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A young girl discovers her sexuality and that she loves cum
Chapter 19

The next day, I was surprised to be approached by Leslie. I hadn’t seen or talked to her since that day at John’s house a couple of weeks ago. “Hi, Beth. Uh, I, uh, was wondering if we could get together to, uh, talk or something,” Leslie finally sputtered out. “Sure, Leslie. Do you want to get together at lunch today,” I asked? “No,” Leslie said, “I want to talk to you in private.” I was wondering if she wanted to talk or wanted to try doing more than that. “Do you want to come home with me today,” I asked? “I only live about four blocks from school and my parents work so I have the house to myself for at least a couple of hours.” “That sounds good, Beth. I’ll meet you after school.”

When I saw Larry, I asked if he knew why Leslie wanted to meet with me. He didn’t. He said Leslie hasn’t even hung around the guys as much since that day at John’s. I guess we really blew her mind or something. I figured I’d just find out after school.

Larry’s pals were especially nice to me today. They kept thanking me for yesterday saying that was just the best day ever. I assured them it was an incredible day for me too, as I had really enjoyed the cum shower. Not to mention just being so naughty spreading my legs for a bunch of guys and showing off my vagina and clit. I get wet every time I think about what I did yesterday.

After school, I met Leslie outside and we started walking to my house. She didn’t hardly say anything all the way home. Now, normally, as soon as I get home, I get naked, but I thought that might be too much, too soon for Leslie so I just took her into the living room to sit and talk. I went to the kitchen and got us a couple of cold drinks and sat back down next to her. “So, Leslie, what do you want to talk about? What I’ve been doing with the boys?” She hesitated like she was trying to figure out what to say. I guess she hadn’t rehearsed in her mind what she wanted to say to me. “Yeah, I guess that’s it. It’s just that ever since you’ve been doing that … stuff with the guys, I’ve noticed changes in them. It’s like they’ve matured or something. They’re still the same nice, smart guys, but there’s just something different about them and I think it has to be because of you. Do you know what I mean,” Leslie asked?

“I think I might,” I answered. “I think that talking and being around another girl than just you and especially getting somewhat intimate with me has kind of boosted their confidence. I think, maybe, they don’t feel like quite the outcasts they used to. I mean, it’s not like I’m miss popular or something so it’s not the association with me exactly. I think they just feel like they might be able to talk to a girl without feeling like a dork. No offense, Leslie, but to them, you are one of the guys. They obviously know you’re a girl, but you’ve never acted girlish or sexy around them so you were just one of them. Now I come around and let them see and touch my tits and I suck their dicks and suddenly they’re dealing with the opposite sex for the first time. I’ve certainly seen them grow more confident around me. I mean, when I first started with them, they would hardly look at me even though they wanted to. I had my tits out for them and they were acting like they had to sneak looks at me. I got them to relax and assured them it was okay to look at me and even touch me and eventually they did relax and started enjoying my company.”

“Do you think I should do stuff like that with them? I’ve never let anyone see my body before. I’d never even thought about it, actually. But seeing you so relaxed and confident being half naked around them has had me thinking for the last couple of weeks.” “Leslie,” I replied, “don’t even think about getting naked or partially naked around them just because you think they’d like it. You should only do what you want to do. I do it because I really enjoy it. I was just like you a couple of months ago. Because of my small tits I thought I would die if someone actually saw them. It actually took an older man seeing me topless and telling me I looked good to not be so down on myself. And when I ended up giving that guy my first blow job, I realized how fun that was. I also realized that it empowered me. When a guy’s dick is in your mouth, you have the power. You can easily hurt him and he knows it. But you also have the power to bring him to orgasm and make him feel really good. And the only thing better in life than having your own orgasm, is giving someone else an orgasm.”

“I think you need to get comfortable in your own skin first. You have to have some confidence in yourself before you start getting naked for a guy. Have you ever been naked outside your room at home?” “Oh, no, Beth. I could never do that,” Leslie said. “What if someone saw me?” “See, Leslie,” I said, “that’s exactly what I mean. You are worried about what someone would think when they see your naked body. I’ve never seen yours but it’s not like you’re overweight or have a weird shape or something. I bet you’re perfectly lovely under those clothes. Don’t you think you could walk around your house naked when your parents aren’t home? Once you get used to that, you could walk past a window once in a while. Most likely no one will see you, but the fact someone might will get your heart racing. After a while, I bet you’ll start hoping someone will catch a glimpse of you. You have to get to a point where you want to be seen. If you just took some clothes off in front of the boys right now, you’d die of embarrassment but the boys would most likely enjoy it. Then, you’d never do it again and it would have been for nothing. I would say you should get more comfortable with your body and start wearing some clothes that at least gives guys a hint of your body. Right now, what you wear is so loose fitting that no one can tell what your body’s like. I’m sure that’s been your intent up until now, but that’s the first thing you need to change, if you want to change.”

“I understand,” she said. “I guess I’ll just have to push myself and see if I can do it. It sounds like it could be fun, but it also sounds scary.” “I’ll tell you what,” I said to Leslie, “why don’t we start right now. How about we both get naked and just relax here in the house. No one else is home. It’s just us girls. There doesn’t have to be any touching between us, if you don’t want that. Let’s just be naked. Frankly, this has been the longest I’ve been dressed inside this house in weeks. Usually, the first thing I do when I get home is to get naked.” Leslie was clearly shocked. “You mean you walk around the house naked even when your parents are home?” “Yeah, I do. I just told them one day I was more comfortable being naked and they accepted it. Now I love it. Come on, let’s get naked.”

I stood up from the couch and I pulled my shirt off over my head and I was topless in front of Leslie for the second time. “Beth, you don’t wear a bra,” Leslie asked? “No, I used to but then decided why should I? I don’t hardly have any tits so it’s not like they need any support. So, the only reason for me to wear a bra is have a padded one to make it look like I have bigger tits. But imagine what would have happened if I’d been doing that and then the first time I took off my shirt and bra and Larry saw these little things? He would have been disappointed. Instead, when I took off my shirt and he saw my tits, he didn’t have any preconceived notion of how big they were and he just liked seeing tits. Unless I suddenly have a growth spurt, and get some big boobs, I don’t think I’ll ever wear a bra again. Come on, Leslie. Your turn. Take off your shirt.”

