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Uncle and nieces
Wes shook his head in amazement!

What a girl!

Lynn had seen this action, too!

My God! My own sister…!

But the sight of those brown-stained fingers slipping between Lori's thin little lips had excited Lynn greatly!

She rubbed her clit harder, pulling at the nubbin of girlflesh with her fingernails!

Moaning and whimpering to herself, trying to keep quiet and not disturb the partners on the bed, Lynn felt her first waves of hot pleasure settling between her own dripping thighs!

And Lori herself was going crazy with her excitement and thrusting lust… her hips twitched involuntarily as Wes sucked her clit back between his lips… and she sucked madly at her own fingers in her mouth, licking them extra clean… then she dropped her hand back down toward her asshole… inserted her fingers again and began wiggling them wildly… running them in and out of her hole like the cock she hoped would soon be ramming in there!

"Oh, Wes! Suck harder! Please! Dolt to me!"

Wes heard the child's begging voice, and it drove him into a wild sucking frenzy, his lips trying to pull her swollen little nubbin out of her body by its tender roots!

"Oh, God!"

Wes was practically breathing the little girl's juices! She was flooding herself, flowing like a burst dam into her uncle's eager mouth!

"Lori! Roll over on your tummy!"

Yanking her fingers from her anus, young Lori jerked her trembling body over onto her taut stomach, eager to begin her initiation into the world of fucking…

"Get up on your hands and knees!" This is it!

The tender teen crawled up into the proper position, offering her asshole freely!

"Pull your dress up over your back, Lori!"

How the words excited her!

She reached back awkwardly and worked the thick material upward over her raised thighs and buttocks, then pulled it downward over her lowered back, lowering her shoulders so than her sweet bared rear end stuck up high and open and inviting for her uncle's prick!

Wes whistled low in appreciation of Lori's charming virgin backside! Lori wiggled her tight little butt!

"Lori, reach under between your legs… I want to watch you fingerfuck yourself!"

"Wes!" the poor girl cried in embarrassment!

But her arm reached back under her, fumbling through the soft mass of dress and slips that had settled loosely around her waist and knees, and finally slipped her fingers upward along her thigh to her brown puckered asshole!

Wes watched closely as those delicate fingers traced a gentle circle around her tight hole, then touched lightly against it. Lori pressed her index finger through the ring of tight muscle around her anus, and then a second finger!

And then, slowly, the youngster moved her fingers in and out of herself, purring with her own deep pleasure.

"Oh, how lovely!" Wes said quietly.

And Lynn, moaning on the chair, was thinking precisely the same thing!

Wes let the girl continue stroking herself for another few minutes, then told her to take her fingers out and suck them clean again.

The child obeyed instantly, shoving her dirtied fingers deep between her wet lips, and cooed to herself!

Wes began getting his cock into position… and Lynn, ever mindful of her sister's welfare, leaped up off her chair and ran to the bathroom for a jar of lubricant jelly!

"Good girl!" Wes gasped, as the teen quickly smeared both her uncle's dick and her sister's asshole with great gobs of the jelly!

"Now!" Lynn said, nodding her head firmly, and as she sat back down on the chair, preparing to watch the coming fucking of her own sister, Lynn heard Lori echo her word.


Lori sucked air hard and deep as she felt the hard head of her uncle's prick press itself firmly and eagerly against the tight entrance to her bowls.

"Now Lori… this is it, honey! Try to relax!"

But she was much too excited, much too eager to relax!

"Just do it! Dot it, damn it! Do it!"

So, without further preliminaries, Wes shoved hard against that lovely young asshole and slipped quickly inside!


Lori's wail of agony stiffened Wes' cock even harder, and her jerked his thighs hard against Lori's wet asscheeks, driving his disk as deep as it could go into her intestines!

"Oh! Oh! Aaaaaaaaaah!" Lori cried, then sighed as she felt her uncle's flesh sinking deep into her asshole, warming her insides and bringing a hot flush of pleasure over her entire body!

