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My relationship with Alexa and the other Pi Sisters continues after my little rough patch last time. I got over it and back to normal in two shakes of a lamb's tail. ;)
Chapter 13

I go over to the apartment on a Friday after class to attend Alexa as she had requested. It's not like during the summer, I only come over when she tells me to. All I find is a note saying she went out of town and of course to make myself at home, I know where the cash is if I need anything.

I also find a sobbing Chelsea.

Her boyfriend dumped her and I have to console her. By console her I mean I have to fuck the daylights out of her all weekend long! Because that's what happens. It's a pretty awesome weekend! We order out for food and buy booze with the money Alexa left me and just fuck, fuck, fuck. She keeps waking me up to go again. Sometimes it's rage fucking and she rides me like a cowgirl or I pound her doggy style and slap her juicy ass cheeks but sometimes she's soft and vulnerable and she cries. I hate it that she's sad but to tell the truth her eyes are so beautiful when she's crying that it really turns me on. She sucks my cock a lot and swallows buckets of cum. Also a lot of action in the shower. By Saturday night she's having me dress up in the dominatrix outfit that Alexa procured for me and spank her with the riding crop. Sunday is the piece de resistance when she lets me put it in her ass!

I guess she spills the beans to Alexa somewhat because I'm summoned immediately upon her return. I see Chelsea when she opens the door and she cocks a sexy eyebrow but my look tells her that I'm spoken for tonight. I go directly to Alexa's room.

SHE wordlessly strips me and dresses me in a vinyl bondage outfit and clamps my cock in a ring. She even gives me some dark eye makeup before tying me to the bed and "forcing" me to confess. I'm to tell her everything while she whips me and tortures my cock. It swells to monster size with that ring on it. Her face is calm but I see fire in her blue grey eyes.

I tell her about the tears, the kisses the comforting and then the first frantic intercourse on the couch.

"I want you to make me feel good" Chelsea had begged. I had wanted to fuck her for so long, it was kind of emotional for me too. As I was gasping in my post cum reverie she got up and went away for a while. Then she came back and things started all over again.

I tell about the cock sucking and cum swallowing.

"I did it, I got it all! All of your beautiful cock!" I relate Chelsea's exclamations.

Alexa is fingering herself with one hand and smacking me with the riding crop with the other as I go one with the blow by blow of my lecherous weekend.

I relate how Chelsea woke me up from a nap with more fellatio and then rode me hard while muttering derisive things about her ex and rejoicing that she had "A real cock to work with now".

I tell her about the tender lovemaking session with tears and clinging and her thundering orgasm brought on by my ejaculation deep inside her.

Let's see if i can remember it all... the morning blow job, the after breakfast cunt eating that turned into a healthy pounding over the back of the couch. Then and emotional episode with more blubbering and blue eyes crying later that afternoon that required direct application of my penis to her poor bereft little vagina. Then it was Saturday night and Chelsea asked me to dress up like I had when I sucked her ex boyfriend. I got done up in ruffly corset and garter belt from Alexa's closet and went down on her, telling her what a fetching piece of twat she was and how she'd make a great lesbian, how she was making my pussy wet. I smacked her adorable tits around and rolled her over for ass spanking and booty hole licking. I fucked her then in the missionary position for what seemed like an hour until she shrieked and thrashed out a climax.

At this time Alexa is bestride me. Her cunt is absolutely sopping and it engulfs my turgid and highly textured member. She groans and murmurs but keeps me on task with sharp kisses of the crop.

I tell her about the shower sex, how my favorite position didn't make me cum early, as it usually does, because of my depletion from so many sessions previous and how we wound up on the floor of the tub fucking missionary and how she had me cum on her face in the streaming shower, all while saying what a dirty slut she was. I thought she looked beautiful all wet and eye liner streaking down her face. She complained when my ejaculation wasn't up to my normal, legendary volume but I had already cum 8 times in the last 24 hours!

"Tell me more! Slut!" Smack!

"We slept through the morning."

Sunday afternoon she presents rearward and soon I'm fucking her hard again on her bed. She says to put it in her ass. We have a hard time getting it in but she keeps insisting.

I go and get a vibrator of Alexa's, a small bullet with a wire and a remote control. I insert it into Chelsea's vagina and myself slowly and carefully into her rectum. I fuck into her ass with languid strokes and feel the buzz through her thin membrane.

