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My love of dogs continues.
A home visit turns into a pleasurable experience for all of us, including the Great Dane.

I felt bad about not telling Toni about my adventure but the thought of ending up in jail tempered my feelings. After all, it was work and not some random sexually situation. I did take extra care to treat Toni with pleasure, which she naturally enjoyed.

It was back to work with the labs, both of which now know how to perform. Training them was always a pleasure and I was happy to report to Cindy that they were quite ready for sale. I did have a suspicion that she already knew that. I could only imagine what she did after hours. I also continued to enjoy time with the Rottie and the Dane, both of which pleasured me on a daily basis.

Excitement peaked when Gus and Claudia arrived unannounced. I was interested to see if her attitude had changed or if Gus was still forcing her for some weird reason. I need not have worried as soon as Gus disappeared up to the office with Cindy she hugged me and kissed me passionately. “I have been looking forward to this darling” she said “I have realised just how wonderful being a dog lover can be. Can I have the Rottie?” “Of course honey” I replied “he is always ready to pleasure a bitch on heat, and I suspect you are”. “You better believe it Beth” she said “I have already got myself off twice this morning thinking about it”.

I went to the pen and led out the Rottie. I could see the desire in her eyes as I led him into the shed. “Hello darling boy” she said “do you remember me?” His tail wagged furiously. There was no doubt he remembered and he was ready to renew acquaintances. Claudia hurriedly took off her knickers and, forgoing any foreplay, knelt over the bench. “Take me” she moaned “fuck me”. He didn’t hesitate as she pulled up her skirt and he smelt her already soaked pussy. He mounted her and after a couple of attempts found the opening he sought. Feeling the warmth and constriction of Claudia’s pussy he began to drive his growing cock deep inside her.

Claudia squealed and mumbled obscenities as he grew larger with every thrust. Then she moaned as he humped her wildly. She had surrendered once more to her base desires. My pussy twitched as I watch the Rottie totally command his bitch. Soon his knot was rubbing against her clit causing her to wail and orgasm. Rottie wasn’t done and pushed hard to bury his knot into her so he could impregnate his bitch. It matter little that she would never be impregnated he just began to fill that pussy with his hot juices. The moans of the bitch under him just re-enforced his dominance. “Squeeze your muscles Claudia” I whispered “clamp down on that cock you love so much”. She tried her best but he was powerful enough to be able to pull away.

Claudia lay across the bench in an air of post-fucking bliss. “Oh shit that was so good. I just wish he could have fucked me longer” she gasped. I smiled. I knew what she needed. Leaving her for a minute or two I locked up the Rottie and led out the Dane. “Stay there honey” I said “I have a little surprise for you”. The Dane saw her over the bench and smelt her scent, enhanced by the Rottie’s deposits. He rushed up and mounted her. “What is happening” Claudia yelled but then she felt the Dane’s already showing cock. A couple of stabs and he found the target. Claudia screamed as she felt a second doggy cock being thrust into her. “Oh fuck Beth” she squealed “he is so big” but I knew he would get bigger as he began to pound her mercilessly. She wailed and squealed as the full length of his cock grew inside her. Soon she just moaned and groaned with pleasure as he asserted his domination of this bitch. A feeling I had also experienced and enjoyed. The knot had the desired effect of making her cum before he pressed hard and her pussy stretched to accept it. Now tied he began the impregnation of this very willing bitch.

As he began to fill her up with his juices Gus, having finished fucking Cindy, walked into the shed. He found his wife moaning and muttering obscenities as the Great Dane did his best to fill her to overflowing. Of course, with his huge knot sealing her, there was little chance of that. “My God honey that dog is huge” he shrieked as he watched his wife completely dominated by the dog laying on top of her. “Fuck Beth he is cumming again” she squealed and her husband stood there with a shocked look on his face. It was several minutes before the dog pulled away and proceeded to lick up cum oozing from her tortured pussy.

She slowly regained her senses and looked around and smiled at me. I would have loved to lick her pussy too but not with her husband standing there. He still have a shocked look on his face as Claudia struggled to her feet. “Oh Gus darling” she said “I want to get a dog. I want the Rottie. He is so good at fucking me”. Her husband turned to Cindy “is he for sale?” he asked. “Yes” replied Cindy “all our dogs are”. So the deal was done. Cindy and Gus went up to the office to make it official. Claudia turned “sorry Beth but I really want him honey” she whispered “and anytime Gus is away you are welcome to come and say hello to him”. Then she kissed me passionately “and you are welcome to play with me like last time my darling”.

Gus and Claudia left with the Rottie and I cleaned out his pen. I was feeling a sense of loss but it was tempered by the thought of visiting him and Claudia. Cindy came down all smiles. “Wow you certainly changed her mind Beth” she said “I always knew she wasn’t all that enthusiastic about dog sex but you sure changed her into a total dog slut. Well done”. I tried to smile. “Don’t worry honey. There are always more dogs around for you to train” she said. “I guess so Cindy” I replied “at least I still have the Labs and that lovely big Great Dane to keep me entertained.

“Funny you should say entertained honey” she went on “I have a husband and wife who want to see what dog sex is all about. I knew you would be up for it. This Saturday night hon”. “OK, no worries” I said. “Oh by the way” she continued “April also wants to arrange another visit. I will join you”. It was obvious that I would not have to pine for the Rottie for very long. My calendar was filling up nicely. I finished the day feeding and walking the dogs and had time for a romp with one of the labs. Just to take my mind of the missing Rottie you understand………


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