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All characters are over the edge of eighteen. All characters and events are of my own creation. Any resemblance to persons or events real life is purely coincidental.
It took us a couple of weeks to settle into our new house. Mom had already went to work straight away. School started for me on Monday, three days before the real new challenge began. I knew before school started that I would need to get a job. Mom told me I didn’t need too but I liked to have my own money and help her where I could.

I saw on a Facebook page that there was a part time job going at the local mall. It was just a sales assistant at an electronics store. From the ad didn’t need much to any experience just reliable and organised. I had messaged about it and I had an interview with the store manager, a Bert Jones and it was today.

I drove to the mall and found the store with relative ease. It was a decent sized shop, one of the bigger ones in the mall. I strolled into the store and up to the cashiers desk where a greasy haired stocky guy stood. His name tag read John.

“Hi John, I’m here to see Bert Jones.” I said to him as he looked up to me through his round glasses.

“Oh eh yeah sure” he stuttered a little. He took a couple of steps away then stopped and turned back.

“Actually Bert’s not in today.” He stated but didn’t say anything else.

“Rigghhtt, I am supposed to be here for a job interview.” I told him.

“Ok well I can get Zoey the assistant manager, she is in today?”

“If you don’t mind” I said to him.

Again he shuffled away but this time he went more than a couple of steps and disappeared through a door at the back of the store. Several moments later he came back out.

“Zoey can deal with you, if you just head on through” he said as he pointed to the door he just came back through.

I headed through the door and there was a large warehouse and then to the left hand side there was a small office. I walked over and knocked on the open door.

“Hi there, Luke is it?” A short female with tied back brown hair stood and extended her hand to me. She was dressed kind of casually in a pair of dark jeans and a silver wrapped top. Her hand shake was soft as I returned it.

“Zoey I take it?”

“Yes, sorry Bert isn’t here but I’m the assistant manager so I can conduct the interview.”

“Ok no problem.”

“Please take a seat” she said as she pointed to a chair next to a hers.

I took a seat opposite her and then she began the interview. It went exactly how you would expect it to go.

“Well to be honest you’ve got the job, we aren’t that mainstream to be able to be picky. Just show up on time and not be drunk.”

“Trust me happens more than you would think!” She replied to my quizzical look.

“Don’t have to worry about that” I laughed “but thank you for the opportunity.”

“It’s fine, it’s good to have more staff on board. You also come across as a very confident person, not cocky but comfortable.”

“Thanks” I smiled “just sort of comes naturally I guess.”

“Well I’m glad that you are going to be working here.”

“Me too” I smiled.

“So tell me really why you want to work here, no bullshit.”

I was a little taken aback by her directness but answered “I want to earn money but mainly to help give my money towards bills and other things.”

“I appreciate your honesty and nobility may I say, so no special lady you need to fund?”

“Just my mom.” I told her simply.

“No girlfriend on the scene?”

“Nope” I shook my head.

“Why not?” She blurted out before she quickly continued “sorry I mean, you are a young attractive looking guy.”

“Thanks” I laughed “I don’t know why really, never really been an issue.”

“Oh really” Zoey said raising an eyebrow. “No trouble getting a girl then?”

“As you said I come across as confident, not cocky.”

“I said that?”

“Yes” I chuckled, “literally moments ago.”

“Well I mean there is truth in it, you have this thing about you.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes” she said, as she ever so slightly bit her lip.

“Zoey?” I asked her after a few moments of silence.

“Ah yes sorry, so when can you start?” She asked snapping back to reality and shifting in her chair.

“Today” I said simply.

She laughed lightly “ok we are open later on Thursdays, can you come in then and either Bert or I can run things through with you?”

“Sounds good, hope it’s you” I tell her cooly.

Zoey evidently blushed “just have to wait and see.”

“Guess we will” I smirked.

We said our goodbyes and shook hands again. This time our hands lingered a lot longer together before we eventually pulled apart.

I left the store and left the mall and after a smoke headed home. The rest of the day was very uneventful and told mom that I had a new job. She told me it wasn’t necessary but was proud of me for getting one.

The next morning I decided to go for a run, I wasn’t the athletic type but used it to help keep me in some sort of shape. The smoking never helps but I can’t kick it just yet. After my run I spent a couple of hours by the pool, be nice to get a tan rather than my paler skin. Around lunch I felt quite peckish so I decided to head back to the mall as it wasn’t too far away.

I was back at the massive glass building and headed straight for the food court this time. As I said I wasn’t the athletic type or health freak so got a cheeseburger and fries with a large drink. I took a seat and tucked in. I think I was going to like living here as I watched all the girls walking around, I didn’t hang about yesterday. There was must be something in the water here because the amount of gorgeous females strolling about. One specific thing I noticed was all the flesh on show. I was definitely going to enjoy living here.

