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Sue cracks up and reverses roles
After a short drive we arrived home. We found out the girls name was kim. We showed her to her room and went down and prepared some food. We then sat and watched the TV and had a couple of beers. Sue had slipped a sedative in kims drink. She started nodding off to sleep. We attached one of the old chips to her neck and put her to sleep. Sue took kim to the lab and fitted one of the new chips. It was so small we were able to fit it right in to the dip at the base of the skull but still tucked the charger and comms card under her armpit resting on the rib cage so that it would not be noticeable. We kept her asleep for the time being as we wanted her healed over before we woke her. By now I had put becci to sleep and we fitted her with the new chip. We then did shep. Once they were both awake again we put them together in the living room and set shep to be dominant and becci as submissive. Sue and i hooked up to their wifi and switched them on. Shep wasted no time in checking out the new controller and pretty soon he had mounted her and becci was screaming as she had her first orgasm.

We then left them to it as I fitted the new chip to sue. “Hows that feel.”

“Fine. I will just hook up to shep and becci”

After a few seconds Sue was becoming quite excited. “Wow this feels the same as being hardwired I can feel the pair of them.” “ I feel like joining them.”

“Not yet youre not. You have to fit mine”

Sue strapped one of the old chips on my spine to control the pain and then removed the old chip and inserted the new one and replaced the old charger under my arm pit. When she had finished and i came round again Sue hooked up to me and switched my chip on.

Wow the connection was realy clear i tried t send a command to sue but nothing happened.

“That wont work on me anymore i have set your chip to submissive and I am set as your master.” She had swapped the chip that i had given her.

Sue started stripping off and sat on the chair with her legs apart. Without a word i crawled over and started licking her clittoris for all i was worth. Then i opened my mouth as she started to urinate down my throat. When she had finished she turned over and made me lick her arse.

“You’re my bitch now and you will do as i want”

She then signalled shep to finish mounting becci. When he was done she put becci to sleep and led me and him to the garden room office and locked us both in. I had no control over my functions at all. Before i knew it i was laid over a stool and shep was trying to mount me. Then my hand was reaching round behind me and guiding his cock into my arse. I dont know what sue was doing to the settings but i could feel shep enjoying what he was doing but i was hating it. I have never felt anything as painful in my life. He must have fucked me on and off for about three hours.

Sue came back out to the office and threw me a sandwich and some water and took shep away and locked the door again. I looked around to see if there was anything i could do to switch the chip off or disconect it, but there was nothing. Later that day sue came back out with shep and put him in with me again.

“You will need to get used to being fucked up the arse i have set you up a GRINDR page. She showed me her phone.

“Fuck my slave” was the only bit i saw and a photo of me.

Then before she had gone i was laid over the stool again for shep to fuck me. Three hours later Sue came and fetched shep and left me some more food. She had kept my chip switched on and connected to her. She would get the new girl into bed and have her doing anything she wanted and i could feel them enjoying it. It was some new torure she had devised. I couldnt think how to get myself out of this mess. I either had shep fucking me or sue in my head. God knows what she was doing with Becci.

The following day Sue came to the door. “You have a visitor coming to see you later.” “I want you to be on your best behaviour” she said laughing. About an hour later this big fat ugly guy turned up at the door. “your young lady said i can do what ever i want with you”. Sue must have been watching the fat bastard stripped off and came over to me and Sue commanded me to suck his cock. He stank to high heaven but there was nothing i could do to stop myself. Then he bent me over the chair and fucked me. At least i didnt have the stink of his cock any more. After he had done he sat in the chair and made me suck his dick again. This time it stunk even worse. After he had come in my mouth he got up and got dressed. “ See you tommorow bitch” he said as he left. This went on for four days sometimes two a day. Was this going to be my life from now on.

