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God… Where to start. How my life changed for good, about 12 months ago. But first, some background.

My name is Tami. I am 39, divorced for almost a year now. I have one child, who is 21 and she is in the Navy
Part 2

Chapter 9

That very afternoon, as I was cleaning the house, my phone rang and saw it was Rob. He just wanted to see how I was doing, and asked if I had any second thoughts about last night, or going out. I assured him I had no second thoughts, except for having him in my bed right now, which I did not tell him on the phone. I did ask him to call me later that night, when he got home.

It was a little past 10pm, and I just crawled into bed. I usually wear a t-shirt to bed, but lately, I have been sleeping nude. I really liked being naked now, and I felt so comfortable with myself in doing so. Since it was this late, I figured Rob forgot about calling me, or he was so tired, he fell asleep.

Then the phone rang. I saw it was him. I don’t know why, but I felt tingly all over, and my pussy was becoming wet. We talked like we had been dating for ages, as recounted his day to me, with his sister and her husband. He has this deep sexy voice over the phone, which really got me going. As he talked, all I could do is think back to this morning, when he was inside me, making love to me, and wishing he was here now, doing the same.

It was almost 20 minutes into our chat that I finally asked him where he was at. He laughed, and said in bed. I told him I was too, and then told him I was thinking of him, and especially what we did that morning. He said he did too, all day long and was very excited about going out with me.

I then asked him if he would like to come to dinner Wednesday evening, and that I would cook. He said he would, if I would agree to go out Saturday night, for dinner and dancing. How could I say no to that. So I told him what time to be here Wednesday, and almost told him to bring clothes. But, I withheld that comment, not wanting him to think I was some floozy, just wanting sex.

We hung up shortly after that, with me burying two fingers deep in my snatch, and fucked myself to another orgasm. I hoped too, he was home stroking that wonderful cock of his, thinking of me, like I was of him.

Monday was a dreary day, with it raining outside and slow at the shop, but I felt like I was on cloud nine. Rob had called me at 7:30 just to say hello and wish me a good day. That put a smile on my face, and it sent a small temor through my body, wishing he was with me, holding me and making love to me. I felt like a high school girl all over again.

Debbie, one of the clerks in the store, was helping me unpack some new products, most of them nighties and outfits, plus some new toys for us ladies. Debbie held up this one outfit, which was lavender. The top was very sheer, and see through, with it was a matching thong, it too very sheer, and then thigh high stockings. Match that with a pair of black pumps, it would make any man hard, or a woman wet.

“Damn that is one sexy outfit.” Debbie said. “That would make Dave hard as a rock” she continued.

Debbie is a part time worker, who is married to Dave, her husband of 10 years, and they have 2 kids. She is 34. She’s my height and maybe 15 pounds heavier, yet she carries it quite well. She too, doesn’t have a filter on her mouth, like Cami.

“If I wore this, he’d be fucking me for a few good hours. Thank God he is a horn dog like me. If they have it in red, I’m buying it” she said with a giggle.

I kept looking at the lavender one, then decided to put it aside for me to buy. When I did, Debbie took note of it and ask,

“Woohooo, Tami has herself a man, finally. You go girl. No wonder why you have looked like you are on a cloud. Spill the beans” she said

So I told her about Rob, but made no mention of what the four of us did together, although I do think she knows Cami and Brad swing. I told her I was having him for dinner on Wednesday, and of course she said I was having him for dessert later. I know I turned red at that point, when she said,

“Oh Shit Tam. It’s sex honey. We all love it. I crave it many times a week. He is a keeper if he can eat you to orgasms. And, I don’t care what anyone says, size does matter. Dave is hung nicely, 8 inches and thick and has great staying power. How big is Rob?” she asked

I laughed and told her. I even told her how great he is at oral. She laughed and said if he gets you to squirt, which I do often, he is definitely your man then, unless you don’t mind sharing. That comment took me by surprise, but then realizing more people swing than anyone really knows. So I outright asked her if they did swing.

She stood for a few seconds, then said, “Yes, we swing, and I am bisexual too. I also know that Cami is Bi and they swing too, we just never had the opportunity to enjoy a night with them. I would love to experience them once. I think Brad is a hunk, and from what Cami says, he is awesome in bed. I’d just like some one on one time with Cam though, and dare I say, with you, if you are open to it.”

I just stood there shocked, yet very excited. This new life for me, was now over powering me. I did find Debbie attractive, and sexy, and found myself wanting her too.

“Oh Damn Tami, I didn’t mean to offend you in any way. I just find you so pretty and sexy”

Thank God we were in the back of the store and no customers, when I found the courage to walk up to her, put my arms around her neck and kissed her deeply. We stood there and kissed for a long time, with each exploring body parts. When her hands found my rock hard nipples, I just moaned loudly. My hand went under her blouse too, and under her silk bra and played with her nipples. Her nipples aren’t as long as mine, but they are big, as is her 36D tits. She moaned right back into my mouth as we both played with each other.

“Fuck, you are going to make me cum Tami.” she broke our kiss and stepped away.

“Promise me you’ll get together with me sometime soon. I can see us fucking a long time…. Be honest with me, are you and Cam lovers?” she asked

At first I wasn’t sure how to answer that one, but, seeing she knows they swing and Cami is Bi, I confirmed it to her. She giggled and said, “Damn… That is so hot. I’d love to join you two one day.” she then kissed me again, until we heard the chime go off, meaning we had a customer.

I was pretty much wet the rest of the day, as was Debbie. We stole a few kisses any time we could, and one time her hand went up my skirt, moved my thong to the side and fingered me. I did the same to her, except she removed her panties. When it was time for me to leave, I stopped by the toy area and wanted to get a strap-on. I picked up this one that looked good, but Debbie suggested another one, that had two different sizes. One was only 6 inches and thin. She said that one is great for anal, and the other was about as long as Brad, but not as thick, and they vibrated.

Later that evening I told Cami about the day. She laughed and said she always suspected that Debbie was Bi, and then said that maybe it was something we should explore with her, which made me extremely wet. She said, if anything, just girl play. Cami said she has met her husband, and he is ok, but doesn’t really get her motor running.

On Tuesday, Cami stopped by for a quick visit, which turned into a 2 hour sex fest. We tried out my new toy, which is good, but nothing like the real thing, that’s for sure. But I did have her use the smaller one in my ass. I forgot how anal felt, since it had been years I had it. After a few minutes though, I got into it and came pretty hard. Cami laughed and said with some more practice, and graduated up to the bigger one, I’d be ready for Rob or Brad’s cock there. Then you can experience the best, which is both guys inside you.

Wednesday morning Rob called and asked if 6pm was still good to come over. Had it been up to me right then, I would want him now, naked in bed, fucking me silly. Since Sunday, he was all I thought about. I know I said I did not want a relationship, but damn, he was someone I could see going farther than just sex.

The rest of the day, after hanging up with him, I showered, shaved, then cleaned the house, and in the afternoon, got dinner prepared. Around 4, I decided to shower again, and shaved my pussy one more time. I wanted it baby smooth for him and that fantastic tongue of his. Then slipped on a thong, and a light cotton summer dress, that was white, with a floral print. Since I was aroused already, with anticipation for tonight’s activities, my nipples were poking out and easily seen through the dress.

Rob showed up a few minutes before 6, and with him he had brought a bottle of wine, and a dozen red roses. I thought, “Oh My” I believe he wants more than a sex buddy too. We kissed for about a minute, then he told me how beautiful I looked, which sent those tremors straight to my pussy. Dinner was great and we talked about our past and friends and family. He is close with his family, and especially his sister. I gave him some of the background on my family and marriage. He thought Tony was a complete fool. He even told me about his house, which used to be his grandparents summer home, on a lake about 30 minutes from here. He even had a boat docked right up by the house. It sounded so nice too and hoped he would take me there one day.

After dinner and cleaning up, which he helped with, score another point for him. We retired to the living room and put on the TV. We were watching some rerun comedies, since there isn’t much on TV during the summer. But most of the time we talked and kissed. After an hour, there was more kissing than talking, and I was beyond horny, and super wet. All during it, he would caress my face and arms, but not touch my legs. Guess he thought to let me lead this tonight, even though we have been quite intimate.

I did glance down at his shorts and saw the bulge he had, so I knew he was as ready as me. So I slipped a hand down and squeezed it tenderly, then excused myself and went to my bedroom. I came back about 10 minutes later, after lighting a bunch of candles and changing into that new outfit. When I put on the pumps and looked at myself in the mirror, I knew he would love it. I felt so sexy right now. His mouth was agape when I walked back into the room, which is what I was hoping for.

He stood and finally said, “My God Tami. You look absolutely beautiful and very very sexy.”

I thanked him and took his hand and led him to the bedroom. I have never wanted a man this bad in my life, but tonight, I wanted him to ravish me, and me ravish him. Once in the bedroom, he said he liked the ambiance I had going.We kissed again, with passion and heat. I slipped his shirt over his head and threw it to the ground. Then started kissing down his chest, paying attention to his nipples. Then fell to my knees and unbuckled his belt, then his button and zipper and let his shorts fall to the floor. As they did, his cock sprang forth, hard and as beautiful as I remembered from the other day.

I kissed and licked his throbbing member, then took him into my mouth. The skin was warm and silky smooth, and I could feel his heart beat pumping through it. I then stood and led him to the bed and asked him to lay down, so I could continue what I started. It took awhile, but I did succeed in getting most of it inside my hot mouth, which was driving him wild. I love hearing a man moan when I suck him off, and tonight I wanted his cream in my mouth. It was a good ten minutes of sucking, stroking, licking and sucking his hairless balls when he announces,

“Oh God Baby, I am going to cum” he softly said, trying to warn me off.

I lifted just for a second, but kept stroking him, “Good. I want it. I need to taste you again, but this time from the source. Cum Baby” I said seductively.

He did then, once my mouth was sucking that gorgeous head again. He shot 6 good ropes of his salty seed into my waiting mouth. My lips were tightly encircled around his pulsing cock. I did not let a drop escape me, but left some in my mouth when he finished. I moved up and over him and kissed him. He eagerly took what I had saved, into his mouth, as our tongues played tag with each other.

I was in heaven now. I was hoping what I just did, was what he was hoping for and enjoyed. I sat up and looked down on him, as my pussy was riding on top of his still hard cock. He smiled up at me, and I smiled at him, waiting to hear how he felt. I didn’t wait long.

