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Loudly whistling, I was harvesting this months crop. My whistling was out of tune, but I couldn't care less. My next neighbors lived in a town some 10 miles from here and in the event there was someone more nearby, I didn't care for them.

At different times before and during the summer, I had planted some cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot, onions, pees, rhubarb and various potatoes in a glasshouse on my mountain top. I had setup and calculated their respective growth cycle well. Already four wooden crates were filled with vegetables. The tomato plants were still giving generously and I plucked the ripe ones. With care I placed the crates on the platform to bring them down the mountain. Early tomorrow morning the platform would arrive down in the valley at my house. Gravity did all the work and an ingenious set of winches coupled to a dynamo made electricity, while the platform would slowly go down.

Ready with today's work I took a few moments to admire my land. Dry rocky mountains from West to East. My domain was ten by thirty miles. I also tried to locate my Irish Wolfhound wandering around. In vain of course. The dog's colors blended with the rocky lands I owned. From up here I did clearly see the hill on which I created my house though. The big windows reflecting the sun were quite obvious. This mountain was named Fool's Top, in memory of some infantile reclusive who tried to survive here in this desolate place, a hundred years ago. When I heard that story there was only but one choice for me to become that reclusive myself. I set my goals to survive here for longer a period than he did. For a moment I thought to see a cloud of dust beyond my gate, perhaps two miles away. I shrugged of the thought. I didn't expect anybody in the next half year.

The annals of this region told me the reclusive man settled here in 1902 and had lived here for at least five years, maybe 15. To my surprise the mountain and its surrounding lands were never claimed and I therefore could make it mine. For almost free. A small part of the money I had saved throughout my life and could keep hidden from the female vultures I had been married with, went into tooling, guns and seeds. I didn't need much money to build myself a house. The former fool that lived here was a genius in creating a cozy environment under an overhanging rock in the mountain. Yes, the big glass panels with sliding doors to close the gap cost me a bundle, but it was totally worth it.

Carefully I made my way down and arriving in the valley, I released the cable to slowly lower the platform. I had a long day of work behind me and I longed for a hot bath. Hurriedly I took the temperature of the large aluminum water barrel finding it to be a comfortable 110℉. I opened the valves to fill the bath. Water was the other reason I acquired myself this place. I was prospecting for oil but instead of black gold, I found a vast amount of water beneath the mountain and stopped searching. Drilling to the water and the setting up of the filters to make it drinkable didn't cost much. I had the gear and I had the time. Here I was on my own with my dog. She grazed my side with her head telling me someone was coming. I thought of the cloud of dust I saw up on the mountain. If that was a car it would now be near. I wondered why, for Guy, my supplier, was the only one ever visiting me every half year and he had done so only two weeks ago. I didn't give it another thought. Someone would come or not.

Not having to undress I showered and laid myself down in the generous tub. The water caressed my fatigued muscles and surprisingly I got a boner as well, making me happy there was life in it on my day of age. I was happy the schlung didn't punish me for neglect. With a happy sigh I fell asleep.

The only problem I needed to solve when I started to live here was my drugs stock. The pills I need to keep myself sane only last for half a year, having me to make an agreement with a supplier in the nearest town to deliver them twice per year. Guy really is a nice guy and every time he makes the trip he asks me for a list of things I need. When he returns half a year later Guy delivers. The trip takes him a day but he says my herbs are worth the trip so it is a win-win situation for the both of us. Only two weeks ago he was here for the seventh time already, bringing some crates of beer with him. He remembered I had once told him I used to drink Desperado from Heineken, a special beer with a taste of tequila. Man, did we have a party. He had to sleep out his hangover and I wish his family would not start a search party for staying away that long. That morning he confessed the beer was a bribe. He than asked to me grow poppy seeds. I thought that was illegal but he showed me a permit. For once I thought the DEA to do a sensible thing. I didn't tell Guy I already grew poppy for myself for various reasons. For once I was sure Guy would come back in half a year. Poppy oil would pay for his time.

