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She looked up at me, clearly upset at her actions that she was now remembering clearly.

“I fucked three guys yesterday. I can’t believe I did that. Why? Why did I do that?
Building a Dream: Part Five

Continues on the day following Jay’s drunken threesome with Simon and Jay. The names of the people involved have been changed

Having had a shower, I looked at the time on the clock. Eleven thirty. Blimey, we had slept late. Fairly soon the housekeeping staff will be knocking on the door. I decided it was time to wake Jay.

I opened the curtains to let in the bright morning sun, looking over at Jay, asleep in bed as I did so. The light hit her closed eyes causing her to wake and squint as she looked towards the light source.

“Morning,” I said. “Sleep well?”

She turned on to her back and rubbing her eyes answered,

“I feel awful. Heads banging and I feel like I’ve been ravaged by a whole football team.”

“Not quite,” I said putting the kettle on. “Just three, not the whole team.”

Jay slowly sat up; her gorgeous breasts being exposed above the bed sheet. She rubbed her face, looked thoughtful and then clearly remembered what had happened the day before.

“Oh fuck,” she said. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she repeated as she climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom.

A short while later she was running a bath and came out to receive her much-needed coffee.

She sat on the bed, popped a couple of Alka Seltzer in a glass of water, downed it quickly as it fizzed then drank her coffee, not saying anything but looking deep in thought.

She looked up at me, clearly upset at her actions that she was now remembering clearly.

“I fucked three guys yesterday. I can’t believe I did that. Why? Why did I do that?

I turned the now filled bath off and sat back next to her.

“It was a mixture of alcohol, sexy talk with Manus and Sara and you wanting to act out a ‘slut fantasy.” I replied. “You just got carried away, that’s all. You certainly enjoyed yourself.”

“It shouldn’t have happened though,” she replied walking into the bathroom. “My behaviour was terrible. What must everyone think? I’m a housewife from High Wycombe, not some slut who spreads her legs at the drop of a hat.”

She got into the bath and lay soaking in the bubbles, not saying anything but looking thoughtful.

I sat on the bath next to her and rubbed her shoulders.

“Yes, you are a housewife from High Wycombe. But a very sexy one. So what if you took a guy’s virginity yesterday and then had a threesome. We’re in London and this is our week to unwind. If this is your way of unwinding, then so be it.”

She looked up at me and replied,

“But it shouldn’t be. We should be visiting the art galleries, museums, going to shows, eating out in nice restaurants. Not getting fucked by all and sundry. And what exactly do you get out of it? Do you enjoy watching your wife getting fucked and acting like a slut?”

“Well, according to Simon, I’m becoming a cuckold.” I said.

“A cuckold?” she asked.

“Yeah, someone who gets a kick out of watching their partner getting fucked by others.” I answered, slipping my hands down and over her breasts to caress them as I spoke.

“Do you remember the gloryhole video I showed you yesterday?” I asked.

Jay looked puzzled and answered, “I think so. Before Simon and Jim came to collect the fans. It’s what Sara told us about.”

I retrieved my phone from the bedroom and got the video up again. I played it and we both watched as the woman sucked cocks through the holes in the wall before backing herself up to receive the cock in her cunt. We watched silently for a few minutes before Jay asked,

“Why are you showing me this?”

“Well, according to the de***********ion, the person filming it is her husband. He gets a kick out of watching her being fucked. He’s a cuckold.”

“Oh,” she replied wide-eyed with realisation. “I get it. Do you get a thrill out of watching me getting fucked? Do you enjoy watching me kiss another man? Giving blow jobs? Getting fucked in my pussy and arse?”

I thought for a moment then replied,

“I think I do, no, I definitely do, but only if you’re into it. When you got gangbanged the other night, it was the first time I had ever seen you with another man, or rather men, and you enjoyed it and I mean really enjoyed it. Yesterday was completely out of the blue. You wanted to be naughty and you were, it just took a turn of directions that neither of us expected.”

“But we never had sex yesterday, did we?” she asked, running her hand on my leg and up to my hardening cock.

“Nope, we didn’t.” I answered.

She reached up and unbuttoned my flies and my cock fell out into her hand, hard and ready to go. Watching the gloryhole video must have had an effect on us both.

“Well, I think we should do something about that, as my way of apologising. Get undressed.”

I didn’t hesitate and was soon naked as she climbed out of the bath, bubbles sticking to her body as she stepped out

She dropped to her knees and started to lick my cock helmet, running her tongue up and down the back vein before taking me fully in, letting the length travel fully into her mouth. She gripped on to my hips before reaching under my balls and began to run a finger up and down my arse crack, edging it past my cheeks until it was edging my arsehole.

“Oh fuck,” I exclaimed as she probed and gently slip the tip in. It felt strangely good, the only other time I had anyone do that was Phil a few nights ago.

She sped up her sucking as she probed her finger deeper into my arse. Why she had decided to do this, I didn’t know and didn’t care. She was up to the knuckle and started moving it inside, hooking it around and around as I held her head and started to fuck her mouth. The sensation was amazing and for a brief moment, I suddenly understood how anal sex could be pleasurable for men. This felt fucking great.

To my disappointment, she removed her finger and took my cock from her mouth.

