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Daughter and dad
Chapter 9

The next afternoon, Fran and her older son, Greg, were out alone by

their swimming pool. The beautiful woman was lying on a lounge chair

admiring Greg as he swam laps, his muscular arms rippling beneath his

deep tan.

When the young boy climbed out of the pool, he stood over his mother,

grinning down at her. Fran's eyes moved to his crotch and locked there,

her cunt beginning to drool as she saw his cock grow hard beneath his

bikini briefs; "Wanna suck my cock, Mom?" Greg asked lewdly as he

quickly stripped his wet trunks off and moved closer to the lounger.

"Thought you'd never ask, Son!" Fran laughed excitedly as she sat up on

the lounger, her legs straddling her son's and she took his huge hard-

on into both hands.

Slowly, she inched her tongue's juicy tip toward the boy's massive,

throbbing cockhead. She ran her hot, silken tongue around the glossy,

swollen cockhead while she grasped his huge, loaded balls in her soft


"Oh, yeah, Mom, yeah!" Greg groaned, staring down at his mother. Her

young face was contorted with lust, just increasing her beauty in the

boy's eyes. Her tits were high and firm and he could see her nipples

pulsing with excitement.

His big cock throbbed in the air between them, several drops of pearly

pre-cum oozing from the cum-slit. The woman closed her eyes in ecstasy

as she rolled her tongue up and down the backside of the boy's

cockmeat, coating it with the warm saliva from her hot wet mouth.

As she ran her tongue up and down his cock, the young boy continued to

gaze downward, admiring his gorgeous mother. She was wearing a string

bikini that revealed her womanly curves and the teenager felt his cock

hardening and thickening as he stared at her huge tits and barely

concealed crotch.

Fran murmured around her son's prick as she continued to lick and suck.

Then she began to use her tongue as a whip, lashing it back and forth

across the broad underside of his throbbing prick. She licked all the

way from the base to the pulsing head.

"Unnhh, aaarrrrghhhh, ohhhhh, Jesus H. Christ, Mom! That's great! How

you can suck cock! Suck it, Mom!" he cried, thrusting his hips forward

and trying to force his hard-on into her mouth.

A few minutes later, she moved into a rhythmic sucking that made her

entire mouth slide over his cock on her downward plunges. The rim of

her full, sensuous mouth closed around her son's mammoth prick, making

the boy squirm with pleasure as he stood before his mother, his cock

deep inside her mouth.

The crotch of Fran's bikini panties was soaking wet now. And her large,

hard-nippled tits throbbed, straining against the top of her bikini.

Slurping back to her son's knobby cockhead, Fran began to twist her

mouth wetly on its hot, meaty surface. Faster and faster she revolved

around his glossy prickknob. Meanwhile, Greg's entire body was

responding hotly, lewdly. He shoved his cock even deeper into her mouth

and he squirmed violently back and forth on both feet as she continued

to suck him off.

"Ohhhhh, God, Mom!" he shouted as he suddenly pushed her backward,

sending her sprawling awkwardly onto the lounge chair as he quickly

straddled her chest, feeling her firm tits flattening out beneath his


Then, he shoved his cock into her mouth again and she took it eagerly,

swirling her tongue expertly around the head of his cock. Her sucking

movements turned him on so powerfully that he drove his cockmeat even

deeper into her.

The teenager hunched his ass forward, driving his cock deep into his

mother's warm throat. Her face twisted with lust and pleasure as her

son continued to fuck her in the mouth. He let the head of his prick

lurch and slide against her soft, parted lips, saw her lust-glazed eyes

gazing down at his saliva-coated prick, and turned on even more.

Greg slipped his thick cockmeat in deeper against the slick heat of her

tongue, thrusting his crotch upward until his mother's warm, sucking

mouth was overflowing with the boy's hot prickmeat.

She moaned, sucking wildly now, out of control. Her son's obscene

actions had unleashed her most primitive of sexual desires. Her body

was now a mass of incestuous fuck-lust and she was completely in her

son's power. She would do anything he wanted. Everything he wanted.

Gladly. Willingly. Eagerly.

