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“Me daddy, me. I'm your fucking little whore! My god your cock feels so good my pussy!”
After waking up the next morning, I thought of what we had done the night before. I figured I could either push her away and tell her this could never happen again or enjoy the moment and face the consequences at a later time. There was so much I had fantasized of doing to her before last night, there was no way I could stop now.

It was her idea to seduce me, but now that she was mine, I intended to enjoy her as much and as often as possible. I stood up, grabbed her by the hand and walked her to the shower in the master bedroom. I was taking her into my matrimonial bedroom, into the same shower I had fucked her mother many times before. While I turned on the water and adjusted the knobs for the right temperature, Olivia came up behind and put her arms around me, telling me that she loved me. I replied that I loved her too. She said “No. I really love you.”

Things were about to get crazy. Was it possible to be in love with two women at the same time? Even if they were mother and daughter? There was no going back now. I intended to have my cake and eat it too.

We ended up fucking in the shower with her bending over and asking that I fuck her from behind while telling her what a little slut she was for letting daddy fuck her while mommy was away, all while driving my hard cock deep into her tight cunt. “You fucking little slut. What kind of bitch are you letting your daddy stick his cock in your tight little cunt? What kind of whore opens her legs for her daddy, huh?”

“Me daddy, me. I'm your fucking little whore! My god your cock feels so good my pussy!”

I fucked her hard and fast before we both came together. We exited the shower and dried ourselves off before spending the rest of the day naked. We bad breakfast before cuddling on the couch to watch some TV. My mind was more on what was in my arms than what was on TV. We were spooning on the couch, with her lying in front of me. I slowly caressed her entire smooth tight body starting with her breasts and ending up with my finger deep in her smooth little-girl pussy. I first lazily played with her tits, cupping them before I started light teasing her nipples, with her softly moaning. My hands descended to her tummy before I started caressing her hips. Fuck, her smooth, tight, young body felt so nice!

After enjoying her body, I asked her to turn and lie flat on her back. I started caressing her legs before my hands were on her inner thighs, lightly touching her smooth little-girl pussy on the upstroke. My fingers started stroking up and down her slit as we started kissing. Cindy was not due until the next day and I wanted my little Olivia to enjoy our naughty time. The minute my fingers entered her tight little hole, I could tell she was extremely excited, with my finger easily sliding into her wet cunt. I quickly added another finger as I finger-fucked her, with my mouth sucking on her stiff nipples. She moaned as I slid my fingers smoothly in and out and sucked hard on her nipples.

Soon she was moaning loud, telling me to fuck her harder with my fingers, telling me that she was close to cumming. I decided to do what I had long been wanting to do every time I saw her laying on the sofa with her short shorts showing off her young sexy body. I quickly got on my knees and put my head between her legs. When I lowered my head, it was the sweetest, most beautiful pussy I had ever seen up close. It was smooth and her lips were shut tight with pussy-juice glistening on the outside. The smell was incredible. I would say it reminded me of walking through a rose garden, so fresh and sweet. When I first licked it, the taste alone made my cock get even harder, if that was even possible. It reminded me of the first time I enjoyed a sundae with chocolate syrup dripping all over the ice-cream. You can't stop licking up the syrup. It was that sweet and delicious. I continued licking up the syrup, not allowing any of it to drip off her pussy.

I knew I was doing something right when she reached down and pushed my head hard against her pussy, begging me not to stop. “Oh my god! That feels so fucking good, please don't stop, daddy. Please don't stop eating your little girl's pussy. Oh my god, don't stop, don't stop!”

I continued licking and trying to fuck her as much as my tongue would allow me. Her pussy tasted so good and her labia felt so nice. Her whole mound was smooth and felt like a fresh new pussy that it made me want to never stop. She soon started moaning loudly and she started grinding against my mouth that I knew she was close to cumming. She let out a loud “AAAHHHH!” as her sweet syrup gushed straight into my mouth. I definitely hoped I would get more of her juices before Cindy returned. There is nothing like eating a smooth, young teen pussy.

We spent the rest of the weekend fucking in almost every room in the house. On the dining room table, on her bed, on our king size bed; we even fucked out the backyard with the lights completely off to avoid any prying eyes. I even fucked her Monday morning before her heading off to school and me to work. After all, Cindy was due that evening.