She stood up and we kissed, tongues probing each other’s mouth as I reached down and rubbed her now wet cunt as she readily parted her legs. I parted her pussy lips and, keeping my thumb on her clit, inserted a finger which slid in easily, followed by another. She started to groan and let out her familiar little yelps as I sped up my pace, rubbing her clit harder and harder. With one hand she was wanking me while the other as digging into my shoulders, holding on as she leant against the bath and spread her legs wider to allow me to insert another finger. I put my head down and bit one of her nipples. She grabbed my head and held it there, clamped, and unable to move, biting a little bit harder as she did so.

Her legs then started to shake and she started to breathe faster before squealing, and clinging on to me tight, started to cum. Her whole body shuddered and I felt a trickle of her ejaculate as it spurted out of her now very wide and very wet cunt.

She panted and held tight on to me, not letting go nor allowing me to remove my fingers. Her body became still and she slumped on to me and I held her tight. Occasional shudders went through her legs, the last vestments of her orgasm leaving her.

She pulled away from me and, bending over the bath, gripped her hands on to the far side of the bath, offering me an open view of her wide and dripping cunt.

“Fuck me,” she said.

I didn’t hesitate. I quite forcibly, shoved my cock into her and started pumping with a fast pace. I needed this and judging my Jays shouts of ‘FUCKING YES,’ I think she needed it too. I held on to her hips and pounded hard into her, my cock reaching in as far as it could go before I moved to her shoulders and started pulling her on to me with each stroke.

Jay squealed, yelled, and shouted, rather loudly as I fucked her. It felt good. As I fucked her I remembered everything that had happened the day before and pictured it all in my mind. The excitement was getting too much and I knew I would cum soon.

It was then that I heard movement behind me in the bedroom. I stopped fucking Jay and looked in the bathroom mirror. Stood in the bedroom holding on to some towels was a member of the housekeeping staff. She looked young, maybe late teens and was dressed in the unflattering uniform of skirt and blouse under the hotel branded housecoat, although she had left this open, possibly due to the heat. She was what I would call pretty. Long, dark hair tied in a ponytail and a face that only required the slightest hint of makeup, if at all. She was slim and I think that if she was dressed in her normal clothes would turn many heads. She was standing there watching, how long for I don’t know, but she had coughed at some point which had alerted her presence to me.

I hadn’t put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door and it being so late, she probably expected us to be out by now.

“Why have you stopped?” panted Jay, still gripping firmly to the edge of the bath

“We have company,” I replied.

Staying in our position, we both turned our heads and looked through the doorway at the girl who seemed unsure of what to do.

“Hi,” We both said in unison, not moving from our position

“Good morning,” the girl replied, looking a bit embarrassed but without moving. “I’m…I’m sorry for disturbing you. I’ve come to do your room and I’ve got some fresh towels and toiletries.”

“Er…thanks,” I replied. “As you can see, we’re not quite ready for our room to be done just yet. We do need some fresh towels though. Thanks.”

I realised that as I said this I had very slowly started to continue fucking Jay. We were both looking around at the girl, my cock firmly planted in Jay and sliding slowly in and out, not wishing to stop and miss the moment.

“Could you leave them by the door please?” asked Jay smiling at the girl and I think trying to put her at ease. I know Jay said she wanted to be a bit more of an exhibitionist but I never imagined this.

The girl looked from me to Jay and seemed to hesitate, seeming unsure of whether to throw the towels at us and run or to actually move nearer. She was watching me slowly fucking Jay and didn’t immediately move. Eventually after a few seconds she answered,

“Of course.” She stepped slowly forward and bent down to place them on the floor, a couple of feet away from where we were fucking, all the while trying to maintain eye contact and not watch what was going on further down.

As the girl stood up Jay said,

“I’m sorry you’ve caught us in this, er, position. We forgot to put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door.

The girl stayed still and didn’t move. She was within a couple of feet of my slowing moving arse and I saw that she was now looking down at our fucking. I noticed this and started to pull out of Jay more, allowing my cock to be more on show as I slowly pushed it into Jays cunt and withdraw, the girl seeing its length and the flaps of Jays very wet cunt as she received it.

“That’s quite alright,” she answered in a quiet voice. “It’s not the first time. It happens quite often to all of us in housekeeping. Most of the time we get shouted at to leave. Other times its single men playing with themselves. I think they do it on purpose.”

There was definitely innocence about this girl. I had seen videos online of men who secretly film themselves wanking when the maid comes in. Sometimes the maids will blow them or fuck them, but I reckon these are staged to give the viewer the thrill of what could happen.

She hadn’t taken her eyes off my cock fucking Jay and she certainly wasn’t put off by having a voyeur as she gave little gasps as I plunged deep into her with each slow, movement.

Jay looked directly at the girl and said,

“Well, this was a complete…” she tried to get her words out but I had sped up the pace a bit, her body starting to rock further backwards and forwards across the bath. “… accident. Oh, fuck that’s good.”

The girl didn’t move. She and Jay were staring at each other and I decided to carry on regardless. If the girl wanted to stay and watch, she was welcome to.

“I should be going,” she said backing up slightly, “and leave you two…to it.”

But she didn’t move, she was watching my cock, then looking at Jay who had looked at her and winked, before looking back at my cock.

