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This is crazy, I never would have imagined this would EVER happen to me. She’s so hot! But she’s sister, this is going to be the most exciting, nerve wracking summer ever!
Without hesitation Abby dropped to her knees in between my legs. My cock still rock hard and ready to go. She grabbed it and gave it a few strokes for good measure, then she gave it a long slow lick from my balls to the head. Watching her stroke and lick my cock was almost enough to set me off right there, but I had to wait. When she finally reached my head she took it into her mouth and started licking up the precum that was now flowing out of me. It felt so good and I needed more. I placed my hand on the back of her head and gently guided it down further the entire length of my cock. I let go and her head started to bob up and down slowly at first, the entire length of me. She started stroking my shaft as her head quickened. It was so hot and wet inside her mouth it felt amazing. Out of nowhere I started to cum.

It must have taken Abby by surprise as much as it did me, because she let out a little choke but managed to keep going. I shot rope after rope of my hot cum into the back of her throat. She used her fingers to drain the last few drops from my shaft. When she picked her head up she opened her mouth and I could see my fluid coating her tongue and the back of her throat. She closed her mouth and when she opened it again it was gone.

“Fuck, Abby that was amazing! That really was one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had!” I said.

She looked at me curiously and said, “Not THE best you’ve ever had?”.

Now feeling guilty I tried to explain myself. “It was damn good, but do you remember that girl Alex I was dating two summers ago?” “Well she did this thing with her finger, and it felt like it made me cum gallons, it truly was amazing.”

“What did she do?” Asked Abby.

“Well see, you may think it’s kind of weird, but as I was getting ready to cum in her mouth, she took her finger, and well...she stuck it in my ass.” I said.

That must have been the first time Abby has heard of such a thing, because she had a mixed look of both horror and confusion on her face. Before she could stammer out a word, I felt I needed to explain so she didn’t get the wrong idea and think I was a freak or something.

“It’s kind of like the male version of the female G spot. It’s called milking the prostate, apparently there’s like this gland or whatever in there for guys that increases his load size when it’s manipulated or something.”

She went quiet and was clearly thinking about it for a moment.

“I’ll have to remember that and try it next time”. She said with a grin.

“So you think there’s going to be a next time?” I asked quizzically.

“Big brother, after what we have both just experienced, I think you and I BOTH know there is definitely going to be a next time”. She said matter of factly.

Again, I always hate it when she’s right, but this time I think I could live with it. By the time we’ve both had our fun and got ourselves back in order it was about early evening. Abby and I decided to pull anchor and head back for the dock. After getting the boat situated and ready to go I took a quick glance at my phone and noticed I had a new text. It was from Luna. “Heyyy, it was really nice meeting you and Abby today!! I can’t wait to hang out with you guys this summer and get to know you better! I think we will have a lot of fun!!! You both are very cute, If you guys aren’t busy later, shoot me a text, maybe we can get together or something!!”

“Holy shit!! I said, “Abby look at this!!”

“What is it?” She said

“Just look!! It’s a text from Luna!!”

Abby read the message and looked at me with a wide smile. “Damn this girl is on fire! I told you so, she is super in to you!” She said

“Yeah no shit! What should I say?”

“Well, she wants to hang out, so invite her over, duh”. Abby said.

“Yeah? You don’t think it’s too soon? I don’t really want to come off as desperate.” I said

Snatching my phone Abby said “ugh, boys are so stupid, she’s LITERALLY TELLING YOU that she wants to hang out. I think the only way she could make it ANY clearer is if she told you to take your cock out and shove it in her mouth.” After tapping on the keys and hitting send she flipped my phone back to me so I could read what she wrote.

“Heyy I would love to hang out tonight! Why don’t you come over to our cabin and we can hang out and have a fire? Come by around 7, our lot number is 462. Abby and I bought stuff for s’mores, we can’t wait to see you!”

“Wow, nice Abbs, that’s a pretty good idea.” I said

“I know. For future reference big brother, you can always get a girls attention if there’s chocolate involved.” She said.

30 seconds after sending the message my phone dinged.

Abby said, “Wow, quick response, what did she say?”

‘That sounds amazing! I haven’t had s’mores in foreverrrr, I can’t wait! See you then ;)’ “Well, you were right again, this seems to be a habit and I’m not so sure I like it.” I said to Abby.