Life continued with the same schedule, but certainly not the same activities. During the week, Cindy and I would fuck like bunnies and the days she was gone on her trips, Olivia and I would fuck. Life was good for everyone, most especially me. Olivia would also get extra loving from me whenever Cindy was distracted and Olivia could arrange it.

On one occasion, it was a Saturday night and after a long day we all felt tired and decided to go to bed at a decent hour. We were watching TV and I was the first to announce that I was done for the day and ready for bed. I kissed Cindy good-night and gave a Olivia a fatherly kiss on her forehead before retreating to my bedroom. She, of course, secretly rubbed my cock while I was bending over to kiss her forehead. She was becoming a bit daring since we had started our secret affair. As she did this, she looked up at me and said “Good night. I love you, daddy.” with a flirtatious tone and a devilish grin.

About half an hour later, Cindy came into our room explaining that she and Olivia had been talking about school. Olivia explained to Cindy that she was having boy problems and was wondering if I would mind talking to her, to give her a man's point of view. I was not sure what Olivia was up to, but the thought of having Cindy's permission to visit her daughter in her room at night had me excited. I nonchalantly agreed and asked if she would be waiting up for me. She apologized, explaining she was tired and would be going to sleep. She asked that when I come in that I be as quiet as possible.

I had no idea what was about to happen.

I lightly knocked on Olivia's door and I heard a little-girl's voice telling me to come in. Her beauty never ceases to amaze me and when I opened the door, I was dumbfounded by what I saw. Olivia was sitting on the edge of the bed with her hair done in two pony tails with cute little bows. She was dressed in a rouge silk little girl's sleeping shirt that came down mid-thigh, barely covering her panties. Her gorgeous legs looked so deliciously smooth down to her feet, where she had socks that fold over with lace around the top edge of her socks. She looked like the hottest and sexiest little girl that I had ever seen. I felt light headed with all of the blood in my body shooting straight down. My cock was stiff as a board in 2 seconds flat.

She had manipulated her own mother to get me to come to her room. At the moment, I was not aware, but she was playing out a fantasy that she'd had since she was a little girl. She had always dreamed of having me come to her room and make love to her. She was obviously very young at the time and did not know how to make it happen. But, now? But now she had become very conniving and had employed her mother's help, unbeknownst to Cindy, to get me to come to her room and tease me with her mother, asleep, down the hall. As I said before, she was playing with fire and I was going to get burned.

I decided to play along, to see where this was going. I was a bit concerned about Cindy, but I also knew she was out for the night, especially tired with the day we'd had.

“Mommy said you wanted to talk to me, honey. Is everything ok?”

“Yes, daddy. It's just that the boys in school are teasing me, telling me that I am not pretty because my boobies aren't big and some of the other girls in class are already wear regular bras, not just a training bra, like that Samantha Johnson. She has the biggest boobs in class. Even Mr. Bradshaw is always staring at her.”

“Well, honey. Some girls develop quicker than other girls. You need to learn to ignore them.”

“But they're so mean. Daddy, can I...uh, can I show you my boobies so you can tell me if they look nice, pleeeaaaase. I promise I won't tell anybody.”

I gave her a look, as if I was considering her offer and deciding whether I should do it or not. There was no doubt that I wouldn't, but I was playing along with this little game of hers. After a few minutes of telling her that I did not think it was a good idea, I told I would, but only to help her and it had to be our little secret, she could never tell anyone, not even her mommy. She excitedly nodded her head, stood up and reached down to grab the hem of her pyjamas. This little girl thought of every little detail. When she pulled her pyjamas up to her neck, I discovered that she was wearing little girl pink panties with rainbows and unicorns.

“So daddy, are they nice?”

“Well, honey. They look beautiful and I'm sure as you get older, the will get bigger and nicer. Your nipples are cute. But, to give you my opinion, I also need to touch them, to see how good they feel. Do you mind if I touch you? Do you mind if I caress your little boobies?”

“Uh, uh....ok, daddy. I really want you to tell me if I have nice boobies.”

I was caught up in the moment and felt like Olivia was really the little girl that she portrayed to be. I was loving this perverted game we were playing. I reached out and gently started by first cupping her breasts and started holding and squeezing a breast in each hand. Her nipples felt hard in the palm of my hands and I needed to give them some love. I lightly started pinching her nipples, telling her that they would get hard and make her bobbies look even nicer.

