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A mother puts her best food forward to treat her son.

This is a work of fiction, and all names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No characters are under the age of 18.

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One evening before calling it a night, I was lounging on the couch, having a few cocktails, watching TV as my son Danny sat on the floor in front of me playing with his handheld video game.

I had my foot on his back and was gently rubbing without giving it much thought.

Finishing my cocktail, I said, “Hey, baby. Get mama another drink. You know how I like it.”

Ignoring me, he continued to play his game.

Tickling his underarm with my big toe, I said, “C’mon now! Do as you're told!” I then gave him a little shove with my foot.

“Yeah, okay! I will in a minute,” he said, not putting down his game.

Sticking my big toe into his armpit, I annoyingly wriggled it, “You can pause your game. Go on now! Get mama her drink.”

Realizing that I wasn't going to stop pestering him until he got me my drink, Danny muttered something under his breath, set down his game, jumped up, and turned towards the kitchen.

Just before he could hastily breeze by, I saw something curious out of the corner of my eye.

“Hold on, come here. I want to take a look at you!” I said, grabbing him by the arm before he could get away.

“Don't you want your drink?” he said impatiently trying to pull away without turning towards me.

“The drink can wait! Come here!” I said pulling him in front of me. “Turn towards me and let me get a look at you!”

Surrendering, he stood in front of me looking down at the floor embarrassed.

“What's this?!” I said staring at the surprisingly huge rise in the front of my son's boxers.

“I don’t know.” He said dejectedly.

“You don't know what it is?” I said with concern. As a single mother, I'd neglected a few difficult discussions. I truly didn't even think he was old enough.

“I know what ‘IT’ is!” he said defensively. “I just don't know...” He shrugged without finishing.

After staring at the stiff bulge in my son's boxers for a moment, watching it twitch, I asked, “What brought this on? Was it something in your video game?” I asked accusingly.

“No! That’s stupid!” He said like I was an idiot.

His eyes then flashed over my erect nipples poking up visible through the thin tee-shirt I was wearing, and at my exposed legs.

“Oh... I see.” I said with a knowing smile. “You're growing up so fast.”

We were both ready for bed. Which meant that he was simply wearing a pair of boxers and a tee-shirt, and I had on only a tee-shirt and a pair of panties.

“It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's perfectly natural,” I said unable to stop staring at my son's hard twitching cock. “I'm sorry if I embarrassed you.”

“It's okay,” he said, his eyes again stealing glances at my tits and panties.

“Yes! It's very much okay!” I said smirking at his boner. “Now, go get me that drink!”

I’d already had a few, and as I watched my son hurry off with a hard-on to fix me another cocktail, I was pretty drunk, and not to mention, surprisingly aroused by the unexpected sight of my son’s hard cock. I had planned on going to bed soon and fingering myself to sleep, but after seeing Danny's hard-on and the way he looked at me, I decided to stay up a little longer just to amuse myself. So while Danny was busy in the kitchen, clanking ice-cubes into a glass and pouring tequila, I squeezed and massage my hot wet pussy and tweaked my already huge erect nipples.

When Danny returned with my drink, his cock was still standing tall, bobbing as he walked. Handing me the drink, he tried his best to block my view of his embarrassing hard-on by turning to the side but only succeeded in giving me a nice side view of the rise standing up straight and stiff in his boxers.

“Thank you, honey,” I said taking the drink, finding it difficult not to look at his cock. “Do you want to go back to playing your game?”

“Okay.” He said, again unable to resist looking me over one more time before taking his seat.

I had devilishly made sure that my horny son would have something to look at. My nipples were extra perky after I’d pulled on them, and I’d made sure to have my legs spread just enough to give him a good look at my sexy panties.

Managing to tear his eyes away, Danny returned to his spot on the floor sitting cross-legged in front of me. And as he fired up his game, I returned to rubbing his back with my feet. I had an idea of what had gotten him so hard.

“Thank you for the drink, baby. It’s just the way I like it.” I said, taking a big gulp of the strong cocktail. I was already buzzed, and feeling very horny and devilish. And as I rubbed my son's back with my feet, I began rubbing my pussy and squeezing my tits right behind my unwitting son's back.

As I listened to the electric beeps and boobs coming from Danny’s video game, I pulled aside the crotch of my panties and daringly played with pussy, pulled and rubbed my thick long lips, and teased my swelling clit. There was something excitingly sinful about exposing my pussy and playing with it right behind my horny son’s back.

