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Private jets and stewardess privates are the only way to fly
When we got to the airport as soon as the door to the limo opened Sergei was extra polite. I realized it was because the pilot of the jet was looking out the window. He took my old suitcase and stowed it in the back. As I walked up the ramp stairs, I had to lean forward as my heels would have easily gone through the holes in the metal steps. At the top a cute red head told me her name was Siobhan. She barely came up to my tits, but looking down I could see all the way down her top and I'd swear she didn't have underwear on. Siobhan took me to the first of the big captain's chairs, there were only 8 in the whole plane. I sat down and she reached around me and got the seatbelt and buckled it up. Now I was sure she was showing me those full rounded tits of her.

She knocked on the pilots door and the jet started rolling. She popped down a seat from the wall and put on a four-point harness. She crossed her leg, but managed to do so in a way that I was looking right up her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties and I could see a tuft of red hair. As the plane rose in the air I got a better look. She was holding on to the shoulder straps, her eyes were closed and she had the back of her fingers on her nipples. Her upper teeth gently bit on her lower lip.

After the sexual rush of dominating Sergei, this was too much. I took a napkin and blotted my wet pussy and leaned forward and with one long arm tucked the damp napkin in her hand, pussy side up. Her eyes came partly open, but closed as the smell of hot pussy hit her nose. She started rubbing her thighs back and forth, the way I used to do in class to get off in a boring lecture. She was now smelling the napkin and licking her lips.

I opened my legs and the smell of my own juices hit my nose in the cold plane. Siobohan opened her eyes, I guess she had a good sense of smell too. At this point there was a chime from up front and I pointed to the floor with the same nail that I had almost blinded Sergei with. Siobhan slid down the jump seat and crawled across the floor, her eyes glued to my wet pussy and engorged lips.

When she got there, I grasped her red hair on both sides and pulled her head into my pussy. She put her tongue out, but I took her whole head and ran it up and down from her eyebrows to her chin. It felts so delicious, once her face was covered with my slippery juices. I then rubbed her face from side to side, her nose and lips kept hitting my clit. I started to come hard, my long legs shaking and my heels coming off with two distinct clunks.

I lay back and let go of Siobhan's hair, and she kept licking me and fingering herself.

Before she could cum I put my index under her chin and pulled her head up and said, "I'd like some caviar now." Siobhan let out a sound like a stifled whimper and stood up. She wiped her face looked in the mirror and reached down and took one of her eyelashes off my thigh.

It turned out they did have caviar and I had her make up little toasts with caviar, 4 bits of onion and exactly two capers. I had her kneel next to me and tell me about our oligarch.

Monaco Univ

My oligarch had gotten me into Monaco University. I was one of several girls who were just there for the fun of saying that we were college grads. I never wore underwear. It was so much warmer that Krasnoyarsk. I was an earlier riser and it gave me something to do early in the morning. Most of the students all but one of the professors only had a little money. Fucking them would not get me further up the international power structure, at the same time, but I was always horny.

My oligarch came to visit me last weekend and on Friday we had dinner. I let him him finger me, but told him I was too shy and inexperienced to go all the way and he bought it. The next night I snuggled up to him and played with his cock. I told him how much his old, flabby body turned me on. He went along with it and got my best blowjob that i had perfected with the football team at home.I played with his ass a lot and the faggot loved it. Every time my long fingernail sc****d his ass, he groaned.

As i penetrated his his rear and his cock was leaking pre-cum I told him that needed an assistant to handle all of the things that I was involved in. I only had to pull out for a short time, before he said yes and I drove my fingernail deep in his ass. I captured all his come and fed it to him, while my finger played a big circle in his ass.

I had him introduce me to the dean of the college and to the head of the department. The president was easy. One blowjob in the clot closet and he would do whatever I wanted. The head of the industrial hygiene department was harder. I tried after class, I tried in his office hours, I tried at the department reception and he wouldn't let me take advantage of any of them. Then on Monaco Indepence Day he held a big party at his house. I came in the back way and saw all of the caterers working hard.

There was his wife Sylvia directing everyone. I could see how she looked at the young female wait staff.I found a maids dress and put it on, minus the bra and panties. I took a couple of trays of canapes out and brushed against Sylvia. I saw her face light up when she saw my long legs and my tits straining against the low cut top. Each time when I returned, I intentionally bumped into her.

The first time was a quick brush, by the third time I was feeling her up and my other hand was on her ass. She was loving it and looking for me. The fourth trip I made I grabbed her and took her in the powder room. She said we had to be quick. I said "No problem" and took her dress from her knees to over her head I one quick motion. I knew she had grown up in a Syrian refugee camp so I grabbed her cunt and pressed four fingers home hard. She moaned and involuntarily she said, "Yes Abass". I continued to grind in her pussy with my whole hand.

She sunk to her knees and started to lap my pussy in very methodical strokes. She repeated, Yes, Yes, let me drink." I let myself go and peed in her mouth. She loved it and friggered herself to a groundshaking orgasm. I slapped her face and said, remember me.
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