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A series of stories based on a shared enjoyment of school knickers between a man and his wife starting in the 1960s.
Shortly after we were married Wendy was invited for an audition. It was to be on a Saturday for some reason and she was due to be out most of the day. On the Friday night as we were getting ready for bed I noticed that Wendy was taking off a pair off her navy blue school knickers but, strangely, I was sure she hadn’t put them on that morning as she got dressed. There must be a reason but I just let it pass.

We were but awake pretty early the next morning because Wendy had a fairly early start for her audition We both slept in our bed in the nude. Always had done and still do. So as I followed Wendy out of bed and started to get my clothes together ready to put on she said, ‘Just a moment, darling, there’s something I’d like you do for me. Seeing as I’m going to out most of the day I want you to wear something that’ll remind you not only how much I love you but how sexy and desirable I always find you.’ With that she approached me with the navy blue knickers she had taken off last night. ‘I want you to wear these all day, darling. I put them on yesterday evening just so I got the ‘warmed up’ as it were. They’ll probably smell of me but the thought of you wearing them for me is rather erotic.’ I was a little bemused but did as she asked. ‘Now,’ she said, ‘You mustn’t wank in them. Promise. And I’ll sort that out when I get back this evening.’ I have to say that the feel knickers against my cock was very, very nice and I started to get an erection. Remembering, Wendy’s instruction to not wank in them I hoped that I wasn’t going to have to suffer having a permanent erection all day till Wendy came home.

Wendy was ready to leave when I got down stairs. “Now remember what I said “No wanking in my knickers”. Right?’ ‘I understand,’ I said. ‘Good’, she said and squeezed my cock through not only my trousers but through the navy blue knickers. It sent a shockwave through me. ‘You tease,’ I said. She laughed. I said good luck to her but thought I may the one needing the luck wearing these snuggly, soft knickers all day.

I tried to settle down and take my mind off my current situation and that worked to some extent but every time I moved the knicker fabric rubbed against my cock and it started to erect again. Likewise, every time I went to the toilet and extracted my cock from the knickers I stared to get aroused. I so desperately wanted to have a wank but knew that if I stained them Wendy wouldn’t be pleased. I also knew that with her being such an inventive lover she’d probably got some exciting reward in mind if I could just control myself. The thought of that started to excite me again! There again, I thought, maybe Wendy’s also a bit excited with the idea of me wearing her knickers all day. Only another eight hours to go!

The time seemed to really drag. I tried to relax and read but my mind kept being drawn back to the feeling of my cock and Wendy’s knickers and up would pop my cock. I seemed to be looking at the clock every few minutes which didn’t help but, eventually, I heard a key being inserted in the front door lock and Wendy reappeared. Thank God! ‘Hi,’ I said, ‘Did you get the part?’ ‘I’m not sure yet but, so far, it’s looking quite good. So how’s your day been?’ I told her it had been absolute hell in a way. Whereas the feeling of her knickers on my cock was lovely it was a terrible strain not to want a wank in them. ‘My poor darling. Well I’m home now so lets have a look. Take your trousers off.’ she said. I did as I was told and she had a good feel of my, now, excited cock. She peeled down the front of the knickers and inspected them. ‘Hmm,’ she said, ‘Lots of pre-cum on them. It must have been rather hellish getting lots of erections but not being able to wank off in them. I have to admit that I kept thinking of you in my knicks and getting quite excited with the thought. So much so, in fact, that I had to excuse myself twice to have a wank myself! Sorry.’ I was rather gobsmacked at that revelation but I didn’t get a chance to dwell on it because Wendy was kneeling in front of me and stroking my cock through the navy blue knickers. Slowly my arousal built and built and, rather quicker than I expected, I felt I was going to cum. Wendy, picked that up and very sensually placed her mouth around my cock. She sucked whilst also rubbing my penis’s shaft with the knickers at the same time and I erupted. I pumped and pumped spunk into Wendy’s mouth. She could hardly contain the amount of cum squirting out of my cock. As she tried to swallow it more shot out and dribbled out of her mouth and into the knickers she was still holding against my cock. It took a while but eventually I finished spunking. ‘Wow, I guess that’s been building up all day. There certainly was masses of it,’ she added, ‘Thank you for saving it for me.’

I was totally spent. Phew. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cum like that one. Wendy got up still with spunk running own her chin and said, ‘Think we both need a shower then one of us is going to need a jolly good fucking so I hope you’ll recover pretty quickly.’ I did and she got exactly what she desired.