“Does that feel good baby? Does it feel good when mommy rubs her feet on your back?” I asked as I rolled my clit around under my fingers.

“Yeah. I like it.” He said nodding.

Working my toes underneath his shirt, I rubbed his bare back with my feet. The sounds of his video game suddenly stopped, and he set the device down on the floor. Danny sat quietly as I worked his shirt up higher and continued to rub my feet on his bare back.

“How’s that feel baby?” I asked. “Does that feel good on your bare skin?”

“Yeah! It feels really good!” He said. He was beginning to squirm and groan a bit.

“Why don’t you take your shirt off?” I suggested.

“Okay!” He said without hesitation.

As Danny pulled off his shirt, I quickly fixed my panties just in case he turned around. I did want to flash my hot wet pussy in my son’s face.

By the time I finished my cocktail, not only was I was pretty drunk, I was pretty horny. With my son sitting shirtless in front of me, I returned to rubbing his back with my feet, and again, pulled aside my panties and returned to rubbing my swelling clit.

Pretty stoned and horny, I started talking loosely, saying suggestive things to my very erect, shirtless son as I played with my pussy and slid my hand under my tee-shirt, and played with my tits.

“I like rubbing your back!” I said as I pulled and twisted my hard nipples. “My feet are very sensitive, and your back feels really good!” I said as I rubbed my clit behind his back, feeling an orgasm beginning to build.

Danny never picked up his game after putting it down. He just sat there enjoying the back massage I was giving him, sometimes twitching and squirming as I rubbed my feet all over his back, along his sides, up to his neck, and down to his butt crack.

“Does that feel good for you baby?” I asked.

“Yes!” He said with a quiver.

Unable to stop thinking about my son’s hard cock, I had to ask, “Hey, baby... are your still hard?” I said with a crack in my voice. The thought of him sitting there with a hard-on was making me crazy.

“Yeah... I can’t help it.” He said.

By that time, I was no longer just toying with my pussy, I was full-on masturbating right behind my son’s back, wildly rubbing my clit hard and fast, pushing myself towards an unexpected orgasm. Except, I couldn't let myself cum. I couldn't have a loud trashing orgasm with my son sitting right in front of me. So I forced myself to stop by pinching my clit just to keep from cumming.

“That’s okay baby!” I said, groaning a bit as I painfully pulled on my erect clit, pushing back my orgasm. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s perfectly natural.”

I ran my toes down his spine and he arched his back. “Does that feel good? Is that why you’re hard?” I asked my squirming son. “Is that what got you hard before? If it was, it’s okay... it doesn’t bother me! I understand. You can tell me!”

“Yeah... it feels really good,” He said, keeping his back to me.

“That’s good baby. Don’t worry about it. The truth is, I love it! I think it’s awesome!” I said as I pushed four fingers into my wet pussy. “I got to tell you something... You know, when I first saw you with that ‘Big Hard-on’... it got me really excited.” I said, digging my fingers deep. “It got me so excited seeing your Hard Cock, that it actually got mommy Fuck’n horny”

I was getting a little carried away, and I think it was the tequila talking. “I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to talk like that. It just that... mommy got excited knowing that she made you feel so good. That’s all.” I said, again pinching and pulling my stiff clit.

“It’s okay.” He said with a soft groan, squirming as I drug my toenails along his side. “Did it really get you excited?” He asked looking back at me.

Before he could stare into my gaping hole, I reluctantly closed my legs and slid my hand out of my tee-shirt. “Yes baby, it really did! I want you to know that seeing your hard erection got mommy Very excited! So why don’t you just relax and let mommy rub your back some more.”

He turned forward, and I went back to squeezing my tits and wildly flicking at my sloppy wet pussy, until again, I needed to stop before cumming. I was driving myself crazy pushing to the edge then forcing myself to back off.

“I liked seeing it!” I said, rubbing my feet on his back while fingering myself. “It turned me on! And, I’d really like to see it again! Do you want to show me?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “It’s embarrassing.” He said.

“No, it’s not! It’s beautiful! And it’s perfectly natural for you to get hard when you’re feeling good! It feels good when I rub your back with my feet doesn’t it?”

“Yeah! It feels really good!” He groaned, arching his back as I walked my toes up his spine.

“And your ‘Big Cock’... it feels good right now, doesn’t it?” I asked, rapidly flicking my clit.

