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Daughter and dad
Chapter 7

The following morning, Carol and her older sister, Barbara, sat alone

in the kitchen, lingering over the remains of their breakfast. The

entire family had eaten breakfast together and then they had all gone

off to one place or another, leaving the two girls alone.

Mike had gone to work. Fran had gone shopping with Jerry. And, Greg had

gone to a family friend's ranch to go horseback riding. Ordinarily,

Carol would have gone riding with her brother for it was one of the

girl's favorite activities. But she had had a savage fuck-session the

night before with both Greg and Jerry, and now her little pussy was so

sore that she could hardly sit on the kitchen chair without hurting.

Carol's bathrobe fit her loosely and her big tits all but fell out,

attracting her sister's excited gaze.

"You sure have big tits, Sis. And they're gorgeous, too, from what I

can see anyway," Barbara murmured, licking her lips unconsciously.

"Thanks, Babs, so do you," Carol said with a blush, noticing how sexy

her sister looked in her skimpy, tight bikini.

"God, but it's getting so hot. Summer's coming really early this year,"

Babs said, watching her sister closely.

"Yeah, I know. I'm getting hot too in this robe," Carol agreed, not

really thinking about what she was saying.

"So why don't you take it off, Carol?" Babs asked huskily.

Carol gasped and stared at her sister's firm, young body and felt her

cuntjuice beginning to flow from her ravaged little pussyhole.

"Sure!" Carol cried, suddenly making up her mind. "Why not?"

And with that, the young girl shrugged out of her robe and let it fall

to the floor, revealing Carol's completely naked body.

Now it was time for Barbara to gasp.

"God! You really do have a sexy body, Sis!" Babs said, her voice thick

with fuck-lust.

Carol flashed a grin at her sister and, as she shifted her position

slightly in her chair, a bolt of pain lanced through her well-fucked

cunt and she winced.

"What's wrong, honey? You look as if you're in pain!" Babs said with

concern, leaning toward her sister and placing her warm hand on the

other girl's naked leg.

"I am in pain!" Carol laughed. "Last night I had a great time fucking

Jerry and Greg and today I'm paying the price!"

"Wow! That's hot! You and Jerry and Greg, huh? I love it!" Babs cried,

stroking her sister's inner thighs, her hand deliberately brushing

against the girl's soft pussy-fur.

Carol trembled with lewd excitement. Her sister's stroking hand was

making her hotter than she had thought possible.

"Yeah, it was great!" Carol said thickly. "The only thing is that they

fucked me so good and hard that my little cunt's really sore today! I

can hardly sit still it hurts so much!"

"Hmmm, maybe I can help," Babs said softly.


Without a word, Barbara stood up and quickly cleared the table, placing

all the dirty dishes into the sink. Then she wiped the table with a

damp sponge while her sister watched her silently, wondering what she

had in mind.

"Okay, honey, now get up here on the table and lie down on your back so

I can help your poor little cunt," Babs instructed.

"God, Babs! Are you planning to do what I think you are?" Carol asked,

growing hotly excited.

"Probably!" Babs laughed.

Without wasting another second, Carol scooted up onto the long, broad

kitchen table and lay on her back. She felt herself turning on more and

more. And the fact that she was totally naked aroused her even more.

The younger girl glanced up and saw her sister slipping out of her

bikini and she felt her pussy begin to throb with incestuous desire.

With an eager grin on her young, beautiful face, Barbara slid up onto

the table with Carol and knelt between her sister's legs. Babs reached

out and stroked the younger girl's naked thighs.

"Mmmmm," Carol moaned with pleasure.

Encouraged by her sister's response. Babs moved her hands up to Carol's

pussy and she felt a rush of heat from the other girl's crotch.

"Wow! You're really hot!" she cried.

"I know! And it's all your fault!" Carol laughed hoarsely. "God, Babs,

I want you to touch my pussy!"

