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Sister love
Young Melanie Tucker had watched her sister go up the stairs with Bart

Masters through eyes narrowed by tension and fear. She had no real idea

yet just what these men might demand of them, but the open display of

weapons in her home had informed her from the beginning that she could

expect little mercy or compassion from the ruthless invaders. With Penny

out of her sight and gone now with the leader of the cruel trio, Melanie

suddenly felt very alone and vulnerable in the presence of the other two


It was almost a relief to her when the one called Jed Wilson spoke to

her, breaking the grim silence that hung between them like a curtain of


"How about that coffee, eh, little lady?"

She nodded dumbly, turning away from him and moving in the direction of

the kitchen. He moved to follow her, and the third man would undoubtedly

have followed as well if Wilson had not turned upon him and brusquely

ordered him to remain in the living room and keep watch over the road

outside through the front windows of the house. Having thus dispersed

his "troops," Jed Wilson turned once more and followed Melanie into the

kitchen, closing the door behind him firmly.

Melanie glanced at him from time to time out of the corner of her eye as

she busied herself with the coffee pot at the stove. She had filled the

pot with water and was about to turn on the heat of the burner beneath

it when she felt Jed Wilson close beside her and almost flinched away

from the sudden touch of his hand on her shoulder. His voice was soft,

almost purring, in her ear as he leaned closer still.

"What does a great-looking girl like you do for excitement in a nowhere

dump like this?" he asked, his leering tone communicating more than

casual interest in her forms of amusement.

Melanie shrugged, half hoping the gesture would dislodge his clinging

hand from her shoulder, but all in vain. When the subtle effort failed

miserably, she felt constrained to manufacture some answer that might

satisfy the man.

"We don't do much," she said simply. "Once in a while there's a school

dance, or a hayride."

"A hayride!?" the man crowed, his voice breaking up into harsh and

derisive laughter at the very idea of such primitive amusement. "I

didn't know they still did that in the western world."

When Melanie made no reply to his mocking words, Wilson tried another

tack, lowering his voice a notch and leaning close to her once more,

tightening his insidious arms about her slim shoulders. "it must get

awfully dull for you, way out here in the sticks," he said, hugging her

to him for emphasis. "You must be pretty hard-up for all kinds of

excitement, I'll bet."

Melanie shook her head in a hesitant negative gesture. "It's not so

bad," she said weakly, while her mind cried out that it really was that

bad, and that she had said the exact same things silently to herself a

hundred times before. "It really isn't that bad," she repeated


The man continued as if he had not heard her ineffectual protests. "I'll

just bet you've got a real shortage of men back up here in these hills,

don't you, sweetheart? The young ones move north or go off to the army,

and you're stuck here with a bunch of old geezers snapping their own

carrots, eh?"

Melanie could think of nothing to say, so she remained silent, toying

idly with the knobs of the stove, but without turning on the flame

beneath the coffee pot.

"Yeah," Jed Wilson continued in his softly seductive voice, "I'll just

bet that there are times you get so lonely and horny back here in the

hills that you're ready to tackle anything with two legs and a prick."

Melanie was blushing bright crimson now, and she had had quite enough of

the man's lewd oratory. She made a determined motion to break away from

him, turning sharply away and moving as if to brush past his restraining

arm. The man was too fast for her, however, tightening his grip at the

same time that he shifted his own stance, moving so that her momentum

carried her directly into him, face on. She recoiled from that jarring

contact and might have stumbled backward against the stove if Jed

Wilson's strong arms and hands had not shot out, seizing her tightly by

the shoulders to hold her upright, then tugging her back tightly against

him. He smiled broadly as the soft mounds of her youthful breasts

flattened provocatively against his broad, muscular chest.

Melanie stood with eyes downcast for a long moment, then she risked a

glance upward at her captor's face. His eyes seemed to fascinate the

young girl, riveting her own gaze and holding her as if she was

hypnotized, their eyes locked as he kept her held tightly against him,

touching from chest to loins in what was rapidly becoming a very

intimate embrace.

She should have expected the kiss, should have seen it coming, and yet

when it did come it managed to take her completely by surprise. Suddenly

his sensual lips were covering hers, and his powerful tongue was snaking

into her mouth, forcing her pearly little teeth apart as it sought out

her own tongue and challenged that organ into a dueling little lust

dance. Melanie resisted at first, and then some initial barrier seemed

to collapse within her, and her tongue was reacting as if with an

intelligence of its own, following his and complementing its movements,

darting and glancing about in an instinctive rhythm of barely simulated

oral fucking.

