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A young woman meets a mysterious man who promises to fulfill her deepest desires.
Her Deepest Desire

An original story by Starrynight.

I huge thanks to Cherry Brown for choosing the theme for the story and helping me with it. She deserves much of the credit for how it turned out. I hope you enjoy.

The air was stuffy, hints of smoke, sweat and beer all mingled together in an almost intoxicating perfume. It was warm inside, a blanketing warmth that made you forget the chill winter night outside once you came in. Music was playing through the speakers hanging on the walls, loud up-beat music, the kind that made you dance to it without intending to, the basses sending small vibrations along the bar.

A young gentleman entered the bar, dressed sharply, and glanced around at the sparsely occupied tables, mostly groups of elderly men drinking beers. He spotted a group of three young ladies chatting over glasses of white wine, but after quickly studying them, looked away. He sighed heavily and walked over to the long wooden bar where two older men were sitting separately, nursing a beer, and watching a game on the flat screen TV. On the other side of the bar were two bartenders, an average looking older woman who was pouring a beer, and a very attractive younger woman who was mindlessly polishing glasses.

"What can I get you?" The older woman asked as the man removed his nice coat and hung it on the back of the bar stool before sitting down. The bartender was in her late forties with long dirty-blonde hair and a curvy frame. She was wearing a dark apron that was low enough to keep her generous cleavage mostly exposed.

"A pint of whatever you have on tap and a shot of Jameson please." He said and the older woman nodded. She finished filling the glass she was holding, setting it down in front of the man sitting on the bar next to him, then grabbed another glass and started filling it from the tap.

"Jenna, can you get the gentleman a shot of Jameson please." The older bartender asked the younger one.

"Sure thing Irene." Jenna said and grabbed a shot glass.

"Thanks." The man said as Irene set down his beer and studied Jenna. She was tall, with a lithe figure and long dark hair which flowed down her back. She was wearing a tight black tank top with deep cleavage, accentuating a pair of round perky breasts, along with tight dark jeans, beautifully hugging her tight little ass, and a pair of black leather boots. She ran a hand through her hair, then picked up the glass.

"Thank you." The man said as Jenna served him his shot. He gave her a warm smile, then grabbed his beer. He took a long swig, getting a good look at her breasts while doing so, then set it down and looked away. He cleared his throat, catching a whiff of her perfume, then looked back towards her. "Slow night?" he asked, trying to sound casual.

"Yeah, I guess." Jenna said shrugging and looked at him. "What about you, long day?" she asked casually in return.

"Yeah, something like that." The man said chuckling and grabbed the shot. He raised it to Jenna and drank it, setting down the empty shot glass with a satisfying clack.

"Another?" Jenna asked dutifully and the man smiled up at her.

"Sure…Jenna is it? But only if I can buy you one too." He said and gave her a cool grin.

Jenna couldn't help but smile as she shook her head, looking at the man sitting in front of her. He was handsome and stylish, his dark hair cut short and a trimmed beard adorning his face. He wore a buttoned black shirt, dark blue slacks and had a fancy looking watch on his wrist. Jenna studied him curiously, toying with the idea that he might be the one and found herself nodding. "Yeah, the thing is, I have this rule. I don't let people I don't know buy me drinks." She said with a smirk.

"Oh, in that case, I'm Eric." He said grinning.

"Okay Eric, then I guess you can buy me a drink after all." She said with a naughty smile and turned around. she grabbed the bottle of whiskey and another glass and filled it along with Eric's glass. They raised their glasses, clinking them, then downed the shots.

For the next half hour or so Eric and Jenna chatted. It was a slow night and Jenna didn't have much to do most of the time, so she ended up spending it chatting with Eric. They had a few more drinks and laughed at stupid things as they talked about nothing in particular.

"Um, so, any chance you want to get out of here?" Eric asked in a conspiring tone after drinking the last of his second beer.

"Why Eric, are you asking what I think you're asking?" Jenna asked giggling, feigning surprise. Eric looked at her, mesmerized, and shrugged, hoping she would say yes. "I don't know. Before I answer, I have to ask you something." Jenna said mischievously.

"Shoot." Eric told her intrigued. She grinned at him, then leaned forward, across the bar, and moved her lips next to his ear.

"How are you in bed?" she asked, and his eyes went wide as she moved away, staring at him.

"I well, um. I haven't heard any complaints." He said, his cool confident demeanor faltering for a moment. Then he smiled confidently once more.

"How about moans, did you hear any of those?" Jenna asked him in a hushed voice, enjoying teasing him.

"Yeah, I've heard quite a bit of those." He answered, getting aroused by her words.

"Well, if you can make me scream then I guess I could maybe finish my shift early." Jenna said with a teasing smile. "Irene, you mind if I skip out early?" Jenna asked, turning to the older bartender.

"Sure darling. Not much to do tonight anyway." Irene said eyeing Eric. "Just watch yourself." she added as a whisper and Jenna nodded with a sneaky grin and turned back to Eric.

Jenna grabbed her coat and pulled it on, stepping away from behind the bar and moved towards Eric. She watched him as he pulled his coat on, feeling a little nervous, then he turned to her and led her out of the bar and into the cold night.

"My place is not too far." Eric said and walked over to signal for a cab.

"Yeah, but my place is just over there." Jenna said pointing to an apartment building across the street. She looked at Eric who returned a big smile and the two quickly made their way across to the building.

Jenna unlocked her apartment door, turning on the lights and ushered Eric in, closing the door behind them. Her apartment wasn't big, with a small living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom, but it was practical, cozy and tastefully decorated.

"So, this is it." Jenna said, gesturing around at her apartment. "Do you want like a drink or something?" Jenna asked as Eric looked around the living room.

"No, I think I've had enough to drink." Eric said with a smirk and closed his gaze on Jenna. "How about you show me your bedroom?" he said with a seductive gleam in his eyes.

"You don't waste any time, do you?" Jenna said with a chuckle and grinned back at Eric as she felt the wetness start to grow between her legs. "Come on." She said, grabbing his hand and pulled him over to her bedroom. She guided him in, then let go of his hands. "So, are you ready to make me scream?" Jenna asked with a naughty smirk while looking into Eric's eyes.

"Oh definitely!" Eric said, then grabbed Jenna and pressed his lips to hers, engaging in a passionate kiss.

Jenna broke the kiss, the taste of it still lingering on the tip of her tongue and looked up at Eric with a wanting smile. "Let me just freshen up really quick." She said, pulling away and he gave her a disappointed nod. "I'll be right back. Make yourself comfortable in the meantime." She said and left the bedroom.

Jenna walked into the small bathroom, closing the door behind her, and exhaled slowly. She was already getting aroused, and Eric was definitely hot. She wondered if this could finally be it. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and shook her head. She always felt a little dirty after a shift at the bar, having the guys ogle her, and she turned on the water. She washed her hands, face, and ran a wet hand along her long black hair, making it look sleek and sexy. She pulled off her tight top, adjusting her c-cups in the black bra, then unbuttoned and shimmied out of her tight black jeans, exposing the black thong she was wearing underneath. She ran a finger along the fabric of her thong, feeling the unseen moist spot that was already there, and a tingle went through her. She studied her scarcely clothed body in the mirror, fixing her hair and adjusting her bra, until she was satisfied. She grabbed a condom from one of the drawers, then, wearing only her bra and thong left the bathroom and headed back to her bedroom.


Eric looked around the small bedroom, pacing with anticipation. He pulled off his boots, removed his shirt, then pulled down his pants. He was wearing tight black boxers and his semi-erect penis created a notable bulge. He looked at himself in the mirror, running a hand along his smooth muscular chest, then brushed his hair with his hand and gave himself a confident smile in the mirror. He glanced around the room once more, waiting for Jenna to get back, and started looking around. There wasn't much in the bedroom; A large bed, a nightstand, a small desk and a shelf with some necklaces and trinkets on it. He stepped over to take a closer look and was surprised to find a small strange-looking statue among the jewelry.

Eric heard the bathroom door open and Jenna's footsteps approaching as he studied the statue. It was a figure of a person dressed in a dark suit with bat-like wings made of black stone. It looked so out of place there and Eric found himself captivated by it.

"Hey, where did you get this statue?" Eric asked as he heard Jenna enter the room then straightened up and turned around to her. "Oh wow!" Eric let out as his eyes met Jenna's body. She was gorgeous, her body so tight and hot. He stared at her, moving his gaze along her boobs cupped in the black bra, then down her smooth stomach. He studied the curve of her hips, her smooth sexy thighs, long legs, and the small thong that covered her treasured jewel. He found himself gawking and his penis continued to harden in his boxers.

"Thanks." Jenna said blushing slightly and studied the hunky guy standing almost naked in front of her. He was well-built, his skin tan, and was smooth all over. Her eyes eagerly drank him in until focusing on his bulging package. She looked at it for a moment then looked up just in time to meet his gaze. "Um, sorry, what did you ask?" She asked, shaking her head while smiling adorably.

"Oh, I was just looking at the statue thing. It's quite interesting, I was wondering where you got it?" Eric asked.

"Oh that. Yeah, it's a little creepy, I know, but I'm used to it. It was my grandmother's. She gave it to me for my eighteenth birthday and apparently her grandmother gave it to her. I guess it's pretty old." Jenna explained in a matter of fact way. Eric nodded, then took a step forward. He wasn't really listening. He was too caught up with her body.