"Wait! EXCUSE ME!?" Alexa stops her movements and glares at me. "You never fuck me in the ass!"


She really starts wailing on me then. Humping down hard on my member and thrashing me with the riding crop.

"cum. cum. CUM. CUM for ME! cum for me you little WHORE!"

She is all the way down on it and grinding on the steel cock ring. I'm in wonderful pain.

"Cum for me you little whore! Cum for ME! I FUCKING OWN YOU!"

She's tossing up and down on me like she's riding a horse. She's smacking me with the riding crop. She looks awesome and furious and sexy as all fuck. Her tits are tossing up and town. I hope I can cum. I hope there's something left after my long and active weekend.

"Cum you little bitch! Give it to me now!" She's whacking me with the crop and smacking me in the face with her long fingered hand.

"Did she scream when you fucked her in the ass? DID SHE!"

I nod in affirmation that Chelsea did indeed scream with my cock in her ass and that it set us both off in bucking, howling orgasms.

"Scream for me little whore! Scream like she screamed!"

It turns out I do have plenty of semen building up from the hour of cock and ball torture my mistress has been subjecting me to. When I finally whimper and wail and release it for her it feels like a string of fish hooks being yanked out of my cock. She collapses down on me and yells in my ear and bites my tear streaked cheeks. My dick is numb but I can tell she is cumming hard. Harder than ever!

It's a long time before I can manage to speak.

"Do you want me to stay here with you mistress?"

"No, get back to your room. I can't have you hanging around here little girl. Get out!"

I wipe off my eye makeup and fight the rings of steel off of my swollen, benumbed cock. It's purple and painful. I put my clothes back on. My neck and chest and ribs are all marked up with livid streaks. I'm raw and aching in lots of places. I feel so intensely loved. I slide away and try to leave discreetly as mistress dozes on the bed.

"Try not to fuck her on the way out the door! Slut!"

I see Chelsea stick her head out as I'm leaving. There's no way she didn't hear every single impassioned word from Alexa as she was vengeance fucking me. I get a teasing roll of the eyebrows and a blown kiss.

. . . . . .

Very soon after the episode of confession and retribution, Mistress summons me to the otherwise empty apartment. She wants me to fuck her in the ass. She's wearing a black lace body stocking with an opening in the back that coincides perfectly with her pink anus. She has collected the needed hardware and is quite keen to begin. She has planned meticulously as always.

"Fasten this ball gag and clip my wrists to the spreader bar. Make me ready with your tongue and do not spare any effort. I expect to be well prepared. With the ball gag in my mouth you will begin to penetrate me. Do not stop under any circumstances. Nothing I may say and nothing you may hear is to stop you from entering me fully. Do not cease your progress until you have cum." Her terse instructions have the effect of hardening my penis into a rod of steel. I wish to follow her every command.

She gets into a truly gorgeous position in the middle of the bed. Her anal opening is deep pink with a penumbra of slightly browner skin around it. Browner than the skin of her alabaster butt cheeks and darker than the delicate hairless lips of her vulva or the wrinklier folds of her inner labia. I spend a lot of time tonguing her pucker hole and also her vaginal opening until both petite orifices are open and her cunt is actually dripping. I pierce her anally with my pointed tongue and she moans past the ball gag. I think she's ready. I use lots of coconut oil but that sphincter is still super tight. I fingerbang her rectum cautiously but then get more vigorous. When she is accommodating two fingers I begin to bring my well oiled and stiffened pecker into play. I have to push extremely hard into her ring of muscle. The sounds she makes with her face down on the mattress are horrendous, almost terrifying. I keep pushing as she instructed me, forcing myself into her viselike anus. It is hot as an oven.

She sounds like an animal being hurt and I almost want to stop but my body is vibrated by the noise. My lungs flutter and my stomach twists.

"Nothing is to stop you from entering me fully" she had said, very matter of fact. I remember her eyes when she said it. I wish I could see her eyes now. She really is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen and her body is about to be impaled on my super hard dick.

I grasp her lace covered hips and thrust further. I am all the way in her. It feels amazing! I flex my groin muscle and my cock swells a small bit more. She lifts her head from the bed and then slams her forehead down on the mattress.


"Does it please you my Mistress?"


She pushes back at me as if to get more but I can't give her more. I'm up to my balls in her luscious ass. But I can pull back out slightly and then ram forward into her.


