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“How do they have sex with her? I mean, what exactly do they all do? Be blunt. This is my house and I would like to know what exactly happens.” Sonia’s eyes had widened as she asked and she seemed to be getting excited, judging by her tone.
Building a Dream: Part Ten

Hello reader. You may be reading this and thinking, ‘Part Ten? ‘Can I really be bothered to the read the first Nine?’

Well, that’s up to you but I would recommend it as the events in this whole story are a mixture of fact and fiction and, in the long run, you will not be disappointed.

We righted a wrong. A girl we met that week legally owned some paintings that were worth a lot of money and her stepfather had them in his possession. The main theme of this story is how a group of us helped to get them back to her.

Part One is completely true. Elements of all further parts onwards are also true. How we met our good friends, Manus and Sara is also true (we are still great friends with them today; they contributed their memories of the events to this tale).

Some of the locations of places have been moved and slightly adjusted along with the names of others in the story. The paintings, how they were originally obtained and the artists name have been changed for various reasons. Elements of how we got the paintings have been fictionalised to add that ‘spice,’ but the outcome and the main methods we used are true.

Remember the BBC series ‘Hustle?’

We used methods similar to those in that show to help this girl. A lot of sex was used but extra has been added to make the reading more interesting.

As I say, try to start from Part One and follow us as we relive all that happened in the summer of 2014.

Steve and Jay

I held Katy tight as out tongues explored each other’s mouths with hunger. She had her arms around my neck and was pulling me tight into her as I did the same, running my hands down her side, over her arse and back to her face. We pulled apart and very quickly undressed, both of us desperate to get on with having our turn at fucking, having watched Jay have all the fun that evening. We embraced again and fell onto the bed, kissing heavily as we went. I lay on top of her but didn’t enter her.

We kissed and held each other tight as our tongues carried on their exploration of each mouth until I broke away and ran my mouth down to her firm nipples. I took each one in and sucked hard making her gasp out loud as I squeezed each breast and groped the nipple between my fingers before sucking and nibbling, hard enough to please and get louder gasps from her. Keeping my hands on her tits, I lowered my head to her small pussy and started to lick between the lips, parting them with my tongue and running the tip up and down the small opening, tasting the sweet wetness that had collected all evening from all the excitement. I bought my hands down and parted the lips with my thumbs and ran my tongue up and down before firming it and circling around her clit.

This got a loud reaction from her. She threw her hands on my head and held it there firmly as she started to moan out loud as I attacked her clit harder, digging at it with the tip of my tongue and entering a couple of fingers into her. I started to slowly finger fuck her before speeding up, keeping up the firm tip of my tongue rolling and rubbing in circles hard on her clit. She let out a yell, gripped my head hard and came. Her arse lifted off the bed, forcing my face into her as she clamped her thighs and gave a long shout, drops of her ejaculate running into my open mouth as she froze, held her breath and allowed the orgasm to run its course.

After a minute, her body relaxed and I was able to lift my head and move up the bed to kiss her, gentle and tenderly as she held on to me. We kissed slowly, the earlier hunger having subsided and we now kissed as lovers rather than two people going through the motions of only want sex. I reached down and guided my cock into her very open cunt and slowly slid into her. Her eyes widened as I did so and her mouth parted, taking short breaths and then releasing as I slid in fully. We stayed still for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of the bond of our bodies before I slowly started to fuck her, slow long strokes sliding easily in and out of her very wet cunt. We kept eye contact and she held on to me as I looked down on her, my arse thrusting up and down, getting faster and with harder strokes, my cock reaching deep in until it could go no further.

I built up speed until I was fucking her hard and fast. The feeling of fucking this young, beautiful girl was beyond anything I had ever experienced, even with Jay. With each thrust she let out a gasp, until she started to yell as I sped up and ploughed in, knowing that, with everything that had happened that evening, the end would cum soon. She dug her nails into my back, squeezed her eyes shut and managed to moan, “I’m…cumming,” just as I felt that familiar feeling within my crotch as my own cum rose to the surface. I sped up and fucked her harder with longer strokes and came just as she shouted out, her second orgasm joining mine. We clung to each other as I unloaded into her and she panted and held her breath as she clamped her cunt muscles around my cock, allowing a further tightness as I slowed and stopped, my cum spent in her.

We stayed in that position getting our breaths back for a couple of minutes, not letting go of each other and spoiling the moment. I lifted my head and we kissed again, very slowly, very affectionate as our grips on each loosened. She put her hand to my face and looked as if she was going to say something but smiled instead. I lifted myself off her and she put her legs together and waddled over to the bathroom. She knocked on the door and said, “Jay, can I use the loo?”

“Has he fucked you?” came the reply. Katy looked at me with a smile and said, “Oh yes.”

“Then you can use the loo.” Katy opened the door and sat on the loo. I perched in the doorway and looked down at my gorgeous wife submerged in bubbles as she enjoyed her soak.

“Nice bath?” I asked

“Certainly is,” Jay replied running bubbles up and down her arm. “Nice fuck?”

I looked to Katy and replied shrugging my shoulders with a bit of humour, “It was alright, I suppose.”

“You cheeky bastard!” Katy exclaimed before laughing at my jokey nonchalance. Jay found this amusing too and when Katy flushed the loo said to her, “Come on, hop in. Have a proper clean.” Katy didn’t hesitate and stepped into the bath and sank herself amongst the bubbles opposite to Jay.

“I’ve got Déjà vu,” I said sitting putting down the toilet lid and sitting facing the girls.

“What do you mean?” asked katy looking to me then Jay. Jay laughed and said, “The other day he fucked one of the housekeeping girls here after I had fucked her. Then we shared a bath.” Katy eyes widened as she said,”No, really?”