“Again, I know. What can I say, I know girls, and maybe a little better than you think I do.” Abby said

It seems like she said it with a little bit of underlying context, but in the moment I wasn’t sure, so I decided to let it go and just leave it at that. After getting back to the dock and tying off the boat, Abby went inside to grab a shower while I lit the grill to start some burgers for dinner. We had our quick supper and then I went out side and split some logs for the fire tonight and gathered some kindling. After doing those few chores I looked at my watch, 6:30. I worked up a bit of a sweat so I decided I had better go and grab a quick shower before Luna showed up.

After heading inside, I walk towards the living room we’re Abby was sitting on the couch watching tv.

“Luna texted me, she’ll be heading over in a little bit.” She said.

“Alright, I’m going to grab a shower and get ready.” I said.

I headed upstairs to the bathroom to get ready. My head was spinning with the events of today. Part of me still doesn’t believe it actually happened and I’m still waiting to wake up from some twisted dream.

As I was showering, the images of Abby’s head bobbing up and down in my lap keep flashing past my eyes. It was starting to make my cock hard again thinking about empaling my sisters throat. I must have been deep in my day dream because I heard the door open and Abby walked in.

“What’s taking you so long in here? Luna just pulled in.” She said.

“Shit! What time is it?” I asked.

“It’s 6:55, you’ve been in here for awhile.” She said, just then the door bell rang.

“Hurry up and finish showering, I’m going to go answer the door.” Abby said.

I set the next 5 minutes in record pace to dry off and get dressed again. When I got downstairs, Abby and Luna had just entered the living room when I walked in.

“Hey Luna, it’s good to see you again!” I said

“Jake! It’s good to see you too, thanks for having me over, I’m glad to get out of the house and hang out with people my own age for once!” Said Luna. She walked over and threw her arms around me and embraced in what could almost be considered an intimate hug, almost as old friends. For someone who had just met for the first time that same day, definitely intimate. Good summer indeed.

After a few minutes of small talk, I grabbed our cooler and we made our way out to the fire pit. While I got the fire going, the girls were sitting to one side very close whispering and giggling like a couple of old friends. As I sat down I heard Abby say to Luna “oh don’t be a wuss, just ask him!”

Luna had had an embarrassed look on her gorgeous face, which was now flushed red no thanks to Abby.

“Ask me what Luna?” I asked.

Looking back and forth between Abby and my self she finally took in a deep sighing breath.

“So Jake, do you have a girlfriend at home?”

I instantly felt a bolt of lightning shoot down my spine which subsequently ended in the top of my cock. I must have taken longer than usually expected to answer.

“Well?” Luna asked

“Awkward...” said Abby.

Me finally coming out of my stuper, I managed to get my mouth to work and stammered out”uh, no I don’t, wh...why do you ask?”

Again Luna and Abby glanced at each other and giggled.

“Because she thinks you’re cute dumbass!” Abby belted out.

I said to Luna, “well I think you’re really hot.”

Abby cutting Luna off said, “of course she is! How could you not?? She’s freaking gorgeous!!

This again made Luna grin and blush six shades of red.

“Well thank you Abby, I think you are very hot and gorgeous yourself.” Said Luna giving me a little wink.

Good summer indeed.

After awhile the hour started growing late and we let the fire burn down into its final stages burnt ash and red smoldering embers. Being an early summer evening, a cool breeze was coming up off the lake, and the girls both let out a bit of a shiver.

“I think it’s time to call it a night. I have to be at the marina to open tomorrow morning.” Said Luna

“Well I guess if you have to go, but I wish you could stay a little longer, but I understand.” I said

“Yeah and I’m getting cold.” Said Abby.

We made our way back up to the house, after unloading the cooler onto the porch we all stepped inside and presumed with our goodbyes. Luna and Abby, who were like old gal pals all night, gave each other a long hug. Again another hug that seemed just a slight bit more intimate than originally intended. Before they separated, Luna turned and whispered something into Abby’s ear. Abby in turn let out a laugh and said simply, “Do it.” Luna gave her another grin and a wink.

“Here I’ll walk you out.” I said to Luna as she took my arm and I lead us out. As we walked to her jeep she said “I really had a good time tonight with you and Abby. It really is nice to get out, I hope we can do it again very soon.”

“Of course we can, it’s been amazing getting to know you so far.” I said.

Deciding to take a shot as we reached her jeep I said, “ I wasn’t kidding earlier either, I really do think you are absolutely gorgeous.”

She simply smiled at me again and pulled me close and said “neither was I.”

She moved in even closer. I could feel her tits push against me through her thin sweatshirt, and I began to wonder if she had anything on underneath, because I could feel her erect nipples push into my chest as I felt her hot breath on my neck.