“You can stay, if you want to,” Jay said between heavy breaths and held out her hand to the girl while keeping a firm grip on the bath with the other. The girl looked a bit shocked when Jay said this and I did momentarily wonder why Jay had asked her. The girl hesitated before walking out of the bathroom and a moment later we heard the bedroom door slam shut.

“I think you scared her off,” I said resuming the quicker the pace of my fucking.

“That’s a shame,” Jay spread, leaning further forward and gripping harder on the bath edge. “She was cute.”

I slowed my pace down. My excitement was at a high point and I wanted this fucking to last. I didn’t want to cum and miss this moment which, for both of us, was at a height of sheer pleasure. I then stopped and stood still for a moment. I could hear movement in the bedroom of someone moving around.

I stopped fucking Jay and with my cock hard and pointing ahead walked out of the bathroom and saw the girl stripping the bedsheets off the bed. She had bought her trolley with clean bedding, towels, toiletries etc, into the room and shut the door.

She turned and saw me, saw my erect cock pointing at her and quickly turned back to the bed saying,

“I’m sorry. I thought I would get your room ready while you’re, er, otherwise disposed if that’s okay? Yours is the last room I have to do this morning, then I can have lunch. I have to leave the door open when doing the rooms so I bought my trolley in and put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door so you can finish without anyone bothering you.

She turned her back on me and continued to strip the bedsheets, throwing them on the floor along with the pillowcases.

“Okay,” I replied, “If you don’t mind us carrying on. I promise we won’t be too long.”

“That’s okay,” she replied turning around and immediately looking down at my cock before walking to the trolley and picking up the fresh bedding. “Take your time. I won’t disturb you.”

Jay came out and stood next to me as the girl spoke and put her arm around me. The girl heard her and turned to look at Jay. The girl looked Jay up and down and then back to me, all sorts of thoughts running through her mind about the nice couple who were happy to carry on fucking despite her being, and probably listening, in the next room.

“What’s your name?” Jay asked, running her hand up and down my arse, clearly still very turned on despite the uninvited guest.

“Kylie,” she answered. Seeing the surprised look on my face she continued, “My mum was a fan.”

“Okay Kylie,” Jay said taking my hand to lead me back into the bathroom. “We’ll be in here if you need anything. I’ll try to keep the noise down”

Jay walked in and resumed her position leaning over the bath, legs spread wide, cunt still very wet and probably even wetter now she knew there was a girl nearby.

“Are we really going to do this, with her in the other room?” I asked standing behind her and rubbing my cock up and down along her arse crack.

“Yeah, why not?” Jay replied. “I want this, you need this and she’ll probably won’t bother us. And who cares if she listens? To be honest, it’s a bit of a turn on having someone listening.”

‘Fair enough,’ I thought to myself and lined up my still hard cock at her cunt lips before slowly sliding it back in.

“OH FUCK, YES!” Jay shouted, a little bit too loud I thought as I slid my cock in up to the hilt. I started to slowly fuck her, my balls swinging as I plunged comfortably deep into her. I had my hands on her shoulders for support and used short, hard thrusts into her, standing on my toes to enable me to get in as deep as I could. Jay puffed and panted with each thrust, her tits swinging under her with each movement, her nipples very hard and erect.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” Jay started to shout as I did this. She was either doing this for the girl’s benefit who could clearly hear everything in the other room or I really am good shag. To be clearly honest I couldn’t decide which I would prefer.

I looked around to the bathroom door to see if I could see if Kylie had heard and she clearly had. She was standing to the side of the door, silently watching us, and not making any movements that might have given her away.

I lightly gave Jay a tap on her arse to indicate that something was awry. She looked behind her and seeing her said,

“Kylie, can you come in here for a moment please.”

Realising she had been seen Kylie went to move away but then stopped. She slowly stepped in and moving nearer to Jay said,

“I’m sorry. I’ve forgotten to bring fresh pillowcases. I just wanted to let you know that I was leaving the room in case you heard the door opening and shutting.”

I stopped fucking Jay and looked at Kylie. She was blatantly watching my cock again as I backed out a bit to clearly show the tip of my cock, not moving but perched just inside Jays cunt.

She went to turn to walk out but Jay stopped her saying, “Stay. Stay for a moment.”

Kylie turned back and she was clearly blushing. She seemed unsure of what to do and why Jay wanted her to stay. Jay patted the side of the bath next to her, indicating for her to sit down. Kylie looked at Jay then back to me then back to Jay before deciding to sit down as asked

Jay held out a hand to Kylie and she slowly and hesitantly took it. I proceeded to slowly fuck Jay and watched as the girls-maintained eye contact, a little smile passing between them. A confident one from Jay, an embarrassed one from Kylie. They held hands as I sped up to the fast pace from earlier. I held on to Jays hips and fucked her hard, giving long, deep strides, retracting my cock almost fully out before ramming it back in, causing Jay to yell and scream.

The girl looked at Jay’s tits as they dropped over the bath, the nipples big and hard, little bite marks clearly evident on one. Jay saw this and slowly lifted Kylies hand flat over her breast and held it tight against her. Kylie sat crossed legged on the bath, one hand clamped flat on Jays breast, the other down by her side. Jay started to move Kylies hand around on her breast for a few seconds and then removed her own hand. Kylie kept her hand there, rubbing Jay’s breasts and occasionally rubbing her thumb over the nipple. Jay reached over and placed her hand on Kylies face, slowly stroking it before letting it gently run down to her tits.

