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This is a largely nonerotic chapter. This is a Divergent Chapter meaning that from here there will be several stories sprouting out.

This chapter consists of deciding what theme trip to take. This time the choice is Pirates
This is a repost from another site that I've been writing on. This has been a choose your own adventure series, so where there is an a or b following the chapter number these are diverging story lines.


Chapter 9AA Theme Trips/Tours-Pirates

After leaving the clothing store you grab a quick bite to eat. You continue to joke with Wendy, "Um, maybe your not hungry? Have you eaten enough for the day?"

"Perhaps if your cum was still a thick as it used to be, then I would be full. As it is, I'm definitely not thirsty at all. I mean I do intend to drink you dry a soon as I can."

"Well, maybe I should eat some more of your thick cream. Sandy wasn't really in a sharing mood. Maybe I should just slide under the table right now and take you down my throat until you start to fill my belly." To emphasis this you reach over and run your hand up her thigh under her mini skirt to the cock cage that she is now sporting.

You can feel the skin of her dick push out between the little metal bars as more blood is being forced in. Since she can't get long and erect her cock is being forced to grow outward and through the tiny cage in a vain attempt to grow.

"Fuck, this thing is uncomfortable. I just want you to give me a hand job, but it's not possible."

"No?" you ask a bit devilishly. You pull your hand back and lick it getting it as wet as possible and return it to her cock. You begin stroking it. With only 2 inches of movement your able to rub the entire length easily. You make sure to rub on the bits of her head that are exposed and rub her clit briefly as well.

"Ummm," the little gasps and moans are sexy as hell. You continue even as your brunette waitress takes your drink orders. Her smile is telling and shows that she is very aware of what your arm movement under the table is doing. When she brings your drinks back she has an extra button unfastened to reveal more cleavage.

When you begin to feel Wendy's precum start to flow you remove your hand to lick it off and then enjoy your drink. "You are such a tease." She's smiling and obviously enjoying it and plotting her revenge.

Like you've never done the same to me before?" Her innocent face shows with a 'Who me?' look. "In the restaurant with a hand job just before sending me to pay the check. Hardon on display for everyone to see. The movies before sending me for popcorn. Your friend Mike's house where if he would have looked away from the movie he would have seen each stroke."

"Oh, Mike didn't watch hardly any of the movie that night. He was very busy watching you." After seeing the look on your face she continued. "How often do you go to a guy's house for drinks and watch Magic Mike? He even sent me a copy of the video his smart TV recorded of us."

You'renot even sure what to do with this new information. Her friend recorded you getting a hand job and has shared it with at least one other person. "You are such a dirty girl."

"Well Julia," she put a lot of emphasis on the name, "you are just as much a dirty girl as me now. Possibly worse. I mean you take your girl to a backroom, instigate a threesome, and put a sex toy on your girl that keeps her on the brink the rest of the day. All of that just screams sexual deviant. All that I did was get a friend closer to fulfilling one of his ultimate fantasies. Ohh, Mike is going to be so sad when he meets Julia.."

"You are terrible," you joke with her. You both settle in to replenish after your morning marathon and then extra busy shopping trip. The waitress points out the tourist brochures and you both decide to check something out today.

"The beach would be nice. I'd get to watch you swim in that thong suit and get to see what it looks like with a bulge in the front now."

She smiles, but is looking at another. "It says that they have recreation events. It says that we'd be put into roles and live out a time in our chosen scenario. Anything lost or gained shall be forever, no leaving early, no giving up, the scenario is real until it is done. And there are a bunch to choose from." She shows you the list.

Old West

Wild West

50s Rockabilly

World War

World War II





And the list goes on.

‐--------------------Diverging Story Lines Begin Here------------

---- Also Look for 9AB-9A? Depending on how many different story lines I can think of, or you can give me ideas on------

"It's got to be Pirates," you tell her. "Everyone has wanted to be a pirate at one point or another."

"I'm down. But next time I pick." You agree to that. The waitress tells you where to go for your tickets and you both set out. You've made your way to the beach and walk into a small white tent the same as you've seen all over the island.

"Good afternoon," a small white man says from behind the counter. He isn't very tall, but he is built. He doesn't have bodybuilding muscles, but his muscles are the type earned from hard manual labor. His dark hair falls to his shoulders in uneven lengths like he hasn't seen an actual barber in months. His shirt is a basic piece of cloth that was once white and has now taken on a hue of yellow from the sun and sweet.

"Are you here for a pirate excursion?" You both agree. "I'll warn you both, what you find or lose will be permanent. It could be of great value or little consequence, but there will be at least one consequence. Do you agree to continue?"

