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I would read part 1 before part 2 as I don't have much exposition. But Either way its a work of fantasy, the actions aren't condoned, and you should check the tags.
Kitten spent the long hot day walking. The hoard that had taken her now on the move. This hoard in particular seemed to move a lot, shifting positions any time on coming hoards came near. Ram, their leader and her master, was ruthless in their pacing. They did not stop for water, or to catch ones breath, and hunting parties were sent ahead so that a fire and food waited for them by night fall. All Kitten wanted to do after the days long trek was collapse in bed, but Ram tore off his clothes, throwing his sweaty stench her way.

“Wash these.” He commanded, the rest of the group eating crisp rabbit by the fire. The pregnant woman, Hana, was eating among them. Being treated by this hoard’s standards like a queen. Her belly fat with child, she dug in to her stick of meat. Her long blonde hair practically glowing from her daily washes she received. The other women were by the wash tub, scrubbing that the clothes being thrown to them by the men as they ate and laughed in their nakedness. Telling stories of their old lives, or a recent hunt. Many of the men were twice Kitten’s age. Lila, she reminded herself, her name was Lila.

Ram had renamed her upon claiming her as his personal breeder, the term used in this now uncivilized world for what she was. A brood mare to ensure the continuation of the human race. Some men, she knew, used this as an excuse to rape women. Ram she had figured out actually believed it. A pregnant woman was a treasured one, a barren woman was useless. Kitten didn’t care if he found her useless, but he made it incredibly difficult for her to stop him, once he finished with her each night. Rubbing his seed in and not allowing her to wash until morning. There was also the tethered day beds she was strapped to when the men were preoccupied, allowing anyone to mount her if they had a whim or were rewarding themselves for finishing their chores and duties.

Kitten was what was known as a feral. Not yet tamed, and not to be trusted. When not doing chores, or labor she was bound and gagged. Either on the floor, a bed depending on the situation, or, like today, while walking for miles on end. Most of the women, like Kitten, were naked. The youngest of them still not even with pubic hair, despite her recent puberty. This one was called Button and as Kitten took Ram’s clothes over to wash, she tried speaking to her.

“Are they not afraid of us catching a cold?” She asked, drenching the clothes in soapy water. Button looked terrified. Her hair was thick and curly, framing a pretty face and button nose that had given her her name. With skin a light tan, and budding breasts full and perky, it was obvious as to why they wanted her naked. The idea disgusted Kitten.

“I don’t know.” The girl said, voice quiet as to not be heard.

“What do they do if you get sick?”

“I don’t know…” She repeated.

Kitten was about to say more, but a narrow redhead cut in.

“She doesn’t know a lot of words. We try and teach her, but Shaw doesn’t like when we speak, and Button is his, so it doesn’t do her much good.”

“What does she know?” Kitten asked, relieved to have someone talk to her like a person. Ram referred to her as a pet, and fucked her like an animal. Besides short commands and the men panting “Kitten” over and over in her ear, this was her first real conversation in a week.

“Mostly just things the men like to hear.” The Redhead said. “Things like, ‘please,’ ‘harder,’ ‘yes,’ and so on. She doesn’t understand no, or how to use it. But sometimes I think she gets close with the word please.”

Kitten felt sick. Vowing that if she could, she would escape and take as many of these women with her as she could. She had started to collect an understanding of the men’s dynamics, and how they reacted around one another. Ram was the leader, but the men were allowed to fight him, Shaw was territorial, and Docker had a sick need to fuck his daughter, Button, and despite it being exclusively anally, she could tell Shaw didn’t like it. The other men she was still figuring out, but as none really talked to her, she was hitting walls. Now she needed allies.

“What’s your name?” She asked the redhead, creamy skin covered with freckles.


“What’s your real name?” Kitten asked again. “Mines Lila.”

Cherry just shook her head, “I’d forget that name Kitten. It does no good to remember it.” She looked over at the other women, there were five of them in total, not including herself, to the men’s ten. Cherry gestured to each as she introduced them. “You already know Button, then there’s Doll, Mine, and Baby…and now you Kitten.”