The full length of his prick was buried inside her mouth now, and still

he rammed it violently inside, making her cheeks billow out fully.

Greg gazed down at his cock sliding slowly in and out of his mother's

mouth. He thrilled to the expression of raw, unbridled desire in her

eyes as he crammed his cock more swiftly in and out.

Her head bobbed and her teeth scraped painfully but pleasurably against

his pulsating prick, making it grow even harder and thicker in the

sucking heat of her mouth.

"Unnnhhhh, that's it, Mom!" the teenager cried. "Yeah! Suck my cock ...


With a loud cry of erotic pleasure, the young boy sank fully onto Fran

as his cum began to shoot deep inside her mouth.

Fran howled around his cockmeat, thrilled to feel her son's cum gushing

into her mouth.

Her lips parted even wider as Greg crushed his meat down her throat and

let it erupt there.

Fran swallowed thirstily, noisily. She writhed lewdly on the lounge

chair as she felt the hot, incestuous thrill of her son's jism shooting

powerfully into her sucking mouth and down her throat.

As the boy's climax ended, his mother caressed his still-hard cock as

it lay twitching against her cheek. She darted her tongue out, licking

up the few stray drops of cum that dribbled out of his prick.

Greg slid his muscular body down over the length of his mother's

trembling body and lowered his head to her cuntmound. His lips gently

trailed over her soft, damp cunt-fur, then down her thighs, and back up


With one expert move, he tore her panties off, and then her bikini top

which tore almost in half in his powerful grasp. Then as she settled

between the woman's legs, Fran cried out, unable to keep still.

"Yessss, Son, yessss! Lick my pussy!" she cried, writhing lewdly

beneath him.

The teenager moved his wet lips up and down and around over his

mother's cunt as she twisted under him, her hips wriggling lewdly.

Small sounds of ecstasy gurgled up from her throat and she thrust her

hips up to meet his mouth.

The boy's lips were working harder now, sucking, pulling, kissing. His

tongue moved in and out of her pussy in a steady, smooth motion. He

moved one hand up to her gigantic tits, squeezing and kneading the firm

flesh. Mother and son were both panting hard now, and their eyes were

glazed over with fuck-lust.

"Ohhhhh," Fran moaned, straining against him, her head beginning to

roll from side to side.

And a few minutes later, as her son stabbed his tongue deep into her

cunthole, Fran came.

"Commmiiinnngggg!" she yelled and she arched her back as a bolt of

orgasm shot through her.

Greg held onto her firmly and his mouth worked even more furiously now

until she once again exploded into a twisting, writhing mass of hot

flesh beneath him.

The boy's tongue flicked in and out, his mouth pressing and pushing,

eating her pussy until she climaxed again and then again.

"Ohhh, God, enough, Greg, enough!" she gasped.

Finally, he raised his head and, standing up, he smiled fondly down at

his mother. Her eyes were closed and her entire body was still

trembling orgasmically.

Greg groaned with renewed desire as he realized that his cock was still

rock-hard. He stretched out beside his mother on the lounge chair and

thrust two fingers up her cunt. She opened her eyes and smiled

gratefully at her son.

"Ohhh, yesss, Son, yesss," she moaned.

Only seconds later, she came again, waves of pussyjuice pouring out of

her cunt and soaking her son's hand.

The instant her orgasm ended, Fran rose from the lounge chair and threw

herself onto the lawn next to the pool. She scooted up onto her hands

and knees, wriggling her ass lewdly in front of her son.

"Please dog-fuck me, Son!" she begged.

"You got it, Mom, you got it!" the boy laughed as he advanced on his


He knelt behind her on the lawn and with his strong hands, he spread

her ass wide until the pink bud of her asshole was visible to him.

Suddenly, he ran his stiffened middle finger far up her tiny asshole.

"Ohhh, God!" she shrieked.

He used his finger like a corkscrew, fucking her asshole in and out,

and the woman loved it. As she felt her son's fingers fucking her

asshole, she wriggled about on the ground, crying out her pleasure.

"Ohhh, yesss, Greg, that feels soooo good! Don't stop, Greg!" she


She began to thrust back and forth on her son's fucking finger. The

teenager burrowed his finger deeper and harder, twisting them

painfully, stretching her asshole lewdly.