I nodded and Jay started laughing saying, “It looks like it’s becoming a bit of a habit.” Katy looked at us both then asked, “So, how did that come about?” So we told her. We told her everything in fact. Everything that had happened to us since we sat in the canteen downstairs, sweating with the heat when Phil and his colleagues offered us the fans. We told her all about the gangbang, Jay fucking Simon and Jim, Paul and his groping followed by Jay taking his virginity. Katy knew the rest apart from the spa which Jay also told her about. We told her about Kylie and her stepfather keeping the paintings and how we had offered to help and that Manus had a plan, to be discussed in the morning.

“Wow.” Katy said absorbing everything. “That’s quite a story. Well, if you need an extra pair of hands to help get her paintings back, count me in.”

“That’s great,” I replied. “But we don’t know the plan yet. If you want to help and Manus did say it may take a few people, then the offer is accepted.”

Katy lent back in the bath and smiled at us both before saying, “I really like you guys and I think you’re enjoying your new swinging lifestyle.” Jay looked like she was thinking about what Katy had just said before replying, “This isn’t permanent, all this sex. In a few days we’ll be back in High Wycombe and that’ll be the end of our adventures.”

“Why?” Katy asked sitting up in the bath, her wonderful tits rising above the bubbles showing her nipples just above the water line. “You’re obviously enjoying it, why stop now?”

“Because we’re normal,” Jay replied also sitting up. “We live in a fairly normal, well, very big house with a lot of land and lead a normal High Wycombe lifestyle. We’re not actually experienced swingers and if it wasn’t for what happened that night with the guys, we wouldn’t even be sat here now talking to you. We would be out having dinner or at a show”

“But you have had a taster and you like what you’ve had. I bet when you get home, you’ll get your ‘itch,’ again and will soon be joining the local swingers group.”

“What? In High Wycombe?” Jay said almost laughing. “There are no swingers in High Wycombe.”

Katy shook her head in disbelief saying, “Of course there are swingers in High Wycombe. There’s swingers everywhere and it’s always the people you least expect. When you get home, look at your neighbours and think to yourself, ‘I wonder if they’re swingers?’ because if others in your neighbourhood thought the same about you, what do you think their answer would be? It would be no, because, apparently, you’re ‘normal,’ but you’re not. You’ve become swingers and I bet others in your neighbourhood, who you would never consider to be a part of that lifestyle, are too.”

This gave Jay something to think about for a while as she went quiet. After a little while the girls got out the bath dried themselves then we went back into the bedroom.

“I had better be going,” Katy said reaching for her clothes.

“No,” Jay said quite firmly as she climbed into bed. “Not tonight. Stay with us. Not for sex. It would just be nice if you stayed. You could meet Kylie in the morning and hear Manus’s plan.” Katy thought about it for a moment before replying, “Okay, it would be nice to not go home to an empty flat for once.”

Katy got into bed next to Jay and I got in next to Katy. I turned the lights off. Jay had turned and was cuddling Katy who had snuggled into her. I could feel Jay’s arms as they wrapped around Katy’s smooth naked body, her hands holding her close to her while Katy did the same, her head resting against Jay’s chest. I wrapped an arm over Katy and around Jay. Katy’s naked body tight against mine, my cock resting against her arse cheeks and my legs wrapping over hers. To one side lay my wife, the love of my life and between us laid the girl who I was becoming more attracted to every day and not just in a sexual way. Within minutes we were all asleep.

I was the first to awake the next morning. At some point in the night, Katy had turned to me and I found myself cuddling and holding her tight, face-to-face. I gently pulled away and she moved in her sleep to face Jay and resumed cuddling her. I shut myself in the bathroom and took a shower followed by filling the kettle and making three coffees. The girls awoke to the sound of the spoon stirring in the cups. They yawned, sat up and rubbed their eyes awake.

“What time is it?” Jay asked getting up and going to the loo. “9:45,” I answered, moving the curtain, and looking out the window and seeing Sara and Manus waiting on the other side of the road. “Manus and Sara are here. I’ll go and get them.”

I passed Katy her coffee and asked, “Sleep well.” “Oh, yeah,” she replied. “I slept very well.” She was sat up and the sight of her naked breasts caused that twitch in me again. She sat smiling at me and I wanted to fuck her again, there and then but realism set in and I headed to the door and down to the street, greeting our friends.

They followed me in and we went up to the room. “Morning,” Sara said brightly as she went through the door and stopped short when she saw Jay and Katy sat up in bed, naked, the bedsheets now having been discarded. They both looked a bit ‘shifty,’ as if they had been up to something in the short time I was away. “Oh, my,” Sara said smiling, kissing each of them and sitting on the bed. “What have we all been up to?”

“Katy’s said she would like to help with Kylie’s problem. It just made sense for her to stay overnight and be here early to meet Kylie and hear your plan,” I said to Manus.

“Great,” he replied winking at me. “The more the merrier.” At that, there was a knock on the door followed by a voice on the other side saying, “Housekeeping.”

I opened the door to a very happy Kylie. She had a big smile on her face as I waved her to push her trolley in, shutting the door behind her. Her face dropped when she took in the situation before her. Jay was sat up naked in bed along with Katy, drinking coffee. Sara was sat near them and was absentmindedly stroking Katy’s leg. Manus nodded a hello to her and held out his hand which Kylie took as he introduced himself. I don’t think Kylie even knew she was shaking his hand; she seemed too shocked to say anything. Sara stood up and hugged and kissed Kylie, introducing herself and Katy as ‘very good friends,’ of Steve and Jay and those they were here to help Kylie get her paintings back.