“My God. You are fantastic Tam. Don’t tell Cami, but you are way better than she is. And I’ll always share a kiss with you at the end.” he said.

That made me feel good right then, and hoped he wasn't just saying it. But I knew I was good at sucking a man. And, I have always enjoyed drinking from that fountain. Even Tony loved my blowjob's, but would never kiss me afterwards. Men have such hangups about this shit.

I sat up there, his hands finally went to my tits and started to gently massage them and roll my nipples. I helped him out by removing the top, so his access was made easier. All I had left was the stocking, thong and shoes, which I then discarded the shoes.

“My God Tam. You do have the best nipples and breasts. They are perfect.” he said as he suckled each one. Taking each breast into his mouth then slowly releasing it as he sucked, until only my nipple was in his mouth. All I could do was moan loudly. If he kept that up, I surely would cum.

Rob then flipped us over, so I was on the bottom, and we started kissing again. Both of our eyes were open, staring at one another as our passion took hold. I could see the candle light dance in his eyes, yet also felt his passion for me. “Oh Christ. I could easily fall for this man” is all I could think about. I could also feel his hardened manhood rubbing against my mound, which ached to be inside me.

He then started kissing down to my tits again, and stayed with each one for a good five minutes each. No one has ever paid that much attention to them before, and it was driving me nuts, to the point where I had a small orgasm.

Now he made his way down my belly, leaving a wet trail behind his tongue, until he reached my swollen lips. His tongue, oh God his tongue, is magnificent. He took me to the brink of orgasm countless times, but then stopped, making me whimper like a child. The whole time he did this, he never touched my clit, which was begging for his attention.

I lost track of time, but he had been down there, eating my pussy and even my ass, taking me up the mountain, only to slide back down, without going over the edge. Cami was so right, this man knew how to eat a woman. This time though, his tongue started fucking my hole, and his fingers were lightly squeezing both nipples. I, in turn, started humping his face. I needed release and needed it badly.

“Don’t Stop. Please baby, don’t stop.” I begged him.

This time though, his mouth attached itself to my clit and he began to suck it, while his fingers applied more pressure to my nipples. “Yesssssssssss” I yelled out, as my hands grabbed the sheet and held on tightly. My whole body was thrashing all over as my orgasm took hold. It felt weird though, as I started to cum, I felt a lot of liquid squirt from me, like I was peeing.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkk Baby” is all I could say.

I was having the mother of all orgasms just then. My whole body shook and I knew I was groaning loudly. I could feel my ass cheeks wet now, but I could care less. This gorgeous man took me to heights I had never had before.

My whole body felt numb. I couldn’t move, yet I felt so alive. “Oh God I really hope this is not a one time deal. I could grow used to this” is all I thought then. Then my hands reached for his face and cupped it, and gently pulled him up to my lips. We started kissing again, and I could taste my nectar on his lips and tongue. But as we kissed, his cock slipped inside me, which made me gasp.

He slowly inched his way inside me. I wasn’t really ready for this yet. I wanted a few minutes to calm myself, but now that he was inside me, there is no way I wanted him back out, as a testament to my vaginal walls contracting around his massive member.

Even going slow for the next few minutes, another wave of orgasm took hold of me. Maybe it was just a continuation of the massive orgasm, I don’t know, but it felt devine. Then we switched positions and he and I lay on our sides, with him behind me, holding my one leg up. God he was so deep inside me. My pussy was now getting quite used to his size, in fact, craved it.

We tried this position for another five or so minutes until I came again. This whole time he has been nothing but gentle with me, making sure all my needs are taken care of. I don’t know how he is lasting so long, without cumming as well. His stamina is outstanding, as Cam had said. Flashback to the other night watching them fuck like animals, just turned me on more.

We switched again and I was on top of him, riding that gorgeous cock. He sat up and started sucking my nipples again. Damn, he really does like them, I thought. He is making this very hard to be just fuck buddy’s. God, how I hope this isn’t just a fallacy, and is only like this in the beginning. You know, treat them really good, then once you are hooked, they look out for their own needs only. But something tells me he isn’t like that.

“MMMMMMMM. You really do enjoy my tits, don’t you?” I asked.

His mouth lifted from my nipple, lightly biting it before releasing it. “Yes. I really do. I think they are perfect. You are perfect to me.” he said, as he reattached his lips to my other nipple.

That comment threw me for a second. Men don’t make comments like that, unless they are players, or they are developing feelings for you. I can just tell, he isn’t a player. And judging by all the phone calls, the flowers, and just how he treats me, and opens up to me, he is having feelings, more than sex buddies should. Right then, I made a decision to follow this wherever it may lead.

Then I pushed him back down, and looked down at him and asked, “Rob, how come you have yet to fuck me like you did with Cami the other night. It was so sexy and animalistic and raw. I crave that from you.” I told him.

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted it like that. Let’s face it, I am a bit larger than most guys and I surely don’t want to hurt you.” he said.

“Oh God Baby. I can handle it. I crave it too, just like Cam does. You won’t hurt me, I promise. If we’re going to be lovers, then we need to communicate it all to each other, Deal?” I asked

“Deal” he said as he pulled me down to him to kiss. As we kissed, we started to fuck. Me pushing down harder on him and he thrusting up into me. After a few moments of this, I broke our kiss and said,

“Flip us over and fuck me Baby. Pound my hot little pussy with your big cock.” I said in a dirty voice.

We started slow at first, but then kept increasing, with stronger thrusts. He, thrusting hard down and into me, and my hips bucking right back. I could feel those heavy balls of his slapping my ass with each thrust. Because he had already reached an orgasm earlier, his stamina was really put to the test now. The more he fucked me, the more I craved it, like a junkie craving drugs. His cock was now my drug of choice.

God knows how long we were going at it, but I came three times during it, with each one getting stronger. Both of us were moaning loudly, letting each other know how great this felt. We each had a sheen of sweat covering our skin, and by now, my hands were firmly grasping his biceps, holding on for all I was worth. Then he yelled out:

“Oh Fuck Baby, I’m going to cum.”

“Oh Fuck baby, So am I. Cum deep inside me.” is all I could say to him, as his he drove deep inside me and held still as his cock washed my cervix with his hot, creamy seed. I too, released another hard orgasm, almost to the point of passing out on him.

A few minutes later, he rolled off of me, both of us still panting, trying our best to catch our breath. After another few minutes, I went to the bathroom, with Rob doing the same when I came back.While he was gone, I blew out all of the candles, because I was whipped. I did leave one candle lit, so he could see where he was going when he came back. When he came back, he sat on the edge of the bed and started putting on his shorts.

“Where are you going? I was hoping you would stay the night.” I asked

“Well. I did not want to assume anything, but I really do want to stay. I just need to be up and gone by 7am. Gives me enough time to get home, change and get to work.” he told me.

“Good. I’ll set the alarm for 5:30. Gives us enough time to have some morning fun, shower and eat. By the way, I love morning sex.” I told him.

He slipped under the sheet and I curled up next to him, with my head on his chest and one leg over his body. His one arm was around me and I felt very safe right now. If this was a dream, then I hope I don’t awaken.

I awoke about 15 minutes before the alarm, and saw his cock was hard. “Fuck. I need this some more” is all I could think. So I proceeded to suck him awake. That did not take long, before he stirred. I had about 3⁄4 of him down my throat. My goal is to one day get him all down my throat.

“Oh Fuck Baby. You love doing that, don’t you?” he softly asked.

I popped off him and smiled, “I told you I love sucking cock. My goal is to take you all the way in my mouth.” I replied.

“Well, if you ever get that good, I am going to marry you. Haven’t ever found a woman to do it yet. But while you practice, how about You swing that delicious pussy of yours to my mouth.”

I giggled, then did as he asked, and while I squatted over him, I thought about his remark. “God. Marry?” then laughed to myself. Then I thought, “I’ll hold you to that to Buster.”

“Oh Yeah! Well, if you ever make me squirt while fucking me, I may just marry you too.” then chuckled.

After a few good minutes of oral pleasure, I switched and started riding him slowly. I did not want to be pounded this morning, but just a nice love making session, which ended like 10 minutes later, with both cumming almost together. He started first, which then triggered mine.

We then showered together and I went and made him breakfast. Just before he left, he asked me out to dinner for this Saturday, then he wanted to take me to his house. I agreed and he said bring some clothes for an overnight stay and a swimsuit for that Sunday, and we would go out on his boat. I happily agreed and said we would talk later.

Chapter 10

I got to work by 11 that morning. Cami was already there and awaiting a report on our night we had. As I was telling her, Debbie came into the office with a big bouquet of roses that Rob had sent me. The card was simple, “Loved last night. Hope there is more to come” he wrote.

“My God Tami. Did you fuck his brains out, or something?” Debbie asked

I giggled, and said, “It was a mutual brain fuck session, trust me there. And again this morning”

Debbie giggled and left for up front. Cami stood there and smiled, you know that look, like a cheshire cat. She shook her head then and laughed. So I asked what.

“Oh Nothing” she said but I persisted in asking What.

“Well for two people who just want a casual thing, you two are so into each other. You had this dreamy look on your face this morning, and he is sending you roses. This is more than just sex lady. You two are falling for each other, and God, I hope it happens. I know you two will make each other happy, in bed and out. Well, the in bed is a given. You two are horn dogs, just like Brad and me.”

I then told her about his comment about marrying me if I took him the whole way, which made her laugh, and said good luck with that, “I can’t even do that”. She laughed when I told her about my comment of marrying him, if he ever made me squirt while fucking.

“I better be your maid of honor, cuz that is going to happen. Fuck, that cock is so fucking good.” she said, then laughed.

Rob did call me once at work, then later, when I got home and into bed, I called him. It was like I couldn’t wait to hear his voice. The next day, we talked 4 times during the day and evening. In the evening, he was helping his sister out, driving a limo. He asked if I wanted to join him one night, doing that. He said it can get pretty boring, waiting on clients, at whatever event they were at. I laughed and said sure, and I am sure we could find something to do while we waited.

That Saturday, he was right on time, when he said he would pick me up at 5pm. We both wore shorts and pullover tops, and of course, no bra for me. Great thing about small tits, I don’t need bras too often.