"Oh, God, Greg, that feels great but I can't wait any longer! Fuck me,

honey! Fuck me like a dog! My cunt's so hot, it's on fire!" she begged.

"Okay, Mom! I can't wait any longer either!" Greg grunted as he ran his

tongue teasingly up and down her ass-crack.

At the same time, he rubbed her swollen pussylips, sending hot,

tingling sensations shooting through her loins.

Then, Greg held his thickly veined cockshaft tightly in one hand and

guided it up between his mother's trembling thighs, deliberately

brushing it against her throbbing pussylips.

"Ohhhh, yesss," she sighed.

He positioned his cock tip in the woman's cunt, just below her

twitching clit. She lifted her naked asscheeks, pushing back toward her

son's hard, flat belly.

"This is it! Gonna fuck you now, Mom! Gonna fuck you like a dog!" he

grunted, fucking forward without warning up into her cock-hungry cunt.

He fucked into her so hard that he forced her face down onto the lawn

and for a moment she struggled to breathe as she found her nose mashed

against the springy grass. She painfully raised her face and sucked in

a large gulp of air. Her large tits swung freely, their long, hard nips

pointing down toward the lawn.

Greg grabbed his mother's wriggling asscheeks and thrust the full

length of his cock far up into her cunthole again. Fran felt her son's

prick burning meat fuck up through her spasming pussy walls until it

struck the very back wall of her cunt-tunnel.

"Ohhh, yessss, it feels soooo good, Son! Fuck me like a dog! I love

it!" she whimpered.

Over and over, Greg shoved his bursting cock deep up into the juicy

walls of his mother's quivering cunt. He was steadily skewering his big

cock in her hotly sucking pussy, filling the woman with a savage lust

that she knew could be satisfied only when they both came.

She clenched her strong muscles around her son's prick each time he

fucked into her. And then she slightly loosened her muscle hold, just

enough to let the boy slide out again.

At the same time, she thrust her ass backwards, meeting each of her

son's cock-thrusts with a back-thrust of her pussy.

"Yeah, Mom, that's great! Fuck back on my cock!" the boy shouted.

Fran's long, blonde hair fell down prettily along her shoulders and her

huge tits shook and quivered with passion. She could feel her hot,

juicy cunt walls stretching and tugging at her son's hard prickmeat.

"Ohhhhh, God, this is just what I needed ... sooooo good," she groaned

as she began to come.

A hot, raging ecstasy flooded through her body as she came. And she

fucked her ass back harder toward her son's reaming cock. Her totally

aroused cunt dripped with pre-cum and pussyjuice and she groaned over

and over.

"God but you're hot to trot, Mom!" the boy cried gleefully as he

gripped her hips with both hands.

He eased his prick out of her orgasming pussy until only its tip

remained. Then, leaning as far back as he could without dislodging his

prick, he suddenly thrust forward with all the strength of his youth.

"Yesssss!" Fran hissed between clenched teeth.

The full length of her son's cock surged forward into her clenching

pussy tunnel. She could feel the head of his prick smashing hard into

the back wall of her cunt, making it vibrate with pain and pleasure.

"Oh, God, that's it, Greg! What a great fuck! Fuck me, Greg! Fuck

meeeeeeee!" she screeched as her body writhed with lust for her son.

Then, she yelled out with pain and pleasure as the boy drove his huge,

hard cock into her pussy again, just as deeply as before.

"Aaarghhhhh!" she gurgled.

Greg grinned and, reaching around his mother's obscenely twisting body,

he grasped her large tits in both hands. He rubbed them hard, pinching

her long, throbbing nipples as he continued to fuck her pussy as

violently as he could.

The woman moaned with pleasure as she felt her son pull his hard

cockmeat almost all the way out of her juice-streaming cunt. Then he

thrust it all the way back in again, all the way to the hilt.

As the boy's pulsing prick fucked in and out of her clenching cunt, she

wriggled and pressed back lewdly against his young, muscular body.