Wes let his dick remain motionless for a few minutes, until the little girl had time to get used to the size of the thing in her bowel, and to let the breaking pain subside. A trace of the girl's hot blood helped lubricate the rod of flesh as it began to withdraw, and then thrust home again!

And from a short distance away, Lynn leaned forward on her chair eagerly to watch the fucking, her own fingers pulling at her twat and nipple!

Lori crouched her shoulders even lower, turning her lovely blushing face aside, to fit her asscheeks tighter against her uncle's thighs.

"Oh, God! I love this!" she mumbled incoherently into her pillow.

And Wes slammed home again and again! He reamed her out, but good! He felt her tensing and trembling as the waves of pure lust broke again and again over her body, forcing her ass back against his dick as he thrust forward… they had found the perfect rhythm were matching each other's motions exactly.

Wes grunted as he felt the rising tide of pleasure build to unbearable strength, flow downward and outward toward the hard tip of his ramming cock, and then, suddenly, burst forth into that glorious tunnel, that hot asshole!

And Lori felt his shuddering release, and the hot thick fluid rush out and flood her rear chamber, filling her to satiation!

She wiggled her ass in delight and pleasure at having brought her uncle off so quickly, and at having finally made her dream come true!

Lori had been thoroughly ass-fucked!

She was no longer a virgin!

As Wes gave one final thrust of satisfaction into her slippery, come-filled channel, he fell forward over Lori's bare back, driving her flat on her bed and crushing the air from her lungs.

She groaned, but lay still, loving the weight of her uncle's body on top of her, and the asshole-filling tube of flesh that was still buried to the hilt inside her!

And Lynn, massaging her clit hard and fast, felt her own climax coming on… felt the rising pressure… the burning heat… the reddening flush of… of…come!

She jerked her ass around on the seat of the chair, flooding the chair with her come, as she rubbed harder and faster over her thick throbbing clit… until she sighed… sighed in utter exhaustion… and dropped her legs from the arms of the chair… and let herself slip out of the chair and down onto the floor, where she rested, fully relaxed and open and naked and spent.

The only sound in Lori's bedroom was the hard breathing of the three people, and the occasional deep sigh of pure happy pleasure…

Wes pulled his limp prick out of his niece's sore asshole, pushing himself up and off her tiny body and laying himself out on her bed beside her. She turned her face toward him, smiling wickedly.

"Thank you, Uncle," she whispered.

Wes winked.

"My pleasure, Niece," he said.

"Well, Uncle and Sister," Lynn said as she rolled over on the floor and crawled happily to the bed, "don't you think it's time I joined this little bed-party?"

Lori twisted over to watch her sister climb onto her bed, her body naked and glistening with sweat, and smelling strongly of her own come.

Lynn laid down beside Lori, and slipped her hand down between the small girl's dripping thighs, rested her palm fully over her burning cunt.

"I love you, Sister," Lynn said gently.

Lori smiled tenderly, moved her lips to Lynn's. The two teens kissed softly.

Lori felt Lynn's fingers begin a circling motion over her cuntlips, and slipped hack on the bed to enjoy whatever was going to happen.

Wes, watching the two young girls play with each other and kiss, reached over and began caressing Lori's tiny tits, moving*his palm from one to the other, teasing her tiny nipples between his fingertips.

Lynn slid downward on the bed, laying herself crosswise over her sister's thighs, and scooted forward until she could reach down with her mouth and suck her uncle's blood and come smeared cock into her hot lusting mouth… and began sucking it back to life!

The taste of her sister's blood and her uncle's come was violently exciting to the young girl, and she sucked vigorously at the limp cock, cleaning it thoroughly with her tongue!

Wes bent over and took Lori's sweet little nipple between his lips and began biting and sucking it, while his hips began to move under Lynn's loving mouth!

And Lori reached downward with her two hands, finding Lynn's bare asscheeks, and started caressing them hard, mashing the soft firm flesh in her little fists.

