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Abby and her uncle are role-playing again . . . this time with her in charge. What will she make him do?
Dripping with his slippery cum, over most of her body, Abby asked to take a shower, and Uncle Dave quickly granted her request. He took her upstairs to his master bedroom and the new literally glistening en suite. He told her to take her time “freshening up”. Giving her privacy, he went into one of the other bathrooms and began to soap down his own body. He thoroughly enjoyed what he had done with Abby moments earlier, during their role-play, but the fantasy of what she might come up with . . . as a new role-play prompt, kept his pecker fully rock solid.

Meanwhile in the other shower, Abby had begun the task of not only washing off her uncles dripping cum from her body, but also Gary’s . . . from the morning episode in the garage as well. Fantasizing about both episodes caused her pussy to tingle with excitement. Watching two long cocks shoot, especially all over her . . . in the same day . . . was a dream come true. As her hands began to move along her slippery naked body, her nipples began to perk up, as she suddenly came up with the role-play scenario she would have her uncle perform . . . along with her help of course. She would become a hypnotist and have him answer her questions about his past and then make him do physical things . . . that excite both of them.

Both uncle and niece finished their showers within minutes of each other. Abby followed Uncle Dave’s instructions and dressed back into her halter bikini (whose top literally dipped into a “V” down the front showing off her perky tits), and Uncle Dave elected to put on his Samurai Men’s Kimono Green Satin Robe with matching satin shorts. With the garment being made of these fibers, the texture on his body almost immediately created an erection . . . as he pulled on the garment. He felt this was a very suitable outfit . . . for their next encounter.

As Dave left the bathroom, he was met by Abby. He was already excited that she was wearing . . . skimpy suit he asked her to, earlier in the afternoon.

“I need to borrow your computer to do a little research on my role-play for you . . . and then print a couple of pages,” she said.

“Not a problem,” said Uncle Dave, “follow me into the den and I will fire up the system for you”.

“Pretty snazzy robe and shorts . . . mister,” Abby teased as they entered the room. Her uncle put in a password, and a typical screen appeared. She thanked him and then told him to leave . . . so that her research could be private. She knew she couldn’t become a competent hypnotist in a few minutes, but to add a bit of authenticity to her scenario, she looked up the topic and put down some notes she would follow in the beginning.

Next she typed out the scenario that she would give to him in a few minutes. That scenario said the following:

You have elected to come to me . . . to help relieve your stress.

• I am a certified hypnotist and you will follow my instructions.

• In the beginning, you will share relations you have had in the past.

• Later, you will be following my exact instructions to make us both, but especially

me . . . sexually satisfied.

• Finally . . . just like in your prompt, you will do everything I ask, without fail!

As she finished proof-reading her instructions, she couldn’t help feeling her nipples rise again in anticipation . . . of what would take place shortly. Reading it a final time, she looked down at the bikini camel toe that was glaring at her . . . in between her legs. She softly rubbed it . . . making sure to stimulate her clit that followed the now stiff growth of her nipples. Realizing she was delaying what would truly excite her, she printed the scenario and raced to the den where her uncle would be waiting.

“Here it is, Uncle Dave. Read it carefully . . . and I’d like to start right now, if that works for you.” He nodded his head and slowly read over what she had typed. His head slowly raised until he was looking at her beautiful blue eyes. That moment worked for both of them . . . as sexual desire soon became the message between them.

“Looks great Abby. How do you want to start this?” he asked, moving his eyes downwards to the captured firm titties . . . inside her bikini top. Loving where his eyes were looking, Abby said:

“I will sit here at your desk . . . you will come in . . . and sit down where I tell you to,” she said rather directly. He had to smile, remembering that his role-play began pretty much the same way, where he took charge. He got up, and walked outside of the room, and then knocked on the door.

“Come in, Mr. Williams. Have a seat over there in the leather chair.” He remained serious and sat down where she indicated. The chair was technically called a lounge chair, with a laid-back design with a slanted back and a footrest that was separate . . . currently about a foot away from the actual chair. He preferred the recliner that was a few feet away, but followed her instructions.