Kylie didn’t react nor try to stop her. Apart from rubbing Jay’s breasts she didn’t move as Jay started to caress and grope each tit in turn over the buttoned blouse.

Kylie looked up at me with an embarrassed smile and I smiled back. I didn’t say anything, not wishing to disturb the moment. As I continued to slowly slide in and out of Jay, I reached down and started to caress Kylie’s tits along with Jay. Since there was no resistance, I squeezed harder and located her nipples which were standing to enlarge and harder with each movement from our hands.

I detected a little ‘squeak’ from her as I did so. Her lips parted and her breathing became more audible as she started to enjoy the touch of both of us on her. Jay reached up and, from the top, started to unbutton Kylies blouse while trying to hold herself up with the other hand as I continued to fuck her very slowly. Kylie didn’t stop her. She continued to caress and squeeze Jay’s breast with one hand, keeping her other hand still motionless by her side.

With the blouse now unbuttoned, Jay reached up and slid her hand inside Kylie’s bra and started to rub her bare tit, finding her nipple, and squeezing it causing Kylie to squeak more with each little pinch. Kylie bought her other hand to Jays where it caressed her, holding it in place, not wanting her to stop. Her eyes starting to flutter a little and her breathing becoming more pronounced.

I let go of Kylie’s breast and held on to Jay for better leverage as I continued to give slow and hard thrusts. Watching them both caressing each other’s tits was becoming too much for me. If this continued for much longer I would be cumming sooner than expected

“Stop, stop,” Jay said and I did so, allowing her to stand up and hold her hands out to Kylie to stand with her. Jay was marginally taller than Kylie and looked down at her as she slowly started to stroke Kylies face and running her fingers gently through her hair. She leant down slowly and pressed her lips to Kylies and after a moment’s hesitation responded, opening her mouth so Jay could explore within with her tongue. As she did so Jay slipped the housecoat and blouse off her to the floor and, reaching around, unhooked her bra which joined the other clothing on the floor.

Kylie’s tits were of an average size but firm, very firm. Her nipples protruded, full and red from the arousing touch of Jay who started to caress them both as they kissed. By now, Kylie had her arms around Jay’s neck and also stroking her hair, her movements becoming more urgent with each dart of Jays tongue in her mouth and the caress of her nipples.

Jay reached to the side of Kylies skirt and having located the zip, undone it and it fell to the floor, leaving Kylie stood there in only a very sexy pair of lacy knickers.

Jay embraced Kylie and continued to kiss her, their tongues moving from mouth to mouth as they explored and tasted each other, Kylie unresisting to Jays hand that had now moved down the back of her knickers and was sliding up and down the crack of her arse. I stood slowly wanking watching this, not wanting to lose my hard on, although it was doubtful with the exhibition going on before me I would, but you can never be too careful.

Jay started to push the knickers down with both hands until there was no more resistance and fell, leaving her completely naked, a completely waxed and small cunt on show, the lips tucked in and, I would imagine, eager to be parted.

Jay moved her head down and started to suck on Kylies nipples, taking them into her mouth one at a time, giving little nibbles that made Kylie hold Jays head close into her, her eyes tight shut and breathing heavy with the odd gasp as she enjoyed the sensation.

Jay returned to kissing Kylie, one hand on the back of her head to draw her tongue into her, the other sliding down to her bald cunt where, with her middle finger, she slowly started to rub between the lips, locating the clit and giving it circular rubs with her thumb. She bought her finger up to her mouth and looking directly into Kylies eyes, started to lick it and moisten it with her saliva before returning it to Kylies waiting cunt and continued pushing her tongue into Kylie’s mouth. She rubbed her forefinger gently up and down her cunt lips, moistening the area and exploring until the lips parted and gave way to allow her finger to gently probe past and slowly, very slowly enter her. Kylie pulled her head away from Jays and let out a yelp as the finger entered her, gripping on to her for support as she felt waves of pleasure build within her.

Jay slowly finger fucked her and I could see the glistening of where Kylie’s cunt was starting to loosen as her pussy juices flowed out to allow Jay to enter another finger and speed up a little. Jay pulled Kylies mouth to hers and licked around Kylies lips with her tongue, parting them and thrusting her tongue into Kylies mouth where she responded with her own tongue, both mouths open and tongues encircling with globules of saliva going from mouth to mouth.

Kylie bucked her hips in line with Jays now frantic movements of her fingers and between kisses, panted and squeaked, eyes tightly shut against the inevitable orgasm to come. Jay then stopped and lifted Kylie’s right leg so her foot was up on the bath, the other on the floor, exposing her now wide cunt to us both. Jay got on her knees and quickly covered Kylie’s cunt with her mouth, her tongue reaching deep, making Kylie shout out and hold onto the back on Jays head with both hands. Jay licked up and down her flaps before settling on her clit where she proceeded to lick and nibble while holding her flaps open with both thumbs.

Kylie’s legs were shaking; she was keeping Jays head tight in her grip, forcing Jays face tight into her cunt, not letting her move, the orgasm building. It was when Jay entered two fingers into her with one swift movement that Kylie came. Her legs went to give way but I caught her from behind and held her under her arms as the orgasm swept through her body, her hands tightly gripping Jay’s hair, her mouth open with repeated squeals between her fast and heavy breathing.