I left the food court and headed back to my car. I lent against it getting my pack of smokes out and lighting one up. I stood for about five minutes and was nearly finished it when a girl approached me. She had skin tight black jeans on with black trainers. She wore a loose vest top with a band logo on it but it did no job of hiding her ample 34E chest. She had black hair that had strands of purple through it. I could see that she had a hourglass figure and she was kind of hot.

“Mind if I steel one?” She asked, nodding at my dying cigarette.

“Sure” I reached back into my pocket and offered one, taking an other for myself.

“Thanks” she said as I lit it for her. “Nice ride” she added looking around me.

“Thanks, it was my grandads.”

“It fast?” She asked as she took a drag.

“It can be” I grinned.

“Want to show me?”

“Mom always said not to talk to strangers” I laughed.

She laughed as she moved forward extending her hand “Rayne.”

“Luke” I replied as I returned the hand shake, my cigarette in my mouth.

“You can tell mommy that we aren’t strangers anymore.”

“You normally just approach guys and asks for rides?”

“Only the cute ones” she winked as she took a long drag of her cigarette.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“So gonna take me for a spin?”

“Sure why not” I replied as I got off my car and stubbed out my cigarette.

We both got in the car and pulled out of the mall parking lot.

“She’s got a nice purr to her” Rayne said as she trailed her hands over the dash. “But has she got the speed?”

“You tell me” with that I slammed the accelerator and the car roared to life as it sped up along a straight piece of road.

“Not bad” she commented. As I continued to drive around and impress her with the cars great handling and acceleration.

“Not bad at all” she said, “You can take me back to the mall now!”

“Did I pass?” I smirked.

“Yeah you have a really nice ride and know how to handle her.”

“I’m glad I have met your expectations” I laugh.

Rayne laughed with me before adding. “So Luke, I haven’t seen you around before?”

“Just moved her with my mom a few weeks ago, still getting used to the place.”

“What do you think of our sunny city by the sea then?”

“It’s alright, seems to have a lot of hot girls here. Some even talk to strangers and ask for rides.”

“Oh such a smooth talker, bet you got all the girls back home?”

“How did you know?” I said coyly.

She laughed louder, “Probably either got a big cock or money!”

“Maybe both?”

“Oh really?” She was sizing me up.

“Guess you’ll never know!” I said as I pulled back into the parking lot.

“Got a phone?” She asked.


“What’s your number?”

I told her it and a few moments later it chimed with a text. It was an address.

“Pick me up from that address at nine tonight!” She said and with that she got out and walked away.

“Interesting” I said as then pulled back out of the parking lot and headed home. As I pulled into the drive our next door neighbour, Ms Hunt or as she tells me Julie, was unloading her groceries. Julie was easily what you describe as a MILF. Blonde curly hair in her early forties, divorced, big beautiful 38F breasts and a big round ass to match. Which is currently sticking out proud as she is bend over into the trunk of her black Cadillac.

“Hey Ms Hunt, need a hand?”

“Oh” she said with a slight jump, her tits bouncing a little. “Luke you gave me a fright” she said with a smile.

“Sorry didn’t mean too” I returned the smile.

“A hand would very much appreciated” she said as she picked up one of the smaller bags. I then moved up to the back of her car and grabbed the last two remaining larger bags. Julie closed the trunk and I followed her inside. Her house was identical in shape and size as ours but decorated completely different.

“Just through here Luke” she said as we walked through the front door and on into the kitchen.

“Just put them there with the rest” she nodded to a couple of bags already on the kitchen worktop. I did as instructed and placed the bags I was carrying next time the others.

“Thank you Luke, at least we have one helpful teenager around here unlike my son.”

“It’s no problem Ms Hunt.”

“Please Luke, call me Julie” she said with a slightly sultry tone. “Can I get you anything?”

“I’m ok, thank you though.”

“So your mom was saying that you are starting school on Monday?”

“Yeah” I nodded as I lent back against the worktop.


“Not really to be honest, I was a decent student at my last school and had good grades.”

“What about making friends?” She asked.

“I doesn’t really bother me, I find it easy to talk to people and I didn’t have any problems at my last school.”

“Girlfriends?” She pried.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the directness, “no, no girlfriends.” I told her before adding “not that I needed one.”

“Oh really? Bit of a ladies man were you?” She grinned.

“I don’t like to blow my own horn.”

“That because you have girls blow it for you?”

“Suppose you could put it like that” I chuckled.

“Young handsome guy like you would have no problems?” She said as she moved closer to me.

My eyes naturally fell to her big chest as she closed in.

“Like big titties do you?” She caught me.