We went to this Rib place, not far from his house. Food was excellent, and we were never tired of talking to each other and finding out more about each other. He did tell me his sister and family only lived a mile from him, and not to be surprised if she made an appearance sometime this weekend. “She's dying to meet you,” he said.

We got back to his place a little after 8. It was warm out, and the sun was just starting to set. His house was really nice. It sat up on a hill that overlooked the lake and had lots of privacy. With trees everywhere and large bushes that blocked out any prying eyes from neighbors. The house was old, but in great condition, and that his grandfather had built it himself, with help from his dad and friends.

Inside was more modern, and the kitchen was huge, with newer appliances. There were french doors that opened to this massive deck, which had a 6 foot privacy fence all around it, which I found odd. “Why block the view of the lake.” Then he took me outside, on to the deck. What I didn’t notice was this steel bar, above the back portion of the fence. Then went up to it, turned a handled and moved the fencing, like a bi-fold door. He explained it opened up 16 feet and gave a beautiful view of the lake.

“Gramps put it in so they could have privacy, especially during the day, in case grandma, or whoever wanted to lay out nude. Our family likes being naked, most of the time.” he explained.

Who was I to judge, and being outside naked would be fine with me, especially if the whole world couldn’t see. Then I noticed the Hot Tub, that was off to the side and up near the house. I told him that looks fun. He chuckled and said it is, and asked if I would like to try it out. It was still a good hour before the sun totally set, but I said sure, and stripped down. He did too, and said he would leave the fence open, if I didn’t care, since no boats were out there and the houses across were almost a mile away.

We sat in the tub and talked more, but I was holding his cock, which was coming to life. I didn’t ask permission, but I turned and straddled him and inserted that heavenly beast inside me. We made slow love then for almost half an hour, not caring about cumming, but just being close, and with lots of kissing. When we were getting really hot from the water, he suggested we get out, get something to drink, and maybe head upstairs to bed.

“Awwwweeee. That means you won’t be in me anymore.” I said, but then also said, and I don’t know why I said it, “I really love being with you, sexual or not.”

“ I plan on being in you a lot tonight, and I too, love being with you, like this, or just sitting talking, or not even talking. I just love being with you.” he said to me, which made me tingle all over. “Oh Damn.” I thought, “I am falling for him big time”

Once in bed, I gave him another blow job, and this time, I got even farther down that wonderful pole of his. He then ate me to one squirting orgasm and one other, before I told him to make love to me. We both came together about 15 minutes later. After a quick pee break and some wine, we sat on the bed, and started talking.

I asked him if he had any fantasies he still wanted to try. He chuckled and said that he had done most, but has yet to have a two female threesome. And that he has just lived one out, and that was being with me. It made me laugh, and I told him the two female threesome is a distinct possibility, with Cami and I. I told him I want two guys too, and he laughed and said he was sure we could talk Brad into that. But then he got a serious look on his face and spoke.

“Remember when we were with Brad and Cami, and Cami asked Brad about something, but he said another time?” and I just nodded, but I was curious about that.

“Well, and this could be a deal breaker for us, unless you are as open as I think you are. I am Bi, and so is Brad. We both enjoy having sex with each other.” he stated. I guess he thought I may run or something, but it actually turned me on. I had seen it in porn and it always did.

“Okay.” I said, ‘So you would be cool with me sucking him off with you? That sounds so hot. I really mean that. As long as you like it and are cool with it, I am too. From the looks the other night, you enjoyed seeing me with Cami..” I told him, which made him smile.

“But. There are a couple of other things you really need to know, if you want this going farther than just friends with benefits.” he said, and I nodded for him to go on, because I think I do want more.

“Number one, my family is nudists, and both Sophie, my sister, and Jack, her husband, are bisexual as well, and we have played many times together.” he stated, but a bit sheepishly.

“Oh Wow” I thought. I mean I had read and even heard of things like that happening, but I never knew any of the people I do, partake in it. I mean if they are fine with it, who am I to judge. I saw a picture of Sophie, downstairs, with her twin daughter and son, who are 17. She is the spitting image of Sophie too, and the boy take after their father. I must admit, Sophie, who is 40, is quite beautiful. Very trim, athletic looking, and has that same Swedish look like Rob.

I moved closer to him and reached out and stroked his face. “Sweetie, what you and your family share is no one else's business. As for taking this farther than just “Sex Buddies”, I too have been growing stronger feelings for you too. So if we are meant to be, great, we'll go forward and grow, and if that includes me being a nudist, I am sure I can handle it. I loved that we four were nude last weekend together. I felt so free then. Is that why you don’t have a steady woman, or even married?” I asked

He gave me a frown, then answered, “Yes. If whoever I want to be with, can’t accept my lifestyle, or my family, then I can’t be with them. I know that sisters and brothers should not have sex, but for us, it was a natural happening. I mean when we both hit around fourteen, we started really growing into adulthood. We, especially me, would arouse easy, and things led to us touching and exploring. Our parents knew this would happen, and did not discourage it, nor did they encourage it, but just let nature take its course.” he was explaining.

By now my hand had drifted to his gorgeous manhood and was slowly stroking him back to life, hoping that what I was doing was helping him explain all of this to me. I was actually turned on, picturing he and Sophie fucking and sucking each other. He continued after a brief moan, “ I thought my ex fiance could handle it, and she did try, but she said she just did not feel comfortable being nude with my parents, sister and family. Hell maybe you won’t either, but judging how you have reacted to everything these past couple of weeks, I doubt you’ll freak…. God baby. You got me hard again.” he whispered

“I know Baby. I love making you hard. Now why don’t we make love this time.” I asked him.

I was on top and went slow and easy. His mouth was attached to one of my nipples a lot of the time, or we were in a deep passionate kiss. Then I asked him, with his cock deep inside me, “What happens if your sister and I get along really well and are attracted to each other?”

He chuckled, but spoke, “Then I guess that means the four of us are in this bed having loads of fun, unless you two are by yourselves, which means you won’t have a nice hard dick to service you two” he said as he held me tight and flipped us over, so he was on top now. My legs wrapped around his waist as I told him to Fuck Me.

With all of this talk, and fantasies, I was beyond turned on. I felt like an addict who would do anything for a fix, as I egged him on to fuck me harder. The bed was definitely rocking this time, and I could feel my body being taken up the orgasm mountain again. But when he latched onto one of my nipples and bit it, not real hard, but still bit it, it sent all my nerves on a tingling high and I started to cum. I yelled out real loud, as my body shook all over, as he continued to pound my pussy. I could feel the bed beneath us getting wet. The man just made me squirt while fucking, and he was now pumping his creamy liquid inside me. Oh the mess these sheets will be soon.

After a few minutes of rest, I started to chuckle. Rob asked what was so funny, and did he do something wrong?

“Wrong? Are you kidding me?.. Remember when you made me squirt, and then when I was trying to take all of you in my mouth and you said you would marry me if I did, and I retorted that I would marry you if you ever made me squirt while fucking? Well Darling, we need to see the judge soon. Oh my fucking God, that was the ultimate orgasm.” I said.

Rob chuckled too, then said, “Just not yet Babe. You haven’t accomplished your goal.”

Chapter 11

We both awoke after 9am the next morning. I slept really well, considering I was in a strange bed. But waking up inn Rob’s arms made me feel very safe. In this short time, I found that Rob loves to cuddle, which I am not used to. Don’t get me wrong, I love it too, it was just something Tony never did, and something I always wanted, especially after sex, but never really experienced before.

We then kissed, both of us not caring about morning breath. Then Rob said he was going to go down and start coffee and breakfast. I watched as he got out of the bed, headed to his closet and pulled out 2 robes. He said I didn’t really need it, if I didn’t mind being naked, but it was just in case someone actually showed up while we were down there. I laughed and said I loved being naked with him. I really do enjoy looking at his body. His lean, muscular body with that great ass, and my now favorite muscle that swings between his legs. Even flaccid, it is quite impressive.

As I got up to go pee, all I could think of was Brad sucking his man meat, or Rob sucking Brad’s, and that really turned me. My pussy was tingling now, with those erotic thoughts. I knew Rob and I would be fucking soon enough this morning, but I could really use him now. I also want to set up a fun time with Cami joining us for a threesome. Then we set up one with Brad joining us. I had to chuckle to myself at what Cami had awakened, deep inside me, my inner slut, and I am loving it.

I was sitting at the island watching Rob cook us omelts, but actually, I was looking at his ass again. To me, it was perfect, weird I know, but you are talking about a woman who hasn’t experience sex like this in a very long time, and here I am, involved with the sexiest man I have ever known. As he was cooking, he asked if I still wanted to go out on the boat, to which I answer sure, sounds like fun to me. Luckily, I did bring my bikini along, plus some clothes for the day. Well at least for the drive home because I don’t think we’ll have any on while here. Then he asked me,

“Tam, now that you know I am Bi, does it bother you at all?”

“Heaven's No. Why should it? As you can see last week, I do enjoy being Bi, and truthfully, I pictured you this morning sucking Brad’s cock and it turned me on. But remember, this is all new to me. You know, the swapping and such, and I am really enjoying it. But I am really enjoying being with you, like this, and being open and honest with each other.” I said

“Good. Because I really like being with you, and not just sexually. I really mean I like you a lot, and hope it grows to more. I don’t want to be just sex buddies with you. And, since we are being honest here, you should know this too. Sophie and Jack are the other couple that Cami and Brad are intimate with. There was another couple too, but we have lost touch with them, something like 9 months ago. But if you just want to be buddies, for playing with Cami and them, then we should decide that now.” he said.

Since he was sitting next to me now, I leaned over and kissed him on the lips, slipping my tongue into his mouth, and my hand reached for his cock and squeezed it.

“I hope that answers your question. I too, want more from this than buddies. I don’t want to date anyone else, but you. I want to make love to you as much as you want. I want to continue with Cami and Brad too because it is fun. And now you have me curious about seeing you and Sophie together. I am embracing this new lifestyle to the fullest, so if you don’t want that too, then we can be just buddies for it.” I told him.

“I want more than buddies Tami. All I can think of is you, when I am not with you. You have made something come alive for me inside. You are beautiful, inside and out. You are warm and caring, and not stuck on yourself. I mean that too. But I don’t have lots of money, but I am comfortable, with a good job, and I have a lot to offer. And, although it is fun being with them, if you wanted to stop it, I would. But I hope you accept me for what I am, and what I do, especially the nudity. That is part of me and if you can’t accept that, then we need to move on to others.” Rob explained.