Lynn shifted upward, to give Lori easier- access to her ass, and moaned low when she felt her tight asscheeks being gently parted by her own sister's delicate hands, and Lori's fingertips found her anus!

A triangle of lust was formed, and the three bodies that made it up were begin to writhe and groan and swell again, all in preparation for yet another bout of fucking and sucking!

Lori probed her sister's asshole carefully and tenderly, not wanting to hurt or frighten her. Lori had no idea how Lynn would respond to her finger-fucking, but she hoped for the best, and when Lynn shifted upward, Lori knew she liked it!

And Lynn, with those tiny fingers poking at her anus, found her uncle's balls and sucked them into her mouth, licking them furiously but gently and Wes, with his nuts in one niece's mouth, tried to suck the whole of the other niece's small but perfect breast into his mouth!

And damn near succeeded!

Lori moaned, suddenly pressed her index finger through the ring of the protective muscle around Lynn's tight hole, and thrust it deep inside her!

And Lynnie jumped, startled not only by the exquisite pleasure her sister's fingering had brought but also by the bowel-filling pressure that made her feel like she had to take a healthy crap!

She took her uncle's cock back into her mouth, and began bobbing her head in an effort to bring the cock back to full and lusty life!

And Wes lifted his lips off those tiny nipples and found his niece's wet sweet lips, and kissed her hard and long, his tongue forcing its way deep into her mouth!

"Oh my God!"

The terrible scream stunned the three people on the bed, jerked their bodies stiff, and froze them tightly together for an instant!

It was Cindy!

The three people quickly disentangled their bodies and Lynn leaped off the bed and grabbed her girlfriend by her shoulders!

"Cindy! What are you!?! How did you!?!"

Cindy was terribly flustered and totally embarrassed. She started playing with her hands at her waist and watching them closely, trying to avoid looking at any of the people in the room.

"I knocked on the door, but no one answered. But you're usually back in your room anyway, and… so I… came in, and started down to your room… and… heard she stuttered, and whispered, and mumbled, turning back toward the door.

"Cindy! Listen, this isn't what you think!"

Cindy had to smile at that.

"Oh, Lynnie! That's your favorite phrase, it isn't what you think! But it is! It always is, exactly what everyone thinks!"

Wes was a bit unsettled by this intrusion, and knew now how Lynn and Lori must have felt when he and John had burst in on their lovemaking session!

"Um… Cindy?"


"Well, are you planning on… telling anybody about… what you've seen?"

Cindy smiled at him, pleasantly.

She shook her lovely head.

Wes noticed that her body was small and neat, like Lori's, not quite as stunningly beautiful, but certainly nothing that a sane man would throw out of bed…

Cindy saw his glance at her breasts. She was braless, as usual, and wore very tight shorts.

She blushed.

Lynn was still clutching her arm, and she led the new girl over to the bed.

"You know my uncle, don't you, Cindy?"

"Yes, I've met him. Hello."

"Uh… hello…" Wes said, amazed at the girl's nonchalance, now that her first moment of shock had passed.

Lori was still lying on her back, her long dress drawn up high around her waist, her dripping cunt still bared to all eyes. And Cindy's eyes were directed at her, at those wet cuntlips. Cindy wet her own lips, then took a deep breath and sighed.

Wes, not having the slightest idea what to say in a situation like this, said simply, "Want some?"

And he was shocked almost senseless when Cindy looked him right in the eyes… and nodded!

He couldn't believe his luck!

What a day! Three!

He glanced at the newcomer.

"Are you a virgin?"

Cindy blushed and nodded shyly.

"Good, because it looks like we're about to break the world's record today…!"

And Lynn and Lori laughed, and Cindy blushed harder!

Lynn sat her girlfriend down on the edge of Lori's bed.

"Do you want me to take my clothes off?" Cindy offered.

"Why not?" Wes shrugged, trying desperately to appear as casual as these amazing children seemed to be!

Lori sat up suddenly.

"Well, before we get too involved in fucking again, I, for one, would like to take a nice hot shower!"

Lynn nodded.

