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The continuing adventures in degradation of fantasy people
With the coming of light to the cell came the Orc’s five hulking brutes laughing and grunting as they entered the cell. Xanaphia shivered in fear she knew that she was going to be assaulted and sodomised by these orc’s and while she had started to enjoy sex with Iliafray she did not think that would help with the orc’s she had seen the state Iliafray was in after each of these sessions. Instinctivly she ducked away as the leadest orc reached for her making the orcs laugh nastily, it didn’t work and the Orks big meaty hand grabbed her head in a crushing grip pulling her head down so she was bent over as the big Orc in front of her pulled her head down she felt another Orc grabbing her around the waist and behind the Orc holding her head she could see the other three Orcs grabbing Iliafray until the Orc in front of her blocked her view of anything except his huge, green cock filling her vision as he pressed her head down towards it. She kept her mouth firmly closed as the huge and dirty thing pressed against her lips , the Orc grunted something unintelligible at her and at the same time she felt what must be another Orc’s cock pressing against her tight anal sphinctre as she determindly resisted violation by either Orc.

Then something large and heavy almost certainly the fist one one of the Orcs smashed into her stomach knocking the wind from her body, in shock she opened her mouth to gulp in air only to have her mouth and windpipe blocked by the giant putrid cock now being forced into her mouth and throat, the combination of the shock and her convulsive choking relaxed her ass enough that she felt a new tearing pain as the huge cock at her rear forced its way in making her feel her anal ring was tearing and stretching her bowels so much that she felt the pain would split her in two. It would have been hard to say if she had been able to think about it which was worse choking and gagging on a huge foul tasting cock cutting off her supply of air or having her ass torn to pieces by another huge cock pounding away, if being sandwiched between the two orcs had not been holding her up she would certainly have collapsed.

She felt the cock in her mouth pressing down her throat and she had to concentrate on not violently gagging and retching for fear that she would choke to death on the vomit, as the orc drew back out of her she lost the battle and it turned out the vile food they ate tasted even worse as it came back up exploding as thin vile tasting bile over the Orc’s cock and legs, which earned her a slap around the head which left her dazed as both Orc’s began to thrust in and out of her each time making the pain and choking worse. As the Orcs thrust away for what seemed like forever tears of pain ran down her cheeks.

Finally the Orc behind her thrust in with a last particularly violent thrust and she felt copious loads of Orc cum shoot into her bowels as the Orc remained pressed against her ass with his cock thrust deep into her. Finally the cock in her throat pulled back into her mouth and shot it’s huge load of vile tasting cum into her mouth, it actually managed to seem to taste worse than her vomit. As the two orcs pulled out of her and let go of her she collapsed to the floor gulping great breaths of air as she tried to recover from choking on Orc cock and her legs refused to support her, at about the same time she saw the last Oc pulling his cock out of Iliafray’s mouth spraying his slimy cum across her face and breasts before grabbing her by the hair and pulling her over to drop alongside Xanaphia. The five Orcs their cocks now flaccid gathered around the two slumped elves and began to piss over them aiming for their faces and mouths and laughing as the elves tried to avoid the vile streams finally as they finished they turned and walked out of the cell laughing and grunting. Amidst her discomfort and disgust Xanaphia called on her reserves of healing magic to fix the worst of the damage to her and Iliafray before collapsing back in exhaustion, comforted by Iliafray’s affectionate hug she drifted off into unconsciousness.

To Xanahia it seemed she had hardly closed her eyes before she felt a hand on her shoulder shaking her and pulling her from the depths of sleep. Wearily she looked around and realised Iliafray had moved and was now kneeling next to her and that more time than she thought must have passed as both of them were dry although the stink of the Orc’s persisted. Looking past Iliafray she saw something large black and predatory move past , she would have turned quicky to try and get a better look but Iliafray’s hand stopped her motion as she whispered “Hunting Panther’s , don’t move quickly or they might attack. They have been let loose in here to play with us , do what I do or you might get one angry and they can rip your throat out if they get angry”.

Terror coursed through Xanaphia’s veins she wanted to move , to fight or to run but there was nothing she could do , she had no weapon and there was nowhere to run instead she looked over at Iliafray. She was kneeling on the floor with her head pressed to the ground and her upper legs straightened to raise her ass up in the air. Gritting her teeth Xanaphia imitated her friend and tried to keep her eye on the circling panthers.

Then she felt the hot breath of a panther on her skin as one of the panthers sniffed at her then she flinched as she felt something warm and wet against her flank, and she realised that it was licking her. Her heart pounded as she hoped that it was not checking her out for lunch. Then it stopped and moved away circling her again, stopping and sniffing on several occasions but not licking her again. Then she felt its breath on her ass and cunt and tensed fearing what it would do next.

