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My wife and Witchy Woman devise a plan and brings a whole new Sacrifice Through the black door of evil:: And summon a Demon Beast to fuck and pleasure her


The 1st chapter has just ended with Little Momma just having gotten another potion injection right on each side of her cunt lips at the joining of the mound.

She lay there writhing and twisting and churning with hot fire this one gave her even more of and caused her pussy as before to flower out and stretch open loosening to take what soon was to come for her.

All the while our new "Guest" had witnessed this right up close and personal along with us and was herself absolutely hot and heated from seeing it all unfold!

Then after allowing time for the last injections to take their affect on my tiny little Mexican wife, Witchy Woman declared it time.

And gave Guest instructions to now lead Kong her dog and lover from my understanding over to my wife on her knees and layed over a ottoman like thing with her shoulders, arms, and head.

Guest stood up her long legged and slim body looking beautiful to me and those puffy nippled titties showing her absolute own heated lust from watching my little wife getting the "treatment" she did and open up to take Kongs huge Great Dane cock if she could at all.

He had tried to lick and eat her pussy and could not get one bit of that huge ass tongue of his anywhere near in her pussy and why Witchy as Guest had called her had to give my wife these other injections to open her up so she could try and take that huge cock Kong possessed.

Guest stood and led him right back up to behind my wife's upturned and in the air ass and he wanted to go get another taste of that pussy he had just licked a bit ago but she cut him short and said:

"No Kong!"

And as my wife looked back and there he was just standing there towering taller than she even was she again cast her eyes upon that huge long sheath of his and hanging down from that his huge sack male dog balls the size of two of those cuties oranges in a dropped down sack.

Making her cry out saying as her entire body shivered with knowing she was going to get fucked by this huge great dane dog::

"Oh he's so so big to big for me!"

Her ass twitching and shuddering in the air as the mental thoughts of that huge dick of his ruining her small hot little Mexican pussy.

Guest even herself acknowledged to Witchy and I alike that he was way to big for a small woman like her to take him. Saying he would tear her pussy apart with his huge dog cock.

No doubt he was like a stallion about to mount a miniature horse!

Everyone knew this just wasn't going to work!!

Witchy now convinced herself of it said::

"Yeah maybe your right girl he is just to damn tall and huge for our Little Momma to get fucked by!"

And called it all off then and there. Telling us all it was time to go to the living room and start our little foursome party as she so called it.

Telling I and Guest to go into the living room and take Kong with us and she and Little Momma would be in there after she got her dressed.

So Guest and I and Kong left the room and went into the living room and sat about just talking general b.s. but she kept asking me how often do you and your wife come here for all this?

I told her oh maybe 1 time or 2 times in the last couple months.

She wanted to know just what went on in that evil room saying she felt it, she felt the evilness of it all in there and it scared her!

I thought to myself yeah it's in there alright::: Your going to be in there like my little hot Mexican wife is and getting your pussy done to like hers has.

As suddenly we heard loud Gruntal moans and screaming coming from the Black Doors evil room and I knew all to well Witchy was probably making sure my red hot with heat little wife was getting her pussy fucked and pleasured and released of all that pent up heated lust she'd made her endure.

Guest however had her eyes wide open looking at me and shivering all over hearing what she knew were total outright pain filled cries of pleasured lust.

I merely calmed her and told her my wife screamed like that from outright pure pleasure and Witchy was relieving her of all the pent up heated desire to be fucked she had from those potions.

Then all the screaming and gruntal moans of my wife getting fucked and fucked good ceased and quietened.

Guest was beside herself hearing all of it looking at me with lust in her eyes and I knew it oh hell yeah I knew it and asked me if my wife was alright?

I told her oh yes she's fine now for sure after she got fucked good by Witchy.

Guest shot her eyes wide open and said Witchy fucks her?

I said oh hell yes she's fucked her several times with huge different cocks of this and that not wanting this hot thing to know just what they were.

Then the door opened and closed down the hallway and we heard footsteps coming towards the living room and then coming into view was Witchy!

