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This is crazy, I never would have imagined this would EVER happen to me. She’s so hot! But she’s sister, this is going to be the most exciting, nerve wracking summer ever!
I must have drifted off to sleep, because I woke up about an hour later when I heard Abby talking.

“Have a nice dream?”

I opened my eyes and looked down, and there was Abby on her knees with no top on resting her arms on my thighs.

“Not too bad, why?” I asked. Then I looked down even farther and seen my cock trying to burst through my shorts, pointing directly toward Abby’s face. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked.

“You were having a dream, you were making a bunch of weird noises so I looked up and saw this.” she said flicking the head of my dick.

“Don’t do that, and where the hell is your top?” I asked.

“It’s over there, relax, It’s just the two of us, no ones going to see. Besides, judging from the reaction I got last night while you were being a peeping Tom, I’d say you don’t really mind all that much do you?” She said.

Oh fuck, she did see me! “Wait, you mean you did that on purpose??” I asked.

“Of course I did ‘big’ brother,” she said while flicking my dick again making it twitch. “I knew you came back, you can hear your old truck coming from blocks away.”

“Why would you do that?” I asked.

“ Because it was hot! Also because of yesterday morning when you barged in on me naked in the bathroom at home, and then just stood there staring at me like a piece of meat. I did it because I wanted to see how far you would go, and boy did you deliver.” She said using her elbows to push her tits together.

Holy shit! I can’t believe this is happening right now. I should stop this before it goes too far and we both regret something, fuck, but she’s so hot, and she’s almost naked. God I can’t focus, all I can do is look down at her huge naked tits. Maybe it will be okay, I am kind of curious to see just how far she’s willing to go.

“Abby, are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want things to be awkward between you and I.” I said.

“Calm down Jake, we’re not even doing anything....yet.” She said giving me a playful wink. “Besides, it looks to me that you want this just as much as I do. You’re still hard.”

Shit she’s right, I hate it when she’s right.

“Abby if you’re okay with this, then I’m okay with it too.” I said. “I have an idea, I think it’ll be a lot of fun for the both of us. Do you trust me?” I asked.

“Of course I trust you Jake, you’re my brother and I love you. There’s nothing you could do to hurt me or make me uncomfortable, I’m in all the way.” She said.

“Good, now that we’re on the same page I have an idea. Do you want to play a game?” I asked. A devilish smile crept across Abby’s face immediately.

“I would love to play a game with you.” She said lustfully as she slowly wrapped her fingers around my hardening cock over top of my swim suit, which caused it to twitch even more. I let out a slight groan.

“Alright, truth or dare.” I said.

“Oh, I like very much where this is going, I choose dare.” She said while slowly starting to rub me. Her emerald eyes locked on mine, blazing. My sex is on fire, I need to be careful to pace my self and not cum too soon, I want to make this last.

“Good girl, I dare you to take my cock out and jerk me off.” I said dying in anticipation for what comes next. At first she almost looked shocked at my challenge. I guess hearing something like that come from her own brother was still a little new and would take some getting used to. Her hesitation subsided quickly enough, she stared at me and gave me a cute little smile. She slowly untied my trunks one string at a time, then she hooked her fingers into the waist band and started to tug so I lifted my hips off the seat causing my rock hard cock to bounce off her chin which made her grin even more. In one short swift motion I was completely naked, sitting in front of my horny almost naked sibling.

“Wow Jake, I knew you were a decent size from last night, but it looks even bigger up close.” Abby said. She seemed to be fixated as she slowly went to work, lightly wrapping her hand around my stiff member, slowly starting to work the shaft from my head all the way down to the base. Almost as if studying me. She kept making slow deliberate strokes, while locking her eyes with mine.

“Is this okay?” She asked.

“Yeah, that’s good. Keep doing that.” I said. Her slow pace began to quicken, and I could feel my pressure already starting to build. It didn’t take very long before I started producing the clear sticky precum that was now dribbling down the head of my cock. Abby took her eyes off mine just long enough to notice. She took her thumb and smeared it over the head of my cock, and down to the soft sensitive underside of my head.

“Fuck, Abby, that’s so good. I thought you were a virgin? Where did you learn how to do this?” I asked.

“I told you, I’m the only one of my friends who hasn’t had ‘sex’, I’ve done everything but.” She said. Abby continued to pick up her pace, and before long she was making swift fluid strokes from my head all the way to my balls. I felt like I could go any second. It felt so strange to know who was causing my body to react this way, but it felt amazing that it was happening. I could feel my balls tighten up and the pressure building to the boiling point. I looked down and my eyes met hers one more time she smiled and then all at once, she stopped.

“Alright stud that’s enough for now, I don’t want this to end too quickly I’m not done with you yet. Besides, it’s my turn.” She said. My first reaction was to let out a loud groan at the frustration of not reaching my gratification. Abby got up and sat next to me on the bench seat. I can’t stop staring at her tits, I want to caress them and feel her hard nipples in my fingers. I want to bury my face in them and suck on them.