“Is it true that daddies like to suck on their little girls boobies? Samantha Johnson acts like she know everything and always tells us that she's a good girl because she let's her daddy suck on her boobies. Is it true daddy? I'll let you do that to me daddy? I pinkie-promise it'll be our little secret.”

I looked at her with a smile as I slowly lowered my mouth and took a nipple in my mouth. Her nipples were hard and the only thought was to wonder exactly how wet was her pussy at that very moment. I alternated sucking from one booby to the other, giving each special attention. I felt her love when she gently placed her hands on my head. Her moaning was telling me how good that felt, while never breaking character with her sweet little-girl voice. My cock felt as if I had taken a dozen little blue pills. I was not sure how long I could play along before ripping off her rainbow and unicorn panties and fucking her hard.

“Daddy, that feels so good. I bet Samantha's dad doesn't do it as good as you. It is true that boy gets a...a...hard-on when they see a girl they like?”

“It usually occurs when a boy is sexually attracted to a girl.”

“Um, um...are you sec...sec...sexually attracted to me? It looks like you have a hard-on, daddy. Did I make you get a hard-on?”

“I'm sorry you had to see that honey, but I got a little excited sucking on your...”

“Daddy, can I see it? I promise to be gentle and not hurt you.”

“You'll have to be extra careful and if you hurt it, you'll need to kiss it, okay?”

“Ok daddy, I promise.”

I pulled down my boxers and my stiff cock sprang out proudly. She reached down for it and her hands gently wrapped around my shaft. From the time we started our affair she had become very good at giving me hand jobs and tonight was no exception. “Oh honey, that feels so good. Keep doing that, you're making daddy feel real good.”

“Samantha says that her daddy puts his in her vagina and that she likes how it feels. Is that true? I thought that my vagina was only for going pee.”

“Hmm, this Samantha seems to know a lot. What else does she say?”

“Well, she says that her daddy always licks her little vagina before he sticks his penis in her. Doesn't that sound yucky? She says it feels really good, but I think she's lying.”

“Honey, if you want to try it, I can do that for you and then you'll know if you like it. I'll first lick your little vagina and then if you want I can stick my penis in there and you can see how it feels. And honey, let's call your vagina a pussy. It sounds so much nicer.”

She quickly jumped back onto the bed and as she laid on her back saying “Ok daddy, do you want me to open my legs like this?” she asked as she slowly opened her legs for me, exposing her cute little panties to me. I asked if she would mind if I removed her panties and she simply looked at me while she shook her head with the same flirtatious grin she had given me earlier in the day. In her best little girl voice she said to me “Daddy, I don't know if you'll like my va...pussy. I only have a smooth little-girl pussy with no hairs. See?” she said as I proceeded to slowly pull down her panties. My god, I never got tired of undressing her and seeing the tight little pussy that she had told me she kept smoothly shaved to remind it was her pussy, not Mommy's.

I completely pulled off her panties as she laid on her back. I looked up and could already see her starting to breathe hard in anticipation of what was to come. I put my hands on her thighs and slowly ran them up to her tummy and grabbed her breast. She moaned softly and I heard her whisper, telling me how good that felt. I reached under her knees and brought her legs up so that the bottom of her feet were now on the bed and I carefully opened her bent knees. I lowered my head and started kissing her softly on her inner-thighs, coming down close to her cunt but never letting my lips make contact with her labia. As I kissed and caressed her body, I kept reassuring her, telling her she was being a good little girl for daddy.

Her aroma always drove me nuts. Her young smooth tight pussy always smelled and tasted so sweet and fresh. After teasing her for a bit and getting her nice and wet, I ran my hands under her ass as I brought my face down, with my tongue making contact with her little slit before I lowered my head and licked from bottom of her pussy up to her clit. My intent was to make her orgasm as quick as possible, I was desperate to fuck my little girl. Her cute little outfit has me all worked up.