“We used to have two more, Legs and Honey, but…” Doll said. She had large brown eyes and fair skin. She looked second youngest to Button, and only slightly younger than Kitten. With her small little puckered lips and petite frame, it was clear where she had gotten her name. Baby being the less obvious one. She didn’t talk at all, simply frowned her lips in a pout while she continued to wash one of the bearded men’s clothes. Doll saw her looking at Baby and whispered low, “It’s because she always cries during. Now matter who is in her, she cries.” Kitten looked back and forth to them both.

“Are you…sisters?”

Doll looked uncomfortable. “We had the same mother. Legs. But we don’t think of each other like that. They just use us as a pair sometimes…” Doll trailed off after Baby shivered and Mine changed the subject.

“You should probably know, we only get to talk to you about life here. Nothing else. The moment any of your feral ideas are brought up, we have to leave.” Mine was covered in bruises and Kitten wanted to argue that they should all be working together, but nodded all the same. The girl’s steely gave unyielding under her purpled eye. She seemed to be the oldest of the bunch and Kitten thought it was a bad idea to piss her off. Hana moaned by the fire and the women turned to look at her, she was on Docker’s lap, as he lazily massaged her breasts. All of her arching for him to continue. Mine glared.

“God I can’t wait to be pregnant again.” She said, she pointed at her bruises. “They can’t do this to you if your pregnant.”

Cherry nodded, “Though Hana is in for a rude awakening. She’s always been with Ram.”

Kitten hissed at the name, “He’s the worst of them.”

All the women stared at her, as if she was an idiot.

“No,” Baby said quietly, “He’s the best of them.”

The silence made Kitten feel cold, and it was only broken by all the women suddenly shuffling to clean the last of the clothes, hanging them to try in the waning sunlight. The man with a scruffy brown beard grabbing Baby forcefully by the hair, her cries immediate as she held her scalp to numb the pain.

“Come on bitch. This isn’t a cafe for you to gossip at.” He said in a gravely voice, dragging her towards his tent. “The only sound I want to hear from you is your moans.”

It was not moans they all heard, but fierce cries as Baby was fucked just inside the tent. The wails bobbing with his thrusts into her. A few of the men beginning to rub themselves and whoop at the call for help. Shaw was next, snapping his fingers and pointing to his feet by the fire. Button coming over obediently and licking at his cock. As her ass tried to shuffle away from the fire’s heat, and she was pressed deeper into the blowjob. The man that took Cherry caught Kitten by surprise, not carrying her away but pressing her down on the dirt. Dirtying the clothes she had just washed for him. She cried out once, the average looking man pumping into her forcefully, eyes dead and bored as he did so. He didn’t even bother raising her ass, just fucked her flat on the ground for a few minutes then stood, spitting on her as he walked away. Cherry sat back up, her face red from shame and the dirt on her face. She just started cleaning his clothes again.

“That’s Whip.” She stated flatly. “I’m not his type, he likes Mine, but lost her in a fight against Docker before she went to Axe.” She shrugged, and Mine looked over at Whip mournfully.

“I liked him because he was quick.” Then she sighed, “I guess passed around a lot.”

“We all do. Well besides Hana, but I guess that’s changed now.” Doll said, looking over at Kitten. “Hana probably hates you. She’s been with Ram for years. They’ve had…” She counted on her fingers. “Six babes together? All girls but the newest one. And whatever the one she’s carrying is.”

“You must be quite the fuck.” Mine agreed, unkindly. “So watch out. One lost fight, and you could look like me.”

As if summoned, Axe called over, “Mine!”

It was enough to have her standing, thick hips and full breasts bruised with abuse, Kitten realized her and Button had the same thick curly brown hair and winced at what was now obvious. Mine must be Button’s mother, though they couldn’t be more than fifteen years apart. Kitten wasn’t given anymore time to think on it though, his clothes cleaned, Ram came over. All of him exposed in the setting sun. He was nothing but corded muscle, large cock, and icy blue glare. His smile was cruel as she sneered up at him,

“Finished Kitten?” Low and deep, his tone was taunting.

