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Diana met Mark for "lunch" and now she has the dirty idea to invite her husband to the motel room so he can enjoy sloppy seconds!
Part 2

Chapter 3

Sloppy Seconds

As Diana lay there remembering the afternoon, she had a deliciously nasty thought. John always talked about sloppy seconds and here it was, still warm from the other man’s cock. She picked up the phone and called him at home.

When he answered she said, hey, “you want sloppy seconds?”


“I said do you want sloppy seconds?” “If you do, I’m at the Best Western motel by the freeway, room 109, my car is in front of the room.”

“I’ll be right there he said, hanging up.”

She lay there waiting and thinking about what she had just done and that she was going to have sex with a second man, her husband, in the same afternoon and the same bed as she had let her lover take her. Not just the same afternoon but with her lovers cum still inside her and the taste of him still in her mouth and on her face, she giggled.

“Now that is NASTY, and I love it she said out loud!” Shortly there was a knock at the door. “Who’s there?”

“Me, John said.”

She opened it while standing behind it so no one would see too much of her and he slipped in.

“Hi”, he said coming in.

“Hi yourself,” she said, looking at him with a big smile and not a stitch of clothing on. “You came, that must mean you really do want me like this?”

John looked at her and laughed, “you have something all over your face and in your hair,” he said as he reached for her.

She slid into his arms and she whispered, “it's cum, I have Mark’s cum on my face and in my freshly fucked pussy, you want some?”

“Hmmm, yeah, that sounds good, are you all gooey?”

“It is, want to check, she asked?”

“Yeah,” he said as he backed her to the edge of the bed and she laid back on the bed raising her legs to show him her cummy pussy.

“Oh my, you are all messy, what have you been doing honey?”

She giggled, “fucking sweetheart; I have been fucking another man and that load in my pussy is only one of his loads; the first went all over my face and some down my throat.”

John was undressing as fast as he could, “yeah, I see he really blasted you didn’t he!”

She laughed, “does that excite you too?” “Knowing that I not only fucked another man but I sucked him off and let him cum on my face and in my mouth?”

“Oh yeah!” “That’s pretty nasty and I love nasty, but mostly love you when you’re nasty!” She could see John was hard just looking at her and that excited her.

“Are you excited to take me sloppy seconds, she asked?”

“Hell yeah, I am!”

Good, because I am really excited, I am about to fuck my husband in the same bed as I just fucked my lover and with my lover’s cum still in my cunt!” "Is that nasty enough for you?"

"Oh yeah," he replied as he pushed her legs up high and climbed onto the bed. She opened her legs wide and guided his cock into her still warm, wet, cummy cunt. She was so warm, wet and sticky that it was an incredible feeling. She was still stretched from Mark’s size so she wasn’t really tight for John's size, but he could feel Mark’s cum coat his cock as he pumped into her and he didn't care how tight she was, he was his beautiful wife sloppy seconds!

“Oh, fuck baby, fuck me, fuck me long and hard,” Diana moaned in his ear. “Fuck me like the fucking slut I am, and enjoy my messy, cummy cunt!”

As John fucked her they could hear the squashing sound along with the slapping of skin against skin. Diana involuntarily moved her fingers to her clit as she normally did when they fucked in this position even though she didn’t really think she would cum again but it was instinctive and who knew, maybe if he hits the right spots she just might cum again.

They were both lost in the act. She in the thought that her husband was fucking her in a motel right after her lover had and the fact that he knew she was fresh fucked and her face was covered in the dry cum of another man.

Suddenly she felt the surge of another orgasm and urged John on. “Oh, yeah baby, I’m going to cum again, fuck me, I want your cum inside my cummy cunt.”

Her fingers were working overtime on her clit and then the damn burst and she bucked high raising her pelvis up while her cunt convulsed and drew John’s cock deeper into her womb.

“AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGG, she screamed, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMYYYYYYY GGGGGOOOODDDD!” Her eyes rolled back as she fucked him harder than he could remember her ever fucking before, and he knew instinctively that this is how Mark fucked her and something in him drove him to fuck her even harder and longer than the other man did, to reclaim his cunt!