"Terrific idea, Sis! Let's all take a shower! Together!"

Cindy shrugged and nodded her agreement to anything!

And Wes just sat there nodding, and nodding… and nodding!

"Well, come on, then!" Lori laughed, hopping off her bed and stripping off her long dress and slips and bra and garter belt and stockings.

"Follow me!" she said at last, and walked naked out the door and down the hall to the bathroom.

Cindy started slowly to remove her shorts, unbuckling them and pushing them slowly down her slim legs… but she quickly warmed to her task and was soon as naked as Lori and darting down the hall after her.

Lynn watched Wes as he undressed, and the two of them walked hand in hand down after the others, and heard the sound of the water in the shower…

Wes was in utter heaven!

Three naked, soapy teenagers, and they were all his, all willingly fuckable! And all over the age of consent!

His only possible source of trouble was his brother, and if these three lovelies would keep their sweet mouths shut-except when his prick was stuffed into them-all would be well!

The girls were laughing and joking wildly about their nipples and cunts, and the size of Lynn's jugs, and the tightness of assholes in general… and the pleasure of having a hard thick cock stuffed up their cunt or ass or mouth!

And Wes just listened!

Lynnie spread her legs apart and rubbed the bar of soap vigorously between her legs.

"Do you know Frank… what's his name?… the one with the bald spot… well, I heard his cock is fourteen inches long!"

Cindy soaped her buttocks, scrubbing hard between the crack between her tiny asscheeks.

"Marsha told me Billy tried to get her to suck his prick! She said she would have, too, if the pig had taken a bath in the last year!"

Lori massaged the bar of soap over her tits and up under her chin, letting the hot water flood the suds away before they formed.

"Jerry tried to rape me last weekend," she said casually.

"Oh, Lori'" Lynn cried in delight, "every time a male comes within ten feet of you, you think he's trying to rape you!"

"Maybe he is, smarty! But Jerry did for real!" Lori said, handing the bar or soap to Wes, then pressing his hand downward between her legs, inviting him to soap up her cunt!

And while Wes rubbed the hard bar of soap against her piping hot clit, Lori calmly told the other two girls about the attempted rape.

"Jerry actually tore off my panties, I'm telling you! We were at the drive-in, and the picture was… Lust Sluts of Sigma Chi… do you know, they didn't even stop us when we went in!… anyway, good old… oh! Uncle Wes!… Jerry says ‘Listen Lori, either you put out tonight or I'm gonna have to rape you, see?' And I just laughed at him."

Cindy glanced at Lynn, and smiled broadly.

"Tearing off your panties is hardly rape, Lori!"

Lori lifted herself up on her tiptoes as Wes pressed the bar of soap hard against her cuntlips and clit, bringing a rush of hot pleasure to the youngster. She clutched Cindy's bare shoulder for support.

"It was a lot more than that," Lori continued.

"He was kissing me hard and trying to feel me up, down there…there!… Oh, my, Wes!… down there, and I was struggling to keep his hands up here… I don't mind boys feeling my tits, but I think I have the right to let who I want do the feeling down there!"

Lynn raised her leg and ran the soap down to her foot, stuffing the thin bar between her toes.

"Well, it still doesn't sound like rape to me!"

Wes handed the bar of soap to Cindy, and began massaging Lori's clit with his fingertip. She twisted her hips away, turned to rinse the soap off in the stream of water.

Cindy, with a shy glance at Lynn, handed the soap to Wes and spread her legs, assuming the pose that Lori had been in while he caressed her, and thrusting her hips forward.

Wes obliged the child by repeating his performance with the bar of soap.

Lori kept it up.

"I'm coming to the rape part, damn it! So Jerry was fighting to get my panties down and I was fighting to keep them up… when suddenly he got this real strange look on his face, and he twisted my arms behind my back… and did that hurt!… and he rammed his knee between my legs… and he just reached up there as calm as you please and took hold of the waist of my panties-you know those pretty blue ones I had?-and pulled them right down to my knees!"