“Especially yours” I retorted.

“They are natural you know.” She was now next to me, her chest pushing out a little. “Ever felt ones this big?”

“Can’t say I have!” It was true, I had felt a few tits in my time but never this big.

“Want too?”

“Sure” I said as I reached a hand out and placed it on her right breast. She was wearing a white low cut top and I could see the lining of her bra. They weren’t hidden in anyway, she had big breasts and she knew it.

They certainly felt natural and real, soft to the touch.

Julie let a moan escape as she took a deep breath. I reached up with my other hand and her mouth hung slightly open now. I gently squeezed and pushed them together.

“Uh you certainly know how to handle them” she groaned, her eyes closed.

I didn’t reply as I continued to move my fingers and hand around her enormous mounds. I could now trace the outline of her hard nipples as the pressed against the fabric containing them. I trailed my finger around it before I squeezed it between my fingers.

“God” she gasped, her eyes opened and looked down at my crotch. Her hand was there seconds later as she grabbed my bulge.

“Feels nice and hard” she cooed. Her hand tracing my length as she squeezed it.

We continued to touch each other for several moments before our spell was broken.

“Mom that you home?” Her son’s voice called from upstairs.

“Shit” she gasped.

“Yes honey, what is it?”

“Can you bring me a sandwich please?” He shouted.

“Fuck sake” I heard her mutter under breath. “Of course sweetie!” Julie shouted back.

“Another time” I smirked.

“Oh yes” she purred, “I want to see and feel this thing for real.”

Disappointed I left the house and went next door to my house. Mom still wasn’t home yet so after having a smoke outside, I went in and went to my room. My room was still very much furnished like it was when we arrived. I was never a sentimental type to have posters or anything like that. I did now have a desk and a chair that mom got me to help with my school studies.

“This is a very important year” she kept telling me. “You need to do well if you want to go to a good college.”

I was fully attending to go to college, what I was going to master in was a completely different matter.

I spent the rest of the day around the house and soon enough I checked my phone and it was passed eight thirty so I headed for my car.

“Luke where are you going?” Mom called as I opened the front door.

“Just out” I replied.

She didn’t reply but I heard her walking towards me. “Just out?” She cocked an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I won’t be late.” I reassured her.

“Ok just be careful.” She said before adding, “love you!”

“I will and love you too” I said before I stepped outside and headed for my car.

It took me some time to find the address Rayne had given me and it was after nine before I pulled up. It was on the outskirts of a suburban area on the west side of the city. I sat for a further five minutes watching the houses and saw no movement.

Suddenly my door opened and Rayne climbed in.

“Fuck” I gasped in slight fright.

“You’re late” she said. Rayne was wearing the same jeans and trainers as earlier but had changed her top into a loose football jersey.

“I’ve been waiting” I retorted.

“I know but you are still late.”

“Ok I offer my humble apologies” I laughed.

“I accept now let’s go.”

“I pulled away and drove out of the neighbourhood before asking “so where are we going?”

“Don’t worry I will show you.” She told me.

I drove around following her instructions until we ended up on some bare wasteland that ran under the freeway.

“Just over there” she pointed to a space that was behind one of the large concrete towers supporting the freeway.

“If I get murdered tonight my mom won’t be too happy” I said to her.

She laughed “don’t worry no one is going to kill you, it’s safe here.”

“Speaking from experience?” I asked her.

“That would be telling” she said cooly before she lifted off her jersey and dropped it beside her. I was greeted by the site of her naked chest. Her small pink areoles surrounded her hard nipples, the right one was pierced. A small silver bar straight through it.

“At least if I do die I saw a wonderful sight before I go” I grinned.

“I want you to touch them” she told me as she scooted a little closer to me and arched her back, allowing me closer access to her wonderful mounds.

I turned slightly and reached up with my left hand and took hold of her pierced tit. A low groan instantly escaping Rayne’s mouth. Her breast was soft and natural to the touch and clearly very stimulative as more moans escaped her mouth as I moved my hand around and squeezed gently. I then trailed my fingers around her nipple bar and tugged slightly.

“Fuck” she gasped as she bit her lip.

I tugged slightly harder before quickly messaging her tit. Her chest moving up and down as she breathed heavier.

With my left hand comfortably massaging her right tit I leaned forward and took her un-pierced nipple into my mouth.

Rayne instantly let out a louder moan as I sucked her hard nipple deeper into my mouth. My tongue rapidly flicking across it. My teeth occasionally grazing it.

“Oh my fucking god” Rayne cried as her body squirmed, her breathing becoming a lot heavier. I watched as her right hand quickly disappeared down her pants which I first thought were jeans but now recognised as black yoga pants. Her fingers instantly got to work as she played with herself. From her motions I guessed she was frantically rubbing her clit as her head hung back onto the seat.