“I too think of you all the time as well. At work, or shopping, or me just sitting at home, you are on my mind. You have no idea how many times I brought myself to orgasm, thinking of you. And truth be known, I really like being naked now. I do it all the time at home now. I may be a little nervous the first time with your family, but I’ll be alright. I also don’t care about money. I don’t have a lot either and probably never will. I just want someone who will respect me, care about my feelings, and support me in anything I do. Oh, and make me laugh, which you do a great deal, besides the awesome orgasms you give me.” I told him as we heard a car door from outside.

“Shit.. Better get a robe on. I don’t know who is here.” Rob said.

We just got our robes one, when the door opened. Apparently, whoever it was, has a key. Then a woman’s voice called out for Rob. Then as Rob answered, in walked his sister Sophie. She was gorgeous, even more so than I saw in her pictures. She was an inch taller than I, with a very trim body, more like a runway model’s figure. She was wearing a light cotton summer dress, perfect for the day at hand, since it was going to be sunny and in the upper 80’s. Her blond hair was cut similar to mine, which highlighted her golden tan face, and I did notice she was small breasted, like me.

She came up to Rob and gave him a warm hug and a kiss on the lips. “Oh sorry Bro. I really thought you would be gone this morning.” she said, then turned to me. “You must be Tami. I have heard so much about you already. You are even prettier than Rob or Cami have said.” she said then came and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

You know that feeling you get when you are instantly attracted to someone, well it was on overdrive now. I mean I was horny already because of the talking Rob and I had been having, coupled with the kisses and me fondling his cock, but now, his sister is here and thoughts of them having sex made me quite horny.

“Thank you. And your pictures do you no justice. You should be a model. Rob has told me a lot about you and your family” I said, not knowing what to say actually.

“Oh has he now. I hope it was all good, or will be good” she stated.

“It was quite good. And I hope whatever he told you was good as well.” I said then smiled at Rob.

Rob then asked, “What brings you here today Sis”

“Well, you know how Jack has been working a great deal of late. He got a chance to have some time off on a weekend, and his parents took the kids for the weekend, which left us to ourselves. Needless to say, we did not venture out until this morning, when Jack left to go get the kids. So I figured I would come over and work on my tan. You know my neighborhood is not conducive to laying out naked.” she said, then winked at me.

“ True, plus you would give that one neighbor a stroke if he saw you like that. Tami and I were going to go for a ride on the lake. If you would like to join us, feel free.” he said.

“No. That means I have to go home and get one of my suits. Maybe next time…… So Rob has told you stuff huh? How much is the question.” she said with a sly grin.

Rob answered before I could utter anything. “Everything Sis. I want no secrets with her. She either accepts me as I am, or not.” he said, then added “And apparently since she hasn’t gone running out the door screaming, she must be an accepting soul.”

Sophie just smiled and then said “Well then” and reached down and pulled her dress over her head, exposing her nakedness to me and Rob.. Again, a jolt of lightning passed through me as I stood there gazing at her beauty. She was tan all over, and her boobs were similar to mine, small, perky, with dark areolas and long nipples. “No wonder why Rob likes my tits so much. They must remind him of her.” I thought.

Without hesitation, I removed my robe, exposing myself to Sophie now. I felt so alive now. I thought I would be nervous, but I wasn’t at all. In fact, if Rob wasn’t there, I would be in her arms and make love to her. Rob too, doffed his robe and all three of us were now naked. His cock was now half hard and growing by the second. You could feel the sexual tension in the air, until Sophie broke the silence.

“Hasn’t that tool of yours had enough of a workout Bro?” she said, as she reached out and gripped it lightly and stroked it. I should have been jealous, but I wasn't’. I was turned on even more. “God. I want to see these two having sex.” is all I could think of.

“Kind of hard not to be like this, with two beautiful women with me.” he stated.

“Tell you what. You two go for your ride, and when you get back, maybe Tami and I can lay out and get to know one another, if you don’t mind.” Sophie said.

We did go out on the boat, after changing into swimwear. I never knew this lake was as big as it is. Houses lined the whole perimeter, and most were older, like Rob’s. There were a few newer ones that look mighty expensive. Rob told me that Sophie, Jack and the kids love coming here and going out skiing. Rob did open up the boat at one point and it felt like we were flying just above the water. There were lots of boats out today, since it was such a gorgeous day. Rob did explain that most of the houses are unoccupied during the winter. After an hour though, we headed back in. As we docked the boat, I looked up at his house, Sophie had closed the fence off to give privacy.

Once inside the house, Rob said to go get acquainted with Sophie, while he headed to the store.He said he needed to pick up a few things at Lowe’s, then stop at the market for some food. I asked him if he wanted me to go with him but he said he was good, and it would be a good time for me to get to know his sister.

I giggled at that,and he asked “What?”.... “Sweetie. If you couldn’t tell, we are both highly attracted to one another. You know that fantasy of two women and you? Well, who knows, that may come true. Today.” I said, still giggling. He just smiled,and shook his head and left.

I joined Sophie on the deck, after getting us two glasses of ice tea. She was laying on a thick blanket. She sat up then when I offered her some tea.

“Thanks. Here, sit and let’s talk.” she offered me a place next to her.

“You know” she started. “You are only the second woman that Rob’s been involved with, that knows about our family and lifestyle. His ex knew, but couldn’t handle it. Don’t tell Rob, but I never really cared for her. She was such a snooty bitch. Thought she was too good for any of us.

But, enough about her. She is from a very distant past.” Sophie said, then paused for a second.

“Since my dear brother has told you everything, does any of it bother you?” she asked.

“ To be totally honest. No. In fact, it turned me on a great deal. And, I don’t think it is anyone’s business what you two did, and do. No one is getting hurt by it and I think I am open enough not to let it bother me. I will say, I thought that Rob and I were going to be just sex buddies, but you know, there is a lot more to us. I really like him. I mean a very strong like that could lead to more. Him just sharing this all with me, shows me he trust me and has stronger feelings for me than just a fuck buddy.” I said to her.

“Oh Tami. he is over the moon for you. He always said that he would know when the right woman came along. He also said there would be no secrets withheld from her. And since you didn’t run away and you are here, sitting naked with me, and I must add, you do turn me on a great deal, then I think you are the one for him. Just don’t hurt him. If our lifestyle isn’t for you, then walk away now. I love my brother very much and never want to see him hurt.” she explained

“I have no intentions of hurting him. So far, everything is great. I’m sure we’ll have disagreements, like any couple. But I too, want to see where this leads. And yes, I am fully aware of you and Cami, and the guys. I want to be part of that too. I was surprised that you were the other couple in Cami and Brad’s life. She never said who it was.”

“That’s the thing about the lifestyle, you never divulge who your partners are. We have been with Cami and Brad eight years now. To be honest, and although he won’t admit it, I know Rob felt like a fifth wheel, or sometimes a third wheel when we’d have threesomes, but now with you, everyone will have a partner. Last night, when Jack and I were fucking, I was thinking of you two, upstairs fucking each other crazy.” she said with a laugh.

I laughed, then told her, “Yeah. after he told me about you guys, and everything, even the guys being bi and I do want to watch that, we fucked. I was so turned on. I just wish he would take me harder than he usually does. I mean he is a very tender lover, but there are times I want it hard and fast.”

Sophie giggled, “That’s because of me. When we were young, and started doing it, he would get that way and it hurt me. It doesn’t now, but back then I wasn’t used to that thing. So he tries never to be that way with a woman until she says go for it. I mean he does have a huge one. All of the guys are hung nicely. Jack is Brad’s size, and trust me, size does matter. We were with a couple a few times that we met at the club, and he was gorgeous, as was his wife, but he only had 6 inches. He really didn’t do anything for me. That’s why we just stick with Cami and Brad. I love them dearly too. It’s rare we go to the club anymore, and it is always with Cam and Brad. I personally get my kicks from being watched.” she said.

I sat there and just listened to her, but also kept looking at her breasts and then her shaved pussy. But her pussy was like Cami, and had a clit ring but also smooth and no stubble, as was Brad’s and Rob’s groin area. I always have stubble the next day, like now, so I had to ask.

“How is your mound and lips so smooth?”

Sophie laughed, “Laser treatments.It is so nice not to have to shave. We all had it done, and the best part, no hairs in your mouth when having oral, which I hope you like to do.”

“Oh God. Tell me where to go. I have to shave daily now, to keep it smooth.It’s that Italian curse of being hairy. And yes, I do enjoy oral a great deal. Giving and receiving. You had to have taught Rob on how to eat a woman properly. He is so good at it. He has made me squirt twice now, and then last night, he made me squirt while fucking.” I explained

I went on to tell her about how Rob said he would marry me if I ever took him the whole way into my mouth and that I would marry him, if he made me squirt while fucking. She laughed and said she would help me along with taking him the whole way. All of this talk was really getting to me, and making me horny, and, judging by how fidgety Sophie was getting, she too was extremely horny.

“Well then, we better get a hall and a preacher soon. Looks like I’ll have a sister in law in no time, plus, one I want to have many sexual adventures.” Sophie said.

“Did you know one of your brothers biggest fantasies is to have a 3way with two girls? Hard to believe he never has yet.” I told her.

Sophie laughed and said that she was well aware of it and that she and Cami had meant to help him out there, but could not find the time to get together. She also said the guys are fine with them playing alone like that, as long as it is just our little group.Then Sophie leaned into me and kissed me on the lips. Lightly at first, but then when her tongue split my lips, our kiss turned passionate. Before I could even think about it, I pulled her on top of me and started kissing madly, while caressing each other.

Since no one could see in from the outside, Sophie moved down and sucked my nipples, and fingered my wet pussy. I was in heaven, and needed to cum so bad right then. Then she stopped, lookup at me and asked,

“How about we take this inside, and bring Rob along and give him his fantasy.” she asked.

I didn’t need to be asked twice as we went inside, grabbed Rob from the couch and pulled him along to the bedroom. He stood and watched as Sophie and I got on the bed and started 69ing. The whole time we did that, he just stood and watched, and stroked that impressive cock of his.