"God, you're hot!" Eric said with a grin and took a step forward. They looked each other in the eyes, then Eric leaned in and kissed her. He ran his hands along her smooth back as they kissed, sliding them down to her ass and squeezed her round cheeks, making her moan into his mouth, then slid them back up. He undid her bra with their lips still locked, then took a step back as Jenna let it fall to the floor. Eric bit his lower lip to the sight of Jenna's exposed breasts. They were round and firm, a solid c-cup, with small dark nipples. He stared at them for a brief moment, then grabbed her tits and squeezed, making Jenna moan softly. His cock was already hard in his boxers as he let go of her breasts and looked up at her. He took another step back and watched the expression on her face with satisfaction as he pulled his boxers down, his thick uncut seven-inch cock springing out.

"Oh wow." Jenna let out and grinned as she studied the hard member. He was all smooth down there, just like the rest of him, and Jenna admired the hard cock, eagerly thinking that his cock might be the one that finally did it. She was getting so wet between her legs, and after studying the hard cock for another moment she looked up. Eric had a satisfied expression on his face, and she watched him grab his hard shaft and squeeze it. At seeing that, Jenna wasted no time. She quickly pulled her now wet panties down, exposing her smooth pussy to Eric. She ran a gentle finger along her slit, her pink lips glistening with her wetness, then looked defiantly up at Eric who started slowly stroking his shaft. They stared at each other lustfully, the sexual hunger taking over them, then jumped each other like two animals.

To Jenna's disappointment there was not much foreplay and Eric was eager to get straight to the sex. There was not much touching, stroking, or fingering, and though Jenna would not have objected to sucking on Eric's nice cock, he did not seem interested in that as well. Instead, Eric had her lay down on the bed and got on top of her. He spread her legs wide, quickly slipping the condom she brought him on, and positioned his rigid member at her opening. He pushed in and groaned as he slowly penetrated Jenna, then kissed her as he started thrusting his hips, entering her warm wet snatch while he started moaning.

It felt good, Jenna could not deny that, and she moaned as he pushed his big cock in and out of her pussy, looking up at the pleasure in his eyes as he started going faster. He fucked her missionary for a few minutes, going faster and faster then pulled out and had them switch positions. He had her get on her hands and knees, then got into place behind her. He held her hips as he shoved his hard cock into her snug twat and just started thrusting, fucking her doggystyle.

Jenna moaned and groaned, oohed and aahed, as Eric's dick pumped her wet pussy. He did have stamina, she had to give him that, but despite all his talk about making girls scream, she was not even close to cumming. Jenna gasped as for a moment a powerful tingle shot through her, sparking a sliver of hope but it was premature.

A moment later Eric called out in pleasure and started groaning ominously as his cock began to spout. He gave a few quick thrusts, pushing himself into Jenna, then slowed down. He moaned, his voice shaking, and managed a last thrust. He held his cock deep inside Jenna's cunt as he continued ejaculating, enjoying the warm embrace of it as he shot the last few loads, filling the condom with his sperm. He held himself inside her a moment longer, then pulled out.


Jenna watched as Eric showed himself out while she stayed in bed, neither one bothering to say much. She was still naked as he left, and as soon as the door closed, she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide. Her body craved release, and she reached a hand between her legs as she shook her head in disappointment, realizing he was not the one, then slid a finger along her wet lips, caressing them, and let out a little whimper.

To Jenna's continual frustration, ever since she started having sex, no guy had ever been able to make her cum. Despite multiple sexual partners and a few relationships, no matter what they tried, none managed to bring Jenna to a climax. She had men touch her, finger her, lick and eat her pussy, which she didn't much like, and of course fuck her, but no guy had ever been able to bring her to a blessed orgasm. She hoped Eric would be the one, the first guy who would finally be able to make her experience an orgasm, but he was not, and Jenna had to satisfy her needs herself, like always.

Jenna gasped as she inserted a finger into her pussy. She was so wet it easily slid in, going deep into her tight hole. Jenna moaned softly, and started slowly fingering herself, gently moving her finger in and out of her pussy. Meanwhile, she moved her free hand to her breasts and started fondling them. She let out another small moan as she pinched her right nipple, then pulled her finger out of her cunt, her juices coating it, and gently pressed it to her clit.

"Oh god!" Jenna mouthed to herself, her voice rasped, and threw her head back at the delicious touch of her finger. She pressed gently into her clit, eliciting more pleasure, then started tracing a circle around it with her index and middle fingers, moving slowly inwards, gently caressing her clit, then slowly moving out, teasing herself so perfectly. "Fuck!" she whispered as she pressed her fingers to her clit once more, making a surge of pleasure shoot through her. She started rubbing, moving her finger in a circular motion at the top of her pussy and moaning as her breath became heavier.

Jenna spread her legs wider, her heart rate rising along with the pleasure. She pinched an erect nipple with her left hand, then moved her right one away from her clit. She traced a finger along her glistening slit a few times, gently, tenderly, then slipped two fingers into her drenched pussy. She shut her eyes and clenched her teeth at the pleasure, bucking her hips as she pushed both fingers deep into her twat, stretching her pink hole with such divine pleasure, then started fingering herself once more.

The pleasure continued to grow as Jenna fingered herself with two naughty digits. She kept playing with her tits, her nipples becoming more sensitive as her arousal grew. She moaned as she pumped her pussy, her wetness audible with each motion. Jenna whimpered as she continued to masturbate, feeling her climax slowly approaching. She continued to finger herself for a moment longer, feeling the sensational pleasure build up, then at once, pulled out and started rubbing her clit like crazy.

"Oh my god yes!" Jenna moaned in a shaky voice as she finally made herself cum. Her body began to tremble, and she continued to rub her pussy feverishly as the pleasure took over. "Ugh yeah!" she called out and her legs started shuddering as the intense bliss engulfed her naked body. She moaned loudly, her legs shaking, her thighs closing tightly around her hand as she continued to masturbate to the pleasure of her self-induced orgasm. She opened her eyes wide, looking up at the ceiling as her body spasmed with intense pleasure, reaching every nerve, until it slowly started fading away.

Jenna pressed her fingers to her pussy, her folded legs still tightly closed around her hand, and breathed heavily as the last waves of pleasure washed over her. She felt her body begin to relax, and slowly spread her legs open. She slid her fingers one last time along her vulva, then pulled them away. She looked up the ceiling, a somewhat satisfied look on her face as she caught her breath, then she slowly sat up.

Jenna took a deep breath, then slowly got to her feet. She was filthy, smelling of sex, alcohol and sweat. Her hand and thighs were covered with her pussy juices and it slowly dripped down her thigh as she stood there. She shook her head as she thought once more of the unsatisfying encounter with Eric and headed for the shower. On her way out she ran a hand over the strange statue her grandmother gave her, rubbing some of her liquids on it and finding it strangely comforting. "God, I wish a guy would finally make me cum." She said to herself mindlessly, thinking aloud, then left her room and headed straight to the shower.


The following day Jenna was working another shift at the bar. She was wearing a tight black cami top, a short jeans skirt, and black knee-high boots. Her long hair was tied into a loose ponytail and a chocker necklace adorned her neck. It was another slow night, and there was not much to do so she spent most of it behind the bar chatting with Irene most of the night, pouring the occasional drink and organizing whatever she could.

As the large clock on the wall struck ten, the door opened, letting in a gust of cold wind. There were only a handful of people left in the bar, a few groups huddled around, finishing up their drinks. The seats on the bar were all vacant, and Irene just finished polishing some of the bottles when she looked up to see who it was. A dark figure stood in the doorway, looking around the room. It scanned its occupants until his eyes landed on Jenna and he stepped towards the bar.

The man was medium height, lean, and was dressed entirely in black. He wore a black long coat, black leather gloves, black pants, and black boots. He had jet black hair, cascading down to his shoulders, and Irene watched him mesmerized as he took a few steps closer and took a seat on one of the free chairs, just in front of Jenna. She watched his face as he pulled his coat off, exposing a black sweater under it, then he sat down and slowly removed his gloves, placing them in his pocket. He was handsome, his face shaved and his complexion dark and exotic. Irene studied him closely as he looked up at Jenna and noticed that the only thing not dark about him were his eyes. They were green, deep and hypnotizing, almost like a snake. Irene glanced at him speechless, and nudged Jenna who was with her back turned to him.

Jenna raised her gaze to Irene, not understanding what she wanted, and as she looked up, Irene gestured for Jenna to turn around. Jenna's eyes met the man's just as she turned around, and as he gave her a smug grin, she could have sworn there was something familiar about him.

"Um, what can I…get you?" Jenna asked, clearing her throat.

"Do you by chance have any Arak?" The man asked in a deep yet strangely soothing voice.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Jenna asked. He had an exotic accent she couldn’t place. It was like British mixed with French and maybe a hint of Arabic. It was unique and strangely arousing to both her and Irene.

"Arak. Do you happen to have any?" The man asked again with his intriguing accent.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what that is." Jenna replied shyly.

"Then I guess I'll just take a Cognac." The man said and Jenna breathed out in relief. She knew what that was.

"No problem." Jenna said with a blushing smile and turned around. There was a special glass for Cognac, and she knew they had one somewhere. She looked around and found it on one of the shelfs along with the highballs. Irene had already reached for the bottle of Cognac, something they would rarely pour, and handed it to Jenna. She poured it into the glass generously and turned around, handing it to the man.