Melanie's heart seemed to leap into her throat as she felt Jed Wilson's

hands on the move over her body, sliding deftly down from their vantage

point on her shoulders to clasp the outer swell of her ripe young

woman's breasts. She tensed immediately, pushing against his broad chest

with both hands as if to escape from his clutches, but she suddenly

seemed to have lost all strength from her arms and he held her easily.

Wilson's hands worked slowly and lovingly over the globes of Melanie's

tremulous breasts, stroking, milking and fondling those fleshy weights

through the thin dual restraints of her blouse and lacy little bra. She

flushed bright red with shame and abject humiliation as she felt her

cherry little nipples stiffening in response to his touch, spiking

outward noticeably through her clothing as his thumbs and fingertips

danced and swirled across the sensory little nodes.

Melanie was vastly ashamed of her young body's traitorous response to

the wandering hands of this lecherous intruder. She knew deep inside

herself that such involuntary response to a would-be rapist was wrong,

quite possibly even perverted, but she could not seem to control her own

body's instinctive reaction to the fondling of firm and confident male


Jed Wilson sensed the conflicting emotions and feelings within his young

hostage, and played upon her growing uncertainty with a master's skill.

His hands were not still for a single moment, roaming constantly and

taunting her tingling breast flesh until the girl felt weak in the knees

and feared she would faint dead away at his feet right there in her own

kitchen. Every movement of his stroking, rotating palms evoked new waves

of electrifying erotic sensation from her manhandled young tits, sending

responsive waves of feeling fanning outward and downward across her

trembling torso to ignite responsive fires of budding lust between her

tightly clenched young thighs.

A new, stronger shiver raced through Melanie's body as she felt Jed

Wilson's hands leaving her breasts briefly, then returning to attack the

tiny buttons which held her thin blouse together in front. He unfastened

them one at a time and slowly, taking his time as if to heighten his own

sexual anticipation and to prolong her own feverish anxiety. She counted

every button as it slid slowly open, letting her blouse gap that much

wider in front and expose that much more of her milky breast flesh,

barely covered by the lacy little brassiere which she wore more from

habit than from need.

Finally Jed was finished toying with the fastenings of her blouse, and

the garment hung open and useless away from her thrusting young tits. He

stepped back from her half a pace, ignoring the bright blush of shame on

her cheeks as he feasted his hungry eyes on the mounding orbs of her

tits, ogling the way in which her cherry pink little nipples were

plainly visible even through the thin material of her almost transparent


Those thrusting little nipple buds fascinated Wilson, riveting his gaze

as they seemed to stare back at him like two beady pupils, taut with

desire. He reached forward with both of his big hands, seizing one

nipple between each of his thumbs and forefingers.

At first Jed Wilson's grip on her nipples was soft, gentle, even

inciteful. He twirled the little sensory buds between his fingers

artfully, first slowly, then rapidly, evoking the utmost in electrifying

pleasure from each of the thrusting little fleshy stems. Melanie could

feel her passionate response growing inside her in spite of herself and

the nagging voice of conscience which cried out to her from the cloudy

back of her mind. She was rapidly losing control of her own feelings,

and she instinctively knew that there was not one damned thing in the

world she could do to recover that control.

Suddenly, totally unexpectedly, Wilson tightened his grip on her rigid

little nipples to a painful degree. Melanie first winced, clenching her

eyes and teeth tightly shut, then cried out her pain aloud as the

discomfort became nearly unbearable. Her cries for mercy seemed only to

inflame Wilson further, for he tightened his cruel grip still more, and

actually began twisting her nipples, each in a clockwise motion.

Melanie's knees were weak and trembling, and bitter tears streaked their

paths down her pale cheeks, as she stood stock still and trembled

violently in the sadistic man's tight grip. She was afraid to offer any

effective resistance to his cruel assault, for fear that Wilson would

tighten his death grip still more or, worse still, release her tits only

to hurt her far more, in more fiendish and terrible ways. If only she

could endure the pain for a few moments longer, she told herself through

shimmering waves of agony, perhaps he would finally tire of the

perverted game and release her aching flesh.

