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My wife is in line for a promotion.
Just after Sharon and I were married we relocated interstate. My work required me to go to the head office. It was higher pay so we were happy to do it. My wife worked in advertising and had no trouble finding a new job with a local agency. She enjoyed the work, although at a lower salary. Also her boss was a woman. Something she wasn’t used to. As I also worked in an office with a woman manager I tried to give her tips on how to relax and handle the situation. She settled in finally and everything was going along swimmingly.

It was maybe six months later there was a work party for employees only. Sharon came home very drunk. Obviously she had enjoyed the night although she wasn’t sure what had happened towards the end. One of her fellow workers poured her into a taxi. I am glad that she remembered where she lived and the taxi driver didn’t try anything. The next day, Saturday, she had a monster headache and after tip toeing around the house all morning I left and went for a long walk. Of course she apologised and I said she was forgiven if we had sex. Wrong thing to say. It was Sunday afternoon before she began to feel human again. Sex had to wait until Monday night.

It was a couple of weeks later when Sharon came home and said her boss’s PA had resigned and the boss was looking for a new one from within the company. She got very excited but I warned her that she was fairly new and so she shouldn’t get her hopes up. That didn’t go down well. “What, you don’t think I could do it?” she yelled. I said “of course you could” and shut up. “Let her learn the hard way” I thought. Each night she would come home saying her boss was interviewing staff members and she hadn’t asked her to participate. I wasn’t surprised. But this time I stayed silent.

The following Friday night Sharon came home very excited. “My boss wants to come and talk to me about the P.A. job” she said. I was a bit surprised but happy that at least she would get an interview. The fact that her boss would come to our house was unusual. “I will make myself scares” I said. “No honey, she wants to meet you and discuss the job” Sharon said. Very strange but I said I would stay and I was interested to see how it was going to play out. I hadn’t really asked too many questions about her boss at that point in time. So I decided to ask. “Well she is maybe 40yo” began Sharon “very strong personality. The rumour is that she is gay”. “I see” I said “what else?” “Well she wears suits and sensible shoes and has her hair always pulled back in a bun” she said. “The classic de***********ion of a lesbian” I thought. “And when is this interview” I asked. “Tomorrow night was the answer”. It was getting stranger.

Saturday and Sharon was super anxious. “I really want this job” she said “it is more money and it will be exciting”. I must admit I was also excited. But I was also concerned that Sharon was putting too much importance on this interview. Perhaps it was just her boss touching all the bases so nobody felt left out. But I didn’t want to dint her expectations. It was just after dinner when Sharon’s boss arrived and, from the de***********ion Sharon gave, I was surprised but later Sharon admitted she was shocked. The doorbell rang and Sharon answered it. This woman appeared and smiled. “I am Marcie” she said and I tried to stay calm. This woman was a knockout. She had on a form-fitting dress, mid-thigh length and a scooped neck which revealed a lovely pair of tits. High heels and her blonde hair was down on her shoulders. Sharon said she was 40ish but she was stunning.

“Please sit down” I said, still trying to stay cool. In fact I was barring up. I didn’t care if she was gay. She looked stunning. “Would you like coffee or maybe some wine Ms Wilson?” Sharon asked. “I think wine dear. And I think we can dispense with the Ms Wilson. Please, call me Marcie when we are not in the office. “Can you help me Rod” Sharon said but I was sure she wanted to talk to me in the Kitchen. “I can’t believe it the same person” she said “she looks so different”. “Well I guess she wants to relax” I said but I didn’t really have an explanation. All I knew was that the woman sitting in our lounge room was a fox.

We went back into the lounge and I handed Marcie a glass of wine. “I am very happy with your wife’s work” she said “very happy indeed”. I realised immediately she was looking at my crotch. I was sure my erection was visible and I quickly sat down. Sharon was sipping her wine. “You better drink slowly Sharon” Marcie said “we wouldn’t want you to get drunk like you did at the staff party would we”. Sharon went red. Marcie turned to me “your wife gets very chatty when she is drunk Rod” she said “I learned a lot about her that night”. “All good I hope” I said “we don’t really drink much at all”. Marcie laughed “yes I gathered that”. Poor Sharon was embarrassed and I was left wondering just what she had said that was so interesting.

“Now I like to visit my employees at home to see how they live and to meet their other half” Marcie began “so Rod, perhaps you could give me a tour of your home”. I was a bit wary. I had never encountered this sort of thing before. But for Sharon’s sake I stood up and invited her to look around. We headed up the hallway and she looked around. Out of earshot of Sharon she whispered “maybe you would like to adjust yourself honey”. I knew what she meant. I had been hard ever since she arrived. She laughed as I turned away from her to adjust myself. “Oh you are shy honey” she said “not at all like Shoran described you to her friend Ruth. I heard all about your little games. The sexy clothes and the naked romps. Sounds like fun”.

I stood looking at her open mouthed. Sharon had, in a drunken stupor, relayed information about our sex lives. Yes, Sharon liked to dress up for me and we loved going naked at home. Obviously Sharon had blurted this out to someone named Ruth who had obviously told Marcie. Obviously trying to scuttle Sharon’s chances of getting the P.A. job. What a bitch. Marcie was my shocked look. “Are you ok honey” she said and laughed. “Please, I don’t know how you found out” I said “I hope this will not count against Sharon. She is very professional at work I am sure”. “You loyalty is commendable” Marcie said “Sharon’s drunken admissions is why I am here”. I had no idea what she meant. Just WHY was she here. We returned to the lounge room. Sharon had stopped drinking. “You haven’t finished you wine Sharon dear” Marcie said “I was hoping you were getting relaxed. Let me tell you why I am here. And this concerned you too Rod”.