Now, Greg deliberately slowed down his fucking motions, wanting his

mother as hot as a pistol before he unloaded inside her. And he knew

that if he continued to fuck her so hard and fast, he would come in a


He closed his eyes and groaned with pleasure as he slowly fucked his

hard prick in and out of his mother's clenching pussy. Her firm,

quivering ass was pressed against his flat tummy and he thrilled at the

contact of her smooth ass-flesh.

"Ohhhhh, Greg, keep fucking me good and hard! I love it sooo fuckin'

much!" the woman screamed as another huge orgasm smashed through her.

Greg's cock was buried to the hilt in her tightly spasming cunt. He

ground his body against hers in a lewd frenzy of fuck-lust.

Wave after wave of hot, mind-blowing orgasm tore through Fran's

throbbing tits, her spasming pussy, and her entire body as a hot, sweet

ecstasy filled all of her senses.

"Unnnhhh, aieeeee, I'm commmiiinnnggg! Oh, God, Greg, fuck me good and


The young boy grunted with pleasure as he bent forward over his

mother's twisting body. He grabbed hold of her big, swinging tits once

again as he slammed his prick into her juicy cunt over and over again.

He could feel her coming against his hard-on and it aroused him even


As Fran came, she violently clenched and unclenched her strong, tight

pussy-muscles around her boy's prick, turning both of the lovers on all

the more.

Greg groaned with incestuous pleasure at the feel of his mother's

strong cunt-muscles contracting and loosening around his prick as she

came. The young boy realized at that moment that, as much as he loved

fucking any hot, tight pussy, nothing in the world compared to the lewd

thrill of fucking his own mother.

As she continued to come, Fran moved back hard against her son's bushy

crotch, and he thrust forward with his huge cock. She fucked back

toward him with each slam of his prick. She stiffened against him and

her entire body trembled with pleasure and excitement as her climax


Greg fucked her harder now, brutally ramming his huge cock up her

small, wet pussy. Every single thrust of his enormous cock into her

still-twitching cunt just aroused them both more and more.

As the teenager continued ream out his mother's pussy, she raised one

hand to her wet cunt and began to finger-fuck herself, increasing her


Greg buried the full length of his long, thick prick deep within her

spasming cunthole. His gigantic prick triggered yet another orgasm and

she threw her head back as she came, wailing long and loud.

"Aieeeee! Commmiiinnnggg!" she cried as her climax jolted through her

heaving, trembling body, leaving her breathless but no less horny.

She had never known such erotic pleasure! And, as her son fucked her

hungry cunt, she knew she wanted the exciting fuck to go on and on,

never to end.

Hot cunt-sauce gushed from her puckering pussyhole and poured out

between her bloated cuntlips. It soaked her finger-fucking hand and

dribbled down her trembling thighs, finally falling onto the grass


"More, Son, more!" she cried obscenely, tossing her ass back toward

him. "I need your big cock sooo much, Greg! Fuck me just as fast and

hard as you can! Fuck my brains out!"

It took every ounce of his self-control not to come. The incredibly

lewd thrill of feeling his mother's cunt coming hard around his prick

stick turned the boy on powerfully. He could feel his hot cum churning

around in his loaded balls, threatening to spill out into his mother's

spasming pussy.

But he wasn't about to come now. As excited as he was by the thought of

shooting his wad into his mother's little cunt, he was enjoying this

incestuous fuck far too much to let it end so soon by coming. He needed

at least a few more minutes of hard, steady in-and-out fucking action

before he would let himself go.

Fran tensed and relaxed the walls of her cunt, turning herself on as

much as the boy who was still fucking deep inside her. She lowered her

head and saw his huge prick plunging repeatedly between her swollen,

throbbing cuntlips.

Even now, the woman's small, tight pussy continued to expand to allow

room for her son's large, thick, hard-fucking cock. The flexible inner

walls of her cunt took the boy's cock and then clutched hard at it. She

thrilled to the pain and pleasure of accommodating such a huge rod of


Greg arched his back and leaned back as far as he could to drive his

huge cock even deeper into his mother's softly yielding cunt. Every

stroke of his prick made his loaded balls slap wetly against her ass.