Her orgasm was huge and he lasted through it but as she was coming down from it, he could no longer hold out and joined her with his own “AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGG,” he shot his load deep in her womb! He continued to pump in and out of her as he was pumping cum into her sopping cunt until he had no more to shoot. He collapsed on her just as Mark had; and she held him even tighter while showering him with little kisses and telling him how much she loved him.

She was so emotional at that moment that she was weeping and so, so deeply in love with this man she never wanted this moment to pass.

“Oh God, that was hot, he whispered in her ear and then kissed her ear, I love you!”

She squeezed harder whispering, “I love you even more!”

They lay there holding one another and enjoying the afterglow of hot sex!

“Wow, that was so fucking hot when you came.” John whispered.

“You’re telling me, she replied.” “Wow, I didn’t think I had another orgasm in me but that one was the biggest of the day!” “You are a wonderful lover and I love you!”

“I love you too honey, and it’s good to know I got the big O, he said laughing lightly.”

“You did, she repeated, and you always do and always will.”

John raised up and kissed her softly as he cradled her in his arms.

When their kiss parted, she said, “wow, it’s so unbelievable that just a half an hour ago another man was laying right here kissing me after he fucked me and now I’m in your arms after fucking you and I don’t have to feel guilty.” “What an afternoon!” “What a man you are to allow me to do this, thank you.”

“You are welcome and thank you for sloppy seconds.” They both laughed. “So, you had a nice lunch then?”

She laughed and said, “yeah, I sure did.”

He rolled off her and stroked her belly with his hand. Then moved his hand down to her pussy and slipped a finger inside. “Hmm, feels wet, warm and well fucked.”

You can say that again, she giggled. “It’s well fucked and very tired,” she said, as she removed his hand.

As they rested John lay on his side tracing circles on her bare tits and down her tummy across her pubic hair to her pussy.

“What are you doing she asked?”

“Just playing,” he responded. “You know you’re lying naked with cum all over you,” he asked.

“Yeah, what’s your point she asked laughing?”

“You have any idea how nasty that is, he asked?”

“Hmm, yeah, I do, she said how about you?” “Do you know how nasty you are to take me right after another man did and enjoy it so much?”

“Yeah, he grinned.”

“Do you want me to suck you like I did Mark?”

“Hmm, yes, but only if I can fuck you again, also?”

“Oh, you are a nasty man!” "But I guess I owe you that much after you let me do this."

He got up on his knees and positioned himself near her face and she began to suck his cock. As she sucked him, John reached down and stuck a finger in her cunt and got it real gooey and then brought it up to her mouth where she released his cock and sucked his finger. They did this a few times and then she stuck two fingers in her cunt and brought them to his mouth and he licked them and sucked them and she sucked his cock harder as she looked up at him sucking the cum off of her fingers.

She released his cock and said, “you like that gooey cunt juice?”

“Un Hun.”

She stuck her fingers back in and did it again and he stuck his in and fed her some.

John was super hard and she could tell he was really enjoying this. She suddenly wanted to cum with him in a 69 so she reached up and pulled him down towards her cunt and whispered, “eat me, baby, please eat me and show me how much you love me.” Her voice almost on the verge of begging.

He was totally consumed by the lustfulness of the moment and without thinking of what he was about to do he leaned over her and wrapped his arms around her hips and pulled her pussy up to meet his lips as he began to eat her big, wet, cummy cunt.

To say she was wet is an understatement; she was full of cum – his cum, her cum and Mark’s cum and it was all mingled together into one big gooey delicious mess. He started with the cum that had run down her ass crack. He then pulled her pussy lips wide and stuck his tongue in as far and he could go, forcing the mixture of cum and cunt juice to flood his face as he invaded her fuck hole. Finally, he attacked her clit and then shifting between her clit and her messy fuck hole while she was sucking him, deep throating him as she did Mark.

Since it was his second cum in the last half-hour he wasn’t too on edge and it would take a little sucking to get her prize, which was fine with her because, although he never would have thought of eating her with another man’s cum in her pussy, he was eating her now and it was just SOOO FUCKING NASTY that she loved it! It was like the more he ate the more he wanted.

