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Author's Note & Disclaimer: This story is the second installment a series of interrelated but mostly independent short stories. Click my author name for Ch. 1. This story is intended to be read only by adults of legal age in legal contexts. All characters depicted in any sexual situation are over 18, and all events and people described are entirely fictional. Copyright 2021, Quiver. All rights reserved.

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Chronicles of Succubus High

by Quiver

Chapter 2: Locker Room Showers

"Oh yeah, oh fuck," Clay whimpered to himself as he frantically jerked his cock from his hiding place in the utility closet inside the girls' locker room.

He had found himself following Bree after he had run into her on campus during his post-practice cooldown. After that very brief encounter, she had pointedly and explicitly told him how bad it would be if he followed her into the locker room. She had given some very specific details about how wrong it would be to sneak into the utility closet and watch her shower, but how she could tell he wanted to. Ordinarily he wouldn't even think to do such a thing, but now that she had mentioned it, he couldn't seem to help himself. After she had given him that look, he knew he couldn't do anything but follow her. She had also said something about being full already, but still having room for dessert. Clay wasn't really sure what she meant by that, but figuring it out hadn't really seemed like a high priority.

Clay was supposed to meet his girlfriend, Hailey, at her house for a "study session" this evening. He had even refrained from jacking off during his usual morning routine today in anticipation for hanging out with Hailey. But right now all he could think about was Bree. And how good his cock felt in his hand as he watched her.

There she was, standing with her back arched, alone in the communal shower, steamy water pouring over her naked body as she lathered herself. Her highlighted hair, darkened by the water, cascaded behind her. It clung to her every curve, accentuating her athletic body. She lifted her hands above her head to massage her scalp, and as she did so, she turned her body ever so slightly to the right, just enough that Clay caught a brief glimpse of the side of her breast.

His cock jumped in excitement at the sight. His hand worked eagerly up and down his shaft as Bree slowly and methodically washed herself, clearly putting on a show. Luckily, the sound of the shower running was covering up the squelching noises as he fervently pumped his thick cock.

Bree turned back toward the shower, removing Clay's glimpse of her breasts. His eyes roamed down her body, taking in the beauty of her muscled back and finally landing on her ass.

That ass. You could tell that the layer of softness was covering up thick, strong muscles. But it was just begging to be grabbed. Clay pulled harder on his cock, increasing his pace as he focused on Bree's pert ass.

Clay was nearing his climax. He kept pumping away, barely conscious of the fact that he was rapidly becoming late for his date with a very hot cheerleader in favor of perving on Bree.

Bree finally paused, her body language changing to something like finality. She leaned forward, stretching her hamstrings as she held herself at a 90 degree angle with her hands on the wall. She tilted her head backwards as she held that position, exposing her wet puffy pussy so that it was perfectly viewable from Clay's position in the closet.

Clay, overwhelmed by the sight of Bree's tight pussy between those toned and glistening thighs, began to spurt. Moaning with pleasure, Clay's hips started thrusting of their own accord as he fucked his own hand, imagining it was that beautiful creature on display in front of him. As he decorated the tile floor in front of him, he finally felt some relief from that desperate need that had driven him to jerk himself off in this closet in the first place.

Milking the last few drops out of his cock, Clay slumped over to lean against the wall of the closet, completely exhausted by his efforts. As he did so, he accidentally bumped against a mop that was leaning against the wall. It fell over with a loud crash.

Bree stood up slowly from her position, smiling to herself. She grabbed a towel from the bench and started to dry herself off as she made her way over to the closet where Clay was hiding. Brash and naked, she stood in full view, one hand on her hip and the other drying her hair with the towel. "You okay in there?" she asked with amusement.

Clay, still in a stupor, knew he should be trying to pull up the gym shorts currently around his ankles. Unsure of what to do about the uncomfortably large pool of semen on the floor, not to mention the splatter on the door not five inches from where Bree was standing, he remained silent at her question.

Bree, still smirking, grasped the handle of the closet door and gently swung it open, revealing Clay, his flaccid dick still hanging limply as he slouched against the wall, glassy eyed. Clay was barely able to even hold himself upright, much less carry on a conversation with the girl he had just jerked off to in the middle of the girls' locker room.

"You okay?" Bree asked again, a tiny modicum of pity evident in her voice.

Clay managed to nod noncommittally, still unable to focus his eyes.

"You'll recover," Bree said, signs of boredom creeping into her posture. "Just drink some gatorade or something," she said.