Cindy placed her hands on the man's shoulders for support, and tried to crush her clit down on the hard soap as he pressed it into her.

"Bull!" Lynn said, rinsing the soapsuds from underneath her gigantic knockers, lifting first one and then the other to let the water flow under them.

"Girls! Be quiet and watch this!" Wes commanded.

And Lynn and Lori stopped talking and arguing and turned to watch Cindy humping the bar of soap in their uncle's hands!

The neighbor girl was really going to town on that slippery bar! Rubbing her cunt back and forth over its slimy surface, trying to squat down over it… and suddenly Wes got a great idea!

"Watch this!" he whispered to his nieces.

And he gave the hard narrow bar a sudden quick shove that sent in deep between Cindy's lovelips, deep up inside her burning cunt!

"Oh God!" Cindy shouted in ecstasy, as her tiny twat sucked the hard bar up into her body!

Her tiny hands clutched the man's shoulders, digging in hard, drawing a little blood with her sharp nails!

"Oh! Oh! So goooooooood!" she cried!

Lori and Lynn stared in utter astonishment at Cindy, who threw her head back into the hard stream of hot water and wept loud and long at the pleasure of the bar inside her young virgin body!

It was her first fuck!

With only a little effort, much to everyone's surprise, Cindy expelled the bar of soap from inside her cunt.

"Golly, Cindy!" Lynn said in awe, "how did that feel!"

Cindy's answer was a slow grin and a very satisfied moan! Lori grabbed the soap from Cindy and began rubbing her clit furiously!

But Wes began to shake his head and gather up the three bars of soap they had used, and said, "Your mother and father will be home soon, girls, so lets get rinsed off and dry and…" he raised his eyebrows lecherously, and all three young girls grinned back, nodding and starting to rinse the soap from their nakedly slippery lovely young bodies.

They all stepped from the shower and grabbed for the towels. Wes helped each one dry herself, paying particular attention to tender cunts and sore asses and sensitive tits!

Cindy stretched.

"How about the real thing, next time?" she groaned.

Wes licked his lips and rubbed his hands together.

"Any time, sweetie!"

Lynn snapped a wet towel at Cindy's bare thighs.


"You just wait your turn, you nymphomaniac!" Lynn said, winding the towel for another strike.

Cindy dodged aside, just in time.

"All right! All right!" she cried.

And the naked quartet laughed and shouted and teased each other out of the steaming bathroom and across the hall to Lynn's bedroom.

"All right, now… let's tally up the score!" Wes said, flopping down onto the teenager's bed.


The teen frowned, then nodded her understanding.

"Oh! One fuck, in the cunt!" she said, holding up one finger.


"One fuck… ummmmmmm!… in the asshole!" Lori said, also holding up one finger.


The neighbor girl put her hands on her hips and cocked her head at the other two girls.

"Well," she said, "I'd call it one-half fuck! I think I'm still technically a virgin!"

Wes slipped his arms under his neck.

"Well, that leaves… two virgin cunts, and two virgin assholes… if I'm counting right!"

Lynn smiled, her eyes wide, remembering.

"And two virgin… mouths!" she said.

Wes glanced at her suspiciously.

"Only two?" he asked.

The lovely, big-chested teen nodded coyly.

"Well, well, well…" Wes said, wondering what exactly Lynn had been doing, and with whom!

Cindy, extremely horny after her experience with the bar of soap, cried out in frustration.

"Let's DO it!"

Lynn grinned over at her sister, and Lori nodded back. The two sisters grabbed Cindy's arms and dragged her to the foot of the bed, bending her over and forcing her down to her bare knees, forcing her chest down onto the bed between Wes' feet.

"Fuck her asshole first!"

"No!" Cindy cried. "Fuck my cunt first! Please! I need it in my cunny!"

Wes hopped up off the bed young teen's position.

"Hold her like that, girls! I'll take her pussy and her asshole at the same time!"

"Quite a trick!"


"Watch this!"