He noticed that as he was licking her that more cum and cunt juice had run down her crack and settled around her ass so he started spreading it around her asshole and then inserted his finger in her. This set off a whole other round of moans as she began squirming around under him and it was only a few more minutes until her orgasm overtook her and she squirted cum and girl juice all over John’s face as her cunt convulsed. John lapped up as much as he could and then had another idea.

When her orgasm subsided he asked, “did Mark take you in the ass?”

“No, why?”

“Because I’m going to.”

“Oh, now we are getting really nasty, but I love it, she giggled.”

He moved down between her legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders and then positioned his fully erect cock at her pussy and inserted it to get it even more lubricated and then he moved it to her beautiful asshole and eased it in pass her sphincter and then down into her tight, dark, anal cavity.

He began a deep ass fucking, pulling out only about half way and then plunging all the way in on the down stroke. She got into it quickly and was pushing up on his down stroke to get all the cock she could while rubbing her raw clit. It wasn’t long before she was ready to explode again and when she did, she clamped down on his cock so hard it acted as a cock ring holding off his orgasm. Her ass convulsed several times and she filled the room with more sounds of ecstasy.

As her orgasm subsided a little her ass released its grip on his cock and he pulled it out and jacked off on her, his first shot hitting her in the face and the second falling short hitting her in the tits and then tummy and finally on her pussy.

“Oh my God,” John groaned as he squatted back on his heels holding his cummy dick in his hand. “God, that was hot!”

“You’re telling me,” Diana agreed as she looked at him with cum on her face again and cum on her tits and down her belly. “I just had two men cum on me this afternoon; I was fucked to incredible orgasms by two different men and you ate my messy, cummy pussy.” “This is my best afternoon ever, she giggled.”

“I can’t believe I ate you and I can’t believe I shot so far.” “I haven’t shot a load that far since I was a kid.”

She looked at him sitting there with his cummy dick and said come here and let me clean that for you since I didn’t get any during our 69. He moved up over her cummy belly and stopped at her tits where she could suck his cock and lick cum from his fingers.

Hmm, she moaned as she licked it all off and sucked on his cock. Now that’s good cum, ass and all. He scooted back down a little more and then licked the cum from her cheek and kissed her, twirling his tongue with hers. He then went down to her tits, where he licked up all of the cum off of them and they kissed again; then down the belly and lastly, he cleaned her pussy of fresh cum and lapped up what had leaked down between her ass cheeks. He had a mouthful so he moved back up and they kissed exchanging cum and coating one another’s lips and tongue.

When they broke the kiss, she said, “wow, you’re even nastier than me!”

“Yeah, sort of huh?” “I guess your slutyness brought out all my inter-nasty.”

“I’m certainly glad it did, it means a lot to me that you ate me today.”

“Why is that?”

“I think it shows that you truly love me, even after I have been with another man.”

“Well, surprisingly it wasn’t bad at all; I probably wouldn’t of if I had thought about it before I jumped in, but I am glad I did now, because it I liked it and I liked the way you wiggled and forced more cum out of your cunt.”

She giggled and said, “so who’s the cum slut now?”


“I am calling you a slut, my love,” she giggled as she rolled over and hugged him. “I love you, you’re my man cum slut!”

“I love you too.”

“Even now that I have become a sluty housewife, fucking men in motels after lunch and you before diner?”

“Yes, in spite of your slutyness, I still love you and in fact I love you being a slut.” “That was the hottest fuck we have had in years.”

“Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?”

“Absolutely!” “Come here he said and pulled her to him and kissed her long and slow as they rolled around on the bed.”

Chapter 4

Round 2

Mark called her the following day to tell her how wonderful it was to see her again – all of her; and he asked if they could get together for lunch again soon?

“Sure, when did you have in mind?”

“How about next week?” “You said it would take you a while to recover from yesterday.”

“She laughed, well I am not that bad, but it was certainly more than I am use to, but I loved it; it was so much fun to be with you again.”