Both of you agree to continue, albeit a little wearily. "Alright, go on in and get changed and I'll get everything else set up." You walk into the other room of the tent that he had gestured to. This entire island is amazing. It's like being in Hermione's bag. It never ends and there is always more to it than you thought. The tent expands within without making the exterior bigger.

As soon as you enter you find your outfit. It's a wine red ruffled skirt that falls to mid thigh. The top is a red and black trimmed corset that laces up the front. There is a black vest that goes over the top and some sexy ass boots that come to mid thigh only about an inch short of the skirt.

You never used to get excited about clothes and now you've changed for the third time today. Weird what a hormone change and a rocking body that needs to be shown off will do for you.

You're dressed and about to go back into the main tent area when you catch sight of Wendy. She has found a short red dress that would be great in any club. It falls to mid thigh and barely covers her breasts. The only thing holding her breasts in is a Captain's Coat. It uses lacing similar to a corset to draw the two halves of the front together but there is still enough of a gap between the two that it works almost like an underbust and holds her chest high and firmly. The coat hangs down to knee level where it meets her black boots.

To top it all off she has the large red tricorn hat of a pirate princess. Damn, she looks good. You step back into the main tent and the man behind the counter is appraising both of you. "Captain," he addresses Wendy. And then looking at you, "Wench."

"What the fuck?"

"He does have a point. There were several Captain and Officer outfits and jackets. You chose a sexy number that looks dammed good on you, but still a bar wench." She leans in conspiratorial, "Don't worry, I was going to make you my wench on the open sea if you dressed the part or not. You look amazing and I'm going to use the fuck out of that body."

And just like that being a wench with a dripping pussy wasn't a bad thing. What are the rules of getting bent over the railing of a pirate ship by a pirate queen anyway.

"Through there will be your last preparations and then board your ship," the man said. You follow a step behind Wendy and are slightly blinded when you step through the tent flaps. Your body tingles all over and it takes a second to assess where you are. There is sandy beach to the left and right with a long dock where your ship is tied off.

It's huge. Much bigger than the Black Pearl. You count at least 12 gun ports down the side. The main mast is at least 40 feet from the deck with twin 20 foot masts in front and behind. The bow of the ship has a huge carving on it. It takes you a few moments to wrap your mind around what it is.

It is you. You are bound to the bow with your hands tied above your head. Your large breasts are bare and out for everyone to admire. Your hair is blown back in the wind to show how quick the ship is. And your eyes are locked on a distant horizon.

You start to point out out to Wendy, but catch sight of her. Her normally pale complexion is tanned darkly. Her smokey eye liner is now charcoal black. Her ruby red lips are much darker. She has a black waist belt with a cutlass hung on it and another belt that goes over one shoulder with with three pistols attached.

She looks over at you and smiles. "At least in this reality you know how sexy I find you still." She nods toward the carving of you. "Love the hair and tan." You look down and realize that your bronzed by the sun as well. You feel up to your hair and realize that while the left of your head is unchanged the right is shaved.

You have a musket slung over one shoulder and a much smaller cutlass on your left hip. The added weight feels natural to you. "Shall we board, Captain?" you ask. You walk down the dock and as Wendy steps aboard a loud call is made, "Captain on deck!" Men and women come out of everywhere to line the deck paying respect.

"I'm Sully, Captain" states the man closest. He's at least 6'5". His skin is dark enough to be lost in the dark without a light directly upon him. His large brown eyes look deep past those in front of him and show that he misses nothing. "I'll be your first mate. This is your crew to command a you see fit. If your voyages are successful, then you and those that have served 15 voyages honorably will be set free. If your not successful then you'll become the crew for the Captains that come after you or you will may be bonded to another."

That sounds ominous. "Have faith in your Captain, we will have success." Wendy let's no doubts through her words and sounds very confident. "Now, let's set sail."

"Cast off!" Sully commands and every man and woman aboard goes to their position. Within minutes the dock and bare island are behind you as the sails pull you out to sea. Wendy has already taken her place at the wheel and is steering the ship out of the tight cove and towards open water.

"Take over, Sully, Julia, and I shall converse in my quarters." A younger white man takes the wheel as Sully leads you both to the Captain's Quarters. There is a large table covered with maps as soon as you enter.

"Here my Captain," Sully waves a hand at the map. "We are here. We can set sail anywhere in the world. We are provisioned for several months. There are treasure rich cities throughout the world that we could take. We could focus on merchant ships or treasure ships. It is all up to you Captain."

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