“Truth or dare?” She asked with that same devilish smile. It only took me a millisecond to think about it, I wanted more, and I wanted it now.

“Dare.” I said

“I dare you to go down on me.” She said.

This was it, I would finally get a close up look at her sweet pink pussy, and not only that, I would get to touch it, and taste it. I could feel my heart pounding inside my chest. I was so ready for this, I’ve fantasized about it on many occasions when I was alone in my room. Without hesitation I got up and took my rightful place between her thighs. Abby must have been anticipating this moment as well, because as soon as I looked at the mound between her legs I could tell she was soaked even though we haven’t touched the water all morning. I wanted this to be special for her, for us. I wanted her to enjoy it. As I knelt down, she spread her legs a little farther apart to accommodate the width of my body. I started from her knee and slowly started kissing softly up her right leg, all the way to her inner thigh. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back and let out a soft moan.

“Oh that’s nice, keep doing that a little bit more. I like a guy that takes his time with it.” She said. My patience had its desired affect. I switched sides and repeated slowly kissing up her thigh until I reached her junction. I could smell her sweet musk of excitement, that mixed with the smell of her sun tan lotion she applied earlier. It was driving me crazy, and I needed more.

“Lift your butt up.” I said as I hooked my fingers into her bikini bottoms. She shifted her hips and raised as I pulled them down. At this point I was shaking. Right in front of my face was my sisters freshly shaved pussy. She was already so wet she was starting to dribble the tiniest bit of clear fluid. I guess I’m not the only one who benefited from her earlier handjob. Her soft pink lips already looked swollen and excited with anticipation. They were already partly spread open and I could see the very beginnings of her wet velvet folds on the inside. At the top of her vagina her clit was already sticking out just enough to look inviting, I couldn’t wait any longer.

I dropped my head between her legs and started kissing around the top of her mound, slowly working my way down either lip to her hole. This is when I got my first taste of her fluids, I was intoxicated. I dipped my tongue between her lips and into her hole to get a better taste of her. When I did this she let out a sharp gasp followed by a heavy moan. I worked my way parting her lips with my tongue from her hole to her clit. I lightly touched the tip of my tongue to her clit and gently started to swirl in small circles. I must have been doing it the way she liked it because her body gave an involuntary shudder of excitement. The games were over now. I sucked her clit in between my lips and started working it with my tongue. At this point Abby moaned loudly then she wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me in tight to apply more pressure to her burning cunt. As I sucked on her clit I reached up to her mouth and put my middle finger on her quivering bottom lip. She instinctively took the hint and quickly took my finger into her mouth and began to suck. As her tongue swirled around my finger, my tongue swirled around her clit. I knew it wouldn’t be long for her because I could feel my face getting soaked from her juices. I withdrew my finger from her mouth as I continued to batter her clit with my tongue and slid it all the way in between her soaking wet lips until I found the rough patch of her g-spot.

Abby threw her head back once again and started moaning and panting loudly. Thankfully we were all alone on this part of the lake or we would have been caught for sure. Abby was getting closer and closer to climax as she started bucking and rocking her hips to match the thrust of my finger. I was busy lapping up her juices when I felt her tunnel starting to constrict my finger. I took a peak toward her face but all I could see was her heavy chest heaving in gasps, she was at the peak and ready to cum.

I quickly withdrew my finger, threw her legs up and shifted my focus. I dove my tongue straight down and into her puckered pink star. As I now began licking the inside ring of her anus I brought my finger down onto the nub of her throbbing clit and started rubbing quickly. Abby’s head shot straight forward and she let out a low guttural moan. I could feel her asshole pulse around my invasive tongue as she tipped the scales. At this point she let a wail of excitement and shot out a stream of her squirt that landed right between my eyes. Her whole body convulsing as the muscles in her toned thighs and ass clenched. She was in pure bliss at the peak of orgasm.

After her tidal wave of pleasure subsided and her body relaxed. I sat up and wiped my face clean with my beach towel that was sitting nearby. I looked back at Abby and her face was flushed red, and her body laid slack on the seat like a bag of jello. I couldn’t help but sit back and admire my handy work for a moment.

Abby finally looked up at me and reached out a hand, I came and she pulled my into a deep passionate kiss, I felt her lips part and mine responded the same. Our tongues danced around in each other mouths as she was seemingly enjoying the after glow of a fantastic orgasm.

“That was amazing. No guy has ever made me cum so hard in my life. If you keep that up big brother then this is going to be a summer for the record books.” She said. “Alright it’s your turn again.”

“I’m done playing games Abby, I want you to suck my cock. You got to cum but I didn’t. I want to fuck your face.” I said.

To be continued.....

Sorry for the delay, life and all. I will hopefully have #3 ready to read shortly, as before comments and constructive criticism are always welcome!


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I really enjoyed this story and would like another part

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