Danny turned around with his mouth hanging open in surprise that I was talking so dirty. I’ve always had a pretty bad mouth, but I didn’t usually direct it towards my son. Before he could gaze into my pussy, I closed my legs, giving him an impish grin.

“Yeah. It feels really good!” He said returning my grin as his eyes drifting over my tits, focusing on my big hard nipples poking through my tee-shirt, and then at my naked thighs that were pressed tightly together.

As we eyed each other mischievously, I said, “I’d really like to see it again. I just want to look at it. If you turn around and let me see your ‘Hard Cock’, I’ll show you something nice... if you wanna see!” I said, teasingly lifted my shirt to just below my tits. His eyes widened.

“C’mon! Turn around! Let mama see that ‘Big Hard Cock’ of yours! I just want to see it sticking up in your shorts, that’s all. If you do, I’ll show you something I think you’ll like!” I said with a teasing lilt.

Grinning, scooting on his butt, Danny got himself turned around, and pointed with his eyes at the tent in his boxers. I kept my legs closed to conceal my dripping pussy. I still had my panties pulled to one side, and even though I had the strong urge to obscenely display myself, I wasn’t quite ready for my son to come face-to-face with my gaping wet hairless snatch.

Danny sat cross-legged on the floor in front of me with his stiff hard-on standing straight up in his boxers. As promised, I lifted my tee-shirt and exposed my tits to my horny young son.

He stared, mesmerized, cock twitching. “There! How’s that?” I said as I squeezed my tits and pulled on my stiff nipples. His mouth came open. Seeing how enthralled he was excited me, so I pulled my shirt off and sat topless, playing with my tits in front of my wide-eyed son.

“See! Isn't this better!” I said putting my foot on his chest. “Now we can look at each other! Do you like looking at mommy’s tits?”

“Yeah! They’re beautiful!” He said nodding.

“Thank you, baby. Uncross your legs a little so mommy can get a better look at your ‘Big Hard Cock!’”

As Danny watched me play with my tits, I sensuously rubbed his chest with my foot just as I had his back, letting my toes drift up and down, across his chest, down to his quivering abdomen, and along his twitching sides.

“Are mommy’s feet soft?” I asked, curling my toes, teasing his little pink nipples.

“Aaaugh! Yeah!” He said with a groan as I tickled his quivering flesh. “Yes! They’re really nice!”

“Thank you, baby. I try to take care of them.” I said. And as I rubbed my feet across Danny’s chest, I let my legs come open, teasingly giving him quick little peeks at my exposed hairless pussy just to see his reaction.

Holding my foot in front of his face, I said, “Rub mommy’s feet,” He took hold and began massaging, all the while, trying to peek between my legs. As he massaged my feet, I continue to play with my tits and let him steal glimpses of my pussy.

I was horny as hell and dying to touch my pussy. Several times I’d been on the verge of cumming only to back off, and I was desperate to finish myself. Normally I would have just gone to my room and masturbated as I did most nights, but I’d gotten too caught up in what we were doing and couldn’t pull myself away.

As Danny massaged my foot, I slowly lowered my foot down until it rested in his lap. I then tapped the tip of the tent made by my son's dick with my big toe. “Boop!” I said as if making a silly sound made it alright. I then, without the “boop” sound, put my foot on my son's hard cock.

“Does that feel good baby! Do you want mommy to rub it!”

Looking at me wide-eyed, he nodded, and I began rubbing my foot up and down the stiff rod in my son's boxers. With his mouth hanging open in amazement, he spread his thighs and leaned back, eager and willing for his mother rub to his young hard cock.

Pushing my son’s stiff springy cock flat against his abdomen, I rubbed, making Danny moan and groan. Unable to resist any longer, I pressed my hand between my closed thighs and began rubbing my clit, calling for the return of the orgasms I’d been denying myself all night as I rubbed my son’s cock.

“Do you like that baby!” I said as I worked the ball of my foot up and down. I was getting excited, feeling nasty, horny, and dirty. “Do you like mommy rubbing your ‘Big Cock’ with her feet! Huh! Do you baby!” I said pushing hard. “Do you like the way mommy rubs your ‘Stiff Hard Cock!”

He couldn’t speak. He just grunted and nodded. His boxers were becoming damp.

Hooking my big toe in the opening of his boxers, I pulled it up and over, freeing my son's ridged cock from his boxers.

The sight thrilled me. “Oh, fuck baby! It’s so beautiful!” I said as rubbed his stiff red bone under my foot. “Your cock feels so fuck’n nice, so hard and stiff! I love it!”