Fran moaned loudly, thrilling to the impact against her hot, feverish


Greg pumped furiously into his mother's wet pussy, then gasped as she

tensed her cunt-muscles again around his throbbing cock. He jerked and

his cock twitched savagely. Suddenly, the teenager realized that he

could not hold back any longer. He was going to come.

"Ahhh, shiiiiit, Mom! I'm gonna come!" he shouted as his cock exploded

deep in her pussy. He shuddered violently as she writhed against him

and her cunt contracted with each of his orgasmic convulsions.

"Ohhh, yesss, shoot it all, darling! Do it! Come in my pussy! I have to

feel your hot cum overflowing from my cunt! Do it, Greg, do it!" she

babbled as another climax raced through her trembling body.

"I'll shoot it all, all right, you little hot bitch! Take it all, Mom,

take all my cum!" the boy shouted.

"Ohh, yesss," Fran gasped as she felt the hot rush of her son's jism

gushing into her pussy. She loved the feel of his cum pouring out from

her full cunt and running obscenely down her legs.

"More, more, Greg, shoot more!" she cried as yet more jism gushed from

the boy's cum-slit and splashed wetly into his mother's spasming pussy.

The exciting sensation of feeling her own son's cum pouring into her

cunt was so thrilling to her that she had one orgasm after another,

continuing to come relentlessly as her son's jizz shot into her pussy.

Her son fucked furiously into her streaming cunt while she relaxed and

let her orgasms wash over her hot, trembling body, leaving her pussy

shaking and sopping wet.

The teenager's cock swelled and jerked as it spilled its entire load

into Fran's tight little pussy. She reached back through her legs and

caressed his balls as both of their orgasms finally began to ebb.

Then, they fell weakly into each other's arms on the lawn, smiling

affectionately at each other. A few minutes later, Fran stirred in her

son's arms and she gently stroked his softening prick.

"Mmm, what a monster cock you've got here! Even when it's soft, it's

huge! And can it fuck!" she cried.

"What do you mean 'it,' Mom? Don't I get any of the credit?" Greg asked

with a grin.

"Oh, yes, Son, you get all the credit!" Fran laughed as she took her

boy's face in her hands and planted her lips on his.

As their tongues met, she realized how fortunate she was to have a

family who believed in loving each other, really loving each other.

Chapter 10

Once again, Carol and her father were alone in the sun room, both of

them nakedly sunning themselves on the large air mattress.

They had been kissing each other and now Mike was fondling his

daughter's big tits, pinching the long nipples and rolling them between

his fingers.

"Ever been fucked in the ass, baby?" the man suddenly asked, making his

daughter gasp with surprise and excitement.

"No!" she cried, feeling both thrilled and afraid at the idea of her

father's huge cock tearing up her cherry asshole.

"Don't you think it's about time?" Mike asked with a leer.

"Oh, God, Daddy, I don't know--"

"What's to know, baby? You once told me you would try anything at least

once, right?" he asked persuasively.

"Well, yeah, but ..."

"No buts. Turn over and get up on your hands and knees, honey. I wanna

be the lucky guy to fuck your hot little ass for the very first time!"

Mike said, his voice thick with lust.

Feeling still afraid but strangely excited, the young girl obediently

got up on her hands and knees, her upraised ass facing her horny


"Like this, Daddy?" she asked.

"Yeah, exactly like that, baby," Mike responded.

He ran both hands over the girl's asscheeks. She whimpered as she felt

his fingers working their way into her tight moist asscrack, pulling

her asscheeks wide apart.

She jumped as she felt his thumb against her asshole. Her heart pounded

loudly, the aroused blood hot and thick in her veins, pounding in her

ears. She could hardly catch her breath, she was so frightened and

turned on at the same time.

"God, Daddy, are you really gonna fuck my ass with your huge cock?" she

asked breathlessly.

"That's exactly what I'm gonna do, baby. I'm gonna fuck your little

cherry asshole!" he said thickly.

Carol whimpered again. She knew that if her father wanted to fuck her

ass, there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop him even if she

wanted to--and she was not at all sure that she wanted to. She was

beginning to really turn on to the thought of his huge prick fucking

her asshole, no matter how much it may hurt.