Alarmed from a noise I woke up from my daydreaming and I stood up in the bath. It wasn't just a noise. It was the awful sound of the click-clakking of high heels on the rocks followed by a scream behind me. I turned around and in a high pitched voice the general reason I went reclusive yelled;

”Cover yourself, you filthy, lazy old man. I didn't come here to get confronted with that awful object of yours.”

Stepping out of the bath I said,

“It is your own idea to soil my property with your presence, so shut up and be gone. Don't think I'm lazy enough not to chase you off with some buck shots in your wake. Please give me enough time to get me my shotgun, it's been a while I had target practice on a live specimen.”

I walked towards the tool shed where I kept my artillery. After turning purple of anger and green of disgust the lady spoke to my back;

”I didn't come here to be chased off. You have to give me the courtesy of the best possible hospitality after troubling myself to make this trip. I expect you to give me a warm welcome. You will find I have interesting news for you.”

The lady babbled on while I entered the shed and she rambled on when I was inside. Mid sentence she stopped orating, turning yellow upon the sight of me with a shotgun, almost obscuring the proof of my gender. I waited a few moments to have the air molecules around us to get to rest and I whispered;

”Lady, you have one minute to remove yourself from my sight and I forbid you to raise your voice to me again. I'm entitled to shoot you where you stand for trespassing. Don't think for a minute I will hesitate, you hag. I'd love to perforate your vile body and hang your scalp on my mantelpiece. Be gone and don't come back.”

With small steps backwards the woman enlarged the distance between us in the direction of her car she had parked between some trees a couple of hundred yards away. I could see it was parked in a peculiar way but maybe it was just to get the most shadow. My pent up anger, paired with her pause in her steps, caused me to fire a warning shot in the air and the woman immediately fell on her behind. Her tripping broke the heel from the pump on her right foot, and after standing up again she humped hurriedly towards her car. I went back to the bath and sat myself looking out towards her car. With no one to precede her performance she broke the record of limping the distance. For one moment I regretted to possess electrical equipment. My country for a camera. How much I would love to spend my days revisiting her retreat. After closing the distance between me and her car she opened the door and used it as balance to break the other heel expertly from her not broken shoe. With dread in my mind I heard her starting motor turn endlessly without her engine picking up.

Aggravated I stood up from the bath and walked towards my man-cave behind the glass panes. I remembered I had a pair of unused binoculars. Knowing where they were I got inside and yanked them from its box, throwing all packaging in my things-to-burn-bin. Again I leisurely lowered myself in the tub, resting myself to that side with the best view to the car. I saw her in silhouette. The car battery was about to die and she hammered away on the steering wheel as if it was guilty for the malfunctioning engine, her impressive rack encouragingly yeah-saying. I had the scary thought she would be here for a while. I knew I had to prepare myself for having someone around for at least a few days. She said she was here with a reason so the assumption someone would come to get her could not be far off.

After preparing my dinner I wanted to bang the pots to let the dog know he could come get his. Dogs can read minds, at least my dog could, she already stood next to me, licking my hand. I petted her behind her ears. As always she pushed back with her head. She got some pets again and went for the remains of the rabbit I had caught today. When she was done I pointed to the car and commanded the dog;

”Hound, guard.”

Wagging her tail in happiness for having something to do for me she rushed off to the car. Patiently I watched and the car door got opened. Then I heard a growl, followed by a scream just before the door got slammed shut again.

In a better mood I went to the veranda next to the tool shed and rolled myself into the hammock. The peacocks woke me up.

I ate and filled a plate of food for the woman. After picking up a bottle and filling it with fresh water I strolled to the car. The hound greeted me happily and I said;

“No, this is not yours.”

I put the plate with the bottle on the ground near the car, giving the woman the unspoken message to stay where she was and turned around.

The car door opened and she yelled;

”Hey, you, I want to talk to you.”

Only after ten paces the yelling became screaming. I reacted accordingly. Not.

After passing the house I arrived at the slide and got all crates off. I carried them to the cave and walked them into the part where it was always 38℉, leaving them there. Back at the slide I started to rotate the handle, slowly hoisting the slide with empty crates up to the top. If anyone should wonder how I got my musculature; Now they know. Rowing is a picnic compared to this. It was hard work, but it was voluntarily. Fitness for fools.

