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Read this first. Its not required to enjoy my stories but recomended. Bit of an exposition dump so i can just focus on the good stuff.
Disclaimer and rules

The following is 100 percent fictional. All characters are fictional and their stories begin a few weeks before their 18th birthday (for plot reasons), all sex stuff happens after they turn 18. The things I will write about abhor me as concepts and I do not condone them in any sense of the word. But my therapist has helped me see there is distinction between fantasy and reality. If you can see that line clearly please continue. If you cannot please seek immediate psychiatric help.

Themes I cover will be primarily focused on non-consent, humiliation, and blackmail. Other genres that will feature are: Rape, voyeur, light torture, public, psychological, submission, loss of innocence and corruption. And Probably some more that I cannot think of right now. I’d like to look into alien, tentacle and/or parasite stuff in the (distant)future as well.

These stories will not be about happy endings. Like no death or anything, but no rescue either.

I will only do things that I like so all “victims” will be female, no male, sissy or futa. Absolutely no scat, physical mutilation, human pregnancy, or football sized boobs. Also, probably more that I can’t think of right now.

I am not personally a huge fan of anal, periods, bestiality or peeing but it will feature in some small capacity. Incest will be limited, tbh, most likely not going to happen, if it does it will only be between sisters.

I am 100 percent open to requests, feedback, and constructive criticism. But ultimately I’m going to write what I want; I want to get these ideas out of my head. Please give me formatting advice if you think it will improve flow and readability.

I honestly struggle with commas. Have I used them appropriately? Maybe? but hopefully, you will get what I’m trying to say.

The time between story submissions may be a week or a year or two. My personal life comes first.


My stories at this point will revolve around a fictional town that is basically the Truman show. Everyone is an actor. though every building will be real and filled with real people jobs and equipment. Attractive girls will be voted on and the “winner” will be kidnapped, planted in the town and given a false but plausible(eh’) story about why they have been moved to a new place far from anyone they knew. This town is the playground of rich billionaires where they vote on what will happen to the girls that have been kidnapped. The girls will all live in a fictional setting and at this point there are no plans for the girls to discover that they are in a simulation and escape. After the billionaires get sick of the girls they will have their memory wiped and are returned to the real world, let us say after 2-4 years depending on popularity. They get a moderate “donation” to assuage the guilt of the benefactors.

I like to have a build-up, so the “good” stuff won’t happen straight away. I also plan to give different storylines to different girls with some small overlap. I read a lot here a few years back and felt like it was time to try writing my own specific fantasies.

I like petite girls, so most will be that way, but I will try to change up their looks and personality.

The town

Population is quite small, and the specifics will be fleshed out later as I don’t want to make to many decisions about the future. It is very remote and surrounded by forest, a lake some mountain range and a fake military base. Only one road in or out. There is no cell coverage (if you can think of plausible reason an entire town will not have cell phones or good internet access please let me know). Its pretty big and all the actors actually live there having fairly normal lives, well paid and with a chance of being called into a plotline. The citizens are by in large all horrible people and fantastic actors. No children for whatever reason children can’t be here because something something technology is dangerous. just a newly built special finishing school for 18 year olds. (did get some inspiration here from “the headmaster” game). The only internet access the girls will have will be from school and the library. Though it is slow and heavily monitored, and they have analysts that are able to pretend to be real people from her life if she tries to contact anyone.

The girls

All their stories will begin just before their 18th birthday. Sex stuff will not happen till after. Some may interact but for the most part will have separate storylines. Not all their details are decided on right now.


She is the first. Petite brunet, long hair, often in a ponytail. Small A cup breasts, pink areola, and large nipples. Cute pink innie vagina. Shave’s armpits and legs but has never shaved her pubic hair. White, European decent. I always picture her in a sports bra and leggings. Had a fairly good childhood, the normal amount of anxiety and insecurity. Classically Beautiful. Not aware of how attractive she is. Hung out with the popular kids but never really liked them. She is fit and runs. A lot. This has hurt her grades because she never really studied. About 5’6. Never had sex, though she once gave a boyfriend a hand job. She masturbates on occasion but has been raised to believe it is morally wrong to do so. She has a slight fondness for being naked when and where she probably shouldn’t. its harmless fun…

(Her stories will focus heavily on public nudity/masturbation and blackmail. But she will cover a lot as my main character)


Ashley is your typical high school bitch. Stuck up, selfish and ready to be taken down a peg. She has moderate C cup breasts. Her parents are rich (not rich enough to be in the club). Slightly tan, she has south American heritage but has been raised a pure red, white and blue American. 5’6. She keeps herself clean shaven but has self-esteem issues stemming from her ‘outie’ labia. Accomplished cheerleader. Brown eyes, Strawberry blonde hair. Has a sister, one year younger, that is smarter than her and gets all her parents’ favour. Ashley is secretly jealous of her.

(her best years are behind her, she will be broken)


Third generation American, but all relatives a of Chinese and Singaporean decent. Alabaster skin long straight black hair. Short with perky b cups, dark nipples. Very shy and quiet. Small, cute vagina with thick hairy bush. A loner, struggled with depression in high school due to high expectations from an overbearing mother and racism for being the only Asian girl in her town. She has a trail of scars down her left arm and thighs to prove it… No boy has ever even seen her in underwear. Math prodigy. Can’t swim and terrified of water.

(lots of ‘stuff’ will happen to her in her new school, high school will become a fond memory)


Is super religious. Never missed a day of church. She doesn’t know what sex actually is and is ashamed of herself every time she has a period or feels a weird tingle in her private parts. She has plump B cup breasts with puffy nipples. Large clitoris and pretty standard labia. Tall for a girl coming in at 5’8 Can recite all her favourite bible passages from heart. Blond in more ways than one. Soft Blue eyes.

(religion and shame. some period stuff, maybe)


Irish decent. Gorgeous locks of red hair (and the pubes to match) with piercing green eyes. She would be beautiful, but parents have allowed her to get fat. She smothers her insecurities with cake.

(have a special fat camp storyline planned for her)

Maybe more but I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself. If i get enough interest and have enough time may do a fan constructed girl and storyline

Mr Nathan Black

The shadow-y head of a secret organisation that view non-members as peasants meant to be abused for their own sadistic pleasure. He is a very manipulative and influential man.
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