All of a sudden, the pain in Melanie's cruelly handled breasts began to

ease dramatically. She glanced swiftly down at her aching tits, shocked

to find that in fact Jed Wilson still maintained his hard grip on her

tingling nipples, and if anything he seemed to have increased the great

manual pressure. Strangely, however, some defense mechanism inside her

own body had moved to nullify the pain, and as she stood there in

amazement, her breasts actually began to glow with a bizarre sort of

sensual warmth which was truly exciting.

Melanie Tucker could not fully understand what was happening to her

body, although she had read long ago that some women actually derive

sexual pleasure from receiving pain. She did not believe that she could

be such a perverted creature, for surely she would have noticed some

telltale traits long before this. And yet, the evidence of her now

tingling and glowing breasts was unmistakable and undeniable. God help

her, she was beginning to enjoy the harsh treatment which had seemed

like the ultimate torture only seconds earlier.

Jed Wilson watched the captive young girl very closely, correctly

judging her reactions and the immediate state of her feelings and

emotions. Without warning he released her trapped little nipple buds,

watching the look of shock and surprise spread over her angelic features

as the fire in her breasts continue to build and grow of its own accord,

causing the girl to almost topple backward against the restraining stove

once more. Her young eyes were half-closed, and her breath was coming in

short pants as she found herself totally unable to control the

unbelievable reactions of her traitorous young body.

Wilson took full advantage of the moment, reaching forward again with

one hand and hooking the fingers of that hand in the flimsy material of

her bra, looping downward into the deep cleavage between her vibrant

site. Then, with a single violent sweep of his arms, he shredded the

flimsy garment, casting it aside with a continuation of the same smooth


The violent removal of her brassiere jerked Melanie Tucker upright once

more, yanking her away from the stove on which she was leaning and

depositing her on her own two feet. Her large breasts bobbled wildly

from the force of their suddenly being freed, her excited and stiffened

little nipples describing crazy patterns for the amusement of Jed

Wilson's closely following eyes. Melanie looked down at herself, shocked

and ashamed to find herself standing semi-nude before this lecherous

invader of her home, but at the moment she lacked either the physical

strength or the willpower to try and cover her nakedness.

Jed Wilson moved once more to capitalize upon his young prisoner's

indecision, cupping the smooth, silken cones of her breasts in almost

worshipful palms. He stroked and caressed the tingling globes, almost as

if to make atonement for the harsh treatment he had dealt them only

moments before. Within a very few seconds, the soothing, milking action

of his constantly moving hands had lulled Melanie into an erotic sense

of security, and she was rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet

in time to his tit-teasing gesture, moaning and mewling out little cries

of pleasure from deep in her throat.

Wilson flicked at her rigid little nipples with his thumbs, taking time

from the lecherous exercise to trace the outline of her wide pink

areolae, thus sending out little shooting chills of mounting passion

throughout Melanie's tremulous young frame. He played upon her tits like

a virtuoso might play upon a musical instrument, milking the ultimate in

erotic sensations from those pliable cones of titflesh.

Not content to possess Melanie's breasts solely with his ravenous hands,

Wilson bent forward from the waist, slowly and gently bringing his lips

into contact with the soft ivory curve of one breast. Slowly,

tauntingly, he nibbled and licked his way along the smooth slope of her

tit until he reached the rigid little apex of her vibrant nipple. He

virtually inhaled that little nub of sensory nerve endings, engulfing a

great mouthful of breast flesh in the process and pinning it between

gentle teeth, his flicking, darting tongue-tip already at work on the

task of driving her little nipple insane with liquid heated desire.

Melanie might have collapsed to the floor at that very moment if she had

not thrust her trembling hands upward, seizing Wilson's broad shoulders

and thus supporting herself. The action also served to arch her back

slightly, thrusting her excited breasts outward and offering them more

openly to the avidly working mouth of the syndicate hit man.

Wilson slowly, tauntingly drew his mouth away from the shivering peaks

of her excited little nipples, letting his lips and flicking tongue

trail wetly down the palpitating plain of her flat little belly. He was

sinking slowly to his knees now, giving himself easier access to her

lower body as he licked, sucked and nibbled his way downward across her


Melanie instinctively knew what was coming and what the evil stranger

had in mind, but she could not bring herself to acknowledge his desire

until she felt his big hands on her firm thighs, relentlessly sliding

under the hem of her short, tight skirt. That hem caught on his thick

wrists, forcing the covering garment farther upward with each fraction

of an inch his hands and arms traveled, threatening to reveal her entire

panty-covered little crotch to his gaze momentarily.