Two hours later, and many positions experienced by us, with no one left out of the play, Rob was deep inside me, pounding me, at my request, as I ate his sister’s cum filled pussy. She was sitting against the backboard, while Rob fucked me doggy. Rob’s final thrust sent me over the edge again and I had a terrific orgasm, as did Sophie, while Rob pumped me full of his creamy love juice. While I then lay there trying to recoup from our tryst, both Rob and Sophie spread my legs and ate his cum from me, with both sharing a kiss, then sharing kisses with me. I was in total heaven.

Part 3

Chapter 12

After spending the night again with Rob, with us just cuddling that night. Neither of us had the energy to make love again. That day at work,I told Cami about my weekend, and meeting Sophie. I left out the fact we had a 3way with Rob. She was happy, but also apologized for not telling me about Sophie and Jack, alluding to what Sophie had said about not divulging info like that. She also said that if Rob and I are growing serious, then we should become part of their group, as a couple.

That evening, I had just got out of the shower when Sophie called. She said she was worried that I may have second thoughts about what happened. I assured her I was good with it all and hoped to do it again. Then she asked me my day off, and so I told her it was Wednesday. She said great and invited me over that morning, and she wanted to surprise me, plus get to know me better. Then Rob called and we talked for about an hour. No mention of what we did the day before, and no sex talk. Just two people who are growing together and telling each other about their day. We did make plans for dinner and a movie Friday, if he wasn’t needed by Jack. But if he was needed, he asked me to join him, which I accepted.

I got to Sophie’s house at about 8:30 that morning. She was dressed, which surprised me, but then I saw her two kids, all dressed and finishing breakfast. Made sense since the kids didn’t know me yet. Jack was there too, and I was introduced. Very handsome man, looked similar to Rob in many ways, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a trim figure. When he spoke, he had a slight accent. I later found out he was born in Denmark, but moved here as a 10 year old. Sophie and Jack met in college, and have been together ever since. Although Cami never mentioned his name, she did say he was an exceptional lover as well.

Jack then took the kids to their friends house for the day. Ingrid, the daughter, really wanted to stay with us, but Sophie said not this time. John was looking forward to wherever he was going. Both kids had blond hair, and Ingrid was the spitting image of her mother, where John looked like both of them. Sophie had introduced me to them saying I was uncle Rob’s girlfriend. Looking at Ingrid, she is probably breaking many a heart, with boys falling over themselves to be with her, and John should have no problems attracting the girls.

After they left, I commented how nice Jack was, and the kids, and how she is having her hands full now. Sophie laughed and said she knows. Ingrid is already starting to really get into boys, and John is liking girls too. She said she knows that they are experimenting with each other, like Rob and she did, back then. But she and Jack choose to let them find their own way.

Then she grabbed my hand and said come on, we have an appointment to keep. I had no idea what she was talking about, but went with her. We ended up at the office building, and went inside. When we got to the office door, I noticed the sign on it, “Laser Treatment Center”.

“I can’t afford this right now.” I told Sophie.

“Don’t worry about it. We know the owner real well. He is a client, and we worked a deal out. You can pay me back when you can. So be quiet and enjoy.” she said.

I still protested more, but finally gave up. Sophie wouldn’t hear of it. When I was called, Sophie went with me. Once in the treatment room, a young woman came in and talked with me. She was the technician who would be performing the treatment. When the woman asked what I was having removed, Sophie spoke up,

“She wants the vaginal, mound and anus area, plus her underarms”

The Tech did the underarms first, and I really felt nothing. I thought there would be some pain. Then she had me lay on the examining table, and pulled the stirrups into position, so my legs were spread wide for her, like going to the gynecologist.

She started on my ass first and up to my pussy and mound. I watched as she did her thing, and was getting a bit turned on too. If she would have licked me, I would not have said a word then. I looked over at Sophie who just smiled, and at one point, when she was doing my pussy lips, Sophie licked her own lips and blew me a kiss. It took about an hour, and we were done.

On the ride home, Sophie asked me how it felt, and I told her strange, yet really good. She laughed and asked if I was wet, and I told her, very very wet. Once we got back to her place, She took me upstairs to her bedroom and we got naked and had sex.

It was a mixture of raw passion and gentle love making. She made me squirt one time, I too, made her squirt. We both used her strap on with each other, and I found out, she likes to talk dirty, just like Cami. One thing I will admit, she is a better lover than what Cami is, although I will never tell Cami that.

After a couple of hours of making each other feel great, we lay there in each other’s arms, cuddling, when my phone rang. It was Rob.

“Hi Tam. All smooth now?” he asked with a laugh.

“You knew? You ass. But yes, baby smooth.” I told him with a giggle, then Sophie yelled, it was very smooth.

“Oh. So Sophie got to test ride it before me, huh?” he said, then laughed some more.

“You’re not upset I hope?” I asked.

“Of course not. I am glad you two are hitting it off like this. I do wish I was there with you though.” he said.

“Then you better come over tonight and inspect the work that was done. Make sure you bring clothes for tomorrow. In fact, bring a bunch of clothes to keep there.” I told him, just then realizing this is getting serious.

After hanging up, we cuddled a bit more and I asked her about the clit ring, she and Cami both have. She told me it really does enhance orgasms a great deal. I told her I think I want one too. She said I better hold off a while in doing that. If Rob and I are getting serious, you don’t need four weeks of sexual downtime right now. It’s more of not getting it infected than anything, although it is sore for the first couple of weeks. Only thing Rob will get is blow jobs, and if you are into anal, like I am, you can fuck that way, but gently.” Sophie explained.

I giggled and told her that I was just getting back into anal, with Cami. I told her I need to work up to take a man in me, especially Rob. Then I asked her about Jack and what he likes, and how is he as a lover.

She laughed and then told me that he is a very attentive lover. He’s never selfish, and does his best to bring me, or his partner to an orgasm. She giggled and said he is quite good at sucking cock too, but he has an amazing tongue, and loves eating. She said that she fell in love with him because of that tongue, but mostly because he is a caring man, who never gets rattled, and he is the best father. She said he is going to love me too because of my smaller tits.

“He’s just like Rob. He prefers smaller ones, than bigger tits. Watch him when he is with Cami. Both he and Rob don’t play with hers that much, not like they do with mine. His favorite position is you on top, so he can suck on your nipples. But he is a man, so he likes most anything sexual. Just like me. Except I wont do scat or pee. That is gross.” she said with a funny face.

“Ewwwww. That is gross. How do people get off doing that? I know I couldn’t, and wouldn’t.” I stated as a matter of fact.

We kissed a little more, then we started to get up, when Sophie said, “Can I be honest. I really like you and can see why Rob is totally into you. I hope you do become my sis in law one day. I can see us becoming very very close.

I hugged her and said, “I really like you too, and hope we do become real close. But I guess that also means that Rob and I are taking this to a deeper relationship, which I am fine with. Like I said, at first, I wanted a sex buddy, but now I want more. Weird, how things change so quickly.” I said.

“Not weird Sweetie, just being human, and knowing you have the right guy. Helps too, that he has a very open minded and is hung like a horse too” she said laughing.

Chapter 13.

That night, after eating dinner and cleaning up, we went right to bed and spent the next hour making some of the best love making I have ever had. Rob was so attentive, making sure I came multiple times, and he cumming twice. Once in my mouth, then the next in my pussy. I actually got almost to his pelvic bone, while blowing him. He loved how smooth I was now, and it did feel good to me too, and made me feel really sexy.

I was laying on top of him, gazing into his blue eyes when I got the nerve up to tell him, “Baby. I don’t know where you are with us, and we started this off as casual friends, but I am falling in love with you.”

He held me tight and smiled, then rolled us over and was on top now. I could feel his cock swelling again when he kissed me tenderly, then spoke. “Good. I’m already there Gorgeous. I am in love with you. You make me feel so great. And now that you and sis hit it off and accept how we are, I will do everything in my power to keep you happy and feel loved every minute of the day.”

He slipped back inside me now and my legs wrapped around his torso. We made love for the next 20 minutes or so. Mostly kissing, but lots of moaning by both of us. When we came the next time, we came together.

After making sure the house was locked up and lights off, we got back in bed, The phone then rang. I thought it was Cami, but then saw it was Sophie.

“Hi Sweetie. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”

“No. We just finished… What’s up?” I asked

“Put me on speaker so Rob can hear.”, so I did. “How would you two like to have a little get together with Jack and I Saturday night? Jack cleared his calendar and the kids are spending time at friends houses.” Sophie said.

I looked at Rob and let him decide, but he could see the big smile I had on my face. Rob then spoke. “Sure Sis. How about coming to dinner. I’ll cook this time, and then we’ll go from there.” he said

“Great. We’ll be over around 6 or so. Hope you won’t mind if we spend the night too?”

“Sis, you are always welcome to stay there, you know that.” Rob told her.

“Great. See you then. Hope you enjoyed your girlfriends hot and smooth pussy tonight.” she said while giggling.

“He sure did. And thank you for taking me today. I enjoyed everything.” I said, then hung up.

I then folded into his arms and cuddled up with Rob, feeling safe and secure. I know I took a big step in telling him my feelings, and when you think about it, it is all happening fast, faster than I thought possible. But they say, you know when you know, and I do know. It’s not like I was with Tony. I had to grow in love with him. But with Rob, it is so different. And it’s not the sex, which is great, but everything about him, and now his family, who have accepted me 100%, and I them, no matter what quirks we have.

The next day at work, I told Cami about being with Sophie again, and where she took me. We were in the office when I pulled my pants down and told Cami to feel how smooth I was. Cami didn’t hesitate and started rubbing all over.

“Very nice Tams. I can’t wait to feast on this. I bet that really turned Rob on. Of course, anything sexy we do, our men get turned on.” she said. Then said she was sad that we are playing this Saturday night, while she and Brad were visiting his parents for the weekend.

“Next time though, we six need to party. It is going to be so nice having 3 couples who love and adore one another.” she said as she slipped a finger in me, then kissed me passionately.

That Friday night, Rob said he had to drive for Jack. So he came by and picked me up, so I could ride along with him. I wore a white, silky top and black pants, matching what he was wearing. I also brought over clothes for the next couple of days. In the car he suggested that I bring more clothes to just leave there, like I suggested he do the other night.