Babs smiled triumphantly and eased her middle finger between the soft,

downy cuntlips of her sister. Then, slowly, expertly, she began to

finger-fuck the younger girl while Carol moaned and writhed on the


Then, still finger-fucking her sister's cunt, Babs eased herself up

over Carol's naked body and kissed the young girl on the mouth. Their

hot mouths mashed against each other, their tongues fucking at each

other like miniature cocks.

After a few minutes, Babs moved her face down to her sister's heaving

tits. She kissed and licked each tit in turn, then sucked the long,

throbbing nips into her mouth as they grew stiff against her tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Babs, Babs, Babs," Carol groaned, half out of her mind with

sexual excitement.

The feel of her sister's mouth on her big tits and her finger fucking

in and out of her wet pussy combined to turn the younger girl on with a

savage intensity.

Babs continued to finger-fuck her little sister while she bit and

nibbled on the rigid nips which were visibly throbbing with lust.

Suddenly, Babs moved back down between the other girl's legs and

fastened her hungry mouth on Carol's horny cunt.

"Babs! Ohhhhhhhh, God, Babs!" Carol screamed.

Babs raised her face from her sister's crotch and grinned up at the

younger girl.

"You like that, don't you?" she asked lewdly.

"Oh, God, yessss, Babs, lick my pussy!" Carol cried as she threw her

head back and forth from side to side on the table.

"That's just what I have in mind. See, Carol? I told you I could fix

your poor sore little cunt! Just lie back and let me heal it with my

tongue!" Babs said, her voice thick with lust.

And, with that, she lowered her mouth to Carol's pussy once again. Babs

rammed her hot, eager tongue between the younger girl's swollen

cuntlips and licked the little twitching cunthole as hard as she could.

Babs felt the other girl writhing and twisting in pleasure on the

kitchen table.

Babs clamped her soft, full lips around the tiny cunt hole and fucked

her rigid tongue to the hilt inside. She was super turned on by the

delicious taste of her kid sister's pussy. Knowing that just last

night, her two brothers had fucked their big cocks into this very

cunthole added fuel to the fire already raging in the older girl,

filling her with lust.

"Oh, God, Babs! Your mouth feels sooo good and hot on my cunt! Don't

stop, Barbara! Don't stop until I come!" the young girl cried, half-mad

with fuck-lust.

Turning on even more at her sister's lewd words, Babs began to fuck her

stiffened tongue in and out of the tight, wet cunthole with increasing

speed. She could feel the obscene, twisting movements of the younger

girl beneath her sucking mouth and she grew even more aroused.

"Yessss! Yesssss, goddamn you! Suck my pussy! Suck it hard! Suck

meeeee!" Carol screeched, running her soft hands over her own bursting

tits as her sister continued to eat her out.

Babs thrilled to the taste and aroma of the delicious pussy cream

oozing freely from the other girl's cunthole, and Barbara's own cunt

was dripping wet by now.

The older girl fucked her tongue deeper and deeper in Carol's

pussyhole, fucking it in as far as she could and licking the tight

walls of the twitching cunthole. She pulled her tongue almost all the

way out of Carol's cunt and started all over, fucking it all the way in

again. By now, hot, thick pussyjuice was running out and dribbling

lewdly down both pairs of slender legs.

As Babs drove her fucking tongue deeper and deeper, feeling the younger

girl's cunt-muscles tightening convulsively around her reaming tongue,

Carol moaned and reached down to press her sister's head even tighter

against her crotch.

"Ohhhh, God, Babs! You were right! You're really helping my sore little

pussy with your great tongue! It feels soooo good!" Carol cried.

Moaning with desire, Babs pulled her tongue from Carol's pussyhole and

turned her attention to the girl's clit. She licked it. She sucked it.

Then she nibbled the edges of the sensitive clitflesh.

"Aaarghhh! That's incredible!" Carol screamed as her sister made love

to her clit.

Carol's ass was bouncing high up in the air now as she thrashed

violently on the kitchen table. She bucked her hips, grinding her cunt

and clit against her sister's hot sucking mouth.