Every once in a while I checked the car with my binoculars and saw that the woman had picked up the food and the water. She stood next to the car with..... yes, she had binoculars as well. She waved and started mimicking. Not the faintest idea what she meant and with less than the slightest interest I proceeded with rotating the winch to ascend the platform to its home. Almost at dusk I got the job done. Time for diner. I followed my rabbit bow trail and got four of them. After setting up the bows again I got their fur off and stewed the flesh with a few pounds of vegetables and herbs in a large pot. I used lots of herbs because I hate salt. After adding a big spoon of sambal badjak I left the pot stewing. Just enough time to clean my artillery. I saw the woman standing more than ten yards from her car and I yelled;

”Hound. Guard.”

Within three seconds I heard the car door slammed shut again.

A few hours later I fished the meat from the pot and got the bones from the flesh. I threw the meat back in the pot and went for a few bowls, filled them and strolled to the car. The woman opened her door and I gave her one bowl with a spoon. She demanded;

“What is it?”

I answered as short in return;

”Stew for a shrew”, and left.

It took her ten strides to whimper;

”Please talk to me?”

It didn't sound a plea to me. She still spoke in a demanding voice and I had zero interest, so I just walked off. When I was at the shed I petted the hound and said;


The next morning I beat the peacocks and delivered cold stew and water at the car. Today was hunting day and I didn't want to go hunting without the dog so I searched the shed for locks and chains. After getting a rifle and ammo I secured all doors and set for the woods behind the plains perhaps ten miles from the mountain. The hound guided me to a deer trail and soon I spotted one in a clearing. After adjusting the scope to compensate for the wind I took one shot and started making a travois. Before dusk I was back at the house. I slaughtered the deer and filled my freezers with the meat. I warmed some stew and filled two bowls again. The woman was friendly now. She even said;

”Thank you for the food. It was delightful.”

I sat down and ate mine in silence. Every spoonful she took, I saw an incentive in the woman to speak up but every time she decided to fill her mouth without saying anything.

When she was done she bluntly stuttered;

”Cc-could y-you p-please t-tell t-the d-d-dogg to -let m-me p-pee at night.

“Hound. Perimeter five”, and I left her be. This time it only took her five of my strides to ask meekly,

”Can I please clean myself in the tub, please. Sir.”

“Undress yourself, here.”

Unwillingly she exclaimed,

“No, I most certainly will not.”

“Suits yourself”, and I walked off.

The doors remained locked. The next day I had to climb the mountain again for the remainder of the vegetables and the peacocks knew that the sun came up before I was aware of it. A little later than usual I had baked bread and left a warm piece next to the car.

“Hound, perimeter ten”, I commanded the dog and was up the mountain before the sun got warm. After harvesting my last produce I cleared the plants and mixed them into the soil. I took a bath before having to cook. Laziness overtook me and I napped away until hunger pressed me to stir something up.

This time the woman stood against the car. No, she didn't just stand. She posed. Her shoulders were bent back, pushing her rack into her blouse. Her impressive rack. Already before I could hand her the food she asked in a tempting voice;

”Can I please wash myself?”

In short I answered.

“There is a non-dress code here. And you have to shower before you take a bath.”

Not defiant anymore she started to unbutton her blouse. I took a spoonful of my food and she threw her blouse into the car. Another spoonful and her pants came of. Three mouthfuls later her nipples grazed the cool evening air and when I scraped the bottom of my bowl she stood in Eva costume in front of me, holding her hands covering her valuables. I didn't mind. She spilled enough.

“Follow me”, I said and I walked towards the tub. Almost there I heard her take a few fast steps. She obviously didn't know what kind of dog I had and her foot was in between her teeth before the woman's high kick reached the back of my head. With a sickening thud she crashed on the rocks. The left side of her naked body caught most of the brunt.