The clients we picked up were going to some country club, for a big dinner, dance event. They were an older couple, mid-50’s I would guess. He was quite handsome, and she was trying to act like she was thirty. Wearing a black, slinky dress, that did nothing for her, although she must have thought she was hot. She caked on makeup too. All during the ride, all she did was complain to her husband about going tonight. She would have preferred staying home and drink her wine.. “What a bitch”, I thought.

After we dropped them off, Rob said we’d probably have 2 to 3 hours to kill, which was the boring part of this job. We drove around for a while and just talked and laughed, mostly about the clients we just dropped off. Rob said there was no way he’d ever have sex with her. I agreed with him, about her, but said that the guy was good looking enough that I may do him.

Rob then found a secluded spot to park for a while. While still chatting and telling me some stories about Sophie and he when they were younger, I had flashbacks to the three of us together. It was so hot watching them have sex and turned me on big time. My pussy was on fire at this point, so we started making out, with lots of kissing and touching.

Rob’s hand went up my dress and found my thong and pushed it to the side and his fingers started their magic on my pussy. My hand found his zipper and then pulled out his cock. Then I leaned down and took him in. It wasn't long before I finally bottom out and had him all the way in my mouth and throat.

“Oh My God baby! You did it! Fuck, that is so hot” he said

I popped off for a second and smiled at him, “Guess we got to get married now. Now.. Sit back and enjoy and let me have that juice of yours” I told, as I went back down on him.

I worked his cock for the next ten minutes while he tried to pleasure me with his fingers, but was having a hard time concentrating on that. No matter to me right now, he could make me cum later, in his bed. I was also surprised I wasn’t gagging, as I took every inch of him in. I was so proud of myself now and hungry for his seed.

He was deep down my throat when I felt his cock grow even more rigid and Rob moaned out, “Baby. I’m going to cum”. When I heard that, I backed up so only half of his cock was in my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum, which has never been bitter to this point, and when he started shooting it, that still held true. I swallowed about half of his offering, then saved the rest. When he finished, I moved up and kissed him, pushing the cum into his accepting mouth.

When we finished, the phone rang, and it was his clients. They were ready to leave already, which was fine by both of us. Rob laughed and said “Damn. Good timing, because there was no way I was stopping you until you were finished. I can’t wait to get you home to make love to you.”

“Fuck that Baby. You are going to fuck me tonight. I want you hard and fast until we can’t move.” I sternly told him, then laughed.

The couple was quiet on the ride home, which I was glad of. I didn’t need to hear her bitching again, and ruin my great mood. Rob didn’t even bother to go back to the company lot to exchange cars, he was just as horny as me and wanted to get to bed, God bless him.

We wasted no time as we entered the house. Clothes were off by the time we hit the top step and entered the bedroom. My pussy was soaked with anticipation, and judging by how hard he was, he was ready too. After getting on the bed and him crawling between my now spread legs, we kissed. Then he started working his way down my body. After sucking not only my nipples, he sucked most of each tit into his mouth. He was devouring them, and I loved it.

Then he went down on me. “Fuckkkkkkk” I yelled when his tongue drove into my hot hole. He took me for a ride like no other. The man’s tongue is long and can explore deeper than anyone I have ever had. At one point, he pushed my legs back by my head and buried his tongue in my ass and his nose in my pussy. I came a small amount then, but was building to a big one soon. I was begging him to make me cum, so we could get to fucking. Once his mouth latched on to my clit, that sent me up the orgasmic mountain, to the very top, where I screamed,

“Oh Fuck Baby… Cummingggggggggg”

I opened my eyes and watched as I started squirting into his open mouth. That was the first time I had seen me squirt. I couldn't believe how much I was cumming. Trying his best to catch it all, he stayed right there and got most of it. What he didn’t drink down, landed on his face, soaking it completely. He then let go of my legs so I could relax a bit, but that did not last long, as he kneeled between my legs and let the tip of his organ rub against my soaked slit.

“Oh Yeah Baby. This is what I want. Now Fuck Me Honey, and don’t you dare hold back” I commanded him.

“You sure Babe? I don’t want to hurt you.” he retorted, with a look of concern in his eyes.

“ I promise, if it hurts, I will let you know. Now please Baby, I love you, but I need you to fuck your woman tonight.” I pleaded.

“I love you too and your wish is my command” he said, as his cock entered me.

For over twenty minutes, we fucked hard. I never knew a man could have such stamina, like he does. We tried four different positions, we me cumming twice during it. The moans were electrifying to hear, from the both of us. I know I said, “Oh God” about a hundred times, because it felt so good, and the kisses we shared made me so horny. I love kissing when I make love, or fucking. Then he flipped us so he was back on top of me, but this time he pushed my legs back so my knees were next to my head, and he was so deep inside me.

The only sounds you could hear was my moans of pleasure and our skin slapping together, hard. With every powerful, downward thrust, I met him with my own thrusting up of my hips. There was no pain at all, only pure ecstasy. I was getting close again to another mammoth orgasm, and I could tell he was reaching his peak too, when he yelled out,

“Oh God Tam, Baby, I am going to cum”

“Do it baby. Cum deep in my hot little pussy” I yelled back, which set me off with another titanic orgasm. I couldn’t see, but I could tell I was squirting my love juices all over his cock, and pelvic region, as he started to pump me full of his love juice.

After he finished, he released my legs, once again and fell on top of me, totally exhausted, as I was too. My legs immediately wrapped around him and my arms around his neck, and held him tight. Both of us were breathing hard, and probably needed space to cool off, but I wasn’t releasing him. His cock was still half hard and buried inside me when he pushed his arms up, give us air between us. He smiled down at me and started talking.

“My God Babe, that was the best sex I have ever had. You are, by far, the best lover a man could ever experience, and I am never letting you go. God, I love you more every minute that goes by.”

“God Rob, you bring out the best in me, and not a minute goes by that I don’t love you more. Marry me Rob. Make me your woman, forever?” I asked. I couldn’t take that one back now, and didn’t want too. I know I want to spend my life with him, with this being the added bonus of being in love.

“I had already planned on that. So Yes, I will marry you” he said, as we kissed for like five minutes. So much passion, and want in those kisses we share. When we broke, he rolled off, and turned off the nightstand light. I rolled to my side and he came behind me, and spooned with me. My hand reached back and felt his stiffening cock and guided back to it’s home.

“Fall asleep inside me tonight.” I told him. That’s how we both fell asleep, and it felt wonderful.

Chapter 14

The smell of bacon woke me from my sleep. Flashbacks from last night came racing through my head. The amazing sex we shared, and the blow job I gave him in the car, to the question I asked him. I was on cloud nine and hoped it wasn’t a dream. But seeing I was in his bed, my inner thighs having dried cum on them, it was no dream, and I wouldn’t take back what I asked him. I was truly in love with this man and wanted to spend my life with him.

When I reached the kitchen, there he stood, facing the stove, cooking. He had on an apron, so it covered his naked front, but the view I got of his gorgeous ass made me wet with desire. “God. I love that ass of his” I thought.

“Morning Baby. Why didn’t you wake me this morning?” I asked. I was so hoping for a nice round of gentle love making, to show each other that last night was what we both wanted and needed each other for the rest of our lives.

“ I thought of it, but you looked so peaceful sleeping. And, after last night’s session, I didn't think you would be up for anything this morning. Plus, I was trying to get breakfast done and served to you in bed.” he said as he laid the omelts on two plates, then removed his apron, revealing his impressive manhood, that when flaccid, it is still quite big.

“Sweetheart, I will always be up for you, no matter the time of day. This smells so good, and I am sorry for ruining your service in bed.” I told him.

“You didn’t ruin anything. We are together and it doesn’t matter where we are at, as long as I am with you.” he said, which melted my heart right then and there.

“ I love you Rob, and I can’t wait to be with you, like this, every day” I said, as I went up and kissed him.

“ I love you too, more than anyone I have ever been with. I’ll be honest, I was scared you may retreat this morning on what we said last night. Let’s eat on the deck this morning. It is so nice out, but it will get hot later.”

We ate and both of us were quiet at first, then he asked me if I wanted to go to my place and get some stuff to leave here. I said sure, but how much? He said how about everything? Which kind of floored me. “Oh God, this is real now.” I thought.

I asked him if he was sure, because I didn’t want to pack up and move here, then he got cold feet about our romance. I was sure he was the one for me. He assured me that this is what he wanted. He melted my heart again when he said he fell in love with me that Friday night, when the four of us went to dinner and we kissed by my car. I told him I knew for sure when he made love to me that Sunday morning at Cami’s.

We then cleaned up and showered, together, which was becoming a norm for us. I wanted him then, in the shower, but he said let’s save our strength for later with Sophie and Jack, which I totally forgot about. I told him that we needed to make a pact now that whenever we play, he and I end the night making love, no matter who is in bed with us then, which he totally agreed too.

Later that morning, we were at my place, cleaning out my closet and drawers, when Rob opened up the nightstand drawer which held my toys. He chuckled when he saw the three different vibrators. Then he pulled out the new strap on I have and the butt plug.

“Interesting. You know, I do like toy play as well.” he said, with a wicked smile on his face.

“Do you now! Then I guess we need to experiment one day, or night with them. Two of them were Cami’s idea. But I really got into the plug in me while she fucked me with the strap on” I told him.

“Bet that was a hot sight to see. You know, I would let you use the strap on with me, if you so desire.” he said as a matter of fact, and as I scanned down to his crotch, I could see that familiar bulge of his cock getting hard.

“Yeah it was hot, and she has been doing my ass too, getting me ready for you one day. I do want you there Babe, and if we keep talking, it may just happen now. But, you are the only man who has access to that hole. Only the man I love get’s to play there” I said, as I could feel my pussy tingling just thinking about him inside my ass.

We somehow resisted the temptation of getting naked and making love and finished packing up my stuff. He did enjoy seeing all my sexy underclothes and nighties. He said to make sure I brought swimwear too, which I already thought of. I am so hoping he takes me on the boat again and we get to make love on it.

On the way back to his place, or should I say, our place, we stop at my shop. We wanted to see how long it took to get from there to his place and I wanted to pick up something for him. We looked around and then I saw what I wanted, which was this mesh style thong. I thought it would be sexy on him, plus I picked out a couple of cock rings. One of which had a small vibrator with it, which when it touched me, it would be right on my clit. When we went to check out, Debbie did the honor. When she saw the cock rings, her eyes lit up. They were the biggest one’s we carried.