"Thank you." The man said as she handed him the glass. He picked it up, and sloshed it around the glass, studying it, then took a sip. "Not bad." He said, smiling up at Jenna and put it down. "May I offer you a glass as well?" he asked her with a polite smile.

"No thanks. I'm good." Jenna replied politely.

"Something else then?" the man asked, taking another sip.

"No, it's fine. Thank you." She said and felt Irene glaring at her. After the disappointment she experienced last night with Eric, it would be a while before she let any other patron "buy her a drink".

"It's alright, I understand." The man said with a smile and took another sip of the Cognac. "A beautiful woman such as yourself probably has men trying to buy her drinks constantly." He said and grinned as she blushed at his words. "Isn't that right, Jenna?" he said, grinning and took another sip.

Jenna's heart skipped a bit at the mention of her name. He looked at her like he knew her, but she knew that was impossible. She did not remember Irene calling her by her name since the man walked in, but she probably just did not notice. She stared at him as she calmed herself down, not quite understanding why she had to do so, then made herself smile at him politely, nodding sweetly.

"You know Jenna, and please stop me if I'm being cumbersome, but I've always had this unique skill. A gift really." The man said to Jenna, smiling at her smugly all the while. "Would you like to know what it is?" he asked her.

"Sure, why not." Jenna said, rolling her eyes.

"I've always had a gift for telling a woman's deepest desire." He said and took another sip from the glass.

"Is that so?" Jenna said skeptically.

"Indeed." The man said and smiled at her. "I could tell you yours if you allow me." He said to her.

"Oh yes, please do." Jenna said with a mocking tone.

"Alright, but on one condition." The man said, sloshing the Cognac around in his glass. "If I am correct, you will let me buy you a drink."

"Deal!" Jenna said as she started laughing, finally getting it. This was all an act; this guy was so cheesy. She started wondering if his accent was even real. "So, what is my deepest desire then?" she asked with mock drama in her voice.

The man looked at her, studying, a condescending grin on his face. He sloshed the drink some more, took a sip, then looked up at her. He studied the mocking expression on her face then gave her a sly smile and gestured for her to come closer.

"What?" Jenna asked.

"Come closer." The man said. "You don't expect me to shout it across the room, do you?" he asked. Jenna rolled her eyes but came closer nonetheless, leaning in until she was looking straight into the man's face. He smiled at her, putting his glass down, then leaned closer until his lips were to her ear.

"Your deepest wish is…to experience an orgasm at the hands of a man." He whispered and pulled back.

Jenna's eyes went wide as she pulled away quickly. The amused expression she had on her face was wiped away and one of shock and awe appeared instead. There was no way he could have known that; it simply wasn't possible. She looked at him with newfound fright and blinked as he just grinned at her sheepishly.

"How did you…?" Jenna asked in a shaky voice.

"What…did he get it?" Irene, who was listening all along, asked.

"I don't…" Jenna started mumbling.

"What is it then?" Irene asked the man, fascinated.

"A person's deepest desire should remain their own unless they choose to share it." He told Irene who turned her gaze to Jenna.

"Well?" Irene asked.

"Well what?" Jenna asked, pretending not to understand.

"Did he get it right?" Irene asked.

"I…no…I don't know." Jenna mumbled.

"Oh my god, he got it right, didn't he?" Irene smirked. "What is it then?" she asked.

"I'm not telling you! It stupid anyway." Jenna said defensively.

"Oh, come on!" Irene tried again.

"Irene, leave it alone." Jenna said sternly and the experienced bartender nodded and shrugged.

"How about you pour yourself that drink now?" The man suggested with an amused smile and Jenna turned to look at him, shaking her head in bewilderment, then nodded, and poured herself a glass of whiskey.

"So now really. How did you know?" Jenna asked the man with a glass in hand. Since there wasn't much to do, she stepped around the bar and took a seat next to him.

"It is why I'm here after all." The man said with a devious smile and sipped his Cognac.

"What do you mean?" Jenna asked confused.

"To help fulfil your desire." The man whispered to her and a shiver ran down Jenna's spine.

"There's no way…" Jenna started saying dismissively, her voice faltering. For some crazy reason, she almost believed him.

"What, that I can fulfil it? I can assure you I am quite able." The man said seriously, a confident expression on his face.

Jenna stared as the man's intense gaze. Her heart was pounding in her chest, but she knew there was no chance he was serious. It was just another horny client trying to hook up with her, and despite his talk it would end just like any other night.

"No offense buddy, and not that I'm gonna get into details with you, but I highly doubt it." Jenna said.

"I think you would be surprised, but of course, it's up to you." The man said casually and took a sip from his drink.

"Just out of curiosity," Jenna said, looking around the bar. Irene went to the back to do a quick inventory and the few other people were too far away to hear. "how would you do it?" she asked, lowering her voice.

"Do what?" The man asked teasingly.

"You know…make me cum." Jenna said with a hint of embarrassment. She could not deny talking about it was turning her on.

"Oh. Well, for the first one…" The man started saying.

"First one?" Jenna asked with a dismissive giggle.

"Why yes, your first orgasm. Did you expect that I would only, how did you phrase it? Make you cum…once?" The man asked with a glimmer of amusement in his eyes.

"Once would still be very impressive." Jenna said nervously and the man just nodded with a calming smile.

"In any case, for the first one I would use my mouth and tongue to…" the man started saying but Jenna cut him off.

"See, you already lost me. I don't like it when guys go down on me." Jenna told him quietly.

"Oh, is that so?" the man asked. "Well, I do believe I could make you change your mind about that." He said with a grin that made Jenna's pussy tingle. There was something so alluring about him.

"You sound quite sure of yourself, what makes you so certain you can?" Jenna asked. She was getting dangerously turned on.

"Life and experience." The man said plainly, then grinned and seemed to be considering something for a moment. "I have a proposal for you Jenna." The man said casually.

"What is it?" Jenna asked suspiciously.

"You let me try to give you an orgasm with oral sex. If I succeed, you will allow me to give you several more orgasms while we have sex." The man offered.

"And what if you can't?" Jenna asked as she felt the wetness growing between her legs.

"Well, if I can't, I can just leave. Or, if you prefer, I can stay and watch you, let you look at me naked while you make yourself orgasm." He offered and Jenna felt her pussy tingle at the thought of masturbating while looking at his naked body.

"So, let me get this straight. I let you go down on me and if you can't make me cum, we won't have sex?" she asked, and the man nodded. "Then you'll either leave or pose naked for me while I get myself off, then just leave, whichever I choose?" she asked, and he nodded again. It was starting to sound more and more tempting and her moist pussy was not helping her decision.

"Jenna Hon. I'm gonna go ahead and close up. See you tomorrow?" Irene said, oblivious to the conversation and stepped back behind the bar as the man got up. Jenna looked around and only then realized that the bar was completely empty and only Irene, the man, and she were still there.

"Sure Irene. Good night." Jenna said and watched man. He put his gloves and coat on, then pulled out a wad of cash held together with a golden clip and went through it. He pulled out a hundred, put it on the bar and looked up at Jenna questioningly. She ignored her gaze and grabbed her coat from behind the bar. She put it on, a long black cotton coat, and waved to Irene as she headed out with the mysterious man.

The cold night air hit Jenna the moment she opened the door, making her tighten the coat around herself as she looked at the man. Though the cold air helped clear her head a little, she was still very much aroused, and as she looked over at the man, she was surprised by how wet she was getting.

"So, what do you say?" The man asked again the moment the door closed behind them.

"Fuck, do you really think you can make me cum?" Jenna asked the man. She didn't believe she was actually considering letting him try but she was getting really aroused and there was something so alluring about him.

"Undoubtedly." The man said smiling and Jenna bit her lip as she considered.

"Okay then." Jenna said and the man's smile broadened. "I'm gonna hate myself tomorrow but I'm so horny right now." Jenna added and looked at the man, wanting to but not believing he was really the one. "I live right over there." Jenna said pointing as she looked at the man, knowing it was her last chance to back down. "Come on." She said, taking his gloved hand in hers and pulled him over to her apartment.


Jenna unlocked the door to her apartment and closed it behind them. She removed her coat, watching the man look around with a strange almost nostalgic expression on his face as he pulled his coat off too. She tossed her coat on a chair and the man did the same.

Jenna's watched the man curiously as he slowly removed his gloves, placing them in his coat pocket before turning to look at her. He gave her a piercing gaze and it made her pussy tingle.

"Should we move to the bedroom?" The man started, "Or would prefer the living room?" the man asked.

"No…um, no." Jenna said, her voice faltering, then cleared her throat. "Let's move to the bedroom." She said and the man nodded. Her heart started thumping loudly in her chest as she walked over to her bedroom, turned on the light, and led him in. As they entered her bedroom Jenna turned around, her pussy growing wetter, and bit her lower lip as she looked at him.

The man gave Jenna a lustful gaze, studying her. He took a step towards her, closing the distance between them, and grabbed her, nor forcefully but deliberately, and placed his hands on her cheeks. He looked deep into her eyes, then leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. Jenna closed her eyes and opened her mouth as the man's mouth pressed to hers. His lips were soft, and as her mouth opened, he slipped his tongue inside. Jenna moaned into the man's mouth as his long slippery tongue explored. He kissed her with a passion she hadn't felt in a long time, the passion of long-lost lovers, and not of strangers hooking up for the first time. He traced his tongue along hers, first softly and then more forcefully, and finally he sucked her tongue into his own mouth in an amazing feat, making Jenna open her eyes wide and moan into him, then disengage their kiss.