After shaking for a few moments, the orgasm subsided and she bought her right foot off the bath and placed it over Jays shoulder, clamping Jays head to her, balanced against my own body and my hard on.

“Stop, stop,” she pleaded to Jay trying to catch her breath. “That’s it, please stop.” She moved her leg down from Jays shoulder, placed her foot gently on the floor with the other and leant back on me, still not able to support her own weight due to her shaking, my hard on pressed up against her arse.

Jay stood up and gently pulled Kylie to her and held her shaking body in her arms. Kylie was breathing heavy, trying to get her breath back and relaxed into Jay’s arms, her head on Jays shoulder and arms around her neck as Jay supported her with her own naked body. I stood back watching, slowly rubbing my cock, and keeping hard. They stood still for what must have been a couple of minutes before Kylie had recovered enough to speak.

“I’m sorry,” Kylie said to Jay. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t be here. I could get in trouble for being here”

“Shhh…,” Jay said putting a finger to Kylies lips. “You’re very welcome here and you’re not going to get into any trouble. My names Jay and that person standing behind you is my husband, Steve.”

“Hi,” Kylie politely said looking around to me and immediately dropping her eyes to where I was slowly rubbing my cock. She looked back to Jay and said, “You still need some privacy though, I had better be going.”

Jay looked at me with a small, but wicked, grin and, running her hands to Kylies arse cheeks and holding them tight to her replied, “You don’t have to go anywhere yet, if you don’t want to.” She leaned into Kylie and gently kissed her. Kylie softly responded by slowly opening her mouth to let Jays tongue enter and they gently kissed, Kylies arm tightening around Jays neck as she started to run her fingers up and down between Kylies arse cheeks. Kylie started to moan then pulled herself slowly away from Jay and turned to me.

“No, I really should leave. You both have some unfinished business.” Her eyes dropped to my cock again, where I was still rubbing it. Not in a suggestive manner, but to ensure I didn’t lose my hard on, although with two naked women in front of me there was little chance of that happening.

Jay wrapped her arms around her and cupped each tit in her hands and caressed them, gently rolling each nipple between her thumb and forefinger as she said,

“He is going to finish, but you don’t have to leave.” Jay began kissing her neck and her caressing on her Kylies tits were staring to have an effect as she shut her eyes and little moans came from her. Jay looked at me and smiled before gently pulling Kylies face to hers and began kissing her again. She didn’t hesitate with her response and put her arms around Jays back as Jay held her face and deeply kissed her.

Jay let go of her and slowly directed Kylies face towards her own tits where she started to kiss them and gently sucked on one nipple then the other. Jay shut her eyes and threw her head back, clinging Kylies face to her tits, making sure she continued to lick, suck, and nibble each nipple in turn.

Jay slowly moved her body and sat down slowly on the edge of the bath followed by Kylie, still eating on her tits. Jay opened her legs, looked up at me, winked and began to slowly push Kylies head down towards her cunt. Kylie took the hint and got her knees and leant forward to begin slowly licking Jays opened cunt. Keeping one hand on Jay’s tit, she moved the other down and started to rub around the flaps as she concentrated her tongue on the clit. Jay let go of her head and leaned both arms back to brace herself on the far edge of the bath, just as Kylie inserted a finger into her cunt.

Jay let out a yelp and started to pant as Kylie began to lick and nibble on her clit harder and with more urgency. She inserted another finger and this made Jay shout, “FUCK,” loudly and started to buck her hips. Kylies head was circling and bobbing on Jays cunt, the clit taking all the force of her tongue and very gentle nips from her teeth while her fingers were working up a frenzied pace, in and out, all the while with Jay getting louder and louder.

Jays puffing and shouting got faster and it was when Kylie pinched hard on her nipple that Jay let go. She screamed and I watched as she squirted a decent amount of her ejaculate over Kylies face and fingers before clamping Kylies head between her legs, locking her face to her cunt. Her body went through spasms and she slowly began to get quieter with her screams as her orgasm concluded.

After about a minute she went limp and Kylie was able to extract her head from between her thighs. Her face wet and dripping with Jay’s cum. Jay was spent. She perched on the edge of the bath still supporting herself up, but with shaking legs and small spasms as her orgasm finally left her body.

She pulled Kylie to her feet to stand over her and reached up to kiss her. Kylie bent down and put her arms around Jay’s neck, her tongue entering Jay’s mouth amongst the wetness of Jays cum that mingled between their faces, lips, and tongues.

As they kissed Jay looked behind Kylie to where I stood. Kylie was bent over in front of me, her arse slightly open and a very wet and inviting cunt sitting invitingly below. Jay looked at me and I saw her hold on Kylie tighten and I got the hint.

I move forward and gently brushed my cock against Kylie’s cunt lips. She gave a start and pulled her face away from Jays. She looked over her shoulder and at me then back to Jay. Jay moved her arms to under Kylie’s shoulders and held on to her tight, pressure marks starting to show from around her fingers. Kylie looked at Jay and then opened her legs wide to allow me an easy entry to her waiting cunt.

I moved forward and slowly started to put my cock between her cunt lips and my helmet into her moist opening. Kylie gave out a squeal but offered no resistance. She held on to Jay who held her firm in that position, not letting her move. I slowly entered my cock into Kylie’s cunt.