Kylie was still in shock and said nothing. “It’s okay,” I said to her, holding her gently by the shoulders, “We’re all here and ready to help.”

“Sorry,” she said, still in shock and nodding towards Jay and Katy on the bed. “It’s not the sort of thing I expected to see first thing in the morning. I feel a bit overdressed”

“You can get undressed if it will make you feel better.” Sara said to her with a wink. Kylie put her hand up and replied, “No, no, that’s not what I meant. I’m okay thanks.”

“Come sit,” Sara said patting a space next to her on the bed, “And tell us everything. My husband thinks he’s got a plan to get your paintings back but we need to know everything about them, the house where your stepfather lives and everyone who lives there.”

Kylie obediently sat next to her and Sara took her hands in hers and said, “Okay, tell all.”

Kylie began with the same story she had told me and Jay about her mum and dad, the birthday when she received the paintings, her father’s death, her mum’s remarriage, her mother’s death and when she got kicked out leaving the paintings behind. She then went on to describe the people now living there.

“Neil Campbell works for a marketing company here in London and commutes every day by train. He’s forty-five and likes to work out. His daughter is Gloria, Glo for short. She’s twenty, very attractive and has a reputation as a gold-digging slut. She’d sleep with anyone for a free meal. She works in a restaurant as a waitress and, apparently, takes great pleasure in fucking the clientele and receiving any gifts they may offer. Darren is his son. He’s a year older than Glo. He works with his dad and they often commute together. Handsome, but a complete tosser towards woman. He has no respect for them. ‘Fuck and forget,’ he would proudly say. He and his mates are known for picking up woman, taking them to the top of Box Hill, shagging and sharing them before driving off and leaving them there. A horrible piece of work. Despite my age at the time, he tried it on me several times. I always manged to get away but he would make little comments, leering at me, saying he would have me one day.”

“What about the new wife?” Manus asked, writing everything down in a small notebook.

“I’ve not met her, nor the boy and girl with her, but I did make a couple of calls to some friends back home and they’ve filled me in with what they know.” Kylie took her own notebook from her apron pocket and read out loud from it.

“The new wife is called Sonia. She’s forty, into Yoga and healthy eating. She married young and divorced her first husband when he had an affair. Apparently she’s a stunner; very slim, very attractive and used to be a model; sometimes dubiously.” I understood what she meant by that and, after a moment, the others nodded along.

“Porn?” Sara asked.

“Not full porn, just naked shots apparently when she was younger. She has a good body and looks after it. She doesn’t work now. She looks after the house, my parents’ house, doing the garden, housework and keeping herself fit and pretty.” Kylie seemed to get a bit upset mentioning the house she grew up in being in the hands of almost complete strangers.

Katy noticed this and moved next to her and, despite being naked, wrapped her arm around her asking, “And the others?”

“Kylie read from her notebook and was visibly relaxed as Katy comforted her.

“The boy and girl were fifteen when they were fostered then adopted separately by Sonia and her ex. So, none of them are related. Apparently, they are both very nice, unlike their stepbrother and sister. The boy is called Tom, twenty and works as a full-time stagehand at a west end theatre. The girl is called Milly, also twenty and all I could find out about her is that she’s very pretty. sweet, but shy. My friends think she works in a local arts and crafts shop, but that’s all.”

Manus wrote everything down and then asked for the house address, the house layout and where exactly the paintings were hanging. Kylie described it all in good detail which satisfied Manus who shut the notebook, walked over and hugged her. He knelt before her and said, “I promise you; we will do all we can to get them back for you. Trust us. Okay?”

Kylie nodded, smiled looked at us all and said,”Thank you, all of you. Thank you so much.”

“How did the evening go with Paul?” Jay asked.

“Oh, he is lovely,” Kylie replied, a big smile appearing on her face. “He’s such a gentlemen. After you left we had a meal in Wimbledon at a very nice restaurant and then he escorted me home. He didn’t try anything on, just a peck on the cheek, but we’re going out again Saturday night.”

“I’m glad it all worked out for you. I think you’ll both be very happy.” Jay said moving over and hugging Kylie.

“So do I,” she replied hugging Jay back. “And he’s honest. Very honest. He told me everything and I mean everything. His crevette slipped down and I saw the love bite. So I was honest with him.”

“You told each other about how you met us?” Jay said looking shocked, but Kylie was smiling at her. “Yes,” she replied. “And it’s okay. We have a familiar bond and we like each other, so, it doesn’t matter how we all know each other and what went on. We now have an honest bond.” Kylie stood up and went over to her trolley. “But I think I should really do your room now. Keep me updated and if me and Paul can help, we will.”

We all took the hint. Katy got dressed and said she had to go as she had a photoshoot in the afternoon and needed to go home and change first. She promised to ring later to meet up with us tonight. She left with Manus and Sara who said they would wait for us downstairs. Jay quickly had a shower, dried and dressed in her shortest summer dress while I helped Kylie change the bedsheets.

“We’ll ring you later,” I said to Kylie as we left the room getting a smile and a wave back. We went downstairs and met up with Manus and Sara. Sara told us that she would have to leave us for the day as she had a last-minute meeting arranged with a gallery owner. Apparently, this was part of the plan

“What’s our plan for today?” I asked Manus.

“We have to get in that house. We need to know the layout exactly; mainly the room where the paintings are.” He replied.

“And how do we do that?” I asked.

“You do whatever you have to do to get in there.” Sara replied, looking serious. “And I mean anything. Right Jay?”

Jay seemed to understand, probably wondering what her role in the trip would be. She nodded and said, “Okay. Whatever has to be done to get in that house will be done.”