"Wow…that was…" Jenna said breathless as she looked at the man. She was red-faced, the kiss made her even more aroused, and she stared at him as he just smiled back casually.

"That was just the beginning." The man said with a smirk. He reached for Jenna's top, grabbing the hem, and looked into her eyes. Jenna nodded at him and the man quickly pulled her top off, revealing a purple bra cupping her lovely breasts. He tossed the top on the floor, looking at her sexy cleavage then leaned in for another kiss.

Jenna grabbed the man's sweater as their lips pressed together tightly. She let the kiss linger for a moment longer, then disengaged it and lifted his black sweater, removing it. He had no shirt underneath and Jenna bit her lip at the sight of his bare dark-skinned chest. She ran her hand along his chest, tossing his shirt aside, then took a step back.

The man watched Jenna as she pulled off her boots, removing his own boots in the process, and looked at her as she moved to unzip her skirt. He stared at her while she pulled down her skirt and stepped out of it, revealing her long tone legs and wet pink panties. She stood there in her bra and panties and grinned as he looked her. She took a step to him, reaching for his belt and pressed her mouth back to his. Jenna fumbled with his pants as they kissed, her hands unfastening his black leather belt. She undid the belt with their lips still locked, unzipping his pants, and as she started pulling them down, he wrapped his hands around her and expertly unclasped her bra. The two pulled back from their kiss as their clothes fell to the floor, bodies hot with arousal. The man stepped out of his pants, only his underwear on, and watched Jenna as she let her bra fall, exposing a pair of tantalizing round tits.

Jenna took in the sight of the barely clothed man and found it incredibly erotic. He had hair covering his chest, stomach and legs, but not much. His muscles weren't huge, but they were strangely highlighted. His bicep, abs, pecks, all looked like they were chiseled onto him, the lines in them clear, and it looked so hot. She could feel his eyes on her bare chest, studying her hardening nipples and felt the wetness growing between her legs.

"Ladies first." The man said with an easy smile as he stood there in just his underwear. They were black, obviously, but of a strange style Jenna had never seen before. He eyed her sexy body as he said it, then looked up at her eyes and smiled.

Jenna bit down a smile and nodded at him. It was amusing that after all his talk he was shy about getting naked first, but she found it endearing. She studied him as she slyly slipped her fingers into the waistband and slowly pulled down her very wet panties, exposing her smooth vulva to the mysterious man.

"Oh wow, you really are stunning." The man said as Jenna pulled her panties off and stood in front of him in all her splendor. She was tall, her legs long and tone, and had such sexy subtle curves. He ran his eyes along her naked body, noting the way her smooth thighs curved up to her hips, then down to her waist. Her breasts were simply beautiful, full and round, her areolas small and dark, and her nipples erect atop each perky mound, a small gap between them. He moved his gaze along her flat stomach, tight and sexy, and grinned at the sight of her cute little navel piercing and a tattoo of a spilled wine glass on her right thigh. He scanned her vulva, her pubic mound completely smooth, then honed his gaze on her tight little pussy, studying it intently. The man studied Jenna for another moment, taking in her beauty, then moved his hands down to his underwear. He pulled them down his legs, stepping out of them and straightened back up, grinning smugly.

Jenna blinked as she looked at the man standing there completely naked. He was hot, his naked body looking good, but to her surprise, his penis just dangled between his legs, soft, not even semi-erect and quite unimpressive. She looked at it, feeling embarrassed, then noted his member slowly beginning to grow.

The man looked at Jenna's pussy, studying it, then looked down at his limp cock and bit down a smile. He looked up at Jenna and watched her eyes glued to his cock as he made it get hard.

Jenna's eyes went wide as the man's cock hardened before her eyes. Within a few seconds it went from soft and unimpressive to a huge rock-hard twitching eight-inch cock. She knew it was just her imagination, but his cock seemed to grow much longer and thicker than it should, getting bigger and bigger the harder it got, and she kept staring at it entranced. His cock was huge, long, thick, and dark like the rest of him. It was circumcised, with bulging veins, and the pubic hair around the base neatly trimmed. She felt the wetness grow between her legs even more, almost dripping out of her, and took a step forward.

The man took a step forward just as Jenna did and grabbed her neck, pulling her in for another passionate kiss. His massive erection poked her smooth vulva as they kissed, sliding up her stomach as he moved in close and slipped his tongue back into her mouth. They engaged in a long sensual kiss, their naked bodies pressing together until the man broke the kiss and looked into Jenna's eyes. He smiled at her, then moved one hand away and leaned down, pressing his lips to her neck.

"Oh god!" Jenna moaned softly as the man began kissing her neck, nibbling gently on her soft skin. He moved over to her shoulder, kissing it, then moved his hands down to her tits and squeezed them as he kissed his way down to her chest. "Oh yes!" Jenna moaned as the man moved his lips down and closed them around her left nipple, causing goosebump to form on her skin. He squeezed her breasts gently, clearly knowing his way around a woman, then sucked on her nipple, making Jenna whimper as a jolt of pleasure shot through her. "Oh my god!" She whispered intensely, looking down at him as he sucked on her nipple, then moved to the other one. "Oh fuck!" she moaned as the man bit her right nipple playfully, knowing to use enough force for a hint of pain, just enough to heighten the pleasure and make her whimper again. He sucked on that same nipple, softer, then harder, until finally pulling his lips away.

The man slid his hands down Jenna's sides, running them along her smooth waist down to the curve of her hip. He pressed his lips to her upper stomach, just below her breasts, and slowly kissed his way down. He ran his lips down her flat stomach, over her navel, and started kissing her smooth pubic mound. He paused after he reached her pubic mound, now kneeling on his knees with Jenna standing. He slid his palms down lower, to her thighs, and slowly moved his right hand over to her sexy pussy.

Jenna gasped as he placed his thumb gently on her clit. He slid it down, tracing it down along her slit as he stared at her pussy, then leaned in and pressed his lips to her pubic mound again. "Um, like…like I said, I don't really like having my…pussy licked." Jenna said feeling a little embarrassed.

"I remember. And like I said, I think I can make you change our mind. " the man said looking up at her confidently. He let go of her, then slowly got to his feet. "I think it just means no one has ever done it to you right." The man said with a smirk. He grabbed her hand and guided her to the bed. "Let me show you how it's supposed to feel." The man said confidently.

"Okay." Jenna said hesitantly, but she already agreed to let him try. The man gestured for her to climb onto the bed and lay down on her back and she complied. She got in place, placing two pillows under her head, and watched his piercing gaze on her naked body, his cock completely hard, and her breath quickened as he climbed onto the bed.

The man had a hungry gleam in his eyes as he climbed onto the bed while ogling Jenna's nude body. He bit his lower lip sensually and placed his hands on her knees. He ran his palm up along her thighs, feeling her body react to the intimate touch, then slid them back down and slowly spread her legs apart. He closed his gaze on her seductive slit as he pulled her legs apart, watching intently as her beautiful pussy was slowly revealed. Her labia gleamed with her arousal, and he smiled to himself as he leaned down, moving his mouth between Jenna's legs.

Jenna watched the man as he moved closer to her intimate region. She never really enjoyed having her pussy eaten, it was always something she thought looked hot and sexy, yet did not really feel good, but as the man neared her womanhood, she could feel his warm breath on her intimate folds and a shiver ran down her spine. She watched as he paused just an inch above her pussy, looking at it, and inhaled deeply. He raised his eyes up to hers as he did this, a smile creeping to his face, then looked back down and started blowing gently.

Jenna's breath grew rasped as the man blew on her soft lips. His breath was warm and caressing, and it sent a tingling sensation throughout her body. She watched him as he continued, blowing warm air along her slit, then onto her clit, making her tingle even more. He blew on her vagina for a few more seconds, then leaned in and gently pressed his lips to hers.

Jenna let out a shaking gasp of pleasure as the man kissed her clit so gently and tenderly. He pulled his lips away, grinning to himself, then pressed them back and started kissing her vulva all over. He kissed her pink slit, just below her clit, and started running his lips along her naked skin. Jenna moaned softly as the man kissed her inner thighs, his lips as gentle as butterfly wings, and moved them along hungrily. He kissed her outer lips, moving down towards her puckered hole, but quickly moved back up. He slid his hand up her legs as he kissed her, grabbing her upper thighs, and continued planting kisses along her vagina. He moved back to her clit, kissing it tenderly once more, then slipped his tongue out and gently pressed the tip to her clit.

"Oh my god!" Jenna moaned as the man's tongue met her clit and started caressing it. He gave it a few teasing licks, a quick kiss, then started brushing the tip down her slit, licking her with surgical precision. This was nothing like the previous times men went down on her, this was soft, tender, and precise, and her body started growing warmer as the pleasure grew.

The man traced his tongue along Jenna's gleaming lips before pressing his lips to them once more. Her growing moans were music to his ears, and as he slid his thumb along her inner thighs, he sucked on her pussy lips, making Jenna moan louder. He pulled his mouth back, taking a quick breath, then stuck his tongue out and slipped it into her wet pussy, getting a good taste of her womanly flavor.