Now, Babs moved her juice-smeared face back and forth, first sucking

the girl's pulsing clit, then plugging her cock-like tongue into her

cunthole. Then she licked the entire throbbing cuntal area. Back and

forth she moved, bringing both of the horny sisters that much closer to


"Ohhhh, that's sooo good, Babs! Make me come, Babs! Please, make me

come!" the younger girl begged.

Babs responded by slipping both hands under her sister's ass and raised

it high in the air, humping Carol's cunt against her hungrily sucking


Carol bucked her hips up and raised her ass to meet her sister's

grasping mouth. By now, Barbara's mouth and Carol's crotch were

slamming against each other violently, not caring about anything else

in the world except that orgasm that both of the young blondes needed

so desperately.

The sound of her big sister eating her pussy turned Carol on almost as

much as the act itself. They were wet gurgling sounds, and Carol

thrilled to the obscene sound.

Carol moaned over and over, her mouth slack, drool oozing from its

corners. She looked down between her heaving tits and stared intently

at her sister's head moving between her wide-spread legs. The

expression in her glazed eyes was one of maddened lust.

Carol arched her back and raised and lowered her ass, panting loudly

and moaning all the while. At the same time, she clenched and

unclenched her strong cunt-muscles around her sister's tongue just as

if it were a big cock.

"Mmmmfffff," Babs groaned, trying to vent her own desire as she felt

her kid sister's pussy-muscles clamping tightly around her tongue.

Both of the turned-on teenagers were close to coming now. Hot

pussyjuice ran freely down their firm thighs, wetting the table below.

Their huge tits were so hard that they threatened to explode any

second. And, hot groans of lust and pleasure continued to pour from

their wet mouths.

Over and over, Barbara's tongue fucked in and out of Carol's dripping,

swollen cunt until both of the girls were babbling and moaning with

incestuous lust.

Barbara was busily licking the younger girl's clit again now, attacking

the small love-button with her hard tongue. She licked her clit over

and over again, harder each time, then brought her teeth down and bit

into the sensitive clit-flesh. Carol cried out in excitement and pain.

"Aieeeeee!" she screamed.

Carol grabbed hold of Barbara's hair with one hand and tried to yank

her away from her pain-ravaged pussy. But just then the pain subsided

and pleasure took its place, raw, hot, pounding pleasure. Carol found

herself mashing her sister's head back down against her cunt once


"Yessssss, Babs, yesssss! Tongue-fuck meeeeee! Make me come! I have to

come! Pleeeease!" Carol babbled, raking her fingernails across her

sensitive tit-flesh in a frenzy of desire.

She was so turned on that she hardly knew what she was doing. She felt

the muscles in her tummy and loins tighten up and her large tits heaved

and broke out in sexual sweat. She writhed lustfully beneath her older

sister's raping tongue.

Suddenly, Babs fucked her hot, hard tongue deep into the younger girl's

cunthole over and over until, at long last, Carol began to come.

The young girl's entire body stiffened, and she arched her back

painfully, driving her soaking wet cunt up against Barbara's greedy


"I'm commmiiinnngg! Eat my cunt, Babs, eat it good, you fucking slut!

I'm commmmmiiiinnnngggg!" Carol gasped, hardly able to breathe.

A fresh flood of hot pussyjuices poured from the young girl's cunthole,

drenching her sister's mouth. Groaning with pleasure, Babs licked it up

thirstily, swallowing it greedily as fast as it shot from her little

sister's throbbing cunt.

Shudder after shudder rippled through Carol's thrashing body as her

long-awaited climax washed over her young, trembling body.

"Ohhhhh, yessssss!" she hollered as the last of her orgasm shot through


Babs trembled excitedly. Her kid sister's screams of lust released her

and she began to come, too. She tore her face away from Carol's cunt

and threw herself onto the table next to the younger girl as her

tremendous orgasm smashed forcefully through her entire body, leaving

her shaken and trembling with sexual excitement.