Leslie was very hesitant. She finally pulled her shirt from out of her pants and began unbuttoning it. At first, I thought she was going to chicken out. She hesitated again at the point of pulling the shirt open and off. But she finally pulled the shirt off and stood in front of me in her bra. It was a plain, white bra but I could tell she must have some pretty decent tits. Certainly, bigger than mine, though that’s not saying much. “Now, the bra, Leslie,” I commanded. She reached behind her back and undid the hooks. She held the cups against her tits and took her arms out of the straps. “It’s okay, Leslie. It’s just me. Go ahead. Take it off.” She finally pulled the bra down off her tits and wow! She has been hiding a very nice set of tits. The beginning of a rack. Her breasts were very full, not dixie cups like mine. They stood out proudly from her chest with no sag. I’d say they were a very full B-cup bordering on a small C. I wanted to suck them, but I didn’t want to scare her away.

“Leslie,” I said, “I can’t believe you’ve been hiding those beautiful tits from the world. I’d give anything to have tits like yours. They are pretty much perfect. Now, if you went braless, all the guys at school, not just the squad, would be salivating all day watching those babies jiggle and bounce as you walk. That would be so sexy.” I wanted to keep this going so I started unbuttoning my pants. This was going to be interesting because I don’t wear panties. So, when these pants come down, I’ll be naked. I unzipped and gave the pants a tug and they started their downward journey. At the point all boys love, my pants just fell to the floor and I was standing there naked. “Oh my gosh, Beth. You don’t wear any panties either?” “No, Leslie. I never wear panties either. It’s just a naughty thing I like to do.” “Wait a second,” said Leslie. “I saw you yesterday wearing a dress. You were wearing panties then, weren’t you?”

I smiled and said, “No, I wasn’t wearing anything except the dress and a pair of shoes. I was naked under there wearing a really short skirt. It was so naughty. You should have seen the look on Mr. Henson’s face when I spread my legs for him during math class.” “You didn’t,” Leslie cried! “I really did and he told me later he enjoyed the view but that I really could get in trouble doing it in school so to be careful.” “And that means,” Leslie said, “in the cafeteria, when Larry put his hand under your dress, he wasn’t rubbing your panties as everyone assumed.” “That’s right, Leslie. Larry was fingering and rubbing my very wet pussy in front of the whole school. I loved it. I wanted to pull the whole dress off and let everyone watch Larry work my pussy. I really am an exhibitionist and Larry has been very supportive. He’s really a great guy. He’s my first boyfriend and I sure lucked out because he lets me be crazy without being judgmental, jealous, or controlling.”

“In fact, can you keep a secret,” I asked Leslie? She nodded. “I’m going to be losing my virginity this Saturday.” Leslie asked, “You mean you and Larry are going to go all the way?” “No. Actually, that older guy I told you about who was the first one to see my tits and was my first blow job, he’s going to take my virginity. We’ve been waiting for a long time now to do it. It took a while to get my mom to let me get the pill and then I’ve had to wait a month on the pill before I could have sex. I’m going to see him Saturday and make love to him. And Larry knows all about it. That’s what a great guy he is. I’ve told him about the other guy and that we’re going to do this and it won’t be a one-time thing. I promised Larry that I would only have sex with the two of them, but that was as exclusive as I could be and Larry is perfectly fine with it. How many guys could handle that? So, next week I will no longer be a virgin and Larry and I can finally make love for the first time as well. I am so excited I’m like jumping out of my skin. Okay, enough about me, time for you to finish your strip. Let me see you naked. Do it, Leslie.”

She found some inner strength and unsnapped her baggy jeans, unzipped them and started dropping them. Underneath she had some very plain cotton panties. If she’s going to wear panties, she needs something sexier than those things. She kicked off her shoes and socks and took the jeans all the way off. She was in front of me just wearing panties. She has a darn nice body. Her face isn’t what you’d call pretty or even cute. She’s just plain, but certainly not ugly in any way. I bet a little makeup would make her look much prettier. “Damn, girl,” I said, “you have a great body. I’d kill to have a body like that, especially your tits, of course. You’ve been hiding a very lovely body from everyone. If you just change the way you dress, guys will start noticing you immediately. But, not only do you need to drop those panties, but you really need to get some sexier ones. At least bikini types. You don’t need to get a thong or something but just something smaller and sexier. Drop it, girl. Let’s see that pussy.”

That actually got her giggling for the first time and I think she was starting to enjoy this. She put her fingers in the waistband and pulled them down and let them drop. She had a bit of a bush but it seemed to be reasonably trimmed. I think I’d prefer less hair if she lets me bury my face in it, but one step at a time. “Okay, so tell me how it feels. I can tell you as an observer that you have nothing to be shy, embarrassed or ashamed of with your body. I bet there’s tons of girls at school who would kill for your body just like I would. And there isn’t a boy, and probably only a few girls, at school who wouldn’t want to run their hands, lips and tongue all over you. I told you I enjoy being with girls as much as being with guys and I offered myself to you. That offer not only stands but I’m now hoping more than ever you’ll take me up on it. I’m having a hard time just standing here looking at you because you are very lovely and I’d love to feel my naked body against yours. Darn, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. You just got naked and already someone is perving on you. I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. I just want you to know that if you’re ever interested, I definitely am.”

“That’s okay, Beth. I have been really nervous about this whole thing and it does feel strange to be standing here naked. I’d never thought about being with a girl before you brought it up a couple of weeks ago. Heck, I’d barely let myself think about being with a boy. But something in what you said that time or maybe how you said it has had me thinking about it ever since. I told you I wanted to come here to talk, but, truthfully, I was hoping we’d do more than talk. I’m not sure I’m ready to do much touching yet, but I desperately want to be touched. And I trust you to do it more than anyone I know. Beth, if you go slow with me, I’d like to see what it’s like to feel someone’s touch. Just be patient with me, please?”

Rather than respond, I just went to her and took her into a hug with our naked bodies completely touching. I didn’t try to kiss her because I didn’t want to freak her out, but I started to rub my body back and forth across hers. My little tits were rubbing against her much bigger beautiful tits and I hoped she was enjoying it as much as me. I rubbed my hands up and down her back and then dropped them down to her butt and gave her cheeks a gentle squeeze. Her butt is very soft and more of a bubble butt than mine. Guys will definitely like her butt and her tits. I pulled back at her and looked at her face and she was smiling. I reached up and grabbed both of her tits in my hands and started squeezing and rubbing them. I tweaked one nipple and then the other. Cute little sounds were coming out of Leslie’s mouth. I was tired of standing, though, and guided her over to the couch. As soon as we sat down, I bent my head down and took a nipple into my mouth. Leslie took in a breath and groaned. I licked all around her areola and then took her nipple between my lips and started sucking gently. I realized her nipples are kind of like my sister’s, just small nubs. Because my tits are so small my nipples are kind of puffed up. Julie still has the best nipples. Hers are constantly hard and stick out like pencil erasers. Hers are made for sucking.