One day about six years since we first met Wendy passed me a small, soft package and said, ‘Happy Anniversary.’ I blanched. I couldn’t have missed our wedding anniversary could I! ‘I’m sorry love I’ve no idea what anniversary it is. Typical man I guess.’ ‘Well open the package and maybe you’ll get an idea,’ she said. I opened the small package and inside were a pair of brand new maroon knickers. I was still none the wiser. ‘Shall I put you out of your misery? Well exactly six years ago today we had out first fuck together. And, if you remember my knickers on that occasion were maroon. Those knickers took quite a hammering not just on that day but on lots of days since. Goodness how many pints of spunk you’ve deposited on them over the years. Not to mention the pussy juices that have flowed out of me! So I thought it’s about time I freshened up this particular colour of knicks. Hope you like them.’ She continued to tease me a bit more but it was just a her way of suggesting a little idea she’d been planning for a little while. Our ‘first fuck’ had taken place in a small copse of trees near were we both living at the time and Wendy fancied reliving that occasion with an outdoor fuck somewhere. I was game for that as long as we could find somewhere quiet. ‘OK,’ she said, ‘I don’t think that’ll be to much of a problem. But before we go I think you should come upstairs whilst I put on my new knickers.’ I followed her to the bedroom and she started to put the them on. The sight, as usual, was so very erotic and when Wendy lifted up her skirt to model the knickers I couldn’t resist getting hold of her, fondling the knickers whilst hold up her skirt. ‘I’m sorry darling I can’t resist you in them. I think I need to fuck you now!’ Wendy reached out her hand behind her and felt my very swollen cock. ‘I think you do need to fuck me now. You’re right.’ And so saying she pulled up her skirt a little more and lowered her new maroon knickers to her thighs. She turned her back to me and bent over. As I removed my trousers and slipped down my underpants I got a lovely view of her already swollen pussy. I nuzzled my cock against her pussy and Wendy reached behind herself and guided me into her warm, welcoming and juicy pussy. It was bliss (for both of us if Wendy’s moans were anything to go by). It didn’t take us very long to climax I got there fractionally before Wendy but we both were totally exhilarated by the spontaneity of the fuck. Wend pulled up her knickers and said, ‘Well that’s got these knickers christened. I can feel your spunk sliding out of my pussy already. Yummy.’

It was quite a sunny and warmish day that day so we didn’t need to wrap up. Wendy had prepared a little picnic to take with us so we set off in the car to a place we often visited for a walk. It was a large park like area with gently rolling hills and valleys. Wendy suggested we park at the nearby village rather than the main public car park. I said ok even though it meant a fair climb to the area we usually liked go. On the way I noticed that Wendy was toying, through her clothes, at her pussy. ‘Is anything the matter, darling?’ ‘Not really,’ she said, ‘It’s just that fuck this morning had made me feel very horny. Add to that that I’m rather aware of your spunk trickling into my knickers.’ ‘Would you feel better if you had a wank?’ I suggested. ‘I think it might actually. Do you mind if I do that? she replied. ‘Not at all. Please carry on.’ With no further ado she lifted the skirt she was wearing and slipped her hand down her maroon knickers and started to wank herself slowly. In a minute or so Wendy started to moan and shake.’I didn’t realise I needed that so much,’ she gasped. ‘My pussy was so sensitive and ready with your spunk making it so lovely and juicy. Thank you darling.’ she said. “You don’t need to thank me, love. I fully understand how you needed that and I’m sure it won’t be the last of today’s cums!’ I replied. Her hand drifted over to my cock and gave it a little squeeze. ‘And I don’t think you’ve finished your cumming today either judging by what I found just then!’

We parked in the village that Wendy had suggested and, gathering our picnic basket and car rug, started the climb up the hill towards the main footpath which ran across the top of the hills. ‘OK, I think here would be perfect.’ Wendy said as we neared the top and a fairly high stone wall that ran alongside the main path which was just beyond the wall. She spread out the rug and sat down. ‘Why here?’ I asked. ‘Well,’ she said. ‘Anybody walking along the path on the other side of the wall can’t see us and anybody taking the same route up from the village that we did will be visible for ages. So I think it’ll be perfect for what he have in mind.’