A huge black strap on cock dangling and still dripping wet with what I knew damn well was my little wife's pussy juices as Guest was wide eyed staring at it agasp at it being this way and shuddered all over and a moanfull tinge of pleasure echeod from her.

Witchy just walked right over to me that huge monsterous thing swinging about even more evil looking and I knew what she wanted!!

She walked up right in front of me and I then and there began to lick all my wife's delicious pussy juices off it as Witchy was looking at Guest.

Who was stunned to the core of all this and was telling me she gave Little Momma a really good fucking and she gushed all over this thing as she fucked her with it.

I knew it was absolutely Witchy's way of getting this hot new little lithe thing all freaked out and worked up to a frenzy from watching and seeing all she had seen since she had come here!

Then the door to the evil room opened and closed again and heard my wife struggling to walk down the hallway and Witchy said go tend to your hot little Mexican wife while I go fix us some drinks.

I watched as she walked away and saw Guest sitting there shivering and shaking her head as if trying to clear the cobwebs of the things she'd seen so far but staring wide eyed as hell at that black swinging cock!

Getting up I went down the hall grabbed my trying to walk in pain and her hand holding over her little belly and hugged right up to me and told me she had been fucked by that big black cock strap on!

I merely leaned down and gave her a hell of a deep tongued kiss and said I and the other gal heard all the screaming and sounds you made as she fucked you and good to huh?

My wife was melted butter in my arms as I about had to lift and carry her to the living room her pussy was so sore as her belly to from that huge black cock being all up inside her.

Then into the living room I half carried her and we sat across from Guest.

Who was wide eyed staring at our every move looking to see my tiny little wife with her hand holding over her belly and she shook all over and flush flaced red with absolute lust and desire.

As my wife cuddled to me and we kissed and kissed and kissed in our companionship of love and knowing each had been pleasured in their own way to totallity and beyond.

Guest asked us both do you to fight and argue over her getting done like this as she called it?

We both looked at each other my wife to fucked out from that huge damn black cock fucking to say much and nodded her head yes.

As I told Guest yeah we had heated arguments about things and mostly and all about why she has to go fucking around behind my back when I'm so open to all this.

Then Witchy came back into the living room drinks on a tray and the huge black strap on dildo taken off now.

And went right over to Guest and gave her drink to her and walking away evily smiled at both me and my little wife hugged right up against me and I knew what she'd done.

She'd spiked our new members drink with something!

My wife even leaned up and whispered in my ear that all this had been set up and done to get her over here.

Then taking her own drink from Witchy and me mine she sat over beside our Guest.

Who's huge Dane Kong was just looking around but he sure was eyeing my tiny wife no doubt still tasting those delicious pussy juices of hers.

My little hot Momma drank a sip or two and set her drink on the coffee table and looked over at me and winked and then said::

"Oh honey my pussy is so sore and swollen from all that in there!"

And then there stood up in front of me shot her shorts down no panties on now and pushed her swollen and bruised pussy mound right up to my face and was begging me to kiss and lick it and make it all better.

And hell yeah I did just that as I would stop a moment looking over and there our new member Guest was staring at me doing this for my wife and she had the lust look of damn I want some of that to!!

Then we heard her begin to twist and move in her seat little gasping echoes of squeeky little eeess coming from her and my wife lowering her head down as I ate and licked that swollen and bruised lipped pussy of hers and said::

" She's getting the works tonite honey!"

"At last someone else to do it all and I can, I can watch and participate now!"

I just mmmmed all up in her pussy as I licked her good and she was juicing for me like crazy. Her little tiny hands on each side of my head working it this and that way making me do the same to her pussy with my tongue and lips.

Then she stepped away and pulled her shorts up turned and sat back down beside me hugging me like she had never done before.

In part because I truly think she was jealous of our new guest.

As she was churning in her seat across from us now her eyes wide open in glassy eyed lust look in them her body begining to shake and shudder as she tried her best to look at Witchy and begged her to tell her what she'd done to her drink.