Then, as the last tremors of her climax passed through her, Babs

happily realized that Carol was moving toward her, scooting between her

legs, quickly fastening her mouth on her big sister's wet pussy.

Settling back with a happy sigh, Babs gave her entire body up to the

incestuous pleasure of having her little sister's wet mouth sucking her

swollen, gushing pussy.

"Suck it good, baby, suck it real good." the older girl sighed.

"Oh, I will, I promise you that, Babs, I will!" Carol exclaimed as she

raised her juice-smeared face and grinned up at her sister.

Chapter 8

One hot afternoon the following week, Jerry was home alone. The young

boy was putting his time to good use by mowing the lawn. He had his

shirt off and, having spent a lot of time at the beach, the young boy

had a deep, sexy tan.

After he had had enough time to work up a good sweat, Barbara drove

into the driveway. She got out with a bag of groceries in her arms and

Jerry gasped with excitement as he took in the sexy sight of his big

sister who was wearing a tight tank top and short, tight shots that

hugged her little ass temptingly.

Jerry felt his cock immediately harden.

"Here, Sis, let me help you," he panted, dropping the lawnmower and

running over toward her and grabbing the bag from her arms.

"Thanks, Jerry, you're such a good brother," the lovely young girl said

with a warm smile. "God, you're so hot and sweaty. You must have been

working really hard."

"Yeah, I have," Jerry said, grinning back at her.

As the two teenagers walked into the kitchen with the groceries, Babs

became aware of a hot tingling sensation deep in her horny little cunt.

Her brother looked so damned sexy to her!

They set the groceries on the counter top and turned toward each other.

"Thanks, Jerry," the girl murmured.

"Sure, Sis, no big deal," Jerry said, starting to move toward the front


"Oh, don't go yet, Jerry," Babs said, her tongue betraying her

disappointment. "I mean, you look so hot and everything. Look, there's

some beer in the fridge. Let's have one together, okay?"

Jerry grinned and gladly accepted the beer his sister handed him. She

popped one open for herself and sat opposite the young boy, both of the

youngsters beginning to turn on strongly to each other.

Three beers later, the two youngsters were feeling giddy and more

sexually aroused. Jerry was staring openly at Barbara's tits and

crotch, all inhibitions gone.

"Mmm, you still look so hot, Jerry, even after all that beer," the

young girl said. "You know what you need right now to cool you off?"


"A nice cold shower. In fact, I'm pretty hot too. So, why don't we take

one together?" Babs asked excitedly.

"Are you serious, Sis?" Jerry asked, almost choking on the last of his


"Oh, yeah, I'm very serious," Babs responded, looking her kid brother

directly in the eye. "Come on."

In the bathroom, Babs turned the shower on full blast, then ran her

eyes up and down the length of her brother's masculine body.

"Mmmm, this is really gonna be a lot of fun," she murmured.

No sooner were the words out of her mouth than she reached out and

unbuckled the boy's blue jeans. Then she unzipped his fly, eagerly

pulling out his hard cock, which she lovingly caressed with her soft


"God, Jerry! Mom told me you were well hung but I had no idea!" the

girl cried, feeling the desire rise in her loins and sweep all through

her body.

"Mom told you about her and me fucking?" Jerry asked, feeling his cock

grow even harder in his sister's hands.

"Sure! Haven't you learned by now that we're all just one big happy,

loving family with no secrets? You should know by now that the Ardmores

believe in sharing everything!" Babs said.

"Yeah ... so I'm learning!" Jerry said with an excited grin.

The youngsters were silent for the next few moments while Babs played

with her brother's cock and balls. Then she finished undressing him,

pulling off his jeans and shorts.

"Wow! You sure look good naked!" she said approvingly. "And now you're

gonna get to see me naked."

"Hurry, Sis!" Jerry cried. "I want to see you without any clothes on!"

In a matter of seconds, Barbara was completely naked and her brother's

widened eyes roved over her luscious curves, locking finally on her

huge tits which seemed to be hardening before his very eyes.