And Wes knelt down behind the neighbor girl, and without any warning, thrust his already stiffened cock directly up the child's seething cunthole!

Cindy gasped and choked back a scream of shock and pleasure, stunned at the combination of pain and joy she felt as the hard rod began thrusting deeply in and out of her tight wet dripping box!

And as Wes pumped hard into the deflowered cunthole of this pretty teen, he planned his rear attack, suddenly pulling completely out of the cunthole and, with only the slightest pause to aim properly, he rammed hard and deep into Cindy's rear passage, bringing a shout of true agony from her sweet lips!

And Lynn reached under her and cupped her hand over Cindy's mouth, to prevent any further screams!

Lori reached down to spread Cindy's asscheeks for her uncle, so he could find that puckered little hole easier.

And so he fucked the virgin girl!

Slamming first into her hot box, grinding his thighs hard against the poor child's bare buttocks, driving deep inside her slippery drooling pussy, and then yanking his dick out, and driving it hard into her asshole, using her own slight bleeding and her own slippery pussy juices for lubrication!

And Cindy opened up!

She wiggled her tiny ass wildly in her lust frenzy and lifted up on her knees so Wes could get deeper into her steaming cunthole, lowering quickly as she felt him pull out and aim for her anus!

Good girl!

Wes felt the rising passion heading rapidly toward climax, the head of his thrusting burning prick becoming super-sensitive inside the girl's young holes!

And he thrust deeper, slower, holding his cock thrust deep into her asshole, then deep into her cunt!

"Oh! I'm going to… oh!… Come!"

Cindy screamed into Lynn's cupped hand, and her rear end bounced high in the air, jerking and twitching wildly as spasm after spasm of pleasure and come raced over her young body, tore through her once-virgin loins, flooded her cunthole with lovejuice!

And as the young child came, wildly jerking, Wes thrust deep into her ass and came!

His cock buried deep inside her and her ass wiggling madly, Wes held on for his life and spewed his thick hot spunk deep into her bowel!

Suddenly, Cindy jerked forward and lay exhausted and still on Lynn's bed, her knees still on the floor, and the sister's uncle still flooding her ass with come!

And when Wes was finished, he pulled out of the hole and slipped backward onto the floor, his cock still erect.

Immediately, Lori was kneeling over him, her little head bobbing madly and eagerly up and down over his dripping cock, slurping up the juices, cleaning the prick as clean as it had ever been!

She was not about to be outdone by her sister!

She sucked her uncle dry!

"Oh, baby!" Wes moaned as the youngster finished and sat up.

Lori smiled down at him, a thick gob of his come dripping down over her sweet cheek from the corner of her mouth.

She stuck her tongue out and swept the come into her mouth, then smiled at her uncle and her sister.

Cindy was lying still, completely spent from her double fucking, and completely satisfied.

Lynn knelt beside Wes.

"My turn, Uncle!"

"Oh!" Wes groaned. "Give me a minute, at least!"

"Sure," Lynn grinned down at him.

As Lori crawled up on the bed, pulling Cindy with her, so that the two young girls lay naked side by side, and Lori began sucking on Cindy's tiny nipple, Lynn crawled over her uncle until her big nipple brushed his lips. He grabbed the nipple between his teeth and sucked it deeply into his mouth, sucking hard and tonguing the sensitive nubbin until Lynn thought she'd be driven crazy from the intense pleasure!

"Hurry, Wes! Get it up! I need to feel that big rod of yours deep in my rear end! Hurry up!"

Lynn was trying to urge her uncle's big dick into life again, but it was a little too soon!

She rubbed her breasts back and forth over his face and lips, delighting in the game as his lips tried to capture her huge nipples!

She heard Lori and Cindy moaning loudly on the bed, but her concern was centered around her own burning asshole and her uncle's still limp prick!

"Come on!"

Lynn mashed her big jugs down against her uncle's face, practically suffocating him.

"Your minute's up!" she giggled, reaching down and cupping his limp prick in her hand.

"Oh! Give me an hour!" Wes moaned.