Wow, it was tight. Not virginal tight, but more what I would call ‘not used regularly enough’ tight. It felt great as I slowly slid fully into her until I was up to my root. Kylie let out a scream and for a split second I thought I had hurt her, but she started little backwards and forwards movements, tiny ones to indicate that she was ready for this.

I held on to her hips and then started fucking her with force, pounding into her and enjoying the sensation of a young and tight cunt. Kylie was panting and squealing with each thrust and started to scream, even more so when I reached around and pinched one of her nipples before sliding my hand down in front of her and found her clit. Jay forced her tongue into Kylie’s mouth who eagerly responded, pulling her own tongue out of Jay’s mouth when she had to scream and yell. I held back on to her hips with both hands and really hammered into her. Fuck, this was good.

Jay moved a hand down to Kylie’s cunt and started to rub her clit. I felt her fingers rub against my cock as I thrust in and out and I hoped that she could bring Kylie off quick as I was not going to hold back for much longer. It only took Jay a few seconds to bring Kylie to her second orgasm. Her screaming got louder and her legs started to shake and then her orgasm hit at exactly the same time as my own. I started cumming in her and slowed my pace to enjoy the long thrusts as I filled her wet cunt full of my cum, pushing it deep into her, large amounts of frustration completely filling her.

Jay held Kylie tight as her body shook and her legs began to give way. I stopped cumming and held her hips, my cock deeply imbedded in her as her spasms came to a stop and she let go of Jay to support her body either side of Jay on the bath edge.

No one moved nor said anything for a couple of minutes. Kylies breathing slowed as she recovered and she slowly moved forward and extracted herself off my cock. Jay stood up and moved Kylie around to sit on the bath edge, Jay opening Kylie’s legs wide as she did so. Quickly, Jay dropped to her knees and covered her mouth over Kylies cunt where my cum was starting to flow out. She used her tongue to lap it up, each drop and cleaned around the cunt lips with her tongue and lips before moving a finger in, which made Kylie squeal, to pull out any remaining vestiges.

Kylie gently held on to the back of Jays head as she did this, watching her lap up and the cum and not miss a single drop. Satisfied she had got it all she leant up and kissed Kylie who eagerly opened her mouth and accepted her tongue along with any cum remaining on it.

“You okay?” Jay asked Kylie, stroking her face.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” She replied as Jay stood up and held her hands out to help her stand. “That was, er, amazing. Absolutely amazing.” I expected some form of embarrassment from her but she was smiling. It looked like a smile of relief. It was confident and sounded, in a way, almost grateful.

Jay stood back and looked Kylie up and down before reaching down to let the now cold water out of the bath. She put her arms around Kylie and they hugged. Not in a sexual way, but with a form of closeness, of a shared bond.

The bath emptied and Jay started to refill it, lots of bubble bath going in. Kylie went to pick up her clothes but Jay stopped her saying.

“No, I think you need to get clean and refreshed first. You don’t want to walk around for the rest of the day selling like you’ve been fucked, do you?”

Kylie shook her head and placed her clothes back on the floor.

“Steve, put the kettle on. I think we could all do with a nice cup of tea.” Jay said as she bent over the bath, swirling the bubbles around to cover the surface.

I went into the bedroom, clicked the kettle on and, seeing the stripped bed and the trolley, made the bed with clean sheets and put the old pillowcases back on. I replenished the milk, coffee, tea bags and sugar from the trolley and made the tea, two in the only cups and one in a glass for myself.

I took them into the bathroom where Jay and Kylie were lying amongst the bubbles in the bath; Jay lying down with Kylie lying back one her. Jay was rubbing her sponge gently over Kylie’s breasts which were just showing themselves below the waterline peeking through the bubbles while holding Kylies hand under the water with the other.

Seeing me come in with the drinks, Kylie moved herself down and around to the other end of the bath facing Jay, causing little tides of bubbles to lap up and around Jays breasts. I passed their drinks to them and sat on the closed toilet seat while we sat drinking.

“How long have you worked here, Kylie?” I asked breaking the silence.

“Just over a year. I finished my A levels with good grades hoping to get a job in sales and marketing, but nothing was around or if there was, it had already been taken. I saw this advertised, applied and got it. I do the rooms on two floors every morning then help out cleaning the rest of the hotel or sometimes reception in the afternoon.”

“Do you like it?” Jay asked sipping her tea.

“I do. The people here are nice and, most of the time, the guests are also. Sometimes they get a bit shirty about something and you have to take it on the chin. I mean, they have paid to be here so it has to be right.”

“Nothing like this has happened to you before though, I’m assuming I asked.

Kylie shook her head and replied,

“No and please don’t tell. I would definitely get fired. This kind of behaviour is a big no-no. A girl got fired last year when she got caught with a guest in their room, you know, having sex. Apparently he was paying her for sex and she was sneaking up early in the morning to sleep with him. Another housekeeper let herself in to do the room, saw them and reported her, so please don’t tell. I’m not like this normally.” She was getting more panicky as she said all this. The realisation of what had occurred sinking in and she quickly sat up, a worried look on her face.

Jay leant forward and took her hand and said in a calm and reassuring manner,

“We are never going to tell anyone. Ever. You can trust us completely.”