As we headed to the door to leave I had a familiar voice close by. I turned and realised that we had been noticed by the wives; Cheryl, Mary and Sue, all dressed in skimpy, summer outfits and looking like they were heading out for the day. They saw us and came straight over smiling and waving, saying, ‘Hi,’ as they approached.

We introduced everybody to each other, giving a sly wink to Manus when I mentioned who the wives were and explained that Manus and Sara were old friends of ours. Kisses on lips were proffered by the wives, which bought an odd look from Manus, before Sara announced that she had to leave.

“You’re Dutch?” Cheryl asked Sara to which she nodded. “Oh, I love the Dutch.” Cheryl said, a small smile coming on her face, the other wives nodding along in agreement. Sara asked Manus to ring her later then left.

“What are your plans today?” Cheryl asked us, but mainly at Jay.

“We’re going on a quick trip to Dorking,” Manus replied before me and Jay could say anything.

“Doing anything interesting in Dorking?” Mary asked, also aimed at Jay.

“Looking at property for a business,” Manus added quickly.

Cheryl faced Jay and said, “Oh, that just sounds so, so boring. Why don’t you spend the day with us, Jay? Let the men do the boring stuff. We’re going for a perusal around the shops, a fancy lunch on our husband’s expenses then coming back here for drinkies.”

“That’s very sweet for you to invite me, but I think I’ll stay with the boys. They’re hopeless on their own.” She replied, gripping my hand tight.

“Nonsense,” Sue said and took Jay’s other hand. “Come with us. It’ll be fun. The boys can meet up with us later once they’re done all that boring rubbish. We girls have to stick together when the men go out to work.” Jay let go of my hand and was a bit speechless, struggling to think of an excuse before Cheryl said to me, “We’ll look after her. Our husband’s expenses accounts are vast. We’ll get her a new dress or some sexy underwear as a treat on us?”

Jay let go of my hand and said, “Okay, if you’re sure?”

“Oh, I’m sure.” Cheryl said, winking at me as she took Jay’s other hand. I gave Jay a quick peck and told her to have fun to which Cheryl replied, “Don’t worry. She will.” They led her out the door and started hailing a taxi. Just then Simon and Jim exited the lift and seeing us, came over and I introduced Manus.

“Is that Jay with the wives?” Simon asked, watching the woman getting in a black cab.

“Yes,” I replied. “We have some business to do in Dorking so they offered to take Jay out for shopping, lunch then ‘drinkies’ here later.”

We watched the cab drive off then Jim said, “Poor Jay.” He looked at me and shook his head. “Those women are fucking mental. They’ll eat her alive.”

“Jay will be alright,” I said, or hoped. “She can look after herself.”

“Let’s hope so,” said Simon as we all headed for the door. We bid our farewells as they headed off to work while me and Manus headed for Waterloo Station. As we walked past a print shop, Manus stopped and we both went in. They had one of those do it yourself business card machines. Manus typed on it for a while before pressing the relevant buttons and a pile of business cards dropped out the slot which he pocketed before we carried on our journey. “I’ll explain when we get there,” he said winking.

On the train Manus showed me the contents of the small backpack he was carrying. Camera, builder’s tape measure, notebook and a couple of cold bottles of water. We needed to know everything about the house, he explained. We then talked about our relevant jobs; mine as a business owner with a staff of fifty and his work as a test technician in the wind turbine industry. He told me about the times he has to either go to turbines on land or on a boat in a rough sea to the offshore sights.

The time passed as we talked and soon, we were heading out of Dorking Station and heading to the taxi rank where Manus gave the destination to the waiting driver and we were driven and dropped off on a main road by a small lane that lead to a solitary house surrounded by gardens a short walk away.

Manus handed me a half of the business cards which said: ‘Visser Adult Entertainment Productions.’ It had a small logo of a clip-art clapperboard, outline of a Playboy Bunny and a mobile number.

“We need to get in that house.” Manus explained, “When Kylie said that Sonia had done nude modelling and kept herself fit, an idea came to mind. She’s obviously a bit open-minded and liberal. We need to get in that house and get a good look around. So, we say we run an adult film company and we’ve been scouting for locations in the area and her house is ideal. It’s discretely tucked away from the other houses and, we’ll tell her that if it has enough rooms, we could shoot a complete film inside for which she will be richly paid.”

“There’s no way she’ll fall for that.” I said, astonished at the idea.

“You never know until you’ve tried. Leave the talking to me. I’ll be Jan Visser, the owner of the company and you can be whoever you want as the location manager.”

“Okay,” I said as we walked up the lane and got to the expansive gardens, “I’ll be Sean Bennett. I used to know a lad by that name at school. He was the ‘cool’ one.”

We went through the gate and walked up the path between immaculately kept flower beds and neat lawn. Manus used the oversize knocker on the large wooden, front door and waited. A few moments later, the door was opened by, who I presumed to be, Sonia. She was wearing denim shorts and a T-shirt and looked like she had just come in from the back-garden judging by the gloves and trowel in her hand. Her brown hair was bunched up in a scrunchy and she wore barely any make up. Despite this, Kylie’s information was correct. She was very attractive and had a very fit and sexy body; Very slim, long shapely legs and good size tits.

“Good afternoon,” said Manus, his Dutch accent showing stronger than normal. “My name is Jan Visser and this is Sean Bennett, and I run a film company. We are in the area looking for locations of a production we will be starting soon and we saw your house from the road and thought this would be ideal for what we’re looking for.”

“Sorry?” Sonia replied trying to take in what Manus had just said. “You run a film company and you want to film one here?”

“That’s right,” Manus replied running his hand around the garden and back to the house. “It’s beautiful and would be perfect for what we need.” He handed over a business card which she took and read. Still looking at the card, she said, “Is this Neil trying to wind me up?”