"Oh fuck!" Jenna moaned, letting her head fall back onto the pillow as the man shoved his tongue into her intimate depth, swirling it around as he tasted her. He pulled it out a moment later, and returned to licking her, using more pressure as he ran his tongue along her sensitive lips. He pulled up for air again, looking up at her as he licked her wetness off his lips, then looked back down. Jenna continued to watch, body warm with pleasure and arousal as the man run both his thumbs along her pussy lips. He traced one thumb along her clit, making her whimper, then used both thumbs to spread her pussy open.

"What a beautiful pussy!" The man whispered as he spread her lips apart, looking at it. He looked up at Jenna again, grinning, then pressed his lips back and started devouring her twat hungrily to Jenna's moans. The man pulled his right hand away, leaving only the left thumb on her labia, and moved it down. He continued eating her out and Jena moaned as he moved to her clit once more. He licked it teasingly, then suddenly stopped, and placed a probing finger at Jenna's opening.

"Oh my god!" Jenna whimpered as the man slipped his index finger into her sopping hole while looking up at her. She was so wet, and she moaned in pleasure as he slowly inserted his finger into her. She reveled in that feeling, enjoying the way his index finger slowly breached her cunt before moving it in so slowly, almost torturing her with pleasure. It felt like forever until he pushed it all the way in. He held it there for a moment, looking at Jenna with a grin, her expression begging for him to continue, and he soon did. He pulled his finger out of her, slowly, then shoved it back in. "Oh fuck!" Jenna moaned as the man began fingering her wet twat, plunging his finger in and out. She moaned as he defiled her with his finger so masterfully, then suddenly, he pulled his finger out.

The man paused for a moment as he pulled his finger out of Jenna and just looked at her. He did not touch Jenna, letting her stew in her own lust while he smirked. She looked at him, waiting for him to continue, feeling the sexual itch grow, then, just as she opened her mouth to object, he shoved two fingers into her pussy, sliding them all the way into her, and continued fingering her. He watched the pleasure on Jenna's face as did this, a loud moan escaping her lips, and grinned. He began fingering her faster and resumed licking her delicious pussy.

"Holy shit!" Jenna cursed as her body came alive with even more pleasure. The man was fingering her, thrusting two long fingers into her slippery muff, and eating her pussy expertly. It felt so good, better than she ever imagined oral sex could be, and her eyes shot wide open as she felt something unbelievable slowly approach.

The sensation caught Jenna by surprise, just a trickle at first, barely noticeable. The man continued to pleasure her so thoroughly, and within a few moments the sensation grew, becoming unmistakable. She moaned as the man's fingers continued to plunge into her, his tongue finding its way back to her needy clit. Her heartbeat quickened, as did her breathing, and even though it was clear, she refused to believe it until the very last moment.

"Oh my god!" Jenna said as the tension in her body grew, "oh my god!" she said again, slightly faster. "Fuck, I can't believe it!" She called out, her voice shrill, then the man closed his lips around her clit and sucked on it. Jenna closed her eyes as her body tensed, the burning pleasure skyrocketing until it reached its peak. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Jenna called as her naked body erupted in pleasure. "I'm cumming!" she called out and started to shudder as the pleasure engulfed her. "Oh my god, I'm cumming!" she screamed, pleasure and awe blatant on her face, and started writhing on the bed as, for the first time in her life, she experienced an orgasm at the hands of a man.

The man continued to finger Jenna's pussy and suck on her clit as her body trembled with orgasmic bliss. She moaned and groaned, shuddering, and basked in the divine pleasure. The man took it all in with delight, a smug look on his face, and pulled his mouth away. He continued to finger her pussy, feeling it convulse around his fingers, then just pressed it deep into her and held it there. He watched with great satisfaction as her body continued to spasm for a few more moments of intense pleasure, then it went limp. He held his fingers inside Jenna's drenched cunt until her body completely relaxed, and only then pulled his fingers out, licking them as Jenna watched.

"You…you made me cum." Jenna said dazed, still not completely believing it just happened. She stared up at him in disbelief and the man just returned a smug grin.

"Merely the first time." The man said with a satisfied grin and sat up on the bed. He placed his hands on Jenna's legs, sliding them up to her knees and crawled on his knees between her spread legs. He grabbed Jenna's legs, so smooth and warm, and lifted them towards, folding her knees. He inched closer between her legs, his big hard cock bobbing, and stopped when it was resting on top of Jenna's vulva. He let go of her legs, grabbing his hard cock with his left hand, and started rubbing it against Jenna's vagina. He studied Jenna as she lifted her head, watching him rub his hard dick onto her, then stopped and looked up at her. "Do you believe me now?" The man asked casually, so sure of himself, and Jenna nodded without saying a word.

Jenna's mind was spinning as she watched the man rubbing his big hard cock against her, making her already aroused body burn even hotter. Her mind knew that she should not let a stranger enter her unprotected, but the recent orgasm at the hands of this mysterious man confused her, and her body could not turn down the feeling of his bare cock entering her. She could feel more of her juices dripping out of her pussy as the man continued to rub his erection along her vulva, moving the thick head along her slit and pressing it to her clit each time. It felt so good it was almost maddening, and he continued for a few more moments before he finally pulled his shaft back. He guided the tip of his erection to between her pink lips and held it there. Jenna held her breath as the man paused, nestling his manhood to her intimate opening. She froze, not even blinking, and stared as the man grabbed her legs tightly. He looked deep into her eyes, his gaze intense. and slowly penetrated her vagina with his hard penis.

It was the hottest things Jenna had even seen, watching the man penetrate her for the first time. He applied just the slightest pressure, letting the head part her tender lips, and slowly pushed it in. Jenna let out a guttural moan, watching entranced as the man entered her, stretching her pussy while gliding into her with great pleasure. He breached her sacred hole, her soft labia taking his cock in reluctantly as he slowly pushed in, inch after inch, until he filled her completely. It was amazing, almost eerie, the way his penis fit perfectly into her vagina. It stretched her just right, her tight cunt snugly gripping his shaft we he filled her so completely, like his cock was made exactly for her pussy. He pressed harder once he was deep inside her, letting her feel every inch of his shaft, and Jenna let out another moan.

"Ugh yes, just right!" the man grunted as he held himself deep inside Jenna. He ran his hands down her thighs in a sensual motion, then slid them around and grabbed her waist. He slowly pulled himself out, unsheathing his thick shaft until just the head remained inside Jenna's snatch, then slowly pushed himself back in, stretching her again, and moaned as he began moving slowly, thrusting his hips in and out of Jenna's wet pussy.

They both watched their bodies merge, the way his hard cock perfectly slid in and out of her slick cunt. Jenna let out a soft moan as the man moved with amazing self-restraint, keeping to the tender pace of love making. He kept his eyes on their merging parts as he continued their sexual act, his motions slow and gentle. He paused for a moment, raising his gaze to meet her eyes, then started going a little faster.

The man grinned at Jenna, enjoying her hot little pussy, then moved his eyes down to her beautiful breasts. He looked down at her sexy mounds, her nipples cute and erect, and watched them sway as he fucked her snug twat. He gave her a few more plunges, letting out a soft groan, then stopped. The man looked into her eyes as he leaned down, climbing on top of her with his cock buried in her pussy. He placed his hands on both sides of her and continued to lean down until he was hovering over her. He pulled his hip back, sliding his hard shaft out, then pushed it back in and resumed fucking Jenna, his face hovering only inches above hers.

"Ugh yeah!" Jenna whimpered, her voice small and shaky, as the man continued to breach her. He now started rolling his hips each time he thrust into her womanhood, each thrust now ending with his pubic bone pressing into her clit, rubbing against it, and making Jenna let out whimpering moans. She looked up into his mesmerizing eyes as he fucked her so good, and as he entered her again, gliding his cock into her intimate folds and pressing into her clit with a little more force, Jenna knew. She knew she would cum on this man's cock, and the moment it dawned on her, she grabbed his face with both hands and pulled him in for a steamy kiss.

The man moaned as Jenna shoved her tongue into his mouth. She pulled him into a deep and passionate kiss, hungry for his mouth, and the man stopped his thrusts, pressing himself harder onto her clit as they kissed with ferocious intensity. He lowered his chest down as they kissed, pressing it to her boobs and pushed his tongue into Jenna's mouth. They kissed with deep sexual hunger, lips locked and tongues flailing until they were both out of breath and the man pulled away. He lifted himself up again, staring down at Jenna and just smiled.

"Are you ready for another orgasm?" The man asked and Jenna just stared at him. His tone was not cocky or smug, it was genuine, and after a moment, Jenna returned a cautious nod.

"Ugh fuck!" Jenna howled as the man suddenly plunged his big cock into her with a powerful thrust, shoving his entire shaft into her snatch in a single motion while looking into her eyes. He grinned at her as she grimaced, holding himself inside her, then pulled out and slammed in again. "Oh my god!" Jenna whimpered, clawing at the covers, but this time the man did not stop, and immediately pulled out and rammed his dick back into her, starting to fuck her pussy roughly.

"Oh yeah, that's it!" The man called out encouragingly as he pounded Jenna's muff. "Ugh, you feel so good!" he moaned, ramming himself into her cunt as her breasts bounced around under him.