Young Melanie Tucker trembled violently at the idea of the man feasting

his lusthungry eyes upon her scantily-clad loins. She knew that her

panties were almost transparent, all the more so due to the wetness

engendered there by her own lewd fingerfucking of the previous hour and

the earlier lubrication brought on by Jed Wilson's oral assault on her

tingling breasts. It seemed to her that he would literally be able to

look directly through her little panties, seeing and studying every

single detail of her pouting little cuntal lips beneath.

Melanie could not suppress a sob as the hem of her now useless skirt

reached her wide hips and continued upward, clearing her loins

completely now as Jed Wilson lifted it out of the way and tucked it

quickly and expertly in the waistband of her skirt. Now his hands and

eyes were paying homage to the tanned columns of her firm but pliant

thighs, fingertips grazing little electric paths of illicit excitement

up and down the ivory flesh, drawing ever closer to the barely-covered

seat of her feminine lust.

Melanie closed her eyes tightly, breathing through flaring nostrils as

she fought to regain some slight measure of her own rapidly disappearing

self-control. In the name of common sense and common decency, she simply

had to reassert herself, to prevent her traitorous young body from

reacting favorably to each and every one of this evil stranger's lewd

advances. There might be nothing she could do to physically stop his

ravishment of her still-virginal loins, but by God, she was determined

not to enjoy it!!

Melanie Tucker's stern resolve was forcibly shattered by the sudden wet

touch of Jed Wilson's tongue high on the sensitive flesh of her soft

inner thigh. She gasped aloud at the electrifying sensation, recoiling

away from that ultimate act of perversion so that her plump little ass

cheeks butted tightly against the stove behind her. Wilson followed her

every move, scooting forward on his knees, his flicking, darting tongue

nearer losing a stroke as it maneuvered onward and upward along her

stinging thigh.

The young girl was sobbing bitterly now, bringing down her hands to

tangled clawed fingers in the older man's hair, desperately fighting to

force his ravenous face away from the target zone of her chaste loins.

To her chagrin and dismay, she found that she simply did not possess the

physical strength needed to wrench his mouth away from the moist flesh

of her upper thigh, or to toss him away from her entirely as she had


Jed Wilson pressed his face close into the tight valley formed by the

young girl's tightly clenched thighs. His eyes were on a direct level

with the sopping wet crotchband of her almost transparent little bikini

underpants, and he could plainly smell the rich womanly aroma of her

feminine lust secretions seeping through the panties. The odor was

enough to inflame him to the utmost, driving him almost insane with

raging carnal desire for the young girl's plainly virginal body.

Wilson hooked the clawed fingers of his two big hands in the tight

elastic waistband of Melanie Tucker's panties. He jerked sharply

downward on the yielding garment, uttering a low animal growl of pure

lust as he made his aggressive attack. Her panties were quickly hauled

down to mid thigh, totally revealing the downy curls of pubic hair to

his gaze, and then the flimsy material parted in his hands with a loud

ripping noise. Satisfied at last, Wilson flung the useless scraps of wet

material away onto the floor at either side.

Melanie let out a croaking little sob of shame and humiliation now that

her naked loins were totally revealed to the eyes and hands of this

clearly lecherous older man. She trembled violently, suddenly going weak

in the knees as she realized that his probing eyes were on a direct

level with the puckered little nether lips of her cunt, examining every

furrow and swell of her secret genitals with prurient curiosity, She had

never felt so naked and ashamed before in all her life, and it seemed to

Melanie that she could almost feel his gaze like an unclean physical

caress upon her tingling genital flesh.

With a rumbling growl of pure animal sexuality, Jed Wilson suddenly

thrust his face forward, plastering the sucking lips of his hungry mouth

directly over the pink little portal of Melanie Tucker's cunt. The girl

uttered a little gasping cry of surprise at that liquid, electrifying

contact, her knees suddenly going rubbery and weak as her entire lower

body was consumed in a roaring inferno of rapidly building lust.