“It would go faster if you did it yourself.” She said back. Imagining strangling him with the knit shirt she held in her hands, the last of his items needing to dry by the fire.

“That’s alright,” He said, “I know how to pass the time.”

He snapped, like Shaw had. “Up.”

Kitten didn’t move, only glared at him. His eyes flashed with anger and he snapped again, moving toward her, grabbing her by the hair. Her face inches away from his erect cock.

“I said ‘up’ Kitten.” He growled.

“Try it, and I’ll bite it off.” She said back, sensing where he very much so wanted her mouth to go.

“Do that, and my men will flay you alive.” He said. “You’re only useful one way. Now get up.”

She didn’t fully stand, but didn’t fight as he lifted her by the hair, his rough hands tangling in her dark black mane. Hoots and hollers could be heard by the camp fire, but she wasn’t lead that way, instead she was lead to his tent. Her back aching as he through her onto the cot, tying her arms and legs into her typical spread eagle fashion. Ram squeezed at her tits, before savoring them in his mouth. His hand barely fumbling as he pressed himself inside her.

His cock was thick and veined, the head always the worst of it as it barreled into her. Stretching her to fit his girth. There was nothing her body could prepare her for in his length, the bruising she received gave a deep inner ache as he bashed against her walls. Reaching the end of her, and giving her stomach cramps as he surged forward. It would hurt if he went slow, but Ram never did. True to his name, his cock slammed hard and true from the start, bringing her instant spasms of pain. Kitten fought at her restraints as she always did, hoping to get loose and claw his eyes out. It only spurred him on, his groans deepening as he luxuriated in her body.

“Gods Kitten.” He rasped, “You’re so tight.”

“Fuck you!” She managed, before gasping as he brought himself in and thrusted in balls deep.

“I’ll always fuck you.” He said wickedly, “I’ll fuck you until you beg me to fuck you more.”

She hated that her body became wet under his continual pumping into her, but was relieved when the pain decreased, at least the searing pain as she stretched for him. The feeling died however as he laughed, feeling her weakness.

“You like that don’t you.” He said “You’re a naughty little kitten. You like when I talk dirty to you.”

She didn’t grace him with an answer, but felt the flush of shame rise to her cheeks. He bent down and licked at her tits, bringing a nipple into his mouth and sucking on it between his teeth. She felt her toes curl and fought back her disgust, not just with his touch, but her body’s reactions.

“You see Kitten?” He said, heaving himself into her as he spoke, “It’s. Just. Nature.” Each word was a sharp stab as he thrust in, the last jab housing a spurt of his cum. His groan was low, and the grasp on her hips was so tight from his release she knew it would leave finger prints.

Ram removed himself from her, fingers pressing against her inner lips as they always did. Seeping the juices deep inside of her.

“You’re going to look so sexy carrying my children.” He said, his hands continuing to slip playfully against her clit as she squirmed beneath him. “It’ll take everything I have not to fuck you rough, but god am I going to fuck you.” He bent down low, “Then, I’m going to fuck you again, and again, and again.” He whispered into her ear. “Until you’re old and useless, and no good to me.” He nipped at her ear, hot breath tickling at her neck. “So enjoy it while it lasts.”

Then he was up, leaving her alone in the darkened tent. His voice loud and in high spirits by the fire as his men demeaned her. Mocking her moans, and voice, as the sounds of the other women could be heard throughout the night. But now it was worse because she could recognize them by their gasps and cries.

Kitten knew when they reached a forest this was her time to escape. With the dense trees surrounding them, it was the perfect cover to flee in. She just needed the men distracted enough to make mistakes and give her an opening. As her plan formed, she started playing nice. Coming when Ram called, obeying without cursing, and although she couldn’t bring herself to pretend to enjoy his nightly abuse of her, she didn’t fight him, instead allowing him to have his way with her without any resistance. She knew she was on the right track when Ram unbuckled her restraints to take her from behind. Usually he just fucked her one way or the other, but this time, he didn’t tie her back down, instead pumping into her ass with reckless abandon.