Without the woman having seen or felt the water in the tub I carried her over my shoulder to her car and tossed her in. Than I checked her leg. I thought her to be lucky. The hound hadn't shook her head with the woman's leg in her mouth. The bite wounds appeared to be deep but neat. Back at the house I filled a bucket with soda-water and I got some drawing ointment with bandages. She hadn't moved. I stood her up next to the car and put her wounded leg in the bucket. I knew the soda to pull the blood vessels tight painfully so she hissed for a while. When she became silent I treated her leg with the ointment. In doing so my nose came awfully close to her naked vulva. I wish I hadn't. I totally understood why she needed to wash.

I could see that her pains from the bite had almost vanished and put a dollup of drawing ointment on all punctures before bandaging her leg. The woman took the liberty to lean on me. Than the smell hit me from within the car. Piss and dung together. I said;

”You know you can get out of the car, why do you use the car as a toilet?”

With an angry voice she answered;

”Maybe because someone might watch?” Her answer humored me and perhaps I showed a big smile under my beard. Having conversation I preyed further

“Earlier you said you had news for me, just give it to me and than get the hell off my property. It's 10 miles in the direction you came from. You'll be good.” With a shadow of misery in her eyes she answered:

“I can't leave. My car won't start. I can't walk anymore and my cellphone doesn't connect. It's all your fault.”

Not amused I said;

”That's not an answer to what I want to know. Try again.”

Perhaps to strengthen her words she moved her arms a lot while speaking, forgetting she was nude, giving me an excellent view to those parts of a woman you ordinarily are denied;

“I came here to make you rich. I want to buy your land and I must say, I can offer you a vast amount of money. Despite the asshole you are, I'm willing to offer it anyway.” When she was ready speaking she turned around to get a folder with documents from the car. Her back showed numerous scars of serious whipping. Nevertheless I laughed out loud after she uttered her motive to come here. She wanted to hand over some documents but I said,” Woman, I'm not selling. I'm in paradise. No, I was in paradise until you arrived. Yet, still, I'm not selling. You can wait for my death. Oh, wait, actually you already tried to kill me. You have no intention to wait, do you? What are your motives wanting to buy my land?”

Perplexed she exclaimed,

”Oh, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I was so mad with you, forcing me to stay in my car and having me guarded all night by means of that monstrous dog of yours.”

When she stopped speaking she realized I had an unobstructed view to her private parts and her hands returned to their bases, blocking the view once again. Again she evaded to answer my question.

“Woman, you speak but you don't tell. You will not get food from me anymore. The dog will guard you from what's mine. He will not guard the road so you can start limping back to where you came from. I'm not interested whether or not you get far. Goodbye.”

Panicked she retorted, “No, please, wait. Don't force me to go. I won't make it. I'll die from hunger or fatigue. Please, I will do anything. You can chain me if you want. Everything is better than dying. My leg needs to heal. I'll need supplies for the journey. I can pay you for what I need.”

I thought for a moment and said;

”I can chain you. I'll set something up tonight and I will get you in the morning.”

Having spoken I left the woman and told the hound,” Guard. Perimeter ten.”

Back at the shed I measured the distance between the shed, the shower and the outdoor kitchen. It made an almost perfect triangle. She could sleep under the cover over the outdoor kitchen. They were all about 30 yards apart, so one cable of 125 yards and another of 62 yards would give her enough space. Ramming poles into the ground would not suffice so I measured where they should come and three hours later I had dug holes deep enough to hold iron poles set in concrete. I mixed three bags of cement with equal water and pebble, making them 300 pounds each. I filled the holes with the concrete and drove long enough iron poles into them. I filled the rest of the holes with the gravel I got out of them. After another three hours I could not move the poles anymore. Time to get the girl. Near the car I whistled the dog. The woman heard me and came out of the car.

“Walk in front of me to the middle of the shed and the shower.” She did without speaking and all I could do was watching her sway from side to side. Something awoke but I didn't care. She stopped where I wanted her to and I made a loop in the middle of the cable around the pole near the cooking place. Than I created a harness using both ends. It took me some time to weave the harness but when I was satisfied I secured both ends to the pole near the shower. Then I made two loops in the middle of the short cable and had her step into them. Both ends got woven into the harness and than I secured both ends to the pole near the shed. I commanded her;

”Walk to the shed.” She did and I was sure she could not reach for any tool but she could shelter under one end of the veranda where I used to sleep.