My little wife was herself shuddering against me knowing all to well just what the newbies body was going through from drinking Witchy's elixirs.

And still hugged to me close and now into herself becoming the subserviant to Witchy as I already was and had been for some time.

Then leaned over to me even more to whisper into my ear::

"Just wait until you see what she's going to get tonight!"

"Damn I wish it was me!"

"I'm so hot and horny right now!"

The whole time Newbie as she will be known as now had begun to throw her clothes off trying to cure the heat her body wracked with from the elixir.

Witchy got up then and went to her and grabbed her and stopped her from thrashing about on the couch like she was and turned her to sit on the couch now down to her blue cotton panties and same colored bra.

The once librian looking woman was now on fire with desire to fuck and fucked she was going to get alright.

I know now that people react differently to this.

I assumed at that time she pleading and begging for it as opposed to my wife who would turn almost to the sacrifice aspect of behavior.

Opposed to the absolute going wild with pleading and screaming for it all of it!

And not yet even had the potion injections my wife got because she was ritualistic, this one was outright demanding it with none of that!

Witchy Woman had her at least somewhat settled though she was working that couch seat over with that ass of hers on fire.

But it wasn't her ass on fire at all! It was absolutely that pussy on fire!

And my Little Momma told me get up and we have to help her!

It took a second to dawn on me because as subserviant You do nothing unless ordered/asked to do it.

So now up and over there the three of us gathered to her and I grabbed her legs and held her that way.

Witchy and Little Momma on either side up top and she wasn't fighting to stop oh hell no this was to help her get what she was pleading for.

As we got her up and I made sure her feet were secured so she could not run or move for that matter and they did the same to both her shoulders and upper body on each side.

As they grabbed her blue bra and undone the clasp in the front and let it loose and took the two ends each their on and pulled from her totally.

Then they together grabbed one side and the other of her blue cotton panties and pulled them down as Witchy went back up and my Little Momma brought them down to the floor and I released one then the other foot and her panties were gone.

We all just grabbed her again this time so she could be walked down the hallway to the:: Black Door to the Evil Room::

Having been already unlocked by Witchy way earlier when we took Little Momma in there.

We opened it right up and I and Witchy helped her to the altar as Little Momma closed and she damn locked and secured that door!

Having her right there now she herself without any force or fight or anything got upon it, then lay back and moved her arms above her head, As she spread her legs wide open and wantonly and absolute outright pleading for what she was there for.

As the three of us set about securing her arms above her putting restraints right at her underarms and arms.

Then secured one right under her tits to hold her perfectly unmovable still there.

Then one right over and tightly securing her at her hips and across just over her mound of thick curly blonde hair but the hips left a bit of space between her mound.

Lower then down to each of her legs she had spread wide open herself.

Grabbed her feet and raised her whole legs into the air spread wide as could be and sling loops hanging from ceiling at the feet of the altar and moved them until they were around her thighs midway up.

This made her own legs act as their own securing tightly holding them up with the weight against them.

Then loops were grabbed and smaller one at that and went right to her knees and tightly securing them like that.

Then to her ankles with two more loops dangling even smaller in loop size from the ceiling yet even further out hanging beyond the sides of the foot of the altar and slid those into them and her ankles and feet pulled way outwards from her splayed wide open thighs.

There is a reason for this happening!!

As the sacrifice to the Beast who is the Breeder, the Bull, the Almighty Pleasurer, huge and strong in every way!

That has to be done so she spread open to take his hugeness between her human legs and sacrificed to take the Phallus he desires to use or her inner most secretive thought never told but desired to have.

And before him to take it and be pleasured by it while he does it to show his unworldly size and strength to make her pay for that which she so secrectly desires.

She now secured like this on the altar it was time to ready her further for the desire to take him to make her even more wanton of his breeding of her.

Witchy went right over to that cart grabbed a ancient imblembed bottle and drew up about a quarter of the chosen elixir and walked back over as she watched her do this and come back with it then said::

"Is that for meee?"