Clay started to push himself up, but his knees suddenly gave way and he stumbled forward. Bree instinctively grabbed him as he fell, lifting him back up onto his feet.

As soon as Bree touched him, Clay jolted back to himself, and he was suddenly more steady. His mind was still quite fuzzy, but he knew he wanted Bree to keep touching him. He was able to stand on his own, but he still found himself leaning against her. His hands started roaming across Bree's stomach, and he felt his cock start to swell again, despite his recent release. He needed to keep touching Bree. His cock needed to be inside her. Staring down at Bree's exposed tits, Clay leaned in to try to suckle them.

Bree was enjoying the attention, and it took all of her willpower to push this desperate, pathetic specimen away. "You definitely don't want to do that," she said with a kind of knowing playfulness as she straightened her arm to keep him at bay.

By this point, Clay's cock was lurching of its own accord, straining and searching for Bree's waiting pussy, his hips moving rhythmically back and forth as he dry humped the air like a dog.

Bree was losing patience, and quite soon, control over the situation. Despite her earlier activities, and the nice aperitif she had just gotten, Bree had to admit it was still tempting to give in. Her hunger was not getting any less intense, it would be so easy to just completely let loose. "Pull up your pants and go home, Clay," she said sternly, turning to gather her own clothes. "You couldn't handle another round, as much as you would enjoy it."

Clay, his mind still clouded, found that despite how desperately he wanted to fuck Bree, he couldn't stay after she had told him to go home. He reached down and fumbled with his gym shorts, pulling them up over his still rigid cock, creating an obvious tent. He shuffled out of the locker room, leaving Bree to wipe up the mess.


Hailey, who had been expecting Clay at her house over an hour ago, was sitting on the front steps of Clay's house as he stumbled up the driveway, holding an empty bottle of gatorade.

"Are you drunk?" Hailey asked.

"Drunk? Nah, just tired," Clay responded, his eyes still not quite focusing on anything in particular.

"Where have you been? You were supposed to come over to my place like an hour ago! I texted you like 20 times!" Hailey said angrily. "What the fuck, Clay!"

"I just got hung up is all, it's fine."

"Hung up where?" Hailey pressed.

"The gym. I was at school, you know, pumping," he paused, his brain fog lifting a little. "Pumping iron, working out, you know. Gotta stay strong for the team."

"Football practice ended two hours ago, Clay," Hailey continued, but Clay simply didn't react. He seemed more high than drunk, but it was even less like Clay to do any kind of drug, especially during football season. "Whatever, let's just go inside. Your house is as good as mine, I guess," she finally said. "Even though my parents aren't home..." she grumbled lowly.

They went inside and Hailey continued to try to figure out what was wrong with her boyfriend. Her annoyance with him for being late was starting to turn into concern. He really didn't seem like himself. Hailey finally gave up trying to figure it out, and it became apparent that they were not going to be doing anything sexual that night. Hailey eventually tucked her loopy boyfriend into bed and settled in beside him to go to sleep.

A few hours later, Hailey woke up to Clay gyrating in the bed beside her. He seemed pretty out of it, but his hips were moving rhythmically and causing the bed to squeak. Damn teenage boys and their wet dreams, Hailey thought to herself. By the look of the tented sheets and the pace of his thrusting, she was going to be spending the rest of the night next to a pool of her boyfriend's cum. Gross.

Hailey thought about waking him up, but she wasn't sure that would do any good. Impulsively, Hailey pushed herself up onto her sleep-fucking boyfriend and straddled him, letting his thrusting cock press up against her panties. Better for him to cum in her pussy than all over the sheets, right? Hailey cringed again at the thought of getting the stuff on her body in the night.

Hailey pulled her panties to the side and slid down onto Clay's rigid dick as he continued to thrust into the air, still completely oblivious to her presence. Hailey moaned quietly as Clay filled her, placing one hand on the wall above the bed to brace herself and letting the other move down to start rubbing her clit along with the rhythm of Clay's thrusting.

Clay started to whimper to himself, and Hailey grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts as she rode him, rubbing her clit with increasing intensity. His hands reflexively massaged Hailey's perky 18-year-old tits and his moans became higher pitched and more desperate. Hailey could tell he was about to cum, and was doing her best to hold back her own orgasm until the last moment. She loved when they came together. It was so intimate and beautiful. They were so connected.

Finally, Clay's whimpers turned into a deep groan as he started to cum. Hailey could feel Clay's dick spasming inside her pussy, and she finally allowed herself to crest the peak of her own orgasm. Right as Hailey's eyes rolled back in ecstasy, she heard Clay moan, "Bree..."