“Neil?” Asked Manus.

“My husband, Neil. He’s always trying to wind me up. He can be a real sod sometimes.”

“No, no,” replied Manus. “I don’t know this Neil. Sorry. We are really looking for filming locations and saw your house. It’s perfect. I really love your garden.”

“Thanks, that’s all my work. That lazy bugger of a husband of mine doesn’t lift a finger to help.” Sonia read the card again and asked with a suspicious tone, “Adult Entertainment Productions. What sort of film are you doing exactly?”

“It’s like it say on the card. We cater for the adult entertainment sector, mainly in the Netherlands but I decided that I would like to film here, in England, with an English cast.”

“So, it’s porn.” Sonia said quite bluntly. “You want to film a porn film in my house. Are you serious? Are you sure it isn’t a wind up?”

“No wind up,” Manus replied. “It will be an actual film with a proper storyline. We call our productions ‘adult films,’ but if you want to call it porn, then so be it. We just need to find the right house. Would you be interested in letting us film here? You will be well paid.”

“I don’t think so,” she replied, reading and fingering the card. “Although it might be quite exciting to have something like that to break the monotony. But Neil would never allow it.”

“He doesn’t have to know. We could come and film one day when he’s at work and be out of the way before he gets home. You’ll be the only one who gets paid then.” Sonia was clearly considering it but shook her head. “No, I don’t think it’s a very good idea.” She replied firmly.

“Well, that’s a shame.” said Manus stepping back and leaving to go. “We’ll try your neighbour further down the road instead. That house might just do it, although here would be better and you would have been paid well. Also, you’re very attractive. You could even have been an extra, in the background of course. Should you change your mind, give me a call on that number but we won’t be around too long today.”

We waved goodbye and walked out the garden and down the lane back to the main road leaving Sonia holding the card and watching us leave.

“What now?” I asked, realising that we had probably lost the chance to get inside.

“Just wait,” he replied. “We’ve left her with something to ponder on. She was certainly thinking about it.” Just then, a phone started ringing in the backpack. Manus pulled out a cheap pay and go phone and answered it on speaker phone. “Visser productions.”

“Hi,” said a female voice. “It’s Sonia, the lady you just met at Crossland’s House. I’ve been thinking about your offer. Cold you come back in an hour? I would like to now a bit more about your offer.”

“Certainly Mrs?”

“Sonia, just call me Sonia.”

“Okay Sonia, we’ll be back in an hour.” Manus replied winking at me. He hung up and said, “See, she’s tempted.”

We walked up and down the main road killing time before we returned to the house and knocked on the door again. Sonia answered and had transformed herself. She had changed into a short and loose summer dress, had done her hair and applied make up. She looked great. If we really were doing a porno film then I’m sure she would have been offered a part.

“Come in,” she said smiling at both of us. “So, what would you like to see? She asked.

“The whole house, if that’s okay?” Manus replied taking his camera, tape measure and notebook out. “I just need to get pictures and measurements for space and for lighting equipment.”

“Sure,” she said. We were led around the ground floor of the house which was quite large. We measured and took pictures of the hall, stairs, kitchen, Lounge, TV room and utility room and Manus took notes in his book. We opened a door and went into the large dining room and on the wall were the four paintings, although the frames they were in looked cheap, like something from Ikea. As Manus took pictures and measured the room and windows. I stood admiring the pictures.

The paintings were truly stunning. The four separate paintings depicted the fisherman on the lagoon as they gathered their nets and placed them in the boats on one, began to push off in the next, boats sailing off into the sunrise on the third and distant boats already casting their nets in the fourth. The colours, the details, the whole atmosphere of the season was quite breath-taking. I stood for a while just gazing at them. A little too long, as it turned out.

“We never use this room. We hardly ever come in here preferring to sit in the kitchen.” Sonia said coming and standing next to me. “Do you like the pictures?”

“There nice,” I said. “Are they real oils?”

“Apparently,” Sonia replied. “I don’t think they’re old or worth much. I think they belong to Neil’s stepdaughter from his last marriage but she left without taking them. An antiques dealer who delivered a bookcase last week took an interest in them. He said the paintings were worthless but the frames were valuable and offered to buy the frames with the paintings. He said he would come and take them off my hands for fifty quid a frame. So, I bought new frames, swapped them over and took the old frames to his shop. He did look a little disappointed that the pictures weren’t with them but I reminded him that he had said that only the frames were worth anything. He paid me two hundred quid and said he would like to come back one day and have a look around the rest of the house in case there’s anything I fancy selling that’s going spare.”

Classic, I thought to myself. Exactly the sort of thing Lovejoy would have done. Tell her the frames were good but the paintings rubbish. Offer to take them off her hands on the cheap, and then make a killing. But that does mean that someone else knows something about the paintings and would be back.

We finished in there and were about to leave, having found out everything about the ground floor when Sonia asked,

“Would you both like a cold drink?”

“That would be lovely,” Manus replied and we followed her through to the lounge and sat on a sofa before she went to the kitchen and returned with two glasses of coke filled with ice which was welcoming in the heat and refreshing. Sonia sat on an armchair opposite us and asked what the theme of the film was.

“A burglary by three men gets disturbed by the female occupant of the house,” said Manus. “She offers the men anything as long as they don’t rob her. I will leave the rest to your imagination.”

Sonia sat forward in her chair, giving both of us a good view of her ample cleavage and asked, “What do they do to her?”

“They have sex.” Manus replied.

“All three of them?” she asked

“Yes, all three of them.”

