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Part one of a trilogy, whilst writing this one, I already have parts 2 & 3 written . I am telling you this as part three of the story, will take place in a Zoom call to Kirsty. This Zoom call is for Kirsty to read what has been written and agree for me to publish.Yes, Kirsty is real, and the “story” is based on real life. Now, you are wondering how much is true to life, well some parts have been “embellished”, so now for you figure out, by how much .. therefore this is listed as fiction.
This first story I am writing in the tense of being the male, my partner, as despite Kirsty giving me the details, some of them faded in my memory due to other events! So, he had to fill me in one some. In story 2 and 3, I am myself, Lou x.

Kirsty is a lovely Lady, however she has a deep, ravishing, and unstoppable sex drive. You would pass her by in the street and probably not give her a second look. Your typical “girl next door” type. Nothing fancy, no peroxide blonde stunning hair, nor dark jet black, a lovely shade of natural brown. Wearing normal clothes out in the street, she would be the lady next to you on the train, the bus, the tube, the pleasant lady in a bar, at a coffee stand, in your office, or your workplace, who you would say hi too, exchange pleasantries and she would smile and be polite. We all have a Kirsty, all around us every day. So, how do you spot her, how do you know??? Well, the fun is trying to find out and release her inner naughtiness. If you do manage to find your Kirsty, you will find that she could teach the art of being dirty, being rude, being disgusting. She will not stop at ensuring every, and I mean every sexual pleasure is achieved. She has a totally disgusting mind, which once entered will release carnal thoughts and desires you never knew existed. The only possible downfall, (if you could call it a downfall) to her being an excellent purveyor and trainer of depraved sexual encounters, is that she must be involved, participation is her middle name. so maybe not a good teacher! OK to the story….

08:52 am, Kirsty came through the door, and gave me a twirl. Her face looked flushed, however she flung her coat across the room on to the cupboard and displayed her new work uniform looking very proud. I looked her up and down, “would be rude not too, and I was not perving as she was showing me her new attire!” I thought to myself. Kirsty looked at absolute picture, her lovely flowing brown hair, neatly tied to one side of her head with a nice sparkling clip. Her glowing red cheeks from the coldness outside, a lovely cheeky smile and her tongue peeping out from the side of her mouth. “Hmmmm was she teasing me, no, never, she is a good girl and my employee”. Looking further down her body, she wore a neatly pressed blouse, which was light blue with the company logo on the left breast, her name in italics on the right one. The fabric of the blouse was slightly lightweight, and I could just make out a black bra beneath. Down to her skirt, dark blue pleated, down to the knee, which was flared and when she turned swiftly around it lifted as she swung her hips, I got a very quick glimpse of stocking top on her left leg as she seductively lifted that leg. Instantly I had to pull myself under the desk as I had become very aroused and needed to hide my erection. She then stood with her back to me and both feet firmly planted on the floor and slightly apart I saw her black patent heeled shoes, only a couple of inches at the heel, however this did have the desired effect of shaping her wonderful, rounded calves and perfectly pert rear end, she turned her head, looked over her shoulder “ what do you think boss?”, stuttering I said “ very professional, just the type of image we were looking for”, Whilst thinking “my god, she looks so sexy, with stockings beneath that, I could just throw her on the desk and fuck her so hard”. I shocked myself with this thought, as this was never in my imagination before, and usually I would want to make love slowly and be very gentle and passionate, however her look made my testosterone rise and it was pure animal lust I was feeling. I had to calm down now as we had a very busy day.