"Holy shit!" Jenna called out, moaning loudly as the man plunged himself into her, sending jolts of pleasure along her naked body. She could feel the pleasure build up with every thrust, the tingling sensation grow and spread throughout her with each motion of their merging bodies. She clenched her teeth as the pleasure grew intense, not believing this was finally happening. "Oh fuck!" she called out as he shoved his cock into her again, sliding it deep into her as he pounded her pussy. She mewled as the tension became excruciating, each thrust like a hammer, pushing her closer and closer to the edge until she could take it no more.

Jenna screeched as she came on the man's cock, climaxing for the first time in her life while a man penetrated her. All the pent-up tension he built up inside of her with each thrust of his hips just exploded, and Jenna's screech turned into a shriek as the climax hit her hard. "Oh…my…god!" She screamed in a shaking voice as the orgasm took hold of her. She clawed at the covers, intense bliss starting to surge through her veins, and threw her had back, shutting her eyes. The man continued to pummel her pussy, heightening the pleasure to an almost agonizing level, and her back arched as the intensity only continued to grow. "Ugh fuck!" Jenna screamed as her body surged with burning pleasure. The man continued to pound her pussy mercilessly and she felt it start to convulse around the shaft. He kept penetrating her and her spread legs started to tremble.

The man looked down at the orgasmic pleasure on Jenna's face as she came on his cock. He shoved himself deep into her convulsing pussy, stretching it, and groaned, clenching his teeth. He pressed himself as deep as he could inside her cunt and waited for her to ride out the last of her orgasm. He looked deep into her eyes as her body spasmed a final time, then relaxed completely. The man then pulled himself up, until he was on his knees once more with his cock still buried in Jenna's snatch. He grabbed her waist, slowly pulled his shaft out, then grunted deeply as he shoved it back in. He repeated this once more, slowly pulling his dick out, then shoved it back in, moaning as Jenna whimpered softly. He held his dick inside her for just a moment, biting his lip, then pulled it out quickly and placed it on top of her pubic mound just as he started shooting his load.

Jenna watched amazed as the man started to ejaculate. He groaned loudly, and she watched his rock-hard cock twitching on top of her pussy as it shot out a powerful load of cum that hit her tits, splattering her stomach. The man let out another grunt and Jenna watched as his cock twitched again, sending another load of cum onto her stomach. His cock continued to twitch and throb, his face contorting in bliss, and Jenna watched wide-eyed as it fired load after load of hot sticky cum all over her. The man came a lot, five or six huge loads that were followed by a few smaller ones. She looked amazed as he finally stopped squirting, his cock twitching one final time, making a few drops of cum drip down onto her lower stomach, then stand still.

The man caught his breath as he stared down at Jenna's cum covered body. His breathing slowly leveled, his heartbeat slowing down, then he looked up at Jenna's eyes and smirked. The man moved back a little on the bed, his hard cock bobbing, then moved his gaze down Jenna's body. He placed his hands on her knees, tracing them up her thighs, then leaned down and moved his head between Jenna's legs. He gave Jenna's pussy a quick lick, then stuck his tongue further out and used the tip to scoop up his cum off Jenna's pubic mound. He raised his gaze to her, a few drops of cum on his tongue, then swallowed it.

Jenna's eyes went wide as the man started licking his own cum off her stomach. She watched his sly tongue moving along her stomach, lapping up his own jizz, and her pussy quivered at the sight. She watched him with awe, his tongue and lips scooping up his sperm without hesitation as he swallowed load after load. The man licked Jenna clean, getting the last drop of cum off her tits and swallowing them, before raising his gaze to Jenna.

"That was…oh my god!" Jenna let in giddy amazement, still taking it all in. "Fuck, I can't believe you just did that." She said, looking down at his face as he grinned up at her.

"Did you like that?" the man asked in a seductive tone, pulling himself higher along Jenna's naked body, rubbing his chest along her breasts. "Did it turn you on to see me lick my own cum off your naked body?" he asked almost as a whisper, his face only inches away from hers.

"Uh hu." Jenna let out, nodding, and gave him an intense gaze. He reached down with one hand, grabbing his cock, and slid it between Jenna's warm pussy lips. He looked deep into her eyes, then thrust his hips and pushed his cock back into Jenna's pussy. He stifled a moan as he sank his shaft into Jenna, stretching her, and just as she started moaning, he pressed his lips to hers and thrusted, pushing his cock deep inside her snatch.

The man kissed Jenna passionately as he pressed his naked body to hers. He slid his tongue into her mouth and Jenna could taste his own cum on it as his big cock filled her vagina. He slipped his hands under her as his tongue explored her warm mouth, grabbing her and pressing his naked body harder to hers, pressing his pubic bone into her clit and mashing her tits to his chest. The man then pulled his tongue out of her mouth, keeping their lips locked, then, in one swift motion rolled them over.

Jenna pulled her mouth away, a moment of dizziness passing over her, then looked down at the man. She was now on top of him, the man on his back under her, and their naked bodies still tightly pressed together. She felt his hands sliding down her back, grabbing her ass, and she slowly straightened up on top of him. His cock was still inside of her, stretching her pussy, still completely hard, and she placed her hands on the man's chest to steady herself. "Mmm." She moaned as he squeezed her ass tightly, then slid his hands around and grabbed her hips. She looked down at him, noting the sly smile on his face and she couldn't help but smirk herself. She flipped her hair back as she straightened up on top of him, moving her hands to her thighs. She looked down at his handsome face as she sat up straight on him, then started slowly riding his cock.

"Ugh yes!" the man moaned as Jenna started moving, slowly sliding her pussy up and down his hard shaft. He held her nude body, his fingers closed tightly around her smooth skin, and looked up at her perfect body as she commenced their sexual act. He locked his eyes on her vagina and moaned at the sight of their merging bodies. He watched Jenna's beautiful pussy as it slid up his shaft, clinging to it, her pink lips parting and slowly revealing more and more of his hard dick. She lifted herself a few inches, leaving half of his dick inside her pussy, then slowly lowered herself back down, impaling her wet pussy on his cock. She pushed her cunt down tightly to him, taking his cock deep into her, then lifted herself up again. The man stared mesmerized at her pink twat, moaning as she slid it up and down his shaft, her tight hole engulfing his manhood so perfectly. He kept his gaze locked until Jenna let out a deep sensual moan, then grinned and raised his gaze up.

Jenna continued riding his cock blissfully as the man ran his eyes along her naked body, taking in the erotic sight of her riding him. He moved his gaze up, over her flat stomach, studying her shiny piercing with amusement, then moved his eyes up to her perky breasts, her nipples hard and looking amazing from his vantage point. He let out another moan as she slid herself down his cock, pressing her crotch to his, then moved his gaze to her face, the pleasure evident on it. Her eyes were closed in sexual glee and she was biting her lower lip adorably as she made love to him. She stifled a little moan as she slid herself up and down his cock yet again, then opened her eyes to meet his.

Jenna smirked as she looked down at the man's face. His cock felt so good inside her wet snatch, and she was intent on thoroughly enjoying it. The man continued to study her face as she paused for a moment while sitting on top of his cock. She placed her hands on his lower stomach, lifting her pussy off his cock until only his head remained lodged between her pink lips, then slammed her pussy down his cock with force.

"Ugh fuck!" Jenna called out in pleasure as she impaled her cunt down on the man's large cock. She watched his face as she did this, watching the man clench his teeth as he groaned deeply. "Ugh!" Jenna moaned again as she repeated this, slamming her pussy down his shaft with pleasure, feeling it forcefully glide along her lips until their he was deep inside her. She did not stop this time, and as the man groaned in pleasure, she began riding him hard.

The man still held Jenna tightly as she started riding his cock vigorously. It felt amazing, having her warm wet cunt jumping quickly on his penis, and he surrendered himself to her as Jenna quickly found a steady rhythm. "Mmm yes!" he called out in pleasure as she controlled their lustful fucking, riding him to her liking. Her boobs started bouncing wildly, in sync with her motions, and her pussy continued to slap down on him loudly.

Jenna closed her eyes and let out a deep moan as she rode his hard cock to her growing pleasure. It was so hot being on top with a man who could finally pleasure her, controlling their fucking, deciding the pace of her pussy sliding down his big hard cock while the man laid under her, surrendering his body to her. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as she rode him, her juices flowing down his shaft, making it even slicker as she continued to enjoy it. She opened her eyes and looked down at the man as more pleasure flowed through her. Her entire body tingled, and Jenna realized that she was not far from another orgasm.

The man watched Jenna's tits bounce as she fucked him passionately, her wetness dripping down his shaft. He looked up at her face and could tell she was getting close. He quickly released his tight grip, Jenna's gaze locked on his, and moved his hands up her body. He reached for her tits with both hands and grabbed them.

Jenna let out a surprised moan as the man squeezed her tits expertly, sending a shiver of pleasure down her spine while she rode his cock at full speed. "Ugh fuck!" she grimaced as he squeezed her tits again and found herself pounding her pussy onto his dick even harder. She was riding him hard and fast, hammering his hard cock when suddenly, the man closed his fingers around her erect nipples and pinched them hard.

"Fuck!" Jenna shrieked at the agonizing mixture of pain and pleasure as the orgasm suddenly hit her. She didn't expect him to this, and it send her over the edge. Her body tensed at the sudden rush of pleasure, her pussy sliding down the hard shaft, and a second later it started convulsing. The man held onto her nipples for another moment, and as soon as he released her nipples, her thighs started trembling.

