crotch against her then holding it there. With his head tilting back, he released a resounding, echoing groan, “UHH-AHH!!”

Shard flinched at the feel of the first forceful rush, her raw snatch filling with the viscous, thick strands of cum. She trembled and shook her head as she felt his body tense again then shove in deeper, Ceremant draining everything the body of Fastball had into her.

After a long moment, she closed her eyes and whimpered while sensing what she thought were the last spurts of his cock. To her surprise and horror, Ceremant was still shaking above her, still rattling with unbridled intensity, the cock still hard and spiked inside of her. His mouth yawned open and he growled again,

“Wha-UHH!” Shard gasped in shock as she suddenly felt an even more powerful rush within her. With her eyes open wide and wild, she witnessed the black aura that had engulfed them flow into Fastball’s body and then felt it flow into her

Caught up in the rapture of the new experience, Ceremant himself appeared to be unaware of what was happening. His entire being was pulled into the vessel he possessed. The cloud around him grew smaller and smaller until all the black fumes were absorbed through the skin of Fastball. He looked upward, stunned and delirious, the blackness in his eyes swirling as if ink were draining into a pit.

The shackles that restrained Shard’s wrists disappeared, yet her arms just fell limp to the floor as did her entire body as she felt the overwhelming essence of Ceremant not only fill her entire body but her very being. As it leeched into every part of her, her crystal blue eyes fading into a bleak, swirling darkness, her head listed back and she loosed a meagre, rattling groan. Finally, she submitted to the black void within her. The last thoughts that she had before she passed out were of Flare and Nathan.

Ceremant, Fastball’s body, collapsed upon her.


Daedalus scrutinized the monitor with grim frustration and confusion. He had only seen the moment where the dark cloud surrounding the area suddenly disappear into the body of Fastball. Judging by the nude conditions and positions of the Fastball and Shard, he could deduce what sort of carnality had occurred, if not exactly how, between them. Ceremant, though, was nowhere to be found.

Frowning behind his round, mirrored goggles, he grumbled to himself. This sort of puzzle was not worth his time. Regardless of wherever the hell Ceremant had gone, he appeared to have done his job and taken down Shard.

He turned to a squad of bioborgs. “Go to the tunnel. Fetch the heroes and bring them to me.”

As his minions exited the hangar, he returned to staring intently at the monitor, stroking his chin. “She had better be alive,” he hissed.


Fastball stirred, his eyes slowly blinking open. He groaned. His body felt raw but it was his mind that was on fire, racing as if he had just woken from a nightmare he had no recollection of.

He suddenly gasped, the situation slamming him in the face.

He was naked and on the floor. Under him was Shard, Lizzie, also naked, her legs pressed against her by his body. He recoiled, and as he fell back, he felt the wet, warm drag along his cock as it withdrew from her dripping pussy.

“Oh, my God,” he gasped again between shuddering breaths. “No. Lizzie… I… no...”

Desperately, he crawled alongside the unmoving body of his teammate. “No. No. Lizzie. God. No. Please, God, please,” he pleaded as he turned her face upward.

Her eyes were open but fixed, swirling dark pools of blackness blanketing the whites and pupils like a death shroud. Her mouth hung open, with rivulets of murky saliva running down from the side of her lips.

“No,” he repeated and shook her, “NO!!!”

“Stand down and surrender,” the lead bioborg commanded as the squad approached. “You and the female are to come with us.”

Tears of anguish trailing from his fiery green eyes, Fastball screamed at them like a lion defending his pride. In an almost invisible blur, he grabbed his uniform and charged through the row of bioborgs before they could even react. As they turned, they didn’t even notice the sticky bombs he had left on each of them. A second later, the tunnel lit up as the bombs detonated.

Fastball raged as he raced forward, unable to escape the nightmare fresh in his mind. He saw the end of the tunnel opening to the hangar and bellowed as he zoomed ahead, “Daedalus!!!”

The next half-second he was screaming again, this time in pain as he passed through the force field the mad doctor had erected at the entrance. It seared and burned him inside out, like claws of electricity tearing at his fibre. He stumbled forward, still trying to run, and spotted Daedalus at the control centre.

“Welcome, ‘hero’,” Daedalus said with a smirk as he watched Fastball lurch his way towards him. “I had sent a security detail to escort you here, but you seemed to know your way around. Regrettably, I’ll have to send another to retrieve your partner since you blew them up. She’s the one I’m interested in, after all.”

“You…” Fastball coughed, his body failing him, “... you bastard.”

“I understand how you feel.” Daedalus nodded, then shrugged. “Of course, I also envy you for having the satisfaction of finally taking your shining star of a teammate. I hope you enjoyed her.”

Fastball let loose a final, anguished, primal scream, then drew on all his reserves to make one final charge.

Daedalus surrounded himself with a squad of bioborgs, confident that Fastball would be unable to make it through them in his ragged condition. To his surprise, though, the hero’s path diverted. He suddenly realized what his target was: the transdimensional bridge platform.

“No! Stop him!” the mad doctor shouted, but he was already too late.

Fastball tossed a satchel with his remaining bombs and mines toward the platform. They detonated on impact and the explosion blew his broken body yards away onto the ground.

After the rumble of the explosion died and the dust settled, Daedalus emerged from the cover of his guards. HIs eyes narrowed behind his goggles, inspecting the damage done to the platform and sighed heavily while shaking his head.

Nodding towards his bioborgs, he ordered, “Go get the woman.”

He commanded another couple of guards to gather Fastball.

“Doctor,” one of the engineers called to him, “Lord Gorerath demands to be updated on the progress of the transdimensional bridge.”

As his minions set off to their duties, Daedalus folded his arms and shook his head again.

Gorerath would not be pleased.


“I believe that Ceremant had somehow bonded with, or had been absorbed or transferred into the body of Shard,” Daedalus explained to the alien overlord over the transponder. “She’s alive, but whatever he did to her has incapacitated her. I’m certain she will recover, but until she does, she’ll be unable to power the bridge.”

“Ceremant was a fool to overstep my command and will pay dearly for causing this delay,” Gorerath rumbled angrily.

“Yes. I’m sure he will,” Daedalus sighed. He continued, “During her fight with him, I was able to gather more of her energy. She’s charged almost five percent of the cells.”

“So I can send more of my army to aid you in the submission of your planet?” Gorerath surmised.

“Well… we do have another issue,” Daedalus said with a waggle of his finger. He nodded to the bridge. “The platform has been damaged by an explosion. It will take time to repair. For now, it is partially operational. The transmission is one way, from my realm to yours. Perhaps during this unfortunate delay, I may be able to send you something as a token of good faith? A gift?”

“What gift?” Gorerath asked, intrigued.

Daedalus shrugged. “I know that you have a keen interest in the heroines of this world. Would an offering of maybe one or two of them delivered at your feet for your entertainment interest you?”

A low, rumbling laugh seethed from the dark demon. “Mmm… yes. It would please me,” he mused. “Make it so.”

After the transmission ended, Daedalus returned to his monitors, grinning and stroking his chin. He called up the profiles of the numerous enhanced heroines the world had to offer, a veritable smorgasbord.

“So many to choose from,” he chuckled to himself, though he already had a good idea who the sacrifices would be.



Daughters of the Black Swan
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