“What needs doing today boss?”, looking up from my laptop I gave several tasks which needed doing, “ how about a coffee too?” “yeh good idea she said, a little early for you though?” and with that she stood and walked past me towards the kitchen area, my mind was in overdrive and I was watching to see if she had suspenders on, or were they just hold ups? Frustratingly because her skirt was pleated I was unable to make out and line of a suspender. On her return she bent over the desk right across the front of me to place the cup on to the mat, which was the other side of me, her blouse was open just enough to see directly down to her bra, and her lovely cleavage. Kirsty had lovely firm breasts, not massive however had a great shape, firm, and just enough to be naughty with. “ Why was I thinking this way, I never have before” … Throughout the rest of the day I had the feeling that something wrong, but could not put my finger on it, something was different. We had worked closely together for over a year, no suggestion of anything sexual had even crossed my mind in this time, yes she was lovely, but I was several years senior to her, something was definitely different today. As the day progressed Kirsty kept doing little things I had never noticed before, she went to the filing cabinet, I am sure she always bent at the knee to recover documents, this was only usually once or twice in a day also. We were now just before lunch, Kirsty has been to the files around 10 to 12 times, every time she is bending at the waist allowing her skirt to rise, showing those spectacular nylon covered legs. She had obviously been practising this, as she knew exactly how far to bend over to only show enough and I could not get a glimpse of her stocking tops again. “Another drink?” “water this time please, I am all coffee’d out” I only normally have two cups, this would have been coffee number 5, again Kirsty bent across the desk giving me a teasing view of her lovely breasts.

At lunch Kirsty said she was going to the shops “do you want anything?” she said, “no thanks, I am all good” when really thinking “YES bend over that desk I want to fuck you hard”. Phew that was close, did I nearly say that out loud? I was thinking I really need to get to the men’s room and go and relieve myself, I was not sure if I could get through the afternoon in this state, unfortunately the phone rang, and it was one of our best customers. Ms Walsh, “hi, look, I have this problem, Kirsty was supposed to send me my reports for me to read today, I have an important meeting tomorrow and need to be prepared” Jane (Ms Walsh) said. “No worries Jane, we have been a little behind, but I am sure we can get something sorted for you this afternoon” “not good, she said, I will have to change my plans around and get over to your office” “ you are welcome anytime, just drop me a text”, I could hear the indignation in her voice, she was not happy. “OK, I am going home to get changed etc, and I will be at your office around 5, traffic willing”, “OK no problem I will be here”, with that the phone went dead. I was not happy, Janes company was 74% of our business, our best payer and was keeping us going through the tough times, very important to us.

Kirsty was soon back from getting her lunch, her face looked like thunder, as the door flung open she said “ he is an absolute dick”, eyes wide I said “who”, “my other fucking half, he has just told me he is going away this evening on a conference and will not be back until Friday, I am sure he is fucking his secretary, she is an old slapper in her 50’s, but he likes a mother figure” Wow I wasn’t expecting that, however, head back in the room “ Sorry to hear that, but we have a problem too, Ms Walsh has just been on and says you have not sent her a report”. “Shit, oh so sorry boss, so sorry for swearing, and so sorry for my outburst about HIM” she said hissing out the “him”! “It’s not a problem about swearing and venting about your other half, but we need to look at this report situation”. Kirsty looking tearful said “I am sure she wanted it for a Friday meeting, and she said Thursday would be fine, let me check my mails” Going into her mails, she turned and said, “ yes, can you get the information to me by Thursday am, as I have to prepare for a meeting Friday”. I could see the tears welling up and I knew the pressure was getting on her, so I said, “ right sit down and eat your lunch, I will make you a drink and we will discuss options for all of this”. Kirsty turned to me and smiled “no need for a drink, I have water from the shop”. “OK, well stop all your random thoughts and focus on relaxing and eating your lunch”. I turned up the radio, with some soothing music on and diverted the phone to the other office.

We sat for a good 20 to 30 minutes, listening to the radio and not speaking, then Kirsty stood and said “right, this report, what’s happening?” “ Jane is coming over around 5 and we have to have something for her to read up on, how long will it take you to complete?” “ about 3 hours, but she has also asked for some power point slides to go with them” Kirsty looked down at her feet, “OK, send me what you have, and I will do the power point, but you owe me” I said, with a little glint in my eye. Lifting her head, she smiled and said, “what will I owe you,” she had a devil look in her eyes and she licked her lips as she finished saying it. “Let’s get on with this report otherwise we will not get done” with that she sat at her desk and started typing furiously.