I looked down as she looked up and me, and then it clicked, I lowered my head to hers and we locked into one of the best kisses I’ve ever had. As my lips touched hers, she locked her into mine and I felt her lips slightly part. I mirrored her movements and then just like that our tongues were dancing together in each other’s mouths. It wasn’t a normal kiss, at least it didn’t feel that way, it felt like the kiss of lovers after a long afternoon session of pure animalistic fucking. I loved it, and I needed more.

Luna pulled away and gave me another smile, I think she must have felt it too. She stared gazing at me for a second.

“Wow, that was better than expected, we will definitely be doing that again soon.” She said, and with that her car door opened, she was in, and then gone and I was stunned. I stood there on the gravel driveway for what felt like an eternity, before floating back into the house light as a feather.

When I went back in the living room, Abby was sitting on the couch in a bathrobe.

“Well that looked like it went extremely well.” She said.

“Were you seriously spying on us? And by the way what did she whisper to you before we went outside?” I asked.

“Of course I was! I told you before I thought that girl was fucking hot, and I meant it! Besides, you’re not too bad yourself. Don’t worry about what she said to me, I have a feeling you’re going to find out soon enough.” She said.

Abby stood up with a devilish little grin on her face, and her eyes locked on mine.

“Besides, we never finished our little game from earlier out on the lake.” She said, and with that her robe fell to the ground around her ankles and I was left looking at a totally naked and turned on hot Abby.

“I told you I wasn’t done with you yet big brother, and it’s my turn again.” She said as she took me by the hand and walked upstairs to where the bedrooms were.

As soon as her robe hit the floor, I could feel all of my supply of blood rush straight to my cock and press against the teeth of my jeans, since I don’t see a practical use for underwear. As she lead me up the stairs, her bare naked round ass was completely at eye level, not that that much mattered because I couldn’t focus on anything else anyway. She really does have an amazing ass. I knew she was already ready to go because with each step up she took, I could hear the slightest moist little clicking sound coming from the lips of her pussy as she moved, also because the smell of her sex was wafting right back into my face which was intoxicating once again. At this point I thought my penis would surely burst through the front of my jeans, or I would pass out from the lack of blood to my head, whichever came first.

As we reached the open door of Abby’s room she suddenly turned and looked at me.

“Jake, you are my brother, and I love you more than anyone in the world, and you are going to be my first.” She said.

That was it, I was spinning, at that point I’m not sure who wanted who more. Still leading by the hand she pulled me into the bedroom. As we reached the foot of her bed she turned back around and in one motion locked her lips on mine. Both of our tongues instantly shot out to great each other’s as if shaking the hand of an old friend. My hands instinctively started roaming her bare naked body, her smooth silky skin felt almost hot to the touch, it was amazing.

Abby broke away briefly enough to pull my shirt up over my head and throw it across the room before I pulled her back in against me. Her amazing full tits mashed into the top of my stomach just below my chest. She must have been as excited with anticipation as I was, because as soon as our skin touched I could feel her nipples come to full hardness.

Without pulling away this time, I felt Abby’s body separate from mine, and then her hands on by belt frantically undoing it trying to free the constrains of my pants. She must have also been very nervous or at least very excited because her hands we shaking so much she was having trouble with the clasp. I reached down and gave some assistants and as soon as it was free I felt my belt come screaming out of every loop on my jeans like when you were in trouble as a kid and your dad was marching down the hall towards your room.

With the belt free, there was only one thing stopping Abby from what it was she wanted, and it was my pants. She almost expertly undid the top button with one hand and yanked down the zipper. At first it startled me because, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I don’t wear underwear and know all too well the carnage that zipper and those thirty-two teeth can cause. But she got my pants off without a hitch.

As she pulled them down, she went down with them, she was very quick with her motion, too quick. As she got the denim past my rock hard cock it sprang out like a set trap, and with an audible “THWACK” it smacked her underneath her chin.

“Ouch! This thing still amazes me.” Said Abby as she rubbed her chin.

With my pants on the ground and her on her knees, she let instinct take possession of her body. In one hastened motion she had ahold of my cock with her mouth wrapped around my head.

She started stroking my cock with long deliberate strokes and she started to suck the length of it into her wanting mouth and throat, until she bottomed out at the base with a slight gag. She recovered quickly and withdrew the entire length and looked up at me with watery eyes as she jerked my swollen cock.