Wendy unpacked a few of the bits and pieces from the picnic basket and pored us both a glass of wine. She was well relaxed now but I was a little nervous because every now and then I could hear people walking and talking on the other side of the wall. However, when Wendy leaned over and gave me a big kiss and directed my hand to her knickered pussy I realised that my cock might be needed soon. Wendy stood up and slipped off her knickers and put them in her handbag. ‘I think it’s going to make our fucking a little easier if my pussy is more openly available as it were.’ she announced. She moved closer to me and started to unzip me, Reached inside my trousers for my cock and found him a little softer that she would like. ‘Sorry, I did I’m just a bit nervous.’ I said.’Don’t worry darling. I’ll get you going a bit I’m sure.’ she replied. She lay down with her head in my lap and started to suck me whilst rubbing her pussy. To all intents it looked like she was just having a little snooze with my lap as her pillow. Gradually I could tell she was getting herself worked up and although my cock wasn’t huge it was stiff enough to slip into Wendy when she was ready. She obviously came to the same conclusion and just checking first that we weren’t being observed sank her self onto my cock. It slid in beautifully. I guess, as a result of the previous mix of her and my cum. She sat there and barely moved then exploded! She must have timed her orgasm so well that after wanking herself she just needed to feel my cock inside to have her cum. She worked herself gently on my impaled cock until her orgasm dissipated and then got off me. She was, fortunately, able to just have my cock stiff enough to achieve what she wanted. ‘I’m so sorry Wendy,’ I said, ‘I said I was just too uncomfortable to get a full erection or a cum.’ ‘Don’t worry darling. I don’t blame you at all. It is a bit nerve-racking being so close to people walking on the wall behind us. Anyway, I had a lovely cum, so thank you for that. And you’ll get your cum later I promise.’

We continued or small picnic. Wendy was airing her very moist pussy by pulling her skirt just above her knees and spending her legs quite widely. As we sat there we noticed someone starting to ascend the hill from the village down below. Following the same track as we had they would be up to us in about 5 minutes. Wendy stayed exactly as she was with her pussy fully exposed to whoever it was climbing up towards us. She had a bit of exhibitionism in her did Wendy and had a little trick she was able to use which allowed her to slightly open her pussy hole. It meant that it looked like someone had just taken their cock out of her and her pussy lips hadn’t yet closed up. It was a almost as if her pussy hole was winking at you. (I asked her once how she did this and she said ‘Did what?’ and as I explained she said, ‘I don’t know what your talking about and gave me a wink and a smile). It was plainly a man who approached up up the hill and as he got close I greeted him with a ‘Good Afternoon.’ I don’t think he was listening to what I was saying because he seemed to be concentrating on what was before him up Wendy’s skirt. He moved on. ‘Guess he must have seen something of interest just now do you think, darling?’ said Wendy, ‘He couldn’t take his eyes off it could he?’ ‘You’re incorrigible,’ I remarked. She did like to do these little teases every so often. She reckoned she had been doing things like this (though not quite as brazen) since she was at school when as teenagers her mates and her used to dare each other to walk through the town with their gymslip lifted up at their back apparently caught by their satchel but exposing their knicker-clad bottoms to the world. As she told me ‘It caused quite a lot of interest among the male population for some reason!’

We packed up and meandered arm in arm down the hill and to our car. ‘That was lovely, Jamie,’ she said ‘It was just how I wanted to celebrate our first fuck together though, I have to say, there wasn’t quite so much spunk around this time!’ Thus far she should have added. When we arrived home it was just starting to get dark and Wendy said she thought she’d go and have a shower. So upstairs she went. I had just settled down to watch a bit of television when she called me. ‘Have you got a couple of minutes, darling?’she called. ‘Sure,’ I said as I climbed the stairs. I went into our bedroom where Wendy was lying on the bed naked except for her maroon knickers. She looked an absolute picture with the knickers pulled up tight against her rather swollen pussy. ‘It just struck me,’ she said, ‘That there’s a large are of knickers, here at the front, that would be an ideal area to squirt some of your spunk on. After all I didn’t give you much of a chance when we had our picnic. Would you like to wank on me, darling?’ I didn’t need to reply because as I took my clothes off it became fairly clear from the state of my cock what I thought of the idea. I started to stroke my cock as Wendy watched, alternately, my hand on my cock or my face. At the same time Wendy’s hand started to venture down the inside of her knickers. I, having started my wank, slightly before Wendy was almost ready to come after a a minute or so. ‘I’m just about to cum, darling. Stand by!’ I said. And, with that, out of my cock sprayed quite a copious amount of cum. Most of it landed on the front of Wendy’s new maroon knickers as requested and Wendy increased her ranking as I continued to spunk. She then slid her hand out of her knickers and scooped up some of my spunk, before it soaked into the knickers material, and placed it in her mouth. She gave a little shiver as she did so, which she admitted later, was fourth orgasm of the day. Quite an Anniversary celebration!
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