Kylie looked at me and I help two fingers up to my head

“Scouts honour.” I said.

She seemed reassured and settled back in the bath, sipping her tea.

“Do you live near to the hotel?” Jay asked to ease the quick moment of previous tension.

“Not really. I live in Motspur Park. It’s about twenty minutes on the train from Waterloo.”

“Jacko!” I said suddenly.

“Who?” Kylie asked looking at me. “Who’s Jacko?”

“He’s in Brush Strokes. It’s a sitcom from the eighties. It was about a group of painters and decorators based in Motspur Park.”

“Ignore him,” Jay said smiling at Kylie before whispering for dramatic effect “he’s old,” indicating to me with her thumb.

Kylie laughed and sat up further in the bath, her firm breasts rising above the water with, both nipples giving a momentarily glancing show.

“Boyfriend? Girlfriend?” Jay asked

“No girlfriend, in fact, until today I’ve never been with another girl.” She looked at Jay and gave a little, slightly embarrassed smile before continuing. “I’ve only ever had one boyfriend and he wasn’t particularly nice. He had slept with most girls in the area and had a reputation. He sweet talked me into going out with him but soon changed and became nasty. He took me for granted and made me do things that he had watched online. If he had been gentle, I don’t think it would have been too bad, but he wasn’t. He was rough and demanding and would humiliate in front of his mates by telling them all about it in front of everyone. After six months of hell, I eventually found the courage to dump him and I’ve been alone ever since. If I ever have a boyfriend again I would like him to be nice and a gentleman, someone who hasn’t ‘been around the block,’ if you know what I mean.”

A quick, knowing look passed between me and Jay both, I think, thinking the same thing. ‘We may know someone who would be ideal for you.’ I thought to myself.

“Do you still live at home, you know, with your parents?” Jay asked as she finished her tea. Kylie didn’t answer straight away. She seemed thoughtful as if unsure on how to answer and her face showed a slight hint of distress.

“No,” she quietly answered looking down at her empty teacup. “I live in a small one bed flat near the shops. Both my parents are dead.”

She then went very quiet and continued looking down at her cup. I looked over at Jay who looked sympathetically at the young naked girl opposite, whose manner had gone very solemn.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Jay reaching forward and stroking her hands. “Was it recent? Do you want to talk about it?”

Kylie looked up and I think I detected a small tear forming in the corner of her eyes. After a moment she looked up and said,

“I would. I really would. I’ve tried to speak to many people about it but everyone nods, smiles, and then loses interest when they hear my story.”

“Well,” I said adjusting my position on the flat, uncomfortable toilet seat and looking at Jay who was nodding. “We’ll listen to you. Tell us your story.”

“Okay, if you’re sure?” Kylie aid sitting up in the bath allowing her breasts to be fully displayed to us both. We nodded at her, had a good look at her nice, firm breasts and listened to her tale.

“My parents were very wealthy when I was born and for many years I was very, very happy. We lived in a big house near Dorking with lots of grounds for me to play in and for mum to do her gardening, which was her passion. My dad worked in investments. He always seemed to invest in the right thing at the right time, according to mum, and made a lot of money. He would invest in stocks, shares, and material objects such as fine wine, art, and old, rare books. He would be buying and selling all day long in his office at home and occasionally going to his main office up here in London.

He died in a car accident when I was fourteen. Mum was devastated, absolutely devastated. He had left some debts but there were enough stocks and shares and other material goods to liquidate to cover everything. We still had enough money, lots in fact, so there was no significant change in lifestyle, apart from the fact that he had gone. Mum was lonely for a couple of years afterwards and seemed lost, without a purpose and a daughter to raise. But then she met Neil Campbell.”

Kylie went quiet again, deep in thought for a few seconds before continuing.

“Neil met my mum at a garden centre one day. They got chatting about conifers or something and he asked her out. Within two months they were married and mum seemed happy again. I wasn’t though because along with Neil came his son and daughter from his first marriage. His wife had also died and left him to bring them up, spoilt and rude. The daughter was called Glo, short for Gloria and was seventeen; the son was Darren and was eighteen. They were living in a small council flat in Dorking and when he married my mum they moved in with us. They both made my life hell. I tried to tell mum about how I was being treated but Neil would always interrupt with some excuse. He would then take me to one side and threaten me if I made trouble for them. All three of them were nasty and spiteful and mum was kept in the dark or given excuses like it was my fault.

Two years after they married mum died after a short illness. I was absolutely distraught, especially so when the reaction by Neil and the other two was a complete lack of empathy. They totally blanked me. Things got worse after the funeral. We got back to the house and Neil ordered me into the lounge. He was stood there with the others stood either side. He told me that mum had made a new will shortly before she died and that everything had been left to him. The house, contents, money, everything. He then told me that I had one week to leave. I shouted, I screamed, I begged but they just looked down at me and actually laughed, calling me ‘pathetic,’ before repeating that I had to leave. They stopped laughing though when I said I was taking my paintings.”

“Paintings?” I asked, realising that this story was going to have a ‘twist.’