Past the point of no return, Hailey was unable to stop herself from cumming even as her boyfriend muttered someone else's name. Her anger fueled the intensity of her orgasm as she pulsed and quaked on top of him.

"What the fuck, Clay?!" Hailey yelled at him as soon as the waves of pleasure subsided enough to let her think again. In her anger, she smacked him in the shoulder, but even throughout their entire session, Clay apparently had not woken up. Hailey shook him as she slid off of his flaccid dick trying to get his attention. But nothing was happening. She even pulled his eyelids up, but his eyes remained completely unfocused. He didn't even really seem asleep, just somehow dazed. Ugh, what the hell, she thought to herself. First he stands her up with a really lame excuse, and then he dream-fucks some other girl? What the hell was his problem?

Hailey got up and put her clothes back on, deciding she couldn't stand to spend one more minute with Clay. He was probably faking being asleep anyway, to get out of having to explain why he had said another girl's name during sex. As she closed the bedroom door, a flicker of doubt and remorse escaped to the surface, but she quickly pushed it back down as she left Clay in a stupor and went home for the rest of the night.


The next morning at school, Hailey was still seething about Clay calling out another girl's name during sex and could barely focus on her studies. It wasn't helped by the fact that Bree Stevens was sitting a few rows ahead of her in English class, looking as effortlessly beautiful as always.

Emery High wasn't quite small enough for Hailey to know every student's name, but she definitely knew who Bree was, and she was fairly certain that was who Clay had been moaning about in his sleep. With Bree somehow on the field hockey, soccer, and track teams, Clay on the football team, and Hailey captain of the cheerleading squad, they had all spent a lot of time at school tournaments together over the past four years, even though Hailey didn't know Bree very well. In previous years, Bree seemed to really only care about the competitive side of sports, pretty much a classic female jock type. She had always been pretty, but lately, Bree seemed... more feminine, and more mature, somehow. Hailey couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she didn't like it.

Barely registering Miss Davis's voice lecturing about commas or something, Hailey spent all of senior English staring daggers at the back of Bree's head. As mad as Hailey was at Clay, the more Hailey thought about it, the more she started to get suspicious of Bree. Why would Clay be dreaming about Bree in the first place? They weren't friends, and Clay had basically no free time. Even if he wanted to, when would he find the time to start a thing on the side with Bree? The football team and the field hockey team didn't really even hang out all that much. And Clay had been acting really weird yesterday. And he hadn't come to school today. Something was definitely off.

Hailey let out a little gasp to herself as she had a thought. What if Bree had, like, drugged Clay or something! He wasn't calling out her name during sex, he would never do that. He was accusing her! He was trying to tell me who did that to him! It must be.

Hailey made up her mind to follow Bree and see if she could figure out what that bitch was up to. There wasn't much to report by the end of the day, and Hailey had to go to cheer practice, so she decided to keep tailing Bree every day until she found out what was going on.

Hailey kept at it for the rest of the week. Every day, she followed Bree around from a distance, watching any time she was near a guy to see if she could catch her drugging someone. But Bree really didn't seem to do much at all. She'd talk to guys, and she spent a lot of time staying after class in some of the teachers' offices, but Hailey never caught her with any kind of powder or trying to slip anything in anyone's drinks. And all this time, Clay still hadn't come back to school. Hailey had gone over to his house after he hadn't come the first day, but his mother just said he wasn't feeling well, and that he'd be back in school in a few days. He'd responded to a few of her texts, so she knew he was conscious at least.

Hailey was getting just about bored enough with this whole endeavor to give up when she caught Bree doing something strange. She had gone into a classroom alone with one of the members of the chess team, which was already pretty odd on its own. But before that she had been kind of, flirting with him. Her body language had gotten all loose, and she had just kind of, walked away from him. And the guy had followed her immediately, like some switch had flipped in his brain. Hailey followed the two of them and peaked through the small window in the door to see what was going on.

Hailey watched the whole show. She watched Bree move from position to position as this random nerd actually pulled out his dick and started to beat his meat right in front of her! This was so weird. Bree could have basically any guy she wanted, and could probably get them to do anything she wanted, and she was spending her time giving a strip-tease to a chess geek while he jerked off without even touching her? Bizarre. Maybe she was getting paid? Had Clay paid for a lap dance with the school slut? Hailey started seething again as she imagined her boyfriend jacking off to Bree like that. In her anger, she kept watching, her hands clenching in rage as she witnessed the obscene display. She leaned a bit too far and accidentally pressed on the handle, causing the classroom door to swing open and Hailey to fall into the classroom.