"You like what you see?" Babs asked coyly, posing exaggeratedly for


"God, yes, I love your body! I've never seen you completely naked

before, Sis," Jerry mumbled.

"I know, and it's about time, don't you think?" Babs asked with a wink.

"I'll say!"

"Come on, let's get into the shower. I wanna clean off your sweaty

body," Babs said as she stepped into the shower with her kid brother

right behind her.

As the cool water poured down on the two teenagers, Babs grabbed her

brother's cock, moaning with excitement as she felt how hard it was.

She could feel it pulsing hard against her grasp and she swallowed

hard, trying vainly to stem the tide of lust that threatened to

overwhelm her.

"Ohhh, Jerry, your big cock really turns me on!" Babs moaned as she ran

her fingers over it, then his balls. And, finally she picked up a bar

of soap and carefully soaped down his cock and churning nuts. Then she

rinsed them off.

Step by expert step, the horny blonde gave her kid brother a thorough

cleansing, bathing his naked flesh all over, finishing at last with his


"Unnhhh, you're really turning me on!" Jerry grunted.

"Good! Now you do me," Babs panted, handing her brother the soap and

gesturing toward her tits.

With an eager grin, Jerry began to soap his sister's tits, loving the

feel of her throbbing nips against the palms of his hands.

He soaped his hands again and ran his hands down her flat tummy to her

crotch. Babs instinctively spread her legs wider and groaned with

excitement as she felt Jerry's soapy fingers slipping between her puffy

cuntlips and stroking her clit.

"Ohhh, that's good, Jerry, play with my clit!" she moaned, throwing her

head back and letting the cool water wash over her face and head.

Jerry groaned in response and rubbed his sister's clit harder, feeling

it stiffen and grow rigid beneath his lewd touch. Only a few seconds

later, the young girl began to come.

"Ohhh, God, I'm coming, Jerry! Keep it up! Play with my clit! More!

Harder!" she wailed as a strong orgasm swept over her, releasing a

flood of cuntjuice which mingled with the shower water and ran down her

quivering legs.

After Barbara's orgasm ended, brother and sister grinned at each other

and embraced. Then, they stepped out of the shower and briskly dried

each other off.

When they were both dry, Babs threw her towel down and threw her arms

around Jerry. She kissed him on the lips and thrust her stiffened

tongue between his lips, quickly finding his tongue and tongue-kissed

him passionately over and over again.

"Come on, Jerry, let's go into my bedroom," Babs murmured.

Moments later, the two teenagers were stretched out on the girl's king-

sized bed. Barbara's gaze was locked on her kid brother's huge,

throbbing prick. Jerry lay down on his back and his sister sat next to

him, trailing her soft hands over his stiff, hard dick and his firm,

muscular thighs.

She leaned over the boy and poked her tongue out, trailing her tongue-

tip over the boy's body, tickling, teasing, brushing the wet flesh of

her tongue over his throbbing cock, down into his groin, over his flat


"Ohhhh, Sis," Jerry moaned, closing his eyes and giving himself over

entirely to the sensation of incestuous excitement that was coursing

through his veins. It felt as if a thousand small electrical shocks

were running through his body.

Barbara expertly worked her brother's body over with her tongue, not

missing an inch of his hard, muscular flesh. The drool gathered

steadily at the corners of her mouth and finally dripped out and down

over her chin.

Jerry groaned, feeling as if he were drowning in a sea of naked female

flesh, big tits, and long, slender legs. And, suddenly, he knew that he

could not wait any longer to sink his big hard prick up his sister's

pussy. She was driving him wild, teasing him unmercifully with her

skillful tongue. He had to fuck her and he had to fuck her now!

He jerked upright, all but throwing his sister off the bed. A primitive

urge jolted through his body with the force of an electric current. He

grasped Barbara's body, pinning her arms to her sides.

"Jerry! What's gotten into you?" Babs cried, caught by surprise but

thrilled by her little brother's masterful actions.