Yes nodded Witchy's head as she stepped up between her tied out legs and lowered down and pinched up her right ass cheek at where it joined her mound and sank the needle in giving her half of it right there.

Then as she began thrashing and churning and squirming as that one started she grasp and pinched the other one right there and nailed her right into it's mound joining as she was screaming and trying to fight against the hard hitting workings of it.

My little brown wife clutching up to me in known horror herself of how that stuff felt working in a womans body telling me it was so damn bad for her burning hot pain wise like feiry hot your burning to death feel and she confessed to me that she thought she had pissed herself!!

And so was this new sacrifice but it wasn't that she pissed herself.

Oh hell no it was damn outright gushing and mind blowing pleasure!

My little wife shivering and shuddering against me moaning and breathing heavily with absolute knowing it all exactly lust filled desire in her mind as she said::

"Oh I didn't piss myself oh no I orgasmed so m much!"

While Witchy just got up and walked back to the cart our newbie writhing and screaming and crying out as the first two injections were mere just get her going into hot lustfull heat meant.

Now she grabbed another different ancient bottle and stuck the needle in it and filled the syringe just small tiny bit noticeable in it.

Sat that one down turned and walked right back over again between her legs as she was trying to swing her legs and her body free of this unimaginable heat brewing inside her body now.

But there was another round to come beyond that one and this was that round!!

As Witchy squatted down again and grabbed her really large extended out labia and moved the right one out of the way and right there where it joined her mound with her curly thick blonde bush covering it all she plunged it right into there and just barely delivered her the half of the tiny amount this one had.

Freed that one to start really quivering and swelling and pouting outwards.

Grabbed the left one pulled it over and gave her the last of it right there into that spot as she freed it to now do as the right one and both of them going crazy quivering and swelling and also pouting outwards.

As she now really began jerking and thrusting her body about as much as she could her head thrown back her blonde hair flaided everywhere as she screamed in even worse pain of being now totally on fire in her pussy.

My little wife really shaking now clinging to me like she was scared to death at the sight before her and hearable to me crying out oh that made me it made me burning up inside my cunny oh it made me hot oh so damn hot and it shot up to where the end of it was and that right there oh that right there exploded with fire!

I lost it right there I blacked out huney!

Just as this new sacrifice gave out a glass shattering scream and passed smooth out then and there.

It was then that I and my wife and Witchy to for that matter really gave her body a true looking at her breast full and mid sized with absolutely stunning puffed up aeriola and big accorn sized nipples.

A long lean nearly skinny belly and a distance from there to her thick and curly almost dirty blonde mound that led right to her set of long thick and plentiful cunt lips that were swollen and poking way out like a ridge of solid rock or a wall.

Her thick mat of hair that had covered them somewhat up was now a valley of it far below.

And topped with a long outward reaching almost cave like clit area with a clit near pencil sized and sticking out inches from it's cave.

A much more opened and streched out pussy than my little wife's tiny but beautiful as hell in it's own way pussy. Two opposite colors altogether.

And no wonder she was opened out like she was from no doubt being fucked so often by that huge ass great dane's cock. Oh she indeed was a dog slut alright!

Even my wife Little Momma was in awe at her pussy.

Witchy herself looking at it as we were said:: She's sure opened out and damn what a set of huge long cunt lips and even more so that long ass clit of hers.

So as if this were intermession of the movie, the show, Witchy told us to go sit in our chairs right there at the altar and she would soon return and get the new sacrificial ritual going.

She left from the room my wife and sitting side by side in our chairs her chosen spot on the outside and mine right beside hers but as if hers at the isle.

Why this was ordaned and ordered I hadn't yet a clue but that's the way Witchy wanted it!

We just sat holding hands looking at her splayed all open upon the altar and tied like she was and that made my wife shudder and tell me she herself remembers us preparing her this exact same way and she told me it was so cruel to be tortured and sauced up as she called it.

Laying there so heated and so terribly wanton and if she could have spoke she would have begged to be fucked and relieved of all that heat shuddering all over as she was telling this to me.