I had introduced her to Rob, when we first came in and I could see the lust in her eyes. I could tell right away that she wanted to be with him and I already knew she wanted to be with me, since we played a few times since our first encounter in the back office. As we checked out, Debbie said that we should get together one day soon, just the four of us.

Rob laughed then said, “I take it she is Bi as well?”

“Yes she is. We’ve done some kissing and fingering, but not much else, and so is her husband. He’s pretty cute too.” I told him

“He chuckled and said, “My God, Cami is such a bad influence on you. But, I am game, if you are with them.”

I laughed and said, “She is a bad influence, but not really, she just awakened my inner slut, which was dormant for way too long. Does that bother you?”

“Heavens No. I love you like that, but I really love the caring, passionate, and loving woman you are. You have somehow succeeded to separate the sex and love, which is important in our lifestyle.” he said.

Chapter 15

Rob gave me four drawers of his dresser, which held most everything I brought. What didn’t go, stayed in boxes and into his huge closet. I had to laugh because this closet was bigger than most small bedrooms. He only had enough clothes to fill up a quarter of it. I figured when I bring down the rest, it will fill half the space. He was glad I brought the little black dress with me. He said we need a night out, with me wearing that. I chuckled and told him about the night we met, and how Cami fingered me in the bathroom and took off my thong. His mouth was agape when I told him, had he reached up the dress and felt me that night when we kissed, he would have known how turned on he made me and that I had thoughts of fucking him right in my car.

Since Sophie and Jack would not be over until later, we decided to lay out and catch some sun. I made sure I put enough sunscreen on that beautiful cock of his. Lord knows, we didn’t need that getting burned. After about thirty minutes, his phone rang. It was Sophie and they chatted for just a moment.

“That was Sophie. She, Jack and the kids are coming over. The kids wanted to go tubing before they went to their friends house. I hope you are ok with that?” he said.

“I am ok with that. I best go and get my bikini on then.” I said, kind of bummed I had to put on clothes.

“You really don’t have to Love. I mean you are going to be the kids' aunt, and they too, practice nudity with us. But, if you feel uncomfortable, being naked with them, by all means go change.” he said.

“No. I’ll be fine. If they are ok seeing their mom and grandmother naked, I’m just a soon to be aunt. We all have the same parts.” I explained then giggled.

He laughed and agreed with me. “But don’t be surprised if John pops a boner because of you. Let’s face it Dear. You are going to be one Hot Aunt.”

I laughed and swatted his arm. “So… Can I tell her I am moving in here and that we are going to get married?” I asked, with a big grin on my face.

“Of course. We have nothing to hide, figuratively, or literally. Sophie will be so excited. She has always wanted a sister. Let’s face it, you two have meshed so well together, as friends and lovers, I’ll be more of the man looking in, always wondering what you two will dream up next. I know she has told mom about you, and Mom is dying to meet you, as is dad.”

“Oh yeah. There is that “Meet the Parents” deal, isn’t there?” I said, with a tinge of fear in my voice.

“Oh Baby. They’ll love you. I know that for a fact. Especially with Sophie singing your praises all the time.” he said, trying to calm me.

Just then, the door from the kitchen opened, and out walked Sophie, naked of course, followed by the two kids, who were already wearing bathing suits. One thing I noticed with John was, he already was a good looking young man, His arms and legs had definition to them, and sports a golden tan, just like his mom and uncle, and dad. The girls probably love him if not hitting on him a lot. I mean, he is going to be 17 in another week. Ingrid too, is a looker. Spitting image of her mom. She had on a black bikini that showed off her buff body, and has the same size breasts as her mom and me. She too, was golden tan, just like the rest of them.

I got up to meet them, and Jack and Sophie both gave me a long hug and a kiss on the lips. The kids just said hi to me, but were not at all affected by my nudity. John may have been, but it was hidden by his swim attire. Jack was wearing swim trunks as well, so hidden was his manhood, but I knew later, I would be seeing it, and probably doing something with it, which did send a tingle up and down my body. “God, this whole family makes me horny. At least adult wise” I thought.

Rob spoke. “I have a short announcement. Tami is going to be moving in with me, and shorty, and we don’t know when yet, we are going to marry!”

Of course, Sophie was all giddy over the news, as was Ingrid. She asked if she could call me aunt already. I told her she could call me anything she wanted. Then the four of them gave me a hug, with John holding his hug just a tad longer than I thought it would be appropriate, and I could feel his bulge pushing against my thigh. Luckily, he and his sister were anxious to get on the water.

Rob left and came back a minute later, sporting his swimwear, and off the group of four went to go tubing. I did take notice of the backside of Ingrid’s bikini. It was thong style. “Oh christ” I thought. “Jessi would never wear anything like that in public. Well, maybe now she would.”

Sophie must have seen what I was looking at. “I know, a bit revealing, but she hates tan lines on her ass.”

I laughed and told her that Jessi wouldn’t have worn that in public. Maybe now she would, but not back at that age. I told her she is built just like me and that we can interchange clothes too. Sophie laughed at that and said she and Ingrid can wear the same clothes already. Then she asked,

“So when did all of this moving in together and marrying take place. Tell me everything.”

So I told her about our evening, and how he was still inside me after a great hard fuck. And how I asked him to marry me after we came together, and soaked the bed. I even told her about taking that gorgeous cock of his down my throat, the whole way.

I told her about the moving in part, in how Rob suggested it this morning, and I agreed. We both can’t stand being apart every night, from one another. Sophie was giddy from excitement, and leaned in and kissed me passionately, then saying, “Welcome to the family Sis.”

We kept on talking and I was applying lotion to her supple body. When I got to her pussy, I couldn’t help myself and started fingering her. She suggested we go inside for a bit, and really celebrate this new union. On the family room floor we went and got into a 69 position and ate each other to two orgasms. God, I love eating her. The more I do, the more I want to keep going.

After we finished up, we headed back outside and just laid out, soaking in the sun again. Then Sophie surprised the hell out of me and started talking about the previous night.

“Remember when I told you that soon, the kids would probably get curious about sex? Well, when we were going to bed last night, we heard moaning coming from Ingrid’s room. I actually thought she was masturbating. God, was I wrong. We quietly opened the door and looked in. There was John, in between his sister's legs, eating her.” she explained

“Oh my God. No way!” I said. “What did you do?” I asked.

“What could we do? I mean Jack and I knew this would happen soon, but we figured in the next year or so. But we stood there and watched. Trust me, seeing it brought back memories of Rob and I. For us,, it was oral at first, then we started fucking, after watching our parents one night, and seeing how they enjoyed it. Our parents never closed their door and we had heard them many times having sex. My mother is one horny lady.” she said then laughed.

“Go on. I’m sure there is more.”

“Oh yeah. Lot’s more. And seeing you are now family, this stays between us.” she said, and of course I agreed. I would never do, or say anything that would bring them harm. If I would have admitted back then, when Jessi and I were living alone, I too harbored thoughts of having sex with her. But fear of ruining our relationship stopped me dead in my tracks.

“It was like a good ten minutes, but he brought his sister to orgasm. It was one of the hottest things I ever saw. I mean a mother and father shouldn’t get worked up like that. Jack was hard as a rock then. Then they switched and Ingrid started giving him a blow job. What floored me, was how good she was at it and how big John is.” she said then laughed. “He’s a good 7 inches already. He’s definitely going to take after his dad and uncle, hell, even my dad, who is as big as Rob.”

“We couldn’t wait to get to bed. Not sure if he came, but I am pretty sure he did. I know I did later, when Jack was fucking me. We weren’t quiet either. If they could play, then so could we.” she said and laughed.

“Then what happened?” I asked.

“Then this morning, I was in the kitchen when Ingrid came in. I was fixing Jack and I breakfast, to be served in bed. She got a glass of juice and asked what I was making her for breakfast. I told her “nothing”. She asked why, and I told her that it is her responsibility to make her and John something, especially if you were up half the night making love. You should have seen the mortified look on her face when I said that.”

“Oh I bet she was. Did she think you were mad?” I asked.

“At first, yes, until I pulled her into a hug and told her it was fine, and that her dad and I prefer you being active between themselves, and not with outsiders, at least not yet. I told her it had to stay between us, at home and could never be known to anyone outside the house, until you find the perfect man, or woman, you want to spend your life with, then they should know and have no secrets. I told her that uncle Rob and I have done it, which she thought was great because she has always had a crush on him. Then I asked her if they have gone all the way yet, and she floored me again” Sophie said.

“Oh God, what did she say?” I asked and was turned on by all of this now. I know I shouldn’t be, but for some reason I was.

“She said that last night was the first time, after they watched Jack and I. We never close our door, but usually wait until they are asleep before we do any playing. I was a bit concerned because I was in full slut mode. You know, talking dirty, fucking him hard. Then I asked her if it hurt, since it was her first, and she said no.” Sophie explained, then started laughing. I remember my first time. It was with Betty and the dildo and it hurt like hell for a few minutes.

“I asked how come and she explained that she had been using one of my toys and wanted that out of the way. But when they saw us last night, it made them so horny, they had to do it. Ingrid said they had been doing oral for months now, which shocked me even more. Christ Rob and I started about the same age as these two did. Luckily I have her on the pill, knowing this would happen one day. She said they did three times then, and each one felt so good. The only thing she wishes now is that her boobs would grow more. I told her not to worry, plus you probably will have small one’s like me and grandma, and our men love them. Then I said, look at Tami, she doesn’t have big one’s and I know Uncle Rob adores them.”

“Oh yes he does. He’s made me cum from his playing with them. So have you, as a matter of fact.” I told her.

Then Sophie got a serious look on her face, then said, “I hope this conversation stays between us Sis, which is what I want to call you from now on. I’ve always wanted a sister, and now it looks like I do, and a sexy one at that.” she said.

“Of course Sis. I would never say anything. It’s like Vegas. What goes on in the family, stays in the family. I do have a sister, but her and I really don’t get along all that well. She is so uptight and a prude. I have no idea how she produced two kids. I’d be willing to bet her and her husband fuck maybe once a month, if that. She outright told me she hates sex. Of course, if you saw her nerdy husband, you may not like it either.” I said with a laugh.

“Of course, you can tell Rob. But I am sure Jack is filling him in right now. Are you ok about tonight?” she asked.