“That’s good to hear, I feel the same way. I hadn’t realized how much I missed you until after yesterday.” “So does next week work for you?”

“Let me look to see what’s on the calendar, uh, how about next Wednesday?”

“Great he said, shall we meet at the restaurant?”

“We could, but in the spirit of the old days, do you still like Mexican?”

“Yeah, sure, love it and as I remember you love big Margaritas?”

Diana, laughed and said, “my favorite Mexican restaurant in town has killer Margaritas if you want to get me drunk and take advantage again?”

“I would love to take advantage of you again, he laughed, drunk or sober, how about 1pm?”

“Perfect,” she gave him the name and address and they chatted a few minutes before he had to go. As she went about her day her thoughts turn to yesterday and then to what they may do the following week. Then out of the blue she realized what she had agreed to without checking with John first. The more she thought about it, the more she wondered if she should ask John, or just go for it. After all he had said it was ok and he didn’t put a number or any restrictions on what she was doing. After thinking about it for a few days she thought it best to at least let him know so it didn’t look like she was doing something behind his back. She waited until the following week and then on Tuesday evening, she causally mentioned that she was going to lunch tomorrow.

“Oh yeah, that’s good, who with?”

She laughed, “it’s “lunch”” she said using finger quotes.

“Ahh, I see, horny again, are you?”

She giggled, “no, not me because you have been very attentive of late, but I think Mark might not be getting as much as you and he is horny and asked if we could have lunch.” “I debated whether or not to tell you, I’m not sure if you want to know each time or not?” “Or if there is some limit on how often or much, I do with him.” “Do you mind that I go?”

“Well, first, thanks for telling me, and I would like to know, especially if it’s prearranged.” “And by all means you are free to go tomorrow.” “I’m just bummed because I have to work the next few days so I won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, so to speak, he said grinning at his own joke.”

“Laughing she said ah, “poor boy, well I will tell you all about it when you get home, OK?”

“Ok, but as good as that might be, it isn’t going to compare to the real sloppy seconds!” “But now that you mentioned it, I guess we should discuss limits on these lunches, but I don’t know what that would be, what do you think?”

“Me, well I am the one getting laid, so I don’t think I want any limits, she laughed, but I know what you mean and maybe we should each think about it and then discuss it this weekend?”

“Ok, that sounds reasonable, so have fun tomorrow!”

The following day Diana was much more at ease with what she was getting ready to do but still, the thought of meeting a man to spend the afternoon fucking and then come home and make dinner and tell your husband all about it was a little strange.

She decided that since she wasn’t going to the office, she didn’t need to dress up too much, so she wore nice jeans with a pretty flowered blouse and boots. Naturally she spent an hour on her hair and makeup and John had taken care of any needed pubic area maintenance the night before. So, once again, she was clean shaven below her clit and trimmed closely on top, alas, still with the stupid V pointing the way.

Once they were seated in a booth Mark ordered Grande` Margaritas and they had a nice lunch just as any two old friends would. It was around 2:30 and she was feeling the effects of her second really big Margarita so she suggested that if he was interested in “dessert” they should go before she was too drunk to drive.

Sure, same place?

She smiled, fine with me.

Twenty minutes later they were in the room and she excused herself to go the bathroom and when she came out Mark was reclining on the bed with the pillows piled up behind him and he was already naked, as was she.

She smiled, “I see you’re ready,” she said as she climbed onto the bed and kissed his semi erect cock and then began to suck him seriously. He pulled her over him to lick but he had to stop and admire her pussy lips. He, like a lot of men, really liked big lipped pussies and Diana had a beautiful full lipped pussy! You could suck her lips into your mouth or chew on them, they were that big, and the more you did suck them the more she came! He sucked her lips into his mouth and began to play with them. She let out a loud moan and increased her attack on his cock!

After back-to-back orgasms she raised her head, “wow you are a good pussy licker, mister!” She was facing towards the foot of the bed with her legs and arms spread wide so she just moved down a little and took his cock and guided it to her wet hole and sat down on it, driving it deep into her cunt.