I have to absolutely admit that being envolved with this one I had a damn raging hard on, and not that my wife like that and the fucking she got and such through it all wasn't mind shattering oh hell yeah it was.

But for her my wife to be seated here beside me now and the way she was telling she was as the new sacrifice was being prepared was the reason I was in this state. Hearing her telling me how she felt and was through this was exactly why I was this way.

Witchy now had returned and wearing her complete witch ritual costume and locked every bolt every lock she could in the areas on that Black Door they all were::

Went over and lit all the candles my wife got up and wanted to help but she told her no only she the "Summoner" could do this.

Then went and turned the regular light off to the room and the red one on.

She then instructed us to get absolutely naked and for me to sit in my chair and for my wife to stay standing in front of hers.

After we had done that and in our positions she went to the head of the altar and stood at the "Summoners" podium.

Then began chanting things we could not understand though my little wife was shivering and shaking as she began this and began to throw her arms up and back down over and over while chanting different things as she slowly raised her arms up and spread widely open.

And back down slowly into coming together right over the sacrifice doing this many times over.

Then suddenly the walls shook the whole room seemed to shake and move the floor under us even quaked and rattled.

The red light began flickering like someone turning the switch on and off fast as they could.

Then the whole room reddened not with the light oh hell no it was absolutely the eye blinding red of fire filling the room then swooshing sounds filled it the room rocking and shaking this way and that to each mind filling sound of it.

The Master... The Beast...Satans Demon...was flying into this room!

My wife as I could almost see was trembling and shaking all over like a leaf, reliving exactly in her mind being on that very altar as a sacrificial pleasure offering herself.

As suddenly the ghastly smelling smoke filled the room the red hue of color showing through its thickness and nothing could be seen but red smoke in your eyes.

Then as the smoke dissapated imediately and total darkness filled the room the candles blown out.

A red glow filled the room and a huge shadow that filled the entire wall behind where Witchy Stood still doing her ritual chants and that shadow cast a huge Satans image on it Wings that were out folded into becoming tightly formed at the back of his huge wall filling shoulders.

Then the candles re-lit themselves the red glow that filled the room subsided into just seeing against the wood floors shining surface and a hue of it spread onto the walls just behind us.

Like the glow from a fiery red hot pit... The fire from the pits of hell glow!

As it lessened in intensity as he became his on earth form of himself.

A huge ram like shadow on the frontal wall begin to be seen on it his body form covered by that of Witchy standing at the altars podium and casting all that over the sacrificial woman and his huge flanks shadowed down from between her legs.

The room silinced like everything was dead silenced only his huge nostral breathing of fiery hot red heat filled the room as did the room itself::

No one dared look at him in this form as he formed to his earth being.

Then we heard the hoof like sounds of his coming forth on the wood floor my little wife standing there naked was really shaking like a leaf now as ever closer he moved.

Soon he stepped up to being almost beside her yet feet away and I saw him reach his fiery hot huge arm that no mortal man could have 3 to 4 times bigger than any body builder ever could be there, or the rest of his huge body for that matter.

His hand giagantic in itself with long fingers and claw like nails all moving across the openess between them as he turned slightly to her and reached that huge arm out with his giagantic hand open.

Reached right over placing his fiery hot finger out and under my wife's chin her head so tiny to his hands and fingers size that laid out under my wifes chin and turned her head to look upwards at him.

She was shaking and all but screaming out from the horror of him being there and drawing her head to look up at him, As he said::

"Oh my little hot sacrifice you were so good taking me, and so hot and tight as I took you!"

"Oh How I wish and long to have you again!"

My wife absolutely instantly orgasmed then and there from his obvious Master of all and her in mind fully recalling him fucking her and their mutually becoming one giving absolute pleasure to the other.

He released his huge finger from under her chin and said::

"I shall come and have you again!"

And turned and walked right up to the altar my wife gone totally now and I had to get up and grab her before she melted to the floor and sit her in her chair.