“How do they have sex with her? I mean, what exactly do they all do? Be blunt. This is my house and I would like to know what exactly happens.” Sonia’s eyes had widened as she asked and she seemed to be getting excited, judging by her tone.

Manus replied,

“They will all be sucked by her. They will go down on her. They will take turns having sex with her while she sucks the others and they will have anal sex with her. We may bring another girl or two and maybe another couple of men. There will be some girl-on-girl action and much more. It will end with a bit of an orgy. Is that what you wanted to know?”

Sonia looked flushed and I could just make out her nipples getting erect against the thin material of her dress.

Manus asked, “Would you like to be an extra? Just as a policewoman or something. You wouldn’t have to do anything sexual, although, you are beautiful and you have a lovely body.”

Sonia was a bit shocked at the last statement but composed herself and said,

“I did do some modelling years ago.” She said.

“Vogue?” Manus asked.

“More like Hustler.” She replied quietly, taking a sip of her drink and I noticed her hands were shaking slightly.

“I would have liked to have seen those pictures,” Manus said. “Do you still have any?”

“No, no. I couldn’t keep any and Neil doesn’t know. I only did it to pay my way through uni at the time. I did enjoy it though. The different poses and positions. It was sexy and a turn on. I’ve always done yoga and can be quite bendy and stretchy. I did look very good back then.” She replied with a sly smile.

“Ever considered going back into it?” Manus asked. “I bet you look great naked.”

“No, no,” she answered with a giggle. “I couldn’t do it now. Too many people would see.”

Manus picked up his camera and put it on the table and asked,

“How about a private portfolio, just for us? No one would ever know.” Sonia looked shocked and didn’t reply so Manus persisted. “You have a beautiful body. I see many beautiful women all the time but you are simply stunning. We would be truly honoured if you would take a step back in time and relive those days of being free, naked and proud of your wonderful assets.” She took a few sips of her drink in silence before standing up and saying,

“Okay, why not. But do you promise never to show anyone? I also want copies for myself.”

“Absolutely promise,” Manus said nodding.

“Right then. Upstairs.” Sonia led the way to what I assumed to be must be a spare bedroom. She stood by the bed and said, “How do you want me?”

“Just get undressed and get into any position you want. I’ll take pictures continuously to capture every moment.” Manus replied raising the viewfinder to his eye and he started to take pictures as she slowly moved around the room, dropping her shoulder strap teasingly before dropping the other. She flashed her skirt up, giving us a quick view of the G-string beneath, then pulled the dress over her head and stood still, hands on hips, amazing tits sitting high and firm, nipples erect and sticking out. Manus clicked away and followed her around as she bent over and pulled the G-string down slowly to the floor, kicking them away and turning to reveal a thin pussy with a landing strip line of pubic hair.

She rubbed her tits for the camera and pinched the nipples. She knelt with her back to us on the bed and parted her legs allowing Manus to get clear pictures of her arse and pussy before she turned, laid down and opened her legs wide. Manus clicked away, sometimes zooming in on her pussy then face. She laid on her back and bought her legs up over the shoulders then spread them very wide. She wasn’t kidding when she said she was bendy and stretchy.

“Looks like I’ve still got it,” she said proudly lifting her legs high up in the air.

“That’s marvellous,” Manus said running through the pictures on the camera screen. “You look fantastic.” He turned the screen to Sonia who sat up and looked at the pictures as he scrolled through them. “Are there any other type of pictures you would like to do, while we’re here?”

“I don’t think so,” she replied innocently. “This is how I used to pose. I never did anything else.”

“Why don’t you lay back and relax. Play with yourself for a little while. Enjoy yourself. Have you ever looked at yourself in a mirror while you’ve masturbated? It’s very sexy. Those pictures would be amazing and a memory for you to cherish.”

Sonia thought about it then laid back on the bed and started to rub her pussy, parting the lips and running her finger up and down, touching her clit that made her visibly shudder. Manus kept taking pictures from all angles before setting it to three frames per second and placing it on the windowsill directly facing where Sonia lay on the bed. He stood to one side and watched as Sonia started to masturbate herself properly. She rubbed harder and started to moan before entering a finger while keeping her thumb rubbing her clit. She started to moan louder as she entered another two fingers and fucked herself with fast, stabbing motions, all the while staring at the camera. She looked over to Manus who stood near her with an obvious hard on that was poking against his trousers. They made eye contact and, although nothing was said, nor insinuated, Manus started undressing. Sonia watched him and said nothing apart from moaning louder as she fucked herself.

He walked over to her and stood near her head. She reached up, grabbed his cock and started sucking and wanking, running her tongue around his helmet in her mouth while keeping pace with the fingers in her pussy. Manus reached down and took her fingers out, replacing them with his own as she sucked him and gently squeezed his balls. Manus looked over at me and nodded. I got the message and undressed, my own hard on relieved to be let out from the confinement. Manus removed his fingers and I went down on her. I entered two fingers in her very wet pussy and licked her clit hard, occasionally nibbling it which made her squeal around Manus cock in her mouth.

She started to buck her hips up, forcing her wet pussy on to my mouth harder as the tension of an orgasm built up in her. She took Manus’s cock out of her mouth and let out a sudden yell and I felt a long stream of her cum as she squirted violently, jet after jet hitting me. I kept up the frantic finger fucking as she came while she held my head tight against her. She began to quieten down and slowly relaxed her body and she became limp; legs flopping on the bed either side of me as I removed my face and fingers. She was sweating and out of breath, taking big lungful’s of air to recover herself.

Seeing my wet face she panted, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. It’s been a while as you can probably tell.” Manus laid on the bed next to her and took her in his arms and kissed her while I stood up. She wrapped her arms around him and responded, their tongues flicking across and inside each other’s mouths.