The afternoon was quiet until around 4 pm, except for a little talk about sending each other reports, and the occasional time when I disturbed her by swinging my laptop around to show her the presentation. As the afternoon went on, I could feel the pressure lift from Kirsty, also from me, as I knew we were going to nail this presentation and report. Kirsty turned to me and then said, “I think I am done, I have nailed it” with that her phone went off, it was a text, she read it and her face went red, “Excuse me a minute” she left out of the fire door, I could then hear her voice being raised, so I went up to the door, to check she was OK, I then heard her say, “look, I am not going to be home at 5, I have more important things to tend to, go and fuck yourself, or get the old slapper to fuck you, I don’t really care” with that I hear the click as her heels were coming back down the corridor to the office. She came in the door and announced, “well that’s him dealt with, you can take whatever I owe you out of my body, now where were we with this report and presentation?” My mouth dropped, “what did you just say?”, “you heard me boss and I think the bit you are clarifying is the part where I said you can take whatever I owe you out of my body, is that correct?”. Still wide mouthed, properly shocked by what she had said, I said, “OK Ms K, you are so naughty” to which she turned and grinned. Sweetly she glanced over to me and said, “Boss, how is the presentation doing?” I was about to turn my laptop around, when she leant forward, showing her cleavage again and opened her legs slightly, still not able to view her stocking tops, she was properly teasing me. She then stood, held her skirt slightly so as she stood it rose, two fingers from her left hand holding the hem, little finger pointing outward, she looked so seductive, rising up her leg, “this was it” I thought, just as she got to her stocking top, she released her grip on the hem and I was frustrated again. She walked over the room, leant in by the side of me with her elbows on the desk, looking at my screen. I could clearly see down her blouse, getting a far better view of her lacy bra, I could also clearly see her hard nipples trying to break through the lacy fabric.

I ran through all of the slides on the presentation, not saying a word, Kirsty on the other hand was passing comments “that’s good, I like that, that’s creative, excellent work Sir, thank you for doing this for me” load’s of niceties, the one that rang in my ears was the “excellent work sir” … … why did she say Sir? Hmmmm thinking and pausing for several seconds, no I had to ask “Kirsty, why did you call me Sir?” “Well Sir, thought it was better than Daddy” Ring Ring came the sound as the office doorbell went and interrupted us, fuck, that was just getting interesting, Kirsty was obviously going submissive on me, shit shit shit, the damn door. Looking up at the clock on the wall, it was 5, “fuck it will be Jane, Kirsty, go and let her in” I ordered “of course Sir,” was her repost as she swiftly turned, swayed her hips and went for the office door, as she swung, her hem lifted again, a little glimpse of stocking top, again no view of a suspender, so frustrating.