She sat limpless in it her head thrown back and her breathing labored and heavy but with total absolute pleasured lust echeoing out from her lips.

The inormaty of it at that time didn't allow me to understand it as I do now.

One single touch of his finger alone on any womans body could make her absolutely collapse and fall to the ground with orgasm of instant pleasure beyond pleasure!

That's what had just happened to my tiny hot Hispanic wife right there and then happen.

I was so entranced with that happening and dealing with it and her alike from it I lost concentration of his now being at the altar.

As my wife slowly came back to life though again now shivering from her just being instantly succumbed to a mind boggling orgasm so intense she passed smooth out.

Now as she raised her head back up her eyes blinking like crazy as vision came back to her and she looked slightly over and saw The Beast of Beast...The Demon of all Demons...Satans Angel!

Her eyes shot wide open and she horrifically cried out as she shook and shivered all over in deaths own fear in front of us as I to saw it and was in absolute awe myself.

There between his horse sized back flanks standing there at the altar the sacrifices legs spread out as they were at barely what was his huge chest.

From our view but a sack a huge sack that looked like a 10lb bag of potatoes hanging from between his legs, glowing from within it two huge grapefruit sized dark balls showed, with huge tubes coming from attached to them and rising upwards into his crotch.

It was fiery hot red glowing from within and no wonder my wife was so horrorfied of seeing it but knowing all to damn well what inside them could deliver!

As The Demon was looking over his newest sacrifice for pleasure in it's own way matching all of it that he shared with my little wife and even more so with this new woman before him.

I had to reach over and grabbed my wife and pull her to me to calm the horred fear she endured in her mind and through her body.

She just clasp me tightly and told me seeing that sack and balls like that scared the shit out of her!

And no doubt from a womans perspective of seeing it as opposed to my male perspective of it would indeed be horror and absolute fear.

As we clutched each other my wife spelling out her seeing it and my just being overwhelmed yes but horridly fearfull of it no.

Now it seemed our sacrifice had finally come to life absolutely horridly screamed out as she saw him standing there in reality and not in any way form or fashion her fantasy of it.

She wanted a "Beast" to take her and one was there to do that.

He just stood there for the moment listening to her screams and cries of the horror of him now right before her in his Bestial glory and was basking in the his superiority over her and all of us for that matter.

Then said::

"Enough my sacrifice cease or I will destroy you!"

His voice so strong so demanding it made you shudder to your core.

And she stopped her outright pleadings and horrific screams but still pleaded to not be taken by him.

Crying out::

"Oh please don't fffuck meee!"

"I didn't want ittt ttthisss way!"

The Beast just watched her trying to twist and churn in her bonds but having little affect of actually doing anything except prolonging her Beast of Beast fucking.

Finally having absolutely enough of all this he told Witchy go get her some wanton potion and take care of this matter!

Witchy left her place at the podium of the altar went over to the cart and grabbed up another ancient isigniad bottle barely took up any of it into the syringe and came back to the bottom of the altar.

Beast stepped back and let her lean in and give her a tiny injected dose on each side of her splayed out and swollen pussy lips.

Loud crying out ungghhs started echoeing through the room her body jolting about in her firmly bonded body as it all shot up through her.

It wasn't but just a slight moment or two and all pleading to not be fucked and the horror she was displaying with it had stopped altogether now!

The Beast as well as us all watching her intently and he said::

"I thought this one would be pleading to fuck me without this potion!"

She was grunting and eerily crying out ahhhunngghhs like being punched in her belly but there was no physical punching, oh hell no this was absolutely that potion working in it all to get her so heatedly wanton to be fucked by the Beast of Beast.

And she was laying there now just flinging her head about crying out thos loud gruntal cries as the Beast stepped forwards back where he was and grabbed his unworldly, ghastly phallus up in his hand.

Stepped forwards with it and planted the very tip at her splayed out pussy lips and our first look at it made my tiny little wife squeeze all up tight to me.