“Walk to the outdoor kitchen.” She did and I shortened the cable to give her sufficient reach to cook but not to get to the other side of the outdoor kitchen.

“Walk to the shower and get that stable smell off of you.”

I watched her wash her hair. I watched her wash her face. Than I watched her wash her tits and her crotch. She had enough room to bend forward washing her legs. I enjoyed the sight of her tits to dangle around and actually thought her to be pretty. I was tired from my nocturnal activities and commanded;

“Okay, go to sleep.” I took my own spot on the veranda and within moments, I was into oblivion.

The peacocks won in the morning. I went to the shower and thoroughly washed myself. I could not help getting a boner but I ignored him. It was time for breakfast. I found the woman still asleep or pretending to be. I walked up to her and kicked her not too hard in the side. She opened her eyes and I asked;

“Know how to bake bread?”

“No”, she said.

“Ok, watch me making the dough.”

Half an hour later the dough was in the oven.

“Do you bake bread every day?”

“No, maybe every three days. I'll tell you when I want bread. What's your name?”

She remained silent so I said;

”Okay, Stupid Cunt it is, Stupid Cunt.”

“My name is Rebecca,” she tried defiantly.

“No, you are not anymore, Stupid Cunt. You'd better learn to answer when I ask you something. You are Stupid Cunt. Now tell me. What is it what makes you want to buy my property, Stupid Cunt.” I could see the turmoil in her eyes. Stupid Cunt's eyes fluttered for a few moments and she uttered;

”Oil. There is oil everywhere here. Especially around the mountain.”

“Don't take me for a fool, Stupid Cunt. A hundred 100 years ago the place is prospected by more knowledgeable people than there are people alive in this state. No, definitely no oil here.”

“Yes, there is. It is shale oil. It can only be proven with modern techniques. But is has already been done. I'm just the first to arrive here. Now you know my name, Rebecca. Can I please know yours, Sir.”

“Sir will suffice, Stupid Cunt.”

“My name is Rebecca, Sir. I'd like you to use it.”

“You can forget it, Stupid Cunt, because that is what you are. A Stupid Cunt. Coming here unprepared, without enough gas in a failing car. No food. No water. No spare clothing. Demanding hospitality while you were trespassing. No, you are a stupid cunt, Stupid Cunt. And now we are negotiating. In what way have you planned to pay for what I provide you with, Stupid Cunt?”

“Well, money of course. I have enough. My parents are rich, Sir. They will pay whatever you want, Sir.” I had to disappoint the girl and I said;

”Stupid Cunt! Money is not a valid payment method on my land and it will never be. What else can you offer? You are already in infinite debt with me, so you better come up with something.” Again I saw the turmoil in her eyes and counted the seconds how long it would take her to flutter them. This time it took her five seconds and then blurted out;

”Are you gay? All men I know would already have ravaged my body and you have not touched me apart from attending my wounds, Sir.”

“Have you noticed how meticulously I am about my property. Don't you think it would disgust me if I would have taken something that isn't mine to take?”

Stupid Cunt was more confused as anybody I had met. Admitted, it has been a few years I met someone, but she was confused as could be.

“But, but. I'm on your land. I had no business being here, apart from having the only incentive to coerce you from your property, but you have done nothing in return. You may be harsh but I'm unspoiled by you, Sir.”

“And so it will stay. I will not take advantage of the situation. So again, what payment do you offer for everything I provide you with? Food, shelter and safety. I think it all is quite valuable.” Stupid Cunt took her time for this one but eventually she gave in;

”All I can offer is myself. There is nothing else. I will let you touch me and I get food, shelter and safety. I know you won't hurt me. The dog does what you say and I can see an abundance of food everywhere, Sir.”