“GOD, you are SOOO fucking sexy, he groaned and tight!”

“Hmm, that’s always nice to hear at my age, sexy and tight, she replied as she squeezed her pelvic muscles.”

He may have been a little surprised at her taking control and initiating the fucking but he sure wasn’t complaining because it felt great, and what the hell, that’s why they here.

She was manipulating her ass up and down just a couple of inches, thereby keeping his cock deep in her love tunnel and as her lust increased, she began fucking him like a woman possessed!

“Ahhhhhh, OH GOD,” she moaned as she power fucked him and he fucked her back. “That’s it BABY, FUCK IT! FUCK MY CUNT!”

Her pussy was making those nasty sucking, slurping noises and she could feel another orgasm building up. “Oh GOD, OH GOD, I’M COMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!” she grunted as she threw her head back and sat down as far as she could on his cock driving it deep into her cunt!

He could feel her cunt contract several times and then begin quivering as her body was racked with another back-to-back orgasm. After several minutes of cumming, she simply collapsed on the bed causing his rock-hard cock to slip from her over used and dripping cunt.

“Oh please, give me a minute she pleaded, those rapid orgasms take a toll on a girl and I’m a little out of practice for such fast and furious fucking, she panted.”

He leaned down and began kissing her butt and then up her spine to her neck and ears and she felt his weight on her and his massive hard-on pressed into the crack of her ass.

“Mmmm,” she moaned that’s nice. He moved off of her and she rolled over and into his arms and they kissed while he maneuvered himself around into the classic missionary position.

She parted her legs and guided his cock to her extremely wet pussy and her moan filled the room as he penetrated her wet cunt. Her orgasms had lubricated her sufficiently that he was able to slip in easily and as he pushed his rock-hard cock into her hot cunt she instinctively spread further and wrapped her arms and legs around him to pull him even closer.

“Yes baby, fuck me, fuck me slowly please, make sweet love to me, she pleaded.”

He slowly began a rocking motion that filled her completely and was soft and tender in the manner of lovers. He covered her in kisses, kissing her ears, her neck and her face and sucked on her nipples while continuing to stroke in and out of her gently but deeply.

““God, I love your tits, so big and round and full, and with these responsive nipples, he said as he sucked one into his mouth.” “You’re so beautiful, so warm and soft I could do this forever.” “He returned to kissing her ears and neck and she lost all control over her emotions and responded as only a lover can respond – by returning his passion with her own. By making mad, passionate love back to him. She matched his down thrusts with her up thrusts while returning his kisses. Over and over and over again as he brought her to new heights of orgasmic pleasure.

When, finally, they were both spent and lay exhausted but completely fulfilled in one another’s arms, she couldn’t believe what she had just experienced. “God, where did you learn to make love like that she whispered in his ear?”

“He chuckled; I was about to ask you the same question.” “You’re an incredible lover!”

“Me, you’re the one who did what we just did mister, not me, I just laid here.”

“He laughed, if that was just lying there, then I can’t wait to see what you do when you are totally turned on,” and they both laughed. She had no idea how many orgasms she had but she wouldn’t be surprised if she hadn’t set a new record, at least for her. She was pretty sure Mark came twice, which was pretty impressive considering he never disengaged between orgasms.

“How did you last so long she asked?”

“Simple, you are that beautiful, that stimulating, that sexy!”

She all but melted as she cuddled with him and then she whispered in his ear I have never met anyone like you, you must be the world’s best lover and then she kissed his ear and he rolled her over and kissed her deep and to her total amazement he got hard again and made sweet love to her again and again, until they were both exhausted.

It was around 9:30 that evening when she kissed him goodnight and left the motel.

When she got home, she fixed something simple for dinner and called John.

“So, how was lunch?”

“Exhausting, I just got home from lunch a little bit ago!”

“Holy mackerel that has to be the longest lunch on record.”

She laughed, “yeah, I’ll tell you all about it when you get home but the short story is that he wanted to make up for running off the last time. And boy did he ever make up for it.”