"Shut up, cunt!" Jerry growled, tightening his grip on the young girl's

writhing body. "You've been cock-teasing me and now you're gonna get

what you've been begging for!"

"Ohh, goody," Babs murmured.

But her words were muffled at her brother flung her roughly onto her

back, throwing himself on top of her. Forcing her legs apart with one

knee, Jerry pinned one of Barbara's arms over her head and, with his

free hand, he pushed his thick, pulsing cockmeat between her wide-

spread legs.

Jerry stared down at his gorgeous sister, panting, his eyes gleaming

with desire. Then, with a wicked grin, he bore down on her, shouting

with excitement as he rammed his hard cock into her cunt with all the

force he could muster.

"Yeeeeooooowwww!" she screamed, crying out in pain and pleasure.

She could hardly believe what was happening. Her little brother was

fucking her. He was actually fucking her. She was excited beyond belief

and she writhed frantically beneath him, her eyes rolling back in her


Jerry thrust his cock in and out of his big sister's small, juicy cunt,

riding her brutally. She pushed her ass and hips up to meet his fuck-

thrusts with her slick pussy, her heels digging into his broad back.

Animalistic sounds came from her throat, sounds of lust-filled pleasure

as her brother continued to fuck her.

"You love it, don't you, you horny little cunt?" Jerry growled as he

drove his bursting prick between his sister's swollen pussylips.

"God, yessss, Jerry! I love the way you're fucking meee! Fuck meeeee!"

she cried.

Jerry drove his cock to the hilt inside his sister's juicy pussy, first

taking long, slow strokes, then short, swift ones, making the blonde

girl groan with unbridled lust for her sexy kid brother.

Babs thrust her cunt up hard to meet the boy's driving prick, mashing

her crotch against his. He watched his sister's beautiful young face

screwing up with lust as he slowly pushed forward each time, sinking

each inch of his huge, hard cockmeat into her.

"Ohhhhh, Jerry," she cooed, turning her face away and biting painfully

into her lower lips.

Then she looked back up at Jerry, her eyes glassy with desire.

Spreading her legs wider, she bent her knees and raised them until the

soles of her feet were flat on the bed.

She groaned, grabbing the boy by the cheeks of his ass and pulling him

to her as she hunched up to meet his thrusting cock. She gasped each

time he slammed his cock in and his nuts slapped lewdly against the

crack of her quivering ass.

"Oh, God, your cock's sooo big and hard! I love it! Fuck me hard,

Jerry!" she cried.

He lowered his chest onto hers and kissed her passionately, his hands

slipping down to grip her trembling asscheeks as he continued to fuck

her steaming cunthole with long, skillful fuck-strokes. His ass was

pistoning furiously up and down, pumping his cock into the tight tunnel

of his sister's hungry cunt. He savored the wet, exciting feel of it

and the obscene way her pussy grabbed his prick.

"Ahhhhhh, yesssssss, it's sooo good," Babs groaned.

She clenched her cunt-muscles hard around her brother's big, hard cock.

Then she loosened her cunt walls just enough so he could slip his

cockmeat out of her pussy again. Over and over, she worked her cunt-

muscles, making the boy groan with incestuous pleasure.

Jerry could feel his sister's cuntflesh churning and wriggling around

his prick as it throbbed more and more with each savage fuck-thrust.

The young girl reached up and pulled his face down to hers, kissing him

hard on the mouth.

The teenagers' feverish bodies were covered with a fine sheen of sexual

sweat, making their aroused, naked flesh slide wetly together as they

fucked their way to the orgasm they both wanted and needed.

"I'm fucking you, baby! I'm really fucking you ... just like you've

been begging me to do ... with your sexy body ... those big tits of

yours ... this hot, wet little cunt ... oh, God, Sis, I'm fucking you

at long last!" Jerry groaned.

"Yessss, Jerry, yessss! You're fucking me soooooo good! Just like I've

wanted for so long! Fuck me good and hard, Jerry, fuck me until we're

both all fucked-out!" she groaned. Then she pulled his face to hers

again and thrust her hot tongue deeply into his mouth.