On the fifth night i felt that Sue had switched me off and at last i could think straight. I removed a loose staple from the bottom of the chair and managed to make a small hole under my armpit and was able to pull some of the cable out. It was awkward with only one hand but i managed to strip the insulation off. Then i ripped the cable out of the siide light and as carefully as i could i touched the live wire to the small loop of cable sticking out of my skin. I new there was two possibilities. I either killed myself or fried the chip. There was a flash in my head and everything went black. It was getting light when i came round. I knew i would have to act quickly. I managed to force the door open and went to the house. I knew the toilet window didnt shut properly so i climbed in and unlocked the back door. I found shep he had been fucking becci all night so he was docile. I shut him out the door and went up and burst into sues room. She was still half asleep, i grabbed her round the neck and dragged her onto the floor. I was in no mood to worry about her feelings and i knocked her unconcious and tied her up. It looked like she had put the new girl to sleep until she needed her. She was laid naked at the opposite side of the bed. I must admit she looked beautiful laid there. I felt like grabbing hold of her and fucking her but she could stay there for now. I conected Sue up to the computer and reprogrammed her to be completely submissive and moved her comms chip up between her shoulder blades so that she could not do what i had done to get free. I then put her in the garden room with shep and put a chain round her neck and padlocked it to the bed.

I went and got becci and put her in the bath and adjusted her settings to make her comfortable. I sorted out a new chip for myself and programmed it. Once Becci had finished her bath i got her to replace my fried chip then we went and woke Kim. We went and got some food and discussed what had happened the last few days with Sue.

I wasnt sure what i could do with the Girls, Kim must be wondering what had happened to her. I think Becci was aware that the chips were controlling her but she was happy to go along with it. One thing about sue she was briliant at conditioning people. I managed to persuade Becci to go back to work for the time being now that the pandemic was over. I told her I would be back to see her from time to time. I transferred some money into her account to keep her going until she got back on her feet again.

I went into town and bought the biggest dog bed there was and put that in the cellar along with a tv and some books. Then i put Sue and shep down there for the time being while i took becci home. I could keep an eye on them remotely to check that they were ok. I got the girls all packed I thought i would take kim to the coast for a couple of days when we had dropped becci off. I took the girls up to bed for one last night together before we took becci home. It certainly looked like sue had done a good job with them both we had an amazing night together the girls took turns sitting on my face and my dick and when i was too knackered they amused each other. Kim certainly seems to prefer girls i lost count of how many orgasms becci gave her. Eventually they fell asleep and it was mid morning before they woke.

We drove over to Beccis office first and unloaded all the gear we borrowed then we took her home. We helped her in with her stuff and then we went to get her some groceries in and made some lunch. I was in no rush to get away think i will miss Becci but for the time being i think she will be better here. I thought that we might at least have a last night of fun so i signalled the girls to kiss each other and then undress and then left them to continue. Pretty soon they had each other naked on the floor 69 ing each other. I lay down behind becci slipping my dick into kims mouth and then into becci. Then after i had given becci an orgasm i moved round behind kim and did the same to her. We then moved up to the bedroom. After about an hour an alarm went off on my phone. I checked the cameras and two men had broken into the house. One of them was the fat bastard who had been fucking me. I knew all the chips and software were safe in my car there was not much of value at home. I watched as they broke into the cellar. Sue was being fucked by shep and the two guys stood and watched till he had done. Then they both made her suck their cocks. Then they bundled her upstairs and started sorting her clothes out making her try on all her sexy bras and underwear. They rammed it all into bags put a coat on her and bundled her out the house along with shep. Me and kim returned home and got an emergency carpenter to repair the door while i went through the camera footage. I removed anything too incriminating and phoned the police and told them that my assistant had been abducted and showed the video of them entering and leaving the house. I had made sure the video was too grainy for them to get an identification.

At least that removed the problem of what to do with Sue. Im sure these guys would have lots of fun with her and keep her fed and housed. We cleared the house out and put it up for sale. I had made a few adjustments to kim and made her very loving and a bit insatiable. By the time the house sold we were inseperable and I decided to take kim traveling to give her a life she could only dream of. I would make sure to take all my spare chips with me. You never know when you might need them.

To be continued.


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