“My secretary tells me your reason for being here today is to help relieve stress. Sometimes I might have a patient give me some background and details about their condition, but today I am suggesting that we begin using hypnotism as our vehicle to bring you some immediate relief.” She glanced down in between his legs, at his cock for a couple of seconds and then looked over her notes . . . and then continued.

“Hypnotism does not work, if the person being hypnotized fights the experience. So if that is your plan, you can get up and leave right now.” Dave was surprised at how almost professional Abby was acting. This was going to be very exciting he thought.

“I need relief, and there is no way I will block whatever you have to do, so go for it.”

“Good. So let’s begin by turning off both of our cell phones, so there are no interruptions.” She noticed he had placed them on the blotter of the desk in the room and seconds later she had depowered both units. Looking at her notes:

“My voice will soon be slower and hopefully more soothing than how I started. Everything here is safe, calm, and peaceful. Let yourself sink into that chair as you relax." She rose from the desk and walked over to him, still looking at her notes.

"Your eyes may feel heavy and want to close. Let your body sink naturally down as your muscles relax. Listen to your body and my voice as you begin to feel calm. You will only accept those suggestions which are for your benefit and that you are willing to share."

"You can feel your eyelids getting heavy. Let them drift and fall. You are letting yourself slip deeper and deeper into a calm, peaceful trance. You can feel yourself relaxing now. You can feel a heavy, relaxed feeling coming over you. And as I continue to talk . . . that heavy relaxed feeling will get stronger and stronger, until it carries you into a deep, peaceful state of relaxation." After a short pause, she continued:

"Every word that I utter is putting you faster and deeper, and faster and deeper, into a calm, peaceful state of relaxation. Sinking down, and shutting down. Sinking down, and shutting down. Sinking down, and shutting down, shutting down completely. And the deeper you go, the deeper you want to go, and the more enjoyable the experience becomes. Take the first step down and feel yourself sinking deeper into relaxation. Each step is a step further into your subconscious. You step down the second step and feel yourself getting calmer and calmer. When you reach the third step, your body feels as if it is floating blissfully away . . . and now we will begin:

“Untie the belt on your robe, and then open it up by pulling on the sides, to make yourself more comfortable.” She watched in fascination as he followed her instructions. Because of the silk fabric, the imprint of his long cock was visible on the outside of his green silk shorts, just the way she wanted it to be. Meanwhile, Uncle Dave was almost truly under her care, but he had elected to fight her wishes, so that he could feel and remember the excitement he was hoping to experience. Then she began:

“We are going to go back, to your middle school days,” she said.

“I enjoyed those days a lot,” he admitted.

“Is that when you began to enjoy girl’s small breasts . . . that look like mine?” she asked.

“Oh yes . . . like 32A or 32B have been my favorite all these years,” he said qualifying his estimate.

“I see . . . Can you tell me the first time; you saw someone’s bare titties?” she curiously asked. There was a pause, as he tried to remember the answer to what she had asked. Meanwhile she was getting excited that he would openly share these private times.

“I think I was 16 maybe 17 . . . and I was at a party at my friend’s house. I remember his parents weren’t home . . . and these two girls wanted to be my girlfriend. They were best friends, and I think I remember they had been smoking dope . . . just before we went into a bedroom.”

“I see, and what took place in the bedroom . . . do you remember?” asked Abby getting more aroused at where this might be going. Uncle Dave had spread his legs slightly, with his feet on the floor. The foot rest she decided was too close, so she moved it out . . . just enough for her to sit down facing him.

“I told them . . . if they wanted to be my girlfriend . . . I had to see their titties first. I was sitting on the bed, and I insisted that they both kneel in front of me. I remember them laughing at my request, but Debbie didn’t hesitate and soon she crouched down right in front of me, and began to unbutton her blouse,” said Uncle Dave.