Shaking moans and groans left Jenna's mouth as the orgasm flowed through her in powerful waves of ecstasy. She closed her eyes and surrendered herself to it, moaning as the pleasure persisted, pussy convulsing and thighs trembling on top of the man. She barely noticed his hands drift to her sides to hold her up as she climaxed on top of him, and she threw her head back and howled as a last surge of pleasure engulfed her.

"Fuck, that was intense!" Jenna said after a moment and straightened up atop his cock. She was still catching her breath and blushed as she looked down at the smug expression on his face. She took another deep breath, then started moving around. Jenna placed her hands on his stomach, still sitting on his cock, then pulled her legs out from under her one at a time. She placed each foot flat on the bed, on both sides of him, until she was squatting on his dick. She gave him a naughty smile as she lifted herself up, slowly pulling her vagina off him only to impale her wet pussy down on his massive member. "Time for you to cum again." Jenna said with a smirk and resumed riding his dick.

"Oh fuck!" the man moaned as Jenna started bouncing atop his cock. Her thighs were spread wide and he had an amazing view of her pink pussy, her lips spread enticingly and his cock going in and out.

"Are you getting close?" Jenna asked in a seductive tone as she fucked him.

"Yes!" the man growled, grimacing.

"Yeah?" Jenna asked in a husky voice, "Does my tight little pussy feel good?" she asked, and the man nodded hastily, looking straight at it. "Does it make you want to shoot your big load?" she asked teasing and the man grumbled his assent, letting out a deep groan just as Jenna pulled herself off him. With her pussy off his cock, Jenna quickly toppled herself backwards and sat down on the man's upper legs. She grabbed his massive cock as she spread her legs wide, sitting on top of him, her pussy on his crotch, and started stroking his throbbing shaft.

"Ugh yes Jenna!" the man grunted, grimacing in pleasure. His rock-hard shaft twitched in Jenna's warm hand and a moment later she made him squirt his first load onto his stomach. "Ugh fuck!" the man moaned, his voice low and deep, and his face contorted in intense pleasure as he began ejaculating.

"Yes!" Jenna called out victoriously as the man's cock spouted in her hand. She stroked him harder, feeling the shaft twitch, and watched with delight as he came. She loved the power she had over him at that moment, each stroke of her hand making his cock twitch and shoot a load of thick cum onto his dark skin. She kept on jerking him off as he continued to cum, moaning and groaning accompanying each load, until she emptied his balls. She gave his shaft a few last tugs, then let go.

The man dropped his head back and his body went limp as the orgasm faded away, leaving him breathless. He closed his eyes at the euphoric state that followed an orgasm and took a few deep breaths. He could feel Jenna moving around on top of him, but paid it no mind, until he felt something wet and cool on his stomach.

The man opened his eyes and lifted his head only to encounter a mesmerizingly erotic sight. Jenna was leaning down, tongue snaked out, and was licking his cum off his stomach. She paused as she felt his eyes on her and met his stare. With their eyes locked she resumed scooping up some of his cum with her tongue, show it to him, then swallow it and give him a teasing smile.

"I thought I would return the favor." Jenna said deviously, sensing how much she was turning him on, then leaned back down and continued licking the cum off his stomach as he watched. His eyes never left her as she traced her sly tongue along his stomach, lapping up his cum. She licked him clean, swallowing every last drop of it, then crawled on top of him. She pressed her lips to his in a hasty kiss, letting him taste his own cum once more, then pulled back grinning. She sat down on the bed beside him, grinning, while the man pulled himself into a sitting position and leaned back against the headboard.

They stared at each other silently, studying one another as neither spoke. Jenna was intrigued by the mysterious man that had been the first man to ever make her cum, and not just once. She glared deep into his green eyes, and once again felt there was something incredibly familiar about him. She kept staring at him for a few moments, the man saying nothing, then found herself blush and looked away. She placed a hand on his bare thigh as she turned her gaze, then her eyes went wide as she noticed his cock was still very much hard. Jenna froze as she stared at his impressive erection, expecting to see it recede, but it didn't, amazingly, it stayed at full mast.

"You're…still hard." Jenna stated in awe, her eyes glued to the cock she just made cum for the second time.

"Yes." The man said with an easy grin on his face. He moved his gaze down to look at his own hard cock, then looked up at Jenna, amused by her awe. "Why, did you think we were done?" he asked teasingly, and Jenna blushed. The man placed a finger under Jenna's chin as he moved to his knees, then leaned in and pulled her towards him, pressing his lips to hers once more.

Jenna closed her eyes as the man kissed her, pressing his soft lips to hers. He slipped his tongue into her mouth as she parted her lips, accepting it eagerly, then felt his hand move away. He caressed her tits briefly as they kissed, brushing his thumb along her right nipple, sending a little jolt through her. Her traced his hand down her stomach as their kiss lingered, then she moaned into his mouth as he slowly slipped his middle finger into her pussy. Jenna pulled her mouth away and gasped as he pushed his finger into her sacred hole, then pulled it out and smiled at her.

"I see you are is still wet." The man said cheerfully. He moved his finger to his nose, inhaling deeply, then slid it into his mouth and sucked her juices off it. "Would you like to continue?" The man asked pleasantly. He watched Jenna, but she just stared at him for a few moments, blinking sheepishly. She looked down at his hard cock, then nodded. "Good," the man said, "go ahead and get down on your hands and knees." He added and moved to the side. Jenna nodded again, then got on all fours, facing the headboard.

Jenna took a few deep breaths as the man climbed off the bed, walking around it, and climbed back onto it behind her. The bed creaked under him as he moved on it, taking his place behind her, then stopped. A moment later Jenna felt the man's strong hands on her bare thighs. He spread her legs further apart, then grabbed her tight little ass and squeezed it, making Jenna moan softly.

The man looked down admiringly at Jenna's sexy ass. It was much tighter and hotter than his previous mistress's and he bit his lip as he fondled it. He caressed her orbs, parting them, and looked down lustfully at her puckered little asshole and her seductive slit beneath it. He reached for his penis with one hand, his big shaft still as hard as ever, and guided it to between her legs while his other hand stayed on her ass. He stifled a moan as he pressed the tip of his cock to her pink pussy lips and gently traced it along her slit. Jenna gasped as he did this, her juices dripping out of her muff and coating his hard shaft. He continued to tease her, running his hard shaft along her vulva, feeling her body's craving for his manhood slowly become intolerable. He grinned deviously as she started squirming with arousal, her body doing the begging instead of her mouth. He looked down at her hot little hole, then gave her exactly what she wanted.

"Oh god!" Jenna moaned whisperingly as the man penetrated her pussy once more, gliding his big hard dick back into her scared hole. She moaned in delight and relief as the man defiled her, shoving his hard dick into her drenched snatch. He moved his hands to her hips, holding her naked body tightly, and eagerly penetrated her scorching twat, stretching it. She moaned as he filled her once more, even deeper in this position, and marveled, yet again, at how perfect his cock felt inside of her.

The man held himself deep inside Jenna's cunt for the length of a single breath. He inhaled, the intoxicating scent of their sex, and immediately resumed the task at hand. He pulled himself out of her, not slowly but purposefully, until only the head remained inside her, then shoved it back in with a powerful motion.

"Ugh my god!" Jenna moaned between clenched teeth as the man shoved his entire length back inside her. It felt amazing, sending shivers throughout her naked body, and he immediately repeated the action. The man pulled himself out and shoved himself back in, Jenna's snug muff gladly accepting him back in, then started fucking her eagerly.

The room soon filled with the unmistakably erotic rhythm of lustful love making as their two bodies became one. This was not the timid actions of strangers, but the open fucking reserved for a lover's body, both groaning and moaning shamelessly as the man ploughed Jenna from behind. He held her tightly, his fingers around her slim waist, and defiled her heavenly womanhood with great pleasure. Their bodies rocked in harmony with their act, and the satisfying sound of their bodies slapping together echoed across the room each time they merged. The man's balls slapped against Jenna's clit with each thrust, and the jolt of pleasure that shot through Jenna each time it happened was incredible.

"Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me!" Jenna screamed brazenly as the man fucked her pussy hard, shoving his cock deep into her intimate hole. He pressed himself as deep as he could inside her with every thrust, slamming into her ass, and she screamed in delight while he began thrusting his hips even harder.

"Ugh yes!" the man groaned as he started fucking Jenna as hard as he could. His fingers dug into her soft skin, her body burning from intensity of their act, and he soon heard her squeal as he began to pound her pussy with all his might.

"Ugh fuck!" Jenna called out in a shaky voice as the man rammed his cock deep into her cunt like a piston. His shaft moved with incredible speed, sliding in and out with such intense pleasure as he did. The slapping of their naked bodies turned even louder, and each time his balls now hit her clit it felt like someone was slapping it. Jenna started moaning whimperingly as he hammered away at her pussy. Her boobs swayed under her as her naked body rocked, and she moaned in rhythm with his thrusts, the intense pleasure slowly taking hold of her until she exploded.

"Ugh my god!" Jenna whined, her voice trembling as another orgasm took her. She felt the pleasure surge through her, and she shut her eyes tightly as she lost control over her body. She howled, digging her fingernails into the pillow as the electrifying pleasure of it all washed over her. She was grateful that the man slowed down, not pounding her pussy as roughly anymore, but he was still penetrating her, doing little to lessen the intense pleasure that engulfed her. She cried out in agonizing bliss as her legs started to spasm under her, her pussy already convulsing around the man's shaft, and she shut her eyes even tighter as her hands started to give out from under her. Jenna clenched her teeth as another surge of pleasure burned through her, fueling the powerful orgasm, then the man suddenly stopped moving, and a moment later his arms wrapped around her.