I worked on her cunt, taking each labia in my mouth and make her moan as I sucked hard on them. I could tell she too was turned-on more than ever before. The spot on her bed right under her pussy was drenched, her pussy was leaking pussy-juice like never before. I finally found my tongue on her clit and I started flickering my tongue on it, making her give out an “Ah!” every time my tongue made contact. I took her clit, like I had many times before and gently started nibbling on it as I inserted a finger into her wet little pussy. “Suck on it harder, daddy. Please, suck on it harder.”

I started sucking on her clit hard, it felt like I was going to rip it off her pussy. After a couple of strong pulls she started shaking and trembling, telling me she was about to cum. I would be rewarded with her sweet juices. Like Ol' Faithful, her sweet juices came gushing out of her pussy and into my mouth. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that sweet taste.

I gave her time to rest before we continued. “Honey, are you ready for daddy's penis?”

“ Yes daddy. But, your penis looks sooo big and my pussy is sooo small. It is going to fit? Is it going to hurt? Oh daddy, I'm so scared, but I want to be your brave little girl”

“Don't worry baby-girl. I will go slow and you will like it. I promise. Besides, don't you want to be a good little girl for daddy? Also, honey, you need to call my penis a cock. That's what you call it when it is nice and hard.” she simply nodded. This was her fantasy, yet I was so caught up in the pretense that it felt so real for me. Olivia was turning into a nasty little slut. She reached down and placed her fingers on either side of her pussy as she spread her lips for me, showing the pinkness of the inside of her pussy, asking me “Does this help?”

I couldn't talk. I grabbed my cock, lined it up and slowly started entering her as her pussy started stretching out to accommodate my girth. That was something I always enjoyed, watching her little slit start to open up and stretch out as my cock started penetrating her cunt. Olivia played the part so well, cringing her face as though she was really in pain. I played along, asking if I was hurting her. “Yes daddy. Your cock is soooo big, my pussy is hurting.....but it hurts so good. Please don't stop. I wanna show you how I can be a good little girl.”

When I bottomed out I took a moment to look down and saw Olivia on the bed with a smile on her face. The two pony tails with the bows and her sleeping shirt pulled up to her neck with her tits exposed, along with the rest of her naked body was such a beautiful sight. She looked so sweet and innocent. It made it all so real when I looked down and saw where we were connected as one with my cock shoved deep into her little cunt. What a fucking sight!

I was so ready to fuck her hard, ready to make her feel every inch of my cock in her little pussy when she said the words that made me go from 0 to 60. “Fuck me daddy. Fuck your little girl.” My hips started pounding her hard and fast. Her pleasure was no longer my concern. That pussy was mine, for my cock to punish and tear it apart. I was fucking her hard and all she could do was to “ooh” and “ahh” over and over again as I continued fucking her, driving my cock hard in and out, over and over into her tight cunt. Her eyes rolled back as I grabbed her thighs, with her legs up on my shoulders with her cute socks on her feet, and fucked her hard and deep. I wanted her to feel it the next morning.

The more she screamed in pleasure, the harder I pounded into her and the closer it brought me close to exploding. After what seemed like forever, which was probably five minutes, she gave out a loud “AAAHHHHH!” that I was sure Cindy had heard that was not going to stop me from finishing. Thirty seconds later I was cumming hard. I felt compelled to give her what I am sure she was wanting. I pulled out and continued cumming, squirting my cum all over her beautiful naked body, with my cum landing on her tummy, her tits and some of it even landing on her face. She looked so dirty, like a fucking little slut. I loved it!

I grabbed my boxers and put them on before leaving her bedroom. I couldn't help but look back at her one last time before walking out. She had the biggest smile with cum on her face whispering to me “Thank you, daddy.”

That would need to hold me over until next week when Cindy left for her next trip.


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Pammie slid down onto my cock, her just teen pussy stretching around me. Her mom was away again and we were playing our favorite game: how many fucks in a weekend? We were on 7 and it was only Sat. morning. Pammie rose up and then sank down to engulf me in her cunt. I had one hand on her titties and the other was exploring her tight ass, seeking her hole. She loved me reaming her while we fucked and it was helping her ass open more easily for me to assfuck her. I could feel her tensing up as a climax approached and then she came. After a bit I picked up the rhythm so that I could join her in cumming. Daddy! Daddy! Cum in me! And I did. Great jets of cream up inside her delicious cunt. Pammie, I love you, darling girl!


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Yes beautiful.


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Wow, it continues so smoothly. Great story.

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