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How i became friends with a trucker and he seduced me into trying some gay stuff. Then he and his truck buddies take my virginity.
Hello Im arbab, im 25 years old and this is real story. This story is a few years old. I was a chubby boy, a little girlish in nature. Had a big ass and boobs, very smooth skin, completely hairless. i hit puberty late. i also had a very small cock. i was homeschooled and i was not allowed to go out much. i was pretty much at home all day. i didnt have any friends if im honest.

Coming to story i used to live near truck stop,It was night time and i was playing football at home and i accidently kicked the ball too high. The ball went outside the boundary and i kind of went outside to pick it. It was dark and i couldnt find it, there were alot of trucks. Truck drivers usually spent the night near the truck stop, i was searching and i found my ball in hands of a driver. He was alone and he saw me. He came to me and said "is this yours" and i was standing still, i lacked the confidence to talk to random strangers and i was completely intimidated by this 40 year old bear. His name was mark. I found the courage to tell him that this was my ball can i have it back to which he replied only if i played with him a bit. I hesitated but later agreed on his consistent asking me. I played some football and then we sat down and talked. He said it was cold and we should sit for a bit in his truck and chat. To be honest i was kind of liking his company, i agreed but when we got to his truck i saw only the driver seat was empty, he had alot of stuff in the passenger seat. I said where am i going to sit, he said well why don't u sit in my lap. I was kind of surprised but i wanted to talk to him a bit more, i sat in his lap and we started talking about life and how i spend my day at home all day. He told me about his adventures, i noticed his hand on my thigh. i was wearing shorts which were too small for my age, they were the size of my usual boxers. He started rubbing them when conversing and i was kind of liking his touch. I started feeling my cock get hard, it had happened a few times but since i was homeschooled i never found about sex or anything. I was also feeling something hard on my ass. After getting an erection i got scared he might notice and told him i need to leave. We exchanged numbers as i wanted to talk to him more.

I went home and after that everytime at night i used to sneak out and spend time with him. During the day we used to chat at home. My parents often left town for work, this time they had to go to another country and they were to be gone for a month. Now usually i get my aunt to stay with me but this time i convinced my family that i have grown up and can stay alone. Mark was on his journeys to be honest i kind of missed hanging out with him. A few days later he contacted me and said he was back in town. I told him i was home alone and we could play at my house. He was happy on hearing this. He immediately came to my front door. I brought him inside we hung out the whole day. Even played football. We were watching tv and he said could he stay with me tonight. I was shocked i didnt know how to respond letting someone i barely know stay at my house. but like i mentioned i liked his company, and i agreed. It was night time, we were getting tired. He proposed we should sleep, we went into my room to sleep. I could let him sleep in my parents room but i didnt. I went to shower and changed into my sleep shorts and shirt. He said my turn to shower, and he started to undress infront of me. My face got red, this was my first time seeing another man naked, he saw me looking at him and he gave me every opportunity to get a good look. When i saw his cock i was embarrased it was about 6 inch flaccid. He then went to shower and just came back in a towel. He said he didnt bring any spare clothes so was gonna sleep wearing this towel. I was so shy that i could even say a word. i liked watching him naked, i dont know why i just did. These were completely different feelings for me and totally new.

We got off to sleeping on my bed, I woke up to him hugging me. The towel was no more there, i could feel his hairy legs on mine. Something was poking my ass from behind i turned around to see and it was his cock rock hard. It was 8.5 inch and 4 inches thick. I was kind of feeling embarrassed my erect cock was about 4 inches but i was more curious about his cock. i started to touch it, grab it in my hand. my own cock was starting to grow, mark on the other hand had woken up and asked me what i was doing i apologized but he laughed it off and said its okay he doesnt mind me touching it. I turned around went to take a closer look at his cock. He twitched and his cock hit my face. He laughed and said "do u like it" i then told him i have never seen another man naked. I also asked him why is his so big, he then said if i let him kiss he will tell me everything. I was shocked and i didnt know how to respond my hand was still gripping his cock. He then leaned and started kissing me on the lips. It was a totally new experience for me and i wasnt stopping him. I was also enjoying the kiss, he then started guiding my hand up and down on his cock. I was stroking his cock and kissing him. After 10 mins he stopped kissing and told me to stroke him faster. I obliged and started stroking him very fast, he was grunting and within minutes he shot his thick load all over his chest. I was totally in a state of confusion not understanding a single thing. He laughed at my face, we got up and he said "you wanted to know all about this stuff right come join me in the shower" I was hesitant i never got naked infront of another man, he assured me that we both are men it will be a secret between us. Then he kissed me again and started to strip me. It was like i had no control over my body. When he took off my underwear he said i was having a hard on, i was trying to hide it. He wanted to see it and removed my hands and grabbed it. The feeling of another man holding my cock was so good, he said we need to take care of this and sat down and started sucking it. I was just standing there and was in complete feeling of ecstasy. I came in his mouth within few minutes and he swallowed it.