Bree spun around from her position in annoyance. Bree looked Hailey up and down with derision.

"What are you doing in here?" Bree demanded.

"Hey, I just caught you doing something super inappropriate," Hailey responded defensively. "I could get you in so much trouble. I don't think you have any right to ask what I'm doing."

Oddly, despite being interrupted and caught in the act, the chess geek was still just sitting there masturbating.

"What is wrong with you?!" Hailey squealed at him when she realized this. The nerd didn't seem to even register the question, and just continued stroking himself as he stared at Bree, seemingly oblivious to Hailey. He did seem to be getting a bit more agitated, though. And he was starting to whine.

"You did something to him," Hailey said. "And you did that same something to Clay! You drugged them or something!"

"Or something," Bree said, rolling her eyes. "And what are you going to do about it, princess?"

"I'll tell them what you did!" Hailey responded.

"Who? And who's going to believe you? Face it, blondie, your boyfriend just wasn't that loyal. Guess you just weren't doing it for him. You go around telling people I screwed your boyfriend, they're just going to think less of you anyway. Poor Hailey, can't keep her guy. And so she lashes out at the other woman even though he was the one who cheated. Slut-shaming prude. Not very feminist of you, Hailey. Where's that sisterly spirit?"

"I'll tell the principal that you had sex on school grounds, during school hours. I don't even have to mention Clay," Hailey said desperately.

"What makes you think I won't just "drug" the principal, if you're so sure that's what I'm doing?" Bree asked deviously. Hailey paused, unsure of herself or what she could do.

"Get out of here, Hailey. Fred and I here aren't quite finished," Bree said dismissively, turning back toward her victim. The chess geek moaned at the mention of his name, increasing the pace of his masturbation.

"I'm going to go get the principal. See how he likes this little strip club you've started. I'll tell him the boys are paying you for lap dances. You'll get expelled for being a literal whore," Hailey responded, feeling more and more heated as she continued her threats.

Bree exhaled strongly at that. "No, you're not going to do that," she said, turning carefully back to face Hailey.

"What, are you going to stop me?" Hailey asked with false bravado. "You haven't touched my drink," she continued, less and less sure of herself.

"I don't need to mess with your drink," Bree said dryly. "I just have to look at you the right way, and you won't be able to stop thinking about your desire for me."

Hailey paused at that. That didn't make any sense. Was it some kind of hypnosis? Whatever, she didn't have any "desire" for Bree. No way Bree was going to change her seething anger into anything even remotely resembling attraction. "Whatever, I'm not into girls," Hailey responded. "Your dumb eyes aren't gonna do anything to me."

"You sure about that?" Bree asked with a smirk as she met Hailey's gaze. Hailey felt a gush of fluid escape her pussy the moment Bree asked that question. She knew she was straight. She knew it. But all she wanted was to touch Bree, to feel the wetness between her legs and to have Bree's strong thighs around her ears.

"I'm not super into girls either, Hailey. I like men. I like making them cum. I like making them cheat on their wives and their girlfriends. I like making them grovel for my attention," she said with satisfaction, glancing over at Fred. "But I can be flexible," she said staring back at Hailey with clear anger behind her eyes. "And you. You're getting in my way."

Bree leaned forward, exposing her cleavage through her button-down shirt. Hailey couldn't seem to look away. She was overcome with a sudden desire to bury herself in Bree's ample tits. Unable to control herself, Hailey dove forward, pressing her face into Bree's breasts, licking and sucking desperately.

Bree gasped at the sensation as she felt her own hunger rise to a new level of urgency. Not good. She needed to get this situation back under control. But before she would be able to think again, she needed a little pick-me-up.

Hailey's head still buried in her chest, the sensation of warm lips in contact with her skin driving Bree crazy, Bree looked over at Fred. "Does this make you want to cum, Freddie?" Bree asked, her voice dripping with sex. Fred nodded absently as he continued to stroke himself. "Do it now. Cum for me, Fred. Right," Bree paused, savoring the moment "Now."

With that command, Fred exploded violently all over the front of his shirt and pants, drenching himself in ropes of cum as he continued to pump himself. Bree felt the waves of sexual energy coursing through her, feeding her, invigorating her, as Fred experienced what would be the most intense and prolonged orgasm of his life.