“I’ll bet that got you all excited, didn’t it?” asked Abby, now noticing that her uncle’s cock was slowly growing much longer as he related his story.

“Hell yes. I had never really done anything with girls before, and here I was watching one of them get all topless. But let me finish this story for you,” he said.

“Please do,” said Abby, as she fantasized again where the story might be going and very happy that her uncle had decided to keep his eyes closed. As he continued, she slipped her hand into the cup of her bikini top, and began to finger and then pinch her stiff nipple.

“When Jan saw what her friend was doing, it was like there was a race going on. In a few seconds, both girls had almost ripped off their tops and all that was left were their bras . . . which was very exciting for me. I mean I had seen Playboy and Penthouse magazines . . . but maybe I would get to see the real thing. Then I heard Debbie say:

“Play with your cock Dave . . . just for us” . . . so that is what I did. I unbuckled my pants and almost like lightning pulled my cock out of my shorts and began jacking off, right in front of the girls. They were like giggling and almost screaming when they watched me wanking on my tool. Then I told them, it was their turn, and both of them reached behind their backs, unhooked their bras and quickly pulled them down off their shoulders . . . showing me their bare titties.”

“Debbie had quite a rack on her and although I was turned on . . . because we were like almost nude . . . then Jan exposed her tits. They were like maybe the size of apples or small oranges. That’s when I knew I liked smaller ones . . . just like yours.” It was Abby’s time to get super horny, especially when he referred to her breasts as his favorites.

“So what happened next?” asked Abby.

“I know you are gonna think I am a perv . . . but I told the girls, before I made a choice . . . which one was going to be my girlfriend . . . they had to take off . . . all of their clothes and I had to inspect every inch of their bodies. . . and then they had to kiss each other for two minutes. I didn’t expect them to do it, but minutes later . . . they had sandwiched themselves together and they were really going at it. For most guys . . . this type of action is very exciting and super arousing. Soon their hands were pulling each other so close, that their tits and nipples were rubbing against each other, and I came close to cumming . . . as this type of porn action, is my favorite. (Pause)

“And?” asked Abby impatiently, now rubbing her moist clit while listening.

“I stood up and lost it . . . grabbed my cock and shot my load all over the girls. One, two, three full loads of hot cum shot several feet and all over them. They were so in to what they were doing, they didn’t even react. Soon my cum started drooling down their naked bodies. That’s when someone knocked on the door, and freaked us all out. We begged for them to wait . . . as we quickly dressed. And that’s honestly when I first realized, I loved tits . . . just like yours,” he said now staring at Abby’s bare breasts, just a few feet away.

“I see. So let’s move ahead to maybe your college years . . . and really . . .not too long ago. Tell me about a favorite time with a girl that you made love to.” Uncle Dave thought for a moment, and then decided to describe . . . in first person . . . a time he seduced a freshman in his dorm room.

“I’ve got it. But it will be more exciting if I pretend I’m doing it right now, to you . . . if that isn’t too strange.”

“Okay . . . a little unusual, but I think it will serve us both . . . very well. I don’t need the girl’s name, but give me some specifics, before you start,” said Abby.

“When I was a freshman . . . and living in a dorm . . . there were guy’s floors and girl’s floors. There were times when you could meet in lounges with the other sex . . .but having a girl in your room, was let’s say . . . frowned upon. But, being the horny bastard that I used to be, I got a girl to come up to my room, when most of the floor was away for the holidays. Let me try my best to share kinda what took place. I have no problem pretending you were that young lady. So let’s start:

“I want you to lay back on your chair and open up your legs. All you have to do is listen and obey . . . I want to tease you. Excite you and then hear you cum. I see you’re already getting excited. No, you’re not allowed to touch yourself . . . just yet. Beg all you want, but I am in control tonight. I make the rules.” Uncle Dave looked right at Abby, as he recited these lines. Abby was doing two things . . . putting herself in the place of this girl and at the same time, imagining Uncle Dave talking to her this way. Then Uncle Dave continued:

“My fingers run through your hair, massaging your head. I pull your hair . . . not too hard, sending a wave of sharp pleasure down your body. You’re arching your back. Warm excitement spreads . . . from your very wet pussy over your whole body.” (Pause)

“I gently pull your head to the side . . . as my lips trace soft lines down your ear. I start to nibble, and my lips tease you as I whisper how much I want you, and how hard you’re making my cock . . . right now. You’re getting goosebumps. You’re starting to get even wetter. And as a result . . . you beg me to let you touch yourself.”

“But not so fast. We’re just getting started. I grab your hands, placing soft kisses on your inner wrists. I feel you grind against me. My lips slide down your neck, as I kiss and bite at the tender pink skin. My hands slide under your shirt. You immediately sit up, pulling your shirt off. Your stiff nipples are exposed and hardening against the cool air. Then I thought . . . you dirty girl, you’re not wearing any underwear. I glance at your stiff buds, and fantasize about putting them in my mouth and teasing them with my tongue and teeth. I love it.” It’s easy for Abby to become this girl, as she reaches behind the top of her bikini . . . and unsnaps the clasp. Looking at her uncle, she pulls her swim top forward, exposing her titties and then casts it aside as she listens to him continue, with her breasts on full display.

“I lay you back down. My hands feel hot against your back. My nose traces little circles around your belly button, as my lips send tiny sparks of passion throughout your body. I make my way up to your nipples.” Uncle Dave has now entirely involved his niece into his story. He scoots forward, sitting on the edge of the chair, mere inches away . . . from her very stiff buds.

“I take one of them in my mouth. You gasp at the sudden heat inside your body. Your nipple hardens even more against my tongue. My hands move from your back, exploring your other nipple. I suck, pinch, and pull at both your nipples.” Soon afterwards, he leans forward and begins to act out the story he is telling. Abby is somewhat shocked by his actions, but the feel of his tongue thrashing against her stiff bud, causes her body to shake with excitement. Soon his hand is cupping her other breast . . . followed by gentle pinching and pulling, as the story described. Then he backed away.

“You’re arching your back again and begging me. You say you can’t take the teasing anymore. You try to reach down for my hard cock. But I stop you. Tonight is about your pleasure, not mine. My tongue flicks against your hard nipple. I move to the other one. I feel it harden against my lips. You’re breathing heavily now. Your fingernails are digging into my back.” Abby could not just sit there anymore, as her uncle continued to devour her erect nipples.

She knew he remembered her telling him earlier, that she was among those lucky few girls who could enjoy nipple climaxes. And she was easily headed in that certain direction. She thrust her chest forward as he took turns orally satisfying each tittie. Back and forth he went. Soon her nipples were drenched with his spit, and he stared into her eyes as he trapped both buds in between his fingers, and began to pinch and pull on them. Her eyes were closed as she neared her climax. But then he surprised her.

“I sit up, demanding you take off your suit. Not waiting . . . I reach out, slip my fingers into the sides of your bikini bottoms and slowly slide them down your soft thighs, exposing your shaved pussy. You quickly step out of your bottoms.” Uncle Dave now realizes he is talking directly to his niece. As he stares at her, he follows the story perfectly, and soon she is completely naked . . . as she sits back down on the foot rest facing him.

“You want me to fuck you . . . but I say not yet. My mouth is fire . . . on your inner thigh, as my lips nip at the soft skin as I make my way closer to your wet pussy.” Uncle Dave elects to carefully push the foot rest back . . . with her in it, as he kneels in front of her . . . quickly spreading her legs. His head moves forward, and although she can’t see . . . she feels his tongue slowly move from the inside of her mid-thigh . . . up slowly closer to her waiting pussy, just inches away. Then he continues his tale:

“I slide my finger over the lips of your pussy, making you wetter and wetter. My thumb parts your lips. Up and down . . . up and down, I caress your pussy lips with my wiggling tongue, pushing you farther and farther to the edge. You lift your pussy to my waiting mouth. My tongue traces up your lips, exposing your swelling clit.” Uncle Dave pauses as he treats his niece with all of the same actions in the story, with her full cooperation. She again begins to shiver, as his talented tongue finds her swollen clit. Her muscles tense, her heart rate accelerates, and her blood pressure rises. The head of her clitoris not only swells, but slowly retracts, or "hides", under its hood. He continues:

“I’m making tiny circles with my tongue around it. I take your clit in my mouth and start to suck. You’re moaning, ‘saying god, yes’. I suck harder and harder on your sensitive clit, while I slide a finger inside your soaking wet pussy. I reach your G-spot and push against it. My finger moves in and out, pressuring your spot, as I flatten my tongue against your swollen clit.” What he is saying, is new for Abby. She usually “gets off” either pinching her nipples or gently rubbing her clit. Uncle Dave knows he is taking a chance, but he gently inserts his finger into her pussy lips and then hooks it upwards towards where he knows a girls G-spot exists. Loud moans echo in the den, as he carefully rubs his finger across her spot. Abby can barely control herself . . . as she begins to literally fuck his finger . . . moving her hips back and forth. He allows her to continue for a few minutes, but then goes back to the story:

“You’re getting close. Your pussy grips my finger harder and harder. You beg for another finger. As I slide the second one in you, wave after wave of orgasm shocks your body. You shake uncontrollably. You again beg to fuck me. Please, please.” But Abby barely heard the conclusion of his story, because she was having the climax of her life. Her entire body began to shake, uncontrollably. She felt her heart rate increase, faster than ever before. Her skin began to feel (and look) flushed, and her pussy and all related parts began to swell with blood. The muscles around her pussy involuntarily and rhythmically contracted . . . and pure and simple . . . she felt an entirely amazing climax.

Abby could not check her moaning and now almost screaming, as her hips begin to grind back and forth against his fingers. After several minutes, things settle down inside her body and she moves backwards off of the stool onto the floor. Uncle Dave has taken off his robe and stands lewdly over her with his cock sticking out of the fly front of his green shorts. He looks down at her, as he begins to very slowly wank on his cock. He is careful not to go too far, because soon, he hopes to have her moist pink lips tightly around his stiff shaft.

“That was the very best cum, I have ever had,” cooed Abby, looking up at her uncle.

“I’m glad you liked it. Do you want to continue as the hypnotist . . . or move in a different direction?” he asked, looking down at his nieces naked body. She looked up and said:

“You teased me earlier . . . with your cock in my mouth for a few seconds. But since I might be coming out here to your house more often, I want to learn how to SUCK your cock, and give you something to look forward to at the same time. Anyway, I’m pretty sure it is a skill that will help me pick the right guy in the future. Can you teach me?” she asked, still looking up at Uncle Dave, slowly wanking on his shaft.

“Absolutely. And since it’s my turn to get off, the timing is perfect. Get back up on your knees in front of me, and I will sit here on the edge of the couch.” Abby followed his instructions, and almost immediately she was facing his stiff cock once again. He looked at her, while still manipulating his shaft.

“There are a couple of prerequisites . . . that most guys enjoy. First, looking down at bare titties, is almost a must. Even if you bring off a guy in the front seat of a car, we all like looking at your breasts.” Abby shook her head up and down.

“Second, if you can do it . . . by looking up at the guy, that is a plus. There is some amazing connection if this takes place. Third, cocks come in all sizes and some are circumcised like mine and others, uncircumcised. If your guy is uncircumcised, for him to get the most excited, you need to pull back on the skin covering the head.” She nodded her head, but he wasn’t sure she understood the difference.