“I want you to fuck the shit out of me.” She said as she inhaled my cock once more, this time she didn’t withdraw, instead her head started to bob up and down working the head and shaft of my dick. It felt so amazing to be inside her mouth and throat I thought I would melt right then.

“Easy Abby, you don’t want this to be over before it starts.” I said, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and smiled as she looked up at me. She looked so hot with my cock in her hands as she stroked it with flush cheeks and tears in her eyes. She wanted it, and she wanted it now. So did I.

I scooped her up off her knees and threw her back onto the bed. When she landed, her big tits bounded and jiggled, but never fell out of place, they came right back to rest where they were supposed to be, and her legs splayed open. I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I dove at her sweeping my arms right in under her legs and my face ending just mere inches in front of her swollen juicy cunt. Her lips were parted and glistening, she was so wet that there was already a trail of her juice running from her pussy down her taint to her cute puckered asshole. I instantly knew what to do and sent my tongue in straight line from her asshole to the top of her clit. Abby shuddered with excitement and let out a sighing moan. The games are over, time to go to work.

I didn’t bother waiting anymore time and wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth. Abby was more ready than I thought, because she instantly started to convulse with her first orgasm, slowly it built as I suckled at her hard little nub, and ended as a full explosion of euphoria as I stuck one finger into her sopping cunt and another into her pink rosebud.

Abby started moaning wildly and convulsing so much I had to struggle to hold on for the ride. As her body came down from the first rocking throws of an instant orgasm I started to work my fingers as well as my tongue. Rolling the tip of my tongue around the head of her clit, I slowly worked my fingers in and out of her pussy and ass, gaining speed as I went. It didn’t take long repeating this motion that I heard Abby mutter, “Oh my god” as she clamped her hand over her mouth in a gasp.

Just then her body seemed to start vibrating, I knew she was close, I increased my speed with both finger and tongue. Abby slammed her legs closed around my head and started grinding her pelvis into my face, I felt the muscles in her pussy and ass constrict around my invading fingers. All of a sudden her entire body went stiff and warm jets of her cum started shooting out of her hot pussy into my mouth and face. The wracking throws of this orgasm lasted even longer than the last, and when they finally subsided I withdrew my fingers from her holes and Abby looked visibly exhausted. But she was far from finished.

“G..Ge...Get up here, now.” She panted.

I obeyed and quickly crawled from my precarious perch between the vise like grip of her strong thighs until I was face to face with her, and the head of my rock hard rod mashed against the sloppy entrance of her wanting pussy. I then embraced her in a deep and passionate kiss while the lingering affects of her latest orgasm finally subsided. She must have gotten a sudden jolt of nerves as she felt my hot head knocking on her front door.

“Go slow at first, please.” She said

“Don’t worry, I’ll take it easy, I love you.” I said

She looked at me with great thoughtfulness, “I love you too Jake.”

With that I applied pressure and slowly pushed the head of my cock just past her swollen lips and into her tunnel. She let out and sharp gasp, so I stopped pushing until her body could accommodate the size of my girth.

“Okay, go slow.” She said.

I slowly pushed the rest of my length into her hot pussy, when I finally reached the bottom at the start of her cervix. I slowly withdrew and repeated the process. From playing sports and using tampons from a young age, I didn’t have to worry about breaking through her hymen, I just had to let her adjust to my size.

It didn’t take long for Abby to become accustomed to my meat stick because as I was slowly moving in and out of her hot cunt she started grinding her hips to match my strokes and moaning.

“Oh my god, this feels so fucking good, go a little faster, I think I’m going to cum again soon.” She said.

I obeyed as I was told and increased my speed. Soon I was able to slide in and out of her with a quicker pace. Abby moaned loudly in my ear, I then again felt the slight vibration of her body, and I knew she was close. I felt safe now to increase my speed, although I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to last smashing into my sisters tight cunt. As I fucked into her, effectively railing her with my full force I felt the velvet walls of her juicy pussy clamp down on my rock hard cock. It was almost hard enough to force me out of her, but I managed to burry myself deep inside which sent her over the edge.

Abby’s legs wrapped themselves around my back and pulled me and my hard cock in tighter to her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth hung open without being able to make a sound. Her body started convulsing violently and she dug her fingernails into my back so hard I thought she might draw blood. I felt the hot waves of liquid roll down the length of my shaft and dribble off my balls onto the bed. Her ability to make sound returned after the first few throws, and had we any neighbors near by, would surely have heard all the noise we were making.

As Abby finished what was easily, the best orgasm of her life thus far. I was able to withdraw my cock from her.