Her cuntjuice ran thickly and she realized that she was turning on more

and more as she waited for her father to fuck her ass.

Mike gazed lustfully at his daughter's sexy little ass. He could hardly

wait to ream her asshole out with his big cock. Already, his cock was

strained to the bursting point and he knew that he had to fuck her ass

soon or he would come all over the air mattress.

He jammed his thumb into her tiny asshole, making the girl cry out in

pain and excitement. She knew that if his thumb could cause her that

much pain, his big cock was going to tear her ass apart.

Mike's big thumb gouged and dug into her little puckered asshole. It

tore at her ass-flesh, pushing and wiggling. She gasped with the sharp,

sudden pain as his big, hard thumb buried itself deep inside her moist


"Ohhh, it hurts soooo much, Daddy!" she cried.

Mike just grinned and wiggled his thumb up inside her hot, slick shit-

chute, pressing it into her soft but firm ass-muscles. He felt his cock

harden and thicken even more.

Carol moaned, wiggling her ass frantically. The more she wiggled, the

more she opened up her asshole to her daddy's invading thumb and the

deeper he shoved it into her ass.

He gouged into her soft asscheeks and spread them even wider as she

twitched and wiggled her ass against his hands.

The teenager was turning on more and more. Her father's thumb felt like

a smaller version of his cock as he shoved it into her ass even deeper,

driving her half-mad with pleasure. She groaned and lifted her ass,

wiggling it right in his face.

"Good. You're ready now," Mike said with satisfaction as he yanked his

thumb out of her little asshole.

She moaned with pain and disappointment as her father's thumb left her

asshole. But she knew that the best was yet to come.

Mike spread her asscheeks wide apart and fitted the head of his huge,

throbbing cock into the wet warm crack. He ground his prickhead into

her brown, puckered asshole.

He gripped her hard around her waist and shoved hard, driving his

bursting prick deep into her asshole in one swift, hard thrust,

slamming her ass hard against his crotch.

"Aieeeeee!" Carol shrieked.

She wailed long and loud from the agony which filled her virgin asshole

and throbbed through her entire body. Her father's cock was gigantic

and he was driving it into her as deeply as possible.

"Jeeeesus, Daddy, it hurts like hell!" she whimpered.

Mike laughed and thrust into her even harder, making her scream out in

pain again.

"Don't worry, baby," he said lowly, "you'll soon start loving it and

you won't mind the pain one bit."

"Ohhhh, God, it hurts soooo much!" she cried again.

Mike slapped her hard across her asscheeks several times, leaving his

red hand-print on her naked flesh.

"Shut up, you stupid cunt! You're gonna get ass-fucked and you're gonna

love it!" he growled.

He nudged his hips even tighter against her ass and his cock plunged in

deeper. Carol moaned again, feeling as if her father's cock were

splitting her right in two. She sobbed with pain as her father

continued to fuck her asshole, totally ignoring her cries of agony.

As she violently arched her back, vainly trying to shake the man off of

her body, Mike grabbed both of her huge tits, one in each hand. He

squeezed them both hard and pinched her hardened nips until she

screamed with agony.

He pumped his cock deeper into her ass guts. He clutched her slender

waist in his big strong hands and held onto her tightly as she bucked

backward, yanking her ass forward, trying desperately to shake him off

her poor ravaged ass.

"Ohhh, God, I just didn't know that ass-fucking could hurt like this!"

she sobbed, her head rolling wildly from side to side.

Mike crushed her huge, swinging tits in his fists, yanking them

brutally away from her chest, rubbing them, pinching them, bruising

them in his frenzy of maddened fuck-lust.

Then, only minutes later, the young girl began to feel the stirrings of

sexual pleasure deep in her pussy. The pain in her asshole lessened,

and a raw, incestuous pleasure replaced it. She moaned, realizing that

her father had been right all along. Now she knew that she wanted him

to fuck her ass as badly as he wanted to fuck it.

Mike was humping her asshole harder and harder, filling her with a

fiery lust that she knew only his cum could put out. She wriggled under

his thrusting prick, matching his cock-thrusts with her own, trying to

capture every single inch of the man's huge, hard prick.