As I was sucking on Leslie’s tits, I let one hand fall down into her lap and I started to run it up and down her legs. At this point, her legs were mostly together. I needed her to open up so I could get at that pussy. I wedged my hand between her legs and she opened them some. I needed more access. “Open your legs, Leslie. It’s okay. It’ll feel real good. Let me touch you everywhere.” She slowly opened her legs and I put my hand on her pussy for the first time. She was soaking wet. Clearly, she was enjoying this. I rubbed up and down her labia and finally slipped my finger between them and ran it up and down spreading her juices to make it easier. I found her vagina and I just circled it a few times. I didn’t think she’d be ready for insertion yet. I finally pulled my finger up to her clit hood and I rubbed it back and forth. This brought new moans and groans from her. I was determined to get her to orgasm this first time together to make sure she will have enjoyed being with me. I concentrated on her clit while I continued to lick and suck both of her tits. My other hand was squeezing one of her tits. For someone who’s never been touched before, this was sensory overload. She was starting to breath faster and I knew I was getting her close. I decided some verbalization would help. “Doesn’t that feel good, Leslie. I love touching you. I want to bury my face between your legs and lick your wet pussy. Feel how wet it is for me. Cum for me Leslie. Cum for me. Let yourself go. Don’t hold it back.”

I just kept urging her on and I could feel her body tensing up and she was rising up off the couch cushion. Finally, I pushed her over the edge and as she convulsed into orgasm. I kept rubbing and licking her trying to prolong her orgasm. She finally put a hand over my hand on her clit to hold it in place because it was too sensitive. Her eyes were closed, she was breathing like a race horse, and her body had a sheen of sweat on it. “Oh, Beth,” she stammered. “That was so good. I’ve never had an orgasm like that. It’s so much better than masturbating. Thank you.”

She was still laying there panting when my mother walked into the room. I never even heard her car or the garage door. “Hi, honey, it looks like you’re having fun,” my mom said. Leslie’s eyes shot open and then her hands tried to cover herself. My mom is now meeting all my friends naked in the midst of orgasm. “It’s okay, Leslie. Relax. My mom is cool. There’s nothing wrong.” My mom came over and sat on the couch next to Leslie. “That’s right, Leslie,” said my mom. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I met Beth’s boyfriend this same way. We are totally fine in this house with nudity and sexuality.” I saw my mom give me a wink and I assumed she had something up her sleeve. “Why don’t you girls come with me to my room so I can change out of these clothes and we can talk.”

My mom got up and went to the stairs and started going up to her room. Leslie whispered, “Are you sure about this Beth? I’m really nervous.” “Leslie,” I said, “you heard my mom. It’s totally cool. Like my mom said, Larry and I were here naked on the couch and I was stroking his cock when my mom came in. He was embarrassed at first too. But I kept stroking his cock and, in seconds, he was shooting his cum in the air in front of my mother. At first, he was embarrassed, but my mom assured him she loved seeing him cum and now we laugh about it. Come on. Let’s go see my mom.”

By the time we got up to her room, my mom was in her closet hanging up her clothes. When she came out, she was completely naked. I heard Leslie say “Oh my God” under her breath. My mom tried to play this off as normal, “Ugh, I can’t wait to get my clothes off when I get home after wearing them all day.” I said to Leslie, “Isn’t my mom beautiful, Leslie? Look at her incredible boobs. I wish I had had half of that. Hell, I wish I had your boobs. Mom, doesn’t Leslie have great boobs?” “She sure does. Leslie you have a really nice body. Am I right to assume that this is the first time you’ve been naked in front of others?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Leslie said. “This has been a totally new experience for me. I’ve never been touched by a girl before either. Heck, I’d never been touched by anyone before.” “First of all, Leslie, you don’t need to call me ma’am. After all, I’m standing in front of you naked. Call me Emily or, if you have to, Mrs. Williamson. It looked like you enjoyed being touched by Beth so I hope you don’t think there is anything wrong with girls enjoying each other, because we sure don’t. You are welcome to not only be naked in our home whenever you want, but you can do anything sexually that you want. As long as you’re not being forced to do something you don’t want to do, this is a safe place to do it.”

“Can I ask you a question, um, Emily,” Leslie said. “Of course, dear,” mom answered. “I’ve noticed that both of you completely shave your pussies. Is that because your husband likes it? I mean do guys prefer girls to shave? I try to keep mine trim but I’ve never considered what someone else may prefer.” “Well, Leslie, I actually get mine waxed every couple of weeks. It lasts longer than shaving and feels smoother and softer. And, yes, I primarily do it for my husband but I also like the way it feels and looks. But it’s also better for anyone who you might allow to lick that pretty pussy of yours. It’s so much better without being surrounded by hair. You will probably also find that there are guys who prefer a hairy pussy. Some wouldn’t even want it to be trimmed as you have. So, it all depends upon who you are being intimate with. I’m of the school that you do whatever it takes to please your partner, even if it’s not what you personally prefer.

“I do have one suggestion right now, though. Unless you don’t mind my husband seeing your beautiful body, you should probably get dressed soon. He certainly wouldn’t mind seeing your lovely body and I don’t mind you being naked in front of him, but I’m assuming you’re not ready for a man to see you. It’s up to you. I promise he’ll be good and respectful if you stay naked so I think it would be a thrill for you, but you’re the one who needs to decide if you’re ready for that today.”

“Oh gosh,” said Leslie, “I better get dressed. I don’t think I’m ready for that, especially a grown man as opposed to a boy.” “Leslie,” I said, “as I told you the first person who saw me naked was a grown man and because he gave me a compliment it gave me the confidence to be naked for a boy. I’m not so sure it would have worked for me the other way around.”