“Fuck yes” she groaned as I continued to suck on her nipple as I tugged and massaged the other.

This didn’t go on for much longer before Rayne cried out in ecstasy.

“I’m cumming, holy shit uuuuhhhhhh” her legs clamped around her hand as her body went still. Her mouth held open as she arched her back further out. I kept my mouth firmly on her tit as I slowed my attention on her other tit.

After a few seconds in her own personal bliss she relaxed and sunk back into the seat. I now retracted myself from her. My hand leaving her tit and my mouth exposing her nipple back to the open.

“You’ve done this before” she panted.

“Once or twice” I grinned.

“I can tell” her chest slowly raising up and down now.

“You’ve done this before?” I asked.

“Once or twice” she grinned. “Now let’s see what you are packing!”

With that she shifted herself so she was sat back on her knees as she worked at my pants. Seconds later my hard cock was free to the elements.

I caught the very quick flash of surprise and almost shock as she first gazed upon it but it quickly disappeared as was replaced by a wry smile.

“Not bad” she raised an eyebrow and reached a hand out and took hold of the hard shaft in front of her. Her fingers encased my cock as she then began to slowly tilt her wrist up and down. A small amount of pre cum oozed from the tip which she collected with her other hand and spread around the head of my cock, lubing it a little.

“Not bad at all” she murmured as she shifted herself forward. Her head came down and my cock disappeared into her waiting mouth.

I groaned as my cock was now encased by her warm mouth. I could feel her tongue instantly lapping at the tip as her lips stayed wrapped in place. Her hand on my cock moved further down towards the base of the shaft. Her tongue eagerly lapping at the beads of pre cum that escaped out.

Once she had satisfied with licking the tip she began to sink her mouth further down my rod. Her lips still tightly wrapped around it as she took more inches into her mouth. She was about three quarters down when she stopped and went back up.

She repeated this action a few times at a slow speed. It didn’t care it felt great. I could feel her tongue cupping the under side of my cock as it slid into her mouth. Her breathing through her nose was steady as I filled her mouth. After one last slow up and down her speed really picked up. Her mouth and lips never leaving my cock as she glided them up and down my glistening shaft.

Her black hair hung down to the side as her cheeks bulged with each invasion. A low moan coming for her mouth as she almost hummed around my cock in her mouth. She’s definitely sucked a cock before and from what I am seeing, she enjoys it.

She used her left hand to clear her face as she sucked faster. She was still only taking around three quarters of me into her. Her hand was wrapped around the base but now it was starting to move up and down. It wasn’t quite in unison with her bobbing head but it felt amazing.

I watched on as this pretty much complete stranger sucked me off in the front of my car in what was pretty much wasteland.

I was getting closer, my balls starting to twitch.

“I’m close” I whispered horsely.

“Fuck” I groaned as Rayne sucked me harder and faster.

She made no attempt to pull her mouth away or slow down. With a loud grunt I exploded into her sucking mouth. With a few pumps from my hips, my cock twitched as I was spent.

“Fuck” I said as I relaxed back into the seat.

Rayne’s lips were still around the head of my cock but her pace had slowed right down. Her hand was now lazily stroking up and down as well. Her mouth was now doing a slow sucking motion as her tongue lapped at my softening cock. She did this for several moments before my cock flopped from her mouth.

She shifted herself back on the seat and sat herself back up properly. She wordlessly grabbed her jersey and put it back on. I took it as a sign and stuffed my cock back into my pants.

“Well smooth talker you do have a big cock” she grinned as she finished fixing herself.

“Didn’t believe me?”

“No I did, I just wanted to see it for myself” she smirked.

“And suck it?”

“Well don’t get too big headed but you do have a nice cock.”

“Why thanks” I couldn’t hold back a laugh.

“Alright let’s not get cocky!”

“Pun intended?”

“Oh behave” she giggled a little. “You can take me back now.”

“Date over?” I said with a smirk.

“Date? That’s how you would treat a date?”

“I didn’t seem to have much control. You brought me here.”

“True” she paused “where would you take a girl on a date then?”

“Oh now now that would be telling, you’d have to go on a date with me to find out.”

“Alright smooth talker, you be that way” she said with a smile.

With nothing more said I pulled away and headed back to where I had picked her up. With a little help from Rayne with the directions we were back at the spot where she had gotten into the car earlier.

“That was fun” she said as she went to open the door.

“Yeah it was” which was true. “Should do it again some time.” I added.

“You might just be lucky enough” she said with a wry smile. “I’ll text you sometime.” With that she closed the door and disappeared into the night.

“See ya then” I laughed to myself and I then pulled away and headed for home.
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