Perfect, that was exactly what she needed. Good thing Fred was here, Bree thought to herself. With Hailey sucking on her tits, she didn't know whether she would have been able to hold herself back enough to keep from draining Hailey. And as irked as she was at being interrupted and accused like that, she really didn't want to have to deal with the clean-up that would have entailed.

Fred jerked himself clean in the chair and slumped to the side, a familiar vacancy settling over his features. Hailey, temporarily distracted by Bree's sudden change in demeanor, looked over at Fred with mild concern. "Is he okay?" she asked.

"He'll be fine. Just needs some time to recover," Bree replied flippantly. "He only came the one time, and he was far enough away that he wasn't too badly affected. Plus, I'm getting better at controlling it. Pretty soon I should be able to have some actual skin-on-skin contact. You're lucky he was here, and that you're a girl," Bree continued. "Otherwise, you probably wouldn't have made it. I get kind of... carried away sometimes," she said, letting her fingers dance across Hailey's cheek.

"Huh?" Hailey asked absently, not really following anything Bree had said, but really really loving the feeling of Bree's strong hand on her face. Hailey's hands started roaming down the front of Bree's shirt, her fingers getting dangerously close to dipping below the waistband of Bree's skirt.

"Don't worry about it," Bree said, feeling the sexual energy rising in the room. One chess nerd really wasn't enough, especially with Hailey all over her like this. "Hailey?" Bree asked breathlessly. "Stop."

Hailey frowned with a pout, but she obeyed, dropping her hand to her side. She was clearly itching for release, as her hands started meandering across her own body, one of them beginning to unzip the front of her jeans.

"No," Bree said. "Not here, not now." She was going to need a bigger meal after this appetizer, and she wasn't convinced she would be able to keep her hands off of Hailey once things got going. She'd gotten a taste for her.

"Meet me in the boys' locker room after your cheer practice this afternoon," Bree said. "Use all that pent-up energy you have and flirt with as many football players as you can. Tell them to meet us there too. Just make sure they're seniors. Too risky to try anything with anyone under 18."

"Even Clay?" Hailey asked, still confused but her brain fog lifting slightly since Bree had put an end to their touching.

"No, Clay's had enough for a while. He hasn't even come back to school yet. Not sure why it hit him so hard, he must have had some fun on his own after his session with me. You're going to have some fun without your boyfriend," Bree paused, getting an idea. "Don't you want to get back at him for cheating on you?" Bree asked quietly. "Wouldn't it be so hot if you fucked the entire football team? For me?" Bree pushed. Hailey started squirming at the thought as she bit her lip and nodded. "Good girl," Bree said with a smile. "Now, get out of here." Hailey seemed to swoon a little at that as she darted out of the room.


Bree spent the rest of the day flirting with the senior players on the football team that she encountered, planting the idea to meet her in the locker room after football practice. Sometimes she gave vague promises of a good show, other times something more specific, including a few hints about Hailey. Each time she roped in another, she got a little jolt of excitement, and her hunger rose. This was a good idea. She was a little surprised it had taken her this long to think of it. And god did she love the build-up.

Finally, the end of the school day and various sports practices was over. Bree snuck away from her field hockey team after practice had ended and found a nice spot on a bench inside the locker room to wait for the team.

She could sense them outside the door before they even entered. The sexual energy was almost palpable. Groups of senior football players started to filter in, some of whom were already sporting obvious boners through their gym shorts. Hailey showed up a few minutes later, a football player on either side, hands exploring and groping under her shirt.

Bree felt her hunger rise. It was all she could do to keep from grabbing one of the players and fucking him right there. But she needed to wait. With this many players here at once, this close together, she was going to have more than enough to satiate her today.

Bree called over to Hailey, gesturing for her to come to her. As Hailey walked over to Bree, the football players seemingly automatically started to form a circle around the two girls. Bree could feel their arousal surrounding her, and pulled Hailey in close for a deep, desperate kiss.

Pulling herself away, Bree finally addressed the boys. "You want to fuck this hot piece of ass, don't you boys." They nodded, nearly all of them rubbing their dicks through the thin nylon of their shorts. A few of them had already pulled their cocks out and were working their hands over them. They seemed unfazed by the fact that they were surrounded by their teammates. All of their attention was focused on Hailey and Bree.

"And Hailey," Bree continued, "you want to be drowning in cock, don't you?" Hailey nodded fervently, one of her hands slipping into her pants as her pussy gushed at the thought of being fucked by the entire football team.