Kirsty returned swiftly with Jane following her, “let me show you into the office Ms Walsh, can I get you anything?” “You can get me an explanation as to why this report was not on my desk earlier today, a man for tonight, I have just had a date cancelled and a coffee, white no sugar” “Yes Miss, I am sure we will sort this ALL out for you”, “Here Boss, Ms Walsh for you, I am off to make her a drink”. “Hi Jane, how’s your day, dare I ask?” .. .. A long pause “Can I speak openly?” Jane said, “Of course, only us here”, “I am properly fucked off, day from hell, first this report and presentation is not done and I promised my director I would have it done for the morning, and then I was supposed to be at a dinner tonight and he has just cancelled” “So sorry to hear that, I must say I was surprised how you were dressed when you came in, may I say you look gorgeous, I know that may not be PC, however I am not sure of any other words I could use” “Thank you said Jane, now come on, I am sure we all have homes to go to, and I have a presentation to write”. With that the door opened and in came Kirsty with the drinks, “here Ms Walsh, your drink.” “Thank you Kirsty, now what’s happened to the report, have you been punished for missing the deadline?” I interrupted, “Jane, we have read the mail, and you asked for it Thursday am, however, we appreciate you so much that we have done the report, here all 22 pages and we have done you the presentation, so all you have to do is tweak it” With that I turned the lights down and fired up the two projectors, one had the presentation, one had the report. Jane turned to Kirsty and said, “sorry for thinking you had messed up, and saying you should be punished” “Not a problem Ms Walsh, shame I was looking forward to the punishment” she smiled, “Please call me Jane” another smile and a twinkle in Jane’s eye. “Ok, let’s look at this presentation” I said, with that Jane’s eyes went to the screens and Kirsty went to her desk. Rather than sitting in her chair, Kirsty sat on the edge, behind Jane, her hands were on top of her skirt, above her thighs, as I was going through the presentation, I could see Kirsty out of the corner of my eye, she was rubbing up and down her thighs, lifting her skirt. Then I got the sight that made me pause, a glint from the top of her stocking, it was definitely a silver metal suspender support clipped to the top of her stockings. I may have only been a fleeting glimpse, as she straightened her skirt and pulled it down again. The presentation was over in about half an hour, we had been through it all and Jane loved it. As soon as it was finished she jumped up, and said excellent, she only had to tweak a little, besides that it was all done. She turned to me and gave me a hug, she then turned to Kirsty and did the same, “thank you both so much, how can I ever repay you?” “Not needed I said, we support you and we are here to help” Kirsty then joined the conversation “ Not a problem at all, let me just mail them over to you, and you can do whatever you want with them later, now do I still need discipline Ms?”

Jane looked at Kirsty and smiled, she then stood and took her shawl off her shoulders. The light was still down, the reflection from the projectors lit up the room and then I realised what Jane was wearing, she had a black, silky wrap-over dress, which as she stood gave me a lovely view of her dark stockinged legs, wrap-over heeled shoes which were strapped up around her ankles. Her silhouette made her large breasts prominent, her long blond hair reflected in the light as she moved across the room. She put her hand out to Kirsty, who looked up, paused then gently moved her hand to meet Jane’s, with that Jane pulled Kirsty to her feet, across the room and to my desk. Kirsty almost squealed as she was thrust across the room, Jane forced her body down on to my desk, then spanked her arse, “I am going to get me kit bag, keep her there” Jane said. Kirsty tilted her head towards me and said, “sorry Sir, have I been a naughty girl?” with a very dirty smile on her face, “yes, very naughty and you will be punished”, with that I pulled her skirt up to reveal black lacy panties, suspenders to match with a silver clasp on to very sexy black stockings with white bows. “Naughty, naughty girl” I said as I spanked her bum, slap, slap, I then heard the door opening and Jane came striding in with a large black holdall and laid it on the floor. Jane then came and sat on Kirsty’s arse, as if she were not there, Jane opened her legs to give a lovely view of her full thighs and lovely stockings. “I have this kit for my friends, they treat me like a slut, whenever I am in the mood, so Sir, are you willing to punish two whores tonight?” “Fuck YES” I stuttered again. Gaining my composure, I looked in the bag, it was briming with ropes, chains, restraints, straps, dildo’s, strap-on’s, tape, cuffs, butt plugs, everything one would need to have a real perverted play time.