Wilson wasted no time or effort in his ruthless assault upon the young

woman's naked genitalia, fairly gnawing upon the tender little outer

lips of her cunt and flailing about with his snake- like tongue all the

while. Again Melanie's hands flew to his head, seeking to ward off the

assault upon her nude and vulnerable loins, but once more she found

herself woefully lacking in the strength she would need to repel his

attack. Her hands were trembling feebly, and what she meant to be a

decisive blow against the top and sides of Jed Wilson'a skull became

almost a cloying caress as she tottered and wobbled there before him.

Wilson's hands were not idle as his mouth worked slavishly over the

girl's aching little cunt. They were busy creeping upward along her

lushly curvaceous body, sliding first over her ripe womanly hips, then

advancing further, slipping easily across her fluttering little belly to

capture the full orbs of her naked breasts. His fingers went immediately

to the erect little stems of her aching nipples, the milking and

massaging gestures forming the perfect counterpart to the actions of his

madly laving tongue below, in the valley of her crotch.

As Jed Wilson's tongue snaked along the coraline slit of her chaste

little pussy, expertly locating the tiny clitoris and giving it special

attention, Melanie felt as if her soul was suspended somewhere between

the elusive heaven of explosive sexual release and the burning hell of

her own personal degradation. Her cheeks were flushed bright crimson

with unavoidable shame, but her instinctive reaction to Wilson's lewd

tongue fucking was not enough to make her break away from the stranger's

savagely lecherous embrace there in the kitchen.

Wilson's touch upon her naked little nipples was becoming more forceful,

more demanding, in line with the increasingly energetic cavorting of the

tongue which he plunged in and out of her throbbing little pussy slit.

He was no longer merely content with licking around the erectile bud of

her tingling clitoris, but was now seeking out the elastic little mouth

of her hidden vagina itself, darting his electric tongue tip around that

winking little eye in an inciteful rhythm of mounting passion.

Melanie took hold of herself, suddenly realizing that her hands were

tangled in Jed Wilson's hair and had actually begun to pull his face

closer to her loins rather than struggling to keep him away. She was

shocked and chagrined at the way in which her treasonous young woman's

body was responding to the physical realities of the stranger's

inciteful caresses rather than to the moral necessity of her captive

situation. She knew deep in her heart that she should resist with every

power at her disposal, but in the thinking portion of her mind she knew

full well that such effective resistance was both impossible and somehow

undesirable as well.

Jeff Wilson dropped one of his big hands away from the girl's tender and

tremulous breasts, swiftly and expertly insinuating it between her firm

young thighs. He quickly and agilely pried her legs farther apart,

securing the gains he made by thrusting his hungry face ever deeper into

the revealed valley of her crotch, his mouth literally inhaling ever

greater mouthfuls of her steamy, needing pussy flesh.

Young Melanie Tucker felt as if she must surely faint dead away, or else

lose her mind entirely at any moment. Never in her relatively short life

had she experienced such intensity of emotion, such powerful erotic

sensations coupled with an underlying background welling up of

instinctive guilt. Nevertheless, the erotic instincts of pure animal

sexuality were slowly but surely winning out in the young girl, and the

mewling little cries which came from her throat now would never have

been mistaken by any man for cries for help. They were, in fact,

gurgling and whimpering little pleas for more of the same lusty,

inciting sensations which had already reduced her in effect to a

trembling and overwrought nervous wreck.

When Wilson suddenly and unexpectedly furled his tongue and stabbed it

directly into the crinkled little mouth of her clasping cuntal furrow,

Melanie welcomed the intrusion with a gasping sigh of sexual relief. Her

full hips picked up an automatic fucking rhythm of response, humping

back against Wilson's face and fairly buffeting his nibbling, sucking

lips with the juicy coraline flesh of her lightly furred little cunt.

The eager would-be rapist noted his captive's mountingly enthusiastic

response, and redoubled his manual and oral assaults upon her near-naked

body accordingly. He lapped and sucked along the full luscious length of

her tight little cuntal slit, fairly driving Melanie up the wall and

causing her to tremble and shake where she stood, swaying on unsteady

legs until he thought surely she was about to collapse with each new

swipe of his driving, darting tongue.

Melanie did collapse suddenly, her knees buckling gracefully and her

body sagging sideways, slipping along the stove front as the burning

sensations in her loins temporarily took total possession of her reeling

mind. Jed Wilson caught her in his big muscular arms, never releasing

her cuntal furrow from his lips and teeth as he lowered her slowly and

evenly to the cool floor of the small country kitchen. He bent over her

as she reclined luxuriously on the floor, his mouth still working avidly

over her clasping little cunt while his hands reached up once more to

snare her thrusting, heaving breasts.