A hot, savage lust swept over the girl's entire body, churning deep in

her cunt, washing up over her huge, heaving tits and making even more

juice pour out of her tiny cunthole.

"Yesssss, Jerry, you're fucking me sooooo good!" she cried as she

thrust her crotch up in perfect timing with the boy's slamming prick.

She raked her long, sharp nails across his broad, muscular back, and

Jerry moaned with lewd excitement. The large bed rattled with the

steady, hard fucking and merging of their naked flesh as Jerry fucked

the horny girl.

He leaned down and licked and sucked her huge, firm tits as he wiggled

his hips in a wild, fucking motion.

"Aaarghhhh!" she cried, her eyes wide and glazed with lust and


His huge cock pulsed thickly inside her cunt. And its hard thickness

filled the girl with a raw, hot excitement. She felt as if she could

never get enough of the boy's big prick.

Her tight cunt walls clung hard to the sides of his throbbing cockshaft

as he worked his prick in and out, giving the boy the fuck of her life.

"Squeeze it, you cunt! Squeeze my prick, you horny bitch!" he yelled.

Her kid brother's obscene words turned on the girl all the more and she

began to fuck back at him even harder as she worked her cunt-muscles

around his pulsing prick.

"Commmiiinnnggg!" she screeched a few minutes later as a powerful

orgasm shook her entire body and she beat on the boy's back with her

small fists.

Jerry groaned, thrilled to feel his big sister's pussy orgasming around

his cock as he continued to thrust his cock in and out of her spasming


Babs moved her ass back and forth, making wide, circular motions as she

kept time with her brother's thrusting cock. He supported her body,

lifting her upward so he could suck and nibble on the spongy, firm

swells of her flushed, sweating tits.

All this time, Jerry was plunging his cock in and out of his sister's

cunthole in a steady, relentless fucking rhythm. Again and again, as he

fucked her, he licked and sucked her hardened nipples, sending

forbidden shivers of lust through her trembling body.

"Ohhhh God, Jerry, don't stop!" she squealed. "It feels soooo fuckin'

good! Don't stop! Keep fucking me with that huge hard cock of yours!"

She shrieked as she clawed her brother's back with her long, sharp


Jerry's strong fingers dug into the girl's asscheeks, holding her in

place as he plunged his cock harder and deeper into her. He plowed in

and out of her cunt savagely, making her moan with pleasure.

"Awwww, Jerry, I can't stand it anymore! I have to feel your cum

shooting up my pussy! Please shoot your wad, Jerry, shoot it, you lousy

bastard!" she screamed.

But Jerry just grinned down at her and continued to fuck her hard, a

little faster than before, but always in control, holding back from


Jerry reached out toward her chest and pinched her tits as hard as he

could, remembering how much his mother always loved it when he did


"Yeeeeoooooowwwww! You bastard!" she yelled but then she grinned at him

and they both laughed, knowing how much she really enjoyed the combined

pain and pleasure.

As they continued to fuck each other, the girl's mouth fell open

slackly and her eyes rolled back and forth in her head. Her breathing

was ragged and her throat felt dry and hoarse.

Barbara wondered how her brother had gotten so smart. For, as much as

the young girl needed to come, she knew that Jerry knew what he was

doing by holding back. From past experiences, Babs knew that their

mutual orgasms, when they finally did happen, would be all the sweeter

for the wait.

She moaned, tossing and twitching her hips until he grabbed her ass

again, forcing her to remain still. He cupped each firm, trembling

asscheeks in his hands and slowly pulled his cock out of her dripping

cunt. Then he thrust his prick back in again, all the way to the hilt.

His churning balls were slapping wetly against her asscrack and her

cunt-muscles continued to squeeze and release his reaming prick, almost

of their own will. It was as though the girl's body had completely

taken over and she had given up all control.