KID IN A FUCKING SWEETIE STORE I thought, “Right bitches, who’s the dirtiest slut?” In unison, “me sir, me sir” then Kirsty said, “I am a dirty whore sir”, overlapped by Jane saying, “I am a slut sir”, “SHUT UP, both of you stand facing the wall with your hands and legs spread, and only speak when I address you, is that understood Jane? “Yes Sir”, Kirsty? “Yes Sir” with that Jane got up from sitting on Kirsty and proceeded to walk towards the wall untying her dress. WHACK, I whipped her arse with a cane from the bag, she squealed “DID I TELL YOU TO UNDO YOUR DRESS” I bellowed. Kirsty saw this and ran to the wall with her hands in the air and her skirt still tucked in her waist band and assumed the prone position, hands high, legs apart. Jane, with a whimper in her voice said “no sir”, “right lift your dress up Jane” I ordered, she did as she was told, as soon as the lifting motion had got her dress above her arse cheeks, whack whack, two very swift lashes of her arse were delivered. A tear was forming in the side of her eye, I knew that had stung, “did you like that Jane?” “Yes” she cried, “YES WHAT?, “Yes sir” I could now see that she had tears falling, so I thought that was probably enough of that for the moment, looking across at Kirsty, she was smiling at what she had just seen, so as I turned away, towards the bag, then surreptitiously I swung the cane on to her arse cheeks twice, again a scream was all I heard from her mouth. I did not question Kirsty, I could see the shock on her face though also a little tear in her eye, I knew I had hit the spot.

Looking down into the bag, I saw loads of goodies for having fun, turning over options in my head, I saw several cloth straps with buckles and Velcro fixings, now these look good, dragging them out of the bag rattled a few chains, I noticed over my shoulder that they were both watching me as I sorted through the bag. I dug deep and found two blindfolds, that will do for a start, I stood and walked toward Jane, forcing my body behind her, I took the blindfold and placed it around her eyes, then moving to Kirsty I did the same. Back to the bag, I got the Velcro straps out, I then noticed poles which slid into these straps which were extendable. I dug out two of these poles and used the straps in an X formation to Janes hands and ankles, reaching for another short one, I splayed her legs and arms open, all this fixed to her back. Now I had total control of her, I went between their two heads, licked around each of their ears neck and whispered to them, “feeling useless now bitches?” “yes sir”, I then got the same equipment out for Kirsty, now both were helpless and trussed up, still fully dressed and legs wide apart, the scent of warm moist pussy cream filled the room, I knew these bitches were hot and throbbing and they had not removed any clothes of been touched sexually. Time to change that I thought.

I grabbed Kirsty’s hair and pulled her backwards, she was useless to fight me, cradling her back I laid her on to the floor. Arms and legs spread she was so helpless. “Right Kirsty tell me what you are?” “I am a very dirty bitch Boss, I am the filthiest whore you have ever met” “You called me boss?” “Sorry sir, I am a slut with dirty aching holes sir”, “that’s better, right now we will see how dirty” With that I took my cock out and lay over Kirsty’s face, she swiftly opened her mouth and sucked me right inside, licking around with her tongue and forcing her tongue out to try and get my balls. “Very good, now let’s see what else you can do”, with that I turned and sat on her face, her tongue was straight back out, lapping at my balls and straining to reach my arse, I slid forward slightly to give her perfect access to my rectum, she did not disappoint, pulling her tongue between her lips to gain more saliva, she then went directly to my waiting sphincter, forcing her tongue deep inside, again she slid it out to gain more saliva and back inside me very deep. “Such a slut Kirsty”, she smiled sweetly, but you could see disappointment as I came away from her face. “Right Jane, your turn” I grabbed her hair and pulled her backwards, cradling her back I laid her on to the floor. “Right Jane tell me what you are?” “I am a slut with dirty aching holes sir, a dirty bitch who wants to make you happy”. Leaning over her I stuck my penis towards her mouth, she was hot as she swallowed me all down. Again, turning and sitting on Janes face, her tongue was straight back out, lapping at my balls and straining to reach my arse, I slid forward slightly to give her perfect access to my rectum, she teased around my hole, but did not force her tongue in, she licked and licked both balls and rimmed me, but nothing more.