My mom caught what I’d just said. I haven’t told her yet about Jim. “Beth, what grown man saw you naked?” “I’ll tell you all about it later, Mom. And I’ll tell you why I hadn’t told you yet.” Just then, we heard the garage door open. Not only did Leslie have a decision to make quickly, but I did too. I wanted to be in position for my dad’s cock when he came in the door, but realized I couldn’t do that with Leslie here. I thought to myself, ‘that sucks’ and then I giggled when I realized that what sucked is that I couldn’t suck. Mom and Leslie wondered what I was giggling about. Leslie hadn’t bolted down the stairs yet to get dressed. “So, Leslie, do you want to go downstairs and meet my dad like this, or do you want me to go get your clothes so you can get dressed in my bedroom?”

“What do you think I should, do,” she asked. I looked at my mom and she nodded. “I think you should walk proudly downstairs with me to meet my dad and let a man see how beautiful and hot you are.” “O-okay, let’s do it.” “That a girl,” I said. I started walking down the stairs with Leslie a step behind and my mom behind us. My dad was dumbfounded to see three naked women walking towards him. “Well, this is a lovely surprise,” my dad said. “Dad, this is my friend, Leslie.” “Hi, Leslie, I’m Bill. It’s nice to meet you and even nicer to see you. You are quite the lovely young lady.”

Leslie was beet red. I don’t know if it was from embarrassment or blushing from the compliment, but my dad had said the perfect thing to her. “It’s nice to meet you to, er, Bill. I’m sorry, I’m not used to calling adults by their first name let alone meeting them naked. This has been a very strange, interesting and exhilarating day. Thank you all for being so great to me today. I think you have actually changed my life.” My dad didn’t have a clue what that was about and looked at my mom for help. She just gave him a nod and he knew to let it go. “It’s really time I head home, though so I think I should get dressed.”

Leslie went over and found her clothes and started putting on that drab, shapeless clothing. I hope she has better clothes she just hasn’t been wearing. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow at school. When she was dressed. I walked her to the door and made sure she noticed that I was standing in the open doorway completely naked without a care in the world. We said our goodbyes and she left.

Chapter 20

“So,” my dad asked, “does anyone want to tell me what just happened here?” “I’m not too sure myself,” Mom answered. “I came home and, once again, I found Beth with a naked friend on the couch. And just like her boyfriend, I watched Leslie orgasm. You know it’s always fun to watch someone orgasm, but I found out that was her first orgasm brought on by another person. So, it was a special orgasm for her. What’s the story, Beth?”

“Leslie is the one girl Larry and his friends had been friendly with me before I came along. But, she’s just one of the guys to them. You saw how she dresses. She’s been really shy and hiding that great body of hers. She came to John’s one day when I was giving the guys blow jobs and she ended up leaving in kind of a huff. She told me today she wanted to talk so I brought her home and we talked about her and the guys. She ended up naked and I couldn’t resist touching her and she wanted to see what it was like being touched and she was just finishing her orgasm as mom walked in. It, then, took some convincing by mom and me to get Leslie to walk into the room to meet you naked, Dad. No one, let alone a man, had ever seen her naked before today. Dad, you said the absolutely perfect thing to her to make her feel good about her body. I’m hoping, like she said, that this changes her life and she becomes more sociable at school.”

“Now, young lady,” said my mom, “I want to know about the man who first saw you naked. That’s something you’ve never told me.” I knew this was coming. It’s a good thing I now had permission to tell the story. I had intended to wait until after Saturday night to tell her, but here goes.

“Mom, that man is Jim, Julie’s dad. I’ve told you part of the story, just not all of it. And I couldn’t because Mel and Julie didn’t want me to. But, just the other day, I asked them for permission to tell you guys after convincing them that you’d understand and be supportive as you’ve been all along. So, I didn’t tell you before because I was keeping a confidence, but now I have permission to tell you. I wasn’t going to tell you until Sunday, but I’ll tell you now and why I was going to wait until then.”

“I told you about going over to their house to find the girls naked. We went outside to sunbathe by the pool and I wore one of Julie’s suits. The girls stayed naked. After a while they talked me into taking off my top. I knew Jim was home, but with these little tits, it didn’t seem like a big deal. When we came into the house, Jim was there and saw my tits. He said pretty much the same thing you just did, Dad, telling me how good I looked. I couldn’t believe a man looked at these little things and liked them. It got a little weird after that. The girls started urging Jim to get naked and show me his cock because I’d never seen one before. He resisted. I realized I really wanted to see it so I made him an offer. I told him I’d suck Mel’s perfect tits if he showed me his cock. Well, he did and I did. Once I started sucking her tits, I never wanted to stop. But when I looked over at Jim, Julie was on her knees in front of him sucking his cock. I was shocked at that. Later the girls told me the true nature of their relationship. The three of them are in love with each other. It’s not just the girls. They consider their relationship a thruple. They make love with each other in any combination. Apparently, it actually started by Julie seducing Jim into taking her virginity. She found the experience so wonderful that she vowed that Jim now owns her pussy. She says no other cock will ever go in her pussy without Jim’s approval. So far, he hasn’t wanted to share her pussy. At the same time, Julie realized she was in love with Mel. Mel, is in love with both of them and told Jim if he’d ask her to marry first, she would have said yes. So, it’s the perfect relationship. The girls obviously love each other deeply and they also get plenty of Jim’s nice cock whenever they want it and, of course, he has two beautiful young women who want him and love him. It’s really beautiful to see them together.”

“Now for the reason I was going to wait until Sunday to tell you. The next time I went over there I wanted to do more than suck Mel’s fabulous tits. I sucked Julie’s tits, which are also quite nice with the best nipples ever, and I licked their pussies. That was another first for me. By the end of the day, I had also sucked Jim’s cock and found out how much I love doing that. But more than that, I have found that Jim is one of the nicest most loving men I’ve ever met. Add to that how handsome he is and the fact he has a nice fat cock, and I can see how Mel fell in love with him. Frankly, if I wasn’t so young, I’d want to marry him myself. Julie and Mel told me what a great lover Jim is and how wonderful he was taking Julie’s virginity. I decided I wanted Jim to take my virginity and we’ve been waiting for months to be able to do it. Now that I’m on the pill, I’ll be safe to have unprotected sex on Saturday and I have a date with Jim to do just that. I’m going to make love with Jim on Saturday and lose my virginity. I wanted to be able to tell you all about it on Sunday but knew I couldn’t without telling you how it all came to be. That’s why I went over there this last Saturday to ask their permission to be able to tell you about their relationship. They’d actually been worried about you knowing and what you’d think and didn’t know how to tell you. I convinced them that you’d be cool with it and happy for them. Was I right?”