The man wrapped his hands around Jenna's stomach and pulled her up straight. He pushed his cock deep into her convulsing pussy and held her in a powerful embrace as her body still surged with her orgasm. He pulled her tight, pressing her bare back to his chest and wrapped his arms around her, his right palm gently cupping her left tit. He stayed motionless, his dick buried inside her convulsing pussy and held her body as it gently spasmed in his arms. He kissed her neck as he held her, enjoying the sensation of the orgasm flowing through her body until slowly fading away.

The man's body was warm against her back as the last of her climax trickled away. His cock was motionless inside her vagina as it convulsed a final time, then stopped. She took a deep breath as her legs wobbled, and felt the man release his tight embrace. Jenna took another deep breath as the man's hands roamed down her bare skin. He gently ran his fingers down her body then grabbed her hands. A moment of confusion hit Jenna as the man pulled her hands up. He placed her palms against the wall, above the bed's headboard, and pressed his hands to the back of hers, holding her up against the wall. "We're not done yet." the man said in a husky voice, leaning down to kiss her neck once more, then slowly pulled his hips back and thrusted them forward in a powerful plunge.

"Oh god!" Jenna moaned in a hoarse voice as the man breached her sensitive pussy. The wall felt cool under her warm palms, the man's hands holding them in place, and she heard him groan softly as he thrust himself more gently back inside her, making Jenna grunt deeply. His cock felt so perfect inside her, and despite how sensitive her pussy was, she wanted him to keep going badly.

The man held Jenna's hands to the wall as he fucked her from behind. He thrust his hips back and forth in a rhythmic pace, enjoying the feel of her womanhood wrapping his cock as he slid in and out. "You are so beautiful!" the man whispered in Jenna's ear as he continued to thrust in and out of her. He kissed her neck again as he thrust in, entering her, pressing his chest to her back and his pelvis to her tight ass with each forward thrust. He pulled his hands away from hers, placing his hands on her boobs, cupping a breast in each hand. He squeezed her beautiful breasts, making Jenna moan softly, then quickened his pace and began pounding her pussy once more.

"Oh my god!" Jenna whined as the man rammed his manhood into her twat. His hands continued to caress her tits, squeezing them, kneading, and playing with her hard nipples. Jenna kept her hands on the wall as the man continued to fuck her pussy, afraid she would collapse if she pulled them away. Another little jolt of pleasure washed over her as the man flicked her hard nipple, making her whimper, then he moved his right hand away.

The man moaned as he continued thrusting his hips, fucking Jenna's hot little twat to endless pleasure. Her body was so warm, her skin glowing from her several orgasms, and he ran one hand down it as he continued to fondle her breast with the other. He slid it over her stomach, feeling the gentle prick of her piercing as he traced his fingers over it, then moved down, gently brushing her smooth pubic mound, until he found her engorged clit. His hard cock continued to penetrate her pussy as the man placed a finger on her clit. Jenna let out a soft moan at the intimate touch and the man grinned. It was time to give Jenna one last orgasm, and with his hips still moving with powerful thrusts, he began rubbing her clit.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Jenna called out quickly in a high-pitched voice at the nearly maddening pleasure. His cock was breaching her pussy in a relentless pace, rubbing along her lips with scorching pleasure and slamming deep into her, and now he was also rubbing her clit, assaulting it with his nimble fingers. "Oh my god! Oh my god!" she shrieked at the intense pleasure. It was growing by the second, engulfing her entire body. She shut her eyes tightly as the intense pleasure continued, growing to nearly intolerable levels. His fingers strummed across her clit like a violin, his amazing cock not slowing down even for a moment, and Jenna could not believe it. She had barely recovered from her previous orgasm when another one came on, and she screamed in ecstasy, announcing her climax as she erupted.

The man flexed his cock inside Jenna's pussy and clenched his teeth. He let out a stifled moan as he struggled to keep himself from going off and kept thrusting his cock in and out while rubbing her clit. He fought the impending urge as hard as he could while Jenna screamed, declaring her climax was upon her, and a moment later, as her cunt convulsed around his cock he stopped holding back.

Jenna howled and the man groaned as they both reached their climax. Jenna's pussy quivered and the man let out a deep grunt as he shoved himself into her pussy and squirted his first load of warm thick cum inside her pink twat. His fingers faltered on her clit as he tried to rub it, instead making him press them to her clit, and he continued to fuck her, filling her cunt with another load of sperm.

Jenna tightly shut her eyes as the divine bliss engulfed her. Her entire body started to shudder with overwhelming pleasure, and she felt the man's cock twitch inside her spasming snatch. She whimpered and moaned as the orgasm shook her, making her toes curl while euphoric pleasure surged across her naked body with incredible force. She heard the man groaning behind her as his cock twitched again deep inside her vagina but was too caught up in her own excruciating pleasure to pay it any heed.

The man moaned as he came inside Jenna's pussy. He managed a few more thrusts, each one sending a load of cum deep into her pussy, then even that became difficult. He shoved himself deep inside her snatch, pressed his pelvis to her gorgeous ass, and cried out in bliss as he ejaculated inside her. Jenna kept cumming the entire time, her body trembling against his as incoherent sounds of pleasure escaped her lips. He groaned loudly as her pussy continued to convulse around his manhood, milking it for every last drop of cum. He wrapped his arms around Jenna as her orgasm continued mercilessly, the pleasure so intense it was almost painful. He kept holding her in his arms until her body slowly relaxed, then just held her tightly.

Jenna's mind was dazed, and her body exhausted as the intense climax finally receded. She could barely move and just breathed heavily as the man held her. She let out a muted little moan as the man pulled his dick out of her raw pussy and helped her to the bed. Her body was exhausted from the intense orgasms and she was still panting like she had just run a marathon as the man set her down on the bed, placing her on her side. She could feel his cum leaking out of her pussy and onto the sheets, but she was too exhausted to care about anything. She lay there motionless as she caught her breath, staring at the wall, and a few moments later she felt the man lay down behind her.

Content blissfulness claimed Jenna as the man pulled himself close to her, spooning her from behind. He wrapped a hand around her, resting his palm on her breast, and a smile crept to her face. Drowsiness was falling upon her, and her eyes wandered around the room. As she looked over at the shelf near her desk something caught her eye. It looked strangely empty, and it took her lethargic mind a few moments to realize that the statue her grandmother gave her was gone. Jenna noticed this, but she was too exhausted and content to care, and a few moments later she fell into a deep slumber.


A warm sensation came over Jenna as she woke up the following morning. She reached a hand between her legs and a smile spread across her face as she slowly opened her eyes. She realized it was real as she recalled what happened last night, every amazing detail of it. She finally had an orgasm, not just one, and she could swear her pussy still tingled. She couldn't believe she had found the one, and she rolled over to face him.

The smiled disappeared from Jenna's face as she found the bed empty next to her. She slowly sat up and looked around the room in confusion. The man's clothes were still there, scattered around the floor, but there was no sign of him. She pulled off the covers and quickly got to her feet and quickly made her way out of the bedroom. Her apartment was empty, and Jenna immediately went back to her bedroom. She started rummaging through his clothes, and as she did, she realized something strange, she did not recall the man's name.

Jenna went through his clothes, hoping to find some clue as to who he was as she tried to recall his name. She wondered if it was possible that he never gave it to her, or if she had never even asked. She finally threw his clothes back on the floor in frustration and took a seat on the bed. It was so typical; she finally met a man who could make her cum, and he just vanished into thin air, leaving all his clothes behind.

Jenna looked around her bedroom, looking to see if she missed anything, when something caught her eye. Her statue, the one her grandmother gave her, was back in its place on the shelf. Jenna vaguely remembered it not being there when she fell asleep, but she admitted to herself it could have just been her tired mind playing tricks on her. Still, as she looked at the statue, something seemed off about it and she decided to take a closer look.

Jenna got to her feet, still naked, dry cum coating her thighs, and stepped over to the statue. She looked down at it curiously, then her eyes went wide. To her shock, the statue, which was always dressed, was now completely naked. She picked it up, wondering if she might be going mad, and started studying it. The figure of the man with the wings was completely naked; bare legs, chest and a big hard penis pointing upwards. She ran her hands along the smooth stone, her heart racing in her chest, then froze. She looked around the room at the dark scattered clothes then looked back at the statue. She studied its facial features, looking closely, then let out scream. She dropped the statue onto the shelf with a clang and stared at it with a mixture of fear and excitement. As she stared at the statue, she suddenly recalled what her grandmother said when she gave it to her, and goosebumps formed on her skin. When her grandmother gave her the statue all those years ago, she said to Jenna that the statue will watch over her and when the time comes, it will help satisfy her desires.

The End


2021-04-13 19:40:09
Nice story, though there were a few grammatical issues. Nothing distracting, though. The ending begs the question: will she use him again?


2021-04-13 19:39:17
Nice story, though there were a few grammatical issues. Nothing distracting, though. The ending begs the question: will she use him again?


2021-03-30 00:14:38
Really liked this one. All of your work is so well written and just pulls the reader in


2021-03-19 18:43:22
What, she should have wished for a HUSBAND who could make her come! Wish wording must be quite specific.

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