For there before us all was a huge and I mean huge cock in his hand that had a long pointed tip on it a circled all around ring that stood out from the end of the tip, looking like a condom does rolled up at the joining of it to his shaft.

From there what looked like hundreds of almost tentacle octopus like tips stuck out all around it waving and wildly swinging about.

Then behind that row of all that were huge ugly looking bumps spread all around there.

And right back of all that huge knott that looked like large as hell sock tied up and then the back of his shaft that was fiery red hot as the tip was.

He slowly worked that fiery hot tip into her lips as she jolted and jerked and screamed out she felt fire touching her pussy!

The tip just a thick magic marker size sank through her lips into her pussy no problem at all it was about itself 2 inches long, the ring though not wide was certainly much thicker and bigger around that lodged right dead center into her lips.

And stretched her open just a bit as it sank into the opening of her cunt, as she thrashed at her bonds still screaming out she was on fire down there.

As the swinging and swaying tentacle part of his shaft was as big around as a softball bat like a 3 inch piece of pipe thick and those tentacles were slapping and beating the hell out of her cunt lips and even hitting her way elongated clit and this made her scream even more!

Her pussy opening stretched and stretched and stretched out like a fist being shoved into a latex glove stretching out.

As ever so slowly her pussy opening took just a tiny bit of that huge cock and several of those swinging tentacles inside and we could see those damn things working just inside her pussy and were making the area around her cunt lips push out in little knub looking things.

And she right then and there flung her head back and screamed out an almighty grunt and gushed an orgasm right there and then!

My tiny little wife all tightly clinging to me like for dear life saw it and she shook and shivered all over and grunted out herself seeing those tentacle things working like hell just inside her pussy opening.

Slowly ever so slowly her pussy opened as just slight bits of that ball bat shaft and tentacles slipped in deeper as more of them were working her cunt walls and had to be beating the hell out of her own G Spot!

This made her gushing orgasm even worse as she could take no more of all this out of this world mind boggling action going on just inside her pussy and thrust her head upwards screaming an absolute loud gruntal sound and it fell back onto the altar as she passed smooth out.

The Beast just kept pressure against that pussy of hers and sliding more and more and more of those tentacles into her pussy until at last all them were buried in her pussy 3 to 4 inches long was that part of it and that 2 inch long tip and that ring all buried up in her now!

And over half of his cock to still go!!

Now it was those ghastly ugly bumps turn to get inside and work their evil magic on those walls of hers.

As that steady pressure against his totally humongous cock made them start going in slowly very slowly in her pussy stretching to each one even more then snapping back tightly to that shaft.

The bumps themselves now showing around her inner crease where the cunt lips joined then disappear and new ones pop out as slowly those sank into her pussy and came snapping from the rest of them onto the now flat shaft.

From their mounting on his shaft was another 3 to 4 inches before that huge knot would be trying to go inside!

Slowly the cock plunged deeper and suddenly we all could see her belly rising up all over and those tentacles working wildly against her pussy walls then as it sunk ever deeper here come those bumps showing up everywhere across her lower belly and those tentacles were doing their belly dance right at her navel.

Then everything stopped and his pressure of his cock against her now made her whole damn body shove slightly forwards.

Her head was thrashing about on the velvety altar surface her blonde hair flying everywhere as she did this her lower belly doing all kinds of wild distended out wiggling up and about from the tentacles workings at the very end depth of her pussy about 12 inches from her opening to there!

The knobs all poking out from her belly just below them and her pussy was spasming like crazy on his huge shaft.

The Beast just stayed this way proclaiming her pussy was doing a dance inside on all his wonderful pleasure made tips and bumps and then something gave way!

And in shot 2 more inches of that cock of his as she really screamed out the moment it gave way and he went deeper.

The Beast proclaiming he had put the tip now into her womb and that his ring was sealed against and into her cervix!

He just awaited her to awaken as much as she could before he would do anything else.

All those tentacles and those bumps working against her inner walls were enough mind blowing pleasure.