I had decided at this point that Kirsty would be the one getting the attention first, she was obviously the slut I needed to abuse, after probing my arsehole. With that I undid her straps and ordered her to stand, I took away the shackles and told her to undo her blouse “Yes sir” whilst Kirsty was undoing the buttons, I grabbed the strapless dildo I had noticed in the bag, I pulled Kirsty over Jane and ordered her to drop to her knees, over Jane’s middle and open her mouth. I stuck the end in to her mouth which is usually the end for the giver. She took it willingly, whilst Kirsty was slurping and sucking the dildo, I ran my hand up Janes leg and pulled her pants to one side, looking down at her wonderful wet pussy sent shivers down my spine and too my crotch, oh I so wanted to lick that, however I had other plans. I took the dildo out of Kirsty’s mouth and forced her head down between Janes thighs. “Lick the bitch” I ordered, Kirsty still blindfolded was licking round with her tongue trying to find the moist hole, I was being a devil, whenever Kirsty was getting close, I would either pull her hair, or move Jane a little, so as Kirsty would have to lick again to find Janes love hole. After a short time, I grabbed Kirsty’s hair and forced her face right into Janes waiting lips. Jane tried to buck as I did this, but all attempts to move were futile, so Kirsty could get a good lick of her waiting vagina, moans were staring to come from them both. “Is she wet enough Kirsty?” “Yes sir”, “does she taste good Kirsty?” “ I.. I .. Don’t know Sir, I have never tasted a woman before” she stammered, “but she tastes nice” with that I pulled Kirsty’s head away. Looking at Janes luscious lips, I grabbed the dildo and forced it into her hole. I then pulled Kirsty up and got her to move forward, standing her just above the waiting strapless dildo, I pulled Kirsty’s panties to one side and forced her down on to the awaiting shaft, they both let out a sigh as the dildo slipped into Kirsty and obviously forced down against Janes pussy. Bending Kirsty’s knees back to align with Janes legs they were both trying to move and fuck each other. I grabbed the rope from the bag and proceeded to tie them together, they were bucking and moaning as I did this. Gradually I managed to get both left thighs tied, then both right, they were stuck together but still able to move, I then went between the legs and up around the pussy and arse cheeks, forcing them to open wider, both girls were still trying to wriggle to feel movement of the cock between them, so I pulled the rope tighter, this was now digging into the soft flesh of their arse cheeks. Gradually I was taking all control and movement, I then forced Kirsty’s face down to Janes breasts and started to secure their bodies. Movement was now very restricted. I decided I could now remove the blindfold’s they could now see each other, also the predicament they were in. Kirsty had just enough movement in her head to get to Janes breasts, “suck the sluts nipples, make the bitches nipples hard, bite them and abuse them” I growled, “Yes Sir” was Kirsty’s retort, and with that she started as ordered. I went between their legs and started playing with their pussy’s, they were so wet I had to taste this for myself. Jane had a very light scent to her juice, obviously washed fastidiously and often. Kirsty’s had a more viscous feel and a sweeter taste, I liked that, and I liked it a lot. I stayed licking Kirsty for quite some time, and with the purple knob between her lips, her juices flowed far more than Jane. As Kirsty was on top, this also meant that the juices were flowing on to Jane. Ok time to take this up a little, the moaning from them was increasing, so I decided that I had to get some movement of the dildo, I reached my hand between them and gently pulled it back and forth, this was too much for Kirsty and her pussy exploded all over them both and my hand. Mmmm nice, as I licked away at it, I then cupped my hand around Kirsty’s hole and scooped up a good handful of her warm juice. Dripping from my fingers I let this run down the crack of Kirsty’s lovely arse, this was now my prize. I shoved a finger inside Kirsty’s rectum, then another, then scooping the juice with my other hand I forced another finger inside, pulling her open I could now get my hard cock deep inside. I rammed it home, hard up her arse, she whimpered as I rammed every harder and ever deeper. I could feel the hardness of the dildo inside her pussy, against my manhood, so I knew it was moving between them both. Jane was the first to start breathing deeper, and faster “ I’m cumming Sir” She screamed “ Immm cumm..” she started trying to buck but had no option to move. Feeling this, I felt Kirsty’s arse pulsing on my cock, she then started to come again, only this time she had my cock firmly in her arse, and the rock-hard dildo in her pussy, “ Fuck … fuck … FUCK me SIR, FUCK ME HARD… I am going to…” she could not get the words out as I felt the splash between my legs, and on my balls, this sent me over the edge and I unloaded stream after stream of hot cum in to Kirsty’s arse.