“Next, start by using your hand, and capture his cock in it. Guys love it when their partner takes control, and with your hand around his shaft, he knows you are ready for action. Going too fast can make them feel like you just want to get it over with the act and come already. So start off slow with light pressure, and slowly increase your pace. If they seem to be getting close to climax, stick with what you’re doing.” Abby then makes a big decision and reaches up, and gently moves her uncle’s hand away, and elects to put his instructions into play. Soon she has his thick shaft surrounded by her hand. Uncle Dave smiles and continues.

“Don’t be afraid to make some noise. Moaning, heavy breathing, and even slurping show you’re into it. And the vibration from your mouth will feel amazing for your partner. Even just humming . . . is a trip. Keep in mind that the whole area around his shaft is sensitive. Nearby attractions include the head, frenulum, scrotum, and inner thighs. The frenulum is the little ridge of skin on the underside of the cock where the shaft meets the head. That is the area that most girls don’t know about. It is just as sensitive as your clit, and just wiggling your tongue under it, will drive the guy crazy.” Abby is now moving her hand up and down his shaft, and hearing about the frenulum, she leans over and begins to playfully lick her uncles . . . causing him to pause for a moment as she practices. He begins again:

“Alternate between licking the shaft, swirling your tongue around the head, and letting your hands take over to switch things up. Once his cock is all slippery from your spit, moving your hand up and down and squeezing it slightly . . . is very arousing. Use your hand to stroke the shaft and let your thumb graze the frenulum as you reach the head. You can continue to do this while licking and sucking. Put those multitasking skills to the test and use your other hand to gently massage their balls at the same time. Some guys like their balls massaged, others don’t. Don’t be afraid to ask them.” Abby lifted her head slightly and asked:

“Do you like your balls massaged?”

“Sometimes, but very gently. And finally . . . after either a short or sometimes longer period of time, you know that they are going to cum by their body movements and sometimes moaning. At that point, let them know ahead of time that you want to know when he is going to shoot his load. You need to make a decision. Remember, there’s no pressure to swallow even if you let them finish in your mouth. Just keep sucking, and let the semen enter your slightly parted lips. If you’re going to swallow, now’s the time. If not, let it dribble down your chin — which is much sexier than it sounds. Or, let them finish on your chin . . . your face, your titties, or other area of your body. When a guy sees their slippery cum afterwards on a girl’s body . . . is very exciting. Some guys like me . . . love to see hot cum all over girl’s tits.”

“Enough instructions . . . it’s time for me to have some fun,” said Abby. Without words being spoken, she took the tip of his cock head into her waiting mouth. She savored the saltiness and the richness of the aroma. She rested her tongue on the underside and carefully worked her way around the head and down the shaft again. As she began to pay special attention to his cockhead, she was transported to another plane . . . where no one else existed. She tasted his pre-cum bubbling up and being released into her waiting mouth. Abby suckled on his nectar like a bee seeking pollen from a morning dew flower. Uncle Dave’s eyes opened wide with excitement as he watched his student . . . complete her first test.

As she worked her way down as far as she could, with lack of experience, she had never seen such a huge cock before . . . let alone, sucked on one. She thought he was at least 7 inches long as she swirled her tongue around his shaft and then down to the base and then moved back up to the head. She was excited and savoring every moment. Having watched him cum before, she had no idea how long it would take to bring him off a second time.

Uncle Dave yelled and stood up, watching his niece service his cock. She kept hold of his shaft, as he began to buck his hips back and forth. Looking down, he watched her keep his shaft in her slippery hand, which lessoned the chance of causing her to choke. Then all of a sudden she could feel the cockhead exploding in her mouth as wave after wave of cum was released in a few seconds. She yanked his exploding shaft from her lips, as his pulsating cock shot a long rope of cum all over her apple shaped titties. The slimy liquid was hotter than she imagined, as he continued to drown her tits and nipples with his cum. He began bucking his hips slower and slower and looking directly down, he was rewarded by inspecting a very pretty face that was covered with his slime. Abby leaned back on her hands and showed off her cum stained titties, which she knew excited him. She could not wait . . . for their next role-play.


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