I do it again. I pull out, pulling some small length of her rectal tube out with me and then "UUUUUUMMMG! I ram in again. The inside of her feels electric. Her sounds make my head spin. The sight of her splayed face down and ass up in the black lace bodystocking is overwhelming. Without consulting my brain my body decides to rush the onset of my impending orgasm and my hips begin to buck forward into the waiting orifice of my lace ensconced mistress. Her groans match my rhythm and my speed picks up. Her muscles must be relaxing and I must have added my precum to her lubricated chute because I feel I'm able to fuck faster and harder. My rod is buzzing and my legs are shaking. I take huge breaths. Mistress continues to bellow out her passion past the ball gag, her face in the bedclothes. I wail, I howl and I release a hail of white bullets in rapid fire like a machine gun. My vision gets a little red and fuzzy. My staccato contractions pump gob after gob after gob of my jiz into her butthole.

I realize I'm crying and unable to hold myself up any more. With great regret I ease my cock out of her asshole and collapse. I hear a plaintive moan as I exit my mistress and then an indignant grunt. I struggle to rouse myself and unclip her wrists from the spreader bar and unbuckle the ball gag before crumpling down on the mattress again. We are silent. I doze momentarily and then open my eyes. She has turned to face me.

"You've debased and defiled me. Be gone."

She can't hide a smile.

. . . . . .

It's my birthday. A shy girl from the Sorority named Amy comes to my room to give me a massage. She's soft and round and her tits look marshmallowy beneath her white sorority jersey. I don't touch her though and her clothes stay on, it's a perfectly innocent massage. After a long slow mellow build up the contact turns a bit more sensual and she makes me ejaculate without ever touching my cock. She just runs her nails the length of my body and breathes on me. I'm not even fully hard at the time. In fact I've just been explaining to her that I feel really good but its not a sexual feeling when suddenly I'm shuddering and spewing creamy sperm into my underwear. I get shivers all over and my belly flutters and twitches for minutes after as I lay there on the bottom bunk mattress. She's proud of herself. I don't think she's ever done that to a boy before.

. . . . .

Kelly brings her sorority little sister Megan to me for blowjob lessons just like her big sis Jan did for her. I'm very happy to instruct.

"How much comes out?" She asks Kelly when she's face to face with my swelling meat stick.

"About a quart... NA!! kidding. But with this cock you do get a lot! That's why we call him Kevin from Heaven. If you can handle this man's sperm you can handle anybody. That's why we practice"

She starts out slobbing just fine on the head of the tumescent boner that I've presented to this cute blonde girl. It's perfectly straight instead of a weird aggressive curve or bend and perfectly smooth and evenly colored. This is why I'm so good as a first time penis. friendly, non threatening, smooth, clean, hairless and pleasantly scented. She's lolling her tongue out and slurping on it like a Popsicle, even laughing a little, getting comfortable.

"I'm giving head"

"Good girl" says Kelly.

Megan takes a deep breath and slides her lips farther down, enveloping a few more inches. Her blue eyes glisten as she looks up at me and her head bobs timidly, pink lips pulled tight. She has four inches safely inside but as big sister is encouraging her, with a hand on the back of her head, to take more and more of me she runs into some difficulty. She's valiantly attempting to close the distance between her nose and my belly, maybe forgetting to breathe, and Kelly presses her forward with a bit too much enthusiasm.


She gags and spits up. She coughs and gets really embarrassed and then starts to cry. Some thin remains of her lunch comes out with a string of saliva and lands on my stomach. My heart hurts for her, poor little thing, and I want to give her comfort. I reach out and cup her cheek and a tear runs down. I stop it with my thumb.

"It's OK honey, you're trying real hard"

"Ya Babe, everybody has trouble their first time. it aint nuthin'. Here, watch me."

Kelly shows her how. It's her usual vigorous blowjob, firm lips and rapid bobbing of the head. She gugs and mumbles on my dick and Megan stares but when she has me about to come and I start gasping and moaning she slows way way down and teases and narrates to her sorority sister what she is doing with my ticking time bomb of a dick. Megan joins in the project and circles her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock and holds it as Kelly's lips dance and her tongue tip frolics on my tight straining dickhead. The bomb is going to explode. I gaze at Megan's fulsome freshman cheeks and mouth as I feel the surge rushing up.