“Of course,” said mom. “It does sound like a wonderful relationship. Jim is a wonderful man. We’ve known him for years and he’s certainly been a great father. It was largely because of how much we like and respect him that letting Mel move in with him wasn’t an issue. I can’t say I’m really surprised, though. I was wondering how such a handsome, sexy man could live with two young, beautiful women without there being any hanky panky. If the girls declared themselves as lesbians it would have been different. But knowing they like cock as much as any woman and they haven’t dated any guys in a long time, it seemed logical to use the one handy to them.”

“There’s a little more to the story, Mom,” I added. The girls had decided that after they’re married, when the time is right, they want Jim to get them both pregnant at the same time. They were really worried how they were going to explain that to you. They want to be pregnant together and have Jim’s babies. They also said they would probably do it again a couple of years after that to compete their family. When I talked to them Saturday, I gave them another option. In order to convince them you guys would be cool with everything, I told them about what we’d been doing and I told them about dad’s incredible cock. Knowing that you let dad fuck other women and would let him fuck me if I let him, I thought it would be cool if each of them had babies by each of their fathers. There’s no question Mel would be up for making love with you, Dad. The bigger question is Julie. You would actually have to get permission from Jim to make love to Julie, but I have to believe he would. After all, he’s fucking Mel all the time. So, it kind of depends upon Julie and she was thinking it sounded really good. The girls think having babies with the two men they love the most in this world would be wonderful. I’d be jealous as hell but I think it would be beautiful. However, I would suggest that to even things out, Jim and mom should be able to make love. Jim has a really nice cock. Certainly, bigger and fatter than average. Not as big as dad’s, of course, but it’s really nice and, apparently, he knows how to use it. I just wish there was somewhere I fit into that equation. I think the five of you together enjoying each other would just be fabulous. I’d love to join in and, frankly, I’d love to have babies with both dads as well, but that’s not something that could work. I’ll just dream about that, I guess. I’d love to just watch the five of you make love with each other. It would be incredible.”

"Boy have they got their lives planned out beautifully. What you’ve suggested is sure intriguing. I think we’d have to think about that, but it’s really up to them to decide first if that’s something they’d really like. What do you think, Bill?” “Well, let’s see,” he said, “would I want to make love to my beautiful daughter and her beautiful wife to breed them while you fuck Jim? What a difficult decision. Fuck yes, I would. That would be the most incredible experience of our lives. You couldn’t get a closer family than that. I hope they seriously consider it, but we need to keep cool about it as though we don’t know. This needs to be purely their own decision. They can’t think that since we know, that they need to go through with this or else we’d be disappointed.”

I looked at both of them and said, “I noticed you haven’t said anything about my intention to make love to Jim to lose my virginity.” Mom looked at me and smiled, “Beth, that is your decision to make. When you do it and who you do it with is your business, not ours. Having said that, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather your first time be with other than Jim. He is a special man and I know he’ll make sure it’s a special evening for you. Feel free to spend the night with him if he wants you to. We’re very happy for you, Beth and I can’t wait for you to tell me all about it on Sunday.”

Chapter 21

After an anxious, long week, Saturday finally came. Now I had to wait until the late afternoon before getting ready. The time just crawled by. Jim is taking me out to dinner first like a real date. I can’t believe a man of about 40 is taking me out for an evening of dining and sex. It was just a few months ago that I was a shy virgin who was so insecure about having tiny tits that I didn’t think about boys or sex, let alone men. Now, I suck cocks of boys and men, I have a boyfriend, I suck my dad’s enormous cock, I lick pussy including both my mom and my sister, and I’m about to lose my virginity to a handsome, sexy man. It’s amazing how fast one’s life can change.

It was finally time to start getting ready. I took a long shower and washed my hair and shaved everywhere I could reach; my armpits, my legs, and my pussy. I concentrated on my pussy to make sure I got every little hair so that my mound was perfectly smooth and soft. I then rubbed lotion all over my body to make sure it felt soft and smelled good.

I put on the same dress that I’d worn last Monday at school. It’s my shortest dress and it’s about as sexy as I can look until my mom takes me shopping for sexier stuff. Now that my mom knows I’m sexually active, I’m on the pill, and I have a boyfriend, I think she’ll be happy to buy me some more revealing and sexy outfits. Until then, this is the best I can do. As usual, I was completely naked under the dress. It sure makes for fast dressing. Just slip it on, zip it up, slip into a pair of shoes and I was done. I did wear my best shoes which at least has a little bit of a heel. I don’t have any high heels yet. I think I’ll have my mom get me some that have at least a 2” heel. Anything that will help me look grown up will do. I feel more grown up; I just don’t look it. I’m going out with a 40-year-old guy and I’ll look like it’s a cute daddy/daughter night. I can’t help what others will think. I’ll know that I’ll end up making love to this great guy tonight.

I put my hair up so that it would help me look at little older and sophisticated. I left some stray strands of hair fall down to give a sexy look. It was the best I could do. Jim had offered to pick me up at the house, but I told him I’d rather walk. I hoped it would give me time to settle my nerves. Mom said I could spend the night with Jim, so I hope he wants me to. I don’t figure I’ll need any clothes at their house so I just put a toothbrush and hair brush into my purse. The girls will have anything else I might need. I don’t need a change of clothes. I won’t mind walking home in the same dress. Some call it a walk of shame; I’ll call it a walk of womanhood. I want to walk home with Jim’s cum running down my legs. I’d love for my mom to see that when I get home.

I got to Jim’s right on time at about 5:00. As usual, a naked Julie met me at the door and pulled me into a big hug and a kiss. I’ll never get tired of that. I really can’t decide which I like better, naked men or naked women. I wanted to suck on Julie’s perfect, hard nipples, but didn’t want to mess up my lipstick. It’s so nice that Julie is totally happy for me to go on a date with her dad and end up with us making love. Jim may own her pussy, but she doesn’t feel she owns his cock.

Jim came out wearing a very nice suit. I don’t think I’d seen him in a suit before. I’ve always thought he looked handsome and sexy, but wow! He came right to me, took me into his arms and gave me a hug and a kiss. I didn’t feel like a kid anymore, I’ll tell you that. “You look beautiful,” Jim said. I held him at arm’s length and replied, “And you’ve never looked more handsome.” “Are you ready to go to dinner,” Jim asked? I smiled and said, “Do we have to? I’m just kidding. I’m ready whenever you are – for anything.”