The young girl felt herself adrift in a sea of erotic sensations from

which she imagined there could be no return short of death or insanity.

Her pulse was pounding, her breath rasping in her throat as she writhed

and twisted under Jed Wilson's avid mouth and hands. She writhed like a

snake there on the cool linoleum floor, hunching her splayed crotch and

tightly clenched ass cheeks rhythmically backward toward the licking,

sucking mouth that was giving her so much wanton pleasure. Her thighs

were spread apart to their absolute maximum width, her heels braced on

the smooth floor as she lifted and lowered her hips in time to the

bobbing of the man's hungry jaws, sliding her ass in a lewd little

rotary motion which served to further inflame her attacker.

Melanie Tucker was totally lost in the vortex of her own roaring

emotions by now, and Jed Wilson could sense her surrender with a

master's sense of perfect timing. He began to run his tongue more slowly

along the gaping slit of her twat, from asshole to clitoris, bringing

her spine arching up off the linoleum floor with each powerful sweep.

The girl was sobbing aloud now, mewling out continuous little cries for

more as she writhed and undulated insanely, giving herself entirely to

the raging sensations which swept over her body like breakers crashing

upon the beach.

Wilson knew that the young girl was his now, and that he could do

virtually anything he wanted to with her body without encountering any

serious physical resistance. Abruptly he withdrew his mouth from the

steamy little slit of her vagina, smiling confidently to himself as she

let out a little moan of surprised disappointment. He rocked back on his

haunches now, eyes narrowed with lust he calmly surveyed the lush scene

of curvaceous femininity displayed before him on the floor of the

kitchen. He felt his restrained erection pulsing violently inside his

pants as he let his eyes wander over the hills and valleys of the young

girl's torso, paying particular homage to the thrusting mounds of her

naked breasts and the moist, downy triangle of her luxuriant pubic hair.

Melanie Tucker had propped herself up on both elbows staring down her

body through the valley between breasts, whining softly, her face

wearing a quizzical expression as she eyed Jed Wilson. She could not

imagine why he had ceased the delightful tonguing and sucking of her

cunt, and she hoped by her attitude and expression to tempt him into

resuming that exciting foreplay where he had so abruptly left off.

The young girl was rather surprised as Wilson, still smiling and holding

her gaze with his own steady eyes, lowered the fingers of his hands to

his belt buckle and the zipper of his slacks. He began undressing slowly

but confidently, almost performing a strip-tease for her benefit as he

opened the fastenings of his pants and began to slide them slowly

downward over the swell of his wide manly hips. His undershorts were

descending along with the slacks, drawn inexorably downward by the big

thumbs which he had hooked in their elastic waistband. With a sudden

thrust of his powerful forearms, Wilson pushed his pants and shorts down

to mid thigh, revealing his cock for the first time.

Melanie was virtually hypnotized by the imposing spectacle of Jed

Wilson's jutting, pulsating cock. Her narrowed eyes traveled lingeringly

over every inch of that fleshy shaft, tracing the outline of every

tendon and vein, studying in microscopic detail the single drop of

pearly seminal fluid which seeped from the slit at the end of his

helmet-shaped glans. She felt paralyzed, like a bird watching the

approach of a deadly and venomous serpent, at once terrified and yet

entranced by the sinuous image before her eyes.

Jed Wilson instinctively sensed the fascination which the young girl

felt for his powerful, looming male organ. And he used that innate

fascination to his own best advantage, holding her eyes pinned with that

pulsating shaft as he slowly insinuated his powerful hands between her

firm thighs, levering her legs wider and wider apart until the entire

coraline valley of her tender cunt was fully exposed to his view.

Melanie Tucker trembled from head to toe as she felt Wilson's lecherous

eyes traveling once more over the slit of her private little genitals.

She felt as if his very gaze was a violation in itself, laving her

crotch with an almost physically lustful caress. She felt soiled and

dirty, and yet terribly excited at the same time, realizing that within

a very few seconds that powerful shaft of male penile flesh would be

nudging its way along the steamy little crevice of her virginal cunt.

Jed Wilson shifted his hips, lowering himself deftly into position so

that the tip of his cock was now mere inches away from the wet pink meat

of Melanie Tucker's idle cringing cunt. The young girl was quaking

visibly beneath him now, the proud orbs of her breasts jiggling slightly

as she sobbed inwardly, ashamed and excited at one and the same moment.