I’d been insanely squeezing my tits, pinching, pulling, and twisting my tortured nipple to the point that they were inflamed, swollen, and stinging. I was ragingly horny, and couldn’t take it any longer, I couldn’t keep my legs closed, pretending that I wasn’t rubbing my clit with the hand I had tightly pressed between my thighs. I wasn't fooling him. I’d been fingering my dripping wet pussy right in front of him as he stretched his neck, gawking, trying to get glimpses of my unslung hairless pussy.

“Baby! I love your hard cock! It looks so beautiful! If you want, I’ll show you my pussy! Do you want to see?” I groaned, digging a fingernail into my stiff clit.

“Yeah! Can I!” He said, nodding eagerly.

“Yes baby, I ‘Want’ to show you!” I said with my thighs still pressed together. “And then, mommy’s going to touch it! Okay! And you can watch! Do you want to do that? Oh fuck baby, mommy’s so horny! Do you want to watch mommy touch her pussy?”

He nodded eagerly, eyes wide, mouth hanging open.

“Oh fuck baby! I can’t wait any longer! I’m so horny! Mommy needs to touch her pussy!” I moaned, as I obscenely spread my legs right in my son's face. “Baby! Your big cock’s making mommy so fucking horny! I can’t help it!”

As I spread my legs and rubbed my throbbing clit, my son began to uncontrollably roll his hips, thrusting upwards, rubbing his cock on my feet, humping like a horny dog.

“That’s it, baby! Your cock feels so fuck’n good! Fuck mommy’s feet! I love it!” I groaned as I wildly rubbed my pussy. “I want you to cum! I want you to shoot your sticky boy juice all over mommy’s pretty feet!”

As I worked my toes up and down my son's pre-cum slicked cock, I had four fingers shoved into my gaping wet hole as I pummeled my enraged clit with my thumb while continuing to maul my tits and abuse my stinging nipples.

Danny's cock was getting wetter and slipperier, and he was moaning and groaning loudly, and beginning to jerk and thrash, and his wet slippery cock was springing from side to side as I rubbed it with my slick wet toes.

“Oh fuck baby! Mommy’s gonna cum!” I moaned, wildly flicking my stiffened clit as I rubbed my son’s slippery wet cock. “I’m gonna cum baby, and I want you to cum too! I want you to cum on mommy’s feet! Please baby! I wanna feel it all over my feet! I want you to get ‘em all wet and slippery! Oh, fuck yes baby! I want to feel your hot cum dripping between my toes!”

Danny threw his head back and convulsed and moaned as if in agony as his pulsating cock erupted, cover my feet with warm cum. “Oh fuck yes baby! Cum all over mommy’s feet!” I groaned.

My son drenched my feet in warm sticky goo as I writhed in the grips of an intense orgasm, wildly fingering myself with total abandon as my stunned, wide-eyed son watched hardly more than inches away. “Oh fuck yes baby! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Mommy’s cumming! OH FUCK BABY MOMMY’S CUMMING!”


After a moment... and a few deep breathes, I was able to gather myself to speak, “Are you, okay babe? You look like you’re all wet! What happened? I said to my son sitting on the floor with his stiff slimy dick sticking out of the fly of his boxers.

He just smiled and shrugged with a dumb grin on his face.

It appeared that Danny’s face was covered with beads of sweat. I then thought it looked more like he’d been out in the rain, but that couldn’t be right either. He’d been right there with me the entire evening. Then I realized what had happened, I’d cum so hard that I’d showered my son with piss.

“Oh fuck baby, I’m sorry! That happens sometimes. It’s bedtime anyway, so why don’t you get yourself cleaned up, and I’ll be right there to tuck you in.”

After giving Danny time to get himself into bed, I went to his room. Sitting on the edge of his bed, straightening and tucking his covers, I asked, “What do you think about what happened tonight?”

“I liked it! It was fun! He said with a big smile. “Can we do it again?”

“Yes it was fun, wasn’t it! Crazy fun!” I said. “And yes, I think we can do it again, but you know, you can’t tell anybody about our “Crazy Fun!”

“I won’t! I promise!” He said.

“That’s a good boy!” I said sliding my hand over his covers down to his crotch. Laying my hand atop his still hard cock I felt a strange mixture of pride and arousal. “Get some sleep,” I said, kissing him goodnight on the lips like no mother should kiss their son.

After putting Danny to bed, I downed another cocktail, went to bed, and masturbated until passing-out.

The End.
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