"Ohhh, yesss, Daddy! I love it now! You were right! It feels sooo good!

Don't stop! Keep fucking my little ass, Daddy! Fuck it hard!" she

screamed as she twisted her body violently beneath his fucking prick.

Mike laughed triumphantly, thrilling to his daughter's lewd cries of

ass-fucking pleasure. He slapped his churning balls against her

asscrack as he continued to pound the full length of his thick cock in

and out of her asshole. He loved fucking cherry assholes, especially

his own daughter's!

"Mmmm, that feels sooo good, Daddy," Carol moaned, reaching down

between her legs and stroking the man's balls, turning him on more and


"Ohhhhhhh, yeah, baby it's great," Mike groaned.

His little girl's asshole felt slick, hot, and tight, and he was more

aroused than he had thought possible. He knew that he had to come.

He drove his cock in and out of the girl's ass faster and deeper. He

felt his balls tightening, and he knew that he was going to pop. He

clawed violently at her thighs, hugging her even tighter against him as

he slammed his cock all the way into her quivering asshole.

"Unnhhh, baby," he gasped as the first hot blast of cum jolted from his

cum-slit and shot into his daughter's trembling asshole.

"Ohhh, yesssss!" Carol cried as she felt her father's spunk shooting

into her ass and her own orgasm began. "Yesss, shoot your cum into my

ass! Give it all to me, Daddy!"

She screamed out her pleasure as shudder after orgasmic shudder pulsed

through her hot, feverish body. She had never experienced such a

thrilling sensation in all her life, and she realized now just how much

she had been missing by not ass-fucking before now. She was just

grateful that it was her own father, and his huge hard cock, that had

fucked into her virgin asshole for the first time.

Mike had never shot such an enormous load of jism in his entire life.

Thick, gooey, hot cum blasted from his jerking cock into her asshole,

making it burn and spasm. Her shit-chute was stretched to the breaking

point around her father's huge prick. She cried out over and over again

with pleasure and ecstasy as the man continued to shoot his huge load

of cum into her aching asshole.

"More! I need more! Gimme more cum, Daddy!" the blonde teenager cried

lewdly as her powerful orgasm continued to smash through her, filling

her pussy with hot cream which dribbled into her asshole and down her

trembling legs.

The man's cum completely filled his little girl's small asshole and

began to pump out around the base of his big, throbbing cock. She felt

his cum dripping and oozing down her naked thighs in small, lewd

rivers, falling onto the mattress below.

"Ohhhh, God, yesssss," Carol hissed.

Carol's body jerked backward with each hard plunge of her daddy's

prick. She matched him, thrust for thrust. His rough hands tore at her

bruised tits, squeezing and pinching the nips until they burned and

throbbed with pain and pleasure.

Over and over, Mike pumped his cock into her, squirting the jism from

his cockhead, sending gusher after gusher of cum into her flowing

asshole. He had never had such a huge load before, and he knew that it

was caused by the thrill of fucking his daughter's virgin asshole. He

moaned with excitement as his balls continued to shoot out wad after

wad of thick, gooey jism.

Each time Carol felt another gusher of cum spill into her asshole, she

came again, each orgasm more powerful and savage than the last one. By

now, the young girl's asshole was running with a lewd mixture of cum

and cunt-juice.

As Mike continued to shoot his load, Carol clenched and unclenched her

ass-muscles, squeezing his cock so hard, it felt as though she were

milking it of all his cum. Her ass jerked and wiggled and she jammed

her muscles down hard on his huge, thrusting prick.

"Ahhhh, it feels soooooo good!" she groaned in hot incestuous pleasure,

gasping loudly and tossing her head wildly from side to side, sending

her long, blonde hair swinging first one way, then the other.

Her cunt and asshole were burning with an incredible sensation of pain

and pleasure as she continued to spasm in hot climax.