Marcie then proceeded to tell us what Ruth had said. “So you like sexy clothes Sharon. Not like that rather conservative dress you are wearing now. Why don’t you go and change for me” I could see Marcie’s eyes sparkling “and Rod, you like her to dress up I hear. I would really like that”. Sharon and I looked at each other. “Oh come on. I know you have heard the rumours. I am not a lesbian. If you are going to be my P.A. Sharon honey you must do as I request. Now run along and dress sexy for me” said Marcie. The penny dropped. This woman wasn’t gay she was bisexual and we were BOTH in her sights. My god, this was going to be a job interview like no other. I took Sharon’s hand we went to the bedroom. “Fuck Rod” Sharon said “that bitch Ruth told her everything. I will kill her”. I kissed Sharon. “I think Ruth just got you a new job” I said “now dress up like the other night and I will keep her company while you change”.

I walked back into the lounge. Marcie was sitting there smiling. Your wife is very sweet” she said “I hope I find out how sweet. What about you Rod? Are you a player?” If you mean do I cheat of Sharon the answer no, never” I said. “Well we will see about that” she said “come over here sit beside me honey”. If was trepidation that I moved to sit beside her on the couch. She put a hand on my thigh and my cock twitched. “Don’t be afraid my dear” she said “I don’t bite, or least not too much”. I couldn’t think of anything to say.

Just then Sharon appeared dressed as she had done last night. A very short skirt, a tight blouse, high heels and no underwear. Her bum was plain to see. “Oh my, you do look delightful” Marcie said “I really like the way your nipples are trying to poke holes in that blouse. Maybe we should go to the bedroom and see what other clothes you have”. “Please Marcie I am feeling very weird dressing in front of you like this” Sharon said. “OK honey. Come, we will take care of that” Marcie countered and they went to the bedroom. “Coming Rod” she called out. I followed them. “So you don’t like dressing like that for me” said Marcie “let me fix that” and she started to unbutton Sharon’s blouse and then removed it. “Oh my, what beautiful breasts you have” she gushed and started to fondle them. “Take of that skirt” Marcie said “so you are not dressed sexy for me”. Seconds later Sharon stood there naked except for her shoes. “Please Marcie” Sharon gasped. “Relax darling. You are my new P.A. and now I will show you and your husband what that entails”.

Marcie stepped back and quickly shed her dress. I actually moaned. She was magnificent. Shapely, with pert boobs and a shaved pussy. “Come and join us Rod. Get your gear off. Let me see that cock that Sharon bragged to Ruth about” said Marcie. Yes, Sharon had told Ruth everything, including about my 7” weapon. We would have to say thank you to her. Far from ending Sharon’s chances of getting the P.A. job she has in fact sealed it. Now it was obvious that Marcie wanted to enjoy what Sharon did. “Now Rod I know you have never cheated on Sharon so let me ask her” Marcie said “Sharon if I lick you pussy will you permit Rod to fuck me?”

Sharon stood there thoroughly shocked. Marcie kissed her. Now Sharon had never, and I mean never, had feelings for women. But right there front of me I saw her surrender and began to kiss Marcie. My cock was throbbing as I watched Marcie lay Sharon on the bed and dive her head between her legs. Sharon squealed as Marcie went to work. With Marcie on her hands and knees eating my wife’s snatch there was only one course of action. I moved in behind her and drove my cock balls deep in one lustful thrust. For the next 15 minutes or so I paced myself carefully. If this was the only time I got to fuck her I was going to make it last. All the time Sharon was squealing and moaning and Marcie was making groaning noises muffled as she feasted on Sharon’s pussy and clit.

I didn’t know many times Sharon came or that Marcie came. Sharon told me later that was if she had once long orgasm. When I finally could not hold off any longer I grabbed Marcie’s hips and pounded her furiously and came so hard my head was spinning. We laid on the bed, puffing and panting. “Oh Sharon” Marcie whispered “you told Ruth what a great fuck Rod was and you didn’t lie. Thank you. Both of you. This was so much better than I had hoped”. Shortly after Sharon and Marcie took a shower together and they got each other off. More fondling than washing. They got dressed while I showered. I came out just wrapped in a towel.

“OK Sharon honey” began Marcie “Monday I will announce that you will take the position as my P.A. We will discuss salary privately. I think you will be very happy with what I propose. Rod, there will be times when Sharon will need travel with me. But I will make sure you are thanked appropriately. Both of you, what happened today must remain within these walls. What happens in the future, the same. Sharon, please never get drunk again” and she laughed. Sharon smiled “we promise not to ever say anything Marcie” she said “thank you for this promotion”. Marcie and Sharon walked to the door and kissed passionately. “Oh by the way Sharon, don’t tell anyone I am bi. I prefer the men in the office think I am a lesbian bitch. Bye Rod. I think you had been please your wife with that lovely cock of yours. And it IS lovely darling” and she left.

Sharon turned to look at me and she smiled broadly. “Fuck” she said “fuck. I am a P.A.” “Yes” I said “and your boss is such a slut”. Sharon laughed “well I didn’t see you saying no you horny bugger” she said. I dropped the towel onto the floor and my cock sprung to attention. “Mmm” she said “Marcie’s tongue felt so nice but I really need cock. Now fuck me and apologise for fucking my boss”. And back on the bed I apologised several times over the weekend. I had a fair idea what would be happening on their trips and I hoped I hadn’t misread her comments about being “thanked”. I hope to thank her whenever she wants.
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