After a few seconds I managed to gain my composure and looked down at these two girls tied together with a wet mess between there thighs. What a site and what an aroma, a mixture of my cum and their ejaculations was a sight and smell to behold. Cheekily I took a quick picture on my phone. I then started to untie them, gradually realising body parts, and letting them free. Once I had removed all restraints, I sat back into my chair and ordered them both to come across and suck me clean “ yes sir” as they slowly crawled towards me. After licking me down for a while, Jane said she had to leave. Ok I said, back to type, games over. I stood and we helped her clean and pack her toys away. With that I led Jane and out of the office and down to her car, I kissed gently on the cheek and thanked her “no need to thank me, I had ALL the pleasure!” she smiled.

On return to the office, I could hear moaning, walking through the door I was greeted by the site of Kirsty bending sucking the security guard’s cock. “What the fuck is going on here?” Dave the security guard said, “I came in the door and Kirsty had her finger up her arse saying she wanted to taste cum, so I thought I would assist her” with a huge smile on his face. Looking down at Kirsty she was gently sucking him, “ what are doing Kirsty?” she pulled her head away from his cock “sucking Dave sir”, “That’s not sucking him, you know how to suck properly, suck him hard and deep” Kirsty then started sucking Dave faster, but not much deeper, Dave smiled. “NOT GOOD ENOUGH KIRSTY” I said sternly, grabbing her dishevelled hair I forced her mouth deep on his cock, choking her as I forced her head down. Looking at Kirsty’s throat I could see the outline of his bulbus cock rippling. Holding her head down, I could see she was struggling to breathe, holding her for a few seconds, then pulling her head back she coughed, and saliva slipped out of her mouth. As soon as she caught her breath, I rammed her head back over Dave’s full length and held it down for a few seconds. I could see tears streaming down Kirsty’s face, her make up running from her eyes, letting her up for breath again I now pulled her arse up in to the air, now for filling her pussy , I thought to myself. “Right slut, time for another hole full of cum” “mmm mmm mmm” was all Kirsty could manage, tears still falling, I pounded my cock into her very wet hole, forcing her forward on to Dave’s cock. Within moments, Dave’s eyes were rolling, and his head was falling backwards, I knew he was about to explode in Kirsty’s throat. I pulled on her hair so as she could take a last gasp of air, rocked back and then slammed in to her again, holding her forward I could hear her gagging and spluttering, I knew Dave was unloading his balls in too her. I rocked back as Dave lifted his head, Kirsty’s tears were flowing, she was gasping for air as I released the pressure and she pulled back from Dave’s Cock, cum & saliva dripping out of her mouth she started to crumple, her body giving up, her legs were crumpling like a newly born baby horse, falling in all directions. Luckily Dave saw this, dropped on to one knee and forced his other leg beneath her body to hold her prone for me to finish. This did not take long, despite Kirsty being lifeless and flopped over Dave’s knee, her pussy was throbbing, pulsing, and quivering, I then felt a trickle of moisture, just a little squirt on my balls, this swiftly turned to a torrent, then an explosion, Kirsty was definitely cumming and cumming hard. Feeling this hot explosion, it sent me directly into a spin, stars in my eyes and I didn’t even feel my semen rising in my cock, I just exploded cum into her soaking love tunnel. Gaining my composure, I pulled out of Kirsty and Dave gently laid her on to the floor. Dave looked at his watch “shit I have missed a timecard stamp, I had better be gone, you ok to alarm this side of the offices?” “yeh no problem I responded”.