Then she felt a weight on her back, as two large paws pressed down on her back and she felt it’s claws dig into her back breaking the skin and leaving a trickle of blood flowing down her back towards her shoulders. She forced herself to hold still as the paws moved down her towards her shoulders and she felt something warm and hard pressing against her ass cheeks probing towards her asshole, she braced herself for what was going to happen next. The thrusting penis of the panther found her asshole and began to force its way through her clenched sphincter she heard a growl near her ear and tried to forced herself to relax and then she felt the hot penis pressing into her bowels and while this one was not quite as large as that of the Orc it had a series of protrusions coming off it which dug uncomfortably into the sides of her bowels , it was long too pressing deep into her before her skin crawled as she felt the warm fur of the panther pressing against her skin , then the Panther started to pull out preparatory she assumed to thrusting back in and she realised what the protrusions were they were some kind of fleshy barbs and they dug into the walls of her bowel making the withdrawal even more painful than the insertion. Then the panther began thrusting in and out of her rapidly each time drawing a groan of pain from her stretched body , made worse by the pain in her shoulders as with each thrust her body and the panthers claws shifted tearing new deep scratches in her shoulders. It felt like her bowels were being torn up as badly as her back. It seemed to go on forever as the panther pistoned away like a machine before finally at the cumilation of one thrust she felt an explosion of semen insider her as the panther ejaculated into her bowels. Then pulled out rapidly hurting her even more, looking over she could see the other panther pulling out of Iliafray it looked like it has been driving into her cunt rather than her asshole. As the panther pulled out she slumped to the floor feeling more hurt and humiliated than she ever had in her life. She saw the panthers leave the room through an opened door and curled up in a foetal position and started to cry , it felt like her life had become nothing more than an escalating series of painful and horrible experiences and she did not know if she could go on. She felt arms embrace her and hold her as she cried curled up in a ball and feeling the liquid panther cum oozing out of her asshole.

Interlude Sophia’s new owner12

Sophia noticed a change when she felt a compulsion to leave the kennel and the field sealing her in vanished shortly after the hound had fucked her for the twelfth time. Crawling out into the corridor she found she was able to stand up and walk along the corridor feeling the dog’s cum oozing out of her cunt and down her thighs. As she walked along the corridor she observed another dozen kennel cells each holding a young human or elven woman and a large hound. At the end of the corridor was a large door. Opening the door she went into the room behind.

The contents of the room surprised her there was a bath, against the wall to the left, a door in the wall near it and against the opposite wall a staircase leading up. On entering the room she knew that she was supposed to wash which was a pleasant surprise. Walking over to the bath which was set into the floor she found some rather cheap and crude soap but the bath was at least warm and sinking into it was pleasant . Using the soap and some rough wash cloths she began to wash herself down, removing the filth of many sexual encounters and the sweat of travelling. She then submerged herself to wash the grime out of her hair. Finally her ablutions finished she climbed out of the bath and headed up the stairs, not stopping to dry herself off.

At the top of the stairs was another door which opened into a curved corridor with a door on the left, and she opened that door. The room was a large circular room with tables around the edge covered with many strange and weird objects which to her relief and surprise did not look like either sex toys or torture devices. In the middle of the room was a strange chair with a narrow back , raised arms and legboards with shackles in place where wrists, ankles and neck would be when someone was seated in the chair. It also looked like the various joints where the bits of the chair joined together could moved and rotate. She walked across the room and sat down in the chair, and the shackles locked around her holding her in the chair. As they did so the compulsion from the collar ended and for the first time since waking up she felt free to act as she wanted, however with the restraints in place there was not much she could actually do.

She sat in the chair and waited for something to happen for several minutes, long enough that looking at the blank wall in front of her was becoming extremely tedious. Then the door opened and a woman wearing plain grey robes, with scruffy blond hair entered the room, she initially ignored Sophia looking at some of the instruments on the tables around the walls.

After fiddling with the things for a few minutes the woman stopped apparently satisfied and turned to look at Sophia with a dispassionate gaze. “You are an interesting case. My measurements and the information I have confirm that you are possessed of limited bardic training but possess a very large mana reserve tied into instinctual responses to stimuli. This is a most unusual situation and I am confident that my study of you will advance thaumaturgical knowledge considerably. Unfortunately you will experience considerable discomfort and between these study sessions you will have to share accommodation with my merchandise. Today we will be developing a baseline for your recovery and response before moving on to your response to thaumaturgical stimuli in further studies. Now for the purposes of this study the slave collar is largely deactivated with only the most basic routines to prevent any attack on me or removal of the collar. It will also prevent speaking unless I need you to speak for the experiment.”

The woman then started to cast a spell, causing a scalpel to levitate up and float over to the restrained Sophia, she screamed as the blade sank into her upper arm and cut a precise five inch long and half an inch deep cut. As the cut stopped she felt blood flowing down her arm , and then the pain diminished as a warm glow sprang up around the wound. The woman watched and made notes , and after a couple of minutes the wound had closed up, and then the blade floated over to Sophia’s other arm and repeated the cut , again Sophia felt the initial pain and then the wound healing. The woman controlling these cuts continued to look at several magical devices and make notes before repeating the process until over a dozen cuts had been made and then healed. “That seems to be a good baseline for your magical talents healing yourself I just need to check if the response remains constant if we test it on other parts of your body. Then we can send you back downstairs until I am ready to move on to testing how you respond to magical stimuli”

The scalpel floated over to her right breast and made a cut of the same length carefully following the curve of her breast, again Sophia was studied as the wound slowly healed , then the process was repeated on her other breast, this time the healing seemed slower and the woman nodded “Your mana reserve seems depleted so we will end there for the day” She left the room and a few minutes later the chair returned to its upright position and released Sophia. Immediately she felt the compulsion from the collar and found herself heading down the stairs and back to the kennels were the familiar routine resumed.
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