“A couple of years before dad died he bought me a set of four paintings for my birthday by a Venetian renaissance artist called Giovanni del Callinni. They were bought for me to be used as a future investment should I need any money. They were painted to be a set called ‘The Rising of the Fisherman’s Sun,’ and depicts a picture of fisherman heading out in their boats from the lagoon as the sun rises. Each separate framed painting makes up the entire picture. They were hung in the dining room at our house next to each other to show the whole thing. I told them that if they want me out then I would leave, but my paintings would be coming with me. I went up to my room and he stormed in, grabbed me by the throat and snarled at me that the contents of the house was his, not mine, his and I would only leave with whatever I could carry. As he said this he was squeezing my breasts, hard and groping around the rest of my body, including up my skirt. Glo heard the screaming and ran into the room shouting at him to leave me alone. She may agree with her dad on kicking me out but she wouldn’t put up with sort of abuse.

He got off me and told me to pack as I was leaving now. I packed a case with all I could carry and went to get the paintings but he and Darren blocked my way. I said they were legally mine. He said no, they’re his. I then said I had proof and would be back for them. I ran out the door with him shouting behind me, ‘Proof? You’ve got nothing.’

I stayed with a friend for a couple of days. I had finished my A levels and so started to look for a job. This came up along with the flat in Motspur Park. I’ve heard he’s remarried and the woman he’s married has bought along her grown up son and daughter to live their also. That house was mine and my mum and dad’s. Now it’s full of horrible strangers, sitting on our furniture, using our kitchen, looking at my paintings.”

It was quite a story. I looked over at Jay who looked equally shocked.

“You’re like a real-life Cinderella,” I said. “Except without the ball, the prince and the glass slipper.”

“Not quite,” she replied. “He still has the paintings, or I think he has. If he knew how much they are worth, he would definitely sell them.”

“How much are they worth?” asked Jay, sitting bolt upright, gorgeous breasts rising above the water.

“About a million or two each individually. Around ten million for the set.” She replied.

Jay and I looked opened mouth at each other. This story had taken a very strange turn.

“Do you have proof of ownership?” I asked

“Oh yes,” she replied. I have written provenance, the receipt when dad bought them and pictures that my took on my birthday of me unwrapping them. Everything to prove they’re mine. When I left I took all my most important documents; birth certificate, passport and everything to prove that the paintings belong to me”

“Have you tried to get them back by legal ways?” Jay asked leaning forward, reaching for Kylies hands, and taking them.

“I’ve asked many solicitors to help and they all turn me down telling me that I can’t afford it and Neil would be able to afford the best lawyers and we wouldn’t win and I would be penniless.” She replied. “One solicitor did offer to help for free but only for a fifty percent share of the paintings once they’re sold and if I carried out various sexual acts on him. I didn’t take him up on the offer.”

I could see she was starting to get upset and I didn’t want to end the time we had all spent together to end on a sad note. I looked over at Jay who was sat holding Kylies hand and had started to stoke her hair.

I picked up a fresh towel and held it out to Jay who stepped up and out the bath and wrapped herself around in it. I then passed another to Jay and she held it out for Kylie who followed Jays lead and also stepped out. Jay gave herself a quick all over rub of the towel then let it drop and started drying Kylie, starting on her back and the back of her legs before she turned her around and softly rubbed it over Kylies breasts and stomach and then moved down and started to rub it gently to dry her thighs before finishing at her bald cunt.

I expected Jay to start playing with her again but instead she embraced her in a big hug and held her tight against her naked body. She bought her hands to Kylies face and gave her a slow kiss before saying,

“Everything will be alright because we are going to help you.” She aid, staring into Kylies eyes.

“We are?” I said hearing this.

“Yes,” Jay replied without looking over at me. “We are going to help. Firstly, you need to find a nice boy, I think we can help you out there, Secondly, we are going to help you get your pictures back.”

She then leaned into Kylie and started kissing her again, this time with more passion and Kylie’s response told me that her mood had lifted.

Jay let her go and helped her get fully dry and dressed before wrapping the towel around herself and moving into the bedroom.

“Give me your phone number,” Jay said to Kylie as she reached for her phone. Kylie read it out to her and Jay stored it.

“I will ring you tomorrow morning,” Jay told Kylie. “When I do, try to get up here to do our room last. You won’t actually be doing the room, its fine as it is but the time you spend in here will cover that. And keep tomorrow evening free, you have a date.”

“Do I?” Kylie asked, actually looking excited.

“You certainly do. We’ll speak more about it tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” Kylie said, a big smile starting to grow on her pretty face. “Thank you so much.”

Kylie hugged and kissed Jay one last time and then hugged me, ignoring the fact that I was still naked. She opened the door, checked both ways then pushed her trolley out and left.

“What the fuck are you thinking?” I asked Jay as she put the kettle on again.

“You heard her. Some fuckers got her paintings and came close to abusing her. I won’t put up with that.” She answered putting tea bags in the cups.

“But how do you know she’s telling the truth?” I asked.

“I just have a feeling she is. Why lie about something like that? Anyway, I want you to ring Paul. Tell him he’s got a date tomorrow evening and he is to meet us at seven o clock at Waterloo. We’ll be the chaperones” Jay said making the drinks.

“Okay,” I said sitting on the bed. “But first we have our own date with the Dutch swingers tonight.”

“Oh yeah,” Jay remembered smiling. “I wonder how that will go.”

Part Six cumming very soon which follows the evenings adventures with the Dutch swingers in Soho
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