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Randy continues to perform.
I find out that Anthony is making a video for sale. I make sure he only films me with a mask covering most of my face. Becky has a huge strap-on dildo and I fuck her with it. She promises my turn is later.

As there was only one bed in the house we had to share. I made sure Becky was in the middle in case Anthony got frisky during the night. Of course I need not have worried as we all slept well. Next morning Becky and I prepared breakfast. Still naked I was so into it. The fact that all three of us were naked certainly made life interesting. We sat and chatted over breakfast and planned the day ahead. Becky said they would leave around 4pm, which was fine with me. It give me plenty of time to drop off Randy after cleaning up. Then get home in time to wind down.

After breakfast we headed for the playroom to check on Randy. He had been asleep. I took him into the yard to do any business he wanted. Standing naked in the open was great. I kept hoping someone would see me. But I didn’t see anyone. Back inside Becky cuddled Randy which led to him servicing her with his tongue. I saw her close her eyes and throw her head back. She looked so into it. She moaned softly and then louder. She had orgasmed. Randy licked up her juices and then got very excited as she dropped to her knees. “Yes boy. Come and get me” she said and squealed as he mounted her. Thrusting madly he found the wet warmth of her pussy and drove his cock hard. More squeals as he humped her vigorously. “We have to get a dog” she screamed as he endeavoured to bury his growing knot. “Yes give it to me” she cried and moaned loudly as her pussy lips wrapped around and tied him to her.

Anthony was filming and it was hard not to see his rigid cock throbbing. He filmed up to the point where Randy pulled away. He handed me the camera. “Just point it” he said and immediately took Randy’s position behind Becky and sunk his cock balls deep in her soaked hole. “Get it wet Tony” she cried “get it wet and fuck my arse”. I am sure it will show that the camera shook when she said that. I watched through the view finder in shock as he pulled out and redirected his cock into her anal opening. Obviously they had done this before as he eased into her, careful to control his movements. She gasped, squealed and then moaned as he slowly pushed deeper. I am in awe as my late husband once tried it and it hurt like hell and I made him stop. But Becky was taking him easily.

He orgasmed and they were both moaning. He slowly withdraw and Becky gripped the bench she was resting on. “I hope you got that Beth” said Anthony. “Every bit” I said, still shaking “I hope I held it steady”. They got up and headed off to have a shower. Randy looked at me with his head tilted to the side. “Yes boy I know what you want” I said and leaned on the bench. It had gotten to the point where he no longer needed a pat on the head. He knew what to do, what I wanted. I giggled as his nose pushed between my thighs. “Yes boy, give your bitch some tongue” I said. But I was too horny to delay any longer. Dropping to my knees he knew very well what this bitch wanted. Mounting me and finding his target he gave me what I wanted, what I craved, a good hard doggy fuck.

We were still at it when Anthony and Becky came back. “Look at that bitch go” said Anthony “I would love to fuck that bitch after him”. “Calm down Tony love. Just sit there and watch me fuck her”. I looked over my shoulder to see Becky already wearing the strap-on. That caused me to have an orgasm. “Hurry up Randy my dear. I am so ready to give this to your bitch”. I found myself moaning louder with the realisation that Randy was just the entre. Anthony picked up his camera. “Put your masks on ladies. I HAVE to get this on tape”. Randy pulled away and Becky was quickly behind me. Both of us were masked. “So you enjoyed fucking me you whore” she shouted “now it is your turn to be fucked” and she immediately aimed the dildo and jammed it all the way in with one enormous thrust for her hips. “OH FUCK” I screamed. “Yes take it slut. Take my big cock” Becky yelled. Pumping like she was possessed she had me squealing and moaning. It was the biggest thing I had even taken and I was delirious with pleasure. “Yes baby fuck your slut” I wailed.

By the time she was finished we were both exhausted. I don’t know how long it went for but it seemed like hours. Each thrust was so good. I don’t even know how many times I orgasmed. It just felt like one continuous one. By the time she pulled away I knew I would always want it again and again. I looked over at Anthony. He was holding the camera in one hand and jerking off with the other. “God Becky that was so hot. I am so about to cum” he moaned. Becky crawled over, wrapped her lips around his cock and took his load down her throat. She looked up and smiled “I didn’t want you to mess up the floor” she said and laughed.

The rest of the day was spent either Randy fucking me or Becky or we two fucking each other. 4pm was approaching and I think we were all sad. We got dressed, the first time we had clothes on for more than 24 hours. A tearful goodbye with promises to do it again. They left and I was a little sad. I cleaned up the house, not that there was much to do, rounded up Randy and returned him to Jack along with half the money Anthony and Becky had paid me. “A good time?” asked Jack with a smile. “Oh very good Jack. Randy performed brilliantly and he even did something that Anthony didn’t expect” I said. Jack smiled sweetly. “Yes I should have mentioned that” he said without any hint of embarrassment. “Oh Anthony was very pleased” I said and we both laughed.

Monday morning I was back in the gym. “Missed you yesterday” Toni whispered. “Yes I had a couple booked for the weekend” I said “I must tell you about it later”. “Oh good” she replied “and I have some news for you too honey”. We finished our workout and Toni suggested a coffee. We got to the coffee shop “let’s sit outside so no-one hears us” Toni suggested. I detailed my weekend, stressing that I never let a male touch me. But when I told her about the strap-on she got very interested. “So what is your news?” I asked. “Remember I told you about the place I usually go to” she said and I nodded “well I have booked for next Friday afternoon and I want you to come with me”.

I told her I would love to come with her. “What time?” I asked. “Well I finish duties at the gym at 3pm so what if I come to your apartment at 3:30. The appointment is for 4pm”. “That sounds perfect” I said “and after perhaps we can have something to eat at my apartment”. She gave me a devilish smile “yes sweetheart, I think I would like to eat you”. I squeezed her hand. What a wonderful idea. The perfect way to spend the evening.


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