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I forgot to close the drapes.
My name is Shasha, I am 25, single and have no interest in men. I get teased all the time at work. The women always ask me if I am a lesbian. I am sure some of them are disappointed when I say no. What they don’t realise is that I have two well trained “males” at home. One is a Golden Labrador and the other is a German Shepard. They obey me, don’t talk about me behind my back and they do not cheat on me…..well until recently away. But they did cheat on my command so that doesn’t really count.

We were a very happy threesome. As I said, they obeyed me. After a number of months they had gotten used to my commands. Lick and fuck. Easy commands to remember. I got them from a breeder who had a little side line. Training dogs to mate with women. Apparently word got out and he was raided. He had to get rid of his “special” dogs or risk prosecution. I found out on the web and bought both. I felt it was a shame to break them up. Well, that is not strictly true. I had looked at porn, found a bestiality site and decided dogs would be better than lying, cheating, shits – e.g. men. And I also decided two would be better than one. Greedy I know but so satisfying.

Goldie and Rocket took no time at all to settle in. My parents had already helped me buy a house with a big backyard. I told them the dogs were for protection and dad thought it was great idea for a single girl living alone. If he only knew. The guy who sold them to me said those two word, lick and fuck, were how they were trained. He even offered to come and make sure they settled. I think he just wanted to fuck me himself. I knocked that idea right on the head. They were trained and had been servicing women for months. That was all I needed to know.

The first couple of days they ran around exploring and getting used to me. I was a dog virgin and I was unsure just how far I wanted to go. It was excited getting the dogs but now I had them I was concerned. What if I couldn’t go through with it? What if I didn’t enjoy it? I decided to ease into it. On the third day I decided to start. I got home from work and they were very excited. The Lab in particular was pushing his nose under my dress. I guess they were getting randy. I took off my knickers and call the Lab over. “Lick” I said and immediately he drove his nose between my thighs. The minute his tongue hit my clit I squealed. “Yes boy” I yelled. It was amazing. I had oral sex before but this was on another level entirely. In only a couple of minutes I had my first dog induced orgasm.

All my doubts and fears evaporated as he lapped away. Rocket was looking at me and I swear he was thinking “when is it my turn”. I was flying high as I came again. “Sit” I said, hoping it would get Goldie to stop. It worked. He sat down and looked at me. I called Rocket over and he pushed Goldie out of the way as I said “Lick”. He also dived between my thighs. I couldn’t very well have Goldie make me cum twice without giving the same rights to Rocket now could I. Two orgasms later I was a mess. Shaking and moaning and already eager to go further.

The breeder guy had told me to make sure I wore something to cover my body so I didn’t get scratched and have to explain. The thing was I didn’t have anyone to explain to. I was so horny I didn’t care. I stripped naked and knelt on the floor. “Lick” I called out to Goldie and he again began to lick me. But I wanted more and I yelled “fuck” and he immediately mounted me, thrust a couple of times before he found his target and began pounding into me. I had seen on video how fast they humped but now I was getting it live. I howled as he opened me up, his cock growing with each thrust. “Yeeeeeesssssss” I screamed as he did what he was trained to do. His knot started to grow and it rubbed against my clit. I came again before he forced the knot inside me. I gave a yelp as he did so. Then he stopped moving. I knew what that meant and soon my pussy was full of doggy juice.

It was several minutes before he was able to separate from me. I was glowing but not finished. Rocket began moving about. I patted my bum and said “lick” and he moved in and began licking but, again, I didn’t want any more licking. “Fuck” I yelled and he dutifully mounted me and again I experienced being fucked like no man had been able to. His cock was slightly longer and he reached depths I had never experienced. Then his knot started to swell and I wailed loudly as he forced it home, sealing me tightly as he added his cum to Goldie’s and mine. Again it took several minutes for him to pull out. My pussy began to ooze cum. I put my hand over my pussy and waddled to the shower. I stood under the water shaking with emotion. It I had any doubts before they were now well and truly gone. I was now a dog slut and I loved the feeling.

Each day it got better and better. The women at work noticed I seemed happier. “A new boyfriend?” one said. “Oh no” I said “two” without going into specifics naturally. They all had a good laugh and I added “no just enjoying life as a single”. The truth was that each night I would go home, feed my playmates. Have some dinner and get naked and give myself to my two companions. Some nights I would take each of them up to three times. Their recovery time was such that they were always ready to hear me shout “fuck” and they did their best to pleasure me. And wow, did I sleep well afterwards. I would be exhausted and smiling like a cat that got the cream, although it wasn’t cream oozing out of me. The saddest time was that time of the month and my lovers couldn’t understand. I would have to lock them outside as they were intent on mounting me. The payoff was how horny they were when my period was finished. I swear they would be eager to make up for lost time.

One night was indulging in my nightly pleasure. I had already had Goldie and Rocket had taken over. I had been licked by both and had my usual powerful orgasms. Goldie had mounted me and it was Rocket’s turn. He had tied with me and was pumping his cum when there a knock on the door. “Shit” I thought, Rocket is still stuck and I am naked. I ignored it as separating for Rocket wasn’t possible at that moment. Whoever it was knocked again and then silence. I returned to moaning and enjoying my doggy lover. I forgot all about the knock on the door as whoever it was had gone. If it was important they would probably try again. But no-one did that night.

The following night I got home from work and feed the dogs and then started to think about something for me. I always feed the dogs outside so I could have my dinner in peace. There was a knock on the front door. I went and answered it. It was Mrs Wilson from next door. “Hello honey” she said “the postman put your letter in my box by mistake. I came last night but you were busy. You really should close those drapes tightly in your lounge room my dear”. It took a second or two to dawn on me. She had obviously walked through the gate and around the back of the house. My God, she had seen me through a gap in the drapes.

I went bright red. She laughed “you looked like you were having fun honey” she said “of course I would never tell anyone what I saw. However you might like to invite me to join you some night”. I was shocked. “It is ok my dear” she went on “I know how it feels. Before I married I had a well-trained dog myself. Us dog lovers have to stick together. Unfortunately my husband isn’t into dogs so it is 20 years since I last enjoying it”.

I was stunned. Mrs May Wilson was around 40yo and married to Stan Wilson. I had often seen her and nodded hello but never really spoke to her. Now she was standing in my lounge room admitting to be a dog slut just like me. Her comment “I won’t tell anyone” had a devious connotation. Perhaps she meant “I won’t tell anyone if I have some dog sex”. “So May, I gather you are wanting to enjoy my boys” I said “is that the condition for your silence?” “Oh honey” she said startled “I wasn’t threatening you. I just meant I would like to revisit my one time obsession”.

“I am sorry May. I guess I misunderstood” I said apologising “if you would like to I am sure my boys will not complain”. “Oh thank you honey. Stan goes to bowls on Saturday afternoon. Would that be convenient?” I smiled “that would be perfect. Say around 2pm”. She left and I breathed a sigh of relief. I immediately went and made sure the drapes were closed properly. “Come on boys” I said opening the back door “let me tell you about our new adventure”.


2021-03-29 03:53:20
Loved chapter 1.... I truly look forward to the continuation...


2021-03-26 15:20:24
Great start, always good to read about women helping each other.

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