Melanie closed her eyes tightly, clenching her pearly white teeth

together and balling her fists into knots of impotent frustration as she

waited for the lecherous man to work his will with her ripe young body.

It galled and humiliated her that she could not seem to find the

strength to resist, that her body had betrayed her into at least a

partial acceptance of Jed Wilson's lewd assault. She was grimly

determined that the treason of her aching virginal loins should go no

further, and that she would prevent herself from surrendering any more

to the physical manipulations of her near-naked torso at his hands.

The first electrifying contact of his hot, blunt glans with the tingling

nerve-endings of her cunt brought Melanie's young eyes snapping open

once again. Her entire supple body arched upward from the cool floor in

reflexive action, touching the floor now only at head and heels as she

writhed and sobbed out her conflicting feelings of desire and humiliated

self-loathing. She quickly found that there was no way for her to

control or suppress the raging sensations of erotic desire which now

enveloped her lower body in their own searing conflagration.

Jed Wilson slowly and tauntingly manipulated his thick cock up and down

along the moist little slit of the young girl's cunt, paying particular

attention to the stiffened little pleasure bud of her straining

clitoris. He also daubed at the rubbery, clasping little eye of her

vagina itself, evoking another mewling cry of mingled shame and pleasure

from Melanie's tight throat. She was slipping ever more rapidly under

his total sensual control, and the knowledge of that inescapable fact

made him feel larger somehow, immensely more powerful. His cock seemed

to pulsate and swell to ever greater dimensions as he witnessed her

unconscious signals of abject sexual surrender.

He probed and prodded with his blunt cock head around the elastic little

entrance to Melanie's chaste pussy. The girl squirmed and writhed away

from him instinctively as the pressure at her tight little vaginal

entrance increased, but Jed Wilson would not allow her to escape,

pinning her instead with one powerful hand seizing the full orb of her

pliant right breast and gripping it tightly. Melanie gasped in initial

pain at the strength of his grip upon her tender and tingling breast

flesh, but momentarily she relaxed as she realized that there was quite

literally no escape from this evil man's clutches.

Jed Wilson continued to increase the relentless pressure of his probing,

thrusting rod against the tiny mouth of the young girl's vagina, causing

her to squirm and whimper in a combination of mounting fear and ever

deepening lustful reaction. She was rapidly losing all remaining

vestiges of self control as the head of his menacing organ wormed its

way inside her tremulous little belly one fraction of an inch at a time.

Wilson gasped as that first half inch of his cock was almost literally

sucked inside the steaming cauldron of Melanie Tucker's virginal young

pussy. The elastic walls of her pussy were tight around the head of his

shaft, and the rhythmic contractions of that muscular sheath, squirming

as it was in a combination of pain and pleasure, was sufficient to make

him clench his teeth and gasp out loud from his mounting passion.

Unable to bear the sensual suspense a moment longer, Jed Wilson let out

a rumbling animal growl from deep in his throat, and then he suddenly

thrust his broad hips forward with unexpected ferocity, burying his cock

to the hilt in the girl's fluttering little belly. He threw himself full

length upon her at the same instant, pinning her to the floor with his

weight as his cock skewered her to the very core of her being,

preventing her body from arching up completely off the floor in her

rictus of injured pain. The tight little stubs of her nipples were

chafing angrily and excitingly against his muscular chest as she writhed

and tossed beneath him.

Slowly, agonizingly, Wilson began to withdraw his pulsing penis from the

tight sheath of Melanie Tucker's little cunt. The girl gasped and

writhed anew, feeling as if her lower body was being turned or sucked

inside out by that withdrawing shaft. The tight rubbery walls of her

vaginal channel seemed to cling to the man's invading penis, as if

somehow reluctant to release it and let it escape. At the same time, the

friction and reaming action of his penile withdrawal was chafing the

entire lining of her cunt, igniting flames of agony there which brought

bitter tears to the young girl's eyes.