After a couple of minutes she broke free, sat up and seeing me wiping my face with a tissue from a box on the windowsill said, “I should have warned you that I’m a squirter. I’ve not had any sex for a long time and it was inevitable that it would happen. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I replied smiling. “My wife is a little bit of a squirter, so I’m used to it.”

“Thank goodness for that,” she replied. “Not everyone likes it. My husband, Neil, hates it. He never goes down on me, that is, when he can be bothered to go near me.”

“What?” exclaimed Manus. “You’re gorgeous. Why would he not want to go near you?”

“I’m fairly sure he’s having affairs. We haven’t had sex in nearly a year.” she replied looking a bit pensive. “There’s certain things he expects in the bedroom that I just won’t do.”

“Like what?” I asked, peaking an interest in me of this beautiful woman whose husband must be off his rocker.

“I won’t do anal. Never have done. I’m not adverse to watching it as I think it’s a big turn-on. It’s the thought that it might hurt and I really don’t want to go there.”

“If it’s done right,” Manus said taking her in his arms, “it can be very enjoyable. You have to be relaxed and well lubricated and the giver must be gentle. With practise it becomes easier and it can bring about an anal orgasm. What else?”

“He wants to wee on me. I mean, what is all that about? Why would anyone want to be wee’d on? He keeps on about it and I keep saying no. That’s weird, isn’t it?”

“Not necessarily,” Manus replied, now stroking a nipple with one hand. “Watersports isn’t for everybody and should only be done by people who trust each other. It can be, as you British say, ‘Marmite?’ You either like it or hate it.”

“Well, I don’t fancy trying either of them with him. He would go on and on about it, every time we had sex. Every time I said no the sex would be quick, hard and a bit violent. He would fuck me and call me all sorts of names as he was doing it. It isn’t how a husband should make love to his wife. He would pin me down, fuck me and it would be all over in about a minute. It’s almost abusive. I also think he might be gay. I found a website on his laptop one day. It was a gay swinger’s site. I never mentioned it to him but when he says he’s going for a jog or to the gym or just for a drive and doesn’t come back for hours and always, always has a shower when he gets back, well, it gets you thinking, doesn’t it?”

We nodded along, agreeing with her that it was a bit odd. Sonia put her hand on Manus’s cock and slowly rubbed it. It was still hard and I could tell that Manus was ready to continue before she stopped, removed her hand and asked, “Why are you both really here?”

Manus put on an innocent face before replying, “Scouting for a location for our porn film, as we said earlier.”

Sonia laughed and sat upright. With a shake of her head she said, “No you’re not. You’re not porn film makers. I can tell a machine-made business card anytime. I used to work in the print. If you were who you say you are, you would have had a proper card with decent logos. Not clip-art.”

This threw us. I didn’t answer and I could see Manus struggling for an answer before she continued. “It’s the paintings, isn’t it? Did the antiques dealer send you?”

We knew the game was up. I shouldn’t have taken such an interest in them earlier. It had given us away.

“I think you should tell her.” Manus said, looking defeated. So I did. Leaving out the sex details and the full value of the paintings, I told her everything that we knew; all of what Kylie told us.

Sonia sat back looking thoughtful then said, “I knew there was something funny about those pictures. I had a feeling that the story about his stepdaughter not taking them was fishy and now I know why. He’s keeping them out of spite. One thing though. I can guarantee that he doesn’t know their worth otherwise they would have been sold years ago. He wasn’t even that bothered when I told him I’d reframed them.”

She sat back looking thoughtful as if an idea was coming to mind. “Right,” she said firmly addressing Manus, “What was your plan?”

Manus sat up and told her.

“We were going to get cheap copies of the paintings made. Hopefully, you would have gone for the porn film idea and let us film here. During the filming, while you were distracted, we would swap them. If you had noticed they were different I was relying on you keeping quiet as you wouldn’t want your husband to know that a porno was filmed here. Hopefully, he wouldn’t notice the difference, especially when you don’t use that room and he never takes an interest in them and should he notice a difference what could he do? He wouldn’t know how or when they were swapped and wouldn’t try to get them back as Kylie has legal provenance.”

“So, you were actually going to film a porno here. Why not just break in and steal them?”

“Because that would have been illegal.” Manus replied. “By swapping them, all we’re doing is retrieving someone else’s property. Since you now know though, we could just get the copies made, let you know when they’re ready, come along, do the swap and everyone’s happy.”

Sonia thought about this and slowly shook her head. She looked at both at us and said,

“No, I’ve got an idea. You’re right. He doesn’t think they’re worth anything and never even looks at them. You can have them. Neither he nor his horrid brats deserve to have them.”

“You don’t like them, the brats?” I asked

“No. The daughters a spoilt slut and the son is a letch. I’ve lost count of the amount of times he’s tried to walk in on me naked whether it’s the bedroom or shower. He’s tried many times with my daughter too. My two hate them and hate being here. They’re getting a flat together soon just to get away from the three of them. It feels like they’re being driven away. So, I will help you but there are conditions.”

“Great,” I said. “Name them.”

“Do you really have the means of filming a porno here?”

I nodded, remembering the owner of the sex shop and thinking who could take part. Sara, Manus, Jay, Katy and myself. Maybe Simon and Jim could make up the numbers.

“Yes,” I said confidently. “We have the means.”

“Okay,” she replied. “Do it. Carry out your plan exactly as you said you would. But I want a part in the film. Not as an extra but as a participant. I want to experience some proper sex for once. I’ve never had a threesome and the thought of being in a real porno sounds very wild. I also want a copy of the film and of all the pictures you’re taken up here. Do we have a deal?” she held out her hand and we both shook it nodding. “Deal.” We both said.

