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My journey continues.
I show a client just how good doggy love can be. Cindy takes delivery of a Great Dane and of course I have to give him a trial to make sure he is trained.

Cindy called me into the office. “I have had a special request from a friend of mine” she said “she would like some special loving but she can’t come here. Would you be ok to go to her?” I said I would be happy to. “What dog would she like” I asked her. “Well I know she used to be into dogs” Cindy replied “so maybe one of the labs or even the Great Dane if you think he is ready”. I told Cindy that he was more than ready but was the client ready for such a big dog. Cindy smiled “oh I think she would be overjoyed” she said “but just a word of caution. This is strictly secret and you must never tell anyone about your visit, and I mean ANYONE”. I assumed she meant even Toni.

After feeding the dogs and grooming them I had lunch and then loaded the Great Dane into my car. He filled up the whole back seat. I had the address and immediately saw it was a top end of town. Obviously this woman certainly didn’t want her “desire” to be made public. I was instructed to drive to the house and into the garage so what I was delivering could not be seen. I was a little concerned as I really didn’t know the full story about the need for absolute secrecy. But I did as I was instructed and as soon as my car entered the garage the door was closed behind me. A side door opened and this attractive, well dressed woman appeared. “Please come inside my dear” she said.

I followed her into the house with the dog on a lead. “Please just put him in that room” she said pointing “and then follow me. You may call me Sharon”. I followed her into what was obviously an office. On the bookshelf I realised why she wanted secrecy. There was a photo of her and her husband. I recognised him as our local MP. She placed a piece of paper in front of me and asked me to sign it. It was a Non-disclosure Agreement. “I always get these signed when I have certain things done that I don’t want anyone to know” she said “you will notice the section outlining the judicial results if word getting out”. It was not wonder she wanted secrecy. I also wondered what other “certain things” she meant.

Having signed the paper I followed her back to where the Great Dane was waiting. “Mmm he is very big” she said as she licked her lips “it was been a number of years since I enjoyed a dog. Before I married in fact” she said “but I certainly have never had a dog this large. Is he fully trained?” I told her he was. “OK let’s go down the hall my dear and let’s see”. We walked into this large lounge room and Sharon sat on the couch. “Come here boy” she said and the dog padded over to her. She lifted her skirt and I could see she wasn’t wearing knickers. The dog immediately pushed his nose between her legs and began to lick her pussy. She moaned as he pleasured her. “Oh God it has been so long” she sighed “that’s a good boy. Get me nice and wet and ready for you”.

Her moaning intensified and I surprised when she threw head back and squealed. “Yes Yes Yes” she squealed as she obviously had an orgasm. “I so want you boy” she said breathlessly and immediately got down on her knees with her body resting on the couch. “Take me boy. Make me your bitch” she shouted, the urgency in her voice was unmistakable. My pussy with trembling as I watched the Great Dane mount her, thrust a couple of times and then, finding the target, hammered home his growing cock. The scream she gave echoed around the room as he plunged his cock into a pussy that was so welcoming. My well educated and upmarket client began to moan and whimper as her “lover” continued to pound her furiously. She squealed as his growing knot began to rub against her clit sending her into other orgasm. Thrusting harder he pushed that knot into her, sealing her tightly. He stopped moving but she continued to rock back and forth and then groaned as she felt his hot cum flooding into her. Several times she groaned as he emptied his juices into his bitch.

She moaned quietly as she savored her first dog for also 15 years. She was clamping her pussy muscles tightly trying to hold him inside her but he struggled and growled as he tried to escape her. Finally, after a good 6 or 7 minutes she released him. He stepped back and began to lick cum oozing from her. She lay over the couch limp from the experience. Finally she looked over to me “Oh Beth honey that was so amazing” she sighed “that the biggest cock I had ever had. No man could ever fuck me like that”. I walked over and helped her to her feet. “Thank you darling” she said “please help me to the bathroom”. She held her hand between her legs as we walked so she wouldn’t drip on the carpet.

We got to the bathroom and she began to get undressed. “You were right darling” she said “he is very well trained. Have you had the pleasure?” I just smiled. “Yes, Cindy told me that you liked to train dogs. She also told me something else about you” and she kissed me. I guess the fact that I was so turned on watching her made me return the kiss. “Get undressed Beth. Have a shower with me” she said. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I hurriedly stripped and joined her in the shower. We soaped each other and then began to fondle each other. “Will you make love to me Beth” she whispered as she fingered my pussy. “It will be my pleasure Sharon” I said. “Darling my real name is April. Sharon is a name I use before I know I can trust someone”.

We quickly dried ourselves and she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. It was huge with a king-size bed which she dragged me onto. “Lick my pussy darling” she whispered in my ear “make me cum and cum and cum”. I did my best and she indeed had three orgasms before turning the tables and going down on me. It was no surprise when she said “I want to doggy again honey. I am so horny”. Still naked we went back to the lounge. As soon as he saw us he began to wag his tail. “I like a dog who is eager” she said laughing. Dropping on her knees she smiled at me. “I don’t need any more licking darling. Now I just want cock”. Moments later the Great Dane was again humping his bitch. He grunted, she moaned and I sat in a chair opposite and watched as I got myself off.

“Oh Beth it feels so good” she squealed “why did I wait so long to do this. Promise me you will come again darling. I want him and I want you”. I said any time she wanted I would be come. “Maybe bring Cindy too” she said “it has been many years since we enjoyed each other” and then she resumed moaning and whimpering as her doggy lover ravaged her. Again she tried to delay him withdrawing and again he growled with frustration. She chuckled as he tried several times to escape but finally she released him. She looked over at me and smiled. She crawled across the floor and buried her face in my crotch. “Tongues are better than fingers” she said as she licked my clit getting me off twice more before we showered and dressed.

I put the Great Dane back in the car and April and I kissed passionately. “I had a wonderful time darling. Please say hi to Cindy and I will definitely call you again and soon”. Then she handed me a copy of the Non-disclosure Agreement. “This is your copy Beth. I know I can trust you to keep my secret. I drove back to work. Cindy met me. “Everything ok?” she asked. “Everything went perfectly” I replied. “I thought it would. She loved dogs back in the day” she said. “Not only dogs” I said “I have a feeling you and she were close”. “Yes” said Cindy “we had our moments. Like you and her today I suspect”. I just smiled and said she wanted both of us next time. This time she smiled broadly.

I never told Toni about my adventure. I felt badly not telling her but signing that Agreement meant I had to remain silent. Anyway, it was just work and didn’t really effect Toni and I. That is how I rationalised it anyway. I did take special care to make her cum several times that night though.

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Hello Pieter. Beth doesn't have a dog at home. She has her work with dogs to keep her happy.


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Thanks, maybe next time quicker?
What dog does Beth in her home?

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