“Oh yeah. I am a little scared that I won’t be as good as you are with those two, but I am pretty sure, once we get into it, I’ll be fine, like I was with Cami, Brad and Rob. I have to admit, that was fun and Christ, so erotic. I never fucked next to another couple, who were fucking.” I told her.

“Good. You’ll do fine. Jack is easy to please and he loves pleasing his partner. If you don’t like something, tell him, but if you do like something that he is doing, tell him that too. Open and honest communication is always best.” she explained

Then the group reappeared. They were gone for over an hour, but it felt like 15 minutes to us. I was surprised the kids came outside nude. I was so horny after our talk and now had visions of these two doing it. Had Rob stuck his cock in my face, I would have devoured it, no questions asked.

After a bit though, the kids got up and went inside to play on their tablets, stating it was too sunny to see them well. Sophie laughed and wondered if they were going inside for a little fun themselves.

Rob cooked burgers and brats and we ate together around 5pm. After all day being naked with them, it felt like we were clothed and no big deal. Sophie and I decided we’d do the dishes while the guys took the kids to their friends house.

By the time they got back, Sophie and I were relaxing on the couch, drinking some wine. After the guys got a beer, they joined us on the couch as well, with Jack sitting next to me, and Rob, next to Sophie. Before anything started, which I was dying to do, Sophie told Rob and I about the kids birthday, in two weeks, She said that on that Saturday would be the kids party, but then on Sunday, it would be just family, which meant, I would be meeting their parents, and I assume, we’d all be nude. Sophie asked if I would come to both and I looked at Rob who nodded his head, meaning he was going, so I said of course I would.

Sophie turned her attention to Rob and started making out with him. I set my glass down and started making out with Jack. I found Jack to be a very sensuous kisser, which I like. Before long, I got down, on my knees in front of him and started kissing his hard cock. Jack has a nice size cock as well, and if anything, the head is bigger than Rob’s, but I had no trouble slipping that into my hungry mouth. I noticed, after a few minutes, Rob was next to me, with Sophie’s legs spread wide and eating her.

Every once in a while, Jack would reach down and play with my nipples, as I sucked and licked his cock. But the sounds of sex permeated the air, which I found so erotic. Then I tapped Rob on the shoulder, and held Jack’s cock, so it pointed toward Rob, inviting him to suck it with me. He did not disappoint me and started sucking his head, while I licked the shaft.

God, I was so turned on by all of this, and then seeing Sophie, masturbating as we pleasured her sexy husband, was going to make me cum very soon. Then Sophie somehow maneuvered herself, so she was laying between Rob and I and started sucking his cock. All Jack could do is lay back and enjoy the ministrations being performed on him. If I held his cock while Rob did the work, I could finger my new sister, so that’s what I did.

Judging from all the sounds, the guys were close to cumming, so they asked us to stop, for each of them wanted to cum inside us. Jack then asked who was partnering up with whom. Sophie answered that real quick, when she pushed Rob to his back and straddled him and guided his cock deep inside her. I pulled on Jack’s hand and got him into the same position, and straddled him, He chuckled as I fed my hot pussy his throbbing member.

Jack said, “Looks like us in-laws need to take care of ourselves”, then chuckled, while those two were oblivious to us even being there.

“Yes, I guess we will. Trust me though, you feel amazing inside me” I told him.

The four of us fucked for a good ten minutes, with a few times, Sophie and I leaning into each other kissing. Rob and Sophie both started reaching their orgasm, which set off Jack and I. It felt so good cumming with him, and feeling his cum being shot deep within me. During the whole time, all we heard was each other moaning, and really no dirty talk, like I did with Cami and Brad.

After cumming and resting a bit, Jack got between my legs, after I dismounted him and started cleaning his cum from me. Then he fed it to me in a sensuous kiss. Rob was doing the same with Sophie, but I am sure that is a practiced habit that has been going on for a long time now.

We all then decided to watch TV while recuperating from our family get together. We’re not as young as we used to be and fucking all night meant you needed to pace yourself and rest some. By night’s end though, Jack and I did it again, with this time both us being a bit more boisterous, as was Rob and Sophie. Sophie and I even got to play some while the guys relaxed and watched. The last sex of the night was in our bed, with Jack and Sophie making love, and Rob and I doing the same. I loved the whole evening, but watching those two make love and they in turn watching us, made me feel so a part of them, that they could share their private moments with me. They ended up falling asleep with us, and seeing how Rob has a California King bed, we were all quite comfy laying together.

I awoke at 5am, needing to pee so bad. I had to remove Rob’s arm from around me, since we spooned all night. Sophie and Jack were in the same position, with us girls facing each other. I quietly crawled out of bed and did my business, then quietly got back in, and resumed my position as before. When I looked at Sophie, her eyes were open and had a little smile on her face. Then she leaned towards me and kissed me and softly said, “I love you Tami” and went back to sleep. I kissed her softly then and said I love you back to her.

Chapter 15

It was a little past 9 when both Sophie and I got out of bed and headed down to the kitchen. The guys were still sleeping and hopefully will stay that way until we got breakfast made. Sophie and I got everything going for a hearty breakfast.

As we worked, my thoughts went back to earlier this morning and what Sophie spoke. I mean, what we have shared so far is great, and yes, I do want to be part of this wonderful family, but I felt that her “I love you” comment was more than just two good friends, it was from her heart too, as mine was.

“Tami. I hope I didn’t freak you out this morning, when I kissed you and told you I love you. I meant that from the bottom of my heart. I really feel that from the moment we met, there is something between us and I hope you feel the same. I never felt that way about Rob’s ex. Hell, I really never liked her all that much, and never had sex with her. I think we have a very strong connection, and not just sexually. I love that you have no hangups with sex and enjoy it no matter if it’s a man or woman you are with. I just feel that when we are together, we make love and not just sex. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Cami to death, but I just don’t connect with her, like I do with you. Plus, and maybe this is just me, but I really enjoyed last night, just the four of us. I know Jack was making love with you and not just fucking you. There was no dirty talk, or at least, very little. But when we are with Brad and Cam, it is just sex, raw, and animalistic, which is fine some of the time. I got turned on the most watching you and Jack and then super turned on when you and Rob made love right next to us, and I knew you both were giving to each other totally, as Jack and I were…. I know I am rambling, sorry.” she said.

I smiled then finally responded, “Sophie, you have made me feel nothing but love and respect, since the day we met. In a way, you are the female version of your brother, and with every passing moment, I fall deeper in love with him, and I do love you too and feel, like you do, we make love and not some one night stand sex. I honestly get wet any time I see you, or just talk with you. I do believe when Rob and I marry, I am not only marrying him, I am marrying you and Jack too. Rob and I have talked about how close you and I have become, and well, he has no problem with you and I having our own alone time together. I know he loves you deeply, and from watching you two last night, you both love being together like that, and are quite in sync with your love making…. As for Cami, you know I love her too, but you are right, sex with them is more animalistic, although I did witness her and Brad making love. But she seems to enjoy going into her slut mode. I like the slut mode too, at times, just ask your brother. But I also love sensual love making a lot too, like last night. I thought it was perfect.”

Sophie came to me and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in for a sensual kiss. The kiss lasted a few minutes before we broke away. Our nipples were hard as rocks and touching one another's, which really got me horny. If the guys weren’t here right now, I know we’d be back in bed, lost in each other, bringing us to countless orgasms.

“Wow. I love the way you kiss. No man can kiss like that. I am so wet now.” Sophie said, as she took my hand and led it to her slit. My fingers ran up and down her womanhood, which was extremely wet now, as was mine. I took her hand and led it to my love box and let her explore, as I was doing to her.

As we fingered each other, and kept kissing, she stopped and said, “Let’s go feed the guys, then let’s just fuck their brains out, then we’ll eat whatever they deposit inside us. I know, a bit slutty, but we deserve it.” she said then laughed.

I kissed her one more time, then told her, “Tell you what, one day a week, you and I meet up and spend some time together. Doesn’t always have to be sex. Maybe just lunch and shopping, but I think we’ll end up in bed too. God I want you so bad right now. But yes, let’s go feed our men, then fuck them silly. I could use a good hard cock about now. Me and Rob and you and Jack?” I asked

“Sounds perfect to me. I, too, could use a good pounding. How about doggie style, with us facing each other, so we can kiss. But, be forewarned, I won’t be quiet, that’s for sure.” she said giggling.

We kissed, then plated the food and went upstairs. The guys must have just woke up. Jack was sitting on the edge of the bed, and Rob was coming out of the bathroom. Jack then went, and didn’t even bother closing the door. I like looking at his ass too. Just as muscular as Rob’s, and it was nice holding it last night, especially just before we came.

After we ate, Sophie and I took the plates and set them on the nightstands, and then crawled between our men’s legs and started sucking them. Neither man complained at all, and once they were hard. Sophie and I got on our knees and assumed the doggie position. The way our asses were, they were right at the edge of the bed on each side. Great for the men to be standing when they drilled us. Both guys leaned down and took a few lickes of our wet pussies, then Rob tongued my ass, which I really like done now. I don’t know what drove to say this to him, but I turned my head back towards Rob and said, “Sweetheart, Fuck my ass, Please. Just go slow.”

Rob looked shocked, then asked, “Babe, Are you sure?”

As I was nodding my head, Sophie spoke up. “Of course she is sure, you big dummy. A woman doesn’t offer her ass to just anyone, just the man she loves… In fact, Jack Honey, take mine too, Us sister’s need to good fucking. But get the lube.”

All I could think at that moment, as Rob’s cock entered my ass was, “God, I want this man in my life forever now, and his family”

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2021-02-25 20:15:03
The first part was denied because i made reference to her kid that was now an adult.
i just redid it together with a new title too

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2021-02-21 21:36:04
Excellent like all your works I've read. Very incomplete without Pt 1 & "to be continued" I want to know what happens at the Sunday birthday party with Grandparents, Grankids. Parents & in-laws all nude! Is the family going to have a "bonding" of all3 generations? Looking forward to part 1 & a couple more chapters. (1) birthday party, (2) 'Debbie & husband foursome with Rob & Tami, then, 4 couples in the group. Expand the plot & more combos & possibilities (like each female triple penetration, partner watch). THANKS for all the AWESOME "tales!"


2021-02-20 21:44:57
Where's part one??

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