“Alright, you came three times, now it’s my turn, roll over and get on your knees.” I told her.

Now it was her turn to obey and she did as she was told, soon she was up on all fours facing away from me.

“Oh no, this just isn’t going to do.” I said, so I pulled one of her arms out from under her and forced her head down on to the mattress.

“There, now that’s better.” I said, and it truly was. It was such a beautiful sight to see, her creamy thighs leading up to her firm round ass pointing right at my face. Her pussy lips were now even more swollen from the pounding they just received, I could no longer see the pink folds that lay just beyond them. Her pussy, her thighs, and her asshole were all coated in her own juices and looked so inviting. If I was taking my time I would have ate her pussy and ass from behind and licked them clean, but I was on a mission now.

I took my rightful position behind her and gave her ass a stiff smack, my cock, being liberally coated in Abby’s cum and pussy juice, slid very easily back into place, all the way to the hilt.

“Jesus Christ! Did your cock get even bigger?! I knew you were big, but it feels huge from this angel!” Shouted Abby.

That’s all I needed to hear, and I started slamming the full length of my shaft into her pussy as hard as I could. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer so I wanted us both to enjoy it as much as possible before the inevitable end.

My balls were slapping her cunt and clit so hard and fast she came another three times, all of which resulted into a flooding orgasm again and again. I started getting close after her last orgasm.

“Ugh Christ, I’m getting close!” I grunted.

“D...Do...Don’t pull o..out, inside, I’m on the pi...pill.” Stammered Abby.

This is amazing, I raised one leg up into the Captain Morgan pose, and reached down and grabbed a handful of Abby’s auburn hair for leverage and gave a slight but stiff pull.

This must have been a huge turn on for Abby, because as soon as I pulled on her hair, I could feel the vibration and constricting of her hot hole once again. At that point I felt my own surge hit the critical point of no return. My cum built its pressure and started traveling up my shaft to my head, it felt as though it was going to blow out at such a velocity that Abby would lose the top of her head.

I erupted in hot rope after hot rope of cum deep inside my sisters pussy, time seemed to stop, and at the same time speed up. The same time I came, so did Abby for the fourth and final time, this time, the biggest and longest of all. Her cum came flooding out of her pussy and coating my thighs before coming to rest in a big sloppy puddle on the bed.

Still inside her, we both slumped over onto our sides out of pure exhaustion. As we laid there, I felt my dick starting to soften and slowly withdraw from Abby, bringing with it, the final torrent of her hot sticky orgasm, along with my hot cream. We laid there panting and spooning in embrace until we could slowly catch our breath and our heart rate resumed a normal pace.

“That was amazing, I’ve never felt anything like that before. A girl could get used to that.” Said Abby.

“Agreed, your pussy is so tight and so hot, I didn’t think I was going to last that long. You are way tighter than my ex.” I said

Abby laughed, which shot a cum bubble out of her cunt. “That’s because you are the first to be inside of me big brother.” Said Abby.

“Alright, well, I’m pretty sure we’ve succeeded in ruining my mattress, or at least my comforter. You strip the bed and get the sheets in the washer, we can sleep in your bed tonight. I’m going for a shower.” Said Abby.

“You think that’s a good idea? You sleeping in my bed? Neither of us will get any sleep.” I said

“That’s exactly what I was hoping for.” Said Abby, as she crawled off the bed. She tried to sand when her feet hit the floor but her knees buckled and she fell to the floor in a flurry of laughs and snorts, which caused the majority of the rest of my cum to squish out of her pussy, which made her laugh harder.

“Well would you just look at that little cream pie.” I said

With that Abby dipped her finger into her tender cunt and scooped out a big glob of my cum and stuck it in her mouth.

“You keep doing that and we won’t make it out of this bedroom at all tonight.” I said

“Shut up and help me up.” Said Abby.

After I got her up and to the bathroom and seated in the shower, I stripped her bed and put the sheets in the washer. I made my back up to my bedroom and crawled naked into bed. I tried to wait for Abby to get out of the shower to see if she wanted a round two, but I guess the events of the day took more out of me than I expected because I fell asleep.

Until Abby woke me up in the morning........

To be continued...

P.S. I hope you readers are enjoying the story so far, I could probably make the rest of this story out into another 10 parts. As always constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know how my writing is and if I can make some changes to make it better! I promise the story’s to come will only get hotter!


2021-04-08 09:07:11
Your stories are great! My only problem with them is the occasional spelling mistakes. Other than that, it's all very hot!

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