Now Jerry was pulling his cock out almost all the way before plunging

back in. She gasped, feeling his large, pulsing cockhead sinking into

her wet cunt and nudging her tight pussyhole open.

"Ohhh, Jerry, you're fucking me soooo good! I love it! Keep it up,

honey, keep it up!" she yelled.

Jerry grinned down at her and grasped her huge, heaving tits once

again, giving her nips a hard pinch. She whimpered and, bending her

head down, she sucked his middle finger into her hot, wet mouth as if

it were his cock.

"You hot cunt! You're a great lay, Sis!" Jerry said, his voice filled

with admiration.

Barbara flushed with pleasure at her brother's words of praise. The

spongy head of his prick felt even larger inside her now, stretching

her little pussyhole wider and wider with each fuck-thrust. Her cunt

was pouring out fuck-juice faster than it ever had before, increasing

the wet, squishy sounds of their incestuous fucking.

Jerry let his cock fuck into his sister's pussy a little deeper each

time, the hard sides of his prickmeat bruising her squeezing cunt walls

more with each plunging fuck-thrust.

The young boy's mouth covered his sister's again in a long, passionate

kiss, their tongues pressing hotly against each other. Over and over,

she raked his back with her long fingernails as his slender, tight ass

plunged between her wide-spread thighs. The juicy, wet sound of their

forbidden brother-and-sister fucking just turned them on all the more.

Barbara worked her hips feverishly, rubbing back against the stabbing

friction of Jerry's hot fucking movements. She threw her legs over the

backs of his thighs. She dug her heels into his body and then moved her

feet up to his firm asscheeks, crying out with lust as he continued to

plunge and thrust, giving her the most savagely satisfying fuck


Over and over, the boy's huge prick surged in and out of his sister's

hot cunthole. She could feel her brother's loaded balls rubbing

obscenely against the bottom of her crotch. She squirmed her ass around

and around, increasing the pleasure for both of the young lovers.

The large bed squeaked and groaned loudly in protest as the brother and

sister fucked each other harder and harder. Babs kept her legs wrapped

around her brother. She grabbed his head and pressed his face to her

tits, feeling him drooling all over her firm, throbbing titflesh,

sucking on her long, pulsing nips.

"Ohhhhh, Jerry, fuck me! You're fucking me soooooo good! Fuck me

haaaarder! Deeeeper! Fuck meeeee!" she whimpered.

Jerry began to pump his prick even harder and faster into her than

before. The increased fucking action was all it took to bring both of

the youngsters to the brink of a hot, thundering orgasm.

"Unnnhhhh," Jerry groaned loudly with sexual excitement, his rigid cock

a stiff ramrod in his sister's quivering cunt. He could not hold back

any longer. He had to come.

"Commmiiinnnggg!" he hollered at the top of his lungs.

"Yessss, Jerry, yessss, shoot! Shoot your load up my cunt! I need to

feel it soooooooo baaaaad!" the young girl sobbed.

His prick lurched an extra inch within his sister's pussy and exploded

forcefully, filling her little pussy with hot, creamy jizz. She came at

the same time. Warm cuntjuice poured from her pussy and trickled over

her brother's cock and down her trembling thighs.

Barbara could feel his prick still jerking hotly inside her as he

continued to come. It felt as though he would never stop shooting his

heavy load of cum, and she hoped that he wouldn't! As he continued to

come, he sucked her big tits, first one, then the other, nibbling on

her nips with his sharp teeth.

Babs arched her back, her ass bouncing over the bed as the peak of her

climax burst through her cunt, making her entire body shudder


"Ohhhh, God, I'm commmiiinnnggg soooo haaaard!" she cried, digging into

her brother's asscheeks.

"Good! 'Cause as soon as you finish coming, I'm gonna fuck you again,

Sis!" the boy responded as his still-hard cock rested inside his

sister's orgasming pussy.



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PLAGERIZED! This is CB-4449 Naked Wet Daughter by Kathy Harris I wonder how many other of your stories aren't your work?

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