It took all she had not to try and run from him. To fight and pull away as that hideous beast of a cock filled her, not even serving Ram’s stupid higher purpose to breed. All he was doing now was dominating her, fucking her because he could, because she was his and it was his right. She couldn’t help the guttural cries that escaped her, as he raped her ass though. The pain so deep she thought she would burst from it. Because he had already cum, he lasted longer this way, and it took over an hour for him to slide out of her fully. Collapsing on top of her, so she could barely breathe.

“I love the way you moan for me.” He finally said, still riding his high from his most recent orgasm.

Their bodies were slick with sweat, and his hands were coarse. She didn’t respond, knowing he didn’t need one, he didn’t care. She tried to get her breathing under control, all of her sore and aching. She knew if she tried to stand now, she would fall and the idea scared her. She not only needed to be able to stand, but to run. He still had not refastened her restraints, seeming to test what she’d do with them off. He grew more bold, licking her face, then sliding his tongue into her mouth. This was a test, and she needed to pass it if she was meant to escape. She resisted biting his tongue and instead did not fight it.

His tongue was thick, all of him was. It explored her mouth, probing deep in her throat and playing with her tongue.

“Play with me Kitten.” He commanded, still tonguing her throat. He wanted her to kiss him. The idea of it made her sick and she fought back the nausea, the whimper escaping her so pitiful she was ashamed. Ram’s laugh echoed in her mouth,

“So much for the fierce lioness.” He taunted, “Looks like I named you correctly after all.”

It took everything she had to say or do nothing. His hands now groping her passionately, as if a lover. She wondered at his stamina and was relieved that he wasn’t hard, just toying with her. Enjoying his pet. He groaned as he continued to kiss and molest her body. Every inch of her being touched and explored.

“You have such nice fucking tits.” He said, slapping them lightly so they bounced under his hand, “Just imagine how juicy they’ll look when they’re filled with milk.” He roved across her hips, landing on her ass with a hard slap. “And your ass.” He said, pressing his now semi against where he had just anally raped her. “I could watch that ass jiggle all night long.” His voice grew hungry, and she realized he was building himself up for a third go. She couldn’t do it. She would die if he entered her again. Her body instinctually protected, tightening in his hold.

“No?” He said, his voice a warning, “Is this you trying to disobey me Kitten?”

She hated that her voice quivered as she spoke, “It hurts.”

“It’s what you’re built for. You were made for this.” He said. “If you accepted that, you’d learn to enjoy it. Crave it even. But all you do is fight what you are. You were meant to breed.”

His words were like poison, and she shut her eyes, trying not to take them in. She felt like she was pressed up against a boulder as he cradled her, twisting her so she lay beneath him once more. She lifted her shaky hands to his chest, and feebly pushed him away. He did not budge, but he grabbed her wrists and shoved them back to her anyway.

She felt the head of his cock once more against her pussy, and tears slid down her cheeks. He was so huge, she couldn’t take it anymore. The women said he was the best of them, maybe if she acted like Hana he would take pity on her. Just this once, she told herself. Just so she had time to think clearly and escape this hell.

“Please.” She sputtered out, “Please Ram…No more.”

A low growl came from him. “Ooh, I like when you say my name Kitten.” He said, the scar marring his cruel lips curling as he grinned. “Maybe say it a bit more, and I’ll stop.”

She said nothing and felt as the head slowly widened her, the seething pain unbearable.

“R-Ram.” She breathed desperately, “Ram.”

He continued to slowly, inch into her, nudging and retreating as she called to him.

“Yeah, keep going Kitten. Keep begging.”

“Ram, Ram, Ram.” She gasped, feeling his shaft dig deeper and deeper into her. He wasn’t stopping, and she bit her lip. He jammed another two inches in forcefully and she cried out, trying again in vain. “Ram, god please, Ram.”