Bree continued addressing them, "You're going to fuck Hailey for me. All of you. You're going to cum all over her. I want to see her drenched in your cum by the end. And all of her holes need to be filled up with cocks. Take turns, but don't let her go too long without a cock inside her."

The football team was quick to obey. Kissing Hailey firmly on the mouth, Bree pushed her toward the throng of boys and took a seat on the bench to watch. Bree let her legs spread wide, her skirt hiked up revealing her neatly trimmed pussy, and started to touch herself as she watched her plot unfold.

There were too many players and not enough Hailey, so most of the team was standing in a circle jerking off while a lucky few had access to Hailey's various crevices. Hailey, for her part, looked like she was in heaven. Bathed in cock, she sucked and fucked as many of them as she could, all the while making eye contact with Bree. She wanted all of these cocks on her, in her, thrusting away. She wanted them to cum on her face and tits, almost as much as she wanted to please Bree.

Hailey was soon covered in saliva and other juices as the team fucked her mouth and ass and pussy. All the while, Bree was working her fingers steadily in and out of her warm cunt, pausing every so often to circle around her sensitive clit. Her hunger was growing. She didn't know how long she would be able to hold off.

Everyone in the room could feel Bree's desire reaching a peak, and the pace of the entire room increased. Cocks slammed more fervently in and out of Hailey's mouth. She bounced on top of one player as his cock rammed up her ass and another pounded her pussy. Hands urgently grasped at her tits. Dicks and hands and sweat were building up all around her. They were all nearing release, and Hailey couldn't wait to cum for Bree, to be covered in cum while Bree watched her. It was all she had ever wanted. Bree wanted it too. She could feel her own orgasm within reach, and was so desperately hungry. Soon, she would have a feast. She prepared herself and started to ready the room for one massive simultaneous orgasm.

Suddenly, the locker room door swung open.

"What the HELL is going on?" screamed a voice.

It was the football coach, Frank Jones. He had just walked into the most intense, steamy orgy he could have imagined, much less have actually witnessed. He had no words for what he was seeing, and he just stood there completely floored by the scene.

Bree was so close, so close to her goal. She couldn't lose this now. She could barely think, her mind so full of hunger and need. She called emphatically to Coach Jones. "Come here!" Overwhelmed by the force of her command, Frank immediately went to her, rapidly undressing as he did so. His giant cock was rigid in an instant, and by the time he had gotten over to Bree he was fully nude and already almost ready to burst. He didn't know why, but he knew he needed her. He needed to be inside her. And Bree needed him to be inside her. Her carefully laid plans flew out the window as she grasped Frank's massive cock. Not caring at all that he was surrounded a gangbang starring his entire team, Frank lifted Bree up and shoved her against the lockers, her muscled legs spread around his hips, and without a moment's hesitation, he thrust himself inside her.

Surrounded by all of this pleasure, and now suddenly experiencing it firsthand, Bree could no longer hold back. The force of being so utterly filled pushed her over the edge. She screamed as the force of her own orgasm overcame her, opening her eyes to see the entire team simultaneously jizzing all over Hailey, feeling Frank's semen spurting inside her. Hailey, for her part, had an expression of pure ecstasy as she rode her own waves of pleasure and felt the gallons of warm cum cover her, inside and out.

Bree was thoroughly satisfied, for the first time since she had realized what she was. She felt her body slide down the lockers onto the floor as Frank collapsed on top of her, and watched as the rest of the football team and Hailey all went limp.

Shit, thought Bree. Shit shit shit, I fucked someone! He came inside me! Is he alive? Shit! And all these witnesses! What the fuck am I going to do? Maybe they won't remember what happened. Oh fuck, oh shit.

Panic set in as her mind raced through what she could do to fix this situation. Should she call her mom to help deal with it? Oh god, this was bad. Then, Frank's arm moved across her chest, passively grazing her nipple as it did so. He let out small noise of satisfaction as a blissful smile spread across his features.

He's alive! Bree breathed a huge sigh of relief as she realized that Frank was okay. Everyone seemed to be okay, especially Hailey, who was staring up at the ceiling with a huge smile on her face. In fact, most of the team seemed more cogent than Bree's victims usually were. It seemed like the force of Bree's feeding had been spread out enough that no one was affected as badly. Except Frank, who took the worst of it. He seemed to be unconscious, though clearly happy.

Bree extricated herself from underneath the unconscious football coach and stood up to admire her work.

Today was a good day, Bree thought to herself, wondering how she was ever going to top this.

End of Chapter 2

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