That huge horribly figured knot was now right into the very tips of her lips as they were stretching beyond her capabilities to take looking like they would rip apart there!

She finally began to show life again screaming in gruntal mind blowing moans as her senses returned and she began to feel all that working in her pussy like crazy.

Cuming and Cuming and Cuming she was in one continuous one now a full blown long orgasm set in.

The Beast did this for some time just staying this way letting all those chosen things inside that pussy of hers to work that thing over and over good.

Oh she'd scream out all that rubbing and twisting and throbbing inside her was to much. Screaming out over and over at times it was to much to much to take!

My wife was absolutely going crazy from all the shaking and shuddering she was doing watching all those tentacles and those bumps working the sacrifices long lean little lower belly all the way to her upper haired mound.

As the sacrifice had gushed like crazy, continuously gushing like a water hose, over his cock and against that huge ass knot!

There was absolutely no thrusting in and out of his cock at all and damned well didn't need to be.

With everything working inside her pussy as all those tentacles and knobs were operating.

There was no use for him to thrust back and forth, and he already had that long fiery red hot tip buried into her womb!

He let her return to more of her senses blurting out what was against her cunt lips and he just evily gave out a room shaking laugh and told her she should know.

Going on saying Your chosen animal lover gives you one when you fuck each other.

She really thrashed her head about saying oh please no on please don't give me aannyyy mooorreee I'm tearing apart inside now from you being to big!

He merely told her he had to so he could seed her with his demon seed.

My little wife all clamped around me then and there just blurted out me his cum was like boiling hot water shooting up inside and spraying against the womb!

She herself at just the thought of it done to her with that demon seed made her orgasm herself from just the knowledge of it all when she took it.

As the sacrifice had screamed out she was being tore apart inside then crying out how all the things inside her were driving her crazy.

The Beast just looked at her and said::

"It is time to knot you and fill your womb with my seed!"

He then and shoved at his cock forcing her against her bonds tight and then made her pussy open out like it was birthing time but it was to let something that huge in not out.

She flailed her head about screaming and crying she was being torn apart inside her as that knot made her pussy open and stretch to unimaginable size to take it.

And now inside her whole blonde haired mound rounded up and out as she was screaming all but bloody murder.

But her pussy as gushing even more as she'd whail out about it throbbing against her spot as she called it and then really cried out when his fiery hot jets of his cum shot and bounced off her womb walls and began filling her with red hot demon cum!

Her belly that was dancing all about as the tentacles and bumps were working her over but began to disappear as her belly swelled out more and more and more as he emptied his load of Demon seed into her.

Finally when she looked 3 or 4 months pregnant he had stopped shooting and that huge heavily ladden sack of balls lifted up having emptied their contents directly into her womb!

He stayed tied and knotted in her pussy for some time and finally as he felt it was time gave a pulling back as she again screamed it was tearing her apart and the huge knot shot out of her pussy and he pulled his cock all the way out of her.

Leaving her gaping so wide it looked as if a baby head had just come through!!

Only her juices were pouring from her split apart pussy as he had finished his mission and turned and suddenly the whole room filled again with that ghastly smelling smoke and the fiery red look filtered throughout the entire heavy smoke filled room.

And he was gone.

She lay on that altar belly swollen and filled with red hot cum seed from him she was crying out her belly was on fire inside.

Sometime came as we all finally got up and went and freed her from her bonds and she just lay there gasping heated breaths of what that hot cum was doing inside her bloated way out belly.

My wife looked up at her pussy and gasped and grunted a loud moan seeing how unbelievably wide open she was stretched.

We all finally helped her up though her legs would not respond very well and it hurt her like hell to even try and walk as she held her hands over that baby bump belly of hers the heat still stiring about inside.

Later as we had left and gone home my wife all but tore at me for sex and rode on my cock and came and came and came until she flat just fell out over onto my chest and was passed out.

What happens next?

Does the Demon Beast come back to mate and fuck my tiny Hispanic wife again?

Does the newbie come back and wanting more of it herself?

The next chapter will tell it all:::
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