"Unnhhhh, ahhhh," she grunted, still thrusting her ass back to meet her

daddy's brutal fuck-thrusts, mashing her asscheeks against his hairy


Her ass pumped back and forth in time to the fucking tempo of Mike's

fat, hard cock. She could hear the wet, sucking sounds of his hot cum

burbling out of her ravaged asshole, and it only increased her own


Finally, Mike's orgasm ended and he kept his softening cock inside his

daughter's asshole. He reached around her flat tummy and began to

finger-fuck her cunt, helping her to keep her violent orgasm going.

"Ohhh, yessss, Daddy," Carol groaned as she felt her daddy's fingers

moving roughly over her rigid little clit, filling her with an

indescribable pleasure. Her orgasm raged through her, leaving her

shaken and trembling with pleasure.

She let her entire body sag weakly and she felt her father slowly

remove his limp prick from her steaming asshole. She glanced at his

crotch and felt renewed lust at the sight of his cock. His cock was

limp now but she grinned, knowing that she would be able to make it

stiff again in no time at all.

While her father lay there on the air mattress with his eyes closed,

trying to catch his panting breath, Carol knelt by his side and lowered

her lovely, young face to his prick, her long, silken hair falling

sexily over his thighs.

Then, before Mike even knew what was happening, his daughter had

gobbled his cock into her hungry mouth. As the wiry hairs of his crotch

touched her nose, she felt his prick stiffening, and she could feel the

blood pumping into his dick.

"Ohhh, yeah, baby, that's great! Suck my cock!" Mike cried, humping his

ass up off the mattress, shoving more of his cockmeat into his little

girl's mouth.

"Mmmmmmfffff," she responded, not stopping for a second.

She lapped her tongue up and down the man's cockshaft. She bobbed her

head, squeezing her fingers into the hard, strong flesh of his ass.

"Yeah, that's the way, little girl! Keep it up! Make your daddy come in

your hot, sucking mouth, you little whore! Then I'm gonna fuck you

again! In your pussy this time!" he cried as he lay back and closed his

eyes, giving himself completely over to the erotic pleasure of being

sucked off by his sexy daughter. "Mmmmfff," she moaned again, super

turned on by his promise to fuck her again.

The teenager concentrated on sucking her daddy's cock harder and

harder, feeling his bursting prick vibrating against her throat. His

prick was at its full length now, rock-hard and begging for release

once again.

Mike began to pump his hips up and down to meet her hungry sucks,

feeling his balls churning and swelling with a new mass of hot cum. He

felt the muscles at the base of his cock beginning to twitch and he

groaned with pleasure. He was really getting off on the idea of his

beautiful young daughter sucking his big, pulsing prick.

Carol felt her father's prick lurching and jerking in her mouth and the

lewd sensation made her come again. She wriggled violently as her

orgasm bolted through her sopping wet cunt. She clamped her mouth hard

around his cock and sucked as hard as possible, up and down the full

length of his cockshaft, not even gagging as the tip of his cockknob

jammed itself against the back of her throat.

Suddenly, Mike pumped his hips up even more violently as the first

explosive jolt of cum pumped into the base of his prick-shaft.

"Suck meee, you little whore! Eat my cum, you slut! I'm gonna come!

Swallow it all!" he cried.

Her father's obscene words thrilled Carol and her entire body trembled

with excitement. She felt his cock jerk wildly inside her mouth and she

realized that he was about to spill his cum. She worked even harder

than before, sucking fast and furiously. And, just seconds later, the

teenager was rewarded by the first scalding glob of cum which shot into

her mouth and slid down her clenching throat.

"Mmmmmffff," she murmured excitedly.

"Suck me, you little bitch! Suck me off!" Mike demanded, bucking his

hips up wildly as he tried to shove his cock even deeper into his

daughter's clenching throat.

Carol swallowed as hard and fast as she could, but it just wasn't

possible to take in all the man's enormous load. Soon, her mouth and

throat was full to overflowing, sending streams of hot jism out between

her sucking lips where it burbled out her mouth and streamed lewdly

down her chin.

"I'm gonna hold you to your promise, Daddy," she panted as she slipped

his still-hard prick out of her mouth. "Fuck me again! Fuck my cunt,




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PLAGERIZED! This is CB-4449 Naked Wet Daughter by Kathy Harris I wonder how many other of your stories aren't your work?

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