Oddly, the dreadful pain which she felt in her recently raped loins

seemed to last for only a few seconds. Long before she could possibly

have adjusted by sheer self control, she found the pain mysteriously

ebbing away, only to be replaced in short order by a bizarre and

unwelcome sort of sensual warmth, a not at all unpleasant feeling that

was already giving way in turn to a perverse sort of pleasure and


Another bitter sob was wrenched from young Melanie Tucker's throat as

she realized that, in spite of her determination to resist with every

fiber of her being, she was nevertheless becoming deeply and irrevocably

aroused by this stranger's lewd and violent fucking of her once-virginal

little cunt. There was simply no longer any way to deny the fact that

she was giving in, surrendering abjectly to the degrading ravishment of

her ripe young woman's body by a lewd and lecherous total stranger.

Even as the tears of shame and humiliation were coursing down Melanie's

cheeks, her body was instinctively offering an entirely different sort

of reaction to the lewd attention it was receiving from Jed Wilson. Her

hips had already picked up a little rotary fucking motion all their own,

expertly complementing the man's own driving, pistoning strokes as he

fucked his long cock ever more rapidly into the warm, yielding

receptacle of her hungry little twat.

Melanie was panting heavily now, grinding her even white teeth together

and twisting her body frantically, almost totally out of control as the

fire in her loins expanded to consume every jangling nerve ending in her

almost naked young torso. She felt herself drifting away from all touch

with reality and normality, wavering somewhere between time and space

itself, seemingly enveloped in the realm of a fantasy world created and

sustained by her own mind and the raging inferno of her own erotic


Every muscle and tendon of Melanie's excited young body was taut and

straining, standing out like miniature steel cables beneath the tan and

satiny covering of her smooth young flesh. That tension of her frame,

and the writhing maneuvers which her supple body executed in its

excitement, drove Jed Wilson onward and upward toward new and undreamed

of plateaus in sensual appreciation.

The man was fucking ever more rapidly into Melanie's cunt now, all the

while gnawing and sucking at the distended nipple of one vibrant young

breast. At the same time he let his other hand slide sinuously down the

length of her body, trailing with feathery strokes along one plump thigh

to capture the ripe hemisphere of one ass cheek in his big, callused


Melanie gasped aloud, her bright eyes snapping suddenly wide open, as

she first felt the man's blunt fingers probing along the rapidly pumping

cleft of her ass. She could not immediately decide what he might have in

store for her, but bleak reality began to dawn when she felt the tip of

his long middle finger make sudden and burning contact with the puckered

little elastic mouth of her anus.

She tried to squirm away from him, dreading the anal invasion of that

insistently probing finger, but Wilson was not to be denied, and his

position on top of her, with his long cock buried to the hilt in her

pussy, prevented her from taking any effective evasive maneuvers. Before

the girl could give voice to any sort of protest, he had rammed his long

finger into her little asshole to the second knuckle, already reaming

and probing about inside that rubbery, virgin little channel as he did


"Ow! Oh God, no!" Melanie gasped breathlessly. "Not there, please! It


Even as she wailed out her plea for mercy, however, the pain in her

ravaged little rectum seemed to disappear, and a new searing wave of

sensual excitement blossomed there in the near vicinity of her

palpitating little cunt. It was too much for the girl's young mind and

body to bear, and before she fully realized what was happening to her,

Melanie felt herself slipping over the edge of sanity and reality into

the swirling surrealist vortex of orgasm.

"Jesus! Oh God!" she sobbed out hysterically. "What's happening to me?

God ... oh my ... Aaaaiiiiiieeeeee!!!!"

She came with the pent-up force of a small nuclear explosion, and the

silky, insistent churning of her cunt prompted Jed Wilson to follow her

over that brink into total sensual release. He felt the scalding

cauldron of his semen erupt, overflowing from the cistern of his

testicles and racing along the ducts of his penis to explode from his

cock in long, milky gouts. That flood of jism blanketed the inside of

Melanie Tucker's tight little pussy, splattering far up inside her and

overflowing the rubbery little cup of her cervix.

The impromptu lovers clung together for a long moment there on the

kitchen floor, their bodies rocklike in rigidity and trembling as if

with the ague. At long last, when they fell almost reluctantly apart,

Wilson's flaccid penis slipped from the tight sheath of the girl's cunt

with a wet sucking sound that was audible across the room.

Melanie Tucker curled up into a huddled little ball on the floor,

weeping bitterly to herself as she realized the spectacle she had made

and the degradation which she had not only suffered but accepted with

such relish. She could only hope now that her sister had been able to

somehow escape a similar ordeal, and that together they would somehow be

able to survive and rise above the humiliating disaster which had swept

over their lives.

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