When I do cum it's a real gusher. A great performance. Megan couldn't have handled it in her mouth! It probably would have been traumatic for her. She squeaks and stammers seeing my seven inch pole lurch and fling white streams skyward. I stare at her cute, flushed face as I churn out rivulets of semen and they dribble down her knuckles. Ah, what a cum!

"Ohhh... wow"

Kelly hoovers it off of my cock and belly and then insists that her little sister ingest some. She tastes it off of a finger but then gets some from the source. Her pink lips close over my penis and her tongue slides up my underside and retrieves another glob of cum. Her blue eyes sparkle at me.

All smiles!

"It's... OK really. I can try again sometime?" she asks sweetly.

. . . . . . .

It was a wonderful life...

I get called to the Dean's office. Totally out of the blue.

A trim, slightly effete men, he has some loose pictures on his desk.

"These are all over the school. Someone made a lot of copies. I assume you know what they are of."

I see myself standing in the Pi house, blindfolded naked and masturbating. Also fucking the nude body of a sister on the sex table. Pledges being hazed by my dick. It's very apparent that it's me in the picture. The girls faces have been blacked out with a marker. I recognize bodies. These are supposed to be the pictures that keep everyone involved from telling secrets. Somebody squealed. I feel a burning in my face and a freezing in my guts. I feel like I'm choking.

"I'm afraid I have to recommend expulsion. I have already spoken with your parents. They agree and they are on their way to get you."

I see some other pictures, a darker room, lower quality. He doesn't show me these directly but before he slides them under a folder I make out a scene. There are male bodies and one female on a bed.

"I will walk you to your dorm room. You will need to stay there until they arrive. Do not talk to anybody. Just prepare your things."

I recognized the outfit in the darker pictures, recognized the bed. The female body was me. I feel a deeper sick than the other pictures brought. The shock keeps the tears from welling in my eyes until I'm back in my room alone. Where did THOSE pictures come from?

There's a knock on my door and despite my leg shaking fear I decide to open it. It's Alexa and she walks directly in, shuts and locks the door behind her.

"I can't fucking believe this. Those god damned bitches. It's all over the school and you are the only one being blamed."

My tears start flowing slowly, silently.

"I have fucking had it with this place! Oh my fucking god." She is seething. She's pacing and I see, struggling to control her breath. I look into her eyes and see abject fury behind the grim countenance. But there is something more there, something beautiful and warm. She reaches toward me and takes my face in her hands.

"Listen to me very carefully. You will need to make a decision and you will need to make it this instant." I feel my chest about to dissolve in sobs but I hold it together. I don't let myself freak out. She looks deep within me and speaks.

"I love you. I love you and I will take you away from here. If you want me to."

I concentrate on breaths, one at a time. I'm quivering.

"I am leaving here today and I will take you with me, before your parents come, we can go, we can leave here forever."

I gulp. My chest is about to heave.

"Trust me and believe me. You are mine and I will take care of you."

I stare back into her cool eyes. I seem to be able to breathe. I seem to be able to quell the fear and the shaking that threaten to rise up and paralyze me.

"We can leave for New York right now. I have my car. You don't have to see or talk to anyone. We can just put this place behind us. I will take care of you. Do you want that?"

"Yes Mistress."

She draws me in and kisses me very gently.

"gather only what you need most. We will send for the belongings at the apartment. Leave all this behind."

I pack inside of 5 minutes. I take some sentimental items and some incriminating evidence, surely not all of it, and I'm ready to escape with my mistress. I'm sure my roommate will see what everybody else has seen, and probably find weird stuff in the room. I wasn't close with him anyway. I sincerely don't give a fuck. Alexa has vacuumed all fucks from the room.

I don't think too carefully about my parents. Maybe I'll talk to them later. I'm ready to fly.

We leave the dorm like a detective and a perpetrator but there is no crowd of reporters and clicking cameras. Nobody seems to notice. I stare at the ground. Her car is right outside and seems newer than the last one she had, it's a Mercedes. We drive north, all the way to New York City."

"They don't deserve you"

I ball up in the passenger seat and cry a lot.

At a gas stop Alexa got a bottle of wine and we drank it pretty quickly.

"Not one of them tried to help you or stick up for you. They let you hang for all their sick misdeeds."

"Heather? Kelly?... Jaim..."

"Fucking Bitches. I hope they die in a fire."


"I think she spread the photos. fucking cunt. Where do you think they got the gang bang pictures?"

That set me off on another two hours of crying and then finally sleeping.
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