“Good,” she said lying back down and opening her legs wide. “If we could finish what we started earlier, it would be very much appreciated.”

Manus reacted first. He climbed straight on her and in one swift movement, shoved his cock straight into her open, wet cunt and started fucking her; slowly at first but then built up a fast rhythm. I moved and stood over her, offering my cock to her mouth which she grabbed and bought the helmet into her mouth. She sucked me hard and the movement of Manus fucking her rubbed her tongue hard on my helmet went on for a couple of minutes before she took me out and reaching down, gripped her thighs and bought her legs far back so her knees were level with her head. I moved to the foot of the bed and had a clear view of Manus pumping into her, her wet pussy lips making little squelching sounds with each push forward of his big cock.

Manus leaned further forward and swung into her with long and fast strokes, her pussy swallowing his cock eagerly with each thrust as he pumped hard into her. She shut her eyes and shouted, “YES, YES, YES, I’M CUMMING!” and then let out a long squeal as she came, her ejaculate coming out around Manus’s cock in tight jets and splashing on the bed. Manus squeezed her nipples hard and kept up his pace before he too said, “Fuck, fuck!” and came in her, keeping up his swift pace as he filled her wet pussy with his warm cum. He groaned with delight as he emptied his load into her, her position allowing him to slow and stop, his load emptied deep in her. She reached up and pulled his face to her and kissed, her tongue frantically searching his mouth, her sexual tension still on a high despite the fast orgasm.

They stopped and he fell on her as she released her legs. They lay embraced for a minute before they kissed again and she let him go so he could stand and reach for the tissues. She laid on her back, not moving and getting her breath back. Cum was slowly trickling out of her pussy and starting to pool on the bed under her. I looked at it and was tempted to bend forward and lap it all up, but held back, not wishing to risk doing anything that might prevent me getting to fuck her.

She looked up at me and smiled, her hands playing with her nipples which stood out erect and hard, excited by the sexual atmosphere and the touch of her hands. She moved around and got on her knees, resting her elbows on the bed and looking over her shoulder at me. I looked at her pussy, cum still dripping out and the temptation came again to sink my face straight in and lick and swallow all it contained. Instead I moved forward on the bed, holding my erect cock and lined it up between her wet and sticky pussy lips. I entered my helmet slowly and watched as cum oozed out around it as I moved my cock further in until I was in up to my root. Her pussy felt warm, whether from the friction of Manus fucking her or not, I didn’t care. His cum and her cum had made her pussy smooth and slick and I felt my cock glide as I grabbed her hips and started to slowly fuck her.

This felt good, very good. Sonia started to respond with little pants as I pushed into her, her face down on a pillow for leverage as I built up my rhythm and fucked her harder. I took my hands off her hips, parted her arse cheeks and looked at her small and cute puckered arsehole. As arseholes go, this one looked great. Tight, deftly wrinkled and just asking for a finger or something bigger to be sunk deep into it. I was tempted to spit on it and insert a fingertip, but remembering what she had said earlier, decided that maybe this wasn’t the time. I stroked the inside of her arse cheeks with my thumbs which made her tighten on my cock probably with apprehension that I was going for her arse so, I moved my hands back to her hips and carried on fucking her, pulling her back and forth on my cock as I did so.

Sonia moaned loudly as I fucked her and started to shout, “YES, THAT’S IT, YES, YES!” as I thrust as deep and hard into her as I could. The tension of the situation built up and I could feel myself reaching my own orgasm just as Sonia yelled and her pussy became more slick and slimy as she came around my cock. I pumped harder and then shot my load into her, not stopping until I knew I was depleted of everything I could give.

I slowly pulled out followed by a mix of cum and pussy juices which flowed out and on to the bed.

Sonia laid still, getting her breath back and not moving while I cleaned myself up and got dressed. Eventually she moved off the bed and moved to the bathroom, trying to keep her legs together as she went. A short while later she returned, looking refreshed and got dressed.

“Shall we resume that cold drink now?” she asked and led us back downstairs to the lounge. We sat around, all three clearly knackered although Sonia had a bit of a glow. Her first sex in over a year and her first threesome had certainly brightened her mood.

“How soon can we get this plan done?” she asked as we finished our drinks.

“A couple of days should do it,” Manus replied pulling his phone out. “Give me your mobile number. I’ll only contact you during the day when Neil’s at work. I’ll let you know when we’re ready.”

They exchanged numbers and she walked us to the door. We both gave her a hug and a kiss before she stood back and said, “Thank you” as we walked down the path. Looking back I saw her watch us walk down the lane and as we turned the corner she gave a wave with a big smile on her face.

“Can we trust her?” I asked Manus after he had called a mini cab.

“I think so,” he replied. “She seems very genuine and was certainly grateful for what happened today. We’ll have to be honest with our girls about what happened. Sara will be fine. She said to do ‘whatever it takes,’ and she’ll enjoy the pictures I took of us fucking her, but how will Jay react?”

“I don’t know,” I said. I certainly hadn’t been thinking of Jay while I fucked Sonia. “I’ll break it to her gently.”

We parted at Waterloo where I said I would ring him about the five of us meeting up later for a drink to start planning and then headed for the hotel, eventually reaching our room.

I walked into the room and finding it empty poked my head around the bathroom door and found Jay who was lying in a deep bubble bath, only her head lying at one end above the water.

“Hi. How was it with the wives?” I asked sitting on the toilet lid

“Those women,” Jay said slowly, her eyes shut, not looking at me. “Are bat-shit fucking crazy.”

To be continued in Part Ten when Jay tells all about her mad day with the wives
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