John didn’t come home until Saturday so she had an opportunity to sleep in on Thursday and Friday and rest up. When he did come home, she made him breakfast and when they were finished and sitting with coffee, he asked, “so, do you want to tell me about your marathon lunch?”

“Ah, yeah, sure, what can I say; it was fun, it was really a lot of fun, and a lot more relaxed than the last time, since we both knew what we wanted and what we were going to do.” This time we just undressed and did it, and did it, and did it and did it again! She said smiling really big.”

“That sounds like a you must have done whatever it was you knew you wanted to do, a lot?”

This made her laugh, “yeah, I didn’t say fuck, but you know what we were there to do, and we did a lot of it.” “It was sort of like when we were first married and would spend all day rolling around in the bed.”

“Did you guys do anything crazy and wild or just the normal sort of sex?”

“No, just the normal sort of sex; I started out sucking him and then we went to 69 and he ate me to several orgasms and then I fucked him until I came a bunch, but he didn’t so he rolled me over and took me in the missionary position and then we rested and did it again and again until we couldn’t anymore.”

“Wow, sounds a like a lot fucking.”

“Yeah, it was a lot, more than I have ever done continually, so much that I lost count of how many times I orgasmed.” “But we rested in between too.”

“It sounds like you are holding something back, is everything alright?”

“Yeah, sure, just a little tired and worn down I guess and my period is in a day or two so I’m not feeling really good or real sexy right now and I don’t want to get you all horny because I can’t do anything with these cramps.” The last thing she wanted to do was to tell him how they “made love” rather than just fucked.

This arrangement was already getting complicated. She wasn’t sure how to deal with how Mark treated her, and she hoped he wasn’t falling in love with her, nor she with him. He had sent flowers the next day and called to tell her how special it was and she had to tell him not to send flowers again because she was married. She hoped she didn’t kill a good thing, but too much of a good thing can kill a marriage and that was the last thing she wanted to do.

Her period did start in a day or two and that was a huge relief, considering she wasn’t on the pill, which was something she was going to have to remedy if she was going to keep doing this. John hadn’t pressed her for sex but she did provide a BJ the first night he came home just so he knew he was still her number one guy and after, while cuddling, she brought the subject of birth control.

“Can we talk about what I have been doing these past few weeks?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Well, now that I had my period, and that is a huge relief, I was thinking we didn’t discuss birth control before I started.” “I guess because we are so used you having a vasectomy we just forgot.” “I was thinking that if I’m going to continue to do this with Mark, we should decide what protection to use.” “What do you think about me going back on the pill or some other type of birth control?”

“Uh, yeah, sure, I suppose it’s that or condoms or spermicide.”

“Yeah, along with an IUD but all of those have drawbacks just as the pill does.” Condoms are only good for a single use and so far, that would be a hassle and as we know, they break now and then. And, they say you should still use a spermicide with a condom just in case it does break, and you need to reinsert spermicide each time you do it and wait the allotted time to be sure it has time to work. I most likely would forget in the heat of the moment, just as I have already done.” “But I can talk to the doctor about an IUD and compare it to the pill?”

“Ok, that sounds reasonable. It’s your body, so your decision on what to use.” “I assume since we are having this conversation you are going to lunch again, or have you two worked out some sort schedule?”

“Uh, I don’t know, he called the day following our last lunch, but I haven’t heard from him since but it has only been a week or so maybe in a few days.” “But I guess I am hoping to; is that ok with you?” She unconsciously held her breath after asking that.

“Yeah, I guess so, if that’s what you want to; at least for a little while and as long as it doesn’t turn into an affair of the heart.” “No falling in love or running away with him, you understand?”

“Yes, and that’s the last thing I want, if I feel myself getting too close, I will break it off, I promise and thank you” she said as she hugged him and kissed him. She was so happy and she wanted to show him how much she loved him but it would have been really messy so she said, “I owe you a night of passionate love making for being so kind and understanding of you slut wife!”

“Hmm, I think I will hold you to that promise!”

She cuddled closer reveling in the warmth of his body against hers and her heart full of love and her mind slightly confused. Mark was a super lover, but she really didn’t think he was the marring kind and she really did love John more than she could express!


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