He slowed once more, but no matter how many times she gasped his name, he never stopped. Fucking her at an unhurried pace for what felt like hours, but she couldn’t tell. All she could do to keep herself sane was plead his name, in the hopes that the next plea would be her last. When the finally thrust did happen, he hissed as he emptied in her.

“Fuck Kitten. You’ve drained me dry.”

He ignored her tear stained face, rocking off of her to grab the ropes that held her in place.

“There now, nice and tight.” He chuckled, going over and laying in a fur lined bed, “Thanks for the fuck Kitten. I’ll sleep well tonight.”

She was too worn to move, her body feeling like a hollowed out thing instead of something that moved, breathed and thought. She didn’t know what she slept, but her dreams were nothing but the nightmares she endured while awake.

Even Shaw’s dick hurt her the next day. His thin cock jutting in and out of her, with force. She bit back her sounds of protest, but many still escaped her.

“Shit Ram.” Shaw called, still gliding out of her, holding her breasts like reins on a horse. “You must have fucked Kitten good. She’s moaning like a bitch in heat.” His tone was filled with appraisal and Ram’s laugh from the first was the only reply. Cherry choked next to her, Axe’s grasp of her neck causing her to cough every time he released her, keeping her moments from passing out. Kitten was in too much pain to worry about where Mine was, and actually gasped in pleasure when Shaw came in her, the ooze of his seed coating her tender lining.

“You should try her Docker. You haven’t fucked her since the first night and she’s twitching at every little thrust today.” Shaw was saying, slapping her tits in approval as he dismounted her.

“She’s nothing special.” Docker said, still bitter from losing her in a fight to Ram. Kitten despised that she could feel a tinge of shame at his words, despite being disgusted by him.

“Oh come on Docker, don’t be like that.” Shaw said

“Maybe Docker’s just scared she’ll bite his dick off.” Someone else said. The group oohed in response.

“Axe!” Ram interrupted, “Not so tight.”

Cherry was passed out now, her body limply flailing with his pumps into her. Her bony hips looking close to breaking.

“Ram still has a dick.” Docker argued, “So I’m guessing she’s all bark no bite.”

“Then what’s the hold up? Fuck her.”

“Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!” Many started to chant.

Kitten felt tears well up in her eyes, lip quivering with fear now. Ram was bigger over all, but Docker was all girth. This would hurt. She tried to think, trying to say something to hold off the pain as he got on top of her.

“Button said she likes your cock.” She found herself saying, making him pause. “Whatever you do to her, she likes it. Too bad she belongs to Shaw.”

Docker glared at her, men still chanting in the background as he undid his pants.

“Shut up whore. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“All I know is, I’m surprised. I get you can’t beat Ram, but you can’t even win against Shaw in a fight?”

Docker clamped a hand over her mouth. His words angry.

“I know who I can beat.” He said.

Then unleashed himself upon her. His thrusts were angry and her cries quickly turned to screams as she was fucked raw. His barrel chested body bore down on her, and the last thing she saw before she blacked out was his face, gnarled in rage. When she woke up, Ram was carrying her back to the tent. carrying her. She tried to leave his arms but even twisting her body away from him brought fresh pain to her abused body. Ram laughed darkly.

“Whatever you said to Docker pissed him off good.” He said. “You’ll be gagged for tomorrow.”

She didn’t care. She just whimpered and waited for him to torture her with his cock. Instead he set her down on her hands and knees.

“I don’t like having to admit to my men I can’r get my own breeder to suck me off.” He said, voice suddenly cold. “So you have a choice Kitten. You either give me the best fucking blowjob of my life. Or I fuck you into oblivion.”

Kitten didn’t even have to think this through, she just reacted. Lulling her little pink tongue out at him.

“Good girl.” He said, unbuttoning his pants, petting the top of her head before grasping her hair and pulling her to him. “Now do what you were made for.”
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