We then rested for a while before hitting showers, it was then he told me all about sex and everything. I was very curious about it and said he will show me some good stuff after shower. We got inside the shower and he got hard again, he said "wanna try sucking it like i did for you" and to be honest i wanted to taste it. i got on my knees and started to lick it. Then opened my whole mouth to accomodate his cock, first few minutes i sucked him then he started face fucking me and deepthroating me. I was gagging and couldnt breathe but after 15 mins of face fucking i got used to him deep throating me. I was able to take him whole cock in my mouth now. I heard him moaning, and after some time i felt 8-10 jett stream of warm cum in my mouth. I had to swallow his cum, it was very delicious. After i cleaned him up and he cleaned me we left the shower. He recommended we should stay naked, i obliged. He wasnt requesting me now he was commanding me and i was listening to his every command. We were on the sofa, i was laying next to him, the feeling of his hairy body touching mine was making me horny, my cock was oozing precum. He started to show me gay porn on his phone, i was shocked to see everything he said was true. I was liking it.

While watching porn and making out in between he got a video call on his phone, he answered, i was shocked that why did he do that he is naked and im also naked. It was his truck buddies calling him, I burried my face into his armpit just so they cannot see me. They were chatting and the guy asked him why is he naked and who is fucking. He said he has not fucked yet but will soon, then he turned the camera around and showed my ass to his buddies. I was feeling embarrassed but atleast they cant see my face. He was spanking my ass and his buddies said they wanted to join in on the action too, they were saying dirty thing about my body. Mark gave them the address and i was lying there helpless to stop him. I was excited too about what was going to happen but also scared. Mark and i continued to kiss, he was sucking my nipples and biting them. It was so good that i started to cum. i came on his cock, he ordered me to clean it, and i obliged and started licking my own cum off of his cock. I was sucking his cock that he stopped me and said lets get you prepared for the boys. I said i was not comfortable letting other strangers into my house, he grabbed me by my hair kissed me and said "you will do exactly as i say your my bitch now and start calling me daddy" I got scared he was twice my size and i replied "yes... i mean yes daddy" then he put me on all fours and started licking my hole, i was in extreme pleasure, i never felt so good my cock was leaking. he asked me to stay like that and went to the toilet, brought some vaseline gel. He applied it on my hole and started inserting a finger, it started to hurt and i started to move but he grabbed me and started moving his finger back and forth. i was starting to enjoy it, then he started to push two fingers together it hurt like hell again. I even started having watery eyes, but he didnt stop he fingered me. After the pain decreased i was enjoying it now and moaning "faster daddy dont stop". He took out his fingers and asked me to suck his cock, i got on my knees and was sucking his cock. Then he again asked me to get on all fours and aimed his cock on my hole, i was scared as to how i will take it. i realized i wont be able to and said please dont put that thing inside i cant handle it, he slapped me pushed his cock inside. i was shouting in pain but he grabbed me by my waist and wasnt letting me escape, and after too much pressure his mushroom tip finally went inside.I was in hell of pain.

He was about to push more of his cock inside that his phone started ringing, he took his cock out and felt a sigh of relief. i laid down on the couch trying to catch a breathe. He answered the call and went towards the front door. Opened and greeted his friends. They came in saw me naked lying on the sofa, started talking shit about me, how sexy my body was. Some of them started feeling me up. There were three guys, all about the same age as mark and all of them were bears. Jake, Robert and Sam were there names. Same started kissing me and i tried to stop him but he grabbed me by my hair and slapped me a couple of times. He said they will do whatever they want and it was upto me to make it comfortable or not. Then he started kissing me and i was letting him i was helpless. They asked mark if he had fucked me yet and he told them he was in the middle of it while they interrupted. They started stripping and said well then lets get started. Mark went somewhere around the house while they got naked, kissed me and felt my body. If im being honest i was liking all this, i was just scared about taking it up the ass as it was extremely painfull.

Mark return with something to tie me up. I was their bitch they picked me up to the bedroom, tied me up. Mark said he will take my cherry, Robert got infront of me and shoved his 8 inch cock in my mouth. he was face fucking my mouth while mark licked my hole, he then spitted on it, and started shoving his cock inside. I was in pain like extreme pain, i could shout because of the cock in my mouth. After his tip entered He gave thrust and half his cock entered my ass i was screaming in pain, another thrust and i blacked out. I blacked out for like 20-30 minutes by then Sam was fucking the shit out of me. My hole was completely stretched. I was still in pain but it was bearable. One after the other they fucked my ass and mouth, i was starting to enjoy it. while Jake was fucking me i ended up cuming again. They released me and then i was riding Jake. All four of them fucked me for hours. i was moaning in pleasure, i dont remember how many times i came and took their loads in my mouth and ass. Marks was the last one to fuck to me and he came in my ass, i was so tired i fell on top of him with his cock still inside. I fell asleep over there due to exhaustion. I woke up to my feet in the air and robert fucking me and kissing me, he then came in my ass. After all of them were finally done, all three of them left except mark. Mark stayed with me, he told me that he will use me and live here till my parents return.

Losing my cherry was painful but eventually i started enjoying it. Mark and i fucked daily, his buddies would eventually drop by gangbang me. After 15 days my parents called and said they extended their stay for another month and if i was fine with it. I was getting pounded by mark and i said yes ill be okay. Mark made me his bitch, i was in love with him, he fucked me every chance he got, we were naked all the time.
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