Looking down at Kirsty, she had a huge smile on her face, and she was still breathing very heavily quietly she said, “thank you Sir”, I smiled back and said, “no need to keep saying sir now” “OK Boss”, which made me chuckle. “We had better get you cleaned up” I said. Looking down at her laid in the foetal position, her hair was a tangle and a mess, her grip way to far down, her face had make-up streaks from both eyes, her lipstick, all but gone, except for a few smudges, away from her luscious lips, traces of juices on her face. Her blouse was open, with one breast fully exposed, her nipple bright and like a bullet, nearly touching the carpet. Her skirt was up around her waist, one stocking was laddered and around her ankle her ripped panties were tangled with this stocking, the other stocking, still in place but stained and glistening with all of the liquids from Jane and her own pussy, mixed with my cum, she slightly opened her legs which showed cum dripping from her pussy and her arse. “Kirsty?” her eyes glance up at me, “we need to get you cleaned up, you look like a tramp and a whore who has just been properly abused” “I know I do, does it look lovely?” with a huge beaming smile on her face. “Please take a picture of me, I want to remember this moment forever” she said. After a quick picture, I grabbed some wipes, lifted her head, and placed in on my lap. I then proceeded to wipe the make-up from her cheeks, sort the lipstick smudges also the dribbles of cum from her face and chest, she sighed deeply and smiled, with her eyes closed. Then gently pulling her breast back in its bra, I then buttoned her blouse. Following this it was time to pull her hair back in to order. I was then going to move to sort her skirt and stockings, but as I moved she grabbed my leg and said “no hold me for a while, I want to treasure this feeling”. We sat for a long time, me stroking her hair and kissing her cheek, rudely we were interrupted by her phone vibrating as it had a message “fuck it, leave it she said!”, I grabbed her phone and gave it to her “Its TWAT, she said, he wants to know if I am coming home, and if so what time, fuck him, can I stay with you boss?” “ of course you can, I will just have to call Lou, but no problem” with that, she turned her phone off and rest her head back between my legs. After a short while, I suggested we should head off, Kirsty agreed, reluctantly and got up on her knees, still weak. I straightened her skirt, then got a wipe and cleaned around her stomach, between her legs, around her arse and down her thighs, as I did this I noticed a shiver from her “sorry I said, was that cold?” “far from it, that was thrill and another little orgasm” with another huge grin. I then aided her to stand, pulled the stocking up and clipped it back into place, removed her knickers, or what was left of them and placed them in my desk drawer. Standing back, she looked reasonable, maybe even presentable, but only just. Kirsty reached her arms up and gave me a very seductive kiss. “Thank you so much for that, so many of my fantasies all in one day, threesome, FFM and FMM, spit roast, anal, licking a woman, me licking a woman, bondage, restraint, every part of it was magical” “ Kirsty it was my pleasure”.

On the drive home Kirsty was coming back to herself, “ Hey, what will Lou think because you are back so late?” “Not much I said, probably excited as YOU will have to explain why we are late, don’t worry she is very open about sex, and she will love your story”.. .. .. it will lead on to the next chapter of “Kinky Kirsty”.

If you like what you have read, please let us know. I know Kirsty is looking forward to reading all your comments!


2021-02-21 17:35:07
It's good to know Kristy is real. Can she comment her feelings about all of this?


2021-02-19 19:31:58
I mean to be constructive. Place the dialog of the individual characters into separate paragraphs - makes for much easier reading. Check the spelling / meaning of words (don't just rely on spell checker) - site is a place or location while sight is has to do with vision. If you can try and include the feelings of the characters, both physical and emotional - that is where the ability to move the reader comes from.

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