"Some stud!" Lynn said, clutching his balls hard.

Wes threw his arms up around the naked teen's back and pulled her down on top of him, crushing the air from her lungs.

"I can't breathe!" she gasped.

"Then marry me, you crazy bitch!"

Lynn was giggling and struggling in her uncle's tight arms, and finally positioned herself so her lips were close to his.

"I just might, you know," she whispered.

"Good! We'll go to Nevada next weekend!"

Lynn gave his lips a tiny peck.

"Is it legal?"

Wes shrugged.

"If it isn't, we'll go to Mexico!"

Lynn smiled slightly, then grinned.


"Great!" Wes laughed. "It's settled, then! Next weekend, come rain or shine, you and I get married!"

They hugged each other hard. Wes began stroking his niece's long blonde hair gently down her bare back. Suddenly, Lynn was aware of something serious in her uncle's gentle touch, something she really didn't want to get too deeply involved, in. She rolled off her uncle and laughed loudly.

"Bullshit!" she said.

And to her delighted surprise, Wes laughed with "Well, maybe not next weekend!"

They both kissed again, lightly at first, then deeper, stronger… until the little girl felt the rising of the cock!

"Ummmmmmmmm…!" Lynn whispered. "What's this I feel a-knocking at my door?"

"Your back door?" Wes asked innocently, helping the girl over onto her side and pulling her sweet little ass tightly against his throbbing rod.

Lynn, eager to experience the same delights that both her sister and her best girlfriend had experienced, reached behind her, slipped her hands flat over her own asscheeks and spread them wide open for her uncle's hot probing dick!

"Last of the virgin asses," she said over her slim shoulder, pushing her buttocks more firmly back against the cock and thighs of her uncle.

"Not for long!" Wes said, grunting as he tried to force his prick through Lynn's anus without the benefit of the lubricant jelly.

"Lori!" Lynn shouted. "Get the Jelly! God! That hurts!"

Lori and Cindy leaped off the bed, and Lori ran for the jelly while Cindy crouched down naked and watched the two people… – Lori came dashing back into the room -… she pushed Cindy aside and opened the jar and scooped out a finger full of the thick goo… and smeared it all over her sister's dry asshole and her uncle's scalding prickhead!

And before Lynn knew it was happening, she felt the huge knob of her uncle's dong slip deep into her rear end, causing much less pain than she had expected.

But she felt bloated!

Felt like she had to go to the bathroom!

And right now!

But she didn't… she caught her breath as Wes began to move slowly in and out of her bowel… it was so totally different than cunt-fucking… and the child loved it!

"Ram it in there!"

"Give her the whole thing!"

Cindy and Lori were squatting over them, cheering them on!

"Fuck the shit out of her, Wes!"

"Squeeze his cock off, Lynn!"

Wes reached around and grabbed both of Lynn's giant boobies in his hands, and kneaded them like to huge loaves of soft bread-dough.

Lynn was breathing wildly, gasping and gagging and shuddering with her entire body as the fat rod rammed harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, into her burning hole!

And Wes thrust deep and hard and locked himself to her, suddenly shooting his hot come even deeper into her churning trembling intestines!

He jerked hard against her backside, and then he lay still, his huge dick shoved up his niece's asshole to the hilt. He could feel the little girl's intestines working hard to expel his fat rod, and after a few minutes, he let his softening prick gently out of her butt-hole.

Wes rolled over onto his back, his arms flung wide, and sighed. What an incredible day this had been! Three young virgins! Six tight virgin holes! And each of them eager! Begging! demanding! His cock!

He sighed again, loudly.

One of the girls was busy sucking his limp cock clean again!

He didn't even bother to open his eyes to find out which One! It just didn't matter. The three children had become indistinguishable to him, as far as their fucking and sucking was concerned.

Was that lapping tongue Lynn's? Were those tickling lips Lori's? And those nipples brushing so lightly against his thighs, were they Cindy's?

He didn't care.

He was totally spent, utterly exhausted.

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