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Daughter and dad
Chapter 11

Carol and her father were having the longest, most satisfying fuck-

session of their lives. First, Mike had popped his little girl's ass

cherry for her. Then, she had sucked him off. Next, he fucked her in

the pussy, as he had promised to do. Then they took a shower together

and returned to the sun room where the man proceeded to eat his little

girl's cunt.

Now, they were lying side by side, the man rolling her throbbing

nipples between his fingers, pinching them hard. Carol groaned with

pain and pleasure and, reaching out, she began to stroke her father's

prick again, feeling it growing and hardening in her small, soft hands.

"You're sure one hot little cunt! You just can't get enough, can you,

baby?" Mike asked hoarsely with a slight laugh.

"No, I can't, Daddy! I can't get enough of your big gorgeous cock! Up

my ass! In my pussy! In my mouth ..."

"How about between your tits?" the man asked.

"What, Daddy?" she asked dazedly.

"I want you to give your daddy a great titty-fuck, honey," Mike said


"Oh, yeah, Daddy, I'd love to! Let me fuck your big hard cock with my

tits, Daddy!" Carol cried.

Mike grinned and quickly straddled his daughter's body just below her

huge tits. She gasped as she stared down at the man's reddish, blue-

veined prick-shaft, getting more and more turned on by the second. Her

little pussy was burning uncontrollably and she knew that she would

have a big orgasm when she made her daddy come by rubbing her tits

against his cockmeat.

Mike positioned his hard cock in the valley between his little girl's

gigantic titmounds and then smiled down at her.

"Okay, get going, little pussy! Fuck my cock with those huge tits of

yours!" he demanded.

Carol moaned excitedly, staring hard at her father's huge, thick prick

lying between her massive, fleshy mounds of titflesh. His prick was

twitching slightly as though calling to her, and the lewd sight filled

her with an incredible, hot longing.

She grinned up at her daddy and scooped up her large, aching tits with

both hands, sandwiching her father's cockmeat between them.

"Good girl. Now fuck my cock with your great big tits!" Mike ordered.

Carol began to tit-fuck her father, rubbing her huge mounds of tit-

flesh against his bursting cock. The sexy movement made his prick grow

harder and bigger.

"Yeah, that's it, baby! Do it faster, you little slut!" he commanded as

he began to hump his crotch up between his daughter's huge tits.

Carol rubbed faster and harder and felt her cunt oozing out pussycream

between her bloated pussylips. He moved back and forth, sending his

prick in and out of the fuck-tunnel created by her huge tits on either

side of his prick.

Mike loved the feel of his little girl's tits on the sides of his

prick, rubbing it harder and harder. Suddenly, he felt fresh cum

churning in his balls and he knew he was about to blow. Carol rubbed

faster and faster as her cunt continued to pour out its hot fuck-


"Come on, Daddy! Shoot your load! I wanna taste your cum!" Carol

hollered as she opened her mouth wide, waiting for his jizz to shoot

down her throat.

His daughter's lewd words took the man over the edge and he came. A

huge, hot load of jizz shot straight out of his twitching cum-slit and

into his little girl's waiting mouth. She swallowed quickly, savoring

the taste of her father's delicious, thick cum.

More and more hot, thick goo pumped from his cock and splashed wetly

into her mouth as she continued to swallow. The thick jizz began to

dribble obscenely from the corners of her mouth, down her chin, and

down onto her heaving tits.

Carol's cunt spasmed in a powerful climax as her father continued to

shoot his cum into her sucking mouth.

"Ohhhhh, yeah," she moaned as violent convulsions of orgasm drilled

through her horny cunt.

As the girl's orgasm began to die down, Mike reached behind him and

thrust two fingers deeply into her spasming cunthole. She squealed and

came again. He could feel her cunt walls squeezing his fingers hard,

and her pussysauce gushed all over his hand.

"Ohhhhh, God, Daddy! Your cock's hard! I have to feel it up my pussy

again! Pleeeease fuck meeee, Daddy!" the horny young blonde begged.

"Sure, honey," Mike laughed delightedly. "Let's fuck with you on top

this time."

The man lay back on the mattress, his huge, hard prick jutting straight

up in the air. Carol licked her lips excitedly, staring at her daddy's

prick. She eagerly climbed up over his body, straddling him. She

gripped his pulsing cockhead with both hands as she eased herself

lower, wiggling her ass as she screwed his big, throbbing cock up into

her small, tight cunthole.

"Go for it, baby! Fuck your daddy!" Mike cried, holding his daughter by

the hips as she tried to cram the entire length of his prick up into

her pussy.

Clenching her teeth tightly together, Carol settled all the way down

and began to contact the walls of her little cunt. She tightened and

loosened her strong cunt-muscles until she had her father moaning with

incestuous pleasure.

He felt as if he were half out of his mind with fuck-lust. His little

girl was fucking him expertly!

"Unnhhhh, honey, you're terrific! Do it, baby! Fuck my cock!" the man

demanded hoarsely.

Carol groaned with pain and pleasure as she continued to move her young

body up and down over her daddy's prick, working it in and out of her

tight cunthole, faster and harder with each downward thrust.

The big cock stretched the blonde's cunt walls to the breaking point,

just as if this were the first time it had fucked into her, and the

virgin-like sensation aroused the teenager all the more.

"Mmm, Daddy, I love fucking you! It feels sooo fuckin' good!" she


"That's my girl! That's what your daddy loves to hear!" Mike grunted.

The horny young girl thrilled to the lewd sensation of her own father's

thick cock crammed all the way up her pussy. His prickmeat filled every

little nook and cranny of her inner cuntflesh and she loved the

feeling. She could feel the man's cock jerking hotly in her wet cunt

and she tensed her cunt-muscles again and again, squeezing it hard.

Carol reached down and raked her long fingernails across Mike's broad,

hairy chest, making the man gasp with shock and excitement. Then he

reached up and grasped the girl's huge tits in both hands, rolling her

hard nips back and forth.

"Yesssss!" Carol groaned, throwing her head back. She dug her nails

into her father's flesh and trembled violently as she began to come.

Sweat poured off her trembling body and her hips began stroking his big

cock in and out of her tight little spasming pussyhole. She raised

herself up, then down very hard. Up and down. Harder and harder. She

ground her clit against the base of his aching prick and came.

"Commmiiinnnggg!" she screamed as her savage climax tore through her,

and she threw her head back again and wailed loud and long with the

sheer incestuous pleasure of fucking her father.

The End


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