Jim took me by the hand and led me out to the garage to his big Audi sedan. I’d seen it before but I’d never been in it. I couldn’t believe how luxurious that car was. I’ve never been in such an expensive, fancy car. This whole evening was over-whelming and it’d just started. He took me to a really nice Italian restaurant. You know the really nice kind that has a parking valet? I’m sure I gave the valet a nice view of my very smooth pussy as I got out; at least I hope so! He doesn’t know he’s the last guy to see my virgin pussy.

We had an excellent dinner. I had my favorite chicken parmesan and Jim had lasagna. I told Jim, “You know, Jim, you didn’t have to take me out to dinner. I mean, I love this; it’s very nice. But you know I’m what’s called a sure thing.” Jim laughed as I knew he would. He’s got a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. “I just wanted to make this night very special for a very special young lady.” That was very sweet, I just wish he didn’t need to use the adjective of ‘young’. “I appreciate that, Jim,” I said, “but just being with you is very special. Just so you know, this restaurant has these nice, long tablecloths and I’m sitting here in a very short dress with nothing underneath it. I’m just saying.”

I didn’t need to beg Jim to touch me. His hand was immediately on my leg and starting the journey up to my hot and very wet pussy. I get wet just being by him ordinarily. In this setting and circumstance, I was dripping wet. I was afraid I would make my dress all wet in the back. As his fingers got to my pussy, I spread my legs for him to give him easy access. He just lightly rubbed and fingered me throughout the dinner. Every time the waiter would come over, he’d stop. I told him he didn’t need to stop but he didn’t want someone seeing him fingering an under-age girl in public. I can’t blame him. Damn, I hate being young.

We finally finished a really nice dinner and Jim paid the check. As we were walking out, he asked if I wanted to go take a walk on the beach or in a park. I turned to Jim and said, “No. I want you to take me home and make love to me. I can’t wait anymore. I have to feel you inside me as soon as possible and as much as possible.” We got in the car and I gave a final flash to the valet with my now extremely wet pussy. When we got to Jim’s house, no one was home. I’m sure the girls decided to go out in order to give Jim and me some privacy. They really didn’t have to do that, but what a great pair of sisters I have.

We no sooner walked in the door and I stood in front of Jim, pulled down the zipper of my dress and dropped it to the floor. I was standing in front of my lover totally naked except for a pair of shoes. I went to him and started undoing his tie. “Let’s take this to the bedroom,” Jim said. I guess we couldn’t know when the girls would walk in. I don’t care if they saw us. I don’t care if our lovemaking was broadcast on cable. All I wanted was Jim’s big, hard cock buried in my pussy.

I walked into his bedroom and was surprised to see his bed open and covered in rose petals. It was beautiful and sexy. I was about to thank Jim for it when I saw the rather stunned look on his face. I suddenly realized, Mel and Julie were responsible. There is so much love in this house, I never wanted to leave. “Mel and Julie,” I asked Jim? “Apparently so,” he replied. “I guess they wanted to make this as special for you as I do.” “Yeah,” I said, “and not an ounce of jealousy in this house – well, except for me, that is.” “There’s no need for jealousy, Beth,” Jim told me. “You’re a part of this family, too. And after tonight a very intimate part of this family. We all love you and love it when you’re here.”

Did Jim just say he loves me? I’m not going to believe that was truly what he meant at this point. I’ll assume it’s more of a ‘care deeply’ feeling until he comes right out and tells me he loves me. But I’ll take what I can get.

We worked together to get Jim undressed. Finally, we were naked together. I gave him a full body hug, removed my shoes, got on his bed and spread my legs. “Come make love to me, Jim. I’ve waited too long. I need to feel you inside me.” Jim got on the bed and laid next to me. We looked into each other’s eyes and he said, “If at any point you want me to stop or slow down or anything, just say so. You know the first time usually hurts a bit and I’ll try my best to minimize it. When you feel pain, tell me and I’ll stop and give you time to get used to it and then we’ll start again when you’re ready. There’s no hurry here.” “Jim,” I replied, “I’ve never looked so forward to pain in my life. It will be a good kind of pain. I know you’ll be gentle to start with. Julie told me how wonderful you were with her. I have no doubt you’ll be just as wonderful with me. Make love to me, Jim. I am so ready.”

We started kissing and Jim’s hands started wandering. He rubbed at my little tits and he pinched and pulled at my nipples while his tongue was in my mouth. I’d sucked his cock a number of times and we’d kissed, but I realized at that moment it was the first time I’d actually made out with him and, of course, as with everything else about him, he’s a great kisser. Jim started nuzzling my neck and placing kisses and licks on my neck. It tickled, but in a good way and it made me giggle like a little school girl.

As his mouth moved lower and lower, so did his hands. Pretty soon he was sucking on my tits and lightly running his fingers up and down my pussy slit. My tits are so small that Jim could take my entire tit into his mouth. They say more than a mouthful is a waste and I think mine filled his mouth, so maybe they don’t really need to be any bigger. At least not for Jim. Feeling my tit in his mouth and his fingers on my pussy felt so incredible. My pussy was pumping out cream. I knew that by the time he tried to put his cock in me, I’d be plenty wet. But Jim wasn’t ready for that yet. He got down between my legs and looked at my pussy while he fingered me. He was just staring at it like it was the first pussy he’d ever seen.

“You have the sweetest looking pussy I’ve ever seen,” he said. “I’ve been looking forward to this night for a long time.” I couldn’t believe he’d said that. I was the one looking forward to it. He has Julie and Mel to take care of his needs anytime he wants and those are two of the tastiest pussies around. He couldn’t possibly have been thinking of licking and fucking my pussy, could he? And then his mouth was on my pussy and his tongue was sliding up and down my slit. Every time he passed over my clit, he gave his tongue an extra wiggle. He put a finger against my vagina and just held it there for a bit while he licked me. When he finally started to concentrate more on my clit, he started circling my opening with his finger and pushing in just to the first knuckle.