Again I had to shatter her beliefs, it wouldn't do and I said;

“I'm only mildly interested in touching you. You have to give me more or I release you from your chains and have the dog chase you off of my property, Rebecca.” I said her name with a stern voice, knowing it would resonate in her mind and it did. Rebecca started crying. First soft whimpers and slowly she got louder and soon she was heaving badly. After half an hour the crying subsided and stuttering she started telling;

“I, I, h-have b-been in t-this-s-s-situation before. All I got was abuse. You have seen my back. It was awful. I find it so difficult to give myself to you. It is all so difficult and I know it is all my own damn fault. I'm so scared.”

“Rebecca, think. What do I provide you with? I will tell you again. Food, shelter, safety. What do you think those things mean? Is there something else in those words I'm unaware of?”

“You are right, Sir. I cannot help myself.”

Rebecca kneeled before me and bend her head submissively saying;

”I'm so confused. I can still feel the anger of him on my back. Whipping me for spilling some water. I want to believe you are different. If you keep your promise to give me food, shelter and safety I give myself to you, but you can't hurt me. If you hurt me, I want to end our deal. I give you my services. I'll give everything I have. I will obey in everything until you hurt me. I can't have that.”

I walked up to Rebecca until my now angry anticipating dick danced in front of her face and I commanded;

”Show me what you mean with your words. Let me feel whether or not what you say is true. Service me and do the best you can. She lifted her face from the deferring position and grazed my dick with her forehead. It didn't end there. It just started. Slowly her head moved and she caressed my dick with her eyes, her nose and her chin. When the tip of my dick rested on her chin she slowly bent her head a little and there was her tongue, giving the tip some soft specks. I never had a woman to submit to me and to my utter surprise she moaned. Surprised I spoke;

”You like this, don't you, Rebecca?”

“Hmmmmm, yes, Sir. Such a nice big cock. It's been so long. Hmmmm.”

Every part of my cock received the same treatment she gave to the tip and when she came there back again she took him in her mouth.

”Oh, YessssSir, sssso niccccce. Her arms came around my legs and than she speared my dick into her throat. It went all the way in and suddenly she started fucking me with her mouth until I gave her everything. I provided her with proteins. A lot.

I was in bliss for a moment but it seemed forever. Rebecca pulled me to reality saying;

”Thank you, Sir. You are wonderful. Could you please hold me for a while? It would make me so happy, to be so safe here with you.”

I thought she deserved some slack. I stood up and said;

“Come Rebecca”, walking towards the veranda. I dragged my bed to the spot Rebecca could reach and sat her with her back to me between my legs. I held her and supported her rack wit my hands.. “A warm living bra, I like that, Sir.”

For mere moments we both enjoyed being together. The day was just beginning. I wondered;

”How long will it take people will start searching for you?”

As if Rebecca hadn't anticipated the question: She didn't answer for a while, she finally came up with

”Probably never, Sir. I haven't told anybody I would make this trip. I left town early, unseen and on top of it all, I filled the tank the day before on the far side of town. What's more, I have no business this faraway and I run my office by myself. It will probably take weeks before people start noticing my absence, if any ever will. No, I think we are good. And in relation to your assessment I came without clothes, without food, without water, gas and without a proper car; We don't need clothes, you have sufficient food. There is enough water and without a running car, we don't need the gas anyway. About my car, by the way; I think approximately a mile away I hit a rock under the car. At first I thought nothing of it but maybe it made a hole in the gas tank.”

Before I answered I gently squeezed her nipples which resulted in some contended moans and I asked;

”So you are looking forward to this new life of yours where you are queen on your own 900 square yards?”

“Hmm, Queen?”, Rebecca quipped,” Already loosening your reign over me?”

“No, Rebecca, not for a second. I just point out that despite you being chained, that is for my safety: In this vicinity you have 100% protection. Safer than this you cannot get. The hound is guarding the wider perimeter and I can keep everything away. You are safe for at least 24 weeks.”

“Why 24 weeks, Sir? I don't get it.”

“You don't need to get it. Just consider yourself safe for the next 24 weeks, Rebecca.”
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