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Agony for a tight shy little teen.
Taylor was a quiet, shy girl who nobody liked. Every day in her high school classes she sat in the corner all alone while being made fun of and bullied by the popular girls. She wasn't ugly, she just didn't know how to talk to other people so she was seen as the loser of the class.

Despite being very cute Taylor never had a boyfriend because she couldn't talk to boys any better than girls. It wasn't that boys didn't like her- she was a delicate-looking little blonde girl, This fueled the cheerleader girls' accusations of her being a lesbian. Three girls were especially bad. These were Kaylie, Elliana, and Jessie.

Elliana was a rich, extremely attractive blonde with epic boobs- every boy's dream fuck. Jessie was the "ugly" girl of the group a brunette with freckles, still a solid eight but compensated by being the meanest, most vicious one. Kaylie was somewhat of a combination- mean and extremely hot. Kaylie was blessed with a sexy ass, red hair and an innocent-looking face.

One winter afternoon, as Taylor was walking outside alone with her earbuds in and looking down, she was shocked to see the three bullies sitting in a car waiting for her. All of the sudden, as she had to walk by their car to get to hers, they got out and grabbed her. With little struggle from helpless little Taylor, they dragged her inside the back of the car.

In the car, Kaylie was driving, while Elliana and Jessie wrangled Taylor as she writhed. Jessie violently pinned Taylor to the seat while Ellie tied her up- one set of ropes at the ankles and the other at the wrists.

They drove out to an old abandoned parking garage on the outskirts of town. Taylor came to realize they had been planning to kidnap her for a while. Around the garage, to her horror, lay hundreds of sex toys and torture devices. It had to have cost thousands to prepare her dungeon.

"Out, you little lesbo slut!" Screamed jessie as she shoved the bound Taylor out onto the pavement, face-down.

They proceeded to gag Taylor, to muffle her screams and guarantee nobody could find her. In a rage, Kaylie started ripping off Taylor's clothes.

Kaylie first ripped off her shirt threw it on the ground. Next, she shoved Taylor's body into Jessie's arms to hold on to her and stop the writhing as Kaylie stripped her. Taylor tried through the sexy ballgag to beg them to stop, but gave up.

Kaylie tugged and tugged, and in one herculean rip off came Taylor's little blue bra. Taylor, practically free of tits, began crying as her exposed nipples felt the cold air.

Jessie and Kaylie joined forces to rip off Taylor's pants. Jessie held Taylor by the arms from behind as Kaylie slid off Taylor's gray leggings. All Taylor still had on was her underwear, and Kaylie slowly, to make it more miserable, tore them off.

Jessie picked Taylor up from behind and put her in a hog-tied: she was put face down on the pavement on her belly, and her legs tied to her arms over her back. They got up on a ladder and hung Taylor from the ceiling by a hook and rope. Taylor's hogtied body sat ready to be taken. She whimpered and bawled intermittently, but the cheerleaders' cruelty was just beginning.

"Kaylie, get us our strapons"! yelled Elliana. Taylors worst fears were confirmed: she would be punished sexually and raped by girls.

Kaylie equipped herself with a massive, footlong veiny black strapon. Ellie opted for a horsecock, and Jessie for an ejaculating dildo she filled with hot pepper sauce.

Taylor tried one last time to get them to stop. She flailed and convinced them to let the gag off, but she could only stand to pant out a little plea:

"P-p-please don't rape me..."

Without hesitation, Kaylie shouted "NO BITCH!" and drove the fake BBC into Tay's slit. Her hymen popped like a shaken soda, as blood briefly seeped out of her. Kaylie tried to Ballsdeep her, but after about seven inches were forced in there was no more room. Taylor, now gagged again, winced in horrible pain.

The girls began taking turns, Ellie driving the horsecock so deep it slammed her cervix and Jessie cumming hot peppers into the hole. But the cruelty to Taylor's vagina only got worse. Ellie slid a flared vibrator into Taylor, and challenged her to avoid cumming for a "reward". Taylor, hoping they would be nicer to her and feel a little pity, decided to comply, struggling to avoid cumming from the vibe on her already beleaguered clit. She succeeded, and soon found out the "reward": anal.

They took her out of her hogtie and threw her down on a shitty couch in the middle of the room. She lay upside-down, legs up and ass exposed, ready for cocks up the bum . Jessie loosened up Taylor's unwilling hole. Her buttered finger slowly slid up the brown starfish, with Taylor clenching in agony only making it more satisfying.

Jessie began fingering with two, then three fingers. Taylor's hole widened up, involuntarily, as Jessie licked her snatch a little to weaken her resistance. Once she was sufficiently weakened, the real show could begin.

Elliana got the privelige of taking Taylor's anal virginity. Taylor shrieked as Ellie's giant wang slid into her. Meanwhile, Jessie was ready to truly humiliate little Taylor. Jessie sat directly on Taylor's face as Ellie railed away at her ass. Jessie lowered her pussy over Taylor's mouth and rubbed her asscrack on the squirming girl's face. Jessie began to piss into Taylor's mouth.

Taylor gagged on Jessie's piss, but jessie wouldn't stop. Meanwhile, they switched positions. Now, Taylor was forced to ride Ellie's strapon reverse cowgirl, as Kaylie came over to slide into Taylor's pussy.

Kaylie and Ellie proceeded to mercilessly Double-penetrate Taylor. Taylor cried and cried, begging them to stop but no mercy was even considered for her. Next, they prepared her for an extremely cruel punishment- one sure to scar Taylor forever.

Taylor shrieked at the top of her lungs as she saw Jessie open a small brown box and lift a small rat out of it. Jessie held the rat upside-down by its tail as Elliana got out a six-inch-wide, yard-long plexiglass tube. Taylor knew what was about to happen.

The girls tied Taylor upside down and hung her from the ceiling by her hips, her legs forced to spread at about waist-height for maximum vulnerability. Her aching, degraded asshole gaped open as she watched Kaylie slide the tube into her ass. Kaylie put the tube as deep in as she could, about fifteen inches. Jessie cackled with evil as she held the rat at the end of the tube.

"WHOOPSIE!" Jessie sarcastically yelled as she dropped the rat down the tube. It fell to the bottom and began writhing and clawing in Taylor's hole. She tried and tried to close her anus but the rat only wriggled harder. Kaylie began pouring water into the tube, forcing the rat down and increasing the horrible agony in Taylor's ass.

The rat scrambled up her colon as she begged and screamed for the girls to take it out. They only made it more painful as punishment for screaming. Kaylie inserted a massive plug, keeping a cup of water and a writhing rat up her asshole.

It was nearly an hour of pussyeating and rimming later for Taylor when they decided to open the plug. The dead rat fell out. Taylor could not believe when the next punishment was even worse.

The girls untied Taylor suddenly, but she could barely walk let alone flee their cruelty. Ellie pushed Taylor to her knees and then into the doggystyle position. She slid a knife into Taylor's asshole, which instantly ripped up her anal wall as she clenched in terror.

"Now, cutie, you had best


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Sorry I published accidentally before most of the story was written

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