His finger felt really good in me, but it was already feeling tight. His finger is way, way thinner than his beautiful, thick cock. How was that ever going to fit? Eventually, Jim added a second finger and now I felt really full. He wasn’t going in too far as he didn’t want to bust my hymen with his fingers. He sawed them in and out while continuing to suck, lick and flick my clit. I was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. He tried to separate his fingers a bit inside me to stretch me open a bit more. Finally, he just latched directly onto my clit and started sucking. Every so often, he’d lightly bite my clit which sent me into a tizzy. And then I erupted. As I’ve done a couple of times in the past couple of months, I squirted. I squirted him straight in the face. It’s embarrassing when that happens and yet I know guys love it. In the moment, it doesn’t matter, it just feels awesome. I squirted three or maybe even four times. I was making a mess of Jim and his sheets, but he just kept licking. When I finally stopped shaking, he lifted his head out from my legs and moved up to kiss me and lay his body on top of me. I’d never felt the weight of a man on me before. It was comforting and made me feel safe for some reason. Like his body was protecting me from something. I hugged him tight and told him how great the orgasm was while apologizing for the squirts. As I suspected, he told me not to apologize for that. For a guy it’s like the holy grail of orgasms to make a woman squirt and it makes them happy to give that much pleasure.

“Are you ready now,” Jim asked? “I’ve been ready for months, Jim. You’ll have to go slow but please, please make love to me now. I need you so much.” Jim lifted himself up a bit and I felt his hard cock touch my pussy lips. He reached down and ran his cock up and down my slit to gather the cornucopia juices around my pussy onto his cock head. He aimed his cock and I finally felt his cock at the opening of my vagina. I must have unintentionally tensed up and he felt it. “Just relax, honey. The more you relax the easier it will go in. I won’t hurt you.” I forced myself to relax and just the very tip was in the opening of my vagina and I could already feel it stretching. It didn’t hurt yet; it was just tight.

Jim pushed a little harder and I felt myself open up and stretch and suddenly the head of his cock popped inside my vagina. Jim stopped to give me time to adjust it still didn’t really hurt. Jim pressed a little more and then pulled back and pressed back in maybe an inch. So, I maybe had two inches of his 6-1/2” or 7” cock inside me. Still a long way to go. He got a little further in and I think he hit my hymen. I felt a twinge of pain and I think he felt it too and backed off. Then he pressed forward into the hymen again and again he backed off. It hurt a bit each time, but I think he was stretching it so that the membrane would get thinner and thinner until it popped.

Jim was so great. He took his time and kept at it and, luckily, he’s such a stud that he was able to keep hard the whole time. If this had been Larry trying to get in, he’d have cum by now for sure. Jim finally thought it was time, I guess, and gave a little firmer of a push and my hymen burst and he slipped in another inch or so. I hurt like hell and I grabbed onto him and held him still. Jim knew to stop and just laid there on top of me. “The worst is over,” he whispered. “Let me know when the pain goes away and we’ll start slowly and it’ll feel better and better.”

After a couple of minutes, it was down to a dull ache so I told him to go for it. He pulled back out past the busted-up hymen and pushed back in a bit further. I now had probably half of his cock in me and it felt so good. It still hurt some because he was stretching me like mad. But it was a good pain. It wasn’t the sharp pain of my maidenhead. Each inch he went in took some getting used to and some pain. But once in for a bit, it felt really great. I suddenly realized I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I had been too busy with the pain to realize it at the time he burst through. Regardless of my tiny tits, I was now a woman. A woman with a man’s big, beautiful cock running in and out of her pussy. As much as I love feeling him inside me, I almost couldn’t wait for him to fill me with cum. I didn’t want the fucking to end, but I wanted the cum. What a dilemma.

I don’t know how long we’d been at it. I bet it was at least twenty minutes when I suddenly felt his hips press against me and his balls hit my ass. He was in me. All of that incredible cock was buried in my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and squeezed as tightly as I could to keep him from moving. I wanted him to stay in me forever. It was a totally new feeling to have that cock in me. I felt so full. I did want his cum though and I did want to feel him actually stroke that cock in me, so I eventually released my legs from around him. “You feel so good in me,” I said. “Now make love to me. Use my body for your pleasure. It’s yours now whenever you want it. Fill me with your cum. I want every drop of your cum I can get forever. Fuck me, Jim. Love me.”

Jim started stroking in and out and it felt so good. Each time he hit bottom I think he hit my cervix and it hurt a bit but I loved it. Jim lifted up my legs and put them over his shoulders and pressed forward so that my legs were against my chest. In that position, he got even deeper. Oh, God did that feel good. He started pounded faster and harder so I urged him on. I wanted him to cum. “Harder, Jim. Harder. I love it, Jim. I love you. Cum in me, Jim. Cum in me, please,” I begged.

I could feel his cock get even harder and start to expand a bit and I knew he was close. I had felt him do that in my throat several times. But now his cum was going where nature intended; into a hot, wet pussy. I was torn. I wanted it in my pussy, but I love the taste of cum. I wished I could lick my own pussy so I could have it both ways. Jim pressed hard against me as deep as he could go and I felt his cock pulsing and I knew he was filling me with his baby batter. I wished we were making a baby. I want to make a lot of babies with him.

Jim tried to roll off of me, but I wasn’t ready for that. “Stay with me,” I said. “I want you inside me as long as possible. Thank you, Jim. That was beyond wonderful. Way better than I’d ever dreamed it could be. I want to do this with you as often as possible. Like Julie and Beth, I’ll never refuse you. I, too, want every drop of your cum I can get. As much as I love the taste of cum, feeling you cum inside me is even better. Every time you do that, I’m going to wish we were making a baby. It just seems so right. Don’t worry. I’ll never accidentally on purpose forget to take my pills. But I hope someday, in a few years, that you’ll let me show you how much I love and honor you by carrying your baby. I fully understand why Mel and Julie feel the same way. The love you give and the way you love just makes all of us want to bring you every pleasure in life and to have your babies to carry on your loving legacy. I hope we can do this for a long time. I really do love you. I’m going to try real hard not to fall in love with you because I know our age difference is something you’d never get over for a real relationship. But a few more nights like this and it will be very difficult for me not to fall in love with you just as Mel has. I totally get it.”

I wasn’t sure if, at his age, he could go more than once a night. I assumed he wasn’t that old. So, I went to work on his cock. First, I licked it clean of cum and pussy juice ignoring the pink tinge to it. I love the combination. I love both cum and pussy juice, but when you combine the two, it’s amazing. I love licking my dad’s cum out of my mom. It not only tastes good but it tastes like love. I licked each ball clean as well and then went back to his cock. It felt like it was already starting to firm up. I took it into my mouth and went to work licking and sucking it while I massaged his balls. Within a few minutes it was starting to get hard enough that he was to the back of my throat and ready to be swallowed. I kept working until he was fully hard and stoking that cock in and out of my throat. Unlike every other time, though, I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth. I needed another load in my pussy. It felt a little sore, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I intended to get his cock in my pussy as many times that night and the next morning as possible. I’d have all week for the soreness to go away. I intend to make good on my promise to never refuse him. If he’s hard, he can pick any of my holes and have at it. I can’t wait for him to take my anal virginity.

When he was hard enough, I decided to try a new position for me. I climbed on top of him and rubbed my pussy back and forth over his hard cock laying across his stomach. I rubbed long strokes all the way from the base to the tip. Each time I got to the tip, I arched my back a bit to see if his cock would pop into my vagina. Eventually, I felt it at the opening. I had to wiggle a bit to start working it in. It went in a lot easier than the first time, but it still felt like he was stretching my pussy and it hurt just a bit. I tried to take it slowly easing some of it in and then lifting up to let it back out. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have it in me and so I slammed my ass down to his crotch and took the whole thing in. It hurt like a son of a bitch at first, but that didn’t last too long. I started bouncing up and down on his cock as much as I could. I think there was only a couple of inches going in and out though, so I’m not sure if it felt good enough for him.

In just a few minutes, my thigh muscles started to burn. I can’t believe how much work it is making love. I settled down on him and sat there. “I want to try another position,” I said. I got off of him and I got on my hands and knees and wiggled my butt. He jumped up and smoothly inserted his cock all the way in. He was really deep now. I think that position finally gets it all. It was heaven. “That’s it, Jim. All the way in. Now give it to me. Pound my pussy with your beautiful cock. Next time, I want you in my ass. You need to take many anal virginity, too. You already have my oral and pussy virginities; I want you to take all three. He started pounding and it felt so good. I was grunting and groaning and moaning sounds I’d never made before. He lasted a long time our first time. This one would go on and on and I hoped it would never end. But all things come to an end at some point. Jim deposited another nice load of his cum in my pussy and we were exhausted. We held each other and quickly fell asleep.

It was the best sleep of my life. I was sexually satisfied for the first time in my life and I loved it. When I finally awoke, I was alone in bed. I got up and did my bathroom ritual. I found some toothpaste and brushed my teeth and then my hair. I didn’t have anything to wear, but I didn’t intend to wear anything anyway and I went downstairs to the smell of breakfast cooking. Jim was in the kitchen wearing a pair of briefs standing at the stove cooking some eggs. I went up behind him and put my arms around him to hug him. He was startled, at first, but then looked around and asked, “How did you sleep?” “The best, most satisfied sleep of my life,” I responded. “Jim, last night was simply magical. Thank you so much.”

I guess the smell of breakfast woke up the girls and they, soon, came bounding down the stairs as naked as me. Julie looked at me and gave me the eyebrow wiggle as in ‘how’d it go’? I just gave her a big smile. I said to the girls, “Julie, Mel, I, well, we, want to thank you for the beautiful way you presented the bed to us. It made a magical night even more special. I love you both so much.” There were hugs and kisses all around and then dad started bringing food to the table so we sat down to eat. We just kind of made small talk, but I knew the girls were dying to ask about last night. As soon as we’d finished and taken the dishes to the sink, Mel grabbed my hand and announced, “Okay, girl, it’s time to get debriefed.” She pretty much dragged me out of the room to the living room and the girls sat on each side of me and told me to spill it.

I told them everything that happened and all the sweet things Jim had said to me. They were truly happy for me. “Mel, it’s easy to see why you fell in love with him. Of course, it’s easy to see why you fell in love with Julie, too. These two have so much love to give you can just feel it in this house. I love Jim, but I’m going to have to try real hard not to fall in love with him because I’m even younger than you guys. The age difference is just too great for him to ever consider me as more than the little sister. But a few more nights like last night, and I hope there’s more than a few, and I don’t know how I’ll keep my emotions in check. My dream life is marrying Jim and the four of us living together to love each other, care for Jim in every way, and to have his babies. That’s never going to happen, but I can dream. You guys are living your dream and I’m very happy for you, but not just a little jealous.”

Julie responded, “Beth, yes we’re currently living our dream, but dad could meet someone more his age and fall in love. We can’t assume we can keep him to ourselves. All we can do is enjoy every day as it comes and have as many of his babies as we can until he finds someone else. I know you’re young, Beth, but dad is very much taken with you. Don’t give up so fast. Every year that goes by the age difference will seem less and less significant. It would be weird if you married my dad, but I think it would be great. You would be my sister-in-law and my step-mother and you’d be Mel’s sister and mother-in-law. Our kids would be dad’s children and grandchildren. I just want you to know that if you pursue him, I will have your back. I want you both to be happy. And if you can be happy together, all the better. I can tell you our first times with my dad were terrific, but I don’t think they were near as romantic as yours. Now, maybe that’s just because I’m his daughter and Mel is engaged to me so he held back, but it may also be that his feelings are different towards you than us. My advice is to not hold back your feelings. If you fall in love with him, let it happen. Maybe it won’t work out, but then maybe it can. You won’t know if you don’t try. Heck, you never know, you might end up meeting a cool guy at school or somewhere and fall in love with him. You don’t know. If there’s one thing Mel and I have figured out it’s that you can’t help who you fall in love with. And you should never give a shit about what anyone else thinks about who you are in love with. If it’s meant to be, it will.”

I was crying hearing Julie say those things. To think she’d give me her blessing to have an actual love affair with her father at my age is simply amazing. I couldn’t stop crying or hugging her.

Just then, Jim came in having finished the dishes. He saw us hugging and me crying so he asked, “Is everything okay in here?” I looked up at him and said, “Everything is simply perfect. I just love all of you so much I can’t stop crying with happiness.”

Jim and I went back up to his bedroom and made love one more time. I was really sore now but I wasn’t about to stop. I eventually, reluctantly, put my dress back on and walked home feeling Jim’s cum slowly dripping out of my pussy. I mean, I assume I walked. It felt like I was floating. Could Jim ever really fall in love with me? I don’t think he’ll be able to get past the age difference. After all, he’s like 25 years older than me. I’m probably just being a silly kid